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At the top of the show, Adam and the gang welcome Dave Dameshek back to the studio. Dave reads through Adam’s bucket list, and talks about zombies and the Walking Dead. The guys also recall their favorite scenes from the likes of Road House and Point Break, and Dave gives updates since the all-star break. Later they discuss Steve Nash’s addition to the Lakers, and Dave announces the Creep of the Week.

Next up, Dexter Holland and Noodles of The Offspring enter the studio. Adam recalls an early concert at the Shrine he attended where the balcony was literally rocking up and down. He also talks with Dexter about flying his jets on tour, and the success of Gringo Bandito hot sauce.

Alison begins the news by discussing the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce settlement, which leads into a conversation about dating outside your age range. The guys also talk about a restaurant on a military base that is allowed to serve foie gras, postal workers going on a hunger strike, and Bloomburg’s plans to build microunit apartments for single people living in New York. As the show wraps up, the guys chat about The Offspring’s rise to fame, and exchange hilarious stories about Pennywise’s Fletcher, and Huell Howser.


Click through our Amazon site and order a copy of the latest Offspring album, ‘Days Go By’. Get all their tour dates at http://Offspring.com, and follow them on Twitter @Offspring.

For more on Dave Dameshek, visit his site http://DaveDameshek.NFL.com, and follow him on Twitter @Dameshek.


Point Break

Huell Howser

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  1. Dennis

    Why does DD look photoshopped?

    • Joe

      I’m pretty sure it is. That’s Tom Jane’s body.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-13-2012

      Gotta have more lens flare on the new logo.

    • gp

      it’s thomas jane’s body

    • David

      Because he is, that’s the joke?

    • Whitney

      Because he is.. It’s Thomas Janes Body with DD’s face. 🙂

    • McLovin

      DD said that Thomas Jane looked stupid in that outfit.

    • Back sack& Ass crack
      Back sack& Ass crack07-13-2012

      DD looks more “Metro”

    • bewbz

      jesus are you that retarded?

  2. Miles L. Berman
    Miles L. Berman07-12-2012

    Oh good, the lamest band of all time, can’t wait. I bet they turn out to be pretty fly for white guys.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-13-2012

      That’s okay man cause they like the abuse.

      • Whatthewhat

        Man, i was hoping for more puns but Kadoode RUINED the flow. Way to suck the funny off the site…

      • May Kadoode
        May Kadoode07-13-2012

        Give it to em Baby UHHHHH HUHHHHHH HUHHHHHH

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-13-2012

      Fellow Fluffers Beware,
      The Cyber Douche Bags are on fire this week, more than the usual douchyness, right? Might be the hot weather…

    • paddym

      the stuff they have been putting out lately is just embarrassing.

  3. Johnny

    Smash is an amazing album. Straight up one of the top 10 albums of all time.

    • JohnnyR2961

      I agree, one of my favorite cassettes growing up, especially Bad Habit. Listened to it so much I wore out the tape and bought the CD sometime later. Only saw them live one time for 20 mins and it was kick ass. Super excited about this podcast ACE man!

      • big jim
        big jim07-13-2012

        Man, I used to love listening to cassettes. The last time I saw them for sale was this weird gas station. I stocked up on some Johnny Cash, Marvin Gaye, and the Highwaymen. Good times!

    • Corey

      So true, me and my buddy used to sneak upstairs and lock the door and listen to “Bad Habit” song…

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle07-13-2012

        Is that what you called it. Jim Norton called it Monster Rain.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-13-2012

      Of all time? Seriously.

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett07-13-2012


  4. jewfro

    Dave the hobgoblin and the Offspring with that f*ed out music and look ( hey jake busey… errr dexter let the punk rock look go at 40, it’s sad), all you need is bonadouchebag for the trifecta of all that is mediocre and horrible.
    How, how did the Offspring make it so big while musicians like Pavement, Mudhoney, My Bloody Valentine, Jeff Buckley (yes, I know he died in 97), Matthew Sweet, etc. only had moderate success? Bands of the 90’s- Tool, Suede, Pulp, Rage Against the Machine Soundgaden Pearl Jam, Faith No More Nirvana, The Pixies- now does the Offspring deserve to be in the same sentence as these groups- NO, never.

  5. Lori Petty didn't work at a surf shop
    Lori Petty didn't work at a surf shop07-13-2012

    She worked at a restaurant, so she wasn’t refusing Keanu’s business when he wanted surf lessons, she was refusing a favor from a guy she’d had to pull out of the drink earlier that day.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-13-2012

      Nice, I’m so jealous of your point break expertise…

  6. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco07-13-2012

    Shame on you, Bald Bryan! Your’e supposed to know movies and you let Adam and Dave mistakenly carry on about Point Break? Lorri Petty (Tyler) works at a restaurant, not a surf lesson school.


    The Offspring is so terrible

  8. Kristen

    Someone’s gotta post a clip featuring the ranchero soundtrack behind the Charlie Brown animation. That was pretty funny!

  9. attack_crows

    The guy on the left side of this picture looks like a combination of Ted Danson and Joe Pesci’s character, Nicky, from Casino.

  10. GOD

    I’ve never been a fan of The Offspring. It must be a west coast thing to dig these shitty bands.

  11. Brent

    25:50 mark just sounded like the greatest moment of the podcast ever for some reason can’t figure out why

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-16-2012


  12. Tye emery
    Tye emery07-13-2012

    Adam & podcast. Please have doctor Bruce & or dameshek as the guest for the guest the whole episode

  13. Tony

    Listen to the show

  14. Nodz

    Damashek brings out the funniest in Carolla. Love it!

    More Jacuzzi thoughts!

    • Andrew in DUBLIN
      Andrew in DUBLIN07-17-2012

      Agreed. Roadhouse basic cable commentary was thee best. Damashek and Carolla at their finest.

  15. Matt

    I also thought the dudes in I Am Legend were zombies but after reading the book I realized that they are vampires. Rewatch the movie and you’ll see that sunlight burns them, they have super strength and all that business.
    Also the most loyal player, Hall of Famer Steve Largent of the Seahawks, spent his entire career in Seattle. He could’ve left for a better team but stayed with them for his entire pro career 13 years.

  16. James

    Believe the blame flame special was the engine in the first corvette and also 1950s chevy trucks

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-13-2012

      you got it right blue flamer, it was a 235 six cylinder…

  17. dave

    shek was on his game today. so good

  18. mike

    The Offspring are one of my least favorite bands ever, but I still fast-forwarded to their segment after about 5 minutes of the always boring Dave Dameshek. JUST BECAUSE YOU SAY SOMETHING LOUD DOESN’T MAKE IT FUNNY. See how that works?

    Sorry to be negative, Ace. I still love the show, but hate the Shek.

  19. JessMan

    haha shek still thinks the washington baseball team is called the senators. duh, they’re the natinals (sp)

    • dave

      he’s being sarcastic fucktard

  20. Whitney

    I thought the guy on the right was Anderson Cowan at first glance…

  21. marcos

    After hearing the Point Break clip, I thought, 1300 bank robberies in LA County “last year” sure seems like a lot. Assuming they aren’t Food Banks. I had to look it up, there are 1800 banks. So, since most of the facts in movies are true, on any given day there is a GOOD CHANCE you will find yourself in a sword fight, stuck in quicksand or at the business end of a bank robbery.

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein07-13-2012

      The statistic is wrong probably, but so is your interpretation of it. If there are 1800 banks and 240 days of days banks are open equals 432,000 days of banks being open and opportunities to rob them. This means any given bank on any given day had a .3 percent chance of having an attempted robbery that day.

  22. wee

    still don’t know what poo poo city is

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-16-2012

      Fletcher likes to poop in his hand and throw it at people.

  23. Ben

    She works at a burger joint not a surf shop.

  24. nyt

    When I move the file onto my iPod touch – it loads correctly on the iPod touch, but from my computer it doesn’t show up as on the iPod. Other podcasts seem to work okay.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein07-13-2012

      I thought Apple products were supposed to “just work.” And does it say in the manual to ask random Adam Carolla fans how to fix your computer?

      • reb

        stick to calculating probabilities

  25. Alex

    Adam, the birchum thing wasn’t funny. The executives saved you from your horrible idea.

    • jo ke
      jo ke07-13-2012

      totally disagree

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein07-13-2012

      Your comment was a bad idea. Too bad someone didn’t save you, too.

    • reb

      it was OK

  26. Zimbo the Pet Monkey
    Zimbo the Pet Monkey07-13-2012

    What super annoying cannon was Dave Dameshek fired out of?

  27. robert

    Just a public service announcement: If you want to save your ears from cackling and unfunny jokes, you can fast forward to 50 minutes in. That’s when Dameshek goes off the episode.

  28. Ned

    I love Offspring, so glad to hear from those guys. Now I’m spending all day YouTube-ing old clips from Smash and Americana. It’s good to catch up with old friends.

  29. Rex Steele
    Rex Steele07-13-2012

    Aceman, you and Shek forgot the best line ever when you were talking about cops being sent to BFE if they messed up an assignment.

    Top Gun:

    “You were number two, Cougar was number one. Cougar lost it-turned in his wings. You guys are number one. But you remember one thing: if you screw up just this [pinches fingers for emphasis] much, you’ll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong!”


  30. Justin

    Dameshek: SO clever! When he says “champeens” instead of champions … brilliant! All of the similar antics, like calling them the Washington “Senators” when they’re actually the Nationals, are just pitch perfect.

    This guy is athletic-comedic gold!

    • ross

      I fucking hate how he tries to talk all old timey, like when he calls guys “lads” and shit like that

  31. Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez07-13-2012

    Top 10 albums of all time? Most inane declaration I’ve heard.

  32. Annie Green Springs
    Annie Green Springs07-13-2012

    Glad you’re in a better mood today, Adam. Great, entertaining show today. Loved the segment on movies from the 80’s-early 90’s. Point Break and Road House. Most men I know LOVE these movies. I don’t know what that says about the men I hang out with. It’s probably not good, so let’s not go there….

    RE older women with younger men: My three long term, significant relationships (including my intact marriage) have been with men between 5-10 years younger than me. They all chased me. Older women are better in bed and know how to treat a man. I’ve never been a sugar mama. Just a great companion and lover who takes care of herself and her man.

    The Offspring: an excellent band. Their satire and wit set them apart.

  33. Dan Penny
    Dan Penny07-13-2012

    Love me some shek. He always brings a good vibe to the show.

    P.S. More Jacuzzi Thoughts.

  34. Brother P-Touch
    Brother P-Touch07-13-2012

    Let’s take a quick look at Adam’s creative track record:

    -Cranky old white guy character on radio show
    -Cranky old white guy talks about sex
    -Cranky old white guy talks about things cranky old white guys like
    -Puppets (word “crank” still prominent)
    -Cranky old white guy hosts morning radio show filled with rants and complaints about non-white guys
    -Cranky old white guy hosts podcast filled with rants and complaints about non-white guys
    -Failed pilot about cranky old white guy who teaches drivers’ ed
    -Failed pilot about cranky old white guy who teaches shop

    How many different directions does a guy need to go before he catches a break? Hollywood, you bastards! There is no one in the business who knows how to be fresh and new than the Ace Man! The guy practically re-invents himself on a daily basis. One minute, he’s just a guy in a button down plaid shirt and jeans ranting about peanut allergies and black people. But then, like a chameleon, he transforms into a guy in a button down plaid shirt and SHORTS ranting about peanut allergies and black people. Don’t you get it???

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee07-14-2012

      When you’re right you’re right

    • Ryan

      If you’re so down on ACE, don’t listen to the show you fucking tard

    • Mike

      that’s awesome and you’re right

    • Ledgewood

      I hate Pawn Stars. I’m going to go watch it and talk about how much it sucks on their message board.

    • Ted Koppell
      Ted Koppell07-17-2012

      Ha!. Nice one.I’m sure these carollatards wouldn’t like that

    • Feenster's Union
      Feenster's Union07-17-2012

      perfectly said

  35. Maveriq

    Love some, Dameshek! He’s hilarious and he doesn’t even try to be!

  36. Madeline Matz
    Madeline Matz07-13-2012

    Bigger Tom Cruise marriage weirdness – all his wives were born 11 years apart.
    Beware all 22 year olds.

  37. Tim

    They’re Canada geese, not Canadian geese, and they’re all over the U.S., spreading rapidly.

    Must be nice to live in a place where people apparently don’t even know what they are yet. Brace yourselves; you will.

  38. Elle

    no, Lori Petty works at the hot dog place, not a surf shop.

  39. T's V
    T's V07-13-2012

    Dammit Carolla!

    You are not out of ideas for show business. You are just done with your ability to jump through hoops and kiss ass. I tell you what, you have me, and a hell of a lot of people on here who will watch ANYTHING you have to show us. Why not take one of your ideas directly to the people and bypass the brain dead studio executives? Forget the formulas and the B plot and C plot. Just make something that is so damn good that you proudly put your name on it. Quit playing by their rules. If you need funding go to Kickstarter. You set sail on the pirate ship so that you didn’t have to play by the rules. You did Hollywood on their terms and had some success. Why not try it on your terms next time?

  40. Rolando

    From San Antonio to Houston take a sidetrip to Smitty’s in Lockhart! Best BBQ IN THE WORLD!

  41. Jim

    Love The Offspring. Can’t wait to check this episode out.

  42. ramon

    why have the interview sections of the shows been reduced to a watered down 7 minute rush to get to the news. The interview portion of the show used to be the most entertaining aspect of the show. Rushing to the news maskes it feel more and more like a terrestrial radio show. I guess i’m looking for a break from the system.

  43. Robey

    I don’t know what poo poo city is, and well, let’s just say that I am not so sure I would like to know.

    A couple things:

    I am not a super huge fan of The Offspring, but today’s pod will inspire me to get more of their music, as I only have Americana.

    You’ve told ‘showbiz’ to lick the appropriate areas – but alas – you’ve forgotten the taint!

    Good show Adam!

  44. tlewis

    It’s the Russian front – jerk-off!!!!!!

    • ashtok

      Yeah, strange that a guy whose comedy is about ranting about stuff he knows about doesn’t know the difference between the Western and Eastern front in WWII. Mistake or ignorance?

      Other than that. As always liked the show, guests were just gigglers though, 20mins was plenty. Need Shek’s Creep of the week as a ring tone to go with It’s just a waste of my time! Put it on the website with a downloadable copy of the hammer.

  45. Brian Archibald
    Brian Archibald07-13-2012

    Shek stole the show today! Please either bring him on more or give him another Podcast!

  46. Dominic

    For fellow Ace fans to know, The Man Show is now on Hulu!!!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-16-2012

      The more you know.

  47. Elle

    AND!!! I agree with Dameshek about going to Texas in July – holy hell is an understatement. And then you’re coming to Seattle in DECEMBER?! I mean c’mon, you should have switched those 2 trips! DUH!!

    here’s my theory on scientology: the men must divorce their wives if they don’t biologically produce 2 offspring by the age of 33. John Travolta did it (I’d have to google it to see how old Kelly Preston was when she gave birth the their 2nd, and then she had to have the 3rd kid to keep up with the quota). In addition, scientology either frowns upon being gay which is why gay rumors surround John & Tom, because if they were gay they have to hide it as their religion frowns upon it. Either that or they joined it to hide their homosexuality.

    • John

      Could be John and Tom are being black mailed by scientology and the gay rumors are the result

  48. Ras

    Damashek’s voice and failed attempt at humor makes me want to stab my ears with a church key…
    Can you imagine this annoying jew was part of an entire show with Adam when he started morning radio? DD, please go learn how to be less annoying

  49. Rick

    Jesus Christ, what is this thing called Dave Dameshek and why is it yelling and being completely unfunny on this podcast that I really used to like? Why is this ahole even on? Hey Dave, just yell LOUDER AND YOU’LL BE FUNNIER!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  50. zyzz

    chumbawamba > offsping. deal with it.

  51. blastoise

    Love ya Ace man… but when you support the Rams I’m not sure you can say anything about football.

    Dameshek u shoulda known better… I believe the Ravens were undefeated at home last season. and they don’t do a whose house is this cheer.

    its the any dogs in the house.

    andddddd steelers vs tebow. game over

  52. Andrew

    It always sounds like everybody’s having a good time when ‘shek is in the studio. Helps make the mood extra light. ‘hit it bald!’

  53. Jim

    C’mon Aceman, we need more Dameshek! The Shek is the best. Get rid of Penn’s Sunday School and PLEASE give Shek his own podcast

  54. reb

    At one point he forgot to say “champion” in his affected way – “champeen” — and quickly found a way to repeat it in that jokey voice he constantly uses. What a laborious person. I love the podcast; but after a while, absolutely everything having to be a joke or ironic commentary becomes draining, exemplified most of all by Alison’s newfound need to respond to absolutely everything, even if it’s usually with “yeah” or “yeah, I know.”

  55. nick

    I love how Carolla blew those guys about their music. Offspring is by far one of the biggest embarrassments in modern music. I love how they are 50 now but cant let go of the look. Cool meth shirt

  56. Wil C
    Wil C07-14-2012

    Hey one and all,
    I’m trying to locate the Virtual Alyson episode.
    Any help would help.

  57. DanofSac

    Canada Geese are taking over our parks, school campuses, and everywhere there is a patch of green and a little water. Although they may be magnificent to look at, their dog-like green droppings everywhere cancel out any aesthetic they may offer.
    Adam was fumbling for a funny win-win, but how about an actual win-win? Instead of turkey drives for needy families round up these geese, take them to the rendering plant, get them processed, and packaged up. The rendering plant will get a tax deduction for services provided and the needy families will have as many Christmas geese as they are able to store.
    If we do this for a couple of years we can get the Canada Geese population in check again. Remember these are not the good ones; these are the lazy ones who said “feh” to the migration tradition. They just want to foul up ( fowl up? hey, that’s where that expression comes from) the neighborhood Koi pond and leave large green turds for children to ride their tricycles through.

  58. Fred

    I used to love the Offspring when I was younger, but their new song “Cruising California” is Rebecca Black-bad.

    Hopefully the rest of the album with be a lot better.

    Adam needs to get Fletcher in their for a follow up interview/trip to Poo Poo City

  59. Moe

    witty, clever, and handsome dameshek is music to the ears and eyes

  60. goatfucker

    scientology claims to have a program to cure homos, so naturally closet cases like cruise, travolta & will smith who want to keep leading men status sign up..& then the church defends the closet cases legally against all claims to the contrary. the church actually likes signing up the big gay stars.

  61. DAG Nasty
    DAG Nasty07-14-2012

    the new record is actually pretty good, unlike the last couple that seemed phoned in from Cabo.

  62. Cameron

    It’s blue-plate special. Not blue flame special dummies.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-16-2012

      That’s the whole point of the discussion, dummy.

  63. dion

    “hit it bald” makes me laugh. a lot.

  64. Yog-Sothoth

    Is there anything even remotely related to comic book characters that Adam doesn’t think is “homo-erotic”? Basically he’s admitting to us that every time he sees a man with muscles in a costume, the first thought that pops into his head is “gay sex”, so what does that say about him?
    But yeah Adam, you’re totally right, comic books are gay. Football on the other hand, where big buff guys in ballerina tights bend over in front of eachother and play with balls, is the most hetero thing in the world.

  65. james

    Good episode guys. Love the shek. Go Pens.

  66. Troy

    Am I the only one that wishes ACE would spend more time interviewing the guests rather than cutting so quickly to the news? It seems lately they talk for only a few minutes and then go too quickly to the news. Don’t get me wrong I think the news is fun but I would like more time spent directly with the guests.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-16-2012

      I wish ACE would spend more time talking about himself.

  67. Slibinz

    Ace your GoToMyPC intro ad was probably the best advertising I’ve ever heard in my long life. Incredible job Aceman!

  68. Jared

    Really? Nobody is going to point out the irony of having an anarchy symbol on a multi-million dollar private jet? It must piss them off that the evil FAA and government air traffic controllers have to get involved to make sure they don’t smash that thing into a 747 mid-flight.

  69. CCCali

    I will buy every man grate they make to support the show if you promise to never let Dameshek near it again!

  70. Andy90

    DD really brings it.

  71. rosemary

    petas headquarters is in norfolk virginia

  72. Mean Dean
    Mean Dean07-17-2012

    Gringo Bandito is not good hot sauce. I eat hot sauce with everything and try tons of hot sauce…it’s lower 10% of what I’ve tried

  73. Susie-Q

    Greatest thing ever: Adam and Dana Gould (as Huell Howser) doing a basic cable commentary together! Too bad it’s going to be on the worst movie ever: Showgirls This means I’m going to finally have to watch that piece of drivel because I LOVE Adam and Dana together and this will be a slice of heaven to listen to!

  74. Jah

    well..I never comment but now i must say…i was excited for this episode until almost immediately hearing damashecks voice upon pressing play. I get he’s got a fan base but…damn he’s awful pod. Daves of thunder SHOULD come back just so I wouldn’t have to hear him stinkin up the carolla show so often. Carolla seems to be trying to get some magic back as the show hasn’t been very good for the past couple of months…but for the non sheck fans….painful progression towards the return of greatness.


  75. GetaHandIn

    Dave. Big Fan.

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