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Adam and Dicky Barrett

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Adam opens the show talking about his weekend of driving to Fresno and Sacramento, and some of the on-the-road experiences he had with Lynch and August. He also rants about irritating radar detectors, and how cops have turned against the people who have wallets. Dr. Bruce then chimes in with Health Watch, and the guys focus on stories about raw cookie dough, foods that cause flatulence, and the first stalker convention.

Adam then welcomes Dicky Barrett back to the podcast, and talks with him about doing the Tonight Show. Dicky also talks about the new Bosstones album, and how happy he is with the way it turned out. Later, Adam and Dicky exchange stories about their friend August, and the guys clear up the infamous delayed text incident.

Alison’s first news stories are about last week’s Hollywood shooting, and another shooting at Virginia Tech. The guys also hear about the presidential debate that Donald Trump is hosting, and the leaked Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos. The show wraps up with a list of new additions to the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame.


Visit http://BosstonesMusic.com, and grab a copy of the Bosstones’ new album Magic of Youth.

Show Credits

Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee12-12-2011

    I love how in the radar detector photo the radio is set to sattelite, nothing better on a road trip than Sat Radio… Get It On!

    • Jeff

      Better yet, it is Katrina and the Waves…

  2. Cam

    Where is Dixons christmas card for everyone to see?

  3. Mark

    “It’s just mixed signals” – Alison

    Alison, I love you.

    • Joker

      Good catch!

  4. Eric C.
    Eric C.12-12-2011

    Comments on the performance cars and cops and tickets.
    My feeling is that I agree with you Adam on the speeding tickets given you have a vehicle rated for that kind of speed.

    How about special class licences that are only valid with a sticker on the car and you have to have the higher speed rating on your licence. How about that!

    However you will get the liberal moaning “Oh class warfare class warfare..you are punishing the poor for not being able to purchase a Porshe Panamera”. Which yet again speaks to if you want to drive faster earn more money. Get a job sir…god day sir.

    • Backdoor Nugget
      Backdoor Nugget12-13-2011

      trucks are pretty safe, too, for the driver, problem is for the other cars on the road when a large chunk of metal comes at them.

      even ‘safe at any speed’ cars – fella i used to know got taken out (died instantly) by some wannabe Juan Fangio going sideways on a super curvy road. wannabe Fangio was in control of his car as far as he was concerned, issue was that he was the only car ‘racing’ and the dude i know was on a motorbike. yeah, you gotta be a dumb c*nt to ride a bike on the road, i agree, but hey, s’all about choice, man.

      public roads have all sorts of cars & drivers going in different directions, ideally you’ve gotta try and get them to go at similar speeds. i reckon annual driver training and testing would be the way to go.

      overall, Governments do rely on fines for revenue, which is fucked, they should just take your license and/or car if you’re driving like a selfish, entitled, asshole (which includes not pulling into the middle of an intersection when turning left) and endangering innocents.

  5. Chad

    Why is the moderation suddenly so tight on this board?

    • derek

      I wonder that too. It makes it hard to have conversation if we have to wait for someone to approve the messages each time. I think anyone that listens to the show can read the comments and not be offended.

      Most sites allow any comment to post immediately with the option for others to flag them if they are offensive or inappropriate.

      If this type of moderation continues, it’s likely that a lot of people will stop coming to the website to comment. That will mean less people seeing (and clicking on) the advertisements. It would also mean less people seeing what other shows are available on Ace Broadcasting.

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee12-12-2011

        I don’t know for sure but I think there was so much negativity on here that they moderate everything… you can always go on twitter…

  6. rushbaby

    solid show…does amazon carry you book in hardcover anymore?

    • Cyrus

      They do, I know cuz I bought a copy of it in paperback earlier, and they have it in hardcover, but it’s a bit pricey to get it new. Better to get the paperback. Around $70 for hardcover vs $8 paperback. You decide :p Remember to click the link here first tho!

  7. derek

    Picture #3 features a BMW Isetta minicar like Urkel drove.

  8. Nick

    Haha, BMW Isetta.

  9. Joe Hammer
    Joe Hammer12-12-2011

    I love the Bosstones! Thanks for telling your audience about the new album which is great. I think Like a Shotgun is the best of a great collection of tracks. Give it a listen. Adam great show and more Dicky!

  10. paddym

    Adam is wrong: the interview with Spector’s wife was one of the BEST interviews ever.

  11. BtownDtown

    Adam – Just bought a breadmaker for my girlfriend on Amazon using your link.

    GET IT ON!

  12. mnoswad1

    Don’t remember the name of the new podcast sponser that sells car parts. Don’t see a like on here either and don’t feel like re-listening to the podcast, but I do need some car parts.

    Anyone remember, and the code to get 10% off too?

  13. Ron Blumpkin
    Ron Blumpkin12-12-2011

    That radar detector is worthless on california roads. All the cops in southern california use laser guns. The only way to protect against those is to buy either a laser jammer or some laser veil to put over the reflective surfaces of the car. The best jammer on the market is the “laser interceptor high power quad” and the best combo detector to go with it is the “valentine one” not that massive piece crap bell rx65 in the picture.

  14. That one guy
    That one guy12-12-2011

    Thank you for having the doctor on. I’m done with porn. Telling my friends too. I was actually getting the symptoms and was really noticing it the last few days. I was getting seriously worried and I did some research and it will be all good in 3-4 months… That is a long freaking time!

  15. Moe

    Love ya Carolla, but you’re so wrong about WAR and Trail Mix!!!!
    But good point about the gunshot thing, all the gunshots I’ve ever heard sound almost like a toy or something, nothing like in the movies.

  16. Jim

    Carolla, Sandler, Ant. What is Ant. Just saw that on Jeopardy. The Aceman has arrived.

    • Jim

      Whoops I mean What is Adam.

  17. Dave

    On one of the commercials for pills, I think it’s Cialis,for one of the side effects they say something like “loss of hearing”, they then say call your doctor.

    How, I can’t hear?

  18. Cyrus

    Great pod as always Aceman.

    Just did a bunch of holiday shopping on amazon using the link here. Good times.

  19. SubDude

    Awwww, it must suck to be The Ace Man? No matter how much money he makes, how much of that money he spends, how much success he achieves, how expensive of a car he can drive without paying for it, how much of an elitist status of sheer Royalty he feels that he should be shown by all (for a guy with such a self proclaimed low self esteem?) , he’s still gotta deal with all the daily hassles of the rest of us poor people. Jeez, it must be horrible to have the grandiose dreams from his childhood shattered when he sees the lights of a police car in his rear view mirror or to have his seriously narcissistic sense of entitlement challenged by someone at the airport that makes a small fraction of what he earns telling him what to do or to simply not have the red carpet rolled out for him where ever he goes? To have his DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AMMMM?!?!?!?!??? indignant attitude met with an incredible answer of “NO”. Oh my! OHHHH MYYYY! These people in life that should be shamed by him are actually shaming him instead!

    OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!! The Aceman has spoken!!

    It’s the great equalizer in life when those people that have to deal with keeping the public safe from the most horrible element of society also have to deal with snobby elitists like Carolla in line and following the same simple rules that the rest of us have to follow. Sorry bro but, there is no express lane in life for people like you that are somehow convinced that you are more important than the rest of us and you should be allowed to skip to the head of the line everywhere, simply because you are in show business. You don’t get a pass. Nobody cares about how many extra zeros are on your 1040. The taxes you pay are fair because they are proportionate to the income you make, just the same as the rest of us. It doesn’t entitle you to more than the rest of us or better treatment.

    Your narcissistic and delusional bubble gets burst every day and we all laugh at you and Alec Baldwin when you go on your rants and tantrums. We all laugh at you when you are sitting on the side of the road, yelling at cops, making their lousy job worse than it really has to be. We laugh at you when you have to go to the back of the line, just like anyone else. We laugh at you when you claim to have a low self esteem and then, go on the same diatribe over and over and over about how your money makes you better than everyone else. We laugh at you when you do comedy because, that’s all you are really good at.

    Maybe you should stick with the comedy and lay off the elitist pity pool that you wallow in. You don’t get parking tickets and your wife does because you pay for them. You should think about that when you are driving someone elses $137k car too.

    • Daveless in NorCal
      Daveless in NorCal12-13-2011

      Thank you SubDude.

    • Big Ed
      Big Ed12-15-2011

      Thanks SubDude. Adam is becoming quite the rich asshole with each passing day.

    • Doug

      We all laugh? Speak for yourself.

      I listen to Adam for his rants. It seems like you just don’t get his show. Maybe you should switch to NPR.

  20. Ralph Nader
    Ralph Nader12-13-2011

    Beltronics has the best radar detector.

  21. Riggz

    Man is Dicky Barrett a lame guest. The Bosstones sound like ranchero music for white suburban people. How can anyone listen to that awful crap. This guy is a hack and he’s not funny. Adam is great, but he has a lame taste in music.

  22. Sean

    That would be the default ringback tone. Dude needs to buy his own ringback tones. It’s only the default one that’s loud. At least Adam isn’t complaining about the “terrible” music. How is Vivaldi terrible? But I digress

  23. GOD

    Sad to think that my kids are going to grow up not having a friend named ‘Dicky’! A travesty. I may just go out and impregnate one of my neighbor’s wife and make her name the kid Dicky.

  24. Marsco

    Adam was talking about keeping the cruise control on, but in Europe, most cars have a digital speed limiter where you can set the max speed and it is integrated in the controls. This allows you to drive without cruise control but not drift into the 90’s.

    Just a thought.

  25. Rico

    Great. Another rant from Adam about how he pays a “shit ton” in taxes so he should be able to do whatever he wants. Adam, please stop with the self-entitled rants. It really makes you sound like a rich douche. I’m starting to understand why Glenn Beck has suddenly become such a Carolla fan.

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