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Adam picked Deaf Frat Guy up at the airport and decided to record a podcast with him while on the road. The guys reflect on DFG’s past appearances on Adam’s morning radio show, and look back on the old college days. DFG also fills everyone in on some of his past loves and fraternity brothers.

Later in the podcast, Adam hears a bit more about why DFG is in LA and the special project he is working on. DFG also weighs the pros and cons of having cochlear implants, and the guys discuss the songs you’d most like to hear after coming out of surgery. As the show wraps up, DFG jokes about his struggles with using Twitter.


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Show Credits

Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Steve

    Fucking finally!!!! I can’t wait to listen:)

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-28-2011

      Hell yeah, bro.

  2. Mark


  3. danny o.
    danny o.10-28-2011

    Get it on!!!

  4. Sluggh

    Love DFG, especially when he calls for the sodomization of Octomom.

  5. Dutch

    Deaf Frat Guy is incredible, and its been way too long since he’s been on. Bring him on as often as possible!

  6. GuyDudeBro

    Hell Ya!… it’s about time

    DFG is the shit


  7. GuyDudeBro

    Hell Ya!… it’s about time

    DFG is the shit


  8. Pike

    DFG rocks!

  9. maxman

    Deaf Frat Guy!

  10. Raymond

    Finally some DFG! Next to DAG, always my fav episodes. Thanks!

  11. Alex

    First album for DFG to listen to: Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here.

  12. Flatulator


  13. carl weathers
    carl weathers10-28-2011


  14. Kenneth


  15. Tyler

    Sweet! Been waiting too long for this!

  16. Sean P
    Sean P10-28-2011

    It’s about time! I’ve waited for months for him to come back on. Adam, pay this man to be on as your sidekick. The same one you play to Jimmy.

  17. Dirty D
    Dirty D10-28-2011

    Yeah Deaf Frat Guy!

  18. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle10-28-2011


  19. cramp

    potato gun

  20. Josh A
    Josh A10-28-2011

    DFG sounds just like Ali G. He’s also hilarious, great show!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-28-2011

      No, Ali G sounds like DFG.

  21. Shawn

    Love DFG. Long overdue. Hell Yeah.

  22. jc

    I could listen to Ace and DFG talk all day.

    Ace Network should give him a show.

    Douchebagel is one of the greatest nicknames of all time.

  23. koko


  24. murphy

    Hell ya. Love me some DFG

  25. boochie

    hell yeah!!

  26. Art

    DFG! Its about time.

  27. Erik

    Adam Dudebro!

    I need more DFG josh’s song’s are great I bought his album but DFG is what makes me laugh the most. Would it be possible to have a weekly DFG podcast?? I know you spend lots of money putting this whole network together and i doesn’t go unnoticed I click through amazon almost everyother day. But if you started a DFG podcast i would click through and buy shit i dont even need. Thanks again Aceman. Get it on!!

  28. Stuart

    “When pink elephants get wasted, they see you.”

    • Lucy Mae
      Lucy Mae10-29-2011

      That is a 500 year old street joke that any real comedian would be ashamed to repeat.

  29. Farmer Ted
    Farmer Ted10-28-2011

    Hell ya!

  30. Reb

    Kind of like stretching an SNL skit into a movie; DFG is funny for 6 minutes, not an hour.

  31. Cheechu

    Hell yeah! Datato Gun…

  32. President of Hollywood
    President of Hollywood10-28-2011

    Dude hell yeah! DFG bro!

  33. TheSourceX1

    I thought it was Ralph Garman doing the McDonalds Employee bit.

  34. Tim

    Best podcast ever! I’ve listened to it twice.
    Bring the DFG back soon.

  35. Danny

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!DFG!DFG!DFG! Finally

  36. Gigo

    Get It On !!!

  37. VW LUV
    VW LUV10-28-2011

    great show!

  38. Karl Marone
    Karl Marone10-28-2011

    They should have had a sign-language interpreter in the car so DFG wouldn’t have had to think so hard reading Adam’s lips between questions. Also I would have thought he’d have picked up a Boston accent from his time in the Northeast, like when he went to France for a Semester.

    • Ledgewood

      Hell oui.

  39. cocobutta

    Fuck Yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

  40. Def fan
    Def fan10-28-2011

    I love this guy!

  41. paddym

    no comments? are you guys deleting stuff or something?

    • mnoswad1

      yes they are…….but that means at least someone is reading them right? so I guess its a good thing, but still.

      • Peanut

        Yes, a couple of my comments were deleted. DFG sucks and is not even worth listening to. The first couple of times he was on the radio show it was funny, after that is was really old and really boring….

  42. KA

    Allison would be a lot hotter if she would loosen up and drink every now and then, damn prude.

  43. Joe

    This podcast was borderline unlistenable. Worst episode EVER! Why does Ace keep supporting this unfunny hack?

    • Turf Derguson
      Turf Derguson10-30-2011

      For the same reason Jimmy Kimmel keeps throwing Adam a bone.

  44. Yortuk Festrunk
    Yortuk Festrunk10-28-2011

    Get On !

  45. Rob

    The only motivation to listen all the way through was the hope that the sweet hum of Adam’s turbocharged ride would eventually drown out the intolerable sound of DFG’s boring rap. That said, I would LOVE to hear DFG interview Lou Ferrigno

  46. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-28-2011

    It’s amazing how funny Josh Gardner isn’t.

  47. Dave

    Wow. Much better.. Thanks Aceman and the ACS Crew!!!

  48. Dave

    Much better.. Thanks Aceman and the ACS Crew!!!

  49. VegasJack

    Love the pic of DFG with the headphones on.

  50. snodgrass

    Wow, that was the worst show I have heard from Ace Broadcasting. I don’t understand why people think DFG is interesting. All he is is a potty-mouth. Can someone explain to me why this person is so endearing to the audience?

    • Flatulator

      The fact that you write the term “potty mouth” is explanation enough. Shouldn’t you be watching Dancing With The Stars or Two And A Half Men?

    • Turf Derguson
      Turf Derguson10-30-2011

      Because these are the same people who find endless rants about left-turn signals, airline peanuts, city building permit conflicts, and illegal aliens to be unceasingly hilarious.

  51. Mason

    FUCK. YES. Delta Foo!

  52. eh

    what happened?

  53. koko

    Guy Dudebro!

  54. Poochie's Uncle's Aunt's Second Cousin's Son
    Poochie's Uncle's Aunt's Second Cousin's Son10-28-2011


  55. Studmuffin

    Is DFG for real? Kinda sounds like a Father Guido Sarducci wannabe.

  56. Toonanim8r

    Great show. Compelling and rich.

  57. Matt in NH
    Matt in NH10-28-2011

    Try Clicking < Older Comments, numb-nuts.

  58. robert

    maybe because this ep was a total skip. this guy is a 12 year old in a deaf frat guy body.

  59. Chief Bullshagger
    Chief Bullshagger10-28-2011

    No, Paddy, you’re just the only loser who can be bothered anymore.

  60. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-28-2011

    I forgot about your poor sack problem Poochie, hows the harness working out?
    Can you even post here to comment?

  61. Stan

    awesome! I was so annoyed when they had Josh on just playing songs about a month ago, excited there’s a DFG podcast!

  62. greg

    deaf frat guy has got to go… what a wasted podcast after a hard days work

  63. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse10-28-2011

    hell ya delta foo!!!!!!! if your not wasted, the day is.

  64. John Hails
    John Hails10-28-2011

    Love the DFG. Never get tired of him.

  65. volkan


  66. sara jay
    sara jay10-28-2011

    Long Overdue. DFG rules!!!!

    Love Deaf Frat Guy!

    Delta Fu 4 Life!

    -Pledge brother #1848
    yours in the bond,

    Dude Bro Dude Bro Bro the 3rd

  67. Ace's only Latino Fan
    Ace's only Latino Fan10-28-2011

    I see all the comments. It’s just you.

  68. grant

    hell yeah delta fu.

    I’ve been waiting for this podcast for 3 years.

  69. Timmy B
    Timmy B10-28-2011

    No one likes this tard.

  70. John J Frankenheimer
    John J Frankenheimer10-28-2011

    Adam says he’s an expert in comedy.

    Adam thinks DFG is funny.

    Adam is not an expert in comedy.

    • Bobby Dobbs
      Bobby Dobbs10-29-2011

      You’re outnumbered on this. Maybe it’s you that doesn’t know comedy.

      • Bobby Dobbs
        Bobby Dobbs10-29-2011

        Just listened to the podcast.

        Sadly, it wasn’t funny at all.

    • hell ya delta FU
      hell ya delta FU11-07-2011

      get on with your life bro

  71. Bobby Canning
    Bobby Canning10-28-2011

    Josh is awesome, that is all.

  72. Lagmasta

    Love Deaf frat guy. He’s one of the few guests where Adam can “lean back” and let someone else do the work!

  73. Kaman


  74. Jim

    Long overdue! I love DFG. A rim job is da new blow job. Hell yeah!

  75. JuicemanDee

    Message board being flooded with fake comments about how awesome this was.

    Which surely tells you how horrible.. i mean absolutely horrible this was.
    If it were possible to demand my money back I would. Just absolutely the worst.. I actually thought it was a ‘prank’ podcast and waited for them to say ‘HA Gotcha! In fact he is a real comedian/interesting person!’.
    But no. No. Sadly this was all too real.

    • Bobby Dobbs
      Bobby Dobbs10-29-2011

      Faked? So was my comment faked? Why would people flood the boards to post fake comments? Who does that really serve?

      • Bobby Dobbs
        Bobby Dobbs10-29-2011

        Though this simply wasn’t a good show.

    • Jim

      You’re certainly entitled to your opinion but for the record my comment was genuine.

  76. Savory Mix
    Savory Mix10-28-2011

    If I was in the back seat of this car I would have smashed the window and jumped out.

  77. Ellis

    Funniest (past) DFG quote:
    “If you rape wearing a condom, you’re less than a man.”

  78. Six Dixon
    Six Dixon10-28-2011

    These posts were all clearly posted by different people, and are in no way a pathetic attempt to make it appear as if anyone actually enjoyed this episode.

    Pay no attention to the man typing furiously behind the curtain.

  79. fart whisper
    fart whisper10-28-2011

    All the DFG haters are retarded bro.

  80. Poochie

    The sack is improving guys. I try not to sit on
    my nads for too long.

  81. Tricia

    I won’t even bother downloading this one.

  82. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town10-29-2011

    This guy BL0WS HA>RD !!!

  83. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town10-29-2011

    i dont think this guy is funny at all, not a funny word said…

  84. dfgs_nuts

    DFG is better for just 5/10 minute slots, I don’t think he has enough material to do an hour.

  85. Jason

    DFG!!!!!!! Hell ya

  86. Jay

    Hard to understand that guy. I’m sure he’s nice enough…but I could only listen to the first 10 minutes and then I gave up. Didn’t laugh once.

  87. :D

    LOL 🙂 Funny show! Love DFG 😀

  88. asdf

    Im a big DFG fan but this was a big let down, like when your jacking it in your room and your mom walks in when you’re about to bust a nut

  89. B

    This was long overdue. More DFG please.

  90. coke booger
    coke booger10-29-2011

    DFG is the only guest in the history of the show that is actually funnier than Adam.

  91. GuyDudeBro

    DFG, bro you were a TKE not blake chambers

    I got a lil bum’d out about my hearing this

    I guess just to many funnels huh bro?

  92. Hop Devil
    Hop Devil10-29-2011

    Fuck you Blake Chambers!

  93. David

    I don’t comment too often, but I had to give props to Deaf Frat Guy. This guy is funny. Rep. Rich Martin should never be booked and this guy should be booked more often.

    Good work Ace and crew!

  94. dick manclaw
    dick manclaw10-29-2011

    since you’re having josh on, why not have his Gerhardt Reinke character?

  95. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town10-29-2011



  96. Blake

    WORST PODCAST EVER!!!!!!!!!!! DFG is funny for about one minute. This is the only episode that I have ever FF to the end. Man did it suck!!!

    • Mike F
      Mike F11-11-2011

      your post is gay, bro. Hell ya delta fu

  97. Harv

    DFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rules. Hell Yeah Delta FUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. AdamFanNo122

    all u guys hating DFG, u do realize that none of this show was scritped or rehearsed right? This was a great piece of improvisational comedy. DFG never broke character and Adam played along. this show was HILARIOUS!! Rival frats, potato guns, the wide variety of potatoes, chapters in prison, “poochie hit all three ashleys”, shorter than derek jeter but not so short situation, mike f, mike p, mike g, mike l, moose with abercrombie fitch stock. morning wood, goes on and on….

    • JuicemanDee

      122, I am sure the show wasn’t scripted or rehearsed. I don’t believe anyone thought so. That would be impossible for anyone to be that bad. I sincerely want you to reconsider what you find ‘HILARIOUS’ because (and I mean this sincerely) if you believe Rival frats, potato guns, chapters in prison etc was ‘HILARIOUS’ then you have mental problems. Not so serious as to require immediate professional help – however – mental problems that you need to check. Because this was absolutely stupid. Very stupid. Even back in 1988 and if you were 20 years old this would (should) be the stupidest thing and biggest comedy fail you ever came across.
      Please, I am honestly trying to help. Check yourself.

    • r

      Yes, I totally agree with you. I hate to say, but disliking this one has nothing to do with DFG’s capabilities…it’s the listeners’.

  99. John

    To bad Allison ain’t deaf

  100. toga

    i just realized josh is about the only person adam lets talk at length. That alone is impressive as hell.

  101. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah10-30-2011

    best show since 2001 love line


    yoh broh, you know u are a funny fuck when you have haters.

  102. r

    How is he not funny? He is extremely cleaver. I think most of the people complaining aren’t able to follow.

  103. JV

    Awesome episode with DFG, one of the funniest in a while and it totally got me out of a funk mood. I am about to listen to it again soon.

  104. Matt

    You guys hating on Maverick are just a bunch of GDIs

  105. Scott

    After another dreadful Bai Ling waste, thanks for putting on DFG to remind everyone who the second worst guest really is! (Harland Williams remains the runaway winner for worst guest).

  106. Ian from Baltimore
    Ian from Baltimore10-30-2011

    Lou Ferigno again?

    I love the Hulk.

  107. BIRDY

    This will be only the second episode I refuse to even download! The other one was also one that had Deaf Frat Guy on it. Seriously, did he save Adam’s life one time back in the 70’s? That’s the only explanation for ace to get solidly behind his shitty music or his “comedy”

  108. Josh is a hack
    Josh is a hack10-30-2011

    Using a handicap as a hook is funny as fuck. Here is some more ideas for Adam and Josh.
    Blind School Crossing Guard
    Down syndrome arobics instructor
    Bob the amputee
    Anyone have any more ideas?

  109. MrMind

    It was good, but they have Dawson the audio engineer and they dont know how to take out the noise? Just saying…..

  110. Todd

    This episode was sooo funny….nice work DFG!

  111. Sun_GOD

    Gotta be honest I don’t get DFG. I mean, I GET it. But not the appeal. In small rehearsed doses he can be funny but this episode was painful. I LOVE this podcast but it does no need anymore DFG.

  112. andy

    Sorry man, Josh Gardner is just not funny.

  113. hood

    Pretty funny. Almost launched two ibuprofens out my nose laughing.

  114. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett10-31-2011

    Love DFG.

  115. Leafyman

    Had to listen twice…holy shit bro

  116. SEE WORD
    SEE WORD10-31-2011

    Fuck Blake Chambers Bro!!!

  117. Moody

    “You like to funnel beers, right?”
    “…hell yeah.”

  118. KevDaddy

    Awesome episode! Used to not like DFG, but he was great here!

  119. Rapebank

    LOVE DFG, but interview Josh as Josh! How is he not a great guest in his own right??? Between “Saul of the Maul Men” and “Gerhard Reinke’s Wanderlust”… That’s a week worth of show! BRING ON JOSH AS JOSH, ASAP

    …or in character as Gerhard Reinke

  120. Ian from Baltimore
    Ian from Baltimore11-02-2011


    Two Lou Ferigno episodes this week!

  121. jordan

    funny….if this guy is so good, why has NO ONE outside this podcast audience heard of him? shhhhhhhhhocking

  122. jordan

    p.s. i guarantee all u retards who like DFG liked The Hangover too

  123. Gabe F
    Gabe F11-02-2011

    I’m going to name my band Scrotal Torsion. Maverick is the effin man. Can’t wait for more DFG.

  124. douchebagel

    DFG 4 LIFE

  125. Lioness B.
    Lioness B.11-19-2011

    Hey Adam,
    FYI – I’m a black woman, a young black woman, 32 years olds and I think you’re hot!!! I’ve been following you on and off for about six/seven years, but the last 2 years daily. I love your podcast, I listen to it in the office mon-fri and some Saturdays, I have your app and it’s awesome. I sit at my desk cracking up laughing and I share an office with two dudes, they look at me all day, like “what in the hell is she laughing at”. I use earplugs.
    I love this interview; love the DFG, freakin halarious!!!
    I’M THE FIRST FEMALE MEMBER OF THE CAROLLA TYRANT CLUB! If you ever have a show where you let your
    Listeners call in an rant about 1 topic, like road rage, I’ll be calling in.
    Keep up the good stuff Ace Man!!!
    Lioness B.

  126. Velcro Cheez
    Velcro Cheez03-15-2012

    Fire and brimstone shit, yukon golds coming in through the window…I’ve never laughed as hard at a podcast. Effing brilliant.

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