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As the show opens up, Adam plays an edited version of the Barry Mannilow classic, ‘Mandy.’ He then talks about the shattered trophy he received for the Toyota Grand Prix, and talks about his recent appearance on Pete Holmes’ podcast. Later, the guys play a clip from Alison’s backstage interview with Sarah Silverman, and Alison reads news stories dealing with Obama’s support of gay marriage, the passing of Vidal Sassoon, and a new Girl Scout cookie candy bar.

David Koechner enters the studio next, and Adam talks to him about his new book, ‘Not Taco Bell Material.’ The guys also talk about the shittiest jobs they ever had, why birds are so mean, and the rules of improv. Adam then asks David about the upcoming Anchorman 2, and the guys listen to a snippet of Adam’s audiobook.

Back to the news, Alison reads some facts about where all the Girl Scout cookie money ends up. They also talk about the Kelly Thomas hearing, and Adam rants about the overly aggressive attitude that all people in power have. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss a news story about a kid who peed on thousands of dollars of computer equipment.


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Obama Supports Gay Marriage

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Producer: Mike Dawson
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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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  1. Katie




    • Silent Running
      Silent Running05-10-2012

      he he he

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-11-2012

      The more disturbing the better.
      Hee hee.

  2. Chris G. Murphy
    Chris G. Murphy05-10-2012

    Nature wants your secreted things people!

  3. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III05-10-2012

    Adam’s never looked so happy as on the podium.

  4. Mike

    How about oh randy?

  5. david

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder than the Oh Manny song and “just” took a ‘d’ out. Yes, I’m 12.

  6. Bobby

    Another top pod. Love it. Sorry Adam but every human being IS here for a reason. We all make our decisions, good and bad, and live with the consequences, but every single soul is of immense value to God. I know, my boy’s currently an atheist, but I still love him and hope he will eventually come to understand that his entire existence on this earth is not utterly & ultimately meaningless. Not by a long shot.

    • MarkVW

      How do you know?

    • Dennis

      Big AMEN!!!

    • ARZ

      Your right!!! Some peoples purpose on this planet is to be a bad example of a human being. Not all people are productive members of society.

      I would contend your atheist son serves a greater purpose than you. Ever give that any thought?

      I love how he is CURRENTLY an atheist. Like he wont be worthwhile until he is a believer. LOL. Good luck with that.

  7. Tim

    Just finished listening to You Made It Weird with Adam. Great stuff. I get three + hours of the Aceman today.

  8. JessMan


  9. Jeff

    Hey Ace, how about a few words on the Avengers movie?

  10. Tim

    Bit of a stretch to call Sarah Silverman a guest on this show, don’t you think?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-11-2012

      Good call.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore05-11-2012

      She doesn’t slum to podcast level. She’s busy making not-picked-up pilots and doing indie films that nobody will ever see except for a 5 second mpg clip on Mr. Skin.

  11. Andrew'

    David Koechner is awesome.

    As for cops, it’s never pretty when Hollywood types learn something about how the world works. Keep it up.

    These cops by the way are the “highly trained and responsible” people they say are the only ones responsible enough to have guns.

  12. swinging level
    swinging level05-10-2012

    Oh! And it doesn’t get any better than David Koechner!! Nice pod guys and gal.

  13. jose gamez
    jose gamez05-10-2012

    I want more!!

  14. bill

    Oh god, Brian’s got a new drop to rape our ears with.

  15. rosemary

    oh adam, i thought i was the only person who hates leaf blowers. I think they are americas worst invention, get an effing broom.

    if i ever got on “inside the actors studio” and james lipton asks me candidly “what is your favorite sound, I would say “a small byplane flying in the distance” he says ok your least favorite sound ” i would say Leaf Blowers! muthafucka…”

  16. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent05-10-2012


    For some reason I’ve always assumed that you smell bad…after listening to this episode I see my assumptions are pretty right on. Now s’cuse me while I go scrub my sack with steel wool and Comet Cleanser.

    • Hot Nikks
      Hot Nikks05-11-2012

      I bet he also has a pretty severe dingleberry problem.

  17. Skippy

    Can we get some more discussion about your Toyota win, for the love of Christ? How about tomorrow you sprinkle in something about parking tickets, and then we will lapse into Bla Bla Blog or Made Up Movies. Then you can compensate for your feelings of inadequacy by talking about making money. Post your tax returns again maybe?

    Aceman, you are the Sid and Marty Krofft of podcasting.

    • KATHY

      Skippy maybe you should find another FREE podcast to listen to.

      • reb

        the old you-can’t-dislike-a-free-podcast response always works; keep up the strong contributions

  18. kebin

    Why not substitute Randy for Mandy?

  19. Bobby

    I had to look it up…..Girl Scout Cookies sold in 2007-200-million boxes—$700 million dollars in revenue. I can’t find any more recent numbers. So three quarters of a billion bucks coming in to the girls scouts every year.

  20. Nobody like raymond
    Nobody like raymond05-10-2012

    Who actually watched Everybody Loves Raymond? It was horrible. If you compared the collective goodwill felt towards Jerry Seinfeld and Ray Ramano for their syndicated sitcom, it’d be like an aircraft carrier vs a kayak.

    I liked how Koechner tried to say those occupy sewage rats were standing up for ‘rights’. LOLZ what rights? Right to be completely unemployable, right to squat on private property, right to feel entitled to another person’s stuff? Losers.

    • BW

      ‘Raymond’ made my ears cry. Seinfeld is classic.

  21. Ras

    Can we please pot up Bald Bryan if he insists on talking???? Everytime he speaks the volume is so low and he mumbles when he speaks so it is hard to understand what the hell he is saying. And then when Adam responds – we get the listening in to 1/2 a cell phone conversation again

  22. Dave2039

    Wow, Adam actually ended up turned the upsetting Kelly incident into another racial rant…. SHOCKING

  23. Zimbo the Pet Monkey
    Zimbo the Pet Monkey05-10-2012

    What’s up with the new shows taking longer to show up on the android app than on the website?

  24. goodguy

    Thank you so much for ranting on Kelly Thomas! This is a disgusting story! I live in Orange and have been following this very closely. The lack of national outrage is sickening!

  25. gendo1

    Great pod!

  26. Boring, Oregon
    Boring, Oregon05-10-2012

    Harley Noise Polluters BEST ADAM RANT EVER!!!!!

    those effing coklickers with their Look At Me weekend outlaw costumes uglifying the air for miles around.

    Truly, there oughta be a law.

    Thank you Aceman

    • reb

      asian guys make their honda accords with heavy tint loud, too

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-11-2012


  27. Jaymeson

    Another great show!

  28. Bowlsworth

    um… shoulda gone with “Oh Randy”

  29. Joe Santos
    Joe Santos05-10-2012

    A urinal can save a marriage:

    – no lineups to piss
    – no messes from drunken / night pissing
    – no seat / up down arguments and the accompanying fuzzy covers that are really just a conspiracy to keep the seat from staying up.
    – way, way, way less cleanup.

    You can get stylish urinals that look way nicer than the shitty ones at gas stations. I don’t understand why there isn’t one in every house.

  30. Debbie Dootson
    Debbie Dootson05-10-2012

    Adam must have overcome his objection to the blowhardy “doc” as abbreviation for “documentary,” because now he says it ALL THE TIME.

  31. Doober Doo
    Doober Doo05-10-2012

    Regarding Girl Scout Cookies… of that $3.50 per box, $2.01 gets laundered through the ‘regional councils’. In 2010, approximately 200 million boxes of Girl Scout cookies were sold around the country, so by this year it must be nigh on half a billion dollars. I think I found a picture of the regional council here: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5139/5570024088_015871bc62_b.jpg

  32. Trizzy J
    Trizzy J05-10-2012

    You’ve got to can the screeching nooooooooooooo. seriously. my ears have been raped.

  33. Jo ke
    Jo ke05-10-2012


  34. tom williams
    tom williams05-10-2012

    Adam, thanks sooo much for getting sarah on the podcast. I love her soooo much and i hope you have her on more often. thanks again adam

  35. eric-the-ded

    I’ve been loving Koechner’s appearances on Eddie Pepitone’s Puddin’. Everybody needs to check those out.
    Hop on the YouTubes and search for Puddin Comic. The wig alone is worth seeing.

  36. DonnySac

    I wasn’t familiar with the Kelly Thomas beating so I looked it up – those cops have got to pay for what they did.

    On an unrelated note, and far less significant – I agree with Ace that the body has a natural balance. You use a product to clear up oily skin and your body says something to the effect “Hey we need more oil” and then cranks up the oil production. But sunglasses? I had an eye exam once and the doctor said to me “You don’t wear sunglasses do you?” I didn’t wear sunglasses and she said my eyes were suffering from not wearing them (I wasn’t buying a new pair of glasses so she wasn’t trying to sell me anything).

  37. Halo909

    that computer peeing karate chip bit was leaving me on the floor. That’s why you’re the best Adam. When Allision read 5 words out of her news story before you interpret her and then you go off on this rant that is pure treasure.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore05-11-2012

      I’m just glad he interprets here because I can’t understand the language she’s speaking.

  38. Honey Badger
    Honey Badger05-10-2012

    That Alison “noooooOOOOOO” drop during the Alison news intro was fucking hilarious!!!!!!!!

  39. donewithidiots

    yawn. Another anti cop rant from a guy frustrated with loud noises during his nap time and the decline of a once great city due to a spiraling of human garbage taking over. Enjoy that piece of shit city and state. You and your stuck up friends deserve it. Sarah Silverman sucks too. Just because she’s a 6 on a 1-10 scale, doesn’t mean she should get all the damn attention she gets lecturing everyone like a female Bill Maher. This podcast has ran it’s course for me. The anti hygiene take is gross too. Our bodies weren’t designed to last as long as they do these days either, but with improved hygiene and medical advances, they do. Lynette must be real happy to see you coming after only washing your nut sack after a few days.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-11-2012


    • delicioustacos

      ^^ Based on this comment, my mental image of you is a surly cop who comes home to an empty house, wipes the blood of a helpless schizophrenic off his night stick, and then delicately lathers his scrotum with Axe® “Dark Temptation”™ shower gel.

  40. allison

    I remember a cop in my Freshman Pschology class saying he got a supreme attitude problem as soon as he put his uniform on. He even admitted to treating his wife differently as soon as he put on his uniform. Weird huh.

  41. Vinz Clortho
    Vinz Clortho05-11-2012

    Here’s the Girl Scout financial report from 2010.

    12 Million in cash 114 Million in investments 7M in inventory

    Total assets $170M
    Liabilities $57M of which $37M is related to employee pensions. $9M comes from membership dues which have been collected but can’t yet be recognized until the ‘service’ is performed.


  42. TIMOTH

    I love that Bryan did the “He’s Gay” drop after mentioning Pete Holmes. He has to be gay right? His voice and annoying loud laugh are gay as hell.

  43. Conor

    Police dogs are trained to let go on command. That’s why German Shepherds are used so much in police work – because they will listen. If the handler you worked with thinks differently then that’s disturbing. That’s HIS attitude, not the dogs.

  44. Terri

    Adam I don’t think it is fair of you to say that we aren’t all here for a reason. Don’t actually think you are qualified to remark on that. You know it doesn’t really take much to change the order or chain of events. Defining moments in a person’s life can come in a split section. Someone may only do one small thing, say one short sentence and with that influence another to greatness. So what you consider is great or not..we may all very well be here for a reason. Because you have such a huge following of fans I think you should consider what you say once in a while. I think you have changed…I suspect you are feeling pretty important and that’s good but you need watch out for losing your ability to remain humble.

    • BW

      agree, but it’s a ‘split second’ not a ‘split section’.

    • Dennis

      Hey Terri, I’ll give you a BIG AMEN!!! there is a reason for everything!!

      • Dennis

        I just listened to a pocacast where Kobe Bryant said the movie RUDY about “Mr. Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger was his inspiration to stick with basketball. It’s all about what Rudy calls “The Four C’s”: character, courage, contribution and commitment”

  45. sluggh

    No choice but to get it on. Mandy, get it on.

  46. BPiddy

    Koechner should have promoted the Puddin’ comic with Eddie Pepitone and Matt Oswalt (Patton’s Brother!)…it’s the best shit on YouTube!!

  47. FilipinoSpoonFighting

    I’m happy!

  48. Dave

    The gay marriage thing is always debated by talking about feelings people have for gays, and their right to have their relationship legitimate in the eyes of the state.

    However, in practice, once it becomes law, lawyers will use it so men can shuffle assets around tax free between men. Marriage swaps where by assets can be transferred between a married same sex couple for the special one day marriage set up by some lawyer.

    Also spousal benefits to government workers and corporate pensions will sky rocket as single men can add their friends to their benefit packages as gay spouses.

    It is only fair to include in any debate about gay marriage, either the stripping away of current marriage benefits between opposite sex couples; so that all people, single or married, are treated the same way for government or corporate benefits.

  49. Brian Livesay
    Brian Livesay05-14-2012

    Still called Karaoke btw…

  50. Parker

    What, then, is currently stopping heterosexuals from committing this fraud so widely as you suspect will happen afterwards? It seems more appealing since you’re able to avoid the stigma of homosexuality.

  51. Noonch

    The cookie money goes to paying administrative overhead. Dishonest CEOs (like the ones at GSGLA) will say that it’s their pension obligations that are crushing them. The fact of the matter is that GSGLA makes $8 million alone in cookie sales and it goes to paying people in the headquarters office. The programs that they operate? Camps and such? Loses money every year. GSGLA is completely unsustainable without cookie sales. Every year, to maintain their 501c3 status they have to prove that the cookie sales is a program, and not taxable. Because that became income and they ever had to pay tax, they would be put out of business. It’s why a true diehard never uses the word sales about the cookies. It is totally gross that GSGLA is letting ten year olds pay their salary. GROSS.

  52. Winker Watson
    Winker Watson05-17-2012

    Adam, I haven’t listened to you for months, and having come back to hear this one, you’re a fucking waste of space. Not great, tough, tenacious or much of anything else. You’re a yapping mouth with nothing inside. Your employees (if that’s what they are) are ALL more intelligent and talented than you, and the insecurity positively oozes from my headphones.

    What a fucking douchetard.

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