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Adam welcomes everyone to the post-Super Bowl show, and explains why he hates betting on the game. He also talks about a Liam Neeson movie he saw this weekend, and how was thrown off by another trailer depicting Neeson in a completely different role. Adam then talks to some drunk football fans, and complains about one of Natalia’s friends who decided to throw a party on Super Bowl Sunday.

Alison opens the news with some interesting statistics about yesterday’s big game. Adam also shares his thoughts on the Halftime show, and shares more love for Liam Neeson. Rolling Stones editor David Wild then joins the podcast, and talks with Adam about the Rolling Stone best of lists. He also tells stories about interviewing music legends like Bob Dylan, Jimmy Page, and John Hiatt.

Later in the news, Alison lists off some upcoming Grammy performers and presenters, and David talks about working on the award show production staff. Adam also rants about John Lennon’s solo career and hears about a new police crest with a hidden logo. The guys wrap the show discussing Back to the Future: The Musical, the legacy of Muhammad Ali, and what to do after having sex.


Read more at http://HuffingtonPost.com/David-Wild, or follow him on Twitter @WildAboutMusic.

Wrath of the Titans

Hearts of Fire

When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky

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  1. Halo909

    Adam you have to step up your shirt game. Mix a a couple more into the podcast rotation.

    • Trippy

      I believe the “same shirt” mystery was cracked on Friday’s message board.

      “Adam comes into the studio early every day to help with the renovation. The t-shirt he wears while working inevitably gets a bit sweaty and dusty. The long sleeve plaid shirt you see him wearing is a shirt he keeps at the studio.
      He has this plaid shirt there to throw on over top the t-shirt he was working in. He wears this during the podcast to hide the pit stains and dust particles that he may have gotten from his participation in the renovation.”

      “You can clearly see that Adam is wearing a different t-shirt underneath the plaid in all the photos.”

      I hope this has put your mind at ease.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle02-07-2012

        Good answer Trippy.

  2. GuyDudeBro

    Get It On in the morning time, get it on get it on get it on…

  3. MC White
    MC White02-06-2012

    Same clothes again. This was recorded yesterday bitches. No way he recorded all those shows of last week, last week, he could not discuss the results of the Superbowl or the 1/2 time show, last week, bitches.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-06-2012

      They pre-record the guests. The news and other stuff is done daily. Radio magic.

    • Cyrus

      Different undershirt. The eps are recorded the night b4 (so this was recorded sunday night…they even took callers, remember?)

      The people obsessing over Ace’s shirt need to get a life.

  4. MC White
    MC White02-06-2012

    What y’all think about that bitches?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-06-2012

      I think that you are easily distracted by shiny objects.

  5. Bobby

    Good pod. I know several people that still detest Rolling Stone magazine solely because, for many years, they did their damdest to pretend that Zeppelin were not redefining rock music. I still like and respect The Stones and The Beatles & many more, but for my money Led Zeppelin remain rock’s greatest band.

  6. Seaward, H.
    Seaward, H.02-06-2012

    All that talk of the previews before “The Grey” reminds me of when President Palmer got shot in “24” and dude was hawking Allstate during the commercials.

  7. Bobman

    Ugggh, I can even tolerate Adam’s politics more htan I can tolerate him talking about how only music he likes is valid music and how everyone else are retards.

    • editorite

      Exactly. I cannot BEAR listening to Adam talk about music. I like David Wild a lot (he was great on “For Crying Out Loud”) but 10 minutes into this interview, I had to bail.

    • state your name
      state your name02-06-2012

      Agree with Bobman. It’s not that I always disagree with Adam’s observations about music, but he argues his musical points like a nine year old. “They have some good songs, but they also have some songs that suck”. Brilliant analysis. To make matters worse, Adam often takes the songs that he hates with a passion, and proceeds to play them for his audience for 20 minutes while he yells “this sucks” over and over and over. For someone whose father is a musician, Adam should be able to express himself better and explain his tastes. As it is, he sounds like a neanderthal (and that’s probably unfair to all the neanderthals out there).

    • Javier

      Does this mean you’re among the retarded?

      • Bobman

        No, for the most part I actually am on Adam’s side as far as his musical tastes, I just hate the way he presents them. As someone above said, he ends up playing 90% of the bad songs just screaming that everyone’s a retard during it, and I end up with bad songs in my head for the rest of my life.

        That said, there’s nothing WRONG with Elvis Costello or John Hiatt, but they’re nowhere near as great as Adam makes them out to be. Decent songwriters, but that’s not everything.

  8. HotBlackDesoto

    Madonna’s Ray of Light is the only song of hers I like. Listen to it on a good sound system at a high volume and it’s like tripping balls without taking a hit of acid, a single mushroom, or chessing to a face full of cat piss.

    By the way, less he forget, Bon Jovi gave a million dollars to Katrina relief.


    • Listener

      Maddona’s “Take a Bow” is a good song.

      *now seems gay*

  9. Marc

    Too much period talk…Hand to god…hand to god!

  10. James

    I’ve liked Carolla ever since I used to listen to him on the radio on lovelines. Funny dude with a really dry sense of humor. I still son’t know if he was serious when he once said he used to materbate with a vibrating toothbrush. Haha, that was about 14 years ago that I remember him saying that.

    Anyway, I just recently started listening to the podcasts. Don’t really have much time for it usually but I listen when I’m doing other shit.

    I can identify with Carolla and his background because I used to do construction work and finally ended up going to law school when I was 29. So, mine was a meandering path to success. Also, even today I do my own home improvement stuff. In the midst of remodeling my kitchen myself right now.

    What prompted me to write is Carolla’s use of the term “wildcatter.” Someone (bald brian?) asked what a wildcatter is. I knew what a wildcatter is because a LONG time ago when I was about 11 or so I read a Hardy Boys book that explained the term. But, it left me wondering how Carolla knows this shit. The best comedians, in my opinion, are the intelligent ones. Does Carolla sit around and read all the time or what? He really seems like an intelligent dude. Anyway, long ass post but just saying…

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-06-2012


    • Cyrus


      Adam doesn’t read.

  11. Howard

    Adam, do you require your guests to bathe before coming on the podcast?

  12. Norm Walker
    Norm Walker02-06-2012

    Hey when are you going to post a picture of Jimmy’s pig?? You talked about it like 10 times.

  13. big jim
    big jim02-06-2012

    Jeezum Crapes, that pic of Ace & David looks like a couple of homeless dudes squatted in the studio overnight.

  14. Brian

    Adam really needs to lay off of Drive. The more he talks about how much he hates it, the more he exposes how little he knows about movies and filmmaking. I realize that Adam is not a fan of classic cinema and can’t recognize a modern noir movie when he sees one but railing against it puts people off from seeing it. If Adam were a reader, he should read the book of Drive and read the script (which can be found online), both of which are quite good.

    Adam continually refers to Rotten Tomatoes as the end all be all for movie reviews, berating reviewers who gave his movie poor reviews, calling them idiots who can’t do their jobs properly. It puzzles me that Adam feels he is exempt from his own rules. He is in the extreme minority when it comes to Drive but he can’t see that his opinion could possibly be lacking. Adam usually has horrible taste in movies (with the exception of No Country for Old Men) and this seems to be no exception.

    • Cyrus

      Actually his movie got good reviews on RT. He complains about people that rate shit movies as good ones. You should learn to listen.

      • Brian

        I do listen carefully. Please read more carefully and in the context of the rest of the post. I was talking about Adam using Rotten Tomatoes as his barometer, then disregarding his own rules. His movie is rated relatively high (in the mid to upper 70’s if I recall) and he dismisses reviewers who gave it a poor review as being stupid, not understanding it, or having a vendetta against him. He is indicating that they either don’t have taste or are not doing their job properly and have no business reviewing movies. At the same time, he spends a large amount of time panning a movie like Drive (which is in the low 90’s). I am unclear why he is not able to see that he could possibly be wrong about it.

        Also, Adam asks why it is not at the top of any critics lists or nominated for any awards. There are 25 or so critics who have it in their top 10 for 2011 and it has been nominated for many awards and won several (other than the Oscars, which seem to have left out many things this year). Besides, if awards are the judge of how good a move are, I must have missed The Hammer at the Oscars.

    • Robin

      You should tell us what he doesn’t know about film making and moveis and why he’s wrong about Drive. You could maybe take him apart point by point. He’s explained why he doesn’t like the movie. Please explain why you do like it. That’s how you refute things. You don’t refute things by saying someone is wrong and then not explaining yourself at all.

  15. JJ

    A coach raped me to Mr. Mister’s “broken wings” hahaa
    Loving the show.

  16. Fresneck Freddy
    Fresneck Freddy02-06-2012

    Aceman….with all the garbage movies out there; you have the nerve to bash Drive.

  17. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll02-06-2012

    WTF. Minaj has a magnificently [Pacino drop]

    • Ivan

      Totally agree. Those guys are high.

  18. Boomer

    Shirt watch, day 5.


  19. Jon P
    Jon P02-06-2012

    Hey love ya Adam
    BUUUUT if you look around and say “this is why terroists hate us” doesn’t that mean YOU dislike what you see too? A.K.A. YOU hate America. Say it ain’t so.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-06-2012

      I don’t think you understand. He loves his rich white-guy life style, the terrorists don’t.

    • Cyrus

      How retarded are you?

    • Ivan

      Jon must be new, or high.

  20. Joe

    Liam Neeson is also in BATTLESHIP. Game over.

  21. bashbash

    Wrath of the Titans is based on ancient Greek mythology. Read much!

    • Michael Pemulis
      Michael Pemulis02-06-2012

      You mean question mark, don’t you! And who cares if Wrath of the Titans is based on ancient Greek mythology? It still looks terrible.

    • Dustin

      Um…. I think it’s pretty established that he doesn’t read all that much but…. nice burn?

    • Cyrus

      Aceman doesn’t believe in reading.

  22. Isaac

    We’ll never get a “Day After Super Bowl” national holiday, just move MLK Jr Day to today.

  23. Brian

    Doin great ACE-a-roni. Any big celebs comin soon? Bring Tosh

  24. David Beals
    David Beals02-06-2012

    “Meat Technician” Good name for A’s V.

  25. J

    Just watched Drive. Adam has it right, that movie is crap. Definitely was hoping he was wrong. The movie was 45 minutes of slow crap with no talking, then 30 minutes of mild action with a couple of gore violent scenes. Very boring movie, glad I didn’t catch it in the theater.

  26. Terri

    I LOVE this guest…

  27. Terri

    David Wild…awesome. Love to listen to him and I wish Adam would quit talking over his guests. GD it Adam…you keep doing that lately. Let’s hear the guests, we all know and love you but your rants can wait too. Adam, music is extremely personal to each person and your taste in music is not everyone’s favorite either. Come on…one thing we all admire about you is your intelligence but you take on music always just rings ignorant and unfair to the artists. Adam…you ain’t always right…sorry man! Gawd…I wanted to hear more stories from David and less of you and Alison.

  28. chris

    You could perform at half time too, if your dad was Barry Gordy. (LMFAO)

  29. Travis

    Thanks for betting on the Pats so the Giants won again-history repeats itself!

  30. Matt Mitchell
    Matt Mitchell02-06-2012

    I am starting to get a little worried, my 10 year son doesn’t wear his favorite shirt that many times in row. I know he’s the boss but someone’s got to step up and say something.

  31. Bigran77741

    Adam ur a funny dude.Give the lesbian truckdriver back all her shirts. jus saying

  32. Terri

    Okay..one more comment…can cut the news in half and get more interview time with the guests. David Wild has thousands of really interesting stories and facts of some of the greatest performers, singers, composers throughout many, many years. Why can’t we hear more from the guests?

  33. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco02-06-2012

    With all that Super Bowl Halftime Show talk, how could you leave out that M.I.A. got a middle finger in before NBC could blur it? Also, please mention Giselle’s post-game potty mouth about Patriots wide receivers and get The Angry Video Game Nerd on your show!

  34. Kaveman

    I was not prepared to like a guy from Rolling Stones but he was good, and gets bonus points for being a podcast listener.

  35. mnoswad1

    i think its hilarious that Alison at least tries to get the guest back on track to talk about their stuff. Its a futile attempt to reign in Adamt, but still good effort from Alison.

    • RobK

      I noticed that in this pod more than most. Alison’s a clever girl, and when Adam is dominating the conversation (no really, it happens sometimes!) she will sometimes try to cut in and balance it out, prodding the guest to talk more. But Adam was unstoppable in this episode.

      It’s as if he invited David Wild in just so he could be subjected to Adam’s rants on what is good and bad music – as if we haven’t heard it all before a hundred times. And it’s a shame because whenever David did get a chance to speak, it was clear he had a lot of interesting shit to talk about, if only Adam would shut the fuck up for once and let the episode be about the guest – not about him. But wishing for Adam to not be self-centered is like asking beavers to go to the top of the Empire State building and NOT start trying to build a dam…or something.

  36. TerpMan

    Who would have thought Brady would play poorly against the Ravens?

    2009 Playoffs (in Foxboro): 23/42 154 2 TDS 3 INTS
    2010 Reg Season (in Foxboro): 27/44 292 1TD 2 INTS

    Not saying 0TDs and 2 picks was a foregone conclusion, just that Brady doesn’t play all that well against the Ravens. Pats +7 was a fools bet.

  37. tony


  38. Jeff714

    If Danny DeVito ever needs an understudy …

    • Jeff714

      … or a body double.

  39. PB

    great guest

  40. big b
    big b02-06-2012

    Ace really has the worst taste in music off all time.

  41. Bob

    That guinea must be getting pretty ripe.

    Btw, they don’t hate us because of pig roasts, such a moronic line.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-07-2012

      Muslims don’t eat pork. Who’s the moron now?

  42. theshaj

    It ended up being a good episode as the guest was good. I liked the fact that he was also a fan of the show. The first part of the show was a little slow I think because Adam was still drunk. He wasn’t totally on his game the way he normally is.

  43. SteveP

    Whoa, a 2 hour podcast. Everyday they seem to be getting longer. Anything over 90minutes seems like a chore to listen to.

    • L'huomo d'Ace
      L'huomo d'Ace02-25-2012

      then don’t

  44. ToBoneMutha

    ” Great story “

  45. donewithidiots

    What’s with all the sissys worrying about another dudes damn shirt. Those kinds of guys should be browsing a Details magazine in a beauty shop getting their eyebrows waxed. Not commenting on a good podcast by a guy that could punch a hole in their face.
    99% of the movies coming out these days suck anyway. That’s why hoolywierd is going broke with their lib agenda, not the illegal downloading. People are sick of shitty movies and are getting into other forms of entertainment. Like a little thing called video games for one right off the bat. Kids are still getting fat as hell without movies.

  46. Sy

    Can we get Bill Simmons on to talk about his Pats choking in the Super Bowl and the Carolla jinx.

  47. Sex n pizza
    Sex n pizza02-06-2012

    Alison: “ One time I followed up a hand-job by washing my hands… In hindsight that probably wasn’t a polite thing to do.”

    • GOD

      Was it a bad thing to get slightly hard when she said that?

      Just wondering.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle02-07-2012

        Any guy who didn’t get is probably gay.

  48. Rossco

    Things one can complain about in “The Grey”:
    Basically everything about the wolves is wrong. Healthy wolves would not stalk down people, let alone a group of big, strong men. Wolves do not den in the winter, further rendering the basic premise of their pursuit invalid. The “facts” that Neeson’s character spews about wolves are generally all wrong/off. The wolves portrayed are so large and freakish in both appearance and behavior that this might as well really have been a Sci-Fi monster movie or Clash of the Titans 2. At least people would have then understood that it’s all fantasy and not think it’s all possible.

    Also, why is everyone so concerned about Adam wearing the same shirt? Jeeez.

    • Fresneck Freddy
      Fresneck Freddy02-07-2012

      you do realize it was a movie and not a documentary

  49. Adam Sucks
    Adam Sucks02-07-2012

    Bill Hicks is dead and Adam is still alive. What a shame.

  50. Jones

    I’m a huge Wallflowers fan and have been wondering for a while if Adam could get Jakob in for a podcast since he’s also from Los Angeles. Thrilled that this was mentioned and seems like it could happen. Get it on!

  51. TOPO

    Niki not attractive have you seen her booty?

  52. Peanut Log
    Peanut Log02-07-2012

    John Hiatt is a better songwriter than Dylan? Ace must have just been out of Barstow when the drugs took hold. Music is simple, you will like whatever band you were listening to when you were 18 for the rest of your life…..and not understand why anyone else would listen to anything else….everyone does it. The Aceman is an idiot when it comes to music, but hes our idiot and we love him
    ….”Idiot wind, blowing everytime you move your teeth, you are an Idiot babe, its a wonder you still know how to breath” from a Dylan song Ace has never heard(he seems to only know Maggies farm)….
    ….this dude was the best guest in a while

    • RobK

      I’m used to hearing Adam get on his high horse when talking about music. Usually I would have to say he has a fairly good grasp of what’s good and what’s shit. And I like it when he pummels some of the garbage that’s been passed off as good when it clearly isn’t.

      HOWEVER. When he said he didn’t “get Dylan”, I cringed. Then when he started saying John Hiatt was a better songwriter than Dylan, and that Springsteen is a mediocre lyricist, I nearly lauged out loud. Ace has his personal favorites, and that’s fine. We all do. But if he doesn’t get musical titans like Dylan or Springsteen, or whoever, he should just leave it at that.

      Loved the way David sat quiet while Adam blathered on, then said quietly, “I named my son after Bob Dylan.” That was classic.

  53. Ivan

    It’s nice that Adam is dropping his dick attitude towards Alison. Took him long enough.

  54. WILDly dissapointed
    WILDly dissapointed02-08-2012

    This was one of the worst episode in months. Anytime Adam talks about his musical taste in objective terms, listeners’ eyes will be rolling. Also, David Wild is the new face of Rolling Stone for me from now on: fat, ignorant and pretentious. He had to take a shot at “prog rock” in general without explaining himself, yet praises minimally talented pop stars generously.

  55. TImoth

    AMEN! to the conversation about “Artists we have too much of”. Ive always wondered how many goddamn Ive heard Brown Eyed Girl in my lifetime. I hate that song and I guarantee it’s over 100,000. There are a million more songs just like that.

  56. BigScience

    Cee lo rules! And he can write songs. His best album came out in 2004, Cee lo Green is the Soul Machine, he will not top it.

  57. Al Alvarez
    Al Alvarez02-15-2012

    Did anyone notice the editing done when David talks about being on Adam’s radio show?? What did they say that they should have?

  58. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace02-25-2012

    great guest, please have him back!
    best part: “Is Dylan gonna work on Maggie’s farm or not?”

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