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Show Summary

Adam welcomes DAG back to the show, and says that he wants a pay scale that incorporates talent. DAG talks about his work in Porgy and Bess, and how crazy his schedule has been as of late. The guys then listen to an upcoming parody track from DAG, and get David Wild on the phone to talk about the Grammys. Later, the guys take a call from a flustered fan with a simple request.

In the second half of the show, Alison starts the news with more facts about the Grammys. She also gives updates on Whitney Houston’s passing, and the guys talk about the best way to avoid a panic attack. Other news stories involve Sandusky, unhealthy Valentine’s Day candies, and the outrage over Chris Brown’s Grammy performance. As the show wraps up, the guys read through texts from people who don’t know who Paul McCartney is.

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Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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    Good times! Love DAG!!!

    • Danakey

      What the fuck is DAG talking about?

      • tony

        Ask his black brothers!!!!

  2. Brett

    DAG should be in jail for the raping of my eardrums

  3. Jeff714

    Adele has a fatter head than she has a fat tushy. I think she is a little overweight. But in 20 years her butt is going to knock Aretha’s off the stage.

  4. Sal

    I love when the DAG is on the show he always makes me crack up

    • tony

      First, learn English, and second , get some taste

  5. Halo909

    Thank you so much for this podcast. He’s so funny for a black man. This podcast makes up for the Kevin Smith podcast.

  6. Cal

    Haha, love the photo. That is why we love Dag

  7. Ben S.
    Ben S.02-14-2012

    does the link to alison’s podcast work for anyone?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee02-14-2012

      not me either but I think mine is company restricted because I can’t Ace on the House either…

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee02-14-2012

        Ben S.
        sometimes I write faster than my brain works, what I meant was that my coworkers and I had company restrictions put on our computers. Therefore, I can still get the Main Show and the Car Cast but I can’t get any new shows and I’m afraid to say anything to I.T. cause that little nerd my rat me out. Come to think of it, he reminds of that little nerd Matt “the post punisher”D’Andria 🙂 diahrea mouth today May, sheesh!

    • Tracy

      Not me. I was hoping to listen to her show in place of this DAG garbage.

  8. Phil


  9. Ben Weddle
    Ben Weddle02-14-2012

    DAG is the black Andy Dick. Why do you let him hijack your show? Brutal.

  10. DES

    Love DAG!!!

  11. Yancy Yeater
    Yancy Yeater02-14-2012

    DAG is the best.

  12. andy

    YES!! finally DAG is back!

    • tony

      Yea..I wish that he goes away and stays away

  13. Norm Walker
    Norm Walker02-14-2012

    WOW DAG is a kind of a hot mess. I am actually worn out after listening to the first 70 minutes of the show. I am really looking forward to the news.

  14. Tyler

    You know you love a guest when you have a laugh just at the photo they took for the podcast. Great times.

    • WikiWikiWha


  15. Dan

    Last time I listen when DAG is a guest. Not funny. Shits on everything and makes no one laugh, besides Alison uncomfortably.

    • Matt Valentine
      Matt Valentine02-14-2012

      Speak for yourself. DAG is hilarious and always makes me laugh.

  16. marky mark
    marky mark02-14-2012

    Wow, I need to make myself a few million so i can find out where this country is going, because i have no f’in clue. I thought knowledge and education led to money and success, but after listening to Adam it’s apparent that the inverse is true; money and success lead to knowledge, wisdom, erudition etc. fascinating!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee02-14-2012

      marky mark pull up your pants for a second and listen!
      Knowledge and education does not ensure you anything! Hard work and a good attitude count most! Why am I bothering, I’ve got work to do, never mind, your right dumb dumb, go occupy a street!

    • dick manclaw
      dick manclaw02-15-2012

      you’re an idiot if you think getting an education ensures success. a degree doesn’t mean anything anymore. get a job and get good at it, build a career. if your job requires an education then get that and be prepared to work your ass off like everyone else, otherwise go look at your participation trophies hanging on the old ‘fridge

      • Andy90

        I’d be interested to hear the level of success you’ve achieved, dick. ‘Cause if you think the majority of successful people got there through working hard (remember, I said MAJORITY) you’re a bigger wanker than you already sound like.

  17. The Grantman
    The Grantman02-14-2012

    Please tell me that DAG has pants on in this photo.

  18. kevin

    Ugh…DAG is unbearable…what part is funny? The part where constantly interrupts or the part where he can’t complete more than 5 words without jumping to a different topic? “Next story…NEXT!!”

  19. PD

    Oh goodness, DAG was too obnoxious today. He wouldn’t let Adam talk at all. And, I hated the cussing during the live reads. DAG should know that’s a no-no.

  20. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-14-2012

    “I lost my lover and I lost my best friend” – Valentines Classic!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-14-2012

      “My professional life is at a nine and my personal life is at a two.” – Booey Math

    • Lisa

      HA! Listened to that this morning. A definite classic.

  21. cg



    One long unfunny sentence peppered with screams and excruciating improv. Off to the archives I go.

  22. Matt Valentine
    Matt Valentine02-14-2012

    DAG!! I’m so excited to listen to this one.

  23. black_devil



    great, guest as always. the Jody chicken thing was hilarious

  25. nick

    hilarious podcast. DAG is the greatest. please hire him on as a permanent co-host, I would pay top dollar for that.

  26. BH

    Dag was annoying this episode . He tries too hard to be funny

    • tony

      He is always annoying……he is a worthless black man!!

  27. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-14-2012

    I work in an office and I only wish that David could speak in some normal tone. He’s up and down and all over the place and I’m turning the volume up and down and eventually after the boss gives me the stink eye I just turn it down and miss out on the funny… sigh! 🙁

    • Alex


    • Tom Leykis
      Tom Leykis02-14-2012

      Get some headphones bitch

  28. James

    DAG—NOT funny. Moments of funny but mostly just INCREDIBLY f-ing annoying! His problem is he doesn’t know when to shut up.

  29. graciefaith


  30. Alex

    DAG! best podcast guest ever. Only February but we have the best podcast of the year nominee.

  31. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-14-2012

    Over the top DAG! STFU!

  32. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah02-14-2012

    just signed up for go daddy after hearing that read

  33. Dean

    DAG’s act is beat to death

    • Jens Pulver
      Jens Pulver02-22-2012

      Not sure how people love DAG. He’s obviously talented, but has no governor and won’t shut the fuck up. It’s a lot funnier when you mix the tone up — ‘whacky’ all the time is not funny it’s just annoying.

  34. Lara

    3 minutes into the show and it’s my favorite…DAG I love you. I needed a laugh today. xoxo

  35. KC

    I can’t believe Adam and/or Bryan didn’t jump on the setup Alison gave him!

    “Should I just expect to be on the receiving end of something”

    Come on guys, at a minimum I would have thought Bald Bryan would have played the drop that says “I was recently on the receiving end of an aggressive rectal exam”

  36. Susie-Q

    DAG, OMG, his reading of energy drink ingredients had me laughing so hard I was crying and clutching the wall for support. LMAO!!! He is totally crazy but so funny!

  37. Blaze446

    DAG Always brings it. Great show!!

  38. Aaron

    Fucking DAG. I couldn’t breathe when he was swearing over the GoDaddy live read. Literally wiping away the tears.

  39. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-14-2012

    “Love Has No Pride” by Bonnie Raitt can make me cry like a little girl with a skinned knee. If you watched the HBO 25 year Rock and Roll Celebration, Bonnie did this song with Crosby, Stills and Nash and I had goose bumps on my arms, worth a listen… (LOL ACE MAN – Nissan truck with the rear tailgate sticker modified to SS, stolen Mercedes hubcaps, In N Out Urge bumper sticker, Vaurnet Glasses w/Croakies, Vans sneakers, Gordon & Smith or Mr. Zoggs T-shirt. Loved/Hated me some 80’s)

  40. awildermode

    The live read for GoDaddy with the DAG was awesome!

  41. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle02-14-2012


  42. Big Fan
    Big Fan02-14-2012

    Really Adam. A little DAG is probably too much.

  43. Jeff

    Not a big fan of episodes with DAG. This one was especially bad.

  44. TipCT

    Wow. After those songs, I can see it didn’t take fifty years for you to become a chick.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee02-14-2012

      Zip it Tip,
      Certain songs, especially ones you hear after having your heart broke have an effect on you… just saying…

  45. jesusfuckingchrist

    god damnit, DAG would probably be 1000x more successful if he just shut the fuck up every now and then.
    its so fucking difficult to listen to him talk over everyone constantly.

  46. WonkaBar

    Wow, I’m 25 minutes in and laughing my ASS off. Love me some DAG

  47. JessMan

    DAVEY G!

  48. wranglerjohn

    DAG isn’t as funny as he thinks he is.

  49. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-14-2012

    It would be cool to have Dave Grohl (I googled his name for spell check) on the show. “Learning to Walk Again” is fairly new and I think it’s a really good song that goes back to the style of their first album. I love the “Michael Douglas – Falling Down” video too… I think I should “stop talking for a while”…

  50. MannbrandonSEA

    LOVE LOVE LOVE DAG!! I could listen to them for hours.

    • tony

      You are a very sick person……seek professional help asap!!!

  51. Howard

    Can we never ever hear “Heartbreaker” again on this podcast? That song was ass the first time around. I don’t want to run the risk of it getting popular again.

  52. Neva

    You two keep me laughing out loud long enough to make my coworkers wonder if they need to call the padded wagon! Keep it up guys, you make the day bearable.

  53. Eric

    You missed the best Lady Gaga moment. When the Beach Boys were on stage, the camera comes back on her and she clearly had no clue who she was watching. Fell out of my chair.

  54. Brad

    Sweet! I love it when DAG is on. I hope he interrupts Adam and screams a lot on this podcast. I love it when it does that. Also, when he pretends to sing. Or when he talks really low for a few sentences and then shouts. Oh, boy, it’s so unpredictable and hilarious when he does that. But I doubt he’ll do it this time.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee02-14-2012

      too funny Brad 🙂

    • dick manclaw
      dick manclaw02-15-2012

      sarcasm! a way to pretend to make a point without actually saying anything! ahh isn’t it a useful tool for stupid people on the internet?

  55. Derek

    I listen to the show everyday, have since the beginning. Can we please limit the amount of DAG on the show. He talks WAAAAYY to much and usually takes over the show, to the detriment of the episode. There is no Alison, no Brian, and even wau less Adam when he’s on. His really funny but it’s only good for like 30 minutes before I wish he would just shut the fuck up.

  56. Steve

    That tampon joke totally failed the lasagna test…

  57. Ras

    ACEMAN!!!! i Can finally agree with you about the Linda Ronstadt song “Long long Time”
    I cried and pissed myself to that song many many times!!!!!

  58. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks02-14-2012

    Amazing how polarizing DAG can be. I think he’s the only guest who’ll fight Adam to be heard. I’m guessing some of those who hate DAG love how Ace steamrollers over other guests.

  59. Wren

    That was the worst ACE Podcast ever — and the first time I ever skipped over parts of it. DAG whispering…ick, couldn’t take it! DAG is funny in limited doses, but this was, as someone else posted, an “ear raping.” Adam is also starting to grate…his arrogance is getting out of control. I’m a huge fan, but this was just awful.

  60. Matt Mitchell
    Matt Mitchell02-14-2012

    I really enjoyed the DAG show today,,,I think I will go chew on tin foil now. Brutal. How does that guy not get his ass kicked on a daily basis.

  61. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.02-14-2012


    Best guest EVER. I laughed my ass off the entire episode (well, until DAG left)

  62. Unbald BrIan
    Unbald BrIan02-14-2012

    Theres 2 DAGs. A great one and an annoying one. Today we got the annoying one.

  63. BJ's for PJ
    BJ's for PJ02-14-2012

    If I wanted to listen to black people eat potato chips I would take the Metro blue line to work.

  64. Listener

    Usually listening to DAG and his snoring sound effects is a grind, but this time I finally got what the DAG thing is about. He was on. (not just straining to be on)

  65. Tony Bologna
    Tony Bologna02-14-2012

    DAG is the Best!!! always. I love reading comments from all the DAG haters when thay are shocked or annoyed by his behaviour. That’s just the way he plays with Adam.

  66. Steve

    Be my valentine DAG!!!

  67. james

    I’m only 7 minutes in and I’ve laughed harder than I have during the last two weeks of podcasts! Love that DAG!

  68. J Pete
    J Pete02-14-2012

    DAG always bring out the best in Adam!

  69. GobbleGobble

    I fear for the future of this country. Can someone prove a correlation between the people who can’t get enough DAG and the people who’ve been on aderol for more than 15 years? WOOO! YELLING! How funny and certainly not a one-trick pony. Oh, the second trick: somehow turning snoring into a misogynistic cuss-out.

    • dick manclaw
      dick manclaw02-15-2012

      the man above me cannot tell drops from live-speak.

    • dick manclaw
      dick manclaw02-15-2012

      also, sarcasm is lazy writing. fucktard.

      • GobbleGobble

        Talk to me about laziness when you learn to use the shift key.

    • marco

      Aderol? Aderol! I will WOOP yo ass

  70. Fraser

    I don’t even bother listening when DAG is on any more. Incoherency interrupted by an annoying ass scream every 45secs is just painful. And why the fuck is this guy seemingly on every other week!!!

  71. Snake Blisken
    Snake Blisken02-14-2012

    I want to know if Adam is getting anything for the wifey for Valentines.

  72. Joe

    this was the FUNNIEST episode I’ve hear in forever! LOVE DAG HAHA!

  73. Superman (no really)
    Superman (no really)02-14-2012

    Awesome show! DAG is cant-miss auido.

  74. Ingo B
    Ingo B02-14-2012

    Normally not a DAG fan, but his cussing all over the live read was pretty funny.

  75. LQ

    Love DAG. I miss music mondays; would really like to see it make a comeback on a semi regular basis.

  76. rushbaby

    Sorry, had to stop listening after DAG’s tampon line. Can’t stomach this guy for more than 5 minutes but his clips used on the ACE awards show were great! Oh well there is always tomorrow’s show.

    • dick manclaw
      dick manclaw02-15-2012

      grow some balls

  77. Jizzlobber

    Ace was wondering why certain people like DAG dont make more money and arent as famous as he thinks they should be? He should just listen to his podcast for 5 minutes (if he could last that long) Its just forced and not original. If DAG toned it down just a little and didnt interupt over and over and over and over and over and over he could be at Richard Pryor level……….its sad to listen to a guy that talented shit on his own career.

  78. volkan

    Holy shit DAG is annoying as fuck… that was unbearable.. and all you fucking idiots think that his funny ?, what the fuck is wrong with you morons, all he does is scream and say stupid unfunny shit… come on,, hate it when this douchebag is on the show….next story NEXT…

    • dick manclaw
      dick manclaw02-15-2012

      the fact that you have to degrate the majority and the talent with baseless insults show you are just frustrated that you don’t get him. it’s i bet you cried when you lost your peewee games too

  79. WikiWikiWha

    No Swearing for GoDaddy??? WTF do they care? Half naked chicks in their commercials and more online.. HAHA

  80. Jeff

    DAG needs to know when to keep his mouth shut, I’m guessing that at some point Adam really wanted to shout “STFU DAG!”

    BUT, I have never laughed this hard listening to a Carolla Podcast, ever, and I’ve listen to almost all the shows.

    We know you do it for the Fans Adam and we really appreciate it.

  81. Tracy

    No More DAG! No More DAG!

  82. cliffy

    Love Dag had me in tears 3 times be guest of all time

  83. cliffy

    Best guest…damn laptop

  84. Pubicbone69

    DAG is a uniquely talented individual, K. Smith is a has been lying hack. Who new you would completely outshine him so he stabbed you in the back,

  85. andrewsp88

    Love DAG. Anyone have the link for the texting hot bitches

  86. a

    holy fuck thats funny. LOVE dag. Hysterical how he calls alison theresa, altho i am alisons biggst fan. The role playing improv made me laugh so loud my coworkers thought i was sick.

  87. Rick

    Dude, could someone please put a mic on DAG? It is impossible to hear him half the time, usually when he is trying to tell a joke, which is really annoying.

  88. Mike

    Once worked with a DAG type personality, quit that job the same week.

  89. GREG

    fucking halarious! I got bit in the lip by a dog this morning….got stitches in my lip and pulled one out ’cause i was laughing so hard during Adams live (ad) read for go daddy and amazon. (Fuck. shit. bitch)

    Holy shit that was pricless.

  90. GREG

    I don’t spell well….

  91. WHY!

    DAG is my least favorite guest ever why oh why is he on so often?!

  92. Johnnychimpo

    DAG is annoying

  93. Juicefestival3000

    Honestly, what is wrong with him? For the love of all things sane – PLEASE calm the hell down.
    *On the bright side it’s quite hilarious there is someone who can absolutely trample and ride roughshot all over Adam Carolla’s head. Something you might think is impossible. Yet, there it is!

  94. Jake

    “Go Daddy… GO FUCK YOURSELF”

    DAG needs to be a guest once a week.

  95. raiderswt

    I don’t care what anyone else says DAG may be a hot mess, but he is hi-fucking-larious! I had to take out my earbuds during the godaddy.com live read and compose myself.

  96. B-Real

    Don’t like DAG, and this was my last attempt to like him. I just don’t see what The Aceman sees.

    • tony

      You can say that again!!! The Aceman lost his mind and never had any taste anyway!

  97. Kevin

    You lost me at: “Suck the blood out of her used tampons…”

    • B-Real

      Same here.

  98. george

    godaddy spot made me poop my pants. that was the funniest thing i’ve hears in so long. love DAG

  99. Matt Valentine
    Matt Valentine02-14-2012

    DAG was in peak comedic form. Hilarious as always.

  100. BlahBlahBlog

    You idiots whining about DAG sound like newbies. He is one of Adam’s best friends, and goes back 13 or 14 years to Loveline. He is ALWAYS like this. Energetic, wild and funny. He ALWAYS brings it. MANY Loveline shows. MANY appearances on the old radio show.

    Why do you think Adam ALWAYS brings him back. DAG is in the group of top guys Adam likes to work with: Jimmy Kimmel, Joel McHale, Doug Benson, DAG, Dana Gould, Larry Miller. Probably others I can’t think of right now.

  101. Ivan

    Why did the Chocolate News go off the air? That show was hilarious.

  102. BlahBlahBlog

    Wow the show really came to a screeching halt after DAG left. The horrible Linda Ronstadt song? What a way to bring everyone down.

  103. Timothy

    This episode gave me a headache, didn’t finish it.

  104. Wade

    Classic show!! Great work!! Love DAG going on a swearfest during Adam’s live reads! Too funny!

  105. Wade

    I got whiplash going from DAG to 80’s breakup songs!!

  106. tony

    Horrible Horrible Horrible podcast!!!!
    Dag, go back to Harlem where you belong…..you annoying jig!!

    • Italianb

      ‘Tony’ go back to the trailer park please. You don’t belong here. Thank you.

    • chuckiegorman

      Go away, KKK dude.

  107. dick manclaw
    dick manclaw02-15-2012

    don’t say full blown panic attack if drew could still walk

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-15-2012

      Panic attacks are like fishing. The more time that passes the bigger they get.

  108. jason norsworthy
    jason norsworthy02-15-2012

    really cant believe people dont like dag or dont think hes funny. He even cracks up adam the whole time. I think dag is the black adam. Cant shut up. Love them Both!

  109. Gina

    DAG used to be my favorite guest, but this one was hard to get through. I wish he’d tone it down a little. It seems too desperate.

  110. Peter North
    Peter North02-15-2012

    Serious question: Is DAG retarded?

  111. daniel-nyc

    DAG is officially the funniest dude on the planet. i was losing my shit during the live read, hahaha.

  112. Gy

    Can u post a link for Official DAG Facebook. Alot of fake ones!!!!!!!!!!

  113. the casual observer
    the casual observer02-15-2012

    listening to DAG on the show feels like i’m lying at the bottom of a flight of concrete stairs while someone is dumping large boxes of metal pots and pans down the stairs at me. he is just NOISE.

  114. Robey

    My goodness. I can’t believe the out lash regarding DAG. By the way, DAG is from the Detroit area, and while he is not to everyone’s taste, he is very funny and talented

    …opinions are like…

    finish that one for me ACE!

  115. Jason

    DAG is hilarious

  116. Mike D
    Mike D02-15-2012

    DAG with his perrinial humor returns again! One of the best Ace episodes ever!!!

  117. Andrew

    DAG is horrible. All he does is scream, making the show almost impossible to listen to without being annoyed. He’s even worse than Alana Ubach.

    If you’re going to have him on in the future, have Dawson run his mic though a really strong noise gate & compressor, and drop his level down a few dB.

  118. Dave

    DAG is BACK! I love this mofo!

  119. Dave

    Spank du Mois: KATE UPTON

  120. Ollie

    DAG is just horrible! NOT funny!!!!

  121. Coolio

    I really despise all the people on here bashing DAG. This podcast was fantastic and DAG is GREAT! Love me some Daggeroonie. If you have trouble listening to him, then your mind doesn’t work fast enough to appreciate his stream-of-consciousness genius. DAG is the man.

  122. eephus_pitch

    How many times a day (or episode) does Adam say “first off?”
    That guy really needs an editor.

  123. Hudabelle

    So.. you say you can get free tickets for any one of your stand-up shows… even IF they’re sold out? I know of someone who could use one (or two) in Seattle :o) you know for charity… ’cause I’m poor. Love the podcast!!!!!!!!

  124. The Hoss
    The Hoss02-15-2012

    The DAG episodes are so hard to finish. It’s the only one of Adam’s episodes that are just pure noise. Couldn’t wait for the news.

  125. ETM

    Can’t decide: DAG acts like a three year old who ate way too much sugar or an idiot on crack. Hard to tell the difference.

  126. KiD

    I got as far as the David Wild interview (which i was very interested in hearing) and DAG is rudely interupting him with his stupid noises. I absolutely hate DAG. So obnoxious and loud. The guy is not funny at all, he’s extremely annoying. This is the 2nd time I’ve stopped listening to a podcast DAG was on. Next time I see DAG’s a guest, I won’t even bother listening.

  127. Amir

    It was a Lamborghini that Chris Brown was driving when he beat the shit out of Rihanna that was on loan from Platinum Motorsport. I’m not positive, but I think it was a Murcielago.

  128. Caroline

    PLEASE stop having DAG on the show. He is not at all funny and he does not know when to shut up.

  129. Mike

    Did DAG say “you are tri-state downriver slap-boxing champion”?

    That is f’n classic.

  130. yoman

    Best live reads ever! GoDaddy and Amazon need to pay DAG.

  131. Ryan


  132. Doug Meyer
    Doug Meyer02-15-2012

    I laughed til I cried with ‘DaG…he’s amazing. What a wild ride he must be to interview. Keep up the good work Adam. Hope to see you in St Louis at the Pagaent!!!

  133. Dustin from BC
    Dustin from BC02-15-2012

    Adam was totally right about the Beach Boys on the Grammys. That looked like a sad karaoke event at a care home. Weird and kind of creepy, like the animatronic band at Chuck E Cheese.

  134. zwb

    DAG is the worst guest, can’t stand listening to him. I’m not going to bother listening to episodes when is the guest anymore, he’s an asshole. Love the podcast, listen to every episode, but I absolutely hate when DAG is on. All he does is interrupt, and he’s not funny. Lose this losers phone number.

  135. Darren

    That’s the first Adam podcast I have ever turned off before finishing.

  136. Jon Evolve
    Jon Evolve02-15-2012

    Amazing show. This or the Dana Gould episode…? Tough choice for best show so far.

  137. Dylan

    Love when DAGs on. I tweeted at him and adam about the godaddy thing because it was so funny i couldnt even listen to it at work. I was laughing way too hard, dag direct messaged me it kinda looked like i worked at godaddy. Felt like I really made it in hollywood finally

  138. Pulseczar

    Does anyone else think it is funny that Go Daddy asked for “no cursing” during the live read? Their commercials during prime time sporting events all allude to Danica Patrick being naked on their website. Applaud DAG for taking a giant shit on the live read. Bravo.

  139. MC White
    MC White02-16-2012

    I honestly felt like DAG was on some type of drug after this podcast. There I said it. The only thing that makes me doubt it is he did not slur his words and he was genuinely funny, more than annoying, but way too annoying this episode.

  140. wumpus

    The DAG show is awful. I made it 10 minutes in and punted on this piece of shit podcast. I’ve enjoyed all of the others, but this one needs to be buried for good.

  141. VonRiesling

    DAG has become my absolute favorite guest. He plays so well off of everyone and his energy and comedic slant is just brilliant.

  142. James

    DAG would get a few good ones off here and there but then he would beat a joke to death. He doesn’t know when to stop. He did that thing where he was naming Beatles songs and the first 2 were funny and fitting but then he tried to squeeze in more and if fell flat–ruined the joke. He really needs to know when to shut up.

    Also, stop that fucking screaming routine. How is that funny?

    I guess I don’t understand why Adam panders to him. It reminds me of Jimmy Kimmel and how he basically sucks Don Rickles’ cock. Don Rickles–NOT funny. Maybe he was back in the day but he isn’t funny now.

  143. Nick

    Best guest ever! I fucking love DAG!

  144. Frankie

    David Alan G is fuckin annoying!!!!! loud mouth always screaming takin over the whole show, always being “over the top guy”, as Adam always says “SHUT THE FUCK UP”! Adam im not listening to anymore shows with D.A.G.


  145. Eric W.
    Eric W.02-16-2012

    What’s the DAG drop? “Ish-rar-dara” ?? It’s when the girl calls to request his Loveline bit.

    I crack up just hearing it…what’s he saying?

  146. marco

    Holy shit I think I almost gave myself an aneurism during that GoDaddy read..

  147. Mike

    Phenomenal podcast. I should not have been driving. I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face and I damn near left the road. Awesome stuff!! Thanks so much for the free entertainment, guys. Love it.

  148. Doug

    I love Adam’s podcast… except for when DAG is on. He’s loud, obnoxious, and completely unfunny. I have a hard time finish the podcast when he’s on. He comes across as an attention-starved idiot and he tries too hard to be funny. He takes over the show with his extremely loud antics. He basically needs to learn how to take it down a notch and shut the fuck up. Oh, and his “I’m snoring” bit is beyond old and highly annoying.

  149. Rich F.
    Rich F.02-24-2012

    Personally, I don’t get the comedic genius of DAG. But, some people seem to like him. Different strokes. Please bring back the representative from Ohio. That guy is hilarious. “Is a dollar bill sad, Adam?” One of my all time favorite lines.

  150. Dale

    One of the funniest episodes yet. DAG can run with whatever he’s offered and make it work. I’m sure all the people in traffic around me were wondering why the 40 year old dude alone in the Scion was laughing hysterically.

  151. David R.
    David R.02-26-2012

    Dag is really funny but only for 5 minutes at a time. I skipped listening to the last couple of DAG shows because I can only take so much of him. I wonder if he realizes that no one can hear him when he whispers because we’ve turned down the volume because of his LOUD yelling and noises. I guess keep him coming back every now and again because some love DAG but also take a look at your download numbers because I bet they take a nice dip every time he’s on the show.

    Despite my complaints, let it be known that I love The Adam Carolla Show and you can’t beat the price! Keep em coming!

  152. ok terrific
    ok terrific03-12-2012

    Can someone please tell DAG that alternately whispering and yelling makes for a lousy Podcast.

  153. Jenn

    Finally listened to this episode, as the DAG eps always take a certain amount of energy to withstand. Reading over the comments, he is obviously a very polarizing guest. He’s funny in spurts, and I enjoyed him on Lynette’s podcast as he was slightly more subdued. Perhaps slip him a xanax next time he comes on the show.

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