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Adam opens the show talking with Alison about the delay in finding out his audiobook stats, despite asking multiple times. He also complains about interviewers that won’t let him move on to his next call, and discusses an awkward conversation he had about cancelling his dad’s podcast. The guys then talk about Seth MacFarlane’s new movie, the best BBQ joints in Texas, and take listener calls for Tales From The Cheap.

Diane Ladd enters the studio next and chats with the gang about auditioning for Christmas Vacation. Later the guys talk about Diane’s youth in Mississippi and why southern ladies like to chit chat. Alison then starts up the news discussing Villaraigosa’s latest attempts to repeal taxes in California. The guys also talk about a couple in trouble for putting their newborn in their carryon luggage, and a tragic death at Comic Con. As the show wraps up, the guys blast through a number of Facebook-related stories.


See Diane on the new HBO series, ‘Enlightened.’ You can also follow her on Twitter @DianeLadd.


Christmas Vacation

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. LouE

    By coincidence Adam has the same shirt and hat on for three podcasts straight.

    • Weez

      He wants to dress like Leno…1 uniform.

    • tate

      how hard is it to understand that they record multiple podcasts in one day?

      • SB

        They dont crank out a bunch in a day, he just keeps the same button down shirt at the office so he can throw it on when he gets there.

        if they did a bunch in one day, the news wouldnt be current

        • Micah

          They do sometimes, but not all that often.

    • ChicagoCarrollaFan

      Maybe he does more then one podcast a day in the studio.

    • Slam

      Great catch, bro.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-11-2012

      Am I straight? Because I never notice what shirt Adam’s wearing. Who will Adam yell at when he sees the picture of the “adjustable spud wrench” used to erect steel that someone labeled a “crescent wrench”… that’s right I said erect…

      • Ace

        Well I’m straight and I have never once noticed what he’s wearing until these fucking yentas start up about it. So I’d have to say probably, yeah.
        And thank you, the whole time I was thinking spud wrench, its called a spud wrench dammit!

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol07-11-2012

      It must be good to have more than one thing to do in just one day. Loving the Offerman woodshop hat.

    • Darkhorse

      At times they will record several podcasts at once to put a few “in the can” as they say. Or, Adam doesn’t give a f*ck as per usual.

    • Sean

      They probably taped them all on the same day.

    • snooch

      although he is wearing a different undershirt each time…

    • Huck

      It’s called a uniform. Lots of professionals wear them to work.

    • Lisa

      That shirt is probably a 5 on the hobo scale……

    • vilem

      im gay and meet guys at rest stops. even i dont pay attention to if the guy is wearing the same shirt. silly bitch

    • Mike

      He has a different undershit on each time so they are different days.

    • Tony

      Adam! Dick move caneling your 81 year old dad’s show that costs you really nothing!

  2. andy

    goddamn news with Dianne was painfully awkward

    • Matt

      No joke. I bet she kept preaching to the crew after recording was over also.

    • zender

      That’s an understatement!

    • Troy

      Agreed, i was waiting for someone to tell her to shut up

    • Bman

      haha yes it was.

    • Will

      So right. Does Clark Griswold’s mother need to chime in on politics?

    • C-bag

      Couldnt agree more!

    • MA

      Agreed! She was #1 Point shitter on!

    • Jose

      this chick needs an award for hip checking adam in the jaw and rolling with her point.

  3. Miles L. Berman
    Miles L. Berman07-11-2012

    It’s hilarious when Adam starts with the “okay, mm hmm, okay, mm hmm” AND THE GUEST STILL DOESN’T REALIZE SHE NEEDS TO SHUT UP!

  4. John

    Welcome to the Interruption Olympics! Me, me, me, I, me, I, myself, me, oh and me.

  5. really?

    Adam needs to wear a condom over his mood today…..

  6. Ted

    Good god, man, change your shirt.


    Ok, Diane…..you can calm down…..the cameras aren’t on……it’s ok.

  8. Douchnut

    Adam LOVES that shirt.

  9. dave

    there is 1 crowned champ at this point for bbq (especially brisket) in texas: snow’s.

  10. Caveman73

    The news was down right unbearable today with Diane, other than that it was a good podcast today

  11. Paul

    he does have a different underhsirt on, so we have to give him a break. Lynette must do the laundry each day….

  12. rosemary

    chumbawamba split up today after 30 years???? o whoa is me.

    ACE FLUFFER07-11-2012

    I will bet any amount of cash that Antonio R. Villaraigosa has a higher score on the bar exam than ace retardo COULD EVER GET in his lifetime. He keeps reminding corolla-tards about the 4 time failure attempts, could your retarded king do any better?

    I will bet anybody, any amount of cash, that ace retardo would lose, big time.

    PS kale sonnen got his a$$ handed to him, again!

    Let the FLUFFING commence !

    • Gangster From America
      Gangster From America07-11-2012

      Hey, ass-douche. Chael Sonnen RAPED Silva in the first fight. Anderson was extremely lucky to pull out that win with a last second submission. You also seem to have forgotten that Sonnen won the first of two rounds in this latest fight. I would hardly call that an “ass handing”. Congrats to Anderson, but he has some seriously retarded fanboys (AKA – You)

    • Ian

      First of all, ACE FLUFFER, you can’t even speak English. Let’s take your sentence, “He keeps reminding corolla-tards about the 4 time failure attempts, could your retarded king do any better?”

      You should say “four failed attempts”, not “4 time failure attempts.” Also, that is a run-on sentence. You should start a new sentence with the word “could.”

      So, the fact that you are obviously borderline retarded does not give you licence to call everyone else that. (Maybe you thought it did, as when black people call each other the N-word, but that logic just doesn’t apply to you)

    • rusty400

      yeah, but does carolla ever sell himself as a lawyer? i’m not sure he does. so what’s your point. if carolla were to compare his knowledge of carpentry with the mayor’s, would that also be a good comparison? i’m thinking you might be the one who needs the helmet my man.

    • Dean

      You’re an idiot. Don’t listen if you think it sucks and it’s Chael not Kale.

  14. Sara Jay
    Sara Jay07-11-2012

    lol, this woman is Adam’s worst nightmare as a guest

  15. Dean

    You need to bring back Sammy Hagar to make up for that Diane Ladd trainwreck

    • Martin

      Agreed ! Satriani as well….

  16. Sara Jay
    Sara Jay07-11-2012

    She would make Ed Asner proud

  17. Jack

    I wish Diane did not stick around and crack wise

  18. Balki

    I stopped listening when that quack just started her own tirade.

  19. Kevin

    holy shit, Dianne made me want to jam that pointed crescent wrench into my ear just get her to shut the hell up

  20. Dick Face
    Dick Face07-11-2012

    Love that “Adam’s on the phone” drop, Brian should play it more…by the way were is that from?

    • behymen

      back from his last radio show…

    • Ivan

      Adam’s old morning radio show.

    • Caspie Ellie
      Caspie Ellie07-17-2012

      From 2006 when 72 yr old lady calls in to say her meth addicted daughter is wrecking her life. They find out the mother and daughter are both addicts and they try to send them to treatment. Adam even offers to take care of elizabeth, the old ladies cat.

  21. John Walter
    John Walter07-11-2012

    Diane Ladd has a voice; she probably would be good to fill the hold your dad will leave.

  22. Chris

    Love how Adam has a guest on yesterday to plug comic books, and proceeds to mock Comic Con today. How come he didn’t bring up to Thomas Jane that comics are for 7-year olds and they’re written by hacks?

    • Steve

      Why would he?

      • JP

        Because it would be consistent. Otherwise he just seems like a suck up.

  23. Casey

    Please, never have Diane on again. I had to turn this one off today because she is so self absorbed. She makes Adam look humble.

  24. Missy

    Your show may be interesting tomorrow night in Houston – I am a ticket holder and noone contacted me about the venue being moved. So if people don’t listen to your show they are going to show up at the wrong place. Wooppssseee!

  25. REB

    Allison has to lose the reflexive, fake laugh

    • marco

      Agreed – that’s T’s act and I don’t miss it

  26. wiley


  27. Big Daddy Don Garlits
    Big Daddy Don Garlits07-11-2012

    Great pod today… solid funny show.

  28. Patrico Suave
    Patrico Suave07-11-2012


  29. REB

    Wow; Diane Ladd is a major blowhard

    • Dan

      I thought the same thing. I actually turned off the podcast because of her. I hope Adam never invites her back…………..

  30. wee

    Steel workers adjustable wrench often called a “spud” wrench

  31. dallasworley

    I thought Adam’s mom did a great job on the show.

  32. Zyzz

    Adam needs to have Joey Diaz on his podcast. Would make for a great show

    • Mad Flava
      Mad Flava07-11-2012

      No way Adam could keep up w/ him.

  33. Martha Mitchell
    Martha Mitchell07-11-2012

    The “WHOO???” after Martha Mitchell when Diane was talking made me spit take, hilarious Bald Bryan!

  34. wee

    Allison, why you always say 9 continents? Inside joke? There are 7.

    • reb

      Dr. Drew says she went to the greatest college in America; even though that’s part of explaining how it was “impossible” for his kids to get into better schools, you have to assume she’s right; 9 continents.

  35. David

    Surprise, self serious actress is super self serious, does not get sarcasm.

  36. Steve

    Damn that bitch was annoying!

  37. ATX

    FYI: The Salt Lick is BYOB.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-12-2012

      Salt Lick. Good name for T’s V.

    • Skaat

      great BBQ at the salt lick

  38. robert

    damn that old bitch is crazy

  39. wow

    she was a bit obnoxious and didn’t quite get Adam’s sarcasm

  40. Seattleite

    “Comic-Con is the gay parade for Geeks” – Adam Carolla

  41. Leeches unite
    Leeches unite07-11-2012

    Aceman, your dad is a leech. Good move dumping him. You owe him nothing. Tried to give his show a chance, it was pointless nonsense, and it was harder to listen to than your uncle Lazlo’s tapes.

    • MC White
      MC White07-12-2012

      Yes, nothing to feel bad about Aceman. Your dad is such a fucking leech. I hate mutha fuckas like that. You probably have slightly more emotional baggage to him, but that’s about it. DROP HIS SORRY ASS! The show sucks ass!

    • Phil


  42. Gregers

    Every time the guest talked about positive feminine energy and whatever-the-hell, I wanted to jam a pencil into my eye.

    • Sara Jay
      Sara Jay07-11-2012

      you mean in your ear?

      • Gregers

        Oh no – I meant my eye. *sniff*

    • Phil

      I hear ya brother

  43. Joe Don Baker
    Joe Don Baker07-11-2012

    The show sure did come to an abrupt stop, didn’t it? Wow, was that an unfunny last half-hour. And Ms. Ladd, could you name-drop your kid one more time. I don’t think everyone knows who your daughter is yet. “My daughter, Laura Dern….” “Laura Dern, my daughter…..” “I told my daughter, Laura Dern…” Who includes their child’s last name when telling everyone something about their kid?

  44. steve

    had to turn this one off. that lady was annoying as hell.

    • Ernie

      Yeah, I really enjoyed the first part, then I made it through 5 minutes of listeneing to her. I realized she was just going to be irritating the whole time, so I shut it off. I thought it was really funny that right after he complained about interviewers that don’t get how to end conversations, he gets a guest in that doesn’t know when to shut up.

  45. Tony

    Worst. Guest. Ever.

    Typically hypocritical liberal. Adam did well biting his tongue several times…

  46. jo ke
    jo ke07-11-2012

    worst guest ever she kept cutting off everyone.

  47. lodstudios

    Very good chops imo

    • Phil

      Your opinion sucks!!

  48. Patrick

    Facebook, Google, etc… Those companies have all the amenities for their employees because it is expected that they put in a HUGE number of hours at the office. I know people that are miserable with their standard 12 hour days plus weekend work.

    It sounds great when you hear about the toys and the laundry service at work. It’s not so great when you find yourself not at home enough to use your own toys or clean your own laundry.

    • MC White
      MC White07-12-2012

      Yeah Aceman, you were dead logic on this one. Sorry, the reason they are “playing” so much, is they spend 12 hours a day at the office, if not more. You really think they put in 4 hours at desk, and 4 hours playing volley ball, or fencing? Get a brain, dude! Bad call. I’ll stick with my 8 hour a day job, thank you!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-12-2012

      Good point.

  49. Jonpaul

    Tom Jane was on the Podcast yesterday. He’s going to comicon to promote his new comic book.

    You should have called Tom Jane a homo-erotic nerd to his face Adam.

  50. Dirk Dootson
    Dirk Dootson07-11-2012

    “They turn on the water for ya, you turn on the shame.” Nice Bald Bryan! I just washed my car at one of these goddamn things out of habit. Never again…

  51. Eamon

    really enjoyed this show. Dianne Ladd is hilarious, and Adam had a great rapport with her. thanks!

    • Phil

      You are brain dead…

    • ChicagoCarrollaFan

      He is joking, Ladd ruined the show.
      I stopped listening, I’ve only done that one other time, when that giant douche Prager was on.

  52. Ladd Fan
    Ladd Fan07-11-2012

    Gotta say, I liked Diane since how long was it since the guest didn’t get steamrolled by the host over every topic, who already has an hour 1/2 to go off on whatever he wants already. And Diane’s “interruptions” must have never heard ANY live podcast where it’s a free for all interruption/ yell over fest. And Diane actually did things to bring business back to California above yelling on a podcast. Thank you.

  53. matt

    FINALLY some Rambling Rose talk on podcast

  54. Dave In Guelph
    Dave In Guelph07-11-2012

    Old, crazy broads, should be seen and not heard. Why should the American taxpayer be subsidizing Hollywood again? Regular folk are losing their jobs left, right and center and she thinks Hollywood needs more tax breaks for her friends in the biz. Typically out of touch Liberal elite.

    • Bobby

      Exactly. I’m all for helping those that TRULY need it….but always with the goal being to get them on their feet and off assistance as soon as possible. It is infinitely better in the long run for their self esteem, bank account, and the country as a whole.

    • RoyalDryness

      It’s not really a liberal thing. It’s a douchebag thing. Or a rich asshole thing. The irony of successful wealthy people who got that way through lots of luck is that they believe they deserve it and should be treated like they are special. While actors, musicians, comedians, etc are talented, the truth is for almost all of them you could find 100 that have the same level of talent and work ethic yet fate didn’t smile down on them and they don’t make it. When you know in your heart that your success is the result of luck as much as or more than your talent or work ethic you fight extra hard when anyone questions whether you’re special.

  55. Biggie

    Come on…give the old lady a break. Great job Adam for respecting someone who has actually been to Washington to make some kind of a difference. Sure..she was annoying….but what 70 year old isn’t.

    • Mangia

      Yeah well, if I’m that annoying at 70 someone better shoot me when I’m 58. That was ridiculous. She showed zero grace as I heard it…she just wouldn’t stop! Pretty difficult to listen to someone blowing hard like that, old broad or no.

    • reb

      70 year olds who go on podcasts aren’t like the rambling lady on the bus; different standards apply

  56. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town07-11-2012

    Hey, does anyone know what happened to Mike August??
    Did,nt DonnY leave due to August?
    and now we don’t hear his name anymore?
    Just wondering…GET IT ON!!! +__+

  57. Ivan

    Adam, don’t cancel your dad’s show.

    You’ve certainly made good augments for cancelation, and I agree with them all. Here is my theory – I could be wrong – but, here it goes. I think your dad likes doing the show because it brings him closer to you. That’s all, plain and simple.

    You’ve described your family’s long rich history of emotional indifference. Your grandmother spending her last couple Thanksgivings away from your family is…well, a lot of things. Most of all, very sad.

    Your dad is 80. How many years does you dad have left? If you cancel his show, you’ll be maintaining the Carola tradition of callousness. Is that the tone you want for your dad’s last years?

  58. yuk yuks
    yuk yuks07-11-2012

    Diane Ladd, WHO?????????????????

    Once again I shall skip the guest portion of the episode, for about the 5th time in a row.

    Someone get Mike August back in line.

  59. Ivan

    I know my last comment wasn’t very persuasive, and in the end, relied on guilt…sorry about that.

    I don’t think there’s a clear, black-and-white answer to this issue. However, I am convinced of this Adam. Years from now, after your dad is gone, you – in your heart – will will regret canceling his show. Forgive me for being sappy, but I think it’s true.

  60. Bobby

    Great podcast. Adam is so right about the inefficiency of big government. That’s why the private sector nearly always crushes (in performance) any government endeavor. People are always going to be more prudent, careful, & wiser when spending their own money as opposed to other people’s money.

  61. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III07-11-2012

    She had opinions, wasn’t scared to say them but she backed them up calories burned.

  62. Dragos4s20

    Diane Ladd was unbearable, never have this lady on again. Her voice was atrocious, and I was so glad when the next podcast became available. Damn, Ladd was an awful guest.

  63. Dean

    He could own a bunch of the same shirts. I know I have a shirt I love and considered buying like 30 of them so I didn’t have to contemplate what I am wearing and always wear something I know I like.

  64. Patrick Dobrinen
    Patrick Dobrinen07-12-2012

    I noticed Adam saved Alison the embarrassment of having to say the c-word in front of Ms. Ladd at the end of the show.

  65. Gean

    She was totally nuts, but I found it entertaining. She’s probably got the record for number of times a guest has had the Oscar music dropped on them.

  66. reb

    it’s weird when someone like Diane Ladd goes so strange that there’s no vestige of her having once been sane and doable.

  67. Jane Moore
    Jane Moore07-12-2012

    I love southern women.

    • TJ

      I do, too. But this lady was batshit, catshit crazy! Please never schedule her again.

  68. Fozman

    The way that Diane Ladd acted on this podcast is the exact same demenour that causes me to not want to visit my grandmother anymore.


  69. K-Man Pilkers
    K-Man Pilkers07-12-2012

    Brian really brought his A-game with some of this episode’s drops. He hit the bald out of the park.

  70. DionRidesBikes

    These old-school feminists were all over Santa Cruz, Ca. growing up. The worst is when you had to take a college class taught by one and all you heard were these ridiculous tirades how women were “programmed” by some made up “man force”.

    Like Adam says – one of the most powerful people in show business is Oprah – black and a woman. I never heard of this lady before this podcast.

  71. Not again...
    Not again...07-12-2012

    What is the deal with this dense bitch?

  72. Jon

    Maybe Ms. Ladd should have her own podcast, so she won’t have to suffer an interviewer butting in with all those pesky questions.

  73. Chuck

    hemm crooked letta crokked letta iii crooked lettah crooked lettah i crooked lettah i pee pee crooked lettah IIIIIIIIII

    the first woman to ragdoll Ace. awsome.

  74. nujay

    That was……………..AWESOME!!!!! The awkwardness was so thick you could cut it with a knife. You guys have got to get her on the show again! She has all the qualities – more self-absorbed than DAG (although she’s less funny), more irrelevant name-dropping than David Wild (at least David’s are somewhat relevant).
    I loved how she was so focused on proving she’s knows shit and has done shit that she couldn’t even notice Adam’s brilliant quips like “I use Tiparillo’s and 20’s”. That’s always a great test to see how far someone is up their own ass.

    I knew we were in trouble from the moment she said “M-I-crooked letter, crooked letter, I……..”

  75. George

    Having Dianne Ladd on led to a withdrawal of Cheryl Ladd from the “bank”

  76. CACAHD

    got a little behind on the podcast and just heard the Diane Ladd pod and I thought that she was great! She had an honest opinion she played along during live read she was terrific

  77. No More Carolla...
    No More Carolla...07-14-2012

    I have been a devoted Carolla listener for 2 years. But I think I am losing my patience with him.

    I hate how he keeps talking so badly about his family. He definityely did not have a poor upraising. I mean, the guy is even giving his dad a damn podcast! And he talks to his family, etc. If hating his family is part of his schtick, then that is one thing. But I doubt that is the case since his persona and his real person seem 75% the same. He should cut the crap out about talking crap about his family.

    Why is he cancelling his pop’s podcast? Because he wants to teach him a lesson? Ridiculous! He is passive aggresively giving him a podcast to fail. Carolla should honor his dad and continue to foot the “bill” for him doing the podcast. The man seems like a good guy and maybe a decent dad.

  78. Ejt

    This women is one of the reasons people hate the south. Bitch, stop making it seem like all we do is sip lemonade and gossip on our porch overlooking a slave plantation. I grew up in NC and now live in DC and yeah, the food is different, but even this idiot guest managed to derai Adam’s point. I bet all this woman’s “friends” hit ignore whenever she calls. What a loon.

  79. atticus finch
    atticus finch07-18-2012

    she IS a loon i tells ya a loooooooooooooooooooooooooon

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