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Adam opens the show discussing how he no longer sees stolen bikes or car stereos anymore. He also talks with Bald Bryan about betting on this past weekend’s football games, much to his dismay. Later, Adam talks about sitting next to an air marshal on one of his flights this weekend.

Dennis Prager joins the podcast next, and Adam talks to him about his old radio show, ‘Religion on the Line.’ They also start talking about the truth behind stereotypes, and the importance of speaking in a grammatically correct way. Later they talk about how people do not respect religion, and the overly corrected society we live in. There’s also a discussion of the situation in Israel.

Alison opens up the news with a story about Ron Paul’s son being detained by the TSA. Adam makes an argument that technology is only improved where society can make more money, and applies it to the roads and parking meters. They also talk about Tracy Morgan’s Sundance collapse, the death of Etta James, and why we’d all be better citizens if we had lower self-esteem.



Barbara Boxer

Island Tipping

Rand Paul TSA

You’re The Coolest

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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Joe

    Another show with a right wing blowhard, another day I’ll be skipping the Amazon click through when I rent a movie tonight

    • Badger

      Another day where you’re a faggot.

      • Joe

        Some guy called badger is calling me a faggot? That’s funny

        • Medium

          Joe, No one gives a fuck if you don’t listen or click through so shut the fuck up and go about your shitty day.

      • Jay

        Nice! Did you captain your debate team?

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana01-24-2012

        Bumper Sticker.

    • cg

      Ouch … there’s about three cents out the door Ace.

      Hope you learned your lesson … when it comes to liberals, if you don’t tailor your guest roster to their points of view, they’ll boycott and attempt to punish you.

      How many messages have you had from conservatives saying they’ll skip the show and cease supporting it when you dare to invite a liberal guest?


      • Joe

        Your obviously pretty dumb, no wonder you’re a conservative so I’ll explain it to your tiny little right wing mind. I listen to the podcast to laugh, not hear right wingers compliment each other. If that’s what I wanted to hear there are literally hundreds of different things to tune into. The great thing about the Amazon click through is that allows listeners to throw their two cents (literally) in, in regards to what is on the show. If that was too complicated go tune into Prager’s radio show where he’ll tell you that even an obvious moron like yourself is a good person as long as they vote Republican

        • KTBFFH

          “Your” is the second person possessive pronoun. “You’re” is the contraction of “you are.” As in, “You’re obviously pretty dumb.” You’ve also never heard of a run-on sentence. Prager’s story about correcting his wife’s grammar was hilarious. Just like you lecturing people about life from your intellectually superior viewpoint. Hilarious!

          • Joe

            Like the sun rising in the west you can always count on the grammar nazis showing up when they’ve what to speak but really can’t think of anything to say. It’s like the age old question of would you rather be smart or beautiful. I’ll just have to live with the fact that my points are solid but my contractions are a little off, and you can pat yourself on the back for having perfect punctuation in a comment that looked good but really had nothing to say

          • HaZe

            Joe, as a left winger your closer to the Nazis than any of the conservatives on this blog, but you wouldn’t know that because, just like most liberals, you only listen to a point of view that pleases you. What does it say about you btw attacking the nicest guy in radio and doing it with the first blog post?

        • cg

          That’d be “You’re obviously pretty dumb”, not “your”.

          I love ironic insults. It’s so convenient when idiots show themselves to be idiots. Saves work for the educated amongst us.

          As for the rest of your (that’s the proper use of “your”) odd outburst, it speaks for itself and reinforces my point.

          • Joe

            See the reply right below the one you obviously just copied

          • Andy

            Hey Joe….last I checked, the sun rises in the east. Just sayin….

          • godfodder

            Oh my freakin’ God, Joe… are you kidding? Are you a parody? The sun rises in the West???? Grammar Nazis? The problem, Joe, is that your first sentence is literally nonsensical. Here it is, so explain it to me:

            “Like the sun rising in the west you can always count on the grammar nazis showing up when they’ve what to speak but really can’t think of anything to say.”

            What could I possibly say, Joe? Are you really that stupid? And if you are, do you really want to insult the intellects of other people? Do you actually “think,” Joe? Or are you just a walking pile of Left Wing platitudes? And, no dude, your “points” aren’t solid. The “right-wingers” you despise are people who only want to set you, and everyone else, FREE. Joe, your mind is so filled with self-congratulatory BS, that you can no longer see what is real or what is true.

        • Rex Montana
          Rex Montana01-24-2012

          You’re wrong. I’m a conservative, but I love liberal Circle Jerks. They’re all being One Uppers on each other, so the dialog is energetic. And for the same reason I like Conservative Circle Jerks.

          Actually, any Circle Jerk is fun, unless you’re the man in the middle.

        • Ken

          No shit Joe, funny they didn’t mention when that when Rand Paul refused to be touched by the TSA he was on his way to a anti abortion rally. How’s that for ironic cg. If this show is turning political I’m done.

        • matt

          “your dumb”….that’s fucking hilarious on so many levels

        • Bobby

          Joe exhibits the classic narcissistic reaction that Adam and Dennis are right to reveal. Adam constantly has blowhard leftists on the show but none of us conservatives feel the need to get on here and announce to the world that we’re taking our ball and going home.

    • ras

      Joe, I am sure Adam will miss the $0.02 from your Amazon book purchase of “Fixing your Trailer for Dummies”

      • Joe

        Please see the reply to cg. If its too hard let me know and I’ll send you some easy to follow pictures

      • Casey

        I have to say…from my experience here in the south [GA] if you’re living in a trailer you’re sure as hell not a liberal.

    • GOD

      Only gay dudes skip.

      You sir, have failed.

      • Joe

        That’s funny, I think only repressed homosexuals who are obviously desperate to suck a dick think calling someone “gay” is something that would get anyone over the age of 12 upset

        • Badger

          Upset? you’re mad as hell son.

    • CJ

      Joe, I literally thought the same thing. Was going to buy some Philip K. Dick books, but maybe another day

    • Sara

      I’m with you Joe. Skip, bummer, especially since yesterday’s show was so kickass.

    • Mike

      Really? I lean right but I don’t mind when Adam has Michael Moore or some left-winger on. Who cares as long as they are interesting and have something to say?

    • Crybaby

      Another left wing tard crying like a bitch because he can’t stand common sense or logic.

      • Joe

        Yes because Mr. Sweeping Generalizations is where all reason and logic spring from. As a matter of fact most would say that swallowing what he has to say without much though makes you the bitch

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee01-24-2012


    • Joe

      Just kidding!

      • Joe

        No I’m just kidding

    • CNS

      It’ good to listen to people with whom you disagree. You can see if you have counter-arguments. Also, everyone should keep an open mind – listen to the facts, arguments, etc. Think about the issues and then form your own opinion.

    • Isaac

      I’m hardly right wing (or left wing), but Prager is even less a blowhard

    • Tyler

      Question: Could you be just a bit more of a baby? Suggestion: Keep your whiny 2 cents to yourself and your lover.

    • jpmoneypants

      Joe, I’m not going to call you gay or anything, but I’d like to point out how your comment only emphasizes the unbelievable intolerance and hypocritical nature of the left. The left never wants their speech infringed upon, even if that speech includes hate speech or occupying private land, but if they don’t like what someone says, or their opinion, not only will the left not consider the point, they wont even listen and in some cases, try to silence.

      • Joe

        Whose infringing on anyone’s speech? Isn’t the common right wing response “you have freedom of speech just find someone else to pay or it”. I listen to Prager’s nonsense on a daily basis, I just don’t want to help subsidize it in places I don’t want to hear it.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-24-2012

      Joe, I am going to buy something with the Amazon click through, just to spite you.

    • Mr. Honkington
      Mr. Honkington01-24-2012

      WHy would a leftest not listen to someone speak. You don’t have to agree but liberal used to mean open minded.

      • Joe

        I’m all for hearing people speak, especially when they disagree with me, I just don’t want to hear it somewhere I usually come to laugh. It’s kind of like the attitude most people on the right have towards Sean Penn and Jane Fonda

  2. Jon P
    Jon P01-24-2012

    Sorry to tell you Adam it still happens
    My wifes bike got ripped off here in Thousand Oaks of all places, I hope the asian that took it really enjoys it.

  3. Rapbank

    Prager simply invents his own version of “the left” in his head. It bears no resemblance to real-world liberals. It’s like parents telling their children stories of the “toothfairy”, or the “boogieman” for that matter. What a bunch of nonsense from a complete Douchbag.

    • Bobman

      It’s called a strawman. Both sides do it. Be honest with yourself and listen to left-wing friends talk about how evil ALL right-wing people are sometime. It’s ridiculous, just as ridiculous as what the right does.

      Not sticking up for this guy or any others who do it, just pointing out that it’s not limited to either side.

      • Stacey E
        Stacey E01-24-2012

        your doggie is cute. (ya damned nazi-rightie)

  4. Rapebank

    For the record, this Administration’s policy on Israel is no different than any previous administrations. I know the right loves to assert that the “left” is somehow alienating Israel, but it’s simply has no basis in fact or reality. I love how the right treats talking-points as if they are facts.

    • HamiltonNJ

      So it’s wrong to paint the ‘left’ with such broad strokes, but fine to do it to the ‘right’? Let’s be a little more consistent.

      • liberal pussy
        liberal pussy01-25-2012

        Every single Republican senator votes the same on every single issue. So, in my opinion they paint themselves with said “broad brush.” They’re a bunch of do nothing, cock blockers, who put their own self interest and that of their super rich cronies ahead of doing what is right for the country.

    • DRUNK Report
      DRUNK Report01-24-2012

      For the record, that’s not even close to being true.
      I love how the left treats talking-points as if they are facts.

      Use Google. learn things.

      • Rapebank

        The right’s freakout over Obama and Israel proves my point about the Right….

        Dwight Eisenhower kept aid to a minimum, kept Israel at arms length and forced Israel to give up the ground it won in the 1956 Sinai Campaign without negotiating a quid pro quo. Gerald Ford explicitly blamed Israeli “stalling” for a breakdown in peace talks in 1975—something Obama has never done—and ordered a six-month “reassessment” of Middle East policy, which translated into a suspension of aid and military assistance, until Israel was bludgeoned into submission. George H.W. Bush clashed openly with Israel more frequently and more bitterly than any of his predecessors, to the point where he once called a nationally televised press conference to attack American Jewish volunteer activists who had come to Washington for a day to advocate for Soviet Jewish resettlement assistance.

        I suggest you “learn things.”

  5. Eric P
    Eric P01-24-2012

    What is with the picture? No Adam with his arm around him and Alison is in the background looking completely disinterested. It just sorta stands out from every other photo on the site which makes me think something was up. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet so maybe it is explained in there somehow.

    • Kato

      I thought the same thing! I was looking at it thinkin Alison doesn’t even know that she’s in that pic… creepy.

    • stnuntrnd

      Dennis had to leave at (6:45) while the podcast was still in progress.

  6. jimmyb

    Same here –
    Living in orange county and had my passenger window bashed in and stereo stolen. Felt like rape

  7. Really?

    The left is out to destroy Israel? Dude, come on. When you say this, it automatically means you’re an idiot. Stop with the right vs. left BS, and do what you’re paid to do – be a comedian. There’s a reason you’re not in politics – because you know nothing about it.

  8. MrDinosaur

    That’s a perfect picture.
    I want to frame it and put it up in my living room.

  9. Purpleslog

    Re the the Island tipping story…

    I seem to recall that the Senator (former military) and testifying officer were actually old friends who for years have been doing variations of this and other weird questions to each other in public places.

  10. Brad

    Adam is amazing in his hypocrisy. He spends countless hours complaining about the TSA patting down white people when they should be checking out people who more fit the profile of a terrorist. Then a white Senator complains about the the same thing and Adam can’t get on his knees fast enough in front of Dennis Prager so he can unzip his pants and agree with him.

  11. Purpleslog

    I may be remembering it wrong. I can’t find a corroborating link.

  12. Aaron

    blowhard?? how was he a blowhard? Or are you making the ‘enlightened’ decision to avoid this episode based on your notion of Prager?

    I thought he and Adam had pretty good chemistry.

    • Joe

      I listen to Prager almost everyday so I think I’m qualifed to call him a blowhard

      • Joe

        Second I listened to the show so you’re dumb

  13. Maverick

    Joe – What’s so wrong with listening to someone with a different veiws and ideas than you? And attempting to “punish” the show for booking someone who doesn’t share your views… totally JV.

    • Joe

      Can we get ruling on something. Is my decision to skip using the click through a single time punishing the show, or is my contribution from that so insignificant that it’s laughable. I do listen to differing povs on a daily basis and if Adam had stuck to non political topics I wouldn’t have a problem. But once he and Prager launch into sweeping psychological diagnosis of the entire left then the problem emerges. For example I would have loved to hear Prager explain how someone on their third marriage can have the chutzpah to present themselves as an expert on relations between men and women, or other stories about his background. But with the limited time and tsunami of mutual admiration I guess there wasn’t room for any of that.

  14. Scott

    And Adam moves closer and closer to becoming a full-on right wing blowhard. I used to respect the Aceman because he didn’t go for either side, much as I do (registered Independent). But now he keeps catering to his new Glenn Beck fan base. I also find it interesting that Adam is talking about how no one respects religion considering he never does himself when there isn’t another conservatard in the room. Wonder how long it’ll be until he renounces his Atheism altogether and becomes a born-again.

    • den66

      I’ve been praying for him! sniff

  15. Kevin

    Hmm, not enough left-wing blowhards out there on other podcasts for you?

  16. Ras

    Ace – why didn’t you take a picture with dennis? Were you ashamed it might go viral?

    • cg

      Uh … they’re getting ready to do some shows together on the same stage. Kind of doubting he’s scared of being seen with the guy, genius.

  17. chris T
    chris T01-24-2012

    Adam needs to bring Bill Maher on his show. Let’s see how Adam’s flimsy political ideas stand up against someone armed with facts. He’s a smart, informed guy in certain fields but his shallow thinking with regard to civics are a perfect argument FOR the type of ‘frivolous’ college education he rallies against. His philosophy boils down to ‘why can’t I keep more of my cake?’ He should feel lucky he lives in a society that financially rewards his talents 20x more than a social worker, nurse, or any other number of professions that do some tangible good in society. Comedy, and the rest of the arts are extremely important, and should be rewarded, but you need to keep some perspective on the absurdity of this economic system, instead of crying that you can’t afford your 15th car.

    • SubDude

      Bullseye. You nailed it with that response. Dude makes multi-millions being a comedian that contributes very little to the greater good of society and can’t berate school teachers, police and social workers fast enough, just because he pays more taxes than they do while failing to realize that he pays a smaller percentage than they do, proportional to his income. Adam is quite the elitist when he gets on his high horse.

      • Fitzfan

        Do you pay taxes? Do you have any concept of a tax bracket? Why don’t you look it up before you start talking about who is paying the smaller percentage.

    • donewithidiots

      Bill Maher armed with facts? His offensive routine is worse than bad. Like Adam was speaking about “duels” yesterday. Bill Maher is the poster child for arrogant, offensive, effeminate jerks. People like him give libs a real bad name. Such a horrible example. Without his stupid audience clapping like trained seals, and a security detail, he’s just a minor leaguer. Elizabeth Hasselbeck tore his ass up.

    • Jll M.
      Jll M.01-26-2012

      Adam likes pie. Not cake.

  18. BuckIV

    Should be a fascinating and informative show. I hope Dennis stays for the news.

  19. Chaoboy

    Adam really (for me) defines the difference between left-thinking and right-thinking. Left-thinking being open mined and right-thinking being black or white. Often we see these ways of thinking running amok in our public discourse. Knowing that Adam is a black or white thinker rarely bothers me, because he’s funny and has really excellent points. Put in the same room with a real right-winger, however, and he just goes off the rails.

  20. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee01-24-2012

    It would be nice to see before & after pics of the new studio… just saying…

  21. thomasH

    Adam not lucky – really? There are tons of talented, hard working people out there who never got that lucky break. Nine times out of ten, Adam would have become a funny carpenter or mechanic.

  22. Gary

    Carnegie Hall is actually said wrong. Andrew Carnegie is “Car Nay Gee” ask anyone from Pittsburgh.

    • JessMan

      pittsburgh people talk funny. mare-io lemiuex? it’s mario. as in super mario bro’s

    • Glen

      This man speaks the truth. I went to the Car Nay Gee science center many times as a kid.

  23. WakiPaki

    If the trend of right wing nut bags continues on this podcast, I don’t know how much longer I can stand to be a listener. Moderate right wingers are tolerable but not to the level and above of the Dennis Prager douchebagery.

  24. Cyrus

    Great, a bunch of partied, partisan douchebags on here slinging shit at each other and pretending like their own shit doesn’t stink. Seriously, if both the right and left take talking points for facts (which they do, and has been claimed on here), then GUESS WHAT, they’re BOTH DOUCHEBAGS and you’re a retard for throwing your support behind them. And you idiots who really think shit changes based on our prez elections are the biggest tards of all (Hope and Change? LOL. Really). If you don’t know that the presidency is a puppet position and that there are (well known) puppet masters, you’re a jackass who shouldn’t be discussing politics in the first place.

    • Joe

      I just hope you feel the same way about those on the right presenting tales of woe and destruction in 2008 if Obama were to win the election. As always Sputh Park captured the mood on both sides brilliantly.

    • Ryan in São Paulo
      Ryan in São Paulo01-25-2012

      I agree wholeheartedly!

  25. Chad

    Right wing blowhards make crappy pod. They just do. Especially ones who sensationalize and invent “facts” then rant against or for them.

    The whole idea of the “evil left” is absolutely ludicrous. It’s annoying how the show devolves into truly stupid rantings about things people on the left don’t even stand for. And Obama is about a “left” as Nixon, so it’d be nice if people would give that up.

    • KTBFFH

      Agree. Nixon was a horrible, evil socialist.

  26. fefe

    Measuring poverty by just a few material things is stupid and so far removed from reality. How about measuring poverty by things like:
    Having to work 3 jobs with no benefits
    Not being able to afford health care
    Having to work until you are 75 and not being able to retire
    Not being able to afford a decent education.
    The ability to take a vacation once in a while (not even go somewhere, being able to take days off without losing your job)

    Maybe before, people could not afford a big TV but could afford most of the things I mention before…

  27. Jude

    Off topic, and probably answered somewhere but can someone tell me whats up with the UStream shows. Are they still being broadcast? Can I still subscribe? Thanks.

  28. MikeA

    Great show Ace!

  29. Eric H
    Eric H01-24-2012

    Definitely not a Jew…..

  30. Robert W. (Vancouver)
    Robert W. (Vancouver)01-24-2012

    A well spoken moderate conservative makes an appearance on a show and, without fail, the Radical Leftists feel obliged to viciously attack him. So predictable. Sad.

  31. Matt Valentine
    Matt Valentine01-24-2012

    Adam was in philosophical top form in this broadcast. Love the AceMan.

  32. RP

    where is that self esteem article posted online?

  33. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington01-24-2012

    Gotta love the jerk-offs swarming the message boards and social media to call Prager an idiot. The guy is only an esteemed Columbia alum. A handful of his braincells are smarter than any idiots who is deriding him.

    Little do they realize that they’re only proving Prager’s point that America is being over-self esteemed.

    • Joe

      To be an alum you actually have to graduate

      • Graham Wellington
        Graham Wellington01-24-2012

        Excuse me, he was a Fellow at Columbia.

        Which is a MASSIVE step above being just a mere alum, you freaking tard.

  34. Da Mann
    Da Mann01-24-2012

    “Its a self-deprecating story, I readily admit it.” Did D. Prager just drop a humble-brag?

  35. Balki

    My loins ache for more of that (faux) Jew princess Alison.

  36. DRUNK Report
    DRUNK Report01-24-2012


    I desperately want a weekly Carolla-Prager show now.

    HAVE HIM ON AGAIN! I love it when you mix it up with Michael Moore and Breitbart and Rep Martin but this exchange is your best.

    more more more

  37. Brett

    Really tried to listen got about half way through and then all of a sudden all that is wrong with us according to Prager and ACE is “the Left” then it quickly lost its entertainment value – pretty predictable. All you have to do is listen to Fox/Clear Channel and you can get this same hooey. Pretty boring.

    • alex

      couldnt agree more. once israel came up, it was over

  38. Brett

    The minute Prager started with “The Left Doesn’t separate the world between right and wrong” I was out. Really starting to get tired and worried about ACE’s indulgence on right wing generalizations. I don’t mind having someone like Prager on – what I do mind is when the show is basically handed over toward his shit!

    • Joe


    • Poopy McDoodyhead
      Poopy McDoodyhead01-24-2012

      So, then, YOU are the person who defines what “right and wrong” is?

  39. iluvalisyn

    Love me some A wearing some P’s.

  40. Tim

    Boy them lefties are stupid. Adam is just an idiot when he goes political. Otherwise he is funny. He should stick to comedy.

  41. DiggyD

    Another awesome podcast – Great guest!

  42. Tim

    Wow, this guy is doucherrific. Stick to the funny, Aceman. Let Limbaugh ahd Beck handle the asshattery.

  43. fefe

    Even Adam was annoyed when Prager started with “there is nothing wrong with Pat-Downs” After that Adam did not let him talk much and pretty much dismissed him. Adam is a common sense guy you have to be a radical nut job to not see how moronic is the pat-down of kids and the TSA…

  44. Manny

    (Clears throat)


    Thank you

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-25-2012

      You forgot to sniff.

  45. Old John
    Old John01-24-2012

    Its only a matter of time until Adam becomes a Born Again Christian.

  46. Jason


    This is a comedy Podcast… Adam doesn’t even vote, correct? Settle down and let him entertain…

  47. Just a Music Guy
    Just a Music Guy01-24-2012

    Having never seen Mr. Prager, I thought he looked a little different. With that said, this was one of my favorite podcast this year already. Love it!

  48. jost

    It’s so funny to listen to the libtards complain on here when Ace has on a right leaning guest. They always fail to remember the Ed Asner, Michael Moore, Ed Babley types. Ace agrees with the left on some issues and with the right on some issues…just like most of America. And for the person that asked why doesn’t Ace have Bill Maher on….because Maher for some reason won’t have him on his show anymore. Maher is the same type of the lefties on this board…unless you agree 100% with him you’re a racist and want the poor pushed over a cliff.

  49. michael

    what kind of child bitches about varying opinions? hes left! i’m not watching! and i’m not on the right at all, i don’t even care about american politics i’m Canadian for fucks sake. Jesus Christ, grow a pair of balls and maybe a brain actually listen to varying opinions instead of being scared of them.

  50. Eric Blair
    Eric Blair01-24-2012

    I can only think of one country in the middle east run by religious fundamentalists that has openly attacked a US navel vessel, has a stockpile of undeclared nuclear weapons, has not signed on the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, won’t allow IAEA inspections, and begins with an “I”. It ain’t Iran.

  51. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington01-24-2012

    I say this with confidence.

    I am a lot smarter than all of you who are calling Prager an idiot (or the one guy who posts the same messages under different pseudonyms). And Prager is a lot smarter than me.

  52. a

    So…little..laughter…so unfunny…no lols

  53. God

    Joe get over your stupid ass politics and go such a dick.

  54. Stacey E
    Stacey E01-24-2012


    Nice little pissing contest at the beginning of the comments.
    By the way, liberal is only a bad word if you’re an idiot.

    Love you.

  55. monstermash

    Prager is full of crap!! stick to the comedy…

  56. DC

    Why do we have to hear Alison’s news reports when Adam has on an interesting guest and they are having an interesting conversation. It’s annoying to the listener and insulting to the guest, especially when Adam usually just goes off on the news while the guests sit there quietly.

    Have Alison ready to do the news. If the conversation is going nowhere, bring her in. If the conversation is going great, hold the news.

  57. Russell Hollander
    Russell Hollander01-24-2012

    Adam, thanks for having guests from all different viewpoints and backgrounds, it keeps things interesting. Clicked through the website and bought a book on Amazon to celebrate.

  58. Tardie

    At least I don’t have to listen to Adam yell at Dr. Bruce

  59. Takeda

    “In contemplating the causes which may disturb our Union, it occurs as matter of serious concern that any ground should have been furnished for characterizing parties by geographical discriminations, Northern and Southern, Atlantic and Western; whence designing men may endeavor to excite a belief that there is a real difference of local interests and views. One of the expedients of party to acquire influence within particular districts is to misrepresent the opinions and aims of other districts. You cannot shield yourselves too much against the jealousies and heartburnings which spring from these misrepresentations; they tend to render alien to each other those who ought to be bound together by fraternal affection.” ~ George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796.

    The False Left-Right Paradigm Concept theorizes that the two opposing political parties utilize their tremendous hold over mainstream media to dramatize political distractions and engage in covert warfare and operations, in grand performances of bureaucratic rivalry meant to propagandize and divide the populace. Divisive issues are purposefully fed through the major media outlets to divert attention away from the ruling class’s hidden and ulterior (and sometimes global) agendas. By drawing attention to the differences between the two embedded political systems, ideologies, races and classes, the political groups obscure political clarity and divide unity among the masses. The tactic creates confusion and frustration among the population, which enables the ruling class to increase and consolidate their wealth and power through maintaining an illusion of a two-party system of checks and balances that actually works.

  60. Neil

    It is tough for me to listen to the Breitbarts and Pragers of the world, but then I think of all the liberals Adam has on the show on a regular basis. Fact is, Adam’s usually “yes ands” political talk whether it be on the right or left. At the least, he finds areas of common ground and riffs on that.

    Adam has mentioned Prager as an influence many times, and it’s pretty clear that Prager has been foundational to Adam’s world view. It’s the part of Adam’s world view I don’t agree with, but so what? It’s important in order to understand the man.

    I’m tired of lefties and righties always trying to demonstrate how stupid the other side is. There are brilliant and idiotic people on both sides, and there always have been.

    I never understood the characterization that the left hates Israel. I mean, the Noam Chomsky left hates Israel, but the Noam Chomsky left hasn’t been influential to mainstream liberals in a long time, if ever. Liberals’ support for Israel has been strong and unwavering. That doesn’t mean that liberals aren’t critical of Israel, or disapprove of many of their policies. But if being critical of a country’s policies means you hate that country, then everyone who criticizes the Obama administration’s policies hates America.

  61. Listener

    Good guest. I’ll take a thoughtful guy like Prager over a flakier Hollywood-type any day.

  62. Six Dixon
    Six Dixon01-25-2012

    I really hope these aren’t the kind of guests we’re going to be getting on a regular basis now that Adam has a bunch of new bible-thumping fans from the Glenn Beck appearances.

    This shit was unlistenable. Come on, Aceman, you’re better than this.

  63. Joe's A Fuck
    Joe's A Fuck01-25-2012

    Joe probably doesn’t even have to buy anything

  64. Jon

    Great show as always.
    It actually took until the 59th comment to finally have at least some explanation of what’s really going on;, so, instead of buying in to the crap fed to us on a daily basis and fighting about what is comparatively nothing, we should look at what is immediately in our face and bearing down on us at a quickening rate. What else but the loss of our freedoms since 911 starting with PAITRIOT ACT 1 and the forming of “HOME LAND SECURITY,” etc., to the latest, signed on late new-year’s eve: NDAA. If you don’t know what this is, you should. Maybe you would have more to talk about than meaningless “left right” nonsense, seeing the false political paradigm for what it really is, and, just maybe (if you even give enough of a shit) find some common ground and unite over discussing what we can do in taking this country back from the criminals who have taken over and are currently running it. This ain’t America any more.

  65. Bill

    Good to see there are only a handful of people bitching about having a conservative on the show. I guess the most intolerant and stupid lefties were run off earlier in the podcast’s history. Good riddance.

  66. Andrew

    I guess Joe Pa was not available for a interview? I will say it was better than Andrew Brietbart.

  67. Bob M.
    Bob M.01-25-2012

    The show with Dennis Prager was one of your best. I listen from Moscow, so I appreciate your podcast very much. Thanks. Bob.

  68. Dillon

    Why do so many hard-nosed liberals even listen to this show? They must enjoy getting pissed off in the morning.

  69. Alex

    I really like that he characterizes being on the side of the weak and downtrodden as being a bad thing. It really crystallizes the difference between the left and the right, the right being more in favor of maintaining existing ally/enemy structures and sees a change as a betrayal and dishonourable.

  70. Will Sullivan
    Will Sullivan01-25-2012

    my beloved show now sucks all the time what the f***

  71. joegagan

    ace vs maher? are you kidding? ace would eat him for lunch and shit back in bill’s mouth before he knew he had been masticated.

    • donewithidiots

      LMAO. Niiiice! I wonder this comment will be censored as well. Funny some stuff doesn’t make it for whatever reason.

  72. Matt Cortese
    Matt Cortese01-25-2012

    Considering the fact that like most people I don’t want to listen to religion and political talk too often, and the way this board was lighting up, I figured the Prager half of this show was going to be painful to listen to. Lo and behold it wasn’t bad at all. I agree with the people who say that even if you don’t agree with him, and least he sounds reasonable and makes his points without yelling for no reason.

  73. swingset

    I liked the show a lot. I don’t agree with Prager on a number of issues, as Adam doesn’t, but Adam talked about the things they do agree on. This is nothing new, he does the same with Fitzsimmons or Ed Begley, and I enjoyed those shows too. Prager is also 100% right about the Jews and the left, I saw this transformation in my lifetime from the support of liberals when Israel was being attacked and had to defend itself, to the modern when they are a stronger military power (yet still under constant attack). Liberals demand that there is a bully and a victim, and they will create one regardless of the ethics involved.

  74. Peggy


  75. Lisa

    Great show!! I loved Dennis and Adam together. I hope Dennis comes back soon.

  76. Claude

    As a long time fan of the Aceman and Prager, I was very happy to hear them together. I only wish it was a one on one and he spent more time interviewing Prager. Adam is great because he does not pander to either side. His best guests are those people who are smart, interesting, and funny no matter what side they represent. Prager is not the funniest guy ever, but he is smart and interesting. I don’t agree with many of Prager’s Conservative social values but he is intellectually honest and articulate. He also is not afraid to be challenged. I’ll agree that his ego is big, but he articulates his points well if you are willing to listen. He definitely is not a right wing blowhard unwilling to be challenged. Listen to his debates with Christopher Hitchens. Prager demonstrates how he can honestly debate someone he does not agree with, admit when he is wrong, and find some common ground. What some people don’t get is that Adam is expressing that there are very smart people with a variety of views that we all can learn from. I hope we continue to hear from Prager, Alec Baldwin, Penn Jillette, and Albert Brooks. I would love to hear from Bill Maher, Glenn Beck, Richard Dawkins, and Sean Penn too.

  77. Dustin from BC
    Dustin from BC01-25-2012

    So even though living as far away as Canada is no excuse for not attending the Carolla / Prager show, I won’t be able to make it. New York dude is making us all look bad!

    Sounds like a very cool concept, any chance that show will be recorded, maybe offered up on iTunes as a one-off “Ace presents…” special? Charge a nominal fee for it like the Bald Bryan benefit or Shakesbeer, if a big profit isn’t an issue maybe donate the proceeds to a worthy cause both Adam and Dennis support?

    I’d buy for sure.

  78. guardchicken

    prager said couldn’t stand people who use bad grammer. shouldn’t that be “poor grammer”, i dont know

  79. joegagan

    great posts.
    adam is in a unique position to have guests from ALL walks of life on his show, and he is doing a great job of engaging all of them with respect.

    history will be kind to adam’s everyman wisdom and his willingness to dive into all sides intelligently.

  80. Morgan

    I’m not a fan of Prager but tons better than that lying fire starter Andrew Breitbart.

    I wish Ace would stay away from political guests. But hey, its free and I don’t have to listen, so not worth getting all frenzied about like people seem to whether its about Michael Moore or Prager.

  81. Domenique

    political reality is that Adam/Dennis n Co. has become a microcosm of the larger misogynistic movement to retain self-esteem, theee worst podcast to date, what a sellout Carollla, otherwise luv the show….sigh

  82. Ray McKigney
    Ray McKigney01-26-2012

    Great show! These two guys have great chemistry together because they both seem completely authentic and transparent…it’s a breath of fresh air after all of the neurotic insecure entertainers. Politics aside, they both seem obsessed with figuring out how things work and why things are the way they are. Even Alison and Bryan seemed to set aside their politics and enjoy meeting this guy. I’d love to hear more of these two guys together!

  83. JohnG

    I’m an avid listener…mostly because it provides me with some comedic relief and occasionally insightful opinions while I wash the dishes, clean the apartment, or do yard work. Every once in a while I actually hop on the website to see what the ACE network is cooking up and I get side tracked by comments from people bitching back and forth to each other about petty disagreements. Have a productive, intelligent, and thoughtful dialogue about what you’ve been listening to or else SHUT THE FUCK UP. It’s starting to sound like a political (Republican OR Democratic) debate up in here.

  84. Mike

    I am far to the left on most issues, and I think that this guy is a blowhard who oversimplifies the universe (I mean he believes in God for christs sake) but honestly it seems like his heart is in the right place. I wasn’t offended listening to this as Prager seems like a genuine guy, as opposed to a mean spirited charlatan like that Breitbart douche. I still maintain a no download policy for 99.99% of episodes with conservative blowhard guests, but I did enjoy this episode.

  85. Mike

    I made it through one of Adam’s political shows. Where’s my participation trophy?

  86. Mr Lomez
    Mr Lomez01-31-2012

    Jews don’t get offended!?!?!? That’s fucking hilarious.

  87. mike

    great guest today….

  88. BIlly

    I can’t believe this Prager guy has followers, what a man with a skewed view who is full of himself, I can’t say how many times I rolled my eyes. Love the show though, Adam has rarely lost my attention.

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