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Adam takes a call from Susie Essman at the top of the show. They talk briefly about Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the experience of working with Larry David. Adam then has Susie put her husband on the line so he can quiz him on his tool knowledge. Later, Adam rants about the song ‘Harper Valley PTA,’ and its super dumb lyrics.

Next up, comedian Dave Hill enters the studio. Adam talks with him about his contributions to This American Life, working at a homeless shelter, and crashing at Moby’s house. Alison starts up the news by discussing another musician-politician clash. They also talk about a toddler fight club, Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood house up for sale, and a new memoir that claims abuse during Dancing with the Stars. Along the way they also discuss Dave’s standup performance in Sing Sing, and terrible construction worker murder. As the show wraps up, Adam recalls the brutal street brawl he was in.


For more on today’s guest, visit http://DaveHillOnline.com, or follow him on Twitter @MrDaveHill.

Also be sure to visit http://SusieEssman.com, and follow her on Twitter @SusieEssman.

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  1. Braccatosus

    Paging Captain Obvious. His last name is Harper because he’s a member of the powerful and influential family that founded Harper Valley.

    Dave Hill was a good guest.

    • Chris

      No kidding. I can’t believe no one realized this!

  2. VDM

    Hearing Dave Hill’s story about the crackhead stealing meat – I used to work at a printer that was a few blocks away from a homeless center. Once every 3 months some shady guys would drive up in an unmarked van and try to sell us packaged meats at incredible prices. Now I know where they got it from.

  3. mj

    Harper is the rich old family in the town–gotta be.

  4. mj

    btw, the play in window feature cuts off early it seems

  5. David Johnson
    David Johnson08-23-2012

    Dave Hill is much better than David Wild. Possible replacement?

  6. Dave

    FYI City Slickers, Mr. Harper was the head of the founding family of Harper Valley. The implication was that he was richest biggest dog in the valley.

  7. Jessiey

    Bald Bryan’s breakdown of the Harper Valley song was quality. Not just the idea that she made a mistake out of repetition but that Bryan figured they actually caught the mistake, asked her to do another take, and she refused. Hilarious.

  8. TS

    Really good ep so far

    • TheMidsizeLebowski

      I’ve been listening to this show for a long time, and this was quite possibly the best episode I’ve ever heard. Both guests were awesome. When Dawson had to use a long pause to come up with Carl then Hendershot I literally fell over I was laughing so hard

  9. tim monk
    tim monk08-24-2012

    this dave hill….

  10. Doug

    That’s a first:

    Ace Blows it twice in the same show:

    So obvious that “Harper” was the long timer family after which the valley was named.

    …and Limbaugh, far from having a song picked by his producer, was a former DJ and big time music follower until he went Deaf.

    One of the 7 times he was fired was for not following the required music rotation, instead throwing in a Stones song that he particularly liked, or whatever, every once in a while.

    …started in radio at 16.

    Was making $12,000/year at age 28:

    “For the rest of the decade Limbaugh took jobs at several radio stations, working in music radio, before settling in Kansas City. In 1979, he left radio and accepted a position as director of promotions with the Kansas City Royals baseball team.

    There he developed a close friendship with then-Royals star third baseman and future Hall of Famer George Brett; the two remain close friends.” (wiki)

    He credits Brett with helping him learn whats involved with winners/winning.

    Anyway, Ace, Hill, Essman, Bald, Alison, et-al rocked as usual: Great Show!

    As far as the “cultural thing” wrt beating goes:

    Perhaps slavery has some involvement with it’s history, then made ten times worse by the Welfare state that broke up the Black Family such that fatherless homes became the norm.

    Which is now spreading to other cultures following feminism and other liberal redefinitions of reality following the takeover of public education, Hollywood, and the mainstream media by the religion of the left.

    • Big Science
      Big Science08-26-2012

      You’re an idiot. Just in general, you are stupid. Also, Limbaugh is a pill head, and if you listen to him then you’re life is permafucked. Have fun with that jack off.

      I am not a liberal, feminist, or a wide consumer of Hollywood for the record. I am, however, a sheep herder. I recognize a sheep when I see one.

  11. Boomer

    I am starting a local improv troupe and I have heard amazing things about Stu Carl Hendershot. Does anyone know if he is available?

    • Crash

      Well played. Stu Carl Hendershot may be my new bar name.

  12. dholl

    love me some dave hill. first time i’ve listened to this dude and he’s freakishly talented. aceman, please have him on again

    • Susie

      Dave Hills podcast is pretty awesome, you should check it out

  13. Ninja

    I remember Adam complaining about people saying “Curb” instead of the whole name of the show (Curb Your Enthusiasm). Like, calling them a douche bag that has to some esoteric term for the show just because they’re into it.Funny how he fell right into saying it…

  14. Stu Carl Hendershot
    Stu Carl Hendershot08-24-2012

    Great show today.

  15. bill

    Dawson is sooooo baked.

  16. Brian in New Orleans
    Brian in New Orleans08-24-2012

    Limbaugh was a rock disk jockey for a time, Ace.

  17. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent08-24-2012

    Dave Hill as a guest on Allison’s podcast in … 3… 2…1 (she’s got a thing for the non-threatening femmy guys)

    • RoyalDryness

      He’s already been a guest on her show, that’s actually probably where they got the idea to have him on the ACS.

  18. Pedro

    This guy was hilarious, gotta get him back!

  19. TV

    This was a great episode. Dave Hill is very funny. Fits in well. Have him back.

  20. Patrick

    All through the Olympics, each time I saw Hope Solo she looked like a HUGE bitch. Something about that look on her face. Her bitter tweets to Brandi Chastain probably didn’t help.

    And Dave Hill doesn’t look anything like I pictured him as I was listening to the podcast. He’s a funny and quick witted guy. Bring him back!

    oh, and more Shek please.

  21. Brian

    For someone who’s personality is so similar to Rush Limbaugh’s, Adam does a lot of trashin’ on the guy. Politically they are pretty similar too.

  22. Howard

    Chrissie Hynde was asked how she could let Rush use “My City Was Gone”, and her response was “He pays for it”

  23. Jeanette

    David Hill was a great guest. Really meshed well with everyone. Bring him back!

  24. SamuelJH


  25. Kristen

    I had not heard Dave on the podcast before. I thought he did a great job! They all meshed together well. His voice and delivery is a good balance for Adam’s. Hope he comes back soon!

  26. John

    I will not stand for adam doing Myles’ commercials anymore. If I dont hear my sweet, sweet Myles in the next week i will be forced to go to a different podcast.
    I need that ‘stache

  27. marty

    I saw this on my Yahoo page and laughed my ass of thinking about Adam and his rants on John Mayer

    Katy Perry and John Mayer part ways

  28. marty

    Shit…I meant Ass off

  29. Kirston

    Dawson is totally right about Mr. Harper…I saw the movie and the series. That segment was hilarious! Thanks you guys!

  30. DukeLacrosse

    I want Alison’s impression of his guitar riffs as a ringtone.. MUST HAVE ALISON AIRGUITAR RIFF NOW. NOWW!!!!!!!!

    • Crash

      I second that. Hilarious.

  31. Gregers

    Fantastic show. That Harper Valley PTA riff was one of the funniest things on the show in months.

    • Balky

      Agreed — and a great guest that followed. One of my favorite shows in a while, and I listen every day.

  32. GreatCalves82

    This was a sweet show. Maybe one of the best Ive ever listened to. I ran through it twice and laughed just as much the second time. Dave Hill, very funny. Gotta get Dana Gould in there more often as well. Thanks guys. Alison, always a pleasure.

  33. setlasmon

    Aceman’s Rush Limbaugh impersonation struck me as more of a Larry Flynt… but it was a spot on Larry Flynt!

  34. Kenneth Cunningham
    Kenneth Cunningham08-24-2012

    Adam needs to get his facts straight.

    Accoring to the Dederal Department of Prisons, it breaks down like this:
    White inmates: 59%
    Black inmates: 37.3%
    Hispanic inmates: 34.8%
    Asian inmates: 1.6%
    Native American inmates: 1.8%

    Getting real tired of the sterotypes….

    • eh oh
      eh oh08-24-2012

      Adding up to 134.5 % eh? the “Dederal” Department of Prisons is using some reeeal fancy arithmetic

    • Jord Heppelplatz
      Jord Heppelplatz08-24-2012

      But whites make up 70% of the US population vs. Afr/Ams at about 13 or 14%, so still disproportionately high. Don’t agree with the Ace Man on the reason for the disproportionate number, but it is there.

    • CoreyL

      A swing and a miss!

      Blacks are only 13% of the population, making their proportionate incarceration rate much higher than that of whites. See, for example: http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/pub/ascii/p10.txt

      “At yearend 2010, black non-Hispanic males had an imprisonment rate (3,074 per 100,000 U.S. black male residents) that was nearly 7 times higher than white non-Hispanic males (459 per 100,000)
      (appendix table 14).”

    • Wes Kanaloa
      Wes Kanaloa08-24-2012

      Shouldn’t people be happy when stereotypes are so far off? C’mon, look at it through the glasses of Mr. Brightside.

      Or learn how to research. The following is from the Bureau of Justice Statistics website, which doesn’t just count the Federal Prison population. I don’t know about putting a link on here but I found this on Google in 9000ths of a second.

      Appendix Table 13. Estimated number of sentenced prisoners under state and federal jurisdiction, by sex, race, Hispanic origin, and age, December 31, 2010

      Total/a M White/b Black/b Hispanic F-Total/a White/b Black/b Hispanic
      1,446,000 451,600 561,400 327,200 104,600 48,000 26,600 18,700

      Even if you add the naughty white females, whitey is outnumbered. To make this even more fun, the following is a breakdown of races/ethnicity as a percentage of the United States Population in 2010.

      Hispanics/Latinos (of any race) 16.0%
      African Americans 12.9%
      Asian Americans 4.6%

      Now get back to enjoying the humor on whatever level it is you do enjoy it.

    • DartFred

      According to life, it goes down like this, Kenneth Cunningham:
      Doesn’t get it Kenneths: 59%
      Anti-Social Kenneths: 37&
      Boring Kenneths: 35%
      Un-Punchable Kenneths: 1.6%
      Tolerable Kenneths: 1.8%

    • TS

      Black Americans are over-represented in the prison population; 12 or 13% of the total US population, but essentially triple that in prisons. That is a problem, and shouldn’t be the case.

      Some people may misunderstand and think that prisons are mostly black, but Carolla’s point is entirely legitimate.

    • Rob


      Nice math.



    • patrick

      Kenneth, your facts are at the federal prisons. State percentages are different with Black and Hispanic making up 67%

    • AMT

      You have to look at those percentages per capita. 2010 Census shows 72.4% White, 12.6% Black. Do you see what the problem is?

  35. GumbyHendrix

    ACE – we’re on the same wavelength a lot of the time. It happened again today – when i was returning from lunch I heard Harper Valley PTA on Sirius & wondered to myself the same questions about Mr. Harper when mentioned in the song. 5 min. later I got to work & threw on the podcast as usual & you guys are talking about the same thing! Are you monitoring me “Getting It On”? If so, please continue.

    • GumbyHendrix

      & prior to that I was listening to This American Life – I am now convinced!!

  36. DartFred

    Gotta add, Rosen was cute throughout this one. I feel like she’s caught the rhythm.

  37. Tom Tompson
    Tom Tompson08-24-2012

    This was the best episode in a while. Dawson’s “Carl” had me crying!

  38. George

    That episode was awesome! I’m with Adam, the Harper name makes the song confusing, even though Dawson’s explanation makes sense. Way to “shit on his point though”. Alison’s guitar lick with Adam saying “but that sounds like shit” was freakin hiLARious! I’m still laughing. One of the best episodes ever!

  39. Edna's Edibles
    Edna's Edibles08-25-2012

    More Dave Hill, less David Wild, please.

  40. DanofSac

    Great idea DukeLacrosse! When Bryan was dropping Alison’s version of a guitar riff (I was laughing like a lunatic), coupled with her “I’ve got something in my butt”, I thought the same thing: ring tone!

  41. PC

    Love that new drop!

  42. GW

    whurrr…whurrr….whurrr…whur I LOVE ALISON!!!!!!!!…. GR8 SHOW

  43. Dolphin Shorts
    Dolphin Shorts08-25-2012

    Finally some good back and forth banter.

  44. sCUM

    The “Harper Valley PTA segment was pure comedy gold. I was laughing out loud during their re-enactment of finding another name.

  45. Rick G
    Rick G08-25-2012

    Wow, letting anyone on? I’m going to have to figure out how that gross self promotion action works.

  46. Susie

    Please have Dave back on! He is great!

  47. Kenneth Cunningham
    Kenneth Cunningham08-26-2012

    My Typing error, Black and Hispanic were combined.

    Even if you go state by state, 10-12 states have majority minority populations.

    Do you really think minority imates rule the states of Maine, Wyoming, Alaska and Idaho?

  48. Casket Glory Hole
    Casket Glory Hole08-26-2012

    Around ’87 or so, Tammy Faye Bakker recorded a take-off on “Harper Valley PTA” (“The Ballad of Jim and Tammy”) with new lyrics about how their evangelical empire was stolen by Jerry Falwell. It is way, way dumber than the original song (and somehow manages to avoid mentioning the whole Jessica Hahn thing). If you can find the segment from the Howard Stern Show where they listen to it and dissect the lyrics–with Gilbert Gottfried sitting in, no less–I highly recommend it…

  49. Apollo Oh No
    Apollo Oh No08-26-2012

    Kenneth, at this point, fuck off. Nobody really cares about your stupid point. Additionally, it’s really pathetic that you had to go back, check your math, and re-post on the ACS board to correct your previous retarded point. Again to be clear, fuck off.



  50. setlasmon

    while I was listening to this, I found this: http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2012/07/def_leppard_pla.html

  51. Jack

    I’ve never heard “Harper Valley PTA” before today, 2 hours after the podcast boom! my ears are being violated once again by Harper and the gang.

  52. Daniel Blazek
    Daniel Blazek08-27-2012

    Ode to Billie Joe — Robbie Benson jumps off the Tallahatchie Bridge (1976).

  53. Sue and Lynn Rasberry
    Sue and Lynn Rasberry08-27-2012

    My husband and I never miss a podcast. We loved Dave Hill and hope he’s a frequent guest. We also enjoy David Wild and his amazing knowledge of music and the music industry. Much love to Adam, Alison, Bryan and the rest of the crew. Keep up the good work!

  54. Sunday In TJ
    Sunday In TJ08-28-2012

    “Well, there’s Bobby Taylor sittin’ there and seven times he’s asked me for a date
    Mrs. Taylor sure seems to use a lot of ice whenever he’s away”
    She is implying that she is fucking the iceman.

  55. GOD

    Dave was a great guest. Very quick and very funny. Definitely have him back.

  56. colo41here

    Dave Hill was a 10. One of my favorite episodes this year. Make him a regular guest. Great chemistry

  57. Tom K
    Tom K08-29-2012

    Hill was very good . It was nice to hear more than a 5 minute crap interview then more of Adam’s tiresome repetitive rants. Hill had good stories which could be discussed with Adam. What a concept to let an interesting entertaining guest speak!

  58. HR

    Alison is a star! She can shred on the mouth-guitar. Dave Hill…how have I never heard of this guy? He’s wicked funny. And bald’s drops were great. Best show ever…and if Shek would’ve been on this one, the internets might have exploded from WIN! Shek everyday Ace man!

  59. rambling man
    rambling man08-31-2012

    was expecting The Electric Nun, inventor of platform boots and SLADE guitarist Dave Hill – was pleasantly surprised by this great guest…

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