Adam and Dicky Barrett

Adam and Dicky Barrett

  1. dale knutson
    dale knutson12-12-2011

    Why is Adam wasting his time with podcast? He is the funniest guy on the planet! He needs to get a big deal struck with Sirius already like Howard, which by the way he is twice as funny as. Not to mention the other no talent A holes they have doing talk radio. Are there really that few talented people in the world that Sirius has to hire these jerkoff’s?

  2. ian

    Serious is retarded and so are you. This is free for the listeners and by the size of his car collection I think he’s doing fine.

  3. Doug

    I’ve had a Sirus account for about 2 years. Listened to music for the first two months, too busy listening to Adam’s Podcast, trying to catch up on OTC, Larry, etc.
    Ace Broadcasting Rules!

    Adam should cut back on the 12 dollar haircuts:
    That short Jewfro with the creeping grey in the picture with the Valley Chick makes Ace almost look like a genuine Italian businessman.
    Who woulda thot?

  4. mnoswad1

    Dicky looks like a homeless aids patient in that picture.

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