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Adam and Dave Dameshek

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Show Summary

At the top of the show, Adam is finally allowed to address his experience on Celebrity Apprentice. It also allows him to rant about his hotel room, the ‘clearance lady,’ and how some of the other celebrities interacted with each other. Adam also takes calls about going to Australia, the best way to propose, and how to choose the right career path.

Dave Dameshek joins the podcast next, and he and Adam talk about guys who put weight on their face, and why Shek could never get away with murder. The guys also discuss Adam’s bachelor party. Later, they get into some football talk, and predict who will make it through the upcoming NFL playoffs.

Alison then opens the news with the story of Michele Bachmann dropping out of the presidential race. Adam wants to know why the candidates who don’t make it through aren’t more upset about it. Adam and Shek then start talking about bizarre movie clichés, and the show wraps up with a discussion of terrible Stallone movies, and terrible booze commercials.


Visit http://DaveDameshek.nfl.com for to check out everything Dave Dameshek is up to at the NFL, and follow him on Twitter @dameshek.

Hildebrand Crash

Tango & Cash

Miller Lite commercial

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Chumpy

    good times

  2. James

    Okay, someone just photoshopped Adam from the Fitz dog picture on this one, LOL!

  3. Mike

    Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters… Really… that is your Charity of choice….If you dropped the Catholic part …all would be great… Good Luck……GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ralf

    Finally! My favorite guest returns!

  5. Pike

    The Connect Four Champeen is back! The Shekster is awesome!

  6. GuyDudeBro

    hell yah, love me some dameshak… Get It On!

  7. Chris

    First, Dameshek, big fan. Republic checking in. Carolla and Shek. I wish I could have that combo more frequently.

  8. Bert

    This was a great episode. I love the action movie talk.

  9. Cyrus

    Awesome. Been wonderin when Dave would be back on/around.

  10. Sluggh

    Back-to-back Fitz and Shek. Nice!

  11. Ben S.
    Ben S.01-05-2012

    AC and DD, can’t wait to listen.

  12. Billy

    Yes. Dameshek and Carolla. The best. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

  13. Braying Sports Aficianado
    Braying Sports Aficianado01-05-2012

    More Jacuzzi Thoughts!!!

  14. Braying Sports Aficianado
    Braying Sports Aficianado01-05-2012

    I’ll be yer sink!

  15. Nilmot

    get it on and LET IT BEGIIIIINNNNNNN!!!

    • Nilmot

      Oh god, I was dying over Ray and “The Breathing Game”.

  16. Billy

    My only complaint: should have been longer. These two together is gold.

  17. Martin

    YES ! The world is right once again Okey Dokey ??

  18. Ledgewood

    That’s hooey and applesauce!

  19. Fred Cipriano
    Fred Cipriano01-05-2012

    Another great podcast from the ACEMAN.

  20. big jim
    big jim01-05-2012

    As a proud member of the Shek Republic, I’m positively swooning with anitcipation to hear my man, double-D, list some shit.

  21. Herb from OZ
    Herb from OZ01-05-2012

    Thanks for taking my call today. Awesome to chat as always!
    Ive set up a FB page for people who want to see Ace in Australia. “like” it and tell a friend, and lets get it on down under.


    Cheers Herb

    • Tiaan

      Hey Herb! I’m with ya! Lets Adam and the crew down here finally!!

  22. Arlo

    The Weez out. Dameshek in! I love it. Although I do miss the weez.

  23. Jason H
    Jason H01-05-2012

    Same shirt as yesterday. Looking good Ace!

  24. Heather

    I LOVE Herbert!!! Is he on Twitter?! A-dorable! We need a frirend down unda’ on the phone more often.

    • Herb from OZ
      Herb from OZ01-06-2012

      HAHAHA Thanks Heather, your very kind!! Maybe I could convince Ace to make me his Australian correspondent:-)
      Twitter is @herberthodgson

  25. setlasmon

    hes back… my old pal Dave… Dave Dameshek! im over the moon!

  26. Job

    I thought Dameshek was banned from the show…or am I wrong?

  27. Aaron

    Sounds like Adam’s home internet service didn’t have a fast enough upload speed for the slingbox. Quality doesn’t totally depend on download speed at the remote site.

    • Steve

      I agree. A has standard home internet the uplink speed is very limited. Other services like a VOIP telephone at home will compete (during a call) for uplink bandwidth.

  28. x

    Holy fuck Damashek is easily the worst guest ever. Manages to be both incredibly boring and unlistenably irritating, all while remaining an entirely unfunny douche. Keep this idiot off the show. Thanks.

    • Sy

      Totally agree; thought I was the only one who felt this way. He just rambles on and on without saying anything remotely funny.

    • borat

      Totally agree. Dameshek is a moron, but worse, is absolutely unlistenable.

    • Big Daddy
      Big Daddy09-25-2012

      agree with X. Dameshek is a fucking IDIOT. That littleman irrifuckingtating laugh is excruciating! 86 that deucer!

  29. BuccaneerRon

    Finally, The return of the SHEK to the Ace Broadcasting Facility !!!! Is Feeney the next ? Who cares, Long live THE SHEK !!!

  30. Tim Fletcher
    Tim Fletcher01-05-2012

    You have go get Penn back on to talk about celebrity apprentice!

  31. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross01-05-2012

    I didn’t miss Dameshek at all. So full of himself.

    More Celebrity Apprentice stories!!!!!!

    • Sy

      I know right. It’s like he thinks everything he says is soooo interesting. It’s not.

  32. thedecade

    Slingbox is amazing… From Bulgaria to Luxembourg to Nice to New Orleans to my office in LA, it always always works. Bummer that it didnt work in NYC, it’s a great product.

  33. TipCT

    Good website for learning who has slept with whom, like Fitzdog and Arnett.


    Alison should screen each guest before they come on the show.

  34. Jason

    Adam asking the caller what she looks like is the most uncomfortable moment I’ve ever heard on this show.

  35. BPiddy

    Hearing Sheckles goofy laugh and seeing that big watermelon head reminds me of the great DoT times.

  36. tardbasket

    This Damashak fellow seems like a great guy. He should come back on the show once a week, maybe be added permanently.

  37. Ledgewood

    Can the guest tomorrow be Dave Dameshek?

  38. Jon P
    Jon P01-05-2012

    Hey What happened?

  39. Ben H.
    Ben H.01-05-2012

    The Shek! Spicy mustard for everyone!

  40. MTL_Dave

    Wait, Adam likes cars?

  41. Blaze446


  42. sloozen

    You are right about chicks in the US. I just read a study that said pretty girls are dying young because they will not exercise because they do not want to mess up their hair and make up. GIO! Greg

  43. Cheechu

    About damn time. GET IT ON!

  44. AFan

    Now that Donny is gone… the ACE Broadcasting Network has been liberated! Hooray!

  45. Chris

    Let it Begiiiiiinnnnn!!!!

  46. Jessica

    I miss Shek! Bring him back!!

  47. Dan


    Okie Dokie.

  48. Andrew

    Right, because quietly tolerating a modest prayer from a sincere guy is way worse than a 6’4″ sweaty surprise BOOM! Penetration right up the middle!

    • marco

      Yea, until the sincere guy tells your daughter “Hey baby, guess what time it is!”

  49. mike

    Off topic, can anybody tell me the source/origin of the guy who sounds like hes on the telephone and does a really creepy laugh?

    • Hot Nikks
      Hot Nikks01-06-2012

      I believe that’s Tim Conway Jr doing his Tom Leikis impersonation.

  50. Nodz

    PLEASE, PLEASE have Damashek on more. I love the deconstruction of shitty 80s movies. I would pay good cash to hear those two riff on dumb 80s shit for a whole episode.
    And Alison – dont do a Theresa. Know when its not about you.

  51. rushbaby

    funny show…I guess I’m gonna watch the apprentice again.

  52. Kelly

    Ace, checked the Celebrity Apprentice site on NBC.com. Nice to see you wearing one of the two red shirts you wore all of 2011 in the photoshoot! haha.

  53. Keith in Albany NY
    Keith in Albany NY01-05-2012

    Hurray for the return of Shek!!! Missing “Daves of Thunder”.

  54. The Archduke
    The Archduke01-05-2012

    Dameshek’s back! Love that guy.

  55. Doubleton

    The Double D’s live again!!!

  56. Johnny

    So awesome to have Dave back, it’s been a while. Those old TACS were the best. I do wish they would talk about those days a bit more but I guess there’s nothing really to talk about anyway, how many crazy Jack Silver stories can you tell? There’s a site that’s been doing best-ofs of that show from 2006: http://thisyearcollection.blogspot.com/search/label/The%20Adam%20Carolla%20Show
    I think those shows have disappeared off the face of the internet now so that’s about the only place you can get them now

  57. Maria Conchita Alonza Quesadilla Hernandez Luis Gonzales
    Maria Conchita Alonza Quesadilla Hernandez Luis Gonzales01-05-2012

    Well hell, whaddya know. I thought Shek may have left on bad terms or something….glad he’s still around, love that hooey and applesauce. You guys should do another Basic Cable Commentary! Loved the Roadhouse one.

  58. tardbasket

    I’m pregnant with Big Ben’s rape baby.

    • Spaceman craves dog cock
      Spaceman craves dog cock01-06-2012

      No you’re not. He blew it in your ass, remember? You’re just getting fat.

  59. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis01-05-2012

    I feel compelled to make my first crappy internet comment for 2012. Love the show. Never been more annoyed by Bald Bryan than today. More is too much. And less is not more. Less is just right. And even then, it’s sometimes too much.

    • Alex

      Totally agree. Has to try and be a smart ass. I don’t care how smart he thinks he is, he’s only a sound effects guy and needs to shut up

  60. Cam

    Maybe my favorite podcast yet. Love the show.

  61. Brian

    So excited for Celebrity apprentice.

  62. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee01-05-2012

    Sometimes when the fellas want to talk sports Alison shouldn’t feel left out if she has nothing to add… just saying

  63. Johnny Drama
    Johnny Drama01-05-2012

    Whaaa?!?! No discussion on why “Daves of Thunder” got cancelled? For Shame!

  64. dick manclaw
    dick manclaw01-05-2012

    HALF THE DAVES OF THUNDER RIGHT HERE! ah god i’m so excited for this.

  65. traenk

    Cereal Rapist or Serial Rapist?

  66. Unbald BrIan
    Unbald BrIan01-05-2012


  67. robx46

    DD RETURNS! A perk of donny being gone?
    I miss DOT, but Dave seems to be doing well with his current podcast. Not quite the same, but its OK.

  68. LTF

    Love hearing Shekles the Clown on the show. Too bad its not still with Feeney on DOT though.

  69. Joe Santos
    Joe Santos01-05-2012

    As a car racer, Adam, I’m surprised you didn’t see that Hildebrand hit the wall because he went off line to pass a lapped car (fearing wheldon was much closer behind him than he actually was) and hit the tire marbles that accumulate off line. Once you’re in the marbles you have no traction. A basic rookie error.


    Racing 101 shit Adam, c’mon man.

  70. Jessica

    That was hilarious. I miss D.D. I love them talking about bad commercials and horrible movies. Pointing out all the cliches we all notice and don’t have the forum to scream about. I knew as soon as I saw that D. D. was the great, it was going to be fantastic! Great show!

  71. Pork Chop
    Pork Chop01-05-2012

    More jacuzzi thoughts!

  72. Oh my
    Oh my01-05-2012

    Donny and Ganz are gone………….bwahhhaaaaa.

  73. J Pete
    J Pete01-05-2012

    I am so happy that Adam and Shek are back together!!!

  74. goni

    good times

  75. Steve Ball
    Steve Ball01-05-2012

    I’ve heard Adam hint at a disliking of Kevin Smith a few times, but I want to hear the whole story.

  76. MikeinAZ

    So I can’t wait for Adam’s best complaints after this podcast. Mark Burnett telling him to stop talking about the new Apprentice and giving away secrets such as Marco Andretti leaving and his dad taking over for him and the girls being bitches to each other. So cue Adam’s “it doesn’t really matter” argument, which is correct by the way. I will watch for the first time ever because he is on the show. I wonder if the part that he describes as it getting personal will include the many times the has made fun of Trump. “This show is classy, everything I do is classy” I love his impersonation of Trump. Almost as good/bad as Simmons. Great to hear from Dameshek as well. I miss that show.

  77. Nick

    That tequila commercial is terrible. The first time I saw it I must have rewound it 10 times to watch that stupid fucking hand gesture at the end like Michael Imperioli is some sort of tough guy. I thought I was missing the joke or something. What an asshole.

  78. harry L
    harry L01-05-2012

    How do I see the comment board?

  79. seth

    Daves of thunder was one of the best things to ever happen to the ACE network. Not one day goes by that I don’t think about Jacuzzi pete and David Fenie. And who could ever forget all of the list by Dameshek? Everything from the best movie food to pizza toppings to the jerk list. What a show.

  80. Jim

    I’m not a big Shek fan but thought he did a great job on the podcast today. Thanks Ace broadcasting for another great free show. And Dave was right, fuck that guy on the Tequila commercial.

  81. Nolan

    Joel and Norm on the show a couple weeks ago and now the return of Shek. I couldn’t ask for much more…

  82. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac01-06-2012

    It’s been a long time since I have listened to a podcast more than once because I was laughing so hard I missed things! Between Fitzdog and Dave I believe I am on hour 6. When DOT was on the network I could listen to those podcasts three times each! You are bringing back the funny Ace and I think everyone is better for it; BB and Allison have been on fire and your new riffs are hysterical. I was at the gym listening when you were discussing a Kodiak Bear’s inherit fear of pink eye and I had a number of members looking at me like I was insane because I was laughing so hard. 2012 has really gotten off on the right foot!

  83. MikeVonZ

    Shek nation 4 life. Feensters union eat some sand pls.

  84. Shew

    Funny Dave Dameshek in the house! Awesome show!
    PS: Settle down Bald Bryan…leave the funny to Adam.

  85. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle01-06-2012

    Dameshek is like Chinese food. I can handle it every six months. Any more than that and it makes you sick.
    Also, has DD ever heard his own laugh before. You think he would make a conscious effort to change it.

  86. Griff

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like it when Adam takes calls? I love the group’s answers to questions, but, while I’m sure all of you callers are great people, the show ggggrrrrriiiiinnnnddddssss to a halt when they take your calls. I’d prefer that they receive emails and screen them and let Adam rant out the answers with out the awkward, “Ummm, Hey, uh, I , uh really love the show Aceman, uh, thanks for, uh, taking my , ummm, call.”

  87. donewithidiots

    Good show. Have to totally agree with the American hot chicks being second tier to other english speaking countries. No doubt about it. Excellent observation. It’s something about the entitlement culture meshing with the partying, and the amount of time they spend in the mirror and not reading. English chicks teeth are messed up, Canadian chicks are cool. They’re just happy to have a guy that doesn’t drink all the time.lol

  88. Lisa

    Love Shek!!! Wish he was on more often.

  89. vin

    Love me some shek burgers, spicy brown mustard if you please. Let it BEGINNNNNNN………

  90. Andrew

    love me some dr funny dave D and adam. please make him a regular and get feeny in there as well. great show

  91. Pete

    The scuttlebutt was always that DoT was cancelled because of a lack of communication with Donny. Since he’s gone now, is there any chance of a revival of the Daves’ show, or is Dameshek too busy at the Dave Dameshek broadcast center at the NFL? Nothing would make me swoon more…

  92. Kyle X
    Kyle X01-06-2012

    Anyone notice how in that picture Adam is the ace and Clay was the heart? That was funny to me.

  93. george

    “i’m not just talking about the black people”. spit my food out laughing at that.

  94. JessMan

    there’s only 1 spring in silver spring, md, mind you

  95. Jr. Bob Dobbs
    Jr. Bob Dobbs01-06-2012

    I don’t understand why Dameshek isn’t a regular on the show again. The show was never better than the days that Dave was on. And, for whatever reason, cancelling Daves of Thunder was a big disappointment. I’m sure the Parent Experiment is wondeful and all but COME ON! We need Dave on the air regularly.

  96. Bill

    No mention of DoT? Bizarre.

  97. Pàdraig Bennett
    Pàdraig Bennett01-06-2012

    Ace I love you, and I always will. But when Daves of Thunder got cancelled I fucking cried. Shek and Feeney need to come back. I don’t care if it’s one show a month…. we need them.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana01-07-2012

      Need them like a head in your hole.

    • Joe

      Cried? Really? Don’t make the Irish look bad. Grow a pair Paddy.

  98. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse01-06-2012


  99. Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz01-06-2012

    Is Donny the reason a number of these podcasts went away? It seems like a couple of weeks ago something slipped about the return of The Film Vault which in retrospect might have coincided with Donny’s departure. If so I say good riddance.

  100. Sy

    Show started off good per usual, laughing w/ the 3 amigos until Dameshek hi-jacked the show w/ his boring stories & observations. Dameshek is not funny & the worst part is that he thinks he is. I’m a huge sports fan & he even makes that dull. More Adam, Alison, & Bryan PLEASE!

    • matt

      you’re the only one that has it on the money. the guest is a bore and derailed the show completely.

  101. Alan

    Tango & Cash was written by Randy Feldman, not Stallone.

  102. Mash

    Shek and Ace bring out the best in each other. Get Shek on here at least once a month!

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana01-07-2012

      Once a month, period.

  103. Kate J aka johnsok0
    Kate J aka johnsok001-07-2012

    Loved the show — finally Shek is back in studio. Been missing him immensely. Was a great show by the way. T’is a gloooooorious day!

  104. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-07-2012

    Dave Dameshek is a miniature Ben Roethlisberger. A loser who keeps on winning. Props.

  105. Feenster's Union Member #34737
    Feenster's Union Member #3473701-08-2012

    Fuck Dameshek for ever returning to this network.

    Feenster’s Union never forgets.

  106. Hammer

    Come to Australia!!

  107. Mike

    Finally Dave! The sports talk was great, but the movie talk was even better. Love it when you guys pick apart horrible movies. More, more, more.

  108. DavesFan

    More jacuzzi thoughts – from inside Daddy’s closet!

  109. Kain

    Hi Ace and Team, please bring back Dave more often. When he chuckles I cant help but to laugh, overall great podcast.

  110. Adam

    Allison is great. I think I am about the same age as her, and I love all her early 90’s TV references, ie: Charles in Charge.

  111. Doaner

    Let it begin! Best LA Ram to wear this episode’s number on his jersey? Sid Justin. Please, more Dave(s), less Ace.

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