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Rolling Stones contributing editor David Wild sits down right at the top of the show. Adam rants about an evening at the very exclusive SoHo House, and discusses the various ways the restaurant tries to rip you off. He and David also talk about Axl Rose, and the odds of the band ever getting back together. The guys then respond to a couple listener calls, and Adam expresses his hatred for Michael Stipe.

Fred Dryer joins the show next. Adam loves him from the Rams, and also the TV series Hunter. The guys discuss how the NFL has evolved, especially in more recent years, to make the scores higher. They also talk about why LA doesn’t have a football team, and whether or not that will happen. Later they laugh about the classic Deacon Jones clip, and talk about how easy it is to get fat while acting on set.

In the news with Alison, the top story is about a weatherman suing a local CBS affiliate for only hiring attractive women for the job. They also talk about an unusual promotion for vasectomies during March Madness. As the show wraps up, the group discusses the cancellation of Rosie O’Donnell’s show from Oprah’s network, and Adam chats with Fred about his Celebrity Apprentice elimination.


Follow David on Twitter @WildAboutMusic, and also check out http://CRNTalk.com to hear Fred Dryer’s weekly talk show.

Ray Lewis Forced Fumble

Deacon Jones

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  1. Fred_Sanford

    Adam Carolla is the worlds worst hypocrite on this planet. A week or so ago Adam commented on an article in the Rolling Stone about his ‘friend’ Andrew Breitbart titled ‘Death of a Douchebag’. A weak rant about showing a little respect toward the recently deceased later and Adam was on to other things.

    Now, he has the editor of Rolling Stone in as a guest and doesnt rip the guy a new asshole for having such crappy writers that trash a guy who wasnt even in the ground? Yeah, way to stir things up Adam, any way the wind blows right?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee03-20-2012

      He already let David have it the last two times he was on. You can go back and find those episodes if you so desire.

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee03-20-2012

        also, “I’m comin Lizabeth”

    • Sig

      @Fred Sanford,

      David has been a guest before and why would you invite someone into your place to ‘rip a guy a new asshole?’

      Nonetheless, you are kind of right. Adam talks a lot of shit. Like calling Penn a colossal blowhard over and over, and then adding him to ACE. Talking shit about Rob Schneider for years yet having him as a guest every now and then. But, that’s just how Adam is. He’s a bit of a dick and talks a LOT of shit. Always has been, always has.

      He’s like an avacado. Delicious when used properly, but with an unattractive skin and a hard core.

      • WILDly dissapointed
        WILDly dissapointed03-20-2012

        “David has been a guest before and why would you invite someone into your place to ‘rip a guy a new asshole?”

        He doesn’t mind doing it to Dr. Bruce.

      • perry

        @Sig and @ fred I think most of us like Adam because he is funny and genuine . I have friends I like but we rip on each other and attack at our flaws. This is what people do . It’s far more real than sitting around and kissing ass while ignoring the nuisances that make all people quirky.

    • Contribute much?
      Contribute much?03-20-2012

      Do some homework all of you. Wilde is an ‘contributing editor’ which puts him a couple rungs above a freelance journalist / writer. A guy named Jann Wenner is the Editor in Chief of RS.

    • perry

      @ fred sanford if you listened and laughed who cares .moving on.

  2. Ben H.
    Ben H.03-20-2012

    Go Jayhawks! Their new album, Mockingbird Time, is great.

    • JuicyMudButt


      • Dhuvy


    • lookout

      The Jayhawks references were a nice surprise. Thank you Adam.

  3. Collin

    Seriously… was Fred Dryer chewing gum during the interview and news? That’s annoying as sh!t

    • Durtybird

      I hear it now…sounds gross, old guy noises

  4. Jobe Makar
    Jobe Makar03-20-2012

    Fred Dryer and Danny Devito?

  5. MR. ICE
    MR. ICE03-20-2012

    People with interesting behind-the-scene stories about the entertainment industry are always the best guests. David Wild is one of those guys.

  6. JessMan

    can’t wait to listen to this one with danny devito and ed begley jr

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee03-20-2012

      How about Hunter and Louie DePalma?

    • Whitney


  7. ran

    when our nations safety is in peril, they call the old dude squad.

    • ran

      fred is the no nonsense capt. of the team, ace is the wise cracking mechanic that pilots the chopper, and wild is the sex crazed loose cannon.

  8. big jim
    big jim03-20-2012

    Fred Dryer: truly, a Cadillac of men.
    David Wild: more like a Tercel of dudes.

  9. Deborah

    I absolutely LOVE when you have you some Fred Dryer on! Why can’t you get him more. What a great conversation the two of you always have. I really enjoy your personality mix. Keep him coming on.

    • donewithidiots

      +1, Fred Dryer is a class act as well. At his age he could still destroy about 80% of the population of males half his age.

  10. Tom Arnold
    Tom Arnold03-20-2012

    Is that Danny DeVito???

  11. Darican

    Adam… you gotta hold David to his claims…. I would love to hear you and all the names that he just dropped in today’s show…

  12. Steve A
    Steve A03-20-2012

    I love David Wild. What a smart guy who is also a fan of Adam. I’m looking at his picture and I’m thinking if Paul Simon and Danny DeVito had a chid. Sorry David, just a joke. I do love you and I love the fact you are going to bring all these great musicians on Adam’s show. I love Elvis Costello and Randy Newman. Bring them both.

  13. Nick

    Adam needs to take a Silkwood shower after those Subway reads.

    • lookout


  14. Braying Sports Aficionado
    Braying Sports Aficionado03-20-2012

    Sweet!!! Danny Devito!! I love Frank Reynolds … oh wait

  15. Will

    As a huge R.E.M. fan…I have to agree with Adam’s opinion on Stipe.

  16. Michael Darrow
    Michael Darrow03-20-2012

    I loved your show today with David Wild, especially when Adam and David talk about REM’s Michael Stipe. I lived in, and went o the Univ. of Georgia in Athens GA. Athens is REM’s hometown, and local sightings, especially of Miichael Stipe were an everyday occurance around downtown Athens. In my several years living in Athens, and my many many run-ins with Michael Stipe, I came away with an endless amount of Michael Stipe-is-a-flaming-douchbag stories. This was common knowledge around town, and the genral consensus amongst all the best of the local Athens musical community, which is very large. Michael Stipe, who in the eyes of Athens townies and regulars, always made it very clear that he wanted to be treated as a normal guy, but the primadonna antics that he would pull around town, especially in local restaurants and music venues, made this a complete impossibility. He viwed himself as complete Royalty, and insisted on special treatment everywhere he went, absolutely everywhere. This all happened by the way, while he insisted on maintaining the facade of being a normal guy. The other members of the band were great guys, espcially the bassist Mike Mills, who is one of th mose genuinely great and normal people I have had the pleasue to meet and hang out with. Michael Stipe, on the other hand, was a completely diferent animal. It could be something as simple as his insisting on restaurant staff serving alcohol to his weekly changing rotationn of 17 year old underage boyfriends/boy-toys, to ordering vegan meals at local favorite steakhouses, the stories, many many which I was personally involved in, are endless and legendary. Give me a call or email me if you want the dirty details. By the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the show, and have not missed a single solllitary podcast from day one when you gous first started. Keep it up, and have a great week.

    Michael Darrow
    (678) 471-7976

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-20-2012

      Adam doesn’t read.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee03-20-2012

      Call or email me? Very Bold Mr. Darrow, Gay Code? Yes Yes?

    • tony

      Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. loplop

    What eberybody seems to forget about guns n roses…is that the strongest songwriter was the other guitarist…izzy stradlin. duff was a songwriter also, but without izzy the band turned to shit.

  18. MikeinAZ

    When I saw the picture of todays guests I thought awesome…. Danny Devito and Fred Dryer. Oh well. David Wilde is a good guest.

  19. Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton03-20-2012

    The best lyricist is Ryan Adams

    The worst lyricist is probably Rod Stewart. He just sucks – a total musical whore. Any male rocker who would do an album of big band standards is a complete tool.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee03-20-2012

      Who’s the best oralist Mr. President?

  20. cg

    Is the axl rose talk ever gonna end? Can we move on?

  21. Dave

    Maybe Stipe is just hiding some embarrassing tattoos … like swastikas he got while on a drunken bender …

  22. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks03-20-2012

    Was that Poochie’s Uncle from DFG who left that drunken voicemail?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-20-2012

      No, I think it was Mike F.
      “If you’re not wasted, the day is.”

  23. Spike

    Why is Adam constantly talking about, and cracking on bands that were popular 25 years ago. There is plenty of crappy music being made today. And there is also some great music being made but just like with movies he has no intention of breaking a sweat to find any of it. He has to be spoon fed I guess.

    • Richie

      You know who’s awesome? John Hiatt!

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee03-20-2012

        You know who’s awesome? Gary Owens!

        • Poochie's Uncle
          Poochie's Uncle03-21-2012

          You know who’s awesome? Josh Gardner!

  24. steve

    seriously what’s the holdup on the upload on the app?

    a lot of us listen to the show during the morning commute

  25. Alex

    Really? You’re gonna shit on Oprah for naming her network after herself, Adam Carolla of the Adam Carolla show on the Ace Broadcasting Network?

    • Maggie

      Yep, I was thinking the same thing when he made that Oprah network comment.

  26. The Archduke
    The Archduke03-20-2012

    Another excellent show! can’t wait to see you on thursday!

  27. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett03-20-2012

    Didn’t know James Gang was a trio? Hates Don Henley but likes End of the Innocence? Likes the ZZ Top songs they don’t play on the radio? As a musicologist Adam makes a great comedian.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee03-20-2012

      “Blue Jeans Blues” – ZZ Top – Never played, even on Sirius Deep Tracks.

      • Steve Hatchett
        Steve Hatchett03-21-2012

        Manic Mechanic.

    • Josef

      The possible reason why Ace might like The End of the Innocence is possibly due to the fact that not only did Bruce Hornsby play the panio on the song but also wrote the song. Thus good song.

  28. Ras

    Alison – it is pronounced “va-sek-tuh-mee” — NOT VAAZZ-sek-toe-me

    • JessMan

      it’s ok, she doesn’t have a scrotum

      • tony

        Neither do you JessMan !!

  29. Joe Santos
    Joe Santos03-20-2012

    It’s fun listening to Adam talk to someone who actually knows about music and who is willing to shoot down his horrible taste and observations about music.

    Adam, you have no musical ability nor taste. Stick to comedy.

    • ThePBRAvenger

      yeah i love adam but seriously the only way you’re going to hear 80’s pop music today is if you actively search for it, he should try complaining about nicki minaj or something

  30. Me

    Ugh, I like the Carolla show but I can.not. Stand when ass kissers like David is on. It’s sickening. He should continue just spending time with Lynette, stay off this show!

  31. dimeforscale

    Who books these shitty guests? There are comedians in Los Angeles sitting around doing nothing.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee03-20-2012

      Hows that working out?

  32. Dean

    Doug Stanhope has a great bit about Dr. Drew on his new CD. I would love to hear him talk to Adam about it.

    • DrClown


  33. john

    And just remember, Adam didn’t get fired. He fired himself. Of course. What an egomaniac.

  34. Lor

    HUNTER!!! OMG…. <3

  35. thedecade

    Arsenio yesterday and Wild today, good stuff. Love REM and met Stipe once at Sundance and he was very cool…keep up the great work.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee03-20-2012

      Until he met Michael Darrow apparently

  36. J Pete
    J Pete03-20-2012

    Boy that David Wild is sooo boring!!!

  37. JD

    Sorry Aceman I’ll stick with the local sandwich shop with the “real everything” like you talked about last year.
    Congrats on the advertising dollars but you have to be conflicted on this one.

    • ThePBRAvenger

      I can’t wait until one of the ad execs at Subway decides to look through the archive of shows that’s going to be a nice surprise

  38. benyens

    no axl rose pics?

  39. Mr. Bill
    Mr. Bill03-20-2012

    Thank the Lord for Fast Forward!

  40. Afee

    Vuzzzzz-ect-ummie. How are we not calling Allison out on her crazy pronouncing? I love her but it’s fun to find out where this shit comes from.

    • tony

      Mind your own business…….leave Alison alone.

  41. tony

    Extremely HORRIBLE and BORING podcast!!

  42. JuicyMudButt

    Love the Deacon clip makes me laugh every time

  43. Mobey

    Ripping on The Cars? Were they for everybody? No, but they still kicked ass.

  44. Dave

    Went to watch “21 Jump Street” last night, it was pretty good.

    A trailer for the new Adam Sandler movie came up in the previews. It is called “That’s My Boy”, can’t wait to hear Adam’s take on this cinamatic gem.

  45. mnoswad1

    I think Fred and Clint Eastwood should do a Grumpy Old Men meets Gran Torino buddy movie.

  46. Chuck

    Adam Carolla: “any guy that constantly yammers on about how much he hates gays and is anti-gay rights and believes homosexuality is a sin and an abomination against god and needs to be wiped off the face of the earth, bet your ass that night he’s chugging 17-yr old cock!”


  47. Vancouver Scott
    Vancouver Scott03-21-2012

    So I need to know, has the possibility of David Wild doing a pod cast on the Ace Network been disused yet?? The guys if fascinating, very entertaining and can pull guests!! Whats not to love?

    Please make this happen, for the love of god!!

  48. Ryan

    Loved the pod, and I like Wilde but he gets annoying with every band that gets mentioned. He loves all these bands and refuses to talk shit. Too much of a pollyana.

    And yeah, it’s 2012, why the fuck are they talking about bands from the 70s and 80s.

  49. Cheap Seats
    Cheap Seats03-21-2012

    Adam should hook Oprah up with Arsenio, he could give her lessons on how to chill out away from the spotlight.

    The Cars and INXS – does Adam just not like Pop music? Or is it ‘nonsense’ lyrics? Does he hate Eurythmics?

    Agree on: The Who, Costello, …and um….shit….minds going blank….well, I’m sure there are others.

  50. jake

    Another restaurant water rant. Wow. Click

  51. Mike

    More Fred and football stories.

  52. Jim

    I agree V Scott. Mr. Wild would be a great addition to the ACE Network.

    Two great guests another great show.


  53. Riggz

    David Wilde is a great guest. Always some interesting stories and knows how to be mildly funny and egg Ace on. Fred Dryer is also a great guest. He always seems to have an NFL story I never heard about and seems like a genuine bad ass.

    Unfortunately Adam’s taste in music BLOWS! Yes we all know INXS blows, but Jon Hyatt… that guys is lame as hell. His lyrics are pretentious drivel. That Jay Birds band sounded like musical Sominex. Damn Ace Man, for someone who hates shitty music, you sure like some crappy bands.

  54. sid

    I like David Wild. You should have him on more often, as others have said.

  55. Wilson King of Prussia
    Wilson King of Prussia03-24-2012

    Damn you Mike Lynch!!!!!!!……how could you not chime in when they were talking about songs named after animals. I think Alison even said Llama, you are offPhishially on Phish probation, one more slip up and we are going to take your Phish license. or we will hang you from the ACDC bag

  56. CCgetiton

    what joe walsh song is he playing in the backround again?

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