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Adam opens the show talking about August’s wedding this weekend. He also talks about his red eye flight back from New York, and the craziness of being awake for 24 hours.

Alison then starts the news discussing the celebration in Libya after Gaddafi’s death. Adam comments on the 50 animals killed in Ohio, and hears about another scolding of Lindsay Lohan for violating her probation. Later, Bald Bryan recognizes himself in one of our sponsors.

David Alan Grier arrives in studio and Adam recalls the times when DAG would fall asleep during Teresa’s news. DAG and Adam also exchange stories of drunk girls interrupting their acts, and discuss how to figure out what type of drunk person you are. Alison then brings up the recent video of Shia LaBeouf’s bar fight, and as she wraps up the news, the guys discuss DAG’s dating life.


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Shia LaBeouf Bar Fight

Show Credits

Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Alisons Farts
    Alisons Farts10-23-2011

    What is DAG going to say about Alison’s peculiar odor?

  2. matty54

    Love DAG!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-28-2011


  3. yeah

    Has popular demand ever dictated guest bookings on this show?

    • Ponce DeLorean
      Ponce DeLorean10-23-2011

      Popularity is what popularity does.

  4. Ponce DeLorean
    Ponce DeLorean10-23-2011

    The moustache is weird, with the gap, but then I thought about it. What else has that much symmetry?

    It makes DAG look like a tiger, a proud African tiger. (Hunting Emus and Buffalo.)

    • r

      For the love of Christ please study some fucking grammar. You couldn’t have fucked up you’re structure any more!

      • r

        And it looks like I fucked up “you’re”.

  5. drewbert

    it was cool to hear that little snafu at the beginning
    DAG was great as usual.

  6. Adam

    DAG again. another episode to skip.

  7. Ron Blumpkin
    Ron Blumpkin10-23-2011

    did he get kicked off apprentice already?

  8. Minnesota Jim
    Minnesota Jim10-23-2011

    I love DAG!!!!! more!!!!

  9. Minnesota Jim
    Minnesota Jim10-23-2011

    More DAG, all the time!!!

  10. Juicemachine

    I might suspect Adam gets fired quickly after aggravating the living hell out of of the american idol gay kid?

    Actually I don’t think it takes that long (in real time) to shoot the apprentice? Maybe 1 or 2 weeks?

    Anyways, DAG rulez but could BB please stop dropping quotes during DAG interviews (especially) because sometimes between him doing actual character voices and BB dropping them from previous shows.. wtf is .. who is saying what live .. was that drop or DAG saying it now..

    I like to write on message boards yayyyyy

  11. robx46

    Sunday episode? WTF?
    I’m confused. I don’t want to listen to this tonight & not have a podcast to hear tomorrow!
    Or is this a BONER episode?

    • Juicemachine

      “Or is this a BONER episode?”

      Every episode with Alison is a BONER episode

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle10-24-2011

        As long as she keeps wearing those boots.


    DAG !
    nice !

    “you play tennis no more.”
    Minka’s tennis coach.

  13. Siv

    DAG us awesome! Also love Alison and BB…

  14. Dario

    Hmm, why couldn’t they edit out that mistake at the beginning?

    (Wondering whether DAG will mention Simoncelli)

    • Rt

      Hmm, because it’s fun to hear mistakes. Hmm, it brings us behind the scenes a little. Hmm, do you actually have a problem with it?

  15. Dutch

    I wish DAG was on the show like once a week. He is easily top 5 among guests, perhaps the best guest period.

  16. Jack

    Bald Brian is painfully unfunny.

  17. jon dunn
    jon dunn10-23-2011

    ynette tweeted today that adam is going back to NYC – I think they take little breaks in the middle of it.

    Adam is going to get eaten alive on this show. he has no idea how to kiss butt

    • Big T
      Big T10-24-2011

      Usually not the ones “kissing butt” that do well on the show.

  18. flyfishinjam

    I’d skip this one after hearing the last one.

  19. george

    adam- you’re fired

  20. Deborah Fields
    Deborah Fields10-24-2011

    There is nothing in the World that I enjoy more than a healthy serving of some DAG. My favorite guest of yours by far. ALWAYS. He should be a regular like my other fave Larry.

  21. Josh

    lol paying for a ticket would give you better service. Gotta keep those corporate salaries high.

  22. Josh

    Gavel gets hit on the sounding block, which was my gay porn name/name of my band

  23. M Richards
    M Richards10-24-2011

    ya good 1

  24. M Richards
    M Richards10-24-2011

    it was funny how mad that n*i*g*g*e*r dag got when the caller “axed” how his movie career is.

    • Jr College All Star
      Jr College All Star10-24-2011

      dude, why drop an n bomb

    • Brent

      I’m the caller that said that about his film career, and your racism and ignorance is appalling. Get a grip man. You’ve lost the plot.

  25. Raymond

    Thanks for getting DAG back on so soon! His last episode was the very best ACP in my opinion. Hilarious with Dr. Bruce and Ace.

  26. Sam

    dag fag again, he better do his n i g g e r voices

  27. Jim

    ya dance monkey, better get to entertaining these white folks

  28. Frank

    DAG seems like a really GAY man

  29. crowTrobot

    Yay! The entire gang + DAG.

  30. Dan Wiberg
    Dan Wiberg10-24-2011

    Today’s podcast only shows up as 28 minutes on my android pod list. Anyone else have that problem?

  31. ted

    do you have the girl’s number

  32. Dustin

    wow..this message board got very ku klux klannish.. very quickly.

  33. Yep

    Attell, Judge, and DAG. The show is on a roll. Must be trying to make up for that Bai Ling and Ferrigno crap.

    Never knew there were so many DAG-haters until seeing these comments.

  34. MC White
    MC White10-24-2011

    DAG is the man, yes there are plenty of white folks who enjoy his humor, please cut out the racist comments, because you are anonymous and peons, nobody thinks you’re tough.

  35. Brad

    Really, Why such hate and ingnorance? DAG is cool.

  36. Dario

    Ferrigno crap? What could you find wrong with that podcast?

    • Jo Ke
      Jo Ke10-24-2011

      i agree i liked that one

    • Yep

      I didn’t find Ferrigno to be either entertaining or interesting. A good guest needs to be at least one of those two things.

  37. Tyler

    You morons should be shot for dropping N bombs. Only Louis CK can do that. Bring DAG on always and often!

    • Tanner

      Louis CK also chastised people who say “N-word” or “N-bomb” for being too pussy to say the word themselves… if you’re going to drop down to your knees for the man, at least know his material.

  38. Midwest

    Love me some DAG, BB, LM, AR and of course ACE!

  39. mike

    What with the hilarious “nig” stuff? You’ve gotta be the funniest guys in your GED program. Assholes. Dag!!!

  40. danielnyc

    dude, not cool with the n bombs. dag is the best guest ever. shouldn’t you be f’ing your sister anyway, you inbred hick.

  41. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington10-24-2011

    46 comments at 9 a.m. McDonald’s must have turned on its public wifi early today

    • joe blows
      joe blows10-25-2011

      You seem infinitely smug and self-satisfied

  42. Ledgewood

    I wish DAG was on once a week. He’s awesome.

    • ciga-Rhett

      I second that motion, good sir!

  43. Mike


  44. Mrs. Giovanni
    Mrs. Giovanni10-24-2011

    Dag always makes us happy!

  45. mnoswad1

    Alison……speak up more and get Ace off his 20 min intros……..he barely even introduces you guys anymore.

  46. Simon

    DAG sucks! What a complete blow-hard. Not a good guest. Does not know the meaning of “yes and”. Boo!

  47. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-24-2011

    Why isn’t Ace shooting Celebrity Apprentice in NY?

    • empty box
      empty box10-24-2011

      Because he got bounced early for being an arrogant obnoxious douche nozzle?

  48. Shew

    Haven’t listened yet, but please GOD let there be no more sound drops. ..

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-24-2011

      Haven’t listened yet, but please more sound drops, BB Rocks!

  49. Ryan

    p-pro-football? propophol?

  50. rambling man
    rambling man10-24-2011

    that a-hole again? boycot it

  51. Ty

    Love me some DAG!!

  52. Emma

    DAG, I love you! Guests like him truly makes ACS the best podcast show ever. You can just feel the love

  53. Wyatt

    Y’all hear now. David Allen Grier is one talented son of a gun.

  54. Dave

    DAG, he’s a genius!

  55. dee


  56. Colin

    You need to have him on this show more often

  57. Billy The Kid
    Billy The Kid10-24-2011

    I can listen to this mofo any day! DAG rules!

  58. Big John
    Big John10-24-2011

    Tell me. Who’s funnier than this black man?

    • Mrs. Gio
      Mrs. Gio10-24-2011

      Nobody, that’s who! It’s one of the only things that still brings a smile to Gio’s face. DAG is the best guest ever!

  59. Alex

    DAG is the best guest on the show – i always listen when i know he’s going to be on!!!! he needs to be on more just like Larry Miller

  60. wade

    MORE DAG!!! Can’t get enough!
    Please no more Larry Miller, or Alison Rosen. Lovely people but NOT funny.

  61. Frank

    I love me some DAG

  62. H Douglas
    H Douglas10-24-2011

    DAG is starting to look a Mike Tyson! LOL

  63. Boych

    Please have DAG’s on every week. The last 3 guests were awesome!

  64. Barry

    Libya was becoming a productive country and the NWO made sure Africa stays in the dark ages, all hail Obama and Hillary, the dictators of america!

  65. JP

    DAG is probably the funniest person alive. I just look at him and bust up. He is the best!!

    • Adam Car Hola!
      Adam Car Hola!10-24-2011

      If DAG is the funniest person alive, I suggest you get out more, and maybe finish your education. Don’t worry though, I’m sure another hilarious Adam Sandler movie is coming out any day, just for you.

  66. Bradley

    A judge’s gavel strikes a sound block

  67. murderfan

    ohhh fuck off Adam Carola. you know damn well you would have loved it if we draged Osama bin la din down the street of New york. there country was doing just fine till every one of these supper powers pitched in to take down this country and still manage to keep there hands clean. now thanks to outside interfernce that country will be in a state of Chos and even further away from having a space program. Gadafi was working on a space program but the other countrys didn’t let him build it.

    • Connard

      mmmmmmm supper powers

  68. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper10-24-2011

    Can we maybe stop droning on about caged exotic pets and get on to David Alan Grier?

  69. Jon

    DAG is no different than my 2 year old when they act up for attention. Just tune em out and don’t reward their attempts at pulling ALL the attention in the room (or world) toward them.
    not funny, NOT entertaing, listening to Jon and Ken podcast next time DAG is on ACE.

  70. Logan

    What a way to start the week. DAG, Aceman and the gang. You guys rock!

  71. Butthead

    Woa, DAG is cool. Beavis, why don’t you make yourself useful and get him on our show.

    • Beavis

      Eh, heh, heh. That would be cool.

  72. T Money
    T Money10-24-2011

    DAG is awful, I don’t believe any of the positive comments are real. They CAN’T be

  73. Abigail

    Aceman and DAG sounds like they’re brothers. LOL

    • Ledgewood

      No, just DAG is.

  74. Madeline

    What gives? How come my comment didn’t get posted?

  75. Pike

    DAG is wild. Some people can’t stand him but I think he’s hilarious. I love that black cracker.

    • Hillybill

      “Pass the sunchips cracka!” LMAO

  76. Legendary Burro
    Legendary Burro10-24-2011

    I <3 DAG

    • Hillybill

      That looks like Peter Griffin’s chin/nutsack. LOL

  77. Graham Douche Wellington
    Graham Douche Wellington10-24-2011

    46 comments at 9 a.m. McDonald’s must have turned on its public wifi early today

  78. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse10-24-2011

    DAG is the best guest ever. even better with the whole gang. thank for another great show Ace and crew.

  79. Really?

    Mcdonalds wifi? More like KFC’s wifi

    Can’t believe DAG was brought back…ugh

  80. Joe

    Let me see you clap your hands! DAG, DAG, DAG, DAG, DAG, DAG, DAG!

  81. Magreie

    Yeah, A’s (V) just doesn’t roll off the tongue… time to retire that one.

  82. Jessica

    Bald Brian is hilarious.

  83. jorm_valadez

    Loved the show.

  84. JohnRockerII

    Thought I’d never say this but he’s one funny black man.

  85. Molly

    Awwww. Look how happy Adam looks.. Get a room you two!

  86. Mrs. Gio
    Mrs. Gio10-24-2011

    What did Alison say to DAG that shut him up?
    Was it ‘I’m all shia’? What was it?

  87. Kyle

    Well adam did it, almost passed out at my desk laughing. Love adam and dag!

  88. EMPM, Esq
    EMPM, Esq10-24-2011

    Wow, I wonder how many of these comments are the same people under different names.

    • ACS intern
      ACS intern10-24-2011

      Touche douche! LMAO

  89. borge

    DAG, please quit screaming in my ear.

  90. Harry

    What a show. Keep it up Aceman.

  91. DC Mike
    DC Mike10-24-2011

    Why does everybody love DAG? He is awful….just awful.

  92. pann jos
    pann jos10-24-2011

    Are the Adam Carolla Message Boards down for any one else?

  93. David Strathairn's Calves
    David Strathairn's Calves10-24-2011

    Serious question: is DAG retarded?

  94. Ace's only Latino Fan
    Ace's only Latino Fan10-24-2011

    “Let’s take some calls, let’s save some babies!”

    Sigh, if only DAG, if only.

    TACO BELL MATERIAL10-24-2011

    I would trade my sack for Dag’s confidence.

  96. Ballz

    You can totally see that chicks nipples.

  97. Jay

    Why doesn’t Adam pimp his new show? I’ve listened from day one, when he took over Farman’s radio slot. I don’t recall him talking about the project at all in recent days and just happened upon it while looking for something to watch. I was crying, it was so funny. The good news is that I can peruse 2 episodes!

    • Harry L
      Harry L10-24-2011

      are you talking about the home improvement show? That was filmed in 2005. They are just re-airing it now

  98. Jay


  99. Jason Grey
    Jason Grey10-24-2011

    Love DAG.

  100. Harry L
    Harry L10-24-2011

    DAG is a great reminder of the good ole LL days. Great show.

  101. Harry L
    Harry L10-24-2011

    I graduated HS in 2005 and they made a kid run around the field chanting, “my helmet is not a chair” for sitting on his helmet during practice. So they are still doing that stuff.

  102. Dave


    Christmas came early!!!

  103. Jay

    Thanks Harry L. I never knew it existed. I look forward to watching the rest.

  104. Jay

    how many episodes are there? I watched the two available

  105. H. Seward
    H. Seward10-24-2011

    Man, a little DAG goes a long way. I don’t see the fascination with the guy. He’s kind of a douche. Maybe I’m missin somethin. Dude was great on ILC but not so funny off the cuff.

  106. Ponce DeLorean
    Ponce DeLorean10-24-2011

    Swiss Miss chocolate is going to find this tiger and wipe his moustache.

  107. jw

    This was one of the very best episodes–Adam and DAG were hitting it out of the park. Alison & BB were witty and charming. Thanks for making this available for free.(if there was a bookmarklet that would let me shop Amazon and give the show credit, I’d use it all the time.)

  108. Shew

    More DAG, Less Sound drops!!!!!

  109. Luey

    DAG, Since we all know you’re in here writing all this positive crap about yourself…I figured I’d speak for everyone and say keep your Sharea jokes to yourself…quit screaming for attention…and while you’re at it go F#*k yourself.

  110. ToneLoc

    This was one of the best shows. I laughed so hard. Damn, DAG is good.

  111. cow12

    As always DAG is a treat. Best guest.

  112. Seattle Fan
    Seattle Fan10-25-2011

    So damn funny…that bit with the homo erotic fighting…hillarious!

  113. MarkVW


    DAG is the shit

  114. Patrick

    Holy shit!!! The homoerotic drunk fight talk was so funny, I’ve been listening for years and Adam has never made me laugh and cry so hard.

  115. Andrew

    DAG is horrible. He just screams the whole time. The sound engineers should normalize out his annoying bleating.

  116. volkan

    DAG you screaming for attention son of a bitch.. quiet the fuck down for once, stop screaming stupid shit and talk and make a good joke for once… you are annoying as shit… just talk like a normal person and make few cracks here and there mother fucker

  117. Adam

    Great to get Alison and BB in the studio with DAG (they were both missed during his last appearance). I guess, from reading some of the comments here, that DAG is a more controversial figure than I realized. Neverthless, I say MORE DAG!

  118. Blake

    DAG is awesome!!!!!

  119. Fred

    I dont think DAG is funny, i think hes very annoying and i dont know who adam is talking about when he says everyone loves him. The screaming, the weird accents he does arent funny, the whole chera bit was very drawn out and made me cringe in the car when i was listening to it because it was just annoying, i can understand the whole being sarcastically annoying thing but he steps over everyone else and is very annoying when you’re actually trying to hear what alison is trying to say about the story. Its a shame that the whole homo erotic segment couldnt be done with an actual good comedian, like patton oswalt or Chris titus.

  120. dan

    What in the heck do people like about DAG? Jeez, he is annoying as hell! What a douche bag

  121. Alison's merkin
    Alison's merkin10-25-2011

    DAG is the best!!! Hilarious . He should get his own podcast

  122. Richard Pain
    Richard Pain10-25-2011

    DAGarony! Adam’s right, he is the best guest.

  123. Mike

    The drunk talk bit was piss-your-pants funny. He should add that to the stand up rotine.

  124. 4d01f0

    DAG and ACE, they should have a Loveline-talk show type of show together. DAG is the best guest ever, he was even great in the “For crying out loud” podcast!

  125. Susie

    Best guest ever!

  126. Ryan

    I love DAG’s “white guy” voice! hilarious

  127. marty

    I like just calm funny people and if Dag is your cup of tea great.

  128. Loren

    Love me some David Alan Grier. Any time. Any place.

  129. Aron

    DAG the only guest Adam has that I will not download. Just because he’s fucking crazy doesn’t make him funny. I’m surprised Adam likes him so much. To be funny, or his version of it, David has to be loud, obnoxious, and bounce off the walls. Adam typically mocks the comedians who rely on those bits to be funny. When he used to be on with Teressa and would interrupt and snore while she talked, I wanted her to kick him in the sack. If you need black guests Adam, go with Alonzo Bodden or Aeisha Tyler.

  130. Willem

    During the 1:09:00 – 1:11:00 interval, I counted at least 58 f-bombs from Ace. Excellent.

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