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At the top of the show, Adam and Dameshek realize they’ve both recently seen the same terrible movie. They analyze a few of their favorite moments, and then watch Dameshek’s very first Man Show bit. Later, Shek talks about the upcoming NFL season and announces the Creep of the Week.

Adam and the gang talk about a new item for Adam’s bucket list, and Alison starts the news by bringing up the release date of Fast Six. The guys also chat about Howard Stern, Jay Leno, and a feud between Rihanna and Joan Rivers. As the show wraps up, Adam talks about Rihanna’s hair, and the need for better parenting in the black community.


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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Silent Running
    Silent Running08-31-2012

    A face to match the voice. What can one say?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-31-2012

      He does have a face for radio.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana08-31-2012

      What a toilet this place turned about to be. I also love that movie. Hewy dewy and Louie. A man in space tending plants. Pathetic. What’s wrong with me?

  2. Back sack& Ass crack
    Back sack& Ass crack08-31-2012

    Not this retard again… The Goblin sucks DICK!

  3. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington08-31-2012

    Before we get started here I just want to say, big BIG fan

  4. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol08-31-2012

    GET IT ON !

  5. Olliesdog

    Here’s another example: Sixteen Candles – Jake the oily beauhunk dumping the hot blond for sad sophmore Molly Ringwold!

  6. Mr. O
    Mr. O08-31-2012

    the Lord love Dameshek

  7. Ryno

    I would effing LOVE a ‘shek Ace Titanic cable commentary YES PLEASE!!

  8. Edna's Edibles
    Edna's Edibles08-31-2012

    Prince’s halftime show was one of the best in years. But yeah, let’s wheel out John Hiatt or Joe Jackson and see how that goes over.

    • swingset

      “Steppin Out” would really get the drunken Superbowl fans into a lather. Good point. Aceman, whose musical train only went to 1983 then flew off the rails.

  9. Steph

    JUST Dameshek!? It must be punishment for the bliss of no David Wild this week.

  10. Bill

    I agree with Shek about feet. Cover ’em up. I’ve convinced my kids all their lives that leaving your feet exposed is exactly like the low-slung pants. It’s a sign that other guys will know you want them to hit on them.

  11. Ric

    Shit, Dave’s back. You think he’ll make a reference to Pittsburg, PA? How many times will Bryan use the “where’s the sports” drop to try and keep this “spots guy” on the topic of sports? Let’s find out.

  12. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent08-31-2012

    If only the government had an mp3 of Dameshek’s laugh we could have avoided this whole waterboarding controversy.

  13. wazeaway

    Dameshek is a bit of a handful. He’s a combo of not funny meets too much kissing up, and it feels like he’s always dragging out his time on the air with one side story after another. Also, his coincidental epiphany about how bad movie romances (The Lucky One) have a second act break up over something ludicrous was a bit much. We get it Dave, we too heard yesterday’s podcast as well.
    The truth is I like Shek, but the boy is a bit overwhelming.
    Thanks again for the free podcast, you guys are awesome.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana08-31-2012

      I don’t like end-line thank-you’s. It’s like they’re saying “thank you” without the “but…” (not really, but that’s what they really meant).

    • kelly

      you are wrong sir!!!!

  14. PAB

    What is this discussion worth? Howard Stern is a pompous twat. Does anyone really give a shit about any word spewing forth from his forked tongue? How is this news? To whom? America is on the verge of tumbling down the rabbit hole of history. Please start cracking wise about the things that actually will affect us instead of some apparition of radio past.

    Leno good, Howard who?

    Moving on…

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana08-31-2012

      Howard was brilliant when he was 30. Now he’s Soupy Sales, without the relevance.

    • idiotMan

      Agreed. The Leno hate has become so commonplace its easy to see through.

  15. .


  16. Dutch

    Congrats on 900 ACS podcasts, Ace and crew.

  17. Drew

    I say feh and double feh to Shek’s hard out!

  18. Molly the Dog
    Molly the Dog08-31-2012

    Is it just me? I can’t turn the show off fast enough when Dameshek is on.

    • Tom

      Well… Dameshek dies suck….but not even half as much as David Wild… I immediately turn off the show then. DFG forever!

  19. MCC

    Dameshek…..(Sigh)….well, I guess at least it’s not the Deaf Frat Guy again.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-31-2012

      Dameshek is JV.

      • Lpoolguy

        I didn’t like Dameshek at first, but he’s really funny….maybe it’s just me, but some of the subtle shit he spews out always gets me laughing. BB hitting “Where’s the sports?” from Princess Bride is awesome.

        • Justin

          Name something subtle he says.

      • Justin

        Help yeah, bro. Shek is not a chill dude.

  20. Private Party
    Private Party08-31-2012

    Why don’t you just give DD his own podcast so his parents and neighbors can follow his adventures without boring the rest of us? Just how many nude photos of Adam does this tosspiece have to justify all the airtime he gets? He’s not smart, funny or interesting. Please, make it stop.

  21. Balki

    Long live the Shek.

    • jo ke
      jo ke08-31-2012

      Shek is all Balls

  22. Jeff

    Another gangbusters appearance.

  23. goatfucker

    wiggy stern is just looking for relevancy in his very contrived one sided feud.
    he’s a mental patient thats been in therapy 3 days a week for 20yrs.
    leno is smart enough to not bite wiggys weak attempt at publicity & elevate stern to the mainstream public. wiggy is a lazy stale bitch since 2000. should have retired long ago.

  24. John

    Should do a bonus episode with Myles L. Berman.

  25. ShatnerFace

    “Randy Moss without a catch in the preseason” -Dameshek

    Great knowledge Dave… except it’s wrong. While not incredibly impressive, he’s got catches.

  26. jabez

    Wait… so the much-touted football does NOT in fact teach kids discipline? Ace, c’mon. One day your blaming the lack of discipline in young black kids on the lack of dads, the next your claiming football as the magic ingredient in building kids.
    So you, the Aceman, with no fatherly influence to speak of, benefited from football–but black kids don’t? What could the difference *possibly* be?

    • Lpoolguy

      Wasn’t he talking about football today vs.football in his day? I thought that was the point he was trying to make…

  27. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent08-31-2012

    Yeah, Adam…Chris Brown thought Rihanna was striking too.

    • DrClown


  28. Fanucci says Eeeeh
    Fanucci says Eeeeh08-31-2012

    Not a fan of Dameshek but if he stops yelling and saying “Hit it bald!” he can stay.

  29. bill

    Adam must be the only person on the planet to have seen all 5 Fast and Furious movies.

    • Bosh Spice
      Bosh Spice09-05-2012

      and he says “Drive” sucks…

  30. matt

    enough with Dameshek already- when was the last time he said anything funny?

  31. Murf

    For a guy who tells it how it is, he sure doesn’t say much about the Leno, Kimmell and Letterman feud. I can’t blame him for being vague but its funny hearing sit on his verbals hands on this issue

    • RoyalDryness

      I really don’t think Ace has much to say on that. Kimmel is obviously one of his closest friends, Leno is at least an acquaintance and treats Adam well in all the interactions they have, and if you listen closely Adam thinks that Letterman is (or at least was until his BFF became a direct competitor for ratings) the better late night host.

  32. Stephan

    That was an epic creep of the week. I didn’t think there was another person on the planet that could have a freak out at the level of Adam Carolla, but there is was.

    • Justin

      Did you honestly laugh? Really? I ask because it was not funny in the least.

  33. Steve

    Why is Dameshek a regular? he’s such a fuckin dork ,i dont know about footbal but a couple of times he spoke about Boxing and he was just out there ,he’s not funny or interesting at all.

  34. Tom Tompson
    Tom Tompson08-31-2012

    I like Dave. He Seems so pathetic (not in a bad way) it’s funny.

  35. Gina

    Julia Roberts in “Sleeping with the Enemy”. Super anal, rich guy, wife-beater Patrick Bergin who likes scary classical music / dorky drama teacher Kevin Anderson in small town, with horrible curly mullet, and likes Van Morrison.

    • Brother P-Touch
      Brother P-Touch08-31-2012

      I don’t remember any anal in Sleeping With the Enemy. Was that in the director’s cut?

  36. Mark

    I can’t stand Dameshek, he never talks about sports, tries and fails to be funny and has his lips on Adams ass from the start. I have no idea why he is on the show. I am a massive fan and I love the show, but as big of a fan as I am I have a really really hard time listening to the show with him on it.

  37. Mark

    Oh and “Revenge of the Nerds” is to me the biggest jump from a Douche to a loser type.

  38. Bo B Blevans
    Bo B Blevans08-31-2012

    I hope Adam is kidding about liking the Fast and Furious franchise…in the first one Vin Diesel’s car pops a wheely while the back tires are burning out (meaning it’s not getting traction)? WTF? After the rants about Drive I would expect him to notice this detail.

    • More goofs . . .
      More goofs . . .08-31-2012

      1) – In the last scene when Dom and Brian drag race, the butterflies on the blower scoop close when he revs up the motor, when they would really open, since they are allow air to enter the blower.
      2) – When Brian is testing the top speed of his Eclipse at the beginning of the film, he appears to have 7 forward gears. After seeing him shift into first before starting, you can count 6 more up-shifts after, either by seeing him change gear or by hearing it.
      3) – In the last race between Dom and Brian, Dom is heard/seen shifting 7 or 8 times.

    • RoyalDryness

      Eh…the Fast and Furious movies aren’t to be taken seriously. Drive on the other hand, takes itself VERY seriously. I happen to disagree with Ace’s take on Drive though I agree that someone should have been able to correct the silly car related mistakes.

  39. Jonathan

    Love the Shek! Also that first sentence has to be the funniest start to a show summary ever.

  40. Bo B Blevans
    Bo B Blevans08-31-2012

    While I am bitching about F&F what about Vin Diesel saying: “I live my life a quarter-mile at a time.”
    Awful, simply awful

  41. Jimmy

    Is there an appearance where Dave doesn’t mention Mo Dameshek? I’ve never heard a grown man mention his mother so much.

  42. Jimmy

    P.S. I love Dave Dameshek

  43. princessbuttercup

    I feel like there must be something shady about Jay. Adam is reaping the benefits of Jay’s garage so he’s not going to say anything negative.

  44. Ken

    Dave is terrible. His delivery sounds too fake.

    Also, who cares what Stern says anymore? His act is ..an act.

  45. Matt

    I hate the Dave podcasts….terrible

    I prefer just Adam

  46. Beyonces Fiance
    Beyonces Fiance08-31-2012

    Ace should do cable commentary for his crappy movie that no one watched

  47. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian08-31-2012


  48. SamuelJH

    Thank you cast and crew.

  49. drbrucew

    Please Adam…I beg of you! No more Shek. Good Lord, the man is completely void of any talent. Why continue to force him on us loyal listeners? Shek, please go away…forever!!!!!!

  50. billybob

    stern sucks ass n.ow. shek you blow too

  51. LouE

    I see his talent but being on this podcast isn’t one of them. Stay behind the scenes shek.

    Alison: That’s the news, I’m Alison Rosen, back to you Ace. – Should be your outro.

    • DrunktankDan

      Change the outro to that generic crap? What a stupid idea. Why? That takes any character or novelty out of her it. Also, it’s hilarious when there are super serious guests and you can tell she’s embarrassed to say it.

  52. 866-901-ADAM

    Reenactment please

  53. the casul observer
    the casul observer08-31-2012

    Looooooooves me some shek! You hear me, dave, you magnificent bastard?! i’m pickin up what you’re puttin down! big fan.

  54. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana08-31-2012

    I don’t know how you can get so much stubble on your chin, but none near your ears.

    When I don’t shave, it’s the side burns that get “stubbly” first. And my neck.

    So strange. I’ve never had an electric razor though.

  55. Gart

    more John Hitatt get him on the show

  56. Gary

    http://www.johnhiatt.com/johnHiattContactPage.html love you man john hiatt rocks cross my fingers Get HiM On the show

  57. Zaheen

    Wish Shek was permanent

    • Justin

      Why? What does he say that you enjoy? Name something.

      I think his sense of humor is dull and cliche. Calling his mom “Mo”? Calling him “Chad Eighty-Five”? Tapas sounds like topless? Ugh. So tiresome.

      His insights or observations are invariably uninteresting and/or wrong. The spectrum of guys that movie chchicks are attracted to? How drunks are dressed in movies? Awful.

      But you like him…

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-04-2012

      He was permanent, with Dave’s of Thunder. Then Adam gave him the axe.

  58. Wen

    Dave Dameshek sucks. Please stop putting him on your show. It is a drag whenever he is on.

  59. JR

    fuck all you dameshek haters! either this comment page has become a nice little habitat for trolls or…. i really can’t explain the comments page behavior… the podcast today was good!!

    i think it’s easy to say such crazy things when you post on a comment page, because adam says it best… THERE’S NO SHAME ANYMORE…. and that’s what you people need… some good ol’ fashioned 1900 U.S AMERICAN SHAME…. SHAME ON YOU ALL…

  60. matt s
    matt s08-31-2012

    shek is on far too often and is only decent half the time he’s on. less is more with him cuz he’s not that good

  61. Doug

    What the fuck? Is this becoming the Dave Dameshek show? As I’ve said a few times before, I’m sure he’s a swell guy in real life but, man, he sucks on the podcast. His voice is just plain irritating, he tries too hard to be funny, and he’s always kissing Aceman’s ass. No more Shek, for the love of God!

    • Mitch

      Hey Doug, to steal a bit from ARIYNBF – go Fuck yourself. Shek is awesome. Just remember, I didn’t do this to you, you did this to you … let it begin. For being a giant asshole to someone who bring a lot to the show (only once a week BTW) YOU’RE A JERK! hope this gets me my get out of jerk card. Stupid Doug, you’re the creep of the week.

      • Justin

        Awesome, Mitch. You just used up all of Shek’s godawfully unfunny material to make Doug’s point. Shek is a hack. You’re a hackfan.

        • Mitch

          Listen Teach, 100% asshole, 100% jerk, made in these united states. back on the blitz. If you and Doug can stop making out with each other Justin, you might realize that you’re both retards. A) I am just a fan, don’t know what a hackfan is, but if it is someone who appreciates Shek then sign me up. B) it’s Godawful not Godawfully, you can’t just make up adverbs to suit your arguments. C) When you have a podcast or are invited to sit with Adam then you can talk all the trash you want, but until then quit it with all the hating and shut the fuck up. Hit it bald!

          • Justin

            He’s saying “Teej,” moron. TJ. Tom Jackson. But you’re a fan.

            You can appreciate Shek. Great. The way I can appreciate Gallagher. Like Shek, he definitely exists. And Shek is on a podcast, which, according to you, is all the qualification anyone needs.

            Go ahead and use the hack’s material to make me rethink this. It’s been really effective.

      • Permanent

        Anyone who references bits from the hackiest podcast of all time shouldn’t criticizing someone as funny as Dameshek.

  62. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco09-01-2012

    LOVE when Dameshek is on the show

  63. Paul

    Dameshek again!! WTF! QUICK, someone get me a rope. Had enough of this bullshit!

  64. DrClown

    I’m ambivalent on Shek but I do find it funny to contrast the listener comments with Carolla’s statements like “Back by popular demand” and “Ev’rybody loves Shek.”

  65. DrunktankDan

    Holy shit the picture you guys posted for the Ray Party Pack is the funniest goddamn thing I have ever seen. I can’t wait til that shit goes on sale. It’s too bad I already have the book, would it be possible to buy just the shirt?

  66. Brian

    Shek is a hack. Worse than David Wild and that’s saying something. GET HIM OFF THE SHOW!

  67. Riggz

    I really am starting to like Dave Damasheck. I didn’t “get” this guy at first. I thought he was just an unfunny morning zoo sports hack… now I “get it”, that’s he is doing a parody of one. It’s funny. He’s pretty interesting, better than the other gimmicky parody characters like deaf frat guy. I actually enjoy him on the show. Way better than David Wylde and his horrible music taste.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana09-02-2012

      Maybe he’s doing a parody of hack who caters to morons who enjoy parodies of hacks? An infinite recursion.

      I enjoy genuine talent, but when I don’t, I enjoy Dos Equis.

  68. Hugh

    Ahh i agree with Dave about the cougher!

    I work with a bunch of guys that clear their throat or cough every 2 minutes every day!
    If I was a psycho I would lose it and punch one of them after their 100th cough.

  69. It's just a waste of my time!
    It's just a waste of my time!09-04-2012

    Dr. funny Dave Dameshek always delivers!

  70. Rosen's Renegades
    Rosen's Renegades09-04-2012

    39 Minutes and 48 seconds……

    Alison, under her breaks says, “Yeah”, like Zed watching Ted in Pulp Fiction……

    Yeah you tell that son bitch mothafucka!!!!


  71. Adam F
    Adam F09-04-2012


  72. Chester

    More jacuzzi thoughts.

  73. Brian in New Orleans
    Brian in New Orleans09-05-2012

    Dameshek is so good I pray Aceman brings him back show after next!

  74. Grendel Jones
    Grendel Jones09-05-2012

    I like Damashek. He brings a lot of energy and tells a great story. Compared to David Wild, Damashek gets me pumped up and Wild puts me to sleep (and that’s before Wild starts playing his wretched lullaby music). I for one like Damashek’s nerdisms, nicknames and tangents. Keep ’em coming!

  75. Peter

    the labeling of “Dave Dameshek” has guaranteed I will never hear this episode. Why does this guy need to be a regular? Really bad stuff. Love the show otherwise!

  76. Rene

    What’s with Damashek trying to sound like he grew up in the 30’s?

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