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Adam opens the show excited that Dolph Lundgren will be coming in later. He talks about his day training for the upcoming Toyota Grand Prix, and chats with Alison and Bryan about going to the gym. Alison then starts up the news discussing Gallagher’s recent heart attack before going on stage. They also talk about a huge black bear seen in a local city, and a new discovery involving fruit flies and alcohol. Later, the guys argue over whether or not dogs will eat pie.

Adam then jumps to the phones and talks with a caller who works for a program that tests juvenile sex offenders. Another caller wants to know what’s fun to do in LA, and Adam talks about being seen by a ‘Homes of the Stars’ van. The guys then listen to a clip from Adam’s performance with Dennis Prager, and talk to a caller contemplating divorce.

Dolph Lundgren joins the studio next, and talks with Adam and the gang about his new film, ‘Small Apartments.’ They also discuss how Dolph came to the US, and went from being a chemical engineer to a movie star. Dolph speaks candidly about his relationship with Grace Jones, and how he landed the role of Drago in Rocky IV. As the show wraps up, Adam talks with Dolph about being a well-traveled man of the world, and how the guys are looking forward to the new Expendables movie this summer.


Black bear

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Katie


    Good to be back! Love the show!


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-16-2012


    • DrunktankDan

      Hahahahaha! Do u have a website? How does the aceman not know about this?

      • Katie

        I don’t 🙁 but I need to start one! Thank you!

        and thanks Ace for giving me things to draw!!

    • bazo

      war dunkey

  2. Dogs heart pie
    Dogs heart pie03-16-2012

    One of the memories my parents never shut up about is when my puppy beagle on Thanksgiving ate so much pumpkin and apple pie that it could barely move.

    • dimeforscale

      Great story.

      • dman

        compelling and rich

    • G

      beagles will eat anything though!

    • renee

      My Pug ate a whole cherry pie, crust and all!

    • princessbuttercup

      That’s probably one of the cutest images ever! Puppy eating pie…come on, too cute.

  3. HighPlainsToker

    If he dies, he dies.

  4. dimeforscale

    Irony! Irony! Irony!

  5. Raj

    Link is down.

  6. Hammer

    More Dawson, he’s hilarious when he chimes in

  7. Dean Cherry
    Dean Cherry03-16-2012

    Their seem to be a problem with the download link..it won’t let me download the show.

    • DrClown

      If the download link is ever broken, use the “Play in new window” link instead. Either middle click on it or right-click and choose “Save As” or “Save Link As…” or whatever it is.

      • Tracy

        Thanks Dr. I appreciate the tip.

  8. kozok

    Fix the download link plead.

  9. McMichael

    Modern mincemeat pie contains chopped dried fruit, but no meat … maybe some shortening or beef suet.

  10. Andrew

    Combine testing with treatment. While looking at the slide show your junk goes into a hole in the wall. On the other side is a dog. Your junk grows any at all and it pokes through a hole in a pie.

  11. Lauren

    By the way, Cain Velasquez who has “Brown Pride” tatoo’d on his chest will be racing with you at the Toyota Grand Prix.

  12. Josh

    Someone screwed up the download link again…

  13. Chris

    I don’t know what it is, but I can’t download this episode either. When I right click on the DOWNLOAD HERE icon, it downloads the text or photo of the DOWNLOAD HERE icon and not the audio. This is the second episode I have problems with this week. I can download it on the phone app, but not here. Does anyone from the show read this stuff and fix the problem?

  14. Chris

    when I click on it to listen, it says URL page cannot be found.

  15. Tim

    My prediction if they bring in dogs and pie: The dogs will snarf down the pie, and Adam will come up with some explanation for why he’s right anyway.

    • Arnie

      You are right on the money.

  16. Tim

    Adam, if you want to sell us some live stuff, do some live stuff with some of your favorite comedians. I would gladly pay for that. Dennis Prager sounds like an enormous douchenozzle from the clips you play on your show, so I’m not going to pay for more of him.

  17. Eileen

    Are you kidding me Aceman? Dogs eat EVERYTHING! If your dog is turning her nose up at anything other than protein than she’s got more problems than her missing ear…..

    • Zapoli

      Now that you mention it, we have established in earlier podcasts that Molly has diabetes.

      Or maybe she’s just been “overwhelmed” lately.

  18. David

    Re: what dogs eat. I think this depends on how well trained the dog is and what you’ve allowed him to eat. My dog growing up would not eat human food at all. Some friends dogs would eat anything they had access to.

    • Susie-Q

      David is right. Some dogs are well behaved and won’t eat people food. I have a yellow lab mix just like Molly and he is so similar to her it’s almost amazing. (he doesn’t have diabetes or only one ear, however) He’s afraid of water and won’t go swimming EVER, he is always laying in the middle of the floor so everyone has to step over him (I’m sure most dogs do that), he’s VERY mellow all the time, he doesn’t like sweets, certain vegetables, popcorn, etc. He will eat crackers and of course anything meat or dairy. I doubt my dog would eat a piece of pie either. He’d most likely walk away or he’d lick the crust. But if I have any meat or cheese he’s my best friend.

      Don’t feed your dog onions either. Something in there that like chocolate, it’s very bad for them. This is probably a good thing, can you imagine the farts? Yikes!

  19. Amanda Quig
    Amanda Quig03-16-2012

    Love the show!! Just thought i drop in to say that my dog eats everything from carrots, cucumber, cat shit and steaks to fruit pies , apples, cheesecakes and you name it. However she spits out grapes and won’t even lick chocolate, which ironically both are dangerous for them.
    My moms dog on the other hand only eats cheese, butter and the most tender steaks. Is offended if you give her dog food..

    • Ace

      Are you sure your mom isn’t just fattening the dog up for some Toto burgers?

  20. Jared

    I hadn’t seen Dolph in so long before The Expendables, I wasn’t sure if he actually looked like a junky now or if they just junky-fied him for the movie. I’m glad to see he’as still looking like a big healthy badass that could rip Van Damme in half (even if he was a cyborg).

  21. Han Kelevra
    Han Kelevra03-16-2012

    What’s with the super short interview? Brian couldn’t wait to get oiled up and wrestle with Drago? Please tell me you have a part 2 holstered for a rainy day.

    • marco

      Dolph was late – I wish they could have stretched it a bit but the studio was probably scheduled for something else.

  22. thedecade

    What and where is a high deser(d)?

    • Fresneck Freddy
      Fresneck Freddy03-17-2012


  23. Paul in NYC
    Paul in NYC03-16-2012

    A few thoughts.

    1. Dogs, in general, WILL EAT ANYTHING, including their own puke and feces. They will eat past the point of being full until they get sick and/or die.

    2. Mincemeat pie (traditionally) contains NO MEAT, maybe some lard or other beef fat. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/mincemeat-pie-recipe2/index.html

    3. In the Dennis Prager clip, Dennis commented that murder “…is the worst thing that you can do…” I would argue that traumatizing a child is worse (probably some other things as well). Dennis also said murder was essentially “unforgivable.” I wonder how he classifies execution?

  24. TBoneMutha

    I must break you

  25. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams03-16-2012

    Despite three people telling him otherwise Adam still sticks to his opinion based on zero evidence. Take this and expand away.

  26. J

    When Adam said he tries to jump rope to the beat of a song I could not stop thinking of that scene from the Hammer where he is jumping rope to impress the girl. Funniest damn thing ever!!!! Good one Ace man.

  27. Max Maxwell
    Max Maxwell03-16-2012

    The Download Here link does not work.

  28. ed

    Hello good people!

    Thanks for the podcast! Dolph was definitely one of my childhood heroes 🙂
    Anyway, i asked this question already a couple of weeks ago, but i asked it a couple of days after the show aired, so you probably didn’t notice it. So i will ask it again. Could you tell me the name of the generic disco song Brian drops in, when you talk about the olden days.
    Much appreciated and keep up the good work!

    • DonnySac

      Are you asking about Warm Leatherette by The Normals?

      • ed

        Not quite, Micah got it right, though.

    • Micah

      “Machine Gun”, Commodores.

      • ed

        Thank you, Micah!
        That’s the one 🙂

  29. Jake

    Most dogs would absolutely eat pie.

  30. Dave

    “I must break you.” Get it on!!!

  31. Nick Namenone
    Nick Namenone03-16-2012

    Lie detectors and MRI lie detectors are not science and are not admissible in court.
    I like the podcast but it would be great if you could sort opinions from facts.
    Can’t wait for the dogs eating pie tests.

  32. Nick Namenone
    Nick Namenone03-16-2012

    here is a link that gives a brief but good explanation.

  33. big jim
    big jim03-16-2012

    Dolph Lundgren: truly, the Cadillac of men.

  34. Gy

    “Hi I’m Alison I don’t know how to workout. ” Cardio burns fat, weights preventMuscle atrophy . It’s about a grade school level gym class. WTF? Cellular respiration,Krebs cycle,Catabolism, is covered in freshman HS. Health,and Biology. WTF?! This shit is very simple even for stupid people.

  35. DogsLovePastry

    I’ve had 5 dogs, from Jack Russel Terriers to (currently) Rottweilers, and they all loved non-protein types food. Too much and I probably shouldn’t be giving them to them. Off the top of my head my dogs eat/ate apple, strawberry rhubarb, cherry, pumpkin, blueberry and mince meat pie. Also loves bran muffins, wholegrain bread and every vegetable (raw or cooked) under the sun. My last three dogs, their favorite treat is the one timbit doughnut that I bring home from work after stopping to grab a coffee, which they get in a tiny paper bag, that they race into the house with, rip apart like a kid with a present, and devour the mini doughnut middle. I don’t even pay for the doughnuts in my small Canadian town cause all the coffee chains around here know they are for my dogs. I actually had to refuse a free doughnut yesterday cause my girl is getting too big. and is going on a diet from the foods Adam thinks a dog wouldn’t eat.

    But as a dog owner, I give Adam props for not giving Molly fattening food scraps off the dinner table, so even though Ace is misinformed, Molly girl is probably the better for it.

  36. Doug

    It won’t let me download the podcast.

  37. PowerpuffGrl

    DAMN! 6’5 and still hothothot :-p

  38. Tracy

    Can someone put up a working link please?

  39. Brenda

    Sorry Adam you don’t know jack about animals…. horses are one of the most intelligent animals and my dog loves raw carrots and apples!

  40. Emily

    I am an attorney and I have heard of the pedophile test–we called it the “peter-meter”

  41. Mark

    My Dog would love to eat an entire pie. Could be the butter and egg used. Loves to savagely eat anything that is not toxic, and will fill her belly.

  42. Mike

    At this time 1435 Friday, the link to the Dolph Lundgren ACS is broken. I’ll check back. Thanks.

  43. Dog's will eat anything
    Dog's will eat anything03-16-2012

    My dog and all the dogs I have ever had loved sweets. Has also loves apples, green beans, and most veggies.

  44. Dog's will eat anything
    Dog's will eat anything03-16-2012

    Also beer is very bad for a dog worse then chocolate in most cases since most chocolate in the US is so processed that its not too bad anymore for dogs.

  45. Bill

    For what it’s worth, my German Shepherd would not only eat an entire pie (apple, pumpkin, bring it), but the tin would be polished like a fresh set of HRE wheels when he was finished.

    Then again he also eats apples that fall off our tree and recently violated an entire box of girlscout cookies we left out so he may not be overly discriminating.

  46. Alex C
    Alex C03-16-2012

    One of my dog’s favorite treats is pizza crust – no residual sauce, cheese, meat, etc. – just crust. Keep point-shitting Bryan; Ace needs it to keep humble.

    • Fresneck Freddy
      Fresneck Freddy03-17-2012

      only your dog’s favorite because you don’t eat the crust

  47. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett03-16-2012

    Like to see a video of the rope work. A tutorial possibly.

  48. JessMan

    is it me or did the sound quality suck today? o well, still getting it on

  49. Jeremy

    You better bring in those fucken dogs…..But i know my dog will take down its own shit so Im pretty sure it would dominate a pie

  50. AceFan!

    ACE is the best! Dolph is late and the pod is still great. Yeah I rhyme, but not all the time.

  51. molly

    My Golden Retriever loves eating Satumas.

  52. OC

    Bald Brian – make sure you don’t feed your dog for about a day before the pie eating experiment…. I think it would be hilarious if he dives head first into it and eats twice it’s body weight.

  53. Chris from Lakeland, FL
    Chris from Lakeland, FL03-16-2012

    The Download link appears to be dead, so I can’t save this to listen to when I am away from my PC. The Play link works fine, but I need to move this over to an mp3 player so I can listen while away from my desk.

    I’ll have to find other stuff to listen to while cooking dinner amongst folks that I shield from rants and cussing!


  54. Chadwick

    Hungry dog eat anything!

  55. Johan

    Kom igen, måste komma igen, inget annat val än att komma igen, mandat: KOM IGEN!

    Done and done.

    • marco

      Way to jump through Alison’s retarded hoop – good boy!

  56. Ima Furst
    Ima Furst03-16-2012

    Yeah, a dog will eat pie, poop it out, then eat it’s own pie-based poop.

    Would Adam eat an almond that a pigeon pooped out? I think not. Thus, dogs like pie more than Adam likes almonds, and that’s saying something.

  57. Chris from Lakeland, FL
    Chris from Lakeland, FL03-16-2012

    Link now works; thanks!

  58. Dogs eat pie
    Dogs eat pie03-16-2012

    My two Siberian Huskies would not think twice about eating a pie. Dogs are not true carnivores like lions are. In nature wolves eat fruits and berries they find to supplement their diet. It’s why peas, carrots, potatoes, apples, and other non-meats are found in dog food.

    Adam has said some incredibly stupid things in the course of this podcast’s history, but oddly this is the stupidest of all comments he’s ever made. How can this even be a debate?! Of course dogs will eat a pie. They would be beyond thrilled to get their jaws on pie. Adam is insane…

    • Sacto Aaron
      Sacto Aaron03-19-2012

      Exactly. I’ve witnessed dogs eating pie. Hilarious thing for him to take a stand on! So wrong it’s funny.

  59. Hegro

    They should have spent more time with Dolph. Kind of wasted a lot of time. Alison somehow continues to reduce the quality of the show.

  60. DES

    decent show. Dolph was kinda low key for the 5 in he was on the show.

  61. The Reel Rebel
    The Reel Rebel03-16-2012

    really look forward to listening to this. Our podcast just dedicated an entire episode to Dolph Lundgren.
    give it a listen, we think you’ll enjoy it. get it here at




  62. Pat

    Dawson is absolutely hilarious. He should really be on mic more. Love that dude, brogan.

  63. Pie Guy
    Pie Guy03-16-2012


  64. Sig

    Adam, you’re literally a millionaire. Please get those teeth fixed.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana03-17-2012

      No, you’re wrong.

      Those are some genuine 40 plus guy teeth, with some grinding going on and evidence of clenching when it wasn’t clear who would win. And some drinking too much and a bad diet, and a benign granuloma w/ renal calculus.

      Dolph’s teeth are pure Hollywood, which don’t impress me much.

  65. MPG

    Since when did this board become more censored than Huffington Post?

  66. Me

    Hi ACE broadcasting, again, could you please go back to tagging the downloadable mp3s with the title of the episode like you used to do

    absolutely love the show

  67. Red Menace
    Red Menace03-17-2012

    Alison Rosen is beautiful.

  68. mnoswad1

    The scroll on the black bear news footage…………”Woman found dead with chainsaw wound”……………..and these assholes are laughing about an effing bear siting?

    • Me

      wait a minute.. you noticed that the scroll – referring to a completely unrelated news story – mentions the death of a woman. In your mind, the existence of this other story somehow makes the podcast comments insensitive? So you are saying you cannot make a joke about something in a newspaper, if somewhere else in that newspaper, the death of a person is mentioned? The whole bit was about the lame news story, and it was funny. There are some unbelievably stupid things posted on messageboards every second but that is one of the worst i have ever seen. Get a life you stain on human consciousness – and by the way – IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE PODCAST WHY DO YOU LISTEN TO IT AND THEN COME ON HERE TO POST GARBAGE CRITICISM AS IF ANY ONE GIVE’S A RAT’S ARSE WHAT SOME DHEAD LIKE YOU THINKS. The same goes for all you other douches who obviously listen to the show, and bother to come here and comment, yet have baseless negative things to say. Sheesh.

      • mnoswad1

        No, I was talking about the ridiculous TV newscasters, not fellow commenters nor the Ace crew.

        Maybe my wording wasn’t clear enough for you. I will annunciate very clearly and slowly next time so that you can try to follow along without over reacting.

        • Me

          oh. sorry.

  69. SubDude

    What an utterly horrible show. After about the 20th straight minute (not exaggerating) of bickering about whether or not a frickin dog will eat pie, I had to shut it off and moved forward to the last 30 mins to listen to an utterly boooooring interview with Dolf. YAWN. This show was just plain bad.

  70. Sacto Aaron
    Sacto Aaron03-19-2012

    Adam is so effing wrong about dogs and pie! Our Golden Retriever ate an entire apple pie and my Yellow Lab will eat anything…even lettuce and vegetables. Adam, know when you’re wrong homie!

  71. Leland

    Ace man My Rott will eat ANYTHING.

  72. Bob

    Came on to read about how the podcast went and nothing but retards talking about what their fucking dogs eat.

  73. patrick

    Love Dolph! It looks like he has uni-boobs in the rocky pic. FiNALLY!!!! Always thought something looked weird about him, I feel a little better about my SEPARATED man-boobies.

  74. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson03-21-2012

    Dolphs daughter is smokin. The older one that is.

  75. jen

    My dog will eat anything. Definitely any pie. Salad dropped on the floor. Cereal, grapefruit, popcorn, anything.

  76. Eli

    Dennis Prager’s knowledge on Christianity is a little off. He said you have to get forgiveness from people you have wronged in order for God to forgive you. Actually it’s the other way around, you need to forgive others in order to get God’s forgiveness.

    Mark 11:25 Jesus said, “And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

    Also how does Dennis explain the “Thief on the Cross”. That’s just a couple examples. Wouldn’t normally post about this topic but if Dennis is going to bring it up I feel compelled to say something.

  77. chris

    adam you are out of your fucking mind ALMOST all dogs love sweets! chocolate, pie, fruit it doesn’t matter.

  78. Jan Ove
    Jan Ove04-09-2012

    Dolph is wrong, Norway rules! Suck it Sweden!

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