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At the top of the show, Adam talks about his enjoyment of Dennis Prager’s book, ‘Still The Best Hope’. The guys talk about their upcoming tour together, and why their on-stage chemistry is so charged. Adam then talks with Dennis about a variety of issues in America, including the hypocrisy of beliefs, the importance of parental care, and why we’re really the least racist society in human history.

Later, Adam talks with Dennis about earning your self-esteem as opposed to just being given a trophy for arriving. Adam also talks about the unnecessary step to get fingerprinted to coach his kids’ baseball team, and Dennis discusses the ‘sin’ of offending people. The guys also chat about the ineffectiveness of diversity training, and the mistreatment of smokers in our society. As the show wraps up, Adam praises Dennis for his patience and respect when talking with people who disagree with him.


Visit http://DennisPrager.com, and follow him on Twitter @DennisPrager. Also be sure to click here for details on upcoming shows with Adam and Dennis

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Producer: Mike Lynch
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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Tuck Rool
    Tuck Rool06-05-2012

    No. No. No. Not this jagoff again.

    Can’t y’all get some new guests? We’ve heard this guy’s bs enough. If anyone needs to hear more
    of Prager to know he’s completely full of shit, buy a ticket and go to their show.

    • Russ

      Why exactly is “Prager full of shit”?

      The “civility” of the left on display here again.

      Great show! Love to hear more Adam/Prager. And planning on going to a show.
      Keep it up guys!

      • Hegro

        He’s a religious nut for one thing…which Adam is ostensibly against. You must be out in left field somewhere.

        • tom jones
          tom jones07-03-2012

          Because he is refreshing to hear, he has common sense, which like you, most Americans don’t have anymore!

    • Madisson

      Whoever you are “Tuck Rool”, you must lead a very sad, miserable, and lonely existence to say such horrible things about the great Dennis Prager. I feel badly that “the left” has brain washed you to the point of idiocracy. Next time you decide to post something so ignorant, you better take a few steps back an try and rationalize why you think the things you do. If Dennis Prager is so “full of shit” like you said, then why would Adam be going on tour with him?

      • gmac

        “Idiocracy”? That word doesn’t mean what you think it means. I think you ware looking for “idiocy”.

      • Jamesy

        Really douchebag. Everything comes down to left and right with you. It must be lovely seeing the world in vibrant black and white.

    • swingset

      Ahhhh….there’s that famous liberal tolerance.

      • Jamesy

        Or maybe the guy is actually full of shit. And where did anyone on the left say they were about tolerating bullshit. Oversimplify much?

        • GOD

          Try listening more and typing less. Simple enough for you?

        • Josh

          That’s pretty much the lefts entire platform. “We’ll tolerate your bullshit.”

        • swingset

          You’re making my case, genius.

      • VinylT

        One of the longest-running one-act plays on the Web!
        “A tour de force!” – Vincent Canby, Afterlife Times
        “u suxx0rz lol!!!!111” – mr_queef6969@aol.com

        SCENE ONE
        (Two strawmen approach each other on a nondescript street in Anytown, USA.)

        Screw you, you stinking hippie!

        Screw you right back, pal!

        Ah, there’s that famous LIBERAL TOLERANCE AND CIVILITY!


        • wormser

          you forget act two where the “Right Winger” walks away and lives his live, the “Left Winger” makes it a life passion to change and limit everything about the Right Winger

    • Woochunk

      Please recognize that this is not becasue he is a liberal… it’s because Tuck himself is a huge “Jagoff”. As a non-douche liberal, I really appreciate having Prager on.

    • jpmoneypants

      He’s never been on the daily podcast as far as I know. So what the F are you talking about.

      BTW: Does Prager hold the record for worlds largest Jew? If he and Adam are on equal footing, he must be 6’6. And his head is HUGE.

    • tony

      You are full of shit. You are an uneducated boor and a grunt brain wit a single digit IQ!!!!

      • theMisterLister

        If you hate uneducated people so much, why do you listen to Adam’s show?

    • syqnys

      I second this. I dislike Prager. He’s not nearly as deep of a thinker as he’s given credit for being by Adam.

      • REB

        Every college newspaper has a columnist who turns out essentially the same lament about relativism, decline of values, etc. that said, he seems like a decent enough guy. Much as George Will is massively overrated because he successfully imitates an intellectual, Prager knows how to play someone like the Aceman who hasn’t heard these same ideas thousands of times.

    • Hugh

      LOVE hearing from Prager. Great guy, great ideas.

    • timmy

      Tuck Rool, In response to your rant, I’d like to quote the great words of Confucius… “A fool despises good counsel, but a wise man takes it to heart. ”
      People who talk more than they listen are usually the ones who learn nothing. Mr. Prager is giving advice on what most people aren’t aware of, do you like listening only to one side of issues present in our country, or is it too much for you to know there are two sides to every story?

    • Guy McG
      Guy McG06-07-2012

      I thought liberals were supposed to be the thin-skinned whiny babies. But every time anyone on this board says anything remotely negative about a conservative this place lights up like the fourth of july with right-wingnuts complaining and crying like Dwayne Wade when he doesn’t get a foul call. Meanwhile, Tom Arnold came on the podcast and didn’t say a single political thing. And then all these same girly right-wingers came on this board and screamed and cried about how much they hate him because they saw in the picture that he was wearing an Obama t-shirt. You fellas need to grow up. The political game is not what you think it is. It’s been made into a sporting event by people for profit. You’re the suckers fueling it like WWF fans who never found out pro wrestling is fake.

    • jacob

      adam, respectfully get rid of this guy… hes riding your coat tails/

    • Chris

      If you look, and not to carefully, you’ll notice most comments from those on the left require a personal attack on Dennis. Dennis is a “Blowhard”, “douchebag”, “A**hole, etc. The ideas Dennis suggests are not taken to task, the author is, personally. Dear left, we on the right take your words seriously , and are able to make logical arguments against them (but it sure as hell is difficult to weed through all your convoluted logic). If you don’t like the show, fine, don’t listen…consider it your first lesson on the free market, Comrade!

  2. Dutch

    Wow, Prager is a lot taller than I thought he would be.

  3. hutch

    get it on!!

  4. Stacey E
    Stacey E06-06-2012

    Oh boy, the “mistreatment of smokers”. If you became horribly ill by even a few seconds of exposure to someone else’s piss-scented smoke I imagine you’d be singing a different tune. It is toxic and dangerous to other people to be forced to breathe your smoke, even if you don’t like that fact. I personally feel like I’ve come down with the flu by less than a minute’s worth of exposure. I don’t have this reaction on purpose, either. Even ex-smokers think it’s vile smelling. Maybe if you didn’t force others to breathe it, they wouldn’t treat you in a way that “violates your right” to be a drug addicted idiot.
    I still love you, just not in a drooly way.

    • Big Willy
      Big Willy06-06-2012

      Grow up!!!

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein06-06-2012

      The law is theoretically based around pleasing the most amount of people – your weak immune system makes you not one of the average people. So sorry for your ailment, but the world would be ridiculous if opinions of people who clearly have a physical deficiency were factored into society’s decisions regarding safety and pollution. Calling people names doesn’t help your case either. And I hate the smell of cigarettes, but your opinion clearly is so unrepresentative of an average, reasonable person.

    • SmokesPole

      Where I live the taxes on smoke is ridiculous, and we have to walk to designated smokers cages just to light up. If somehow you still manage to get a whiff of smoke, you are trying to find it.

    • Yak

      Yeah, smokers can all eff off and die. When they’re not sick and missing work while clogging the healthcare lines, they’re making others sick or burning down their houses or causing forest fires. Disappear you fucktards. Mistreatment of smokers. LMAO.

      • gmac

        I love how they talk about how middle and lower class people who feel suppressed should just suck it up and work harder. Then go on to denounce the teeerrrible oppression of smokers. People who oppose smoking in public are the most dangerous people in America!? I lol’d.

        • mike

          Think about a new idea instead of disparaging it forthwith.

    • Steve

      You sound like such a baby. No one gets sick from inhaling a little bit of smoke, fact. You are probably one of the pampered children that lived in a bubble thus has no immunity to anything or its all in your head. Grow up is right. and rub some dirt on it….or will that give your worms?

  5. rob

    Quality! Great conversation. Thanks!

    • yo-yo

      Agree! Fun times. Wish they talked about a few other things and that the podcast was typical length and included Alison and Brian to mix things up. I want them to talk about things they may differ on–might be interesting.

  6. Jason Grey
    Jason Grey06-06-2012

    I usually don’t post here because I realize it’s largely a vain effort and am aware of the kind of people who do post here. But even so, I have to comment:

    “Poverty causes crime–baloney. Crappy values and a malfunctioning conscience cause crime.”

    Really nauseating.

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein06-06-2012

      Let’s just say poverty causes crime. So who causes poverty? Parents! Societies around the globe provide incentives for people to have kids, or it’s assumed by society to be our birthright to give birth and be cared for and have our kids cared for regardless of ability to pay. Removing ability to pay from the equation removes the disincentive of having children. People like me who aren’t in poverty but aren’t rich aren’t having kids because I’m a rational and prideful person. Other people know that school is free, that in the worst case scenario, they will get free food and health care for their kids…there aren’t a lot of UNKNOWNS for a prospective mother to be. Poor behavior needs to be allowed to receive the natural rendering of law by having causes lead to effects. People in Africa have been starving as long as I can remember – how can that even be?!? Our society is freaking obsessed with charity lately – it’s like some morbid fascination with the lowest ranks of our society and the people on the other side of the continuum are assumed to be all greedy bastards who are robbing all of us. There’s nothing holy about donating to charity in itself. It MAY be a good decision – who is managing the money, what is for? These guys are right about this “era of feeling.” Someone reading this gets that I’m pissed off and just….”hey chill man….stop with bad vibes.” And that’ll be the argument against me – that I’m mean. :\

      • Jazzmann

        Even though I agree with 90% of what they were saying, this show was borrring. zzzzzz.

        • Geordie Gabba Mafia
          Geordie Gabba Mafia06-06-2012

          well obviously that means youre boring jizzman

        • tony

          Get laid, you ignorant boor. Go and listen to something that caters your kind of shit.

      • Hegro

        If one is born into poverty they have a much more difficult path into the middle or upper class than someone born into the middle or upper class. The kids born to horribly irresponsible parents are paying the price for their parents’ mistakes thanks to attitudes like yours. Keep thinking you’ll be a millionaire someday though!

        • M&C

          @ Hegro – It is very difficult to move up out of poverty and largely as you said because you have to put up with the baggage of parents who are irresponsible and didn’t give you a headstart in life. And I’m not even talking about money, there’s a lot more that goes into crafting someone who has a headstart in life like being around mature adults, observing great role models, etc. Thats why I expect most poor people to stay poor. Because if there is any place on earth where there is a greater chance of having upward mobility, it is America. And if you can’t make it here, I feel bad for you if you were to be suddenly dumped into the slums of India. The person from India comes here with their shitty accent and crappy mannerisms but will get ahead of the poor here because they have the drive to make it on the most level playing field anywhere on earth, and very often, are more American then the Americans here. They start small maybe as a cab driver, maybe a convenient store, but most second generation Indians are college educated, living in the suburbs, driving an Accord or Camry, working at Intel or @ a hospital. Thinking about millions one day won’t get you anywhere, your only duty is to owe the next generation of Americans a better America then the already Awesome one handed to you. And if the poor here can be just like… look, my dad was poor, his dad was poor, his dads dad was poor, but I’ll be the break in the cycle, we’ll have a chance at getting somewhere.

      • The Shadow
        The Shadow06-06-2012

        What ?

    • vinny dellay
      vinny dellay06-06-2012

      … but completely accurate.

      • syqnys

        No. They are both wrong about a great many things. At least Adam is thought provoking and funny… Prager’s irrationality is very annoying.

    • Fresneck Freddy
      Fresneck Freddy06-06-2012

      no single cause of crime sunshine, but poverty is a decent motivator for some.

    • M&C

      If poverty causes crime, the last 4 years should have seen the biggest spike in crime since the great depression. 7 Trillion dollars worth of value was taken away from American households. But the crime rate has been steadily falling over the last 20 years. Did we evolve during that period of time? Did progress pass on via osmosis? No, we remained Americans and said if there was a time where we stand to loose everything, it is now, and we have to rise above this situation for our sake and for the sake of future generations, they re-enrolled in college and tech schools, had a taste of thrift that’ll surely leave a lasting impression, started the Tea Party and Occupy, and we are the better for it. We didn’t sack macy’s or burn down bank of america.

  7. Monogram Necklace
    Monogram Necklace06-06-2012

    “Swimming up a field with soccer moms and Pure al”

    You sir are a genius.
    Definitely looking forward to downloading one of the Carolla/Prager shows!

  8. Mary

    Good for a black man, a gay man, and two women for ending up finalists on Celebrity Apprentice. But that didn’t happen by itself. It’s taken many, many years of civil rights movements to make such a thing possible. White men didn’t just step aside for any of these groups; it’s been a struggle that continues to this day.

    • bdub

      Thank you! As open minded as Adam may seem (compared to other old rich white guys) his views are really narrow minded on so many things.

    • vinny dellay
      vinny dellay06-06-2012

      Implying what? That the civil rights movement was comprised entirely of women and minorities? Or that the only way to gain “equality” is to forcible push the white males out of the way? That’s an incredibly ignorant and unrealistic view of history and of life. Good luck with that.

    • JuiceTherapy4300

      I want to show you why your comments PROVE the point Prager and Adam make about the USA being one of the LEAST racist cultures on the Earth:
      1. You mentioned a ‘Civil Rights Movement’ where people like Charlton Heston and Reverend King marched for equal citizen status and rights?
      In MOST COUNTRIES on Earth this is a completely foreign concept. That you would even WANT or believe you SHOULD do such a thing is actually a sure sign the USA LOVES equality and is ahead of the world.

      2. Put aside that Americans even WANTED to seek equality. That they did it in SHOCKING RECORD TIMES is absolutely all the evidence Prager and Carolla are correct – the USA is one of the LEAST racist countries.
      India (for example) has shocking inequality among (i lost count) what seems to be hundreds of groups/ethnicities and this ongoing for thousands of years. In much of the world, even where they DO seek civil rights reform – they could not fathom Americans doing it in just a few decades!!

      3. Yes, the US Civil War, where the USA defeated slavery (another proof) was, relatively speaking, bloody and brutal. Relative to the USA. Because it was just a short little war compared to much of the world.
      But having said that, the shocking amount of NON-VIOLENCE merging the African-American status to full equality and then merging peoples together in the USA is ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHING compared to MOST of the planet.
      Do you think ‘water canon’ images are so scary? After 200 years attempting to create a mutual co-existence between the Akash’ais and the A’mam’ais [btw: to our eyes appear to be nearly identical people] there is still VIOLENT incidents, brutal prejudice, ongoing strife, inequality and almost ever year a thousands A’kash’ais go mass murder about a dozen ‘ethnic enemies’ – or vice-versa.

      So, that you even think a ‘Civil Rights movement’ is something that ‘ought to exist’ and that it was ‘good’ and that it took just a few decades is PROOF POSITIVE Prager and Carolla are bang-on correct – the USA is one of the LEAST racist countries on Earth. Its so far ahead of 99% off the planet as to be insulting to even compare.

      • theMisterLister

        so… you think we should just stop? No more improvements from this point forward?

        I think that Adam would say that you have to keep working if you want to accomplish something. Did he just take his millions and stop working when CBS folded it’s “guy talk” format?

    • REB

      How exactly did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 benefit Arsenio Hall?

  9. andrew

    Dennis is a blow hard. Talking about raising your children is the most important thing in the world (I completely agree) then says smoking is ok. Which way is it Dennis? Be a good role model or do what you want?

    • SmokesPole

      I don’t know how you think that these two things are directly correlated.

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein06-06-2012

      Never did I hear “smoking is okay” or some derivation of that phrase. :\ I believe the type of role model Carolla tries to advocate is a different type than yours. Information is available to any who will seek it, including information related to how dangerous things are, scientific studies, etc. But what annoys Carolla is that society is increasingly based on the premise that individuals shouldn’t have to be burden to find the answers themselves and be actively informed citizens but have protections put in place for any kind of danger. The argument about smoking is just an example. I don’t suppose Carolla or Prager smoke and I definitely do not like smoking, but how society makes laws related to smoking are a manifestation of our obsession with safety. The reason people bitch over small changes is that small ones lead to be bigger ones. People like Carolla are just more wary of government growth and influence than you may be. If you don’t remain vigilant and advocates even for people who don’t agree with (smokers), the same irrational laws are going to extend to us at some point as well. Power likes to grow. Government is like a lifeform that by default will keep growing unless we’re wary of it and keep pruning it, almost literally.

    • REB

      You can oppose smoking and also oppose government prohibiting smoking, dipshit.

  10. andrew

    If both Adam and Dennis agree that there is no “that’s your opinion” , then who is right on religion?

    • Matt

      Adam is.

      • tony

        Matt, you are a misguided fool! Have you ever heard of “absolute” truth??

  11. Thomas

    Oh great, this intolerant windbag. Why will Adam not call out his bullshit trinity? Prager is a giant douche and Adam fawns over him.

    • Josh

      LOL Prager is intolerant?

    • jpmoneypants

      Prager is a Jew you f’ing moron. The trinity is a Christian philosophy. Do your homework retard.

    • tony

      Thomas, you are an ignorant, classless fool. You should try to eliminate these hackneyed phrases such as “douche”. People like you cannot handle intelligent conversation and logic. Dennis is a learned man and you are a big hairy chimp!!!

  12. Jake

    Breaking Bad is set and filmed in Albuquerque, NM not Burbank, CA.

    • JessMan

      there’s an airport in burbank. you can fly to abq from there

    • REB

      Written in burbank

  13. Tim

    Looks like I’ll be finding something else to download for my morning commute.

    Ace, when you stick to comedy, you’re a 9. With cars, sports, and home improvement you’re a 6.5. When you attempt politics and social science you’re a 3 on a good day, but usually a zero.

    Please stick to what you do well! Keep the funny coming, and we’ll keep supporting. Leave the douchebaggery to the douchebags.

    • Arnie

      Amen, brother…

    • jpg


    • syqnys

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Patrick

      Great story. Compelling and rich.

    • LDZ

      Indeed. Especially when he talks about nuclear power v coal, and torture. Uranium doesn’t grow on trees. You mine it like coal, only it has other dangers (and massive subsidies). If you think waterboarding is so benign, take the ManCow challenge !!

      • M&C

        But as Adam has asked, what is your alternative? What do you bring to the table? MIT has shown how exceedingly dificult (they didn’t want to say impossible b/c of the circles they frequent in Academia) to move us to just solar and wind. The mix of the future will include coal & nuclear b/c they are reliant sources of 24/7 base load power in places that don’t see a lot of sunshine or get a lot of wind. I don’t agree with Adam on water boarding but I think there are gradations to everything in life, and some torture is acceptable and some of it is not. And to sort of take inspiration from something Bald Bryan said, those who think all torture is immoral are immoral since they can’t make the distinction between acid drips & pulling out fingernails to sleep depravation & throwing a Koran or Bible in the toilet. There are distinctions and gradations otherwise anything that slightly offends someone can be classified as torture.

    • cg

      Yeah, he’s no good at discussing current events and politics. Probably why his shows with Prager are such a dismal failure. They’re never able to pack a house and sell a bunch of copies of the discussion post-show.


      Probably also why his rant regarding the occupy idiots generated no interest or web traffic at all.

      Yep … you’re really on to something. He should really abandon political commentary.


    • Luis F
      Luis F06-08-2012

      “Ace, when you stick to comedy, you’re a 9. With cars, sports, and home improvement you’re a 6.5. When you attempt politics and social science you’re a 3 on a good day, but usually a zero.

      Please stick to what you do well! Keep the funny coming, and we’ll keep supporting. Leave the douchebaggery to the douchebags.”

      I believe that a lot of fans feel the same way. Not just because we may not agree with his views or are “lefties” “socialists” or “douchebags” like the trolls on this board like to call anyine who doesn’t agree with Adam’s simple minded views. But rather because Ace is just not entertaining when he does his Limbaugh/Prager/Hannedy outraged white guy act.

      • kelpi

        I agree with Louis. this isn’t fun radio- it just stresses me out.

    • sharon2015


    • kelpi

      ding ding!!! this is too much unfunny am-radio talk. right, left, independent; your audience doesn’t come to you for politico talk. you funny man- get one of the doctors in and antagonize. or teresa.

    • Puzman

      Adam’s main problem now that he’s delving into Fox Newsy political talk is that, as he admits, he’s too lazy to really do any research on the topics he’s now discussing. I portend this will soon come back to bite him. Just watch. Also, I love that his two new best friends are Prager, THE most religious person on talk radio, and O’REilly devout Catholic. Will anyone play these guys the clips of the old Carolla ranting against religion on Loveline, or is the right wing media niche to lucrative for Adam to dare offend?

  14. Bob

    The calls for ‘liberty’ from these two, rings hollow when they are calling for an expansion of the military industrial complex.

    • swingset

      I can see the Noam Chomsky bobblehead glued on your Subaru dash all the way through the internet.

      • gmac

        And I can see you huddled in your bunker waiting for the commies and terrorists to come, clutching your gun in front your transistor radio, hanging on Rush’s every word.

        • Dave

          I used to, but the lyrics started getting too preachy – plus Geddy’s voice is hard to handle, even though it’s mellowed with age.

          These two are going to be in my town in August, but I’m not forking over $65 to watch two guys talk about how brilliant and right they are.

          I will say that listening to Carolla has cured me of listening to Dennis Miller, who I used to find funny. I feel bad for that mirthless clown having to try to do the lecture/talk thing at their upcoming show. He’d better rehearse and get Adam to write him some lines.

      • Geordie Gabba Mafia
        Geordie Gabba Mafia06-06-2012

        hahahahahaha…thats a good one

  15. Patrick Green
    Patrick Green06-06-2012

    There’s a difference between state taxes, and Federal taxes. STOP interchanging them as if it’s all the same thing. Stick to Made up Movie and leave this subject alone. Prager’s ridiculous. His generalizations are embarrassing.

    • Patrick Green
      Patrick Green06-06-2012

      I made it about 5 minutes in before I turned it off. After Prager’s take on the soda, and Adam say’s “I agree” when two days ago he said thought it was a good idea, I couldn’t take it anymore. Let’s just kiss each others asses and uphold each others twisted right wing beliefs. I get it though, we see what happens when Adam has someone challenge him like Joel Stein. He got shut down so quick it was embarrassing. So instead, get this right wing blowhard on there so you both can both bloviate without a challenge? You’re a real tough guy.

      • Josh

        Wrong Adam said he thinks people should have choices but he didn’t agree with the ban.

      • Mark

        I know you love seeing your own ill-informed, moronic, condescending, douchetastic words on the Internet, considering you replied to yourself Patrick, but your take on Adam’s conversation with Joel Stein is comical. Not only did Stein fail to “shut down” anyone, but he made an incredibly stupid blunder when discussing tax rates from the 1950s.

        He parroted the the mythical “90% tax rate”, which was originally uttered in a Michael Moore film, and is completely wrong. In reality, it was a 90% MARGINAL tax rate on income earned over $300k in 1952 (according to an inflation calculator, the equivalent of $2.6 million today), after a bunch of deductions and other considerations. So if you made $350k back then on pure salary, not counting stocks, you would have to pay 90% on just that last $50k.

    • REB

      What is the “big difference”. Is it anything like the non-existent difference among the several categories of federal taxes – FICA, Medicare? Or do you actually believe you have a live Social Security portfolio because they send you that little summary every year?

    • M&C

      Patrick Green, Adam does this with everyone(or Allison saves him) because he’s a yes-and-er, be it Jim Jefferies or Glenn Beck, he’ll run with whatever you dish out at him, there can never be an uncomfortable moment. Joel Stein is a bit more seasoned on the very best of liberal positions then Adam is on conservative ones, so often Adam’s tirades won’t go anywhere, and that’s fine. His rants about LA and the shitty dump its become is spot on but some of his other stuff is a miss, and he’s allowed that.

      Even if Adam holds a gut instinct, he is in the presence of a intellectual giant who has gone toe to toe with Howard Zinn, Sam Harris, Lewis Lapham, George Lakoff, Christopher Hitchens and hold his own well, and made those he debated either rethink their positions. Adam looks up to him so relax or skip a show.

  16. Nate

    I know I get what I pay for with this podcast, but it drives me nuts to hear these two guys agreeing with each other for an hour. If I wanted mis- or uninformed conservative blather, I’d listen to Glenn Beck or Fox News. Isn’t this a comedy podcast?

    Doesn’t Adam regularly talk about how people who aren’t funny shouldn’t tell funny people how to be funny? Similarly, Adam should stick to what he’s good at – improv and referential humor, and stop with the sanctimonious bullshit about how everyone who isn’t rich is poor because of whatever straw man argument he wants to make (don’t work hard enough, Government nanny state, Taxes too high).

    Whenever someone veers into discussing liberal ideals, Adam cuts the conversation off (Fitzsimmons and Joel Stein have both been truncated, and Adam has brought the discussion back around to comedy instead of delving deeply into a political discussion), yet he hosts these blowhard right wingers to fellate each other on air for 68 minutes.

    • jpg

      Good call…

    • REB

      He is enchanted by his perception that people like Prager are intellectually rigorous, whereas the left is driven exclusively by emotion. This is the one place he would have benefitted from more education. However, a huge part of his self-identity – lake a lot of people who start with no money and make a lot – is tied up in the belief thatmhis instincts are infallible, which is ironic given the reasoning-feeling dichotomy Prager described.

    • M&C

      @ Nate – Adam made the right move not to explore politics with Joel who is more seasoned on the best arguments from the Left and Adam is not as seasoned in the best arguments from the right (unless he follows Robert Kagan, Robert Samuelson, Dennis Prager, Walter Russel Mead, Charles Kruathammer, David Brooks, Rameh Ponoru, Jonah Goldberg, etc.)

      I think Adam is emotionally conservative on many issues, which is fine. There are many sides to Adam, and his experiences and events in his life has lead him to where he’s at right now and I respect that. Another awesome person I look up to is Conan O’Brian (which I do not think Adam is fond of) and Anthony Bourdain (which I someday hope will make it onto Adams show if he hasn’t already).

      Both are liberal, say a whole lot against conservatism or conservatives but there’s too much to appreciate about these three, the positives outweigh the things I don’t like, and I hope everyone who disagrees with Adam on politics would also take the same position.

  17. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III06-06-2012

    Can’t wait to hear this one! I wonder if Alison will say her tagline in front of Mr. Prager.

    • tony

      Why would she…….that term is only appropriate to wommen, unless you are a Brit!!!!!

  18. Nick

    Adam pussed out over the whole NYC large soda thing. He said justa coule of days ago that he was on board with Bloomberg, now he’s on rager’s side. I am done with this episode!

    • Bob Buttface
      Bob Buttface06-06-2012

      He never said he was on board. He agreed that the sodas were too big, but I believe he said that they still shouldn’t have been banned.

  19. Dave

    Groan.. This guy bores the hell out of me.. skip..

    • tony

      Fuck you , dave. Why don’t you listen to Stern. That’s all you can handle. Go AWAY.

    • nick

      agreed. I find him a little dry and repetitive. Better than the live Improv shows though

  20. Zapoli

    Talk radio. Definitely not funny.

    Maybe something thought provoking or informative then? Oh, participation trophies, T-ball fingerprinting, diversity training, and smokers’ rights. Damn exciting stuff.

    Somebody owes Sid and Marty Krofft a huge apology in the warmed over cat shit department.

  21. It's just a waste of my time!
    It's just a waste of my time!06-06-2012

    Ace is way more wise and insightful than Prager, and a million times funnier. He’s carrying the show when they’re on stage. Ace should stop doing these shows. Now we have to hear them kiss each other’s ass for an hour.
    Still love the podcast, though. Get it on!

    • tony

      You are an idiot. Prager is too inteligent for a grunt brain like you!!!!

      • It's just a waste of my time!
        It's just a waste of my time!06-07-2012

        Oh, how cute. Replying to every comment that’s not in favor of Prager. You’re just an angry little troll.

  22. ChicagoFan

    Maybe there should be a politcal version podcast kind of like ther are “Car Cast” and “Ace on the House” podcasts.

    • Tim

      Indeed. Keep a comedy podcast for us comedy fans to listen to, and put the right-wing douchebaggery on a separate podcast for the douchebaggery fans (whoever they are) to listen to.

  23. Kristen

    Adam- Your show has become my morning radio. Screw traffic and weather, and weather and traffic! This was an interesting episode, but it would have been more interesting if the two of you had broached subjects you were further apart on. Too much “you’re absolutely right.”

    Come back to NC soon and best wishes!

  24. Ann from KC
    Ann from KC06-06-2012

    Thank you for the great podcast with Dennis Prager. I really appreciate your comments on how we are raising our children today. I myself am a child of the ‘old school’ way of thinking. My parents did not entertain me every second and I didn’t do that either. I had many chores and the summers were filled with hard work (tarring roofs, mowing, hvac work with my Dad), but also with tons of fun after the work day was over. I believe in spanking and being active in your child’s life. However, I have messed up along the way somewhere. My son is 19 and he is in the group of kids that were raised during the great self esteem drive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he has a healthy sense of self worth, but it does veer toward narcissism. I obviously didn’t give him enough chores because he tends to be a bit lazy and doesn’t value money because he has never had to work for it as hard as we did.

    I guess my question is this: now that he is 19, and I’ve messed up somewhere, what can I do to get him back on track? Is it too late to teach him the things we think are important? We feel it’s kind of difficult to ground/punish him when he’s and ‘adult’ and attends college and works part time.

    I’m obviously not asking you to fix my problem, but I thought you or Dennis might be able to point me in the direction of some resources that might help. I think our values are similar and I appreciate your thoughts.

    Thank you again for introducing me to Dennis. I don’t think I would have given him a chance otherwise and I find that I enjoy listening to you go back and forth.

    ~Ann from KC

  25. moeman99

    Adam, stick to comedy. When you talk politics you sound like a moron.

  26. Walter

    Mexico must not have a problem with poverty because the richest man in the world is Mexican.

    • gmac

      I was thinking this exactly when Adam was going on about how because there are a few black people and women on a list they have absolutely no problems as a group.

      • Aaron

        He wasn’t saying there were no problems for those groups. The point was that if there are so many minorities among the most powerful people in the country, are we really that racist?

      • M&C

        Aaron hit it on the head. It’s not that those groups don’t have problems, and certainly whites have problems as well, but that is not what you hear on the media. The media excuses the problems of minorities, and blames it all on the white man. They do this for 1.) because they believe it to be true, and 2.) more importantly, they want you, the white man, to act, to fix this problem you caused.

        Live in any ghetto, you see the poor of every race, and it becomes apparent that it is not a race issue, it is a class issue, one that won’t be fixed by throwing money at it.

  27. Meh

    This was a tough listen…….

    • tony

      I think that this podcast is too tough for you tiny brain full of sawdust. Buzz off!!!

  28. Jack

    In highschool we always asked to play dodgeball and were told we weren’t allow to. It was pathetic

  29. Connard

    I like Dennis Prager and all but Carolla interviewing someone who agrees with him lockstep on nearly every issue is a bit like playing racket ball against a curtain. I am not looking for an all out war but a spirited debate on substantive issues would be much more informative and entertaining than today’s pod. Granted this was a bit of a promo for their upcoming tour.

  30. bill

    Big warm front moving this way! Lots of hot air going to be blowing around!

    • tony

      If you don’t like it, have enough intelligence to turn it off, you fool!!!!!

  31. Walter

    Ahhh, the retarded arguments morons. So the same breath that he talks about parents are more important than anything else in determining success he uses Oprah Winfrey as the example of a successful black person. I wonder if he knows she was a child of a single mother.

  32. Steve

    I want my download back!

  33. phil landers
    phil landers06-06-2012

    Damn, God fearing blowhard pontificating Pragger again.Someone summed up this conservative character well on a previous post ” ..a person that dumb people think is smart .” Would rather have me a double dip of Pi.

  34. Kyle G
    Kyle G06-06-2012

    Am I the only one who has a fundamental problem with Dennis Prager? His views on college being a godless entity in America are flawed. Don’t colleges educate people on how create vaccines, drugs, computers, agriculture, i.e. everything that makes civilization possible. His over-simplified “throw the baby out with the bath-water” perspective is what makes people (at least me) think religious individuals are the fundamental impediment to the growth of society.

  35. dave

    gotta say, as a member of the choir, it’s tough getting preached to for an hour. both carolla and prager are great, but it gets a little repetitive

    • gmac

      Imagine if your a fan who happens to be a member of a different congregation.

  36. christian

    Adam, your “Hebrew” high-school friends who went off to UC Berkeley and UCLA in the early-1980s went off to great “public” institutions that your no-tax value system has driven–and is driving–into the ground. The will-to-privatization is ruining this scenario.

    • Mark

      You do realize that UCB and UCLA have a 2012 endowment that is roughly 10 times what it was in 1980…which is way more than simply inflation? That more taxes are being pumped into public schools nowadays than they were 30 years ago? But keep drinking that liberal Kool-Aid, while ignoring the facts.

  37. Clem

    Who is Adam trying to kid by claiming that he enjoyed Prager’s book? Everyone knows the man is functionally illiterate.

  38. Meh


    • tony

      Va fan culo, asshole. Go and have a beer and play with yourself, dumbo!!!!

  39. Bad Hair Dye
    Bad Hair Dye06-06-2012

    You funny racist bastard mr adam COROLO. So the fuck what more black comedians have come to america than in the slave trade. Those numbers were bound to intersect @ some point you pompous ass fucks. I’m tired of your, “oh the 50 top forbes has j-lo @ the top”…so the fuck what?? The “people” who buy the albums put her @ the top. If it was up 2 you and colonel sanders(prager), youguys would have michael richards @ the top of that list. And if this country is so free of racism, adam, HOWCOME YOU WON’T SAY “NIGGA/ER”?? Instead of “N-Bomb”???…. BCUZ U WILL B SEEN IN YOUR TRUE LIGHT. Bald block-headed bryan is always making racially motivated jokes towards blk ppl. Why does he think about blk ppl so much? And adam you say don’t want ppl to honor you because of you irish decent…well that maybe true, BUT I’M SURE YOU THINK @ TIMES, ” THANK GOD I’M NOT BLACK”

    • angrybadger

      Damn right!

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-06-2012

      Huh! Take your Lithium Bad Hair Pye!

  40. theMisterLister

    sweet jeezes if i wanted guys stroking each other off i would just pay attention at work while i edit porn, i listen to this for escape!

  41. Mike

    Prager Sucks! Boring !

  42. Dutchie

    Dennis Prager, again? YUCK!! Let me make a prediction as to the topics of conversation: American ‘exceptionalism’, taxes, poor people are poor because they are lazy and stupid, and of course the ills of feminism, ‘leftism’, and secularism. Last but not least, commie-fascist academia is out to poison and destroy the great American soul with leftist facts and figures. My goodness I am going to pass on this one. If I want to hear detached American nationalistic babble, I turn on the US Presidential debates on CNN Europe.
    For someone who is successful through a stroke of amazing luck, one would expect a bit more empathy. But for the grace of god [Jimmy] Adam would still be working in construction, and his wife would have fucked another millionaire.

  43. Bob

    Bleh what a stroke job.

  44. Jesus farted
    Jesus farted06-06-2012

    Good god that was boring – two old men whining about “how things used to be”. Glad these two mental giants fixed our domestic problems by basically agreeing with each other the entire time. Notice how the conservative guy never brought up religion as a solution to our problems as he knows Carolla is an atheist and they would actually have to stop sucking each other’s cock.

  45. Long Time, First Time
    Long Time, First Time06-06-2012

    Got through 10:51 before I turned it off. Couldn’t stomach the hypochrites on the right complaining about the hypochrites on the left.

  46. Bdub

    I usually think of Adam as a smart guy… but Dennis Prager?! He’s found his soulmate in this religious nut?! Lets see, Prager thinks that if everyone got married and had children, post marriage of course, we’d all be alright. Well, I think someone needs to remind him that marriages used to last because women had less rights and therefore less options. The basis of the idea of marriage was to keep women as your property! How about not getting married and NOT having kids? IMO, most people shouldn’t be having children. The institution of marriage is crumbling because its all bullshit. Its unnecessary and unnatural.

    Prager also thinks that liberty supreme above all… but liberty for whom? Prager’s religious beliefs? We are taking this guy seriously? This guy who thinks belief is more valuable than logic or fact?

    On hypocrisy, they both said we should all just be allowed to get as FAT as we want and somehow that shouldn’t affect anyone else. Except if you look at health insurance premiums you will see that other people’s health choices do affect everyone else. Those who choose to be healthier end up paying for those who choose to get as fat and as unhealthy as they want.
    Let’s remember Adam’s rant about people’s demeanor in public where he goes off about how to fake a smile for the benefit of others. Or how you shouldn’t have certain bumper stickers on your car that may make him sad or depressed. Sure some of those things are shitty but I thought liberty was good?

    • Jesus Glez.
      Jesus Glez.06-06-2012

      This is the best argument I’ve read so far, thanks for this!!!

      • Adam's Hypocrisy
        Adam's Hypocrisy06-06-2012


    • Clem

      Your first mistake was probably thinking that Adam is a smart guy. He’s not. He has a quick mind and can be quite clever, but he is intellectually lazy, very ill-informed, and stubborn beyond all reason when it comes to fairly considering viewpoints that differ from his own. These are not qualities of a “smart” person.

  47. gmacca

    After hearing Ace completely over simplify the nations socioeconomic system at the top of the show I just shut if off. You’d think Prager, who’s supposed to be an intellectual, would bring some nuance to the discussion. “Everyone just needs to get out there and make their own way.” How fucking idealistic can you get. If this is true, if capitalism just smooths it all out and makes it all fair then how the fuck does 1% of the population own 40% of the nation’s financial wealth, and bring home 24% of its income? How can an economy function when 80% of its income is funneled up to the top 10% of its population?

  48. ohhhjohnny

    It’s a shame Adam never has someone on who is smart and disagrees with him.

    • gmac

      Why do you think he didn’t get deeply into politics with Bill Maher? Ace would’ve been down for the count.

  49. Ras

    Nice show as always – i enjoy these one on one’s as muhc as the regular shows.
    BTW – when are you guys going to get some hot chicks on this show? Let’s mix it up a little. I know hot chicks make awful guests since they are usually not very good verbally (although they are usually great orally…) . We need some eye candy to brighten up this website.

  50. Afee

    I try so hard to listen to this and stay open minded. Coming from the left I concede on so many points that are brought up. Why is the hypocrisy on the other side never mentioned? I give you the self-esteem movement does not work. Can you give the trickledown theory is a load of crap? What about how the Tea Party wants big government out of the way of taxes and big drinks but they better make sure teenagers don’t have abortions or sex for that matter. I don’t want to hear anything that’s all one sided left or right! Just the other day Adam was celebrating Mayor Bloomberg for banning big drinks but once Dennis come out against it…..Well, it’s all big government and they suck. Where would Times Square be right now if the government had not interfered? And that’s coming from a lefty!

  51. the point man
    the point man06-06-2012

    I agree with some of Prager’s views but his philosophy is too simplistic. “Everybody should have a job” – yeh right. The society should have some subsidized services for those who are falling behind that’s whats separate us from the animals, Denis.
    I said good day!

  52. Alan Celica
    Alan Celica06-06-2012

    Prego again?

    The Skipper and Gilligan mojo between Aceman and this blowhard is pissing me off.

    omg hearing them blow each other at the 4:08 is the illest thing i have heard today “We have a chemistry that is very rare, i get a huge (something) being on stage with you. You are deep and funny”


  53. Neal

    2 person circle jerk.

  54. Alan Celica
    Alan Celica06-06-2012

    i notice that in this game of dueling blowhards brian doesnt even do any drops.

    blow blow blow

    “poor people have phones and tvs. They shouldnt have phones or tvs.”

    “pick yourself up and start paying taxes”

    just do it without internet or a way to use modern communications.

    wish these blowhards even made sense slightly

  55. Alan Celica
    Alan Celica06-06-2012

    listen about the 15 minute mark as Aceman recounts his youth, listen to the way the Skipper chortles when Aceman says Hebrew Heights. Never heard that one! Thats a funny one little buddy!

    • Frenchroast

      The Skipper! ROTFLOL!

  56. angrybadger

    I don’t like how these guys feel compelled to stroke eachother’s ego, I mean cock…their egock. Just seems somewhat forced.

  57. Big Willy
    Big Willy06-06-2012

    Hey Adam.. I have owned a small corner store for 12 years in Tacoma WA and I have seen tobacco prices go through the roof over the last decade.. My cost of a carton of Marlboro is over $67 bucks. I make about a buck a pack, witch is less than 10% witch is horrible.. All I hear all day is poor people Complain.. How much tax with it take before the Government taxes themselves out of Business?

    • Yak

      Sounds like you’re on a “witch” hunt.

  58. Good 'cast
    Good 'cast06-06-2012

    Good work, guys. Funny and stimulating. Anyone who disagrees with any point you guys discussed cannot address facts or reality, just vent their impotent rage and mindless feelings.

    • ChicagoFan

      Thanks for posting Prager.

      You are bigger and badder then Jesus Freakn’ Christ… hail to our savior Parger!

      • Mark

        Yet another liberal responding with juvenile insults to a reasonable comment expressing satisfaction with the podcast. As others have noted, that’s that famous liberal tolerance we are always told about.

        • ChicagoFan

          I’m not a liberal you tool, and your tolerance seems to be missing from your perfect perception of yourself.

  59. Dan

    I really wish Adam would challenge Prager more, all this talk about religion, we know Adam is strongly anti-religion, but he lets Prager sing the virtues of religion without challenging him.

  60. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode06-06-2012

    Haven’t listened yet but the pool pictures remind me of 2 a days swim practice and green hair from crappy chlorine – good times! btw our swim team was called the “Westside Wetbacks” not joking!

  61. Nick

    Love you and Prager, but holy crap, this is like an hour and a half long circle jerk.

    You should bring in some guests who have differing points of view from you from time to time.

  62. chad

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please someone send Ace a new hat. He has it on in EVERY Fucking pic and video. I don’t care how comfortable it is, switch it up. That combined with 1 shower a week…I bet that fucking thing wreaks!

    • stnuntrnd

      reeks havoc!

  63. Brett

    As a long time ACE fan I’ve got to say that it disappoints me greatly when he has guys like this on. There is nothing funny or interesting in this. We are saturated with this blowhard pontification on TV, radio and the podcast world. I could only listen to a few minutes before it became so irritating that I had to turn it off…Good Day Sir!

    • Jesus Glez.
      Jesus Glez.06-06-2012

      Totally agree, great comments!

      • Mark

        I have noticed Jesus Glez has made multiple comments on this page, and they are all some variation of “Totally agree, great comment!” in response to some whiny liberal bitching about (gasp! horrors!) a conservative guest on today’s show.

    • ChicagoFan

      I’ve noticed Mark making multiple comments, mostly about whiny liberal bitching all the while he is even more whiny. Mark stop the whining!

    • cg

      You’re “saturated” with reasoned conservative viewpoints?

      Where do you live?

      Do you get NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, or CNN in your channel lineup? Ever pick up Newsweek or read the NY Times? Ever been to a college campus?

      I’m always amazed at how vitriolic our tolerant liberal friends are when they hear another viewpoint expressed.

      Keep it up. Wisconsin was just the beginning.

  64. ross

    These two guys need to get a room. I did not want to listen to them sucking each other off for an hour

  65. Wesley Miller
    Wesley Miller06-06-2012

    Ace… the arbitrator for conservative pragmatism…. That could be some kind of official title.

  66. Patrick

    Adam’s lack of experience in the Corporate world is showing. He doesn’t seem to realize that Sensitivity Training and Sexual Harassment Training has nothing to do with reducing the amount harassment.

    It’s all about limiting a company’s exposure to a lawsuit. If they have trained you and set an expectation that it’s not allowed, then if you do it they can fire you and they can limit the lawsuits from someone how was harassed.

    It’s all about protecting the company and NOTHING about protecting the worker.

  67. Aaron

    Sorry, I tried, but this wasn’t listenable. TAX TALK.

  68. Ozy

    Where’s the funny?

    • cg

      In your pants.

  69. Brother P-Touch
    Brother P-Touch06-06-2012

    Adam: “Im Italian, but I don’t care about it AT ALL. You don’t see me giving it any credence, other than Im proud of the country’s cars and food…”

    I assume we aren’t counting bragging about starting a Feast of San Gennaro celebration in LA, or the Italian restaurant he owned, or the fact he named his son “Santino”……

    See. You won’t catch Adam caring one damn bit about his ancestry, so neither should you!

  70. SubDude

    This prager guy is as boring as david wild and christian madsen. Look back over the past two weeks of podcasts and the comments for each show and then, realize what your fans want to listen to. We want funny and interesting, not a cure for insomnia.

  71. Jesus Glez.
    Jesus Glez.06-06-2012

    I love the Ace man, at 9pm I get home before I kiss my lovely wife, I start downloading the podcast on my phone, I listen every single one!. Sadly today as I listened I found myself thinking that the Ace man has left us the fans wondering if we really think that poverty, race, values and money are as easy as he and his guest seem to imply. The fans aren’t ignorant, we can understand the difference between an opinion and a fact or truth, and Ace man, you and your guests have opinions, please, please, do not start an argumentative thought and minimize its complexity like: “people aren’t poor if they have cellphones, tv, cable”values of going to school, getting married, then having children is the 95% way of being OK”.

    Ace man, if you wanna have a smart discussion for your fans invite an academic, specialist in the field of themes (I know your guests CV, he is NOT an authority, he has opinions, he is not a social scientist) we the fans would love that.

    Thanks Ace!

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running06-06-2012

      I’m for that. And bring plenty of statistics, because you’ll need them.

  72. ross

    Adam plugged his live Prager shows by saying it was an interesting conversation because he and Prager have different POVs and opinions. I did not hear two differing opinions this entire fucking podcast.

    • King Ludd
      King Ludd06-08-2012

      I agree wholeheartedly. Listening to the two of them stroke each others’ egos was intolerable. I was surprised you could hear them so clearly when they were obviously 69ing the whole time. Prager has found the perfect patsy, and he is clearly using Adam’s lack of self esteem to buoy his own position. He is a religious nut who has found a way to get an atheist to espouse his beliefs. This “interview” or “conversation” sounds like a first date with Adam playing the part of the resistant female while Prager compliments him over and over in an attempt to get in his (her) pants.

  73. Jamey

    Love Ace…but that was the worse show ever. Please dont do that again. thanks

  74. Eric

    TWO OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE!!! Awesome show guys. Dennis brings the quality up several notches wherever he goes. I did miss Allison Rosen though. If she were’t required to say the C word every time she does the news, she could have joined in.

  75. rod

    whoops, i think itunes swapped the ACE podcast and The O’Reilly Factor this morning . . .

  76. MikeA

    Fantastic podcast guys. Prager is great.

  77. Charlie

    It sort of ruined my commute to work today. Can we please not do this again?

  78. Kate Thompson
    Kate Thompson06-06-2012

    Have any of you complaining about Dennis Prager ever listened to his radio show or read any of his books? He is worth listening to because of his wisdom. I believe Adam treated him with respect rather than fawning. It’s an “old school” idea of having respect for those older and wiser. Adam has many levels to him and I do love the funny, raunchy Adam, but I also like this very respectful side of him. It is obvious the respect he has for Prager. Brava Adam for being multi faceted.

    • D.

      Don’t you have something to clean, cook or blow?

    • Freddy Fish Fingers(it's UK thing)
      Freddy Fish Fingers(it's UK thing)06-07-2012

      If you don’t die you get older not necessarily wiser.

      The trouble with an open mind? It lets dirt in.
      The trouble with a closed mind? It keeps dirt in.

    • stnuntrnd

      and this respectfulness comes through elsewhere, e.g., with this week’s Ace on the House
      guest Gale Banks.

    • Dennis


  79. Steve Berman
    Steve Berman06-06-2012

    GREAT EPISODE. Carolla / Prager for President! The world of political correctness needs to end. We need more people that have the guts to stand up for common sense reforms like Adam, Dennis and Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

  80. swingset

    I enjoy Prager’s appearance on this show more for the spiddle-inducing comments it produced right here in the comment sections. So much hatred, so little tolerance for an opinion you don’t agree with. How very liberal.

  81. will

    Enjoyed this show a lot. Sad to read some of the comments from the cowards out there.

  82. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian06-06-2012

    It looks like the left is out in force today. Never seen so many long winded post. I do agree with the part about being open to other ideas. Obviously most people dont agree with that on this board.

  83. Ian Capilouto
    Ian Capilouto06-06-2012

    This guy is a fucking windbag. And makes you sound like a fucking windbag. Shut the fuck up. I don’t give a shit about your platform from your stupid fucking place in the world. Just be funny.

  84. the point man
    the point man06-06-2012

    Wait just a minute,
    A few days ago adam was endorsing Bloomberg plan to be more healthy and now it’s free and obese? WTF? At least wait more than a few days to flip flop….

    • cg

      Very intelligent reasoned comment.

      I always love it when liberals show themselves for what they are.

  85. Jas Hook
    Jas Hook06-06-2012

    Stick to comedy. If I wanted to hear you and D.Prager, I’d attend one of your shows I can’t afford.

  86. Hood

    Good Show.

    • D.

      You must of had a dick in each ear because that show sucked infected cock.

  87. vinny dellay
    vinny dellay06-06-2012

    Wow! Best fucking episode in ages. Couldn’t agree more with these two. I will now go out and buy the Dennis Prager/ Adam live performance. You guys are so on the money. thanks for speaking the truth!

  88. Be More Funny
    Be More Funny06-06-2012

    Stop trying to shove this douchebag down our throats. Enough is enough. Didn’t download, won’t listen. Is the show struggling or something? I am a big fan, but the recurring Theresa, David Wild and Dameshek spots, sometimes in place of regular guests, makes me wonder. So does the sudden embrace of this chump.

  89. Drew

    Hate, hate, *hate* the DUI lawyer ads. Gives the show that scummy terrestrial radio feel – what’s next, trucking companies?

  90. Greg Wardell
    Greg Wardell06-06-2012


  91. Jonesin44

    GET IT ON!! It just doesn’t make sense to me to complain about a conservative guest. I think the cat’s out of the bag on Adam’s politics. So if your gonna say you hate Dennis Prager you’re basically saying that you hate Adam Carolla cause they seem quite simpatico. Just trying to figure that one out.

  92. Dave

    Wow Dennis Prager is a blowhard.

    Also find it funny that Adam mentioned the over-sized Sodas in New York on like the last 3 shows, and his opinion was “People expect me to be this libertarian blah blah but I think it’s fine in this case blah blah”, and as soon as Prager brought it up I couldn’t believe Adam didn’t say a thing.

    Gotta say it again, I think Prager could be blowhard of the century.

  93. DRUNK Report
    DRUNK Report06-06-2012

    YES! went to one of the live shows and loved it. excellent full-hour with him here!

    ignore the tiny minded hippie douchers. i run a left-of-center news blog and i love love LOVE your shows with Prager, as do my viewers and facebookers. always get positive feedback from it (save for the few douchers that you get here too)

  94. miguel jaksun
    miguel jaksun06-06-2012

    stopped listening…. this pod sucked it real bad wtf wheres my refund

    • tony

      You are one dumb Mexican, Miguel!! You and the other assholes that can’t appreciate an intelligent conversation, can go screw yourself. There are many that have enjoyed this podcast.
      Adam made one mistake. He should have made an announcement at the start of the podcast that it’s going to be a serious one. All grunt grains with single digit IQ’s should tune out. Of course, that would have eliminated 80% of the listeners!!

  95. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode06-06-2012

    I enjoyed the show, must be because I had and still have a job, I got married first, then had kids. As far as second hand smoke goes, why do people who smoke hold their ciggarete and purposely blow the smoke as far out the window and away from their car as they can get it? Hmmmmmmm!

    • gmac

      I agree with that. If second hand smoke is no problem why roll down or put up your windows at all?

    • ChicagoFan

      LOL… you are saying its dangerous for smokers to be around their own second hand smoke?

  96. Brandoneus

    Ok episode… Does Anybody else have an ad for “TOP GUN DUI DEFENCE” under recent episodes? I thought it was a joke at first but it appears to be legit

  97. AQ

    I see no evidence of Prager’s “depth” as a thinker that Adam keeps talking about. Adam gets away with blowhardiness because he’s funny and usually has a point, and doesn’t claim expertise about serious topics. But Prager is just unadulterated blowhard, quite insensitive to nuance. Adam should be able to see that, but probably chooses not to because he agrees with much of Prager’s worldview.

  98. james

    NOAA issues a level 1 hurricane warning every time these two blowhards collide.

  99. susan

    Ace, we’re a local plumbing company- gotta love contractors that are loyal to ace broadcasting.
    we recently made a facebook page and wanted to ask you to “like” it.

    it would be a great deal to us. trying to network via social media. thanks!


  100. Matt

    Great show! I love when Adam sits down and has a conversation with someone. I like Bryan and Alison, but it’s refreshing not having the drops and the regular bits.

  101. Mark A
    Mark A06-06-2012

    I don’t support rabid anything, really. I won’t ask you not to smoke, unless you’re in my home or something. I did make sure my kids know not to smoke. I don’t like tobacco companies. I never have and never will smoke.

    Why? Because my mother smoked my whole life until she died of lung cancer when I was 16. Her oncologist said it was “Small Oat Cell Cancer” that he said was only found in cattle and people who smoke. (I’ll be 41 this year so this ain’t new informartion.)

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small_cell_lung_cancer – Wikipedia says it’s now known as Small Cell Cacinoma and hey look at they have a graphic:


    Give me my god damned mother back and I’ll never say sh!t about smoking again. I actually love the smell of tobacco shops, but have always been allergic to cigarrette smoke.

    Oh and having Winston (a tobacco company) send letters to my dead mother for a good five years afterward solicitiing donations for “smoker’s rights” didn’t help my opinion either.

  102. HotBlackDesoto

    Somebody tell Adam that Clay Aiken is a white male….very, very white. His skin probably burns walking in the moonlight.

  103. Okker

    Wow Dennis has to take himself out of the right wing bubble

  104. trudie

    Yikes. No thanks!

  105. illy

    Two rich white dudes sitting around talking about how there is much reason to the world; and you would be rich too if you just did what they did. So what else is new?

    This idea that we have rich celebrities that minorities and women, and therefore racism no longer exists, is just insane (this insanity is only compounded by two white dudes talking about this). The majority of wealth in America is white men. The CEOs of most companies are white men. Out of the 100 richest people in the US, 9 are women, and 3 are not white (they’re asian). Out of the top 200, 1 is black (Oprah).

    • kelpi

      agree w lily. adam has to stick with the funny!

  106. D Day
    D Day06-06-2012

    Its funny to me how Prager is one of those holier than thou “patriots” who just like all his other cohorts hasnt spent one second in a military uniform. These type of blowhard simplified “patriots” are a dime a dozen. All you arguements are complete bullshit, what have you guys done to help any vets get a job after they defended your ass? . Aceman cant even find time in his schedule to do a USO show, because he knows the troops will call him out on his bull shit……other than that it was a good show

    • UnBald Brian
      UnBald Brian06-07-2012

      You dont have to serve in the military to be a patriot. Your PTS makes you sound like the giant blowhard asshole of the show. But thank you for serving.

  107. Philin Dablank
    Philin Dablank06-06-2012

    Ugh, I read the summary and……SKIP!!!!

  108. TS

    Haha, nerd rage.

  109. George

    Ugh, more right-wing dribble. Why is spending time with your kid good stuff but having organized soccer or whatever as opposed to having your kid be bored for hours bad? I like having kids supervised, they don’t beat the crap out of each other and sexually abuse each other less. And being poor has nothing to do with committing crime. Really? Easy for a rich white guy to say. I love how they know all about non-racism but have not been nor can be black for one month or day. I love you Ace, but you don’t know what you don’t know. Yes, I’m white and drunk right now..

  110. Kevin

    I know it’s Adam’s show and all and he can talk about whatever he wants, but if it were up to me he would just skip the politics entirely. It’s never ever funny. Stick to the banter and the comedy Ace-Man, please. We all know your position on taxes.

  111. Badger

    I’m bathing in the cool, salty rain of a million lefty tears.

    Cry some more, and get me a towel.

    • cg

      thread winner

  112. Adam's Hypocrisy
    Adam's Hypocrisy06-06-2012

    I love the over simplified arguments like that thing would be better if everyone just got a job, and we gave everyone an even playing field. Well no $hit!

    Jobs aren’t easy to come buy, unless you’re willing to be something like a meter maid, and we all know what Adam thinks of people willing to take those jobs. He even bad mouths the teaching profession. Get a job and on that Adam will approve of, which means one that makes a lot of money.

    Ironically they both demand an even playing field. But how do you take an uneven playing field and make it even unless you address it, and stop ignoring it. And how can you see that the playing field is uneven if you are standing at the top of a peak and never look down to see what it looks like for everyone else.

    And yes, I already hear the argument, “Well Adam was born in to a hard life and made it happen”, and that’s true. But there are those who are at the bottom of the playing field and make it to the top, those that start near the top and fail and fall off. But the fact that some are able to make despite the unevenness doesn’t make it even. It just means some had to climb hire than others.

    • Adam's Hypocrisy
      Adam's Hypocrisy06-06-2012


  113. Vegas1

    Delete. Who’s on tomorrow?

  114. Alan Corolla
    Alan Corolla06-06-2012

    The modern update to “Too many cooks spoil the broth” should be “Too many blowhards spoil the pod”.

    Alison and Brian were spared. I wonder if they will pretend they listened if Adam asks them.

  115. Joe F
    Joe F06-06-2012

    What was the deal with suicide comment from Prager? The guy believes in an invisible sky daddy, and wants to lecture others on their beliefs. Adam is turning into a conservative blow hard, I’m not a fan of the left but this is a joke how this show is turning into FOX News. Adam needs to realize both sides are scum, and the the entire system needs overhauled.

  116. Pat

    These two lost me when they said that a family of four with an income of 200,000/yr is not rich. WTF??!

    • Harvey

      I’m guessing you are young and don’t have two, young children.

      Federal income tax (28%) – $200,000 down to $144,000.
      State income tax (7.85%) – $144,000 down to $128,300.
      Mortgage (variable, estimate $2000/month) – $85,300 down to $61,300.
      Property tax (variable, estimate $5,000/year) – $128,300 down to $123,300.
      Two children in day care (variable, for us $250/week for each) – $123,300 down to $97,300.
      Two vehicles (variable, estimate $500/month for each) – $97,300 down to $85,300.

      If you tithe and/or give an equivalent amount to charities, $61,300 down to $41,300.

      Gas on two vehicles at 15,000 miles/year on each car (two working parents with longer commutes these days) that get 25 MPH at $3.50 gallon, $41,300 down to $37,100. More for many others.

      The USDA estimates that a family of four should spend around $1000/month on groceries on a moderate cost plan. $37,100 down to $25,100.

      That’s just one person’s approximate plan. That doesn’t leave a lot of money for a family vacations, lake homes, boats, charter schools, or whatever fun things are associated with being rich.

      • Harvey

        Sorry Pat. I moved the mortgage line up and didn’t adjust the numbers on the ensuing lines, but the final numbers should be correct.

  117. AJ

    Awesome. Love Prager and love Carolla – podcast heaven today!

  118. fringers feddy
    fringers feddy06-06-2012

    Couldn’t listen: (to paraphrase) Definitely…Not…This…Jew!

    So I know f**k all about this smoking debate, but if there’s a problem with me: burning a tire, farting(well, maybe), holding a loaded diaper, eating Durian (google it) or otherwise producing any other offensive smell near you, stop wondering why smoking near others is not ok. 2nd hand smoke? Who can say for sure how it will affect anyone…Sometimes being ok with some things is really just being used to no one telling you what they really think. Life’s complicated.

  119. Andrew

    Adam and Dennis, you’re absolutely right on the “hobbies” point. The refuge of the standard American man used to be his workbench in the garage, where he could go and be completely in his own space, to think, work, create, repair, and invent. It was the sort of thing that generated value, whether it be simple home maintenance, or inventing home-brew computers that eventually turn into Apple and Microsoft.

    Consider, then, what that’s been replaced with these days. What is the “man’s refuge” now? A couch in front a giant TV, where he is compelled, if not brainwashed, into watching football games from sunrise to sunset all Saturday and Sunday. No value is generated.

    Compare: We’ve gone from hobbies of production to hobbies of consumption, and it’s ruining us. What was the wellspring of American innovation has been replaced with contrived hedonism.
    Furthermore, it speaks to how we’re all become more subjugated to absolutely pervasive, invasive, overly-loud and viscerally psychological forced-consumption advertising; any entertainment product is rife with it, and you pretty much can’t walk down the street anymore without the sky being blocked out by billboards or the quiet pierced by something being broadcast out of an iPad or a shop window.

    • Jason Grey
      Jason Grey06-07-2012

      Thanks for your perspective. Very insightful.

  120. Silent Running
    Silent Running06-06-2012

    I’m a little astounded that anyone familiar with Adam Carolla would actually take his politics seriously. Adam is a reactionary who cherry-picks his opinions based on how he’s feeling at that particular moment; there is no coherent principle underpinning his political philosophy.

    He’s been touted as a staunch libertarian, but the big thing among genuine libertarians is the Non-Aggression Principle, which would horrify the Aceman if he ever learned of it.

    He rails against building inspectors, unless we’re talking about Haiti. Haiti needs building inspectors (and rebar).

    He rails against government in general, not because he loves liberty, but because government is less competent than private enterprise. Unless Dennis Prager is in the room (or Penn is on the phone). Then he loves liberty.

    I’ve been listening to Adam for 17 years and I happen to think most of his opinions, political or otherwise, are correct. But it was emotion and not logic that brought him to those answers, so you shouldn’t be surprised that he contradicts himself.

    • Badger

      Your problem is that Ace’s opinions come with a dimmer switch while you just come with an on/off switch.

    • Adam's Hypocrisy
      Adam's Hypocrisy06-07-2012

      Good point.

    • Jason Grey
      Jason Grey06-07-2012

      Really well put. Especially your last sentence–sharp insight.

  121. Mason Jar
    Mason Jar06-07-2012

    oh my god…groan/snore.

    listening to these two stroke each other’s peckers makes for seriously “suck” pod. seems like there has been a lot of craptacular shows as of late.

    bring on someone new and interesting like david wild or teresa squawker….

  122. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac06-07-2012

    Two huge thumbs up for Tim and Zapoli! Great comments; staying on message that this is a comedy podcast.

  123. Clint

    Adam’s worst!! A bunch of self righteous archaic thinking. No more days off for Brian and Alison.

  124. Braman

    Stop sending messages to a guy who doesn’t read, let alone read the chatboards.

  125. Dave

    Aren’t Dennis and Adam discussing what Obama calls “The failed policies of the past”? I used to think the same things as they are expressing, because that is what used to be referred to as comon sense.

    However, under Obama, we are supposed to be enlightened, changed and moving forward. The old beliefs are over.

  126. Allen

    Great Pod! Dennis is great in this 1 on 1, and I agree wholeheartedly with most of what he has to say. Adam I agree everybody washing there hands every 3 seconds causes more harm than good, but not using shampoo or soap in the shower might be taking it too far.

    • kelpi

      tracy metro, is that you?

  127. Andy

    Even though their politics are completely different than mine, Adam & DP make an interesting pair, and I think they have interesting things to say.

    The problem with this episode was that it felt like any time they started to build up momentum, Adam interrupted for a live read for Mangrate, Stamps.com, Go Daddy, etc. Then they would get sidetracked and just move on to something else without any type of closure.

    The 1-on-1 shows should have the commercials pre-recorded. For such a short show (~1hr) it felt like it was interrupted every 5 minutes.

  128. Aaron

    Attn: tony

    Thank you for all 50 of your comments. We all appreciate the volumes of evidence that you’re fucking retarded.

  129. Hillbilly

    I don’t remember all of the right wingers going nuts here when Michael Moore or Bill Maher were on with Adam…Who are the tolerant ones again?

  130. juju

    Two ignorant ideologs stroke each other for an hour. What exactly is the point of two idiots agreeing with each other like this? Does anybody actually listen to this shit?

    To answer your question, Adam, regarding what government has done for you in the past. Aside from say, helping to defeat the Nazis, the interstate highway system, the Clean Air Act (the air’s much better in L.A. now than it was when you were in high school), there’s the big, glaring example of the FUCKING INTERNET you’re using to broadcast your shit every day and make money.

    I think you should just have Dana Gould on every day instead of this blowhard.

  131. Dave

    Aceman, do you ever listen to your podcasts? Well, listen to this one and think hard about what you said, how you said it and if you meant everything you said. You’re better than this.

  132. SubDude

    It looks like the negative replies to this podcast are hitting at least 2 to 1 (maybe more) against the positive. Listen to your fans and let this be a lesson for future podcasts. This one sucked hard. Don’t do it again if you truly want the “pirate ship” to succeed.

  133. Rick Rottman
    Rick Rottman06-07-2012

    How thankful I am to be able to listen to Dennis Prager. If it wasn’t for this podcast, I’d have to go find an AM radio and tune it to one of the many right-wing radio stations that syndicate his show. Oh how I love to listen to political debate, especially when the two speakers are so like minded and agree on almost every little thing.

  134. Rachel

    The argument about poor people having TVs and phones just drives me crazy. It’s not phones and TVs that are expensive anymore, they’re mass-produced and companies just keep lowering their prices to get more of their product out there. It’s rent, food, electricity, and education costs that are outrageous.

    My husband and I are high school graduates (I’m in college), we both work, and we’re obviously married, and have no kids. We’re still far below the poverty line and struggle to pay rent.

    I couldn’t really listen beyond that. Need to get Drew back to temper Adam.

    • joe

      rachel, do you own a refrigerator? if so, you are not really poor. sell your refrigerator and there’s half a month of rent right there. you’re welcome.

      oh hey and mr. prager, you can still get your grandkid 32oz of soda if you want…just buy two 16oz cups. or don’t, who cares. your liberty is not being trampled.

      that’s exactly what i was thinking this pod needed more of: old rich white guys bitching about those fake-poor people who own ostentatious items like telephones and food-preserving appliances. good shit.

    • kelpi

      agreed, Rachel. both are super out of touch, and I couldn’t listsen. ‘where’s dr. drew?’.

  135. PJ

    Great podcast! Hope you get Prager on the show again.

  136. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross06-07-2012

    A dose of common sense with a touch of moral direction really brings out the liberal haters!
    Keep em coming Aceman!!!

    • UnBald Brian
      UnBald Brian06-07-2012

      Nerd Rage! Freak out!

  137. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent06-07-2012

    I picture this interview as having been conducted side by side in bed.

  138. De Bagg
    De Bagg06-07-2012

    Was it just me or was this a tad bit boring? Too much ass kissing, and too much idealism?

  139. Tim

    This podcast is lame, more funny, less boring crap! I am no longer listening.

  140. Just A Guy
    Just A Guy06-07-2012

    Really enjoyed the show. Keep up the good work.

  141. TRA

    Adam…I was mostly with you guys until the part about “All things being equal – would you rather a kid be raised by a gay couple or straight couple?” I’ve got to say that I’m completely indifferent. I really don’t give a shit. All things being equal there shouldn’t be a difference. You admit both of your parents were zeroes. What would be the difference if they were both men or both women? They’d still be zeroes as parents. You might get made fun of for having same sex parents, but by your own argument, a little bullying adds character.

    My dad ran out on my family when I was seven years old. All things being equal my mom’s wife would’ve walked out on us or my dad’s husband would’ve walked out. What would be the difference to me? I’d still grow up feeling like one of my parents didn’t give a shit about me.

    Your argument only makes sense because things can never be equal between a straight couple and a gay couple. The social stigma is the difference that we’ll probably never overcome and it’s sad. Same sex couple vs. gay couple..I don’t really give a shit either way. My straight family was incredibly fucked up and I probably would’ve grown up to be a better adjusted person had my parents been gay and together.

    Also, your bit about the poor not being so poor because they have cellphones and TVs. I make $51k per year and support a wife and daughter. I have a cell phone, internet access, and a nice home in a middle class suburb of Chicago. I don’t feel “poor” until I debate going to the doctor when I’m legitimately sick because, even without life’s luxuries, it will take me several months to pay for the visit after my insurance covers their portion of it. I can’t afford to be sick.

    P.S. my wife is a gestational surrogate for a gay couple. Call bullshit on me all you want.


    • Silent Running
      Silent Running06-07-2012

      No. The fact that homosexual couples cannot reproduce themselves is the difference. The fact that homosexual “marriage” and child-rearing has never been accepted (or even attempted) by any society in human history is the difference.

      For all those who are absolutely sure that there is no difference in this context, all those children adopted by homosexual couples are only now beginning to come of age. I’d be interested in hearing what they thought of the experience before making any decrees about what works and what doesn’t.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running06-07-2012

      “I don’t feel “poor” until I debate going to the doctor when I’m legitimately sick because, even without life’s luxuries, it will take me several months to pay for the visit after my insurance covers their portion of it. I can’t afford to be sick.”

      I’m glad that you’re currently allowing bullshit-calls on your statements here, because the above is an excellent example of complete bullshit.

  142. iwetmybed

    15 minutes. That’s all I could take of these two douchebags bloviating about what’s good for humanity. Where is the comedy?? Carolla is funny when his rants go off the deep end. But at least he doesn’t pretend to be an intellectual. He’s just an funny opinionated jerkoff. This guy Prager is the reason our civilization must come to end. Where is the end of days I keep hearing about? The reason we’ve become so protective about everything is because people will fucking sue you for the slightest thing. Because medical bills will empty your bank account. Because I can’t take off from work to sit with my sick kid. It’s not liberal or conservative or about freedom. It’s about self preservation. Shut the fuck up and hand me that shovel.

  143. Joe

    Is Adam turning into Pat O’Reilly? I agree with his perspectives, but it seems a tinge of the Limbaugh Cancer is creeping in. I am afraid the Adam Carolla show, in ten years, will be a harsh variation of many other conservative talk shows. We are already seeing a segment showcasing the possibilities. There is nothing worse than the attempt by one or the other to justify their political perspective, (and I direct this towards the people leaving comments on here, insulting the right and left). No party is better than the other, but what ensues is an exchange of hot air that has occurred time and time again with no end in existence.

  144. Marcus

    I love how Adam says it’s important to be open to people with different opinions than yours, but anyone who likes certain movies or music is an idiot.

  145. murderfan

    the ansewers to you “pore me” white boys 2nd half of the show complaints are in the first half of the show complaints. and 2 things more Ace man just let them register you because when you don’t take it you look like a chield molester. and let the commments get a like or dislike option.

  146. Jll M.
    Jll M.06-08-2012

    I would rather listen to 2 cats f**k, than listen to this podcast any longer.

  147. MO

    This podcast was brutal. Normally I think Ace is one of the most insightful people around, but when he misses, he misses big.

    The worst points: How we fix schools crime and raising kids, just make parents and families care and be involved. – Yes that’s a fantastic thing that should of course be encouraged, but the reality is that there always will be a shit ton of terrible people who still have kids and neglect them. Society needs to figure out a way to help kids who will inevitably have shit parents, or nothing will change. (Or sterilize all idiots….)

    I had to turn it off when they got to the poor persecuted smokers. I could give two shits what people do, unless it affects me, and my taxes will have to pay for it. Then I care a lot. Smoking affects everyone in the room, that’s why we want to ban it you retards. I have the right to masturbate, but if everyone in the room had to ingest the by-product, then that right gets taken away doesn’t it…… Smoking is no different. Do it somewhere it will not affect others.

    • mike

      An establishment should decide for itself if it wants to allow smoking, and if you don’t like it then you can leave. Secondly, aside from your equating idiocy with bad parenting, which is just not necessarily true, I know some great people who had awful parents. I think what you want is a perfect society, which will never happen.

  148. Jane Moore
    Jane Moore06-08-2012

    Downloaded the show, expecting to hear a right wing circle jerk. Wasn’t disappointed.

    • jean

      agreed, thank you! this show was completely ridic

      • mike

        thinking is hard, but it pays well

  149. Joy Wake
    Joy Wake06-08-2012

    A caring and sweet man in real life, I had less than 15 seconds to chase him down and shake his hand as I heard his voice from afar. It’s such a pleasure to hear Dennis Prager on the Aceman’s show, every time.Dennis has no ill will and has saved marriages and friendships, he cares deeply about people.

  150. Robert W. (Vancouver)
    Robert W. (Vancouver)06-10-2012

    Reading through the plethora of hateful comments on here reminds me of an analogy:

    Leftists constantly reminding everyone that they’re “open minded” is like a con artist constantly insisting that he’s not a thief.

    It makes zero sense to me that anyone could be a fan of Adam Carolla but then hate Dennis Prager. Disagree with Prager on this & that, fine, but the H-A-T-E spewed out by so many on this thread suggests that they’re not Carolla fans but merely trolls with wayyyyy too much time on their hands. They really should surface out of their mothers’ basements and 24-7 Animal Porn marathons to realize that there’s a big world out there full of people who actually take the time to … wait for it … THINK FOR THEMSELVES!!!

    • kelpi

      it’s not hate- it’s boredom. we’re all in love with a funny adam carolla. the ‘right wing circle jerk’ referenced above, is just boring- whether you agree or not.

  151. Hairy Lawn Chairy
    Hairy Lawn Chairy06-11-2012

    I think it’s funny when people draw so many conclusions about people who they’ve never met. Unfortunately, “Certainty” is both the domain of those who’ve digested huge volumes of information and have invested great amounts of time and consideration to have processed it thoroughly and those who have to make their point forcefully, quickly and often negatively so they can call the discussion over before their argument has a chance to fall apart.

    It’s a sure sign of lack of imagination and a lack of true open-mindedness to not see how anyone can not like Prager and still like Adam Simply, they are not the same person. They agree on a lot, but not everything. They get along, fine, but that’s between them. I find Adam entertaining, funny, challenging and at times irritating and disturbing, but ultimately ‘not a waste of my time.’ I can’t say the same for Prager. They are not the same person and that’s a good thing. Prager may contribute positively in many ways , but that is not going to work for everyone.

    I would not listen to someone who wants his followers to dislike those who dislike him. If that person is not saying this then his followers that insist on disliking non-believers are not very good listeners. If they cannot listen effectively, it’s anyone’s guess who they are truly following. The old analogy was the perceptions of the 3 blind men and the elephant. I’d like to exchange the elephant with a snuffleupagus(as it is imaginary.)

    It’s ironic, to say that others should learn to think for themselves while defending a person whose main job is to tell others what to think. Even if it’s presented as a suggestion.

  152. Bill (Chicago)
    Bill (Chicago)06-11-2012

    Enjoyed the conversation with Dennis. Thank you.

  153. da.awful.truth

    I understand what this people are saying, what they don’t realized is that not ALL of us can be self-employed not necessarily because we don’t want to but not not how the economy would work. Most of us rely on Corporations and companies to pay the employees. Companies figure out ways to pay less taxes and figure out ways to pay as little as possible to their employees while they raise prices…these companies are rich in cash, the investors get huge returns but the working people…the people who actually make the economy work get less and less pay. I for one do not like this Dennis Prayer person nor do I care for Adam’s rants about money. I wonder if he pays his people who have supported him to get where he is at a reasonable pay….or does he believe was most employers believe…that we’re lucky that they give us a pay check.

  154. RobK

    I think it’s time Adam stop referring to Dennis Prager as that guy he “doesn’t agree with on anything”. Who’s he trying to kid?

  155. Just A Guy
    Just A Guy06-12-2012

    I think the point of Dennis coming onto another mans show means they don’t spend it disagreeing and arguing on everything. Check out Dennis’s radio, podcast and books to see what they disagree on. [Libraries have that kind of stuff…books]

  156. Evil Architect
    Evil Architect06-12-2012

    The sucking sound that is the absence of comedy seems to occur frequently when Alison and Bryan can’t come out and play.

  157. Jerknuts121

    This was the most horrible podcast ever…though good to fall asleep to because of how boring it is….If this is the future for this show I think the pirate ship is about to run into an iceberg

  158. dudester

    Prager seems like a nice guy (especially for a conservative talk radio host compared to hannity, beck and limbaugh) but i dont agee with everything he says.

    Ace should go with a little less political talk on here. stick to the comedy!

  159. wormser

    these first few minutes couldn’t be more right. no one wants higher taxes except people that don’t pay any at all. be your own boss, makes your own decisions and learn and revel in your success and failures and if that offends you, maybe you should get off your ass and do something with your life. the only person stopping you is YOU

  160. i

    when romney sends a billion to some island, does he ever spend it? if so, where? same question for every other bich funneling billions to islands. here’s the deal … these people funnel our wealth to islands, it never comes back. they are crippling our economy because we have to print more money to replace the money they removed via treason. that’s whats wrong with our economy. these people are called fascists. they are breakng down this country to achieve a planet of slaves. wake up carolla! wake up america! off shore accts are created to steal and never give back.

  161. The Watching the Watchers Team
    The Watching the Watchers Team09-28-2012

    Hey, Prager! Check out what over 24 million people think about your do-gooder hypocrisy over at http://caleighbrookswatchingthewatchers.com At best, they’re calling you (kindly) a sanctimonius dude!

  162. The Watching the Watchers Team
    The Watching the Watchers Team09-28-2012


    This is an addendum to our previous comment to make it easier for internet surfers – in case readers come upon Prager’s site months from now. The 2 particular posts we’re calling to your attention at http://caleighbrookswatchingthewatchers.com are entitled, “The Sin of Offending People” and How Do Soceital Mores (Rules) Happen!? Enjoy!

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