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Adam opens the show talking with Alison about 80s neon fashion, and Alison recalls her Electric Youth perfume. Adam also talks about dancing with his daughter, and her first experience with jalapenos. The guys then listen to a clip from the Dennis Prager event, and Adam emphasizes the importance of being happy. Alison’s news covers Super Tuesday results, Breitbart’s ‘damning’ Obama video, and the Hulk Hogan sex tape.

Debbie Gibson joins the show next, and flashes back to playing piano at age four. The guys discuss some of their Celebrity Apprentice co-stars, and Debbie explains what it was like having her mom as a manager. Later, the guys have a sing-along and Debbie talks about why she loved Liberace. Adam also asks her how she got involved with Celebrity Apprentice.

Alison returns to the news in the last part of the show. The group talks about how beards affect attraction, and also discuss Snooki’s engagement and pregnancy. Also in the news, a girl is suing her college because her roommate had too much sex. As the show wraps up, the gang discusses the upcoming memoir from Justin Bieber’s mom, and why the new show ‘GCB’ is causing controversy.

Visit http://Deborah-Gibson.com for more info on today’s guest.


Deacon Jones

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Jeff714

    If you had to do one of them, which butterface would it be: Tori Spelling or Debbie Gibson?

    • Kain

      Debbie for sure.

    • Yak

      I’ll give you Tori Spelling, but in what world is Debbie Gibson a butterface? Perhaps you don’t understand the meaning of the word or perhaps you are confusing her with Rumer Willis. Debbie Gibson posed for Playboy, a publication not normally known for butterface models.

      Pretty sure most heterosexual men would find her quite attractive. In the immortal words of Dr. Drew, “You’re gay”.

  2. Listener

    Yes, Adam. Next time I will purchase my sandwich from reliable Subway instead of discovering a new neighborhood deli. *WINK*

    • J Pete
      J Pete03-08-2012

      I am glad someome else remembers Adam’s rant on Subway!!!

    • Nigel

      Yeah – hmm…..Why is Adam schilling for Subway after all he said in the past about how horrible Subway is…Can he not find another sponsor, really?! Highly unlike Adam not to stand behind what he (repeatedly) says.

      • Bobman

        He fully admits that he will shill for anyone who pays him, and even said DURING his Subway rant that “they suck.. unless they want to become sponsors.”

      • TheSaintMiunich

        definite shlll move. Adam! time to get Adam Curry back on your show to give you a bitch-slap.

      • An Onny
        An Onny03-15-2012

        Next up: Adam advertises his love for Oreo cookies!

    • Robert GWhiz
      Robert GWhiz03-08-2012

      OH MY GOD I thought I was the only one who remembered he was talking shit about Subway like a few months ago.

  3. Alaistar

    Fun show today. Debbie Gibson was a great guest – very cool chick.

  4. HighPlainsToker

    Pretend to be happy for everyone else? That’s the sign of someone who is suicidal. Horrible advice from Prager once again.

    • big timer
      big timer03-08-2012

      you’re retarded, stop talking

      • HighPlainsToker

        You mean ‘stop typing’, retard.

      • Sean

        I wish there was an upvote button next to your comment.

    • Brad

      You have an obligation to not be a c*nt to those around you. However, to pretend to be happy when you are not internally happy is disingenuous. Prager’s pollyannaish mantra is an idiotic idiom intended to be spoon-fed to the uneducated mouth breathers who listen to his show and believe him to be a brilliant man. He’s just another blowhard Adam world normally rant against but gets love instead because he happens to spew some of the same simplistic ideology Carolla does at times.

      • donewithidiots

        Brad, shut up.

      • An Onny
        An Onny03-15-2012

        I think it’s in people’s best interest to try to act happy around others. For one thing, no one likes to be around a moody person…and that just makes the moody person more depressed if people start avoiding them.

  5. FFM

    Hey Adam, Alison and Brian!

    The Hulk Hogan theme has been used by a politician, even a president.

    Barack Obama used it last year at the White House Correspondent Dinner with video of his birth certificate, using the line “I am a real American” as a pun on the allegations of the Birther Movement that he was not born in the United States.

    • Micah

      Yup. Newt Gingrich (ugh) even used it on Super Tuesday when he gave his speech.

  6. MatthewM

    Alison’s ‘Beaker’ impression is the funniest thing in weeks!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-08-2012

      Meep, meep, mee, meep, meep.

  7. foo

    The episode is NOT up on iTunes or the iPhone app. Why the delay ?

  8. Joe

    Love that Adam is pimping Subway when he has said many many times how he feels it’s a shitty sub place.

    • Javier

      I’m loving it too. Serves Subway right for not doing their homework.

    • Awesome Joe
      Awesome Joe03-09-2012

      I was thinking the same thing.

  9. Stingey

    What gives?! Today’s episode is not loading on my trusty Adam Carolla iPhone app!

  10. SCH

    Bald Bryan – Gingrich used “I am a real American” in his Super Tuesday speech. It was epic.

  11. Chris

    I wish they didn’t skip the games like Totally Topical TiVo Trivia Time and Blah Blah Blog for boring news stories. I want more Hobo Power, Who the Fuck Sells This Shit, Gaywalking etc., but I know some guests are better for these than others.

  12. Big Al
    Big Al03-08-2012

    Debbie Gibson. Hands down.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-08-2012

      Debbie Gibson. Pants down.
      (Leykis laugh)

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee03-08-2012

        Tori Spelling because you guys have F’d out Debbie Gibson, plus the thought of Poochie’s U dangling sack slapping against Debbie from the bottom of her cooch to the top of her ankles almost makes me soft, almost!

  13. C Rip
    C Rip03-08-2012

    Anyone seeing this on the Adam Carolla app? It’s not showing up for me.

    • hudabelle

      Also waiting for app to upload show. Please don’t let my drive home be boring!

  14. Joe

    Wait a sec – doesn’t Adam lecture about how horrible Subway is? (with their pre measured meats etc) Guess a few bucks can change your mind 🙂

    • Dustin

      God knows this is the first time that’s EVER happened! If you pay me enough I will tell anyone that will listen how great eating human shit is. With enthusiasm.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-08-2012

      He’s trying to keep the ship afloat.

    • martin


  15. Tony

    No podcast on the Adam Carolla app! What’s up!?

  16. Stewie

    Why are all of these podcast showing up so late on iTunes this week? It’s 9 am PST and still no Aceman for my morning commute. What changed and will you be going back to the previous posting schedule?

  17. Bob

    I love Who the F sells…so much more interesting to here real people’s stories vs. the lame Made Up movies, way too forced.

  18. CSN

    I just hope somebody offers him a ton of money to star in the Sigmund and the Seamonster movie or be the spokesman for super thick crust pepperoni pizza.

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett03-08-2012

      Good one.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-08-2012

      As long as we keep getting free podcasts, who cares what he sells.

    • La Flama Blanca
      La Flama Blanca03-12-2012

      He’s done commercials for Mountain Dew (“Nectar of the tards”) too…

  19. reb

    “Adam Carolla Message Board Censor” — great resume entry

  20. RAs

    fail on getting this episode on the Adam Carolla app – what kind of technical, bush league workers do you have uploading this

  21. badbadger0069@gmail.com

    Maybe there is a huge difference in the quality of their breakfast sandwiches and those shitty subs they make.
    I doubt it but I’ll give The Ace-man the benefit of the doubt.

    • mnoswad1

      footlong breakfast flatbread egg , ham and cheese with chilpotle sauce……..for $5.50 is something i just tried a few days ago. And I like it.

    • David

      This is a bit of the case…I would say that the Subway breakfast sandwiches are the best fast-food-type available. They kinda cook up a little mini-omelet in a hotplate and then throw it in bread.

  22. Russ

    Android app doesn’t have this episode either

  23. Brett

    I found Debbie Gibson surprisingly fun as a guest. She rolled with ACE well. Very good at improv. Definitely have her again.

  24. jd

    The only evidence I hear of Bald Brian ever disagreeing with Adam is that they say it happens. But I’ve never seen it. The guy is the very definition of a boot-licking toady.

    • Jfroh

      ive never heard him disagree once either

  25. Terri

    Debra is smart, well spoken, very pretty. But don’t care for her on apprentice or on the podcast. Maria was great, wish Alison would change her sign off.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-08-2012

      Zip it Terri.

  26. Mike

    Like other listeners, I was a little confused when Ace started pitching Subway. Perhaps his beef (no pun intended) is with their non-breakfast fare… whatever the case, Debbie Gibson is goddamn lovely! I was in love with her at age 13 and now again at age 35… the more things change, huh?

  27. Mike

    Debbie Gibson seemed OK, a bit of blowhard though.

  28. Shea

    Plugging SUBWAY huh?! …………SELL OUT!! …..you said Subway sucked ……good for people helping you move or some crap, now your plugging them…….pff

    • pman

      He’s said himself he refers to mountain dew as nectar of the tards and has made some sheckles from their advertising campaigns. He’s a slut and the first to admit it..drop the piety.

  29. losman

    most annoying guest ever!

    • lisa

      Lisa Lampanelli was right! She is always fucking singing!

    • JP

      So…………you’ve only heard a few shows then?

  30. JT

    Adam, pimping for Subway? Ick. Subway sandwich’s are “abortions of sub sandwiches!” Sound familiar? Why, Adam, why? You will be forgiven, however, because I know we all need to pay the bills.

  31. Ian T
    Ian T03-08-2012

    Who the hell is Debbie Gibson?

    • JP

      Your internet connection does not allow the use of “Google?” And/or you are twelve.

  32. Huck

    That subway ad was hilarious! But I’ll eat there if Ace tells me to.

  33. Ltismo

    This episode isn’t updating on the app? I need my daily Aceman! Fk it, i’m listening to ‘The View’ from now on…

  34. Blah Blah Blog
    Blah Blah Blog03-08-2012

    Grow up kiddies. Nothing wrong with Subway. Good sandwiches, love me some BMT. Must you live and die on every word Adam ever says?

  35. martin

    first off, i gotta say that i enjoy listening to the show the vast majority of the time. but obviously, adam is a huge sack of cat shit of a hypocrite!!! how many times has he said that subway sandwiches suck?!?! that goes to show you the he’s a sell out and you cannot believe in anything he advertises for! amazing what people do to make a penny!

    • JP

      But…he has said many times he will schill for anyone who pays. His fans know this, it is a wink, wink deal. No one will stop going to a real deli for Subway, but Adam has a lot of ears, so they pay, after all, they don’t murder babies, just write checks…

  36. Nick

    subway huh?

  37. Matt


    I just have to say thank you because now all of my nocturnal dreams are coming true. First Maria and now Debbie? Dear Lord I may have my spank bank filled for another 20 years. Have to reload when I am 60. You are the man Ace! Plus if you are interested I have an idea for a cable tv series. Just ask and I will tell… I also have to be in it though.


  38. Joel

    Lighters…. Melanie (Safka)…Woodstock….Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)

  39. Steve

    Is Adam going to plug Dirty Laundry next?

  40. Dion

    I am OUTRAGED, i say, OUTRAGED at that Subway live read. C’mon now people….

    Subway sucks. Everyone knows it, especially Adam. He should backhand himself and keep his face turned to the side for a good 10 count because he knows what he did.

    Everyone think of something they want and click through amazon link on this website to get it! Support the show but, Dear God, do not support Subway!

  41. Ras

    Why am I being censored!!!! I made one observation about Alison and I am not being heard!

  42. Tom Baumgartner
    Tom Baumgartner03-08-2012


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-12-2012

      …free podcast?!

  43. Mr. Bill
    Mr. Bill03-08-2012

    help me I’m falling asleep and I can’t wake up!

  44. Mijo

    The subway plug was just a matter of time. What I’m confused about isn’t that Adam took their money to plug their (admittedly shitty) sandwiches. What I find odd is people at Subway are so out of touch with Adams schtik that they actually approached him with the work? Or are they super devious and smart and DELIBERATELY came to Adam knowing he has been badmouthing their product just to show everyone money talks.

    As someone posted above, I can’t wait for Adam to appear in the next Sid and Marty Croft adaptation. “Not a fan of rehashing the same old shit Adam?” “Nope” “How does a million bucks and 1 percent on the back end sound?” “Where do I sign?”

  45. Edward

    I was hoping Adam would ask Debbie about her reaction to Mojo Nixon’s song, “Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant with My Two-Headed Love Child”. Actually, Penn mentioned being a friend of Mojo on his last podcast, and Penn is on CA w/Gibson and Carolla – so one of these guys should get Mojo on a podcast. Adam Must know about Mojo Nixon, especially since he has another song called “Don Henley Must Die”.
    Ace & Mojo – soul mates. (Romantic music swelling in background… )

  46. Pb

    Debbie Gibson was great

  47. Buzz Bisinger
    Buzz Bisinger03-08-2012

    Seems like a nice woman, but Gibson is also quite the bore.

  48. Bradbin

    A really charming show. Loved the singing, and Debbie Gibson came off as smart, quick-witted, fun, and a great foil to the Aceman!

  49. Meh

    The ridicule of Rupert Holmes appearance sharpens the scope on why celebrity’s botox the shit out of their face. Next time you ask why celebs fuck with their appearance, harken back to this podcast.

  50. steve

    I think this took a while to get on the app because it just had a software update today.

  51. Carl

    To all you people commenting on the Subway plugs, Adam has mentioned in the past he’ll do commercials for anyone that will pay him. As he often mentions he called Mountain Dew the nectar of the tards for years and then they paid him for a commercial and he did it.

  52. Matt


    It’s been 1.5 years since I graduated from
    College, 2 years since I was crushed when you left FM, and 2.00000000001 years since you became the baddest dude on the nternet, You fucking rock, bro.

  53. MC White
    MC White03-09-2012

    OMG!!!! Please don’t tell me that Subway is a sponsor now!!!! I swear, that is the top of the hypothetical BULLSHIT pile of manure!!!! Adam has spoken non-stop about how shitty the local “chain” of Sub Sandwich shops is, and how much better the no-name deli is, where they pile on loads of meat. I have not listened yet, but if you tell me he’s adverting for that place now…now that’s what I call “screwing the pooch” Adam, have no idea what that means, just wanted to say it.

    • David

      Jesus christ, back of the ledge. You do know he gets paid fort his right? He’s not endorsing Subway just to fuck with you.

  54. Riggz

    Aceman, I have to disagree with you here, I don’t care what anyone says I say for my money I can spend $6 and get a good, quality sub from a corner deli down the street. However, I think the new Subway “Oreo & Trafoil” desert Sub might be awesome though.

  55. Ryan

    God I could not care less about the story of a washed up singer whose last hit was 25 years ago. I don’t find any of his women guests interesting at all, they never have any sort of wit, offer nothing and can’t hang with Aceman. That’s just my opinion.

  56. nathan

    What is going on with the delay on the show. It was a part of my morning commute and now i have to find something new. Will this be fixed or should i find something else to listen to from now on.

  57. Rocketman

    Adam has called Mountain Dew poison but still did work for them. It’s all about the almighty dollar and that’s a good thing. If they turned down advertisers because they didn’t like the product this podcast couldn’t last. It’s Subway’s fault for not listening to the show.

    Also, but unrelated, I liked Debbie Gibson’s singing voice on the show, but Ace really stole the show on the duet!

    • MC White
      MC White03-10-2012

      LOL, Adam’s nazely drone cannot harmonize, but I loved the dual singing. I agree, and understand about the advertising dollar. No, I’m near no ledges. I just think its hilarious, to tell you the truth, it does not upset it, just makes me laugh harder, when somebody advertises something they’ve been complaining about as recently as 1 year ago, if not sooner. But then again, Adam can complain about anything, so what am I saying?

  58. Ken Shabby
    Ken Shabby03-09-2012

    Did I really hear Alison Rosen call a female college student a slut on this show? I guess she owes Rush an apology.

  59. cg

    Horrible dimwit. Worse than Maher.

  60. cg

    WOW. This is the most boring string of stories I’ve ever heard. Listening to Debbie Gibson for this amount of time is a true endurance exercise. SHUTUP!! Guess I’ll just turn it off.

  61. benyens

    Deacon Jones is probably the best pass rusher ever other than the late Reggie White.

  62. Patrick Dobrinen
    Patrick Dobrinen03-09-2012

    RE: “micro-toasters,” Subway uses convection toaster ovens to quickly toast their bread. Try one of those for ‘quick toast.’

  63. Yossarian

    Wow, Debbie was totally cool!

  64. TheSaintMiunich

    best to listen on PODCASTER app.

  65. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac03-10-2012

    Sunny D is next! After that Adam will plugging for a tax increase for the 1%ers.

  66. Ævar Már Óskarsson
    Ævar Már Óskarsson03-10-2012

    We should call you Dr. Carolla, You are awesome!!!

  67. claudio

    why when I click on the picture the names don’t show . please fix its been like that for a while.

  68. Jfroh

    Subway… really now. I thought i remember a 20+ minute rant on how only retards eat subway and the local chains are so much better. jesus christ your a whore adam

  69. Gavin

    I liked Debbie. She seemed down to earth and switched on. I wasn’t expecting much from a former 80s Popstar…but I was suprised. Nice work as usual guys!

  70. Uppity Negro
    Uppity Negro03-13-2012

    Let’s face it – Unanimous lost this challenge the second Michael Andretti decided NOT to be the project manager. Donald Trump probably promised his Buick sponsors that he could deliver Michael Andretti as a project manager for their challenge. When that didn’t happen, he was toast.

    What The Donald didn’t consider was that Michael Andretti had his OWN sponsor – Honda. Honda sponsors Andretti Racing, and I’m sure they would not be please that M.A. would shill for their competitor. Basically Buick wanted to get M.A. to front for them free of charge. When that didn’t happen, The Donald was pissed and had it in for Unanimous.

  71. Parm

    when alison says her boyfriend does not have a microwave, what is the sound effect that is used right after? does anyone know where its from? they use it a lot on the show.

  72. Joey B
    Joey B03-14-2012

    Never again, after this show, are you allowed to refer to your voice as a nasally drone, Adam. Do Debra’s nostrils articulate her words for her?

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