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Show Summary

Adam spent the weekend in Vancouver, and opens the show with his thoughts on a strip club he visited. David Alan Grier and Dr. Bruce are with Adam, and Adam recalls a strip club experience he had with DAG. Dr. Bruce also updates with some medical news, the guys discuss the problems with the new PSA tests.

Adam then talks about his day getting stoned and walking through Vancouver. For the first time in a while, Adam had a good hard laugh busting his buddies’ balls, and talks about some of the ridiculous drinks people are serving at the clubs these days. Dr. Bruce gives an update on the Conrad Murray trial, and DAG recalls the time his credit card identity was compromised.

In the last part of the show, the guys jump to the phone lines to answer your sex, drug, and relationship questions. Adam also talks to DAG about his food blog, and has brief conversations with classic DAG characters like Peanut and Maya Angelou.


Visit www.DavidAlanGrier.net, and be sure to follow Dr. Bruce on Twitter @DrBruceH

Show Credits

Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Audio: Jeff Fox
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Elias

    The image posted here is the appearance of Jeff Ross that I remember. Last time I he was on the podcast and took a picture with Adam, I was wondering “who is this man?”

  2. Sluggh

    Maya Angelou used to date Cleveland Indians baller “Mudcat” Grant. You can’t make this up!

  3. Tony Barboni
    Tony Barboni10-10-2011

    I hope Dr. Bruce can help Alison with her digestive problems.

  4. Thadeus J. Funkenheimer
    Thadeus J. Funkenheimer10-10-2011

    I already know this is gonna be good. Get it on!

  5. Patrick


  6. e

    put an obvious fucking amazon link on your page one that is just pure html for ppl with ad block

  7. Chloe

    DAG is in top form, so funny!!!

  8. Jon

    This could have been a great show if DAG would be quiet for one second. Could he have talked over Dr. Bruce anymore?

    Get It On!

  9. Occupy Wallstreet
    Occupy Wallstreet10-10-2011

    Occupy Wall Street is leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants.

  10. WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!10-10-2011

    They tell you we are dreamers. The true dreamers are those who think things can go on indefinitely the way they are. We are not dreamers. We are awakening from a dream which is tuning into a nightmare. We are not destroying anything. We are only witnessing how the system is destroying itself.

    • MPG

      “Wake up”?
      Nothing cliche’d about that saying at all.


    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    The Declaration of Independence

    • nater

      Jefferson had originally written “and pursuit of property.” in order to get slave states to go along.
      Money IS property. Leave others property alone.

      • Zapoli

        No. Both property and happiness were mentioned in the Virginia Declaration of Rights, from which Jefferson adapted the phrase. He and Benjamin Franklin dropped the reference to property and left in happiness because, “A decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that we should abjure douchebaggery.”

  12. Bobman

    Good to see that the posts the Occupy movement makes on message boards are as pointless as everything else they do.

    • Brooksley Born - Hero
      Brooksley Born - Hero10-10-2011

      So you have no problem with the STATUS QUO ?

      Really ….? I mean really…?

      • Bobman

        I have lots of problems with the status quo.

        I do not believe your movement is doing anything to change it, nor will it.

        I’ve seen the idiots holding up signs, saying “i’m 20 years old, i have 14,000 dollars credit card debt, i am the 99%.” Um, yes, you’re the 99% of people who don’t know how to responsibly spend money, and now you’re blaming someone else.

        You racking up thousands of dollars in debt is NOT someone else’s fault.

        Focus on the many, many, many real issues in teh world rather than trying to blame other peopel for your own failings, and you’ll get a LOT more sympathy.

        Occupy:liberals :: tea party:conservatives.

        • Ledgewood

          But they NEEDED big flat screen tv’s and XBox live, Bobman.

    • MATRIX lives
      MATRIX lives10-10-2011

      And they say the Matrix is Sci-Fi.

      You should have taken the RED pill.

      Why, why, why did I take the BLUE one?

      WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The Offender
    The Offender10-10-2011

    Two good guest, and it is not even a live show. This is a good day.

  14. toorude89

    Twinkie-Hole baby WOOOOOOOO!

  15. lastnight

    Adam should hire Peanut to work for his podcast.

  16. ian

    Dagaroni baby. Twinkie Hole!

  17. Jarviswabi

    My only complaint about DAG is how wildly his voice varies in volume. Makes it very hard to keep my speakers at a volume where I can hear everything but my boss across the hall doesn’t yell at me to “turn it down!”.

  18. jc

    DAG should do a show like ‘Louie’ They should give him full control.

  19. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett10-10-2011

    Jeez christ, finally, one worth listening to.

  20. Simon

    DAG is a huge blowhard. Just Adam and Dr Bruce would have been better.

    • rambling man
      rambling man10-15-2011

      thank you! exactly! how can anybody tolerate that zero?

  21. T Money
    T Money10-10-2011

    DAG is just awful

    • volkan

      100 % agreed

  22. Alex

    @TMoney: you shut your mouth, DAG is the best guest ever on the Ace show!!

  23. Tom Arnold
    Tom Arnold10-10-2011

    Bald Bryan and Alison will be off for about a month according to BB on the most recent Film Vault Podcast. Rumor has it that Adam is filming Celebrity Apprentice in NYC the next few weeks.

  24. edgar

    DAG!!!! get it on

  25. Kevin

    DAG is the best! You need to have him on the PodCast more often.

  26. Flatulator

    I never thought I would watch Celebrity Apprentice, but I will if Adam is on. I think he could destroy in that environment. And also lose his shit when no one listens to him.

  27. Jordan Lightfoot
    Jordan Lightfoot10-10-2011

    Damn I love me some celebrity apprentice!!

  28. Jerry

    DAG is a gun guest but does he not understand how a microphone works? Every time he’s on he does that whisper off mic and you can’t hear his jokes. Bring it DAG! You’ve been in the business over 20 years. I know you know what amplified sound is.

    I’ve got more crap to talk about on my podcast too. check it out at http://www.IamAFatLoad.com You’d be cool if you did.

    • Bobo from Hoboken
      Bobo from Hoboken10-11-2011

      I got a fat load for ya Jerry..

      Oh and fuck your podcast

  29. Kyle

    Best DAG Show ever. Laughed my ass off the entire show!

  30. Harry Seaward
    Harry Seaward10-10-2011

    Unlistenable. And I mean that literally.

  31. Leafyman

    Holy shit DAG is hilarious

  32. FiyahMuZik.com

    Yes! I only wish Teresa was there!

  33. dafatman


  34. Jessica

    DAG is annoying. OH MY GOD! Shut the F up.

  35. hmm

    Dag!!!!!! One of the few comics that can hang with the Aceman.

    I love Alison!!!!!!!!

  36. paddym

    Would love to see DAG and Josh Gardner on the same show. It’d show Adam what an unfunny fuck Josh is.

  37. Susie

    DAG!!!! Best guest ever!!

  38. Stoam

    if only dr.drew was there, would bring me back to the loveline days. love me some DAG

  39. herrbasan

    It was great to hear to “old format” … made me very sentimental. Please do this more often. Maybe Dr. Drew can fill in for Dr. Bruce from time to time .. 🙂

  40. Adam

    Is DAG really making money as a comedian?

  41. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper10-10-2011

    Me love me some DAG.

  42. Roc

    Why does it feel like adam has gone from 40 to 80 years old in a couple years?

  43. MPG

    DAG is probably the best SNL host ever, yet he has hosted it only three(?) times.
    I don’t like him quite as much in this format, though.
    …just like Will Ferell was one of the best (if not the best) SNL cast member ever, yet his movies beeee—-loooowww

  44. Drew

    They should have had Teresa on so DAG could snore over her…

  45. cf

    Man, DAG is way more annoying than funny

  46. Vito Canoli
    Vito Canoli10-10-2011

    They should have Alison on to meet DAG. I would have loved to hear what he had to say about her farting up the whole studio.

    • Isaac Hayes
      Isaac Hayes10-10-2011

      VIto, I think they did a few months back when Alison was new. I think DAG just thought she was Teresa.

      • Vito Canoli
        Vito Canoli10-10-2011

        Really? I had no idea Teresa farted as much as Alison.

  47. Connard

    DAG is funny, but obnoxious so he gets old pretty fast. Having said that, I think that DAG brings out the best in Adam as they banter back and forth rather than Adam trying to keep all the balls in the air with tired stories and the same old riffs.
    Twinkie hole Baby!

  48. cow12

    DAG was awesome as usual. definitely my favorite guest.

  49. Best caller ever
    Best caller ever10-10-2011

    DAG, how is your film career?


    • Brent

      Thanks! No choice but to get it on!

  50. Murf

    DAG is tedious, not really as funny as he thinks he is

  51. Slag

    This is the funniest this podcast has been in a long time. Dag is good because he gets Adam off of his normal complaints.

  52. Jon

    DAG has been held up on a pedestal too long. 20% of what he says is funny. 50% is a good effort. 30% is childish attemps at humor. I would HATE to hang out with the guy.

  53. T Money
    T Money10-10-2011

    DAG really has to stop posting all these nice things about himself on here

  54. D-Man

    Get It on… DAG! Black man tested, white man approved…

    Love me some DAG… too funny

  55. Susie

    Adam is being super mean to Dr. Bruce… the man is an ER doc- he’s probably tired as shit! I do love when Adam cracks up at DAG, but I would hate to have a co-work like DAG- Oh wait, I do… UGH.

  56. Susie


  57. Chuck E
    Chuck E10-10-2011

    DAG is funny…no buts about it.

  58. andy

    DAG is the best guest ever FOREVER

  59. BenR

    I think DAG needs his own podcast on the Ace Broadcasting network ASAP!!!!!! I need a weekly fix of DAG, once every 4 or 5 months on here isn’t enough.

  60. icexe

    Listening to DAG just gets exhausting after a while

  61. Jd

    Worst show I’ve ever heard. This guy just sucks!!! So annoying!

    • VW LUV
      VW LUV10-10-2011

      Don’t know what you are taking about DAG was great today. You must have two turds stuck in your ears.

      • JukeBox

        Or cocks, one of the two…

  62. Nick filer
    Nick filer10-10-2011

    Can somebody shut dag up and get dr Bruce to take the cock out of his mouth and speak up. Missing Alison and Brian on this episode. Ace man always the greatest love the show.

  63. BIRDY

    Ok, Before I listen, please tell me.. Does Adam play Fuck!ng “STATE OF SHOCK” AGAIN??!?! IF he does, I will wait it out. I never heard that song before and now, thanks to Adam, I CANT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!!!! STOP PLAYING IT FOR GODS SAKE!!!!!!!!

  64. Isaac Hayes
    Isaac Hayes10-10-2011

    Someone should be worried about DAG. What the hell was that?! When Ace started talking about hanging with Kimmel, Sal, J Ross and that crew in Canada, I was all ears. I really wanted to know what the dynamics were behind that and what those guys were laughing at. But Psycho couldn’t shut up for a few seconds to let Ace even complete the thought.
    DAG has funny moments, but he really shits the bed when he just keeps going and going. He needs an off button.
    + He was a Dick to T in the old days, fuck you fo dat DAG!

    • rambling man
      rambling man10-15-2011

      “I agree wholeheartedly” , finally someone who feels my pain!

  65. Geoff


  66. H Douglas
    H Douglas10-10-2011

    Adam, if you want to see natural thick chicks, go to a BLACK strip club! 😛

  67. Handsome Man Discount
    Handsome Man Discount10-10-2011

    Im glad Adam always remembers to include Baby Doll in James Dixon’s name. Every… single… time! ha.

  68. Rick White Dude
    Rick White Dude10-10-2011

    Love me some DAG!………one full hour of pure interweb WIN.


  69. wade

    “How’s DAG’s film career?”

    DAG and Dr.Spaz hilarious!!

    • Brent

      That was me. ha. Get it on. I was pretty nervous.

  70. Jesse

    DAG is awful. Just very loud and unfunny. Carolla along is better than DAG as guest.

  71. Big T
    Big T10-10-2011

    Thank you for no-Alison episode. Not to be mean, I just cannot stand her on the podcast. She is a boring media chick with nothing going for her comedically. Fine if she wants to be a glib talking head for Fox News or whatever, I get that. but as a Carolla fan I still don’t know why I am being subjected to her awful comedy.

  72. VW LUV
    VW LUV10-10-2011

    Great show! Get it on!!!

  73. volkan

    damn..DAG was fucking annoying…nomore dag please

  74. fart whisper
    fart whisper10-10-2011

    Hats off the caller that gave dag that sick burn, that was awesome.

  75. DES

    luv DAG

  76. The New Dodge Echelon
    The New Dodge Echelon10-10-2011

    Psycho-sexual chocolate!!!

  77. MarkVW

    Dag delivers every time, should be on more.

  78. Isaac Hayes
    Isaac Hayes10-10-2011

    Poor Dr. Bruce. Why does this man even bother coming in. I wish this poor guy could have gotten in a sentence. I actually always want to hear what he’s going to say but I don’t remember him ever being able to speak without someone shouting something retarded over him.

  79. DC Mike
    DC Mike10-10-2011

    Am I the only one who thinks that DAG single handily assassinated that show?? wtf – I don’t get what Carolla see’s in that guy.

  80. RT

    DAG sucked, will not listen next time he’s on the show. From Ace’s tone I am guessing that’ll only be if no one else is available.

  81. MarkVW

    Too many uptight white people in this thread.

  82. Brent

    I think DAG’s the man. He brings out the best in Adam. He makes Adam crack up, which makes me crack up. He’s hilarious. Just nuts. But c’mon, an artist. Two snaps!

  83. joker

    Go Lions!

  84. Rrrrr

    Dag is a talent always brings it!…But it’s time for new material for Adam and Dag.
    No more rehash. talk about new things please.

  85. God's Twitter
    God's Twitter10-10-2011

    The guy on the left has three names.

    The guy on the right has only one — or two, if you count “Doctor”.

    The guy in the middle, the one without a middle name chose “Lakers” as a goof.

    Who’s more successful?

    Don’t try too hard, but don’t give up. I guess that’s the moral of the story.

  86. Trez

    Dag – funny as usual, Bruce was an oddly appropriate foil here, one thumb up. The other is in my butt as I furiously miss Alison.

  87. Matt

    Man the show took two steps back w/ out Allison and Bald Brians SFX… worst sounding and least funny podcast in awhile..sorry Aceman

  88. Matt m
    Matt m10-11-2011

    I have downloaded every show and been listenng since inception of Ace Broadcasting, and never commented until now. DAG was awful. I thought Adam interrupted Dr Bruce too much…. DAG put him to shame…. Bruce could not get 3 words out before DAG loudly interuPted in a non funny manner. Listening was stressful and an overall bad show, which is sad to say because I rely on this show and am rarely disappointed.
    What is DAGs deal? he got touchy when a caller referenced his lack of career. Listening to this episode made it pretty clear why he has no career, loud and obnoxious and a desire to be the loudest and center of attention no matter the situation or setting.
    Ps. Was he on meth or coke?

  89. MarkVW

    He’s being a crazy asshole on purpose, that’s why hes funny.

  90. mars

    either you get DAG or you don’t….. personally I like him, but only in moderate doses….

  91. Joe Hammer
    Joe Hammer10-11-2011

    DAG is great. Adam is great. Dr. Spaz is great and you should give him his podcast on your network. I would listen to it and buy things from all the great sponsors…….so long as it is Amazon.

  92. Adamfan

    I think DAG is great I hope that he is on more often.

  93. Nick

    Was Vancouver for a live show? If so, how come it wasn’t announced? I would’ve SO been there.

  94. Ryan

    Best moment was the caller’s interjection of “DAG, how’s your film career?” Great jab–a little disappointed by DAG’s overreaction to a well-timed joke.

    • Brent

      I had to GET IT ON!!!!

      • Frank

        That’s the funniest line that I’ve ever heard on the show. I had to shut it off and walk out of my office, crying the whole way.

  95. Dave

    DAG, he’s funny! Good timing Aceman and the ACS crew!

  96. ben mccormick
    ben mccormick10-11-2011

    dag is hilarious. keep it up aceman.

  97. theimprovfrog

    I love almost every single one of the shows. But this is the first one I wanted to NEVER end.

    Love DAG, especially when he’s in a good playful mood.

    MORE please.

  98. Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson10-11-2011

    Serious question: Is DAG retarded?

  99. dagga what
    dagga what10-11-2011

    DAG sucks more than josh gardner damnnn the show was too anoying. no wonder his wife left him

  100. Jeanette

    Oh love that Maya Angelou…

  101. Clipper

    DAG is the best. I love peanut.

  102. Kenneth

    Anyone know about what Dr. Bruce let slip at the end of the episode today? Something about Science, sex, cars, guitars?

  103. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse10-11-2011

    great show. love dag. and spaz should speak up. im a fan of dr. spaz from way back in the LL days, Ace has always abused him…..sad

  104. valerie

    i loved this show. DAG should be on more often. next time have him in with bald bryan and alison.

  105. CabbageSauce

    I arrive at the home page after a week and see DAG, this show will be like motherfucking mana from heaven.

  106. Blake

    DAG is the best guest!!!! I could listen to him all day. So funny!!!!!!!

  107. Steve

    One of the best shows of the year so far. Love that DAG!!!

  108. Adam

    DAG. Worst guest ever for many reasons. This was a throwaway show.

  109. nik

    DAG made me happy

  110. sonyslave

    DAG, so many talented personalities bursting out of one big beautiful black body.

    Get DAG his own radio show, it’s slam dunk golden goose nonstop money train!

    DAG, ACE, and Dr. Bruce on 5 days a week The Radioshow, nationwide, no… WORLDWIDE! Demographic domination. You’d have the 15-35 age group by the balls. Advertisers would be backing up dumptrucks full of benjamins vying for ad space.

    One can dream.

  111. sonyslave

    I didn’t even realize Alison & BB were missing until I read the thread.

    Ace shines the brightest when he has someone with chops, wit, and a shitload of experience to compliment and counterpoint at his level.
    I listen primarily to be entertained by Adam and the interesting guests.

    Boxing analogy: Watching two good technical boxers go at it vs. a good fighter and a kangaroo. Just because the kangaroo can wear gloves doesn’t make it a boxer.

  112. TigerHeli

    God damn DAG. Dude is so fucking funny. That’d be awesome if he was on more. I don’t laugh out loud very often but that last couple of times he has been on I almost shit myself from trying to contain my laughter. Good stuff.

  113. blackslacks

    DAG is the best ! Adam rules . more solo
    type shows .

  114. mudpup

    Dag was awesome. Is Dr Spaz on Zanax?

  115. Bryan

    This episode was great!.. And no Alison Rosen.. Double WIN!


      Allison rocks.

  116. rafael

    give is what we want, MORE DAG!! I like Alison too, she has nice boobies!!


    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! DAG was awesome. He really brought it. We need more DAG. That was probably the best episode of all time. Good times. Things are really coming together. Ray on AOTH and now we need to get some DAG at least once a week.

    Also, Worst Guest of All-Time: Andrew Dice Clay. What an ego maniac and asshole. He needs to get the ban.

    Also, Allison is hot. Snoochies.

  118. matt

    Epic. Now we need another Dr Drew episode soon.

  119. Eric

    Dag is The Shit! Dude is Hilarious still.

  120. Britalian

    DAG is certainly funny but does he have so little respect for the people with him and everyone listening that he has to burp in our ears?

    Funny is funny but the burping is just shit.

  121. rambling man
    rambling man10-15-2011

    you guys like that Daghole???? I feel dizzy…
    screaming, whispering to appear important, yapping like an imbecile – that a-hole is as fake and superficial as the 22oz energy drink. loud, dumb and f…n annoying.
    A f…n exhibitionist, worst of the worst, Andy Dick is less annoying!
    if I wasn’t a heavy Ace user….

    • An Onny
      An Onny10-18-2011

      He used to be very annoying. Especially when he was around Teresa. He was actually pretty entertaining on this episode though.

  122. Yossarian

    DAG is brilliant when he’s not being obnoxious and annoying.

  123. An Onny
    An Onny10-19-2011

    Loved it when Adam started to explain about how he’s trying to replace “Marco! Polo!” with “Adam! Carolla!” and DAG cuts in to tell him yes, he’s only been doing this for 10 years now. ha! Finally a guest who can let Adam know he’s been repeating the same once-funny stuff over and over and over and over and….

  124. Holly

    DAG is so obnoxious! Don’t ever bring him back!

  125. Peggy

    “LOUD quiet LOUD quiet quiet LOUD quiet LOUD LOUD mumble mumble LOUD LOUD LOUD.” ~Dag

  126. Lou

    Worst show ever!!! Shut the hell up DAG!!! Screaming isn’t funny just very annoying.

  127. Amanda

    Strip clubs, listen up. Adam knows what the men want. DAG and Ace, open your club. My local strip club is offering Little Sierra, the midget XXX chic. Can’t even do a link, because it’s not on their site. Perhaps the bad boob jobs and c section scars don’t appeal in places other than Albuquerque???

  128. Jack

    DAG is ALWAYS dynamic!!! Great chemistry w/ Adam

  129. Mike

    Most annoying guest I’ve heard on this show. He has two volumes, loud as fuck, and mumbling. It was nothing but self-indulgent rambling out of his mouth. The shouting, the burping, the aimless use of unfunny voices, all made for a very shitty show.

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