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Adam opens the show discussing the Celebrity Apprentice producers’ reactions to his comments about how Sunday night’s show was edited. He also complains about someone in the studio leaving a bag of chips open, the shitty music at Burbank airport, and the horrible snack mix on the plane. Later, Deaf Frat Guy joins the studio, very upset about the way Adam treated Lou Ferrigno on Apprentice.

Today’s other guest is author Fred Weintraub, who’s recently released a memoir called, ‘Bruce Lee, Woodstock and Me.’ Adam talks with him about founding the legendary night club ‘The Bitter End,’ and the guys discuss all the great comedians that came out of that place. Fred also talks about his experiences working with Bruce Lee, Marlon Brando, and Steve McQueen, and tells the story of how he became an executive at Warner Brothers.

In the news today, Alison brings up the Westboro Baptist Church’s decision to boycott Adam’s upcoming Kansas City performance. Alison also reads a Germany or Florida story, and the guys talk about Raquel Welch’s comments about a nation of sex addicts. Also in the news, Aubrey O’Day let her dogs sit on the table of a popular LA restaurant, and now health groups are up in arms. As the show wraps up, Fred talks about the experience of trying to release the film ‘Woodstock,’ and Adam comments on a controversial photo of Trump’s kids.

Download Josh Gardner’s new album, ‘Winterbush,’ available on iTunes.

Also, check out a copy of Fred’s memoir, ‘Bruce Lee, Woodstock, and Me’, available on Amazon.


Thriller Music Video
Raquel Welch Workout video
20 Minute Workout
Aubrey O’Day

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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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  1. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse03-14-2012

    hell ya delta fu!!!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-14-2012

      Hell yeah.

  2. Dan Carrol
    Dan Carrol03-14-2012

    The podcasts are being uploaded later than usual …I need my morning fix!! I can’t go to work without Ace chiming in my ear

    • Why Are The Podcasts Late
      Why Are The Podcasts Late03-15-2012

      Same. On the east coast, I used to be able to download when I woke up at 7am and I’d have it for my commute in to work. Now they’re not showing up until the afternoon and I’m a day behind. Damn you Daylight Savings Timewarp.
      Porcelain Punisher, can you get someone to look into this between dumps?

  3. Chris

    Hey man, I am a Christian and I go to a Baptisit church in Des Moines, and I can tell you that those idiots at westboro baptist church do not represent Christians or Baptists. Jesus in the Bible commands us to love our neighbors. ALL people, not just the ones that don’t make us look bad being friends with. Plus, if these losers boycott or protest Adams show, he’ll just get more people to come watch. Bring Lou with you to shake them up Adam.

    • Chris

      There’s no delete button on here. Anyway, I meant to say not just the ones that don’t make us look good in everyones eyes. Too many religious fools only care about how good and self righteous they look in a community of their peers eyes, and not how the society perceives Biblical Christianity. Plus, real christians believe jews like Alison Rosen are scruptulicious. LOL and again, more protest will bring more attention to how funny Adam’s shows are.

  4. Department of Weights and Measures
    Department of Weights and Measures03-14-2012

    While talking about the half a bottle of aftershave, Alison said “or they could just weigh it.”

    Oh, you silly woman. Fluid ounces are a measure of volume.

  5. Tim

    Sorry, Ace, but you’re the only person on the planet under the age of 58 who would rather hear smooth jazz than INXS.

    • Gy

      Thank YOU!! Nothing wrong with INXS, except the curret gen. Led,and Classic rock would be in hey day 70’s! So a “80’s” Band INXS is apples to mental retards complaining! LOL

    • tony

      You are totally WRONG. Good music is good music regardless of the age of the listener !!!
      Face facts Timmy, modern popular music is one big turd…..and twice as ugly!
      Try and listen to other type of music and live for once!!!!!!

      • Steve Hatchett
        Steve Hatchett03-15-2012

        INXS is from the 80’s.

    • Yak

      Sorry Tim, but you’re wrong.

    • Michael Pemulis
      Michael Pemulis03-14-2012


    • Mike

      INXS is good music. Just because Aceman have only heard 3-4 songs on the radio don’t mean they’re shit. Go watch the LIVE BABY LIVE DVD and tell me those guys don’t have talent.

  6. Ledgewood

    They’re mine! Everybody enjoy my chips!

  7. James Boomer
    James Boomer03-14-2012


    Nice job, DFG

  8. Dario

    Am I the only one that has absolutely no interest in DFG’s frat nonsense? And he comes off as a bit of a dick too, barely different than some jock with arrested development stuck in highschool or college.

    • Javier

      It’s a character…

    • JoeyJoJo

      Yes, you’re the only one

    • Prison Mike
      Prison Mike03-14-2012

      To Dario– Do you realize he is a character who is supposed to be a dickish frat jock?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-14-2012

      Yes, you are the only one.

    • HotBlackDesoto

      Yes, you’re the only one.

      Everything you mentioned disliking about deaf frat guy IS part of the joke.

      Deaf Frat Guy is money!

    • Jeff714

      DFG sucks.

    • donewithidiots

      No, you’re not the only one. Dfg sucks. Not as bad as the Trump family, but nobody does.

  9. MrMind

    Why is the sound quality of the Podcast so crappy?

  10. Jeffrey

    I would rather have my dead mother rise from the dead, don a strap-on, and rape me mercilessly without lube than listen to the fucking Deaf Frat Guy. Simply un-fucking-funny. Get it off.

  11. adam

    it was embarrassing and uncomfortable listening to a grown man lose his shit over a bag of open potato chips. and not funny in any way. i tuned in for DFG but couldn’t even make it that far. Adam seems completely miserable in his life.

    • tony

      A big ditto to that!!

    • steve

      it’s almost like overreacting to the situation was a joke or something

    • Derek

      Seriously. I just started listening to this podcast and was starting to like it, but this was a bit much. First Adam throws a hissy fit about some fucking chips then he makes fun of the way the deaf guy talks. He really just came off like a bitch this episode.

  12. rosemary

    was the deaf frat guy for real? or did you guys bring in a ringer?

  13. rosemary

    nevermind it is mike

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-14-2012

      Are you kidding me?

  14. Nick

    I really want to make the 10 hour drive to the show now just to kick a WBC member in the nads…. I live in Dallas, one of the points of return from overseas, and those D-Bags protest at the funerals and return ceremony’s of the people who fight to keep us free. Thankfully we have a strong presence of the Freedom Riders who shut that shit down quickly! :: End Rant

    • reb

      “the people who fight to keep us free”

      pretty sure we’d be just as free without any war that’s been fought in past 50 years

    • Brad

      The hypocrisy of your statement is bordering on irony. You toss around the words “free” and “freedom” and then speak of violating the First Amendment rights our troops are fighting for. The First Amendment isn’t just for things we agree with. It also protects speech we don’t agree with. It’s very simple to understand.

  15. Scott

    PREACH Ace-man!! Fuck NBC, keep that Pirate Ship afloat

  16. Ross

    I’m glad the ACE man is off that crappy NBC show, I tried (key word there) to watch an episode last night, it was the biggest turd I’ve seen since the day after Thanksgiving.

    • Yak


  17. Terri

    If Celebrity Apprentice wants my business…make up some more new rules and bring Adam and Michael back. Honestly, Michael came in as a favor and was treated like hell….as was Adam. Trump better reconsider his decision.

    • tony

      Trump is a dolt. I don’t know how he made his money, but it sure was not through using HIS logic!!!!!
      He and his kids are alike……….all money and NO brains. His decisions on the Apprentice are are so groundless, illogical, and stupid!!!

      • donewithidiots

        +10! It’s common knowledge that Trump has gone bankrupt a few times. Adam made an analogy about fantasy football geeks and players, and Trump called it a comparison. He was born rich, he’ll always be rich and those mutant kids of his, probably will end up broke somehow from lack of common sense. They really suck. Watching Adam deal with that snot nose rat boy, after he told Adam his project fell apart… Wow. Sooo glad he stood up to trump and the spawn.

    • Yak

      I’m pretty sure the show is taped and it wrapped weeks, if not months, ago. Yeah, hard to believe a gem of a show like that is not live.

  18. Iowa Girl
    Iowa Girl03-14-2012

    The Westboro Baptist Church picketed our high school graduation in central Iowa quite a few years back because one of the students graduating (who is/was openly gay) received the Matthew Shepard scholarship. It was ridiculous. And yes they are lazy as they had a few hours drive tops. They are further proof of why I gave up religion. These people are sickening and I guarantee my non religous values are much more upstanding than their hatred for anything different from themselves. I heard this quote a long time ago, I have no idea where it came from but it is so true: If only closed minds came with closed mouths. All too often the opposite is true.

    • duke lacrosse
      duke lacrosse03-14-2012

      well said.

  19. Cameron Apple
    Cameron Apple03-14-2012

    Old news but I just watched the episode of Celebrity Apprentice. The guys totally won. Seems like Trump promised Buick Michael Andretti and didn’t deliver so they lost. Episode was so frustrating to watch. Week before Trump said he would be firing two people so don’t know why they were surprised about that.

  20. CSN

    Gotta be awesome being Mike Lynch or anybody else that hangs out with Carolla a lot and getting to listen to the exact same rants/topics over and over and over and over. I wonder what his favortie is? Taxes, his parents being lazy/apathetic, music, L.A., traffic, airports?

  21. Hey, speaking of dishonest portrayals in media
    Hey, speaking of dishonest portrayals in media03-14-2012

    I love how every time Carolla complains about “What You Need,” he cites this same phantom lyric having to do with a party, when the song contains no such reference. His gripe is literally with lyrics he himself has made up.

  22. Lor

    Ahahahahahah the chip talk was so funny! I work in an office of men who never clean up after themselves or close things properly so that things stay fresh.

    Good luck Adam, you can’t change them 🙂

    • tony

      You are right, Lor. A lot of people have no manners, values , etc……their upbringing has been lacking!!!
      However, 20 minutes spent complaining about potato chips is overdone!! I guess Adam needs to fill up time somehow. But then again, that’s what single digit IQ people expect from these podcasts !!

  23. patrick

    – it’s Bill bixby
    – … Hell yeah

  24. daniel-nyc


  25. Goldy

    Deaf Frat guy!?!?!?!? I’ve been listening to this show for over a year and a half daily, and the one with him and Adam in the car is the only one I didn’t get past the 4 minute mark with. Loyalty to a friend is one thing, but this guy ain’t bringing the funny. It’s like pretending and presenting an old friend of yours as a great chef, but every time he just brings Mac’NCheese in the blue box to the table.

  26. McNutsack

    You complain about chips being left open, but eat a nut off the ground after a pigeon spits it out? WTF?

  27. Out of problems
    Out of problems03-14-2012

    10 minutes on an open chip bag??? I don’t know about “the country”, but Adam is definitely running out of problems.

    • Yak

      On his radio show he often ranted ad nauseum about the peanut butter being left open in the lunch room. It’s obviously a pet peeve of his, to put it mildly. I confess, it bugs me too. Some people just don’t give a rat’s ass about certain things. They’re often the same people who never seem to have any savings – living from check to check their entire life.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-14-2012

      Adam can rant for 10 minutes on any topic. That is why we listen.

    • Trolly Trollerson
      Trolly Trollerson03-14-2012

      I listened to the podcast for about a year now and I also listed to some old Lovelines with him and Dr. Drew. I enjoyed how they work off each other and to have callers that Adam could mess with and that is great awesome stuff. Anything with DAG and Adam is always hilarious. Between Lovieline and this podcast some of his rants become repetitive and old and I usually turn down the volume and leave it as background noise until I her the subject change. I understand he does this every week day and that he is very busy and can to come up with new material but it is hard to stand the rants I’ve heard that aren’t funny. Examples – open snacks on counter or fridge, disarray sugar packets, Drive, his father. If you want to hear funny rants search for Adam talking about religion, Public school system, LA becoming Mexico, and American cars are crap. Those are gold.

    • Kevin

      Then stop listening.

      • Marv

        Great response Kevin! Original! Never heard that one on these comments sections before.

  28. sloozen1

    I work for Pringles and would like to send you a case…How?

  29. theMisterLister

    of course adam doesn’t go to porn shops… bet he doesn’t buy any music on vinyl either… those shops are for people who care about porn the way Jay cares about cars, or for when your girlfriend demands german bondage gangbang magazines for your anniversary, and i suppose also for guys to watch each other jerk off.

  30. Jay

    mmmm….Raquel Welch in a bikini, yum.

  31. dimeforscale

    We’re in one of those slow periods for guests. Hopefully it’ll pick up soon.

  32. Nate Haden
    Nate Haden03-14-2012

    Drove from Montana to see Ace and Josh Gardner perform in Spokane… Josh was a no-show!? He was suppose to sign my “I love Regina” T-shirt… Now I just look ridiculous.

    • Brad

      You would look just as ridiculous in your “I Love Regina” t-shirt with or without Gardner’s signature.

  33. Will T.
    Will T.03-14-2012

    Weintraub: “Peter, Paul, and Mary really started it off because of that famous album of theirs which was on the charts for two year with the brick wall…”

    Carolla: “Sure”


    You know Ace didn’t have a clue about this album just like the rest of us. No one under 60 could pick out Peter,Paul, and Mary from the Mamas and Papas in a police lineup.

  34. Brett

    Good guest wish ACE let him speak more – feel there was a lot of very interesting stories. Also feel could learn a lot from him.

    • reb

      Thanks, Boomer Esiason

  35. Javier

    Love me some DFG. Hell yeah!

  36. Greg

    god yes… DFG, thank god. Can’t believe people saying he’s not unfunny, get your head out of your asses and understand the act and satire that he’s constantly putting on, it’s simply hilarious.

  37. Stephen

    @ACE #PirateShip RRRrrrrrr!!!!!! EFFFfff’ NBC!!!

  38. burga

    Hahaha so funny that Carolla called Donald Trump Jr. a kid.
    the guy is 35 yrs old. carollas only a dozen years older. such an old-man insult to assert authority

  39. Josie

    I love you Adam! Huge fan from your KROQ days. Please layoff the peanut allergy moms. I would love it if my son were not allergic, but he is. My husband and I have no allergies, but we found out my son was when he was 1 and had some peanut butter. Choking and a rush to the hospital. It sucks, but we deal with it. I didn’t have my son’s school ban peanuts, because I get the fact that kids eat tons of peanut butter. I know I did. Love your wife and her podcast too, but come on all moms with kids with allergies are not high maintenance/helicopter/tiger moms.

  40. Jesse

    Next time you guys are in Seattle check out Bellevue across the lake. It’s like Seattle but with zero hobos or shadies. There are beautiful glass and steel buildings everywhere but parking is still very easy. Also, we don’t have state income tax, just sayin.

    • Reynolds

      Bellevue is a soulless strip mall compared to Seattle. There are places similar to Bellevue all over the world and especially this country. Adam can remain in L.A. and enjoy P.F. Chang’s and the Cheesecake Factory. He does not need to go to Bellevue. One of the things I miss about Seattle are the unique neighborhoods with interesting people! Bellevue is bland. There is a reason so many people that work at Microsoft pay a bit more and confront bridge traffic everyday so they do not have to live there!

      • ciga-Rhett

        Agreed. Bellevue is the corporate version of America. Gather enough middle-upper class white people in one area, and you get Bellevue. Is there a single large retail store or major restaurant chain that they don’t have? But hey, they’ve got lots of white people!

  41. Jll M.
    Jll M.03-14-2012

    Those Trump boys are douchebags.

  42. flapsteak

    Adam – since you like Seattle, you should go visit Bean on his private island up there. You may decide to become a resident.

    Hey, I smell a new morning crew, “Adam & Bean”

  43. Afee

    Larry Miller’s, Driving to Florida, is ten times funnier than Deaf Frat Guy. By the By, Driving to Florida is awful. DFG should stick to the cute, offensive songs.

  44. Afee

    DFG is an Oreo Cookie.

  45. Biw Bidsby
    Biw Bidsby03-14-2012

    I heard DFG on today’s show. He’s good. I would have liked to hear more about the origins of Puff the Magic Dragon from Fred but he was still interesting. Love the oldtimers (no offense).

  46. johnny

    sounded like DFG stayed for both segments!

    And, “hand to God”, That first Trump jr. photo looks EXACTLY like Ralph Maccio!

  47. Peter North
    Peter North03-14-2012

    After listening to the first half hour of the podcast, is there anyone that would want to work with or live with Adam and his petty rants?

  48. GuyDudeBro

    sometimes I get a little bummed out about lou ferrigno’s… the hulk is a whiny dush.

  49. Josh

    I live in the Kansas City MISSOURI area and those piece of shit WBC from Kansas are some of the worst humans on the planet. As a Christian I hope Ace tears them a new one outside. Funny story…the idiots from WBC went to Oklahoma a year or so ago and their bus broke down…no car shop would help them fix their bus and they were stranded.

  50. Chris Soprych
    Chris Soprych03-14-2012

    Our cause. Our passion. Help raise awareness for Passion Fruit Allergies by supporting SPFA.


  51. eric-the-ded

    Fred reminds me of Paul F. Tompkins’ impression of Cake Boss.

  52. Alisons old best friend
    Alisons old best friend03-14-2012

    great guest, super funny show. i think its funny how you guys purposly leave shit out for Ace OCD Carolla to freak out about. I would do the same thing if I worked there. I dont think he realizes how insane he sounds. That Raquel Welch picture is beyond spankworthy(althoug Alison is hotter than she is) keep up the good work and keep fucking with Ace, its funny as shit

  53. Halo909

    Adam sound pompous and arrogant like the stars he complains about so much. That little rant about the chips makes him sound like a cry baby diva. There are ways to say things without sounding like annoying like that. You’re not a big enough star to be that annoying. Sorry!

  54. B-Real

    Great episode.

    Deaf Frat Guy was hilarious, he literally had me laughing out loud the whole bit. Weintraub seemed like a trove of Hollywood wisdom, I’d especially like to hear more about his days working with Bruce Lee.

    The show’s so good right now. It’s like the ’92 Olympic basketball team of podcasting.

  55. HotBlackDesoto

    Speaking of workout videos as porn, I can’t count how many morning squirts I had to Denise Austin.

  56. DES

    I just watched the Apprentice show…totally great show even though Ace got canned

  57. Dave

    Adam shouldve got more mileage off this guest Jesus this guy was in all of the 60s may have fucked Raquel Welch and Mary but you were busy with the show one on one with this dude

  58. cg

    Part of the point of a message board is the exchange of opinions and ideas. Point-counterpoint. When comments are “moderated” for half a day before they appear to anyone checking in, it entirely defeats that component … or at least defeats it for people who don’t have an entire day to watch for any possible reaction or lack thereof.

    I can’t wait to read this comment tomorrow … and your replies maybe Friday or so …

    Just sayin’ is all …

  59. Stan

    I’m a huge DFG fan, wish he was on more or just Josh as himself. Probably best in small doses like they did when Josh was on by himself and with DFG this time.

    Honestly, the last time Josh was on and told that weird story about the bouncer in Amsterdam is one of my favorite bits in the last few months.

  60. Poochy's Uncle
    Poochy's Uncle03-14-2012

    Anyone who hates on DFG can talk to the business end of my potato gun. HELL YEAH DELTA FU!!!

  61. R

    FUCK NBC, FUCK BUICK! I love that about this podcast.

  62. Burcham

    Byan is right. They’re HIS chips!

  63. Phil

    Adam is a broken record. And a hypocrite . . .

    • Kevin

      Then stop listening to the fucking show.

      • Marv

        Oh and Kevin chimes in with another original comment! That’s two on one show! Keep it rollin’ Kev. You are insightful as well as intriguing. How do you formulate your arguments?

  64. Kevin

    It baffles my mind because I really can’t understand the idiots in this comment section that take time out of their day to bitch about how much they don’t like Adam or the show. Just stop listening and that’s it!! You can control the situation! Why go to the website and immerse yourself in something that you don’t enjoy! In any case, love Adam, love the show and I’m a listener for life.

  65. djmikeylikesit

    SO stoked DFG is back on a more regular basis!! Please keep him on as much as possible!

  66. A.C number 1 Disciple
    A.C number 1 Disciple03-15-2012

    INXS were hacks. Adam if you want to here some classic Aussie rock listen to Cold Chisel mate

  67. Bob

    I wish that Trump twerp’s gun had backfired and blown his head off.

  68. Rick

    This episode should have been listed as “best of.” Snacks on an airplane and TMZ at the airport? Christ, it was boring the first time and hasn’t gotten better the last 20 times he’s done it.

  69. Chris

    Alison is really funny, especially when she isn’t even trying to be funny. I bet she really thought they could weigh the bottle of 2oz. aftershave. Thats why I love her, she has no clue yet she is sell smart, and gorgeous.

  70. F.M. Bradley
    F.M. Bradley03-15-2012

    Fuck Blake Chambers!!!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-15-2012

      He smashed all of our pumpkins.

  71. Mike in Seattle
    Mike in Seattle03-15-2012

    Hell yeah! DFG always brings it. He deserves a weekly 30 minute podcast on ACE Broadcasting.

  72. King Latifa
    King Latifa03-15-2012

    Deaf Frat Guy is stupid. Please stop wasting our time with this loser. Dead air would be a better use of my iPod’s battery.

    • Clitoritz

      That’s JV, bro!

  73. Marc

    Over/under on how many times Lue will say “110%” on the next CA.

  74. Marc


  75. Straight Dave
    Straight Dave03-16-2012

    Steven Jobs!!!!!

  76. Riggz

    I always wanted to hate Deaf Frat Guy, but god damn, I always end up laughing… always some funny shit. Never watched even a second of the apprentice. Haven’t watched NBC since Seinfeld… other than football.

  77. Bish

    WBC are pretty much one big elaborate troll. They’re lawyers, and aim to provoke someone into taking action against them. They specialize in pickiting soldiers funerals and such. Ballsy? Sure. Smart? Not really. If we ignore them they just might go away.

    Love the show, even when the featured guest is someone with whom I don’t agree (Breitbart, that Scientology do it yourself guy, the Hawaiian guy from last week whose name escapes me).

  78. C

    Ok when B Brian drops that 70s riff, anyone have any clue what song that is? It’s totally badass.

    • J & F
      J & F03-19-2012

      I am curious about that 70’s riff too. There is a app for iPhones called Shazam that can recognize a segment of a song and identify it for you.

  79. Dman

    Josh Gardner fucking boring, as usual.

  80. Ben Dover
    Ben Dover03-20-2012

    DFG brings the funny! ‘Billw Biblibly stawted in the Cordshup of Eddys Fadder’. Hell yeah – delta fu!

  81. GreggCoff

    I know I’m late to the party but I was cracking up like always listening to DFG. More! More! More!

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