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Adam opens the show talking about last night’s podcast with Andrew McCarthy. He also rants about Carson Daly’s problems building his pool and his own issues trying to properly label and ship Mangria. David Alan Grier then enters the studio and makes fun of the delicious alcoholic beverage. Adam also takes a couple listener calls who ask DAG questions about In Living Color and Bernie Mac.

Before Alison begins the new, DAG jumps into his Peanut character. They also talk about this past weekend’s Carmageddon, and Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars. Next up, the guys discuss Sarah Silverman’s latest political video, and as the show wraps up, the gang chats about Tyler Perry scripting a series for Oprah’s network.


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In Living Color

Sarah Silverman Voter Fraud

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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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  1. Joey V
    Joey V10-01-2012

    Doesn’t get much funnier than DAG

    • jo ke
      jo ke10-02-2012

      agree DAG is all Balls

    • Rick

      Dag is exactly like an irritating middle school boy who is going through puberty and trying to be as annoying as possible.
      The kind of kid who thinks he is funny with his childish sound effects and gets satisfaction from disrupting the flow of things.

      Hey DAG! Why don’t you just STFU, unless you have something to contribute?

      Why so quiet? Yea i figured. You got nothing!

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana10-02-2012

        Given age and the reflection it provides, “disrupting the flow of things” in Middle School deserves a medal. You, Sir are a douche without honor — Masengilimous, if that’s a word.

        • Rick

          Many of us have become adults now.
          Even in Middle School, I had a more refined sense of humor than DAG.
          As does everyone else on the Adam Carolla show.

      • Howard

        Exactly… I don’t understand how anyone thinks he’s funny. It’s pathetic. Every DAG show, including this one, is a non listen for me. Next show. I hate DAG.

      • Doug


        DAG is easily Adam’s most obnoxious, unfunny guest.

        • abi

          I’m going to guess that none of you are familiar with the legacy that is DAG & Adam. Listen to some old loveline and anything else where they’re able to riff. Talented couple of guys.

        • billy.b

          the black Gilbert Gottfreid.

        • Rrrrr

          You are out of your mind!

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol10-02-2012

      GET IT ON!

    • Brian

      DAG is the man! Nice surprise today!

    • Mike

      The perfect week of guests: Fitzdog, Dana Gould, Dagaroni, Nealon, and maybe some rotation of other comedians. If you disagree, don’t listen. This show makes my 40 minute commute bearable. Keep it up Ace!

    • Scott Young
      Scott Young10-05-2012

      Without a doubt, the funniest guest that’s ever been on. DAG is absolutely hilarious and I can’t wait for his next visit. Please have him on a s soon and as frequently as possible. Keep up the great material!

  2. crowTrobot

    I didn’t even know DAG was coming in this week. What a great surprise!


  3. Ryan


  4. Wes

    DAG is not funny at all…. He is irritating.

    • apollo

      I was about to say the same thing. I had to turn off the podcast. Absolutely unbearable.

      • billy.b

        A literal turn-off. Its gotten to the point that I wont even listen to the shows that he is on at all.

    • Miguel

      I hate DAG…I find him irritating as well.

    • LFC

      Agreed! Painfully unfunny. More times than not he ruins the show, yells over everyone’s stories and comes across as the biggest phony.

      The only time he was bearable on the show was when Attell was on and he was forced to be a human for once in his life.

      Adam’s only blind spot when it comes to comedy.

    • Seth

      DAG’s drunk guy sounds like Bender from Futurama.

    • alex

      Completely agree. These episodes are hard to listen to.

    • bubbles

      Agreed -he is obnoxious. Loud doesn’t equal funny.

    • Mike

      I agree! DAG was perfect on In Living Color, but he is so hard to listen to. Christ almighty, I had to ride the volume control the entire time. He needs Ritalin. Irritating to say the least.

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee10-02-2012

        DAG is definetely one guest that you should not listen to on your desktop at work. I listen to him and all the live shows on my phone with the one good earbud thingy I bought on Amazon…

      • Me

        DAG > Dameshek any day of the week.

        • jrock1970

          DAG is fucking hilarious, drunk DAG even more so!

      • Susan Drew
        Susan Drew10-04-2012

        Adam is just as bad when it comes to volume level! I have to adjust the volume during every podcast!

    • tom nam
      tom nam10-02-2012

      first podcast I could not finish listening to – DAG is sooooo irritating…

      • Aged Cheddar
        Aged Cheddar10-02-2012

        Made it about half way and couldn’t stand any more DAG. Had to turn it off. Never again! Good for you, all you DAG fans, but I will pass from now on…

        • Rex Montana
          Rex Montana10-02-2012

          He has 10 minutes of new stuff, and the rest is: don’t forget I had 10 minutes of new stuff!

          That’s not the way it works. All criticism is warranted.

        • Roger Murdock
          Roger Murdock10-04-2012

          Yup. Couldn’t make it all the way through here, either.

          Screaming “Wooooooooooo!” is now considered comedy? Congrats to all those drunken sorority girls who will soon have their own pilots.

    • gizmo rivera
      gizmo rivera10-02-2012

      love DAG..but he can be a bit overwhelming..
      Great show, been there since the start…..
      ordering some Mangrea

    • Joe

      Totally agree. Irritating since the old radio show.

    • Hugh Jorgan
      Hugh Jorgan10-02-2012

      And Wes isn’t irritating?

    • jj

      Agreed. When I saw that today’s guest was DAG, I was immediately disappointed.

  5. Juan Barbosa
    Juan Barbosa10-01-2012

    Wow, Sarah Silverman is becoming kind of sad. It seems to happen with comediennes who hit middle age and never had kids ( Janeane Garofalo, Kathy Griffin etc.). They become really left wing, hyper-political and angry. I know it must be devastating, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Republicans fault that your window of opportunity to have children has closed forever.

    • DrunktankDan

      Damn that is a straight up hateful comment, dude. I doubt you would say something about a woman like that in front of your mother.

      For the record, we probably agree on much politically.

    • Sloover

      you’re a retard

    • Mike Holzapfel
      Mike Holzapfel10-02-2012

      your ignorant post that ignores voter discrimination is also sad. But hey! you have ‘Antonio Villaraigosa’ to represent you!

    • Al Dorman
      Al Dorman10-02-2012

      Sarah has been on this stuff for a while. Maybe Real Housewifes (Republicans are more your speed). Plenty of kids there.

    • Matt

      Almost as sad as people who equate everything to politics

    • vincek

      Right on the money Juan…

    • steve smith
      steve smith10-02-2012

      Sarah Silverman kicks ass your’e the sad one BITCH.

    • Pedro

      I’m so sick of this “voter discrimination” BS. Just get a fucking license or Government ID card like a normal person, if you can’t figure that out than how do you know who you are voting for! You need an ID for EVERYTHING, why should voting be any different? What student doesn’t have some form of government ID, you can’t even you’re student ID without one!

      • Just Me
        Just Me10-04-2012

        I vote for Pedro ^

      • Mason Jar
        Mason Jar10-06-2012

        Dear right wing dipshits,

        I agree with you that obtaining a photo ID card should not be considered a giant hurdle in your life. They’ve asked for mine every time I’ve voted in the last 26 years.

        The big, ugly, stinking fraud being committed here (in my opinion) is changing the rules for what qualifies so close to the election.

        You want to make it a rule for everybody? Great, start in 2016 and then nobody can claim that they didn’t have time. Lazy MFers that don’t obtain a state ID card or driver’s license will not get to vote or complain.

        Sarah rocks, btw. She cares enough to get involved and support fairness and representation. You asswipes that criticize her and suggest she is doing this because she is bitter and childless are simply pathetic.

  6. Amoney

    YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!! DAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s been too long.

  7. JT

    DAG makes me SO HAPPY! I could listen to him ALLdayLONG. Please give him his own show on the Ace Network, AceMan! ***WaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooW~!!!***

    • Tim

      Are you insane? Who in their right mind wants to listen to the most ADHD person in the world shout into their eardrums on a daily basis?

      • JPat


        • DefNottaJew

          Agree with JPat. I’m for anyone who gives Adam an occasional taste of his own medicine in steamrolling over the guests, constantly interrupting them or talking over them in a totally different direction than they were going. I bet 60% of Adam’s guests leave and wonder what the fuck just happened to them. Also thought it was hilarious that he was (I think in jest) insulting Mangria, equating it to Malt Duck!!!! Priceless. Adam obviously thinks he’s funny and it’s a good occasional ego check for Adam.

  8. real life Harold
    real life Harold10-02-2012

    Loooooove DAG! Two snaps in a circle!

    • memo

      and two snaps in Z formation, haha!

  9. Cosmo2

    I’m in my sixth year as a devoted fan of the Ace Man after stumbling upon his show via the BS Report. Love his comedy, love his life coaching, love his stories …

    Can’t deal with David Allen Grier … can’t deal with Harland Williams … not funny. Not interesting. Not entertaining.

    Worst … Week … Ever … 😉

    (PS: I know this is all personal taste, so no offence to those who love both/either guest. Just sharing my thoughts).

    • DrunktankDan

      Yeah DAG seems to be a polarizing guest. That being said, one need not listen much beyond the closing few minutes of the show to Adam’s sublime laughter to see (hear?) the reason DAG is such a cult figure among the ACS fans.
      Dag used to bug the shit out of me but now I realize my irritation was from the wild oscillations between volume levels. Leaning in close to the headphones and then having to suddenly back off of them gets old fast, even though what the guy is saying is fucking hilarious. A little more ‘dynamic range suppression’ or whatever the techies over at Ace Broadcasting call it would be much appreciated from us humble listeners; if for no other reason than that it would prevent me from dropping shit at work. That means you, Dawson! (or whoever does post production)

      • DrunktankDan

        Dynamic range compression*
        Although that isn’t the correct term either.

    • Doug

      Harland Williams is hilarious. DAG is an irritating, unfunny hack.

      • Hugh Jorgan
        Hugh Jorgan10-02-2012

        Doug Markwith peddles smut. How unfunny is that?

    • david

      Found the show the same way and agreed with you on both guests. However, I think Harlan was actually a good guest and was funny for the first time ever last week. So, I’m giving DAG another chance. I know you’re all super interested, so I’ll update you on my opinion later.

    • Al Dorman
      Al Dorman10-02-2012

      Total disagree. Harland Williams is one of the few that make me literally laugh out loud. DAG is a legend. I would listen to Harland every day if he had his own podcast…

      • Blue Jew
        Blue Jew10-02-2012

        He does have his own podcast.

    • Ryan

      PPS: Eat a bullet!

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle10-03-2012


        …or something.

    • vincek

      I love DAG but I can totally get why some people don’t…

    • nOc

      No one cares about your opinion.

    • Lauren

      Listen up Cosmos – you are the douchiest, douche that ever douched. Why don’t you ‘share your thoughts’ with my ass, you tool.

  10. daniel gallie
    daniel gallie10-02-2012

    DAG is still the best!!

  11. Silent Running
    Silent Running10-02-2012

    The Mangria bottle is beautiful, Aceman. It’s right up there with Red Diamond, which is probably my favorite.

  12. Nick


  13. Sluggh

    Thanks for the testimonial. I feel like I was there.

  14. Keenwhiz

    DAG yelling & and talking loud with snoring sounds is Not humorous

  15. Dan


  16. nAAter

    Sarah Silverman looks like Adam Sandler when he dresses up as his own sister.

    • jrock1970

      In what universe? you might want to get your eyes checked bro!

  17. DR sbruce goose
    DR sbruce goose10-02-2012

    Malt duck I remember that stuff….you found your target consumer area for the mangria south central Los Angeles….

  18. BH

    Dag is annoying and overrated

  19. Mean Dean
    Mean Dean10-02-2012

    I’m going to ask my local liquor store here in Massachusetts if they will carry Mangria

  20. Ryno


    The only guest worth listening to!!

  21. Ric

    F-YEAH!! DAG!!

  22. REB

    Perfect episode: DAG + rant about stupid bureaucrats monitoring Mangria labels

  23. Fieldengineer

    What is Republican Adam complaining about building codes for his friend’s swimming pool built on the side of a hill?
    These regulations that are set up by Lobbyists from each particular industry is what drives the ECONOMY.

    If I was living below the guy with a pool on the side of a hill – I would like to know that it would take an atom bomb to crack that pool.

    Adam made a good nickel revamping Apartments after the great Northridge earthquake. He was the pilot fish sucking off the great white shark back in the day.

    Never forget where you traveled in life – before you complain.

    Great show – Keep up the good work.

  24. Cg



    Like listening to Robin Williams with even less talent.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-02-2012

      Shazbot Cg

  25. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson10-02-2012

    American people complain too much. Just get a fucking ID if you want to vote like in every other goddamn country on the planet.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-02-2012

      No Shit! and I’m a complaining American…

    • jrock1970

      yeah, because disenfranchising voters is the American way right?

  26. James

    Doesn’t seem to be many “eehhh” about DAG. People either love him or hate him. Put a tally mark in the hate side for me. He isn’t funny. He’s so freaking annoying. He steps on other people’s conversation.

    Since when is making annoying sounds a funny thing? There are a lot of podcasts episodes where the guest is boring as hell but I listen because Adam is funny. With DAG I don’t even want to listen.

  27. Nature Boy Ric Flair
    Nature Boy Ric Flair10-02-2012


  28. DJ

    DAG love that guy

  29. alex

    I turned it off at the 36 minute mark. Unbearable.

    • Piss

      Grow some balls, pussy.

    • Piss

      You turned it off because you are a pussy.

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee10-02-2012

        You sound Pissed Piss

  30. slowtimer

    “Bald Mike” LOL. Love me some DAG.

  31. STL Tom
    STL Tom10-02-2012

    Loves me some DAG! Missouri Crystal Meth would slow this guy down … HA!

    Hey — still have the tickets for Chicago on Oct. 12 — VIPs — any takers? Can’t make it up from St. Louis — want to keep the asses in the seats for Ace Man.

  32. James

    If you scream, “shit that wasn’t funny” then it makes it funnier.

    Since when does screaming something, in and of itself, make it funny?

    • jrock1970

      ask Gilbert Gottfried, Sam Kinison or Bobcat Goldthwaite.

  33. memo

    nice! DAG is back….just made my tuesday, i havent even listened to the episode yet, and i’m already pleased with it 🙂

  34. Paul

    Did DAG shut up for more than 5 seconds during this show?

    He was terrible, completely unfunny, blathering like an idiot and randomly yelling just to make noise.

    • Gregers

      That’s pretty much what he does. He fucking sucks.

  35. Blue Maverick
    Blue Maverick10-02-2012

    More DAG please.

  36. Thomas

    Shut up DAG!!!! god damnit! Please never have him on the show again.pleas god damnit Adam. I can tall you are annoyed as me but at least i can turn it off Fuck!

  37. Thomas

    He is like a black Robin Williams but louder.

  38. Ben Weddle
    Ben Weddle10-02-2012

    When it comes to knowing what’s NOT funny, DAG is an expert. He’s the black “Andy Dick.” Fast forwarding through the show does your sponsors no favors.

  39. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle10-02-2012

    The potato joke goes…
    Two women picking potatoes in field. One woman, holding up two large potatoes, says, “These potatoes remind me of my husbands balls.”
    The other woman gasps and says, “Your husbands balls are that big?”
    “No that dirty.”

  40. Racerdubya

    Seeing DAG’s name on the pod cast is like seeing a bio-hazard warning sign… I know that it’s something I don’t even want to open. It’s like someone taught a 2 year old all the profanity they could think of and the kid just screams it at the top of their lungs for no apparent reason… I’ll check in tomorrow.

    • DrunktankDan

      I would find a profanity screaming two year old absolutely hilarious.
      Sophisticated, DAG is not. But goddamn he makes Adam (and myself) laugh.

  41. Chris in Houston
    Chris in Houston10-02-2012

    Wow. So much fun with DAG. Loving the show. Then Silverman had to ruin it all with her horribly misleading and uninformed mock PSA. I almost had to stop listening.

  42. Rick.kilroy

    Not “tard logic”, “tard dumbing down”. In a competitive environment (high reward) there are people with the task of dumbing down your ideas in order to level the playing field. Not really leveling at all since what they are doing is cheating.

  43. Matt in NH
    Matt in NH10-02-2012

    Love me some DAG…. Yay-uh!

  44. Douchebagel


  45. cfed

    Ugh, Dag. The only time I don’t finish listening to a show is when he’s on. I try listening though, but he just seems to make a lot of noise without really saying anything funny.

  46. Eric

    DAGS not as funny as i remember him being. Regardless i love ya.

  47. paddym

    DAG is usually one of my faves. He really fucking sucks though when he tries to do the black Robin Williams deal. There are other people in the room. Quit fucking stepping all over everybody’s shit. It’s irritating and grinds the show to a halt.

  48. ubercat

    Completely unrelated: I wonder why Ace hasn’t introduced the idea of the ‘Courtesy Flush’ to Matt The Porcelain Punisher. If he’s destroying the bathroom… …some of that damage can be mitigated with a courtesy flush or two.

    • DefNottaJew

      When did it become about Porcelain Punisher shitting up the bathroom? Adam originally was complaining about how forcefully Matt was pissing in an airport bathroom, saying he was gonna crack the porcelain…

    • DefNottaJew

      Not sure when it became about Matt shitting up the bathroom. He originally got the nickname when Adam was talking about pissing in airport bathrooms and he mentioned how forcefully Matt pissed, thinking he was gonna crack the porcelain…

      • AMT

        No, Adam gave him the nickname after shitting up the bathroom.

  49. Matt

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I find DAG to be incredibly irritating. He’s one of those people who never let’s a joke breath.

  50. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    Dag is okay but can you turn down his mic, his yelling is like ice picks to the ears.

  51. katie

    Woo Hoo DAG!!!

  52. jim

    Beatles was the Butcher Album cover Bald.. not doctors..

  53. Pierre Rochard
    Pierre Rochard10-02-2012

    My face is sore from uncontrollable laughter. My favorite loveline episodes are those with DAG and this made my, uhm, life. I’m hoping Dr. Drew has DAG and Adam as guests on his first podcast. LET’S SAVE SOME BABIES!

    • not easily amused
      not easily amused10-02-2012

      So, screaming, singing, belching, and repeating ‘man-juice’ is funny? Sorry, but he’s like the drunk at the bar who won’t shut up. He kept interrupting for the sake of it – not because he had anything funny or interesting to interject. Like when he broke in during Alison’s news song to sing his own, for instance? Horrible. And, Tyler Perry IS a hack. That he defends him shows what a boor he is.


  54. idiotMan

    Wasn’t clear on what the other voter suppression techniques were. Weird all of these people are so put out by a drive to the DMV but a day of voting — they can squeeze time in for that.

    Oh and it never happens? http://www.newsmax.com/Politics/maryland-democrat-voted-2/2012/09/11/id/451417

  55. Mark

    Sarah Silverman has become very unfunny very quickly.

  56. Kevin

    I would pay Alison Rosen to just follow me around and laugh. You’re probably reading this so Alison I just want you to know that you are delightful.

  57. Craig Haley
    Craig Haley10-02-2012

    I’ve been an avid listener for the past two years. I’ve never left a comment on your site before (nor am I the arm chair critic type, who leaves negative comments on websites for self-validation purposes), but today I felt compelled to post. I’ve only ever turned this show off twice during my time as a listener. On both occasions, David Allen Greer was the guest. Good God man, how can you guys not recognize his whole schtick as being “a bit much” for listeners. Though I applaud Adam for welcoming guests who can take the piss out of him in a humorous way, why in the name of God do I need to feel frustrated listening to the show highjacked for an hour and a half? I’m an actor by trade and have extensive improv training. I’ve grown to recognize those who rightfully succeed in comedy are those who support their fellow performers and not the ones who steal every moment and make it about themselves.

  58. Flapjack McCrackin
    Flapjack McCrackin10-02-2012

    DAG is way too hard to listen too. He’s whispering so you can’t hear him then yelling nonsense. I don’t get why Adam keeps having him back. The sponsors are probably not real happy either.

  59. Caleb

    I am so glad to see I am not in the minority on this (it looks at least to be 50/50). I listen every day but I literally could not finish this episode. Someone shouting and not allowing anyone to make a point is not funny.

  60. Domenique

    worst guest ever… unlistenable… he knows where the bodies r buried???

  61. Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay10-02-2012

    I like DAG, but can’t stand him when he’s on the PODcast. His idiotic screaming and irritating sounds totally take away from the broadcast. I quit listening everytime he comes on.

  62. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.10-02-2012

    I laugh my ass off every time DAG is on.

    Whether you love him or hate him, you have to love the ENERGY he brings to the show!

    • Grier is CRAP
      Grier is CRAP10-03-2012

      Energy? Whatever, dipshit. I was hoping Alison would smack the shit out of him, or Adam would just choke him out. Is he really such a clueless fuckface, or he was intentionally trying to sabotage the podcast? It was painful to listen to, through and through.
      What a moronic loudmouth and an asshole. It’s a day later and I’m still pissed. So many talented and sincere people scrape by, while a shit-for-brains like him makes bank, and has the nerve to make a mockery of Adam’s show, and give me a splitting headache. FUCK him, and his horse!
      One silver lining: I’m motivated to hang my punching bag again.

  63. setlasmon

    DAG is funny as all get out. when he started cussing it up during the live read the last time he was on I about died…

    plus he follows me on twitter. theres nothing more funny than THAT!

  64. JFS

    Could not make myself listen to the whole podcast. DAG is annoying. How the hell did he get on Broadway??!?!?

  65. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent10-02-2012

    You guys gave DAG Mangria…?!!

  66. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent10-02-2012

    Oh…and how ’bout Harland, Ray AND DAG on the same show!

  67. Tim

    It seems like listeners either love or hate DAG. The intelligent listeners hate him and the tards enjoy him. The show was painfully annoying because DAG can’t go five seconds without screaming at the top of his lungs, thus holding the show hostage with his unfunny nonsensical outbursts.

    Don’t give me wrong, ACS is an amazing and incredibly entertaining show, but episodes featuring DAG are embarrassingly bad… So bad listeners could start a class-action lawsuit for the collective raping of their eardrums.

  68. ANGEL



  69. Will T.
    Will T.10-02-2012

    Whitie has Robin Williams. Darkie has DAG.

  70. Sam G
    Sam G10-02-2012

    Goddamnit, I signed up just to say that I never miss a podcast. The only time I need to turn off this shit is when DAG is on.

    How, in your infinite comedic wisdom, can you think that DAG is funny, Carolla? No amount of Mangria will be able to completely repair my ear drums.

  71. Stache

    i dont know why there are so many DAG haters. haters hate, but i loved this episode. it was by far the best one adam and DAG have done together in a while. always great with teres..i mean alison and “bald mike” in there too. DAG needs to be on at least once a month. its a good thing i didnt take the train today. my laughter was uncontrollable. 2 great podcasts back to back. lovin it Aceman!

  72. Aaron

    Sarah Silverman is insufferable.. ugh. How racist of her to say that black people can’t get an ID. Is she saying they are incapable of doing so? Is it because they’re inferior or not smart enough? Is that what she’s saying?

    I agree some of the ID requirements are bizarre, if her video is in fact true, which is suspect, but the overall concept of needing a photo ID to vote makes COMPLETE SENSE and it’s hard to argue otherwise!

  73. Mike

    Dag is a dough bag and so are you!

  74. Mary

    Geez I have a headache from this show!

  75. Why Why Why
    Why Why Why10-02-2012

    DAG! Get it ON.

  76. SE

    DAG needs to relax, crack wise and stop raging… unnecessary…unnecessary.

  77. greg

    Not going to download this one.

  78. Tamko

    lol ‘sh** that wasn’t funny!’ Damn straight DAG!

  79. andy


    Great show guys!

  80. Peter North
    Peter North10-02-2012

    Serious question: Is DAG retarded?

  81. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-02-2012

    Wow, DAG needs some Lithium or Heroin, so much for listening through head phones, YIKES! 5 more minutes and I might pass, STFU DAG!

  82. Racerdubya

    Wow… just read through the posts (did not listen). Definitely the way to go when DAG is on, all the highlights none of the retard that is DAG.

  83. burro

    C’mon if you don’t like DAG your racist, quit lying to yourself and everyone and just come out of the racist closet.

    • Grier is CRAP
      Grier is CRAP10-03-2012

      Whatever, you drooling dolt. Face the facts: he FUCKING SUCKS ASS. It’s as simple as that.

  84. frank h.
    frank h.10-02-2012

    fucking epic show. love me some DAG

  85. Dario

    I find Sarah cute and funny and all, but honest to God, can she sound any more idiotic? In NYC, a government issued photo ID costs you $10 for 8 years. Is this an insurmountable cost to the “poor”? She talks of everyone’s God given right to vote. Well, what about my God given right not to have my vote diluted even more with no checks on who’s submitting a ballot?

    I just don’t get this stupidity.

  86. Steve

    Fucking love DAG!!! You haters want a droll, one-note conversation, fuck off and go listen to NPR. Or would you prefer some more of Adam’s political rants?

  87. Alex Gambit
    Alex Gambit10-02-2012

    DAG is amazing!!!!!!

  88. JMJ

    DAG would be good if he was muted.

  89. Ras

    How do you spell annoying?

  90. stpgod

    DAG is the best. He’s brilliant and funny, and brings a little class to the show

    • Grier is CRAP
      Grier is CRAP10-03-2012

      Class!? Wow, that is rich.


  91. Tracy

    DAG shows are the only episodes that I don’t download.

    • Lou

      I’ll listen to the first half untill DAG comes in and starts yelling.

  92. Yeah

    if you can’t handle DAG, there is something wrong with YOU not him.

  93. Jeremy

    I do like Sarah Silverman, but I am begining to get irritated by the “garbage” content that she is “spewing”! Disreguarding our political preference, can’t we all be tired of what people say vs. what others (politicians or OTHERS) DO?

  94. Grave

    I haven’t been following ACS for awhile but with a DAG and Dr. Drew episode I’m back in. I don’t get how you can be an Adam Carolla fan from Loveline days and hate DAG. That one episode where Adam and DAG are imitating two dudes swearing at each other about to get into a fight was the funniest thing from ACS. Thanks for the laughter.

  95. Bob

    Dag tries too hard to be funny

  96. Cory

    DAG can’t be on enough!! More DAG!!!

  97. Meh

    Whoa whoa whoa Adam……thanks for cutting off Sarah there buddy, what ever happened to listening to ideas outside your own and not listening to rhetoric that regurgitates your preconceived notions? I loved his lack of response as Silverman made point after point. Do as I say, not as I do Carolla tards!!

    • Dario

      Yeah, he’s really running away from the topic… by… posting the video on his own website. What a coward the Aceman is.

  98. kirk

    adam should see this!

  99. Hugh

    DAG you hilarious genius!

  100. 3rd Mijo
    3rd Mijo10-02-2012

    Man I’ve never seen an audience so divided on someone. Good thing Adam doesn’t give a shit, because I like DAG.

  101. paul

    that jackass went to yale?

  102. Sal

    Loved the show. Love DAG.

    I haven’t heard Adam laugh so hard on the show (1:31:25) in years.

    Amazing show, I was dying.

    • 3rd Mijo
      3rd Mijo10-06-2012

      Hardest I’ve ever heard Adam laugh was when he farted Drew out of the Loveline studio. Can’t remember when, go ask Giovanni he’ll give you the exact second, weather, age, blood pressure, etc.

  103. anthony in Ireland
    anthony in Ireland10-02-2012

    fuck he’s annoying

  104. The Anti-DAG
    The Anti-DAG10-02-2012

    I’m sorry, but I CANNOT STAND “Dag”. For the life of me I cannot figure out why he seems to have some type of weird cult following among some Ace listeners. He is gratingly obnoxious and apparently has severe ADHD. He completely destroys – in a bad way – every AC podcast he is on. He does not give anyone else a chance to get a word in edge-wise, let alone complete a fucking thought. Granted his impression of Big Mama calling her numerous children by names of medications is hilarious, but that’s all he’s got. Enough is enough already. Sorry if Im being a dick head, but Ive been keeping my mouth shut about this for years now and finally had to say something. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO MORE DAG.

    • JPat

      Well, he’s not on very often. Just don’t listen when he is.

  105. WhoaRofl

    DAG must be an acquired taste… I freaking love D.A.G. and glad to hear his return to the show.


  106. DrClown

    Seems like Adam encourages DAG the same way he encouraged Natalia to be mean to him.

  107. Marcos

    I guess I’ll pile on…DAG is by far the more irritating guest. Yeah, the snoring bit. Yeah, you’re Adam’s on black friend. Yeah you’re screaming into the mic again. Usually I can ignore it but he’s buzzing away constantly…DAG is like Robin Williams on speed.

  108. Baby Seal
    Baby Seal10-02-2012

    DaG is hilarious. The sex bit never gets old.

  109. arman

    LMAO!!!! this fucking guy D.A.G. cracks me up……… especially when hes “sleeping” and how he keeps calling alison “theresa” hahahahahahah this guy has me with a permanent cheshire grin on my face throughout the podcast

  110. spiced

    more david. super funny

  111. SamuelJH

    Thank you Adam Carolla, David Alan Grier, supporting cast and crew.

  112. Ace

    Great episode, I love me some crazy ass DAG!! For those of you who can’t stand him, I understand he’s a lot to handle, but he is what he is. Complain all you want but he will most definitely be back again and again, so just shut the fuck up.

    Can you PLEASE get DAG on a Dr. Drew bonus show, that would be the tits! Thanks

  113. Aaron

    If you didn’t make it to the end of the podcast, you missed some great stuff. “Somebody got three D’s and a incomplete” almost made me drive into a ditch!


    Adam should sell limited edition signed stickers that can be pasted over the official Mangria label. Then he can feel free to write whatever funny thing he wants, the fans can get a cool collectible upgrade to the already Mangria bottle, and ACS has one more small stream feeding the river.


      “…already cool Mangria bottle,”

    • Big C
      Big C10-04-2012

      That’s a great idea! Or some sort of sleeve that you can put the bottle in so that it looks and reads exactly as he wants it to.

  115. RealisticOptimist

    Props to everyone on the staff for dealing with this. Shows they are total pro’s.

    Someone needs to tell him it’s called the ADAM CAROLLA show, not the DAG show. He could be funny if he actually let other people talk.

  116. Big C
    Big C10-03-2012

    For the record, DAG was fucking insufferable on this podcast. He may be great in movies, theater, and TV shows, but if you’re going to have him back on, drop a mickey in his Mangria 30 minutes before the show.

    I listened to this podcast first thing when I woke up today, I couldn’t get all the way through it, and now I need a nap, ’cause DAG wore me the fuck out.

  117. andygirlll

    LMFAO – Sarah Silverman video was the best!

  118. Gabe

    DAG was great….as usual!

  119. Sdbowfan

    DAG is the man! He is a master improviser and there is no other guest that can make Adam, Bryan and Alisson laugh that hard. Can’t get enough!

  120. JPat

    Love DAG!! Bald Bruce!!! Hahahahaha.

  121. Kevin

    Here’s a hint to people wondering why people like DAG. If you’ve been listening to Adam as long as some of us, you’d know DAG was the most frequent and consensus best guest in the history of Loveline, appearing on the show at least a dozen times. He has amazing comedic chops and is one of the very few guests that will ever rip on Carolla while having Ace’s respect comedicly. I’ll admit he was over the top in this episode, partly because he was drunk and partly because he was playing the role of Loud Drunk Guy. Still though, what would you prefer, more boring musical guests? More repetitive unfunny rants about our “entitlement society”? MORE DAVID WILD? I thought not.

    • Chris from Charetta
      Chris from Charetta10-04-2012

      haha – definitely not more david wild…and I’m a freakin musician! lol. DAG drives me to drink; Wild puts me to sleep!

  122. Gray Whelan
    Gray Whelan10-03-2012

    Most Annoying Guest ever!

  123. joegagan

    sarah sillverman. shunlist. top of the shunlist. what an unfunny formerly funny see you in toledo.

  124. Anniepatra

    Damn, Peanuts on the line again?

  125. Elle

    I cannot tell you how infuriating it is when I open the freezer & there’s no ice, and no one thought to fill the ice trays after they used all the damn ice!!

    Yeah, there’s only white people in Kirkland LOL!!

    And I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY about when did it become fraud to ask for someone’s ID? It’s called IDENTITY THEFT people, anyone who doesn’t carry proof of who they are on their person, I truly believe they are up to no good in general, not voter fraud. And I’m not sure, but I’ve heard, the popo don’t take kindly to people who can’t provide ID when asked. And why is the picture of “poor people” a pic of Mexicans?!

  126. Tom

    DAG can be great but SOOOOO irritating with the screaming and the snoring. The irritating outweighs the great. I turned it off a few minutes into his segment. I’ll skip the DAG segments from now on.

  127. ocbret88

    DAG is the the greatest guest

  128. a2mfk

    As a structural engineer, I know what Adam says when he is frustrated by nonsensical building code requirements. Us engineers often have are hands tied by non-engineer bureaucrats who interpret the code one way and don’t let us do our jobs and think and engineer and solve problems…

    With all that said, I have never heard of a double wall system for a pool next to the water. I live in Florida and have seen hundreds of ocean and lake side pools without such a requirement, though we don’t have seismic issues. I wonder if Carson Daly could not have just used a saltwater system which uses a salt concentration lower than human tears, which you would think would be allowed to spill in an emergency due it being pretty environmentally benign.

    Sounds pretty absurd, there are so many other problems out there for the government to solve. But the government seems to try and solve the small and easy problems first, like busting some guys balls who wants a pool, or making sure your car tire is not over the line of your parking spot.

  129. Forrest

    I need that ring tone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. Bucho

    DAG is nothing short of magnificent

  131. Ajfaruzzi

    How do you not love Dag, what’s wrong with people these days?

  132. Dragos4s20

    DAG is funny in small doses, but does get irritating.

  133. Seattle-light

    “Harland Williams is hilarious. DAG is an irritating, unfunny hack.”

    seriously? How is this a thing that someone can say with a straight face? Both comedians have crazy vibes. Both of them are children, DAG is gross and always performing and Harland never seems to be himself on the show, always saying things like “wow gee whiz did you just say “hell”?” I get the bit, but holy shit Harland, its adam carolla and you’ve been on the show 6+ times, come up with something new to fake-be offended at.

    personally, i like them both for the most part and everyone needs to calm down. Ace is gonna have people he wants on the show, period. This isn’t your show. people aren’t going to do what YOU want them to. This isn’t your mom’s basement.

  134. kevin

    I like DAG but he is all over the map with his sound level. He drops to a whisper and then shreiks. I’m turning up the volume to try and hear him and then getting my eardrums blown out by his laugh. Please talk to him about moderating his voice. thanks.

    • ks

      I love dags energy…not this time though. It was like he got tired of derailing Adam and needed Allison to talk more so he could step all over someone new. It became repetitive and tedious. I had to turn it off.

  135. Ryan

    Love me some Dag!! Keep him coming back.

    DANNY CASILLAS10-05-2012


  137. Iris

    I love DAG!!! Adam too, but theses two together are hilariously!

  138. Doug

    I fucking hate DAG so much. All he does is scream and disrupt the podcast. It’s as if he’s purposely trying to sabotage the entire thing. And what’s with him shitting on Adam’s Mangria? Sure, he may have been joking, but it still was completely uncalled for. You don’t talk badly about something the host’s trying to sell. I wish DAG would just fucking die already. Talentless hack.

    • Rrrrr

      What are you… his mom?

  139. Rrrrr

    The Show was cry out loud funny… Because of The Great David Alen Grier.

  140. Chuck

    Adam, I’m a big fan. Please listen to the majority and limit the DAG exposure.

    As you’ve noted, podcasts are an intimate experience and you want us to “mainline” your show… He makes this impossible. The whispering/shouting, the interrupting, and the childish inane repetition… It’s too much. I would hate for the new listeners that I turn on to your show to listen to a DAG episode and never come back, but I wouldn’t blame them…

    With all that being said, thanks for all of the other great podcasts.

  141. Richie

    DAGARONI !!! – Freaking hilarious – Adam & DAG should work together all the time.

  142. Kevin

    Chuck is a retard, DAG is fucking great.

  143. Russ

    You guys must be really close in real life, and DAG must be a totally different guy off mic, because on-mic he’s a completely annoying, unfunny asshole. I don’t even bother downloading any podcasts that he’s on anymore. As Sonny says, “it’s just a waste of my time.”

  144. Tom Keller
    Tom Keller10-09-2012

    Just started listening to the DAG portion and he hit it on the head with his comment on listening to Adam rant for 15 minutes on something that is not funny. Too bad such a large portion of recent shows are like this. I still listen for the brilliant moments of off the cuff hilarity, not the repetitive trivial rants.

  145. Woods Lamp
    Woods Lamp10-09-2012

    I don’t care for DAG at all but figured I’d hang in there at least until he started belching into the microphone. That never happened as far as I can tell, but DAG was so obnoxious, unfunny, and pointless that I switched off around the 48 minute mark.

    On the bright side, at least I didn’t have to hear Silverman’s little thing. Take it as you will, but I’ll download all the podcasts as I usually do, but on the DAG ones, I’ll be tuning out as soon as DAG shows up.


  146. Fred

    Since when is what Sarah Silverman has to say news worthy?

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