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The show opens up with Adam discussing his Jay Leno Tonight Show taping earlier in the day. He and Bald Bryan discuss the new Total Recall remake with Kate Beckinsale, and Adam observes how Hollywood is outsourcing the starring roles to foreigners. The guys then listen to a part of Obama’s recent speech on success, and Adam has many things to say about it. Adam also takes some listener calls about being fired, coping with hyper-vigilance, and what his writing process is like.

Dave Dameshek enters the studio next, and talks about his decision to leave Jimmy Kimmel Live. He and Adam also fight over a Pittsburgh landmark restaurant and Adam rants about coleslaw. Later, the guys discuss some of their favorite 80s movies clichés and their problems with certain football team helmets. As the show wraps up, Dameshek rolls through the Creep of the Week, and recalls an embarrassing experience at the gym.


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Obama Speech
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  1. tdog

    86 the Shek, annoying as hell. And the laugh has got to go!

    • Badger

      86 the tdog, annoying as hell. This clown has got to go!

    • DDameshek

      Tdog, what grown man still calls himself ‘dog’?

      • Heckman

        Dave here are my 2 unsolicited cents. Drop the sports podcast, get something where you’ll address regular day-to-day crap like the egg salad incident or the unfinished pizza thing you do. Now that’s fucking funny told in a so eloquently way

    • Matt

      I agree. Get him off the podcast.

    • Ron

      Scheck is the best, you need to go, Mark & Brian may be more your style.

    • Russ

      I love Dave. He’s a good guy!

    • Houndstoothchick

      Yah! Sorry, you can say I’m a chick, (old, at that) but he is annoying.

  2. Who?

    Sweet. You can never have too much Dave.

    • The Gooch
      The Gooch07-18-2012

      I agree, wholeheartedly!

  3. Silent Running
    Silent Running07-17-2012

    Oh, I get it. You want people to stop listening. Too much success too soon and now it’s time to steer into the guard rail.

    Maybe Adam will go full-on Howard Hughes and finally get a chance to grow that beard.

    • Badger

      If you wanted people to stop reading your comment before they got to the end of it, mission complete.

      • reb

        waaaaaaaaa. . . people say bad things about my favorite podcast

  4. Matt

    Shek Rulz. Go Bald!

  5. Chubby knees
    Chubby knees07-17-2012

    Dameshek should be on every day.

    • Dan Penny
      Dan Penny07-18-2012

      More Jacuzzi Thoughts.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-18-2012

      Dameshek should go to Poo Poo city.

  6. Rudy Eugene
    Rudy Eugene07-17-2012

    Why does Adam suck so bad on late night talk show appearances? Stop with the canned podcast
    excerpts and be human, manang.

    Dumbass-shek again? Argh.

    • Mark

      I think those late night audiences are pretty weak, and dumber in general. Carolla’s comedy is more cerebral, and they don’t get it. It’s like trying to get the McDonald’s crowd into enjoying fois gras.

      • Mark

        Luckily there are enough geniuses like us out there who get it….Sniff!!!

    • Thomas Hickey
      Thomas Hickey07-18-2012

      I thought his appearance on Jay Leno was pretty great. What was wrong with it?

  7. Mel

    A most enjoyable show today.

  8. Will Penner
    Will Penner07-17-2012

    I don’t get why people hate on Dameshek all the time– he’s a very likeable guy.

    • reb

      He’s not funny; finding him not funny doesn’t require that you “hate on” him.

    • Justin

      He’s worse than not funny. He’s unlistenable-to. His schtick, the mock ol’ timey cliche-spouting, is for retards.

      • Brother P-Touch
        Brother P-Touch07-20-2012

        That’s it, just for that ‘Shek is going to name you as the Rapscallion of the Week!

  9. Connard

    Dr. Drew, Dr. Spaz and now Dr. Funny Dave Dameshek? Is this turning into a fucking medical podcast? I like it.

  10. Zaheen

    Be still my beating heart. I’m in heaven

  11. Jake Carleson
    Jake Carleson07-17-2012

    Didn’t know shek and adam bought their pod shirts at the same place.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-18-2012

      Have you come out to your parents yet?

  12. Braman

    Shek is like any new cocktail you try. At first your not used to it, but then it becomes more familiar, and then your addicted.

  13. Tim

    Fantastic, surprisingly philosophical, discussion about leading a happy life in the opening half-hour plus. Great job guys. Bald Brian with some great insights to stimulate the conversation. These kinds of talks will keep building the brand and bringing in new listeners.

  14. Timothy

    Love the Ace on the House theme intro on the Tonight Show

  15. Spook

    Shek is great, need a show with ray, chris and donny (if on good terms).

  16. Jorm_Valadez

    Stop messing with the player, this new one doesn’t work with FF13, it just disappears from the browser.

  17. Brian in New Orleans
    Brian in New Orleans07-18-2012

    Git it on, callers! Zoo it up!

  18. Nodz

    For the last goddam time, nobody hates on rich people because they are rich. We fucking love and worship rich people. Its the realization that the game is rigged and the new wealth is being obtained and maintained by cheating. Stop it with the “class warfare” bullshit!

    • Snap-tie


    • Jason L.
      Jason L.07-18-2012

      I don’t know about cheating (that just comes off sounding like the typical “The rich are evil.” response.) I just think that more people these days feel entitled and think that you shouldn’t HAVE to work hard to obtain wealth. I thought what Obama said was very patronizing to those that worked their asses off and perhaps failed at a business or two before making it all work.

      • Russ

        I totally agree, I see it a lot with 25 year olds and younger. They complain the most, do the least work, and expect to be paid way more than they are worth. And its just gonna get worse as long as we keep it up with the participation trophy B.S

        • jen

          Agree. It’s getting to the point where I don’t even want to hire people under 30. They start asking for raises three months in and complain when asked to work late. These are professionals with pretty fat salaries for recent college grads. They think they know way more than they do, and they think they should be directors at age 25. I’m sure it’s not all of them, but in my experience, it’s certainly a new trend.

          For the record, I disagree with Adam’s rant about Obama. But that’s a whole other issue.

    • ashtok

      Yeah if you’re of a different political bent than Adam “mini me” Prager then skip to 40 min mark. Good show from the Canadian call onwards.

    • Tim

      Exactly. Ace, did you really need to launch into one of your douchebag right-wing rants in the first 15 minutes? At least ease us in with some comedy first.

      • Eric Blair
        Eric Blair07-18-2012

        hear hear

      • Josh

        Damn libs are so intolerant…Adam goes off on right wingers about drugs/pro life/etc…all the time yet you don’t see all the whining from us like you libs. Besides Adam is correct about how the rich are hated for their success by so many libs.

        • AnneCann

          HAHA I love how angry Repigs are. Makes me giggle every time I read a comment from them. So angry. I LOVE it!

      • Thomas Hickey
        Thomas Hickey07-18-2012

        Last time I checked he wasn’t employed by you to talk about what you want. He talks about whatever the heck he wants; that’s what’s so great about it, regardless of whether you like it or not, it’s a lot more raw than the average show. I’m surprised when I listen to local radio stations after the podcast, at how tame they are.

    • andygirlll

      Well said. Also, I don’t listen to the show for advice on my political views, just comedy.

    • Rigged!

      Rigged! The game is rigged! When the government built Facebook and created numerous new millionaires and billionaires who, while working and innovating like crazy creating value, must have been surprised it was Obama’s good graces that made them so successful, that was all rigged!! It’s not that we envy the successful and want to tear them down and get more and more while doing nothing, its because its rigged!!! We’re victims! I’ve been victimized by people who create value on the open market.

      • GOD

        I see what you did there…. and I like it.

    • Nick

      Amen dude! I could not have put it better myself!

    • john

      Exactly. Adam just barely understands what he is talking about related to political discussions. So he should just stop trying

      • Thomas Hickey
        Thomas Hickey07-18-2012

        Good argument. He has basically one point, and yea he drives it into the ground, but he has first hand experience paying north of $300,000 in taxes a year. At least he has an opinion that he sticks by!

    • swingset

      Bullshit. The class warfare drums ARE being beaten, and people are complaining and protesting the wealthy. Don’t pretend to speak for all the reactionary libtards. There are a good portion who view wealth with contemptuous, envious eyes and actively support the redistribution of wealth by insanely disproportionate taxation and other strangulation of success.

    • The Other Connard
      The Other Connard07-18-2012

      Amen, brother!

    • Finally! Somebody said it!
      Finally! Somebody said it!07-18-2012

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Brett

      Well said sir!

    • FU

      I’m sorry you’re poor.

      New wealth can be obtained through hard work and sacrifice, too.

      If they game is rigged, then figure out how to play the game.

      • Steph

        And what if you don’t want to cheat at “the game” and be a dick like a lot of the rich?

    • Nate

      Adam doesn’t use the same talking points that some of you people are used to tuning out, but the man knows what he’s talking about when it comes to politics because he understands people. Even if it takes him another second or two to form the idea because it wasn’t handed to him on a sheet of paper. Obama didn’t just say that everybody has had help in becoming successful. Sure you get help here and there on the way, but you do the bulk of the work, it’s a moot point. He is saying that you deserve no credit for being successful. His point was that the government, and the people you’ve essentially stepped on (in his opinion) who are not successful deserve all of the credit and therefore money from your success. And hes going to give back what was stolen from them by the rich man through the government. Do you have any idea how profoundly unamerican that is? He’s priming the people so when he does make a move against the rich the people he’s convinced that they’ve been cheated and government can make it right will support him. If anyone of you mindless fucks trying to dress Adam down had a reasonable arguement against the even handed points Carolla’s made, you would state them. But you don’t. You can’t. And you won’t. And why? because you are incapable of defending the indefensible, and even if you tried to rationalize your brain dead parroting of msnbc you would be shut down so swiftly and so soundly you might have to confront the truth of what is actually being done to this country. Prove me wrong. Give me a valid arguement. Hell put me down! Rub my intellectual nose in the dirt! But do it with substance, and leave your talking points and platitudes at home. Do it or keep being the pussy little bitch that you are. I bet you do the latter.

      • rich

        Nate: I do not purport to agree with your estimation of Obama’s statements or if that was what he was saying then how exactly is that unamerican. What exactly is “American”? If like Adam you believe it is pulling yourself up by your boot straps they why was it that the majority of 20th century taxes were above 50% as high as 90% on the wealthy. Why was it that at the end or 19th century America’s most famous self-made rich people had their corporations broken up by anti-trust laws? Why was it that the United States appropriated the land of Natives and built most of its wealth off of slave labor and then legally and culturally subjected both those populations? If you are talking about what is “American” based on the last twenty years thats fine but lets at least pretend we have a longer view of how America got here. Also love when Ace’s arguments go against himself. So if there is no luck in show business then stop whining about the stupid executives that do not pick up your pilots because if they were good and funny then they would be picked up….right?

        • MikeB

          Thanks for bringing some facts. Adam’s argument worked and made sense but he doesn’t have enough facts, he doesn’t know what the tax rate was during the golden era 1950s (answer: practically double what it is now), he doesn’t know how big a return corporations and billionaires get when they buy a politician with political donations, and he clearly doesn’t know that the government drives our economy. WIthout government intervention, there would be no power grid, no freeway system, no internet for god’s sake!

          The answer is to publicly fund all elections, then politicians will actually answer to the voters, not to their donors.

        • ross

          YES! Idiots who want the lower taxes on the rich fail to realize that the tax rate on the richest Americans is currently the lowest it’s ever been, other than a short period during the late 80s. And our economy is the worst it’s been since the Great Depression. Doesn’t seem like just a coincidence…

        • Facter

          Excellent! You nailed it.

    • Jake Carleson
      Jake Carleson07-18-2012

      Sorry Nodz. The game isn’t rigged. Stupid people fail at it.

      If you think the game is rigged, you are just a stupid failure.

      Play right, you will win.

    • Graham Wellington
      Graham Wellington07-20-2012

      Exactly. Carolla’s self serving rants are getting obnoxious.

  19. Nodz

    P.S. Love Damashek! Best guest ever!

  20. Brian in New Orleans
    Brian in New Orleans07-18-2012

    “I don’t know why we’re so obsessed with people who’ve made it.”

    Adam just said that. I haven’t heard him tell us how rich he is yet today tho.

    • David Strathairn's Calves
      David Strathairn's Calves07-18-2012

      Did he mention how much the Audi R8 is worth yet?

  21. Paul

    Jesus does Dameshek suck! So fucking annoying!!! He’s trying too hard and just comes off as an ass kissing shit! He should just stop trying to be Adam and find a persona of his own. Creep of the Week” indeed. You suck!!

    • reb

      but it’s a FREE podcast! negative comments upset my mind’s need for uniformity.

  22. CCCali

    Oh god he’s back? skipping this episode

  23. Unit

    LOL ‘i have low self esteem’ – cut to ‘fuck the poor blah blah I made it own my own blah blah I’m ALWAYS right’
    F*#% this arrogant tard, I’m done with this show. BTW Maron is wayyy more intelligent and interesting. Oh, and funny.

    • MikeB

      I’m finding this to be true. I wish Marc would do more current events commentary, but I’m done with every show of Adam’s featuring 5-10 minutes of self-assured ignorance.

  24. oscar

    Adam did get helped by Jimmy Kimmel, so m not sure what hes talking about

    • daddy_monkey

      He’s talking about that Kimmel didn’t sift through millions of people and single him out at random. He went to Kimmel and made a contact, showed Kimmel his talent (whatever you may think of it, but you’re listening, right?) and he leveraged Kimmel to get a break in radio. Sure, it can be defined it as help and I don’t think Adam did a great job explaining himself, but the point was that he had a drive to do something and if he hadn’t found opportunity in Kimmel then he would have found it elsewhere. He sought out opportunity and used his talent to seize it. It wasn’t just given to him.

    • David

      Aside from Radio, Television, the Internet, and the economy that enables people to have and respond to each – Adam made it on his own. With NO government help. He’s got such well thought-out points… no wonder Bryan and Alison sit quiet.

  25. Snap-tie

    Disappointed to hear Adam jump on the “class warfare” bandwagon.

    Adam is a self-made man. There are PLENTY of rich people who aren’t. They didn’t get their breaks because of hard work, luck and talent – it was because someone paved the way for them or the system was skewed towards them.

    Don’t try to convince me that the little guy needs to accept that rich people are merely harder-working and more talented. First of all, human nature being what it is, people won’t accept that they are where they are because they’re lazy and stupid. Secondly, it’s usually not true.

  26. Ledgewood

    I’m sick. And only Dr. Funny can make me better!

    BTW, was there some kinda format change? I cannot play the podcast anymore at my work computer. Strange.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-18-2012

      It’s interference from the lens flare on the new logo.

  27. Ken L. Lingus
    Ken L. Lingus07-18-2012

    Love Shek. Wish he was on every day.

  28. Chris

    Dameshek > David Wild

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-18-2012

      DFG > Dameshek

  29. Drew

    Shek is the best the haters need to go spit!

  30. mike

    Good Lord…Dameshek again?!?!? Why are you punishing us Aceman? It’s like listening to Stern when he has the singer from Train or Maroon 5 in for the 3rd time in 6 months.

  31. Winged football helmets originated at Princeton
    Winged football helmets originated at Princeton07-18-2012

    Michigan hired Princeton’s coach, and he took the design there.

  32. steve

    What the fuck does Derek Jeter have to do with innovation and entrepreneurship? He’s a baseball player and Denis Prager gives his opinion about what he believes in whether it be political or religious he doesn’t create a damn thing same as you Carolla.

    • daddy_monkey

      Derek Jeter is part of the “rich” that people are complaining about. Adam was saying that he got that way through talent and hard work and not because somebody helped him. An argument can be made that there were batting coaches and fielding coaches and agents etc that helped him but they got paid very well for that, if not by Jeter directly then by proxy through the organization(s) he played for. It was a two way street. And as I said above, if it wasn’t one person “helping” he would have sought and found another. Obama in his speech seems to be implying that anybody who has made money has done so because of the help of others. I feel like if Obama used Adam as an example he would have said “Look at Adam Carolla. He works hard, but he wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for Jimmy Kimmel’s help.” And that is nonsense. Adam would have found a connection somewhere else. Obama himself worked hard and is now part of the 1%. I would love to see what he said if somebody took a particular person in his life and said that he wouldn’t be where he is today without that person. He would call it bull crap and so would I. No matter what I think of his politics, I know he is very smart, and he worked VERY hard to get where he is. And he would have made it whether or not this person or that was in his life. Oh, and Adam and Denis create entertainment which a LOT of people pay for.

  33. Timmy

    I read a good success quote this morning by Entrepreneur Reginald Best – “In the end you are only truly successful if you’ve properly managed the business/personal parts of your life. If the people closest to you aren’t part of the dream, then all the [business] success you achieve will mean nothing.

  34. Chad

    No one hates the rich, Adam. Knock it off. Stop listening to Prager’s Strawman arguments. As soon as you said “class warfare” I was a little suspect, but when you went on the play a very out of context sound bite I could tell: youve heard a bit of right wing radio talking points.

    • Thomas Hickey
      Thomas Hickey07-18-2012

      he took it out of context. Yet every single right-wing comment is always taken out of context. That’s the whole game. But at least he said, “let’s hear a little more” when talking about the Obama speech.

  35. Tim

    Damashek isn’t my fave, but given the choice between him and Ace’s anti-poor-people rants, I’ll take Shek.

  36. David Strathairn's Calves
    David Strathairn's Calves07-18-2012

    Why does Adam view everything as an attack on his success? There was nothing in Obama’s speech about the rich paying their “fair share”, as Adam thought. Methinks he doth protest too much.

    I agree with Adam that the people in the Occupy Movement are a bunch of dipshits, but he should stop reading too much into everything. And really, does he expect a lot of sympathy from most people?

    • allenjones

      I agree. He is so ashamed of being rich. Hey Adam, you’re rich, you made it, congrats, we don’t care, just be FUNNY

    • Thomas Hickey
      Thomas Hickey07-18-2012

      But Obama has talked about it on many occasions.

      • Tim

        Obama is a politician. Adam is a comedian. I don’t want to listen to Adam discuss politics any more than I want to listen to Obama tell jokes.

  37. Party Don
    Party Don07-18-2012

    Damesheks on? Big Fan

  38. Joe

    Being back Daves of Thunder! I needs more Daves and Jacuzzi Thoughts.

    • Ledgewood

      That’ll do it…

  39. It's just a waste of my time!
    It's just a waste of my time!07-18-2012

    Damesheck, Sweet! Good chemistry with Ace and the gang. I was afraid it would be prager on today.

  40. John Henry
    John Henry07-18-2012

    the comments by the president are some of the most stupid assertions i’ve lately heard. if entrepreneurs owe their success to–internet, roads, educators–then why do so many OTHER entrepreneurs, with access to the same resources, fail? also, when entrepreneurs, who don’t succeed “on their own,” fail, after they fail, do the banks and loan agencies and creditors these failed entrepreneurs owe money to, do those creditors of failed entrepreneurs go after the teachers? the governement? the obamas? the entrepreneurs take the risk, but now obama wants the governement to take the credit. give me a break.

    and lets not forget the black commentator bob herbert is lashing out at whites, trying to retroactively undermine and de-value whites’ contribution to the civil rights movement throughout history.

    what a nightmare of stupidity, evil, and ridiculousness.

  41. Tim

    If anyone is wondering where the cringe-inducing early rant finally ends, it’s at 31:45.

    • The point is is
      The point is is07-18-2012

      Thanks. I was, in fact, wondering, and that helped.

  42. A in No CA
    A in No CA07-18-2012

    Dave is a great guest, funny, smart & quick.

    • Justin


  43. Jman

    Adam’s political ranting is a huge turn-off. Sadly I had to skip over his diatribe of Obama.

    • Thomas Hickey
      Thomas Hickey07-18-2012

      that’s good. Don’t even listen. That’ll keep you “open-minded”.

  44. Walter

    Obama is not presenting the starting argument. He’s presenting the counter argument. Right now a handful of Billionaires are buying elections to get government officials that slash government programs like teachers, firefighter, policemen, hospitals, roads and bridges. These Billionaires are making the argument that them having lower taxes and more capital to spend how they want to would be better for the country than all those government programs. Obama is trying to tell them that, that’s not the case. Gutting the government so the rich can have more money will make it harder for people to get successful in this country because all those government programs play a roll in American’s success. Adam gives the example of being “lucky” not to be hit by a drunk driver. Well you’ll be more “lucky” if there are cops enforcing drunk driver laws.

    • Alison Fan
      Alison Fan07-18-2012

      Yes. Walter you are right on. And on the entire “class warfare” issue Warren Buffett and Ben Stein have something to say about that, check out the New York TImes:
      “In Class Warfare, Guess Which Class Is Winning
      By BEN STEIN
      Published: November 26, 2006”

    • PB

      BHAAAAA Look isn’t that sweet? The sheep keep breeding on the government plantation and regurgitating the same trite, uninspired dribble of the educationally challenged.

      • Yog-Sothoth

        Wow PB, a point with that many smart-sounding words can’t be wrong!
        Oh, wait, you don’t actually have a point do you? Just pretentious, pseudo-intellectual, aimlessly contrary hipster bullshit. You must be a blast to hang out with.

    • The point is is
      The point is is07-18-2012

      Bingo. Well said.

    • Cliff

      Oh dear GOD I hope this is satire. I can’t believe you folks that think big government is necessary for success. It has grown a ton the last three years and what is the result???

      I bet most of you believe trickle down economics is bad….unless of course its government spending, then it works.

      Sop taking and start producing.

      • allenjones

        Please read some history, some of it can be interesting, so try it out. But don’t repeat things you heard an adult say once and think you have said anything with substance or intelligence. Every recession this country has gotten out of has been because of increased federal spending, its just a fact.

        • Tim

          Precisely. Don’t expect the people you’re addressing to try that “reading” thing anytime soon, though. You’ll be sorely disappointed.

  45. asdf

    Wow i bet this was a tough booking. But it’s ok cause I love The Shek!

  46. faulty

    To the second caller,
    You have a problem with grammar errors and yet you use the term Houstonites? The proper term is Houstonians. Seriously how long have you lived there? Stupid bitch.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-18-2012

      Good catch.

  47. reb

    That’s right, “class warfare” began in the last few months.

    Whenever you hear “society” or “as I’ve said many times,” prepare for 12 minutes of a point better made by someone better educated and not primarily committed to emphasizing — and reemphasizing, again and again — that he made a lot of money.

    • Tim

      reb ftw

  48. Connard

    In addition to Total Recall, another summer blockbuster topped billed with non US actors is none other than The Dark Knight Rises. What’s happening to our country? I’m not saying we should bomb England, I’m just saying that it would’t be outlandish to consider it.

  49. Pete

    @Nodz: Couldn’t agree more. It’s not that “I’m not rich and you are! It’s not fair!” (although I’m sure some of the people complaining are that way)…it’s that the system is rigged so the rich get richer and the middle class gets poorer in comparison.

    There’s something in common with all of the countries that have the kind of income diversity that the USA is headed toward, they are all some of the worst places on the planet with no opportunity for the common citizen. It’s not “class warfare”, it’s pulling things back to where the filthy rich are just “filthy rich” and not “filthy rich at the expense of the middle class”.

  50. Balki

    More Shek, less Wild.

  51. Gregers

    Love me some Dameshek. Sometimes it’s not all about if the guest is funny on his (or her…) own, but whether they help Adam raise his game. Adam and Shek have a good thing.

  52. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    Enough with the poor rich dude whining already. I make a good living and I hate that many poor people take advantage of the system but I also know that many rich take advantage of the system.

  53. Oatmeal

    Bring back the Daves of Thunder!!!!
    Adam –

    How can you not see the popularity of Dave….. we demand The Daves podcast!!

  54. Josh Sloan
    Josh Sloan07-18-2012

    Adam discounts the foundation setting by the people and organizations that paved the way for him. The American system set up his success. He could never have done what you do in in a small third world country.

  55. Tom

    Well… I guess there just aren’t that many people worth a crap that are willing to come on the podcast.. Scraping the bottom bigtime..

  56. jrod

    Dude this episode really sucks
    Adam, please, you don’t need a guest to be funny. If you don’t have one, the three of you are more than enough. Why do you have to bring in this fucking idiot? it’s been twice this week!

  57. Adam's a Hypocrite
    Adam's a Hypocrite07-18-2012

    Obama did not say “rich need to pay their fair share”, he said they need to “pay a little bit more”. This is exactly what Adam was complaining about. That they shouldn’t say “the rich need to pay their fair share”, they need to say “the rich need to pay more”. That’s what Obama said, so what is he arguing about?

    “We’ve already made a trillion dollars’ worth of cuts. We can make some more cuts in programs that don’t work, and make government work more efficiently…We can make another trillion or trillion-two, and what we then do is ask for the wealthy to pay a little bit more …”

    I hate when people argue about things that wheren’t actually said or done. If you want to argue about what was actually said, fine, but don’t make up what people say or think and argue that point.

    No one cares that rich are rich and succesful, or hate them for it. And why is Adam all of a sudden defining success as personal success, and not monetary success only. He as constintly spoken about teachers, (and many other carreers that people happily chosen) as unsuccessful falilures, because they don’t make very much money. He changes his “beliefs” to fit his arguement at the time.

    • PB

      “We’ve already made a trillion dollars’ worth of cuts. We can make some more cuts in programs that don’t work, and make government work more efficiently…”

      Obama has taken the debt to over 16 trillion. 4 trillion in 3 years. There have been cuts to programs he doesn’t like and the money diverted to ones that buy him votes. Efficiency is a foreign concept to Obama.

      He started his rant with populist rhetoric, lost it a bit and started insulting Americans ,then showed his true colors in the end. “Americans are not successful without the road that Government has allowed us to share”. Listen more closely to the words and try to remove the blinders. It is really quit liberating.

      • Adam's a Hypocrite
        Adam's a Hypocrite07-18-2012

        “PB”, try re-reading what I posted, and read it in an attempt to understand the point of what I was saying.

        Second thing I hate…when you say one comment and people believe based on that one comment that they know the rest of what you think and feel about things. “PB” address the point I made in the comment, not what point you made up that I was making in your last sentence.

        • John

          Adam wasn’t necessarily referring to the clip they played on the podcast when he referenced the “fair share” phrase. He was talking about the other thousands of times Obama has said (verbatim) “The rich need to pay their fair share.” go on youtube and look up the clips if you’ve missed his last 200 speaches.

          • John


  58. Gary Lee Grah
    Gary Lee Grah07-18-2012

    Great Job Dave!

  59. Lockstar


  60. johnnyr2961


  61. JJ

    Wasn’t Dameshek just on? Sorry Ace, big fan, but everytime he’s on another hole appears in the Pirate ship. I gotta pass.

    I cant decide is Dave’s voice is more or just as affected as Huell Howsers.

  62. Jeff Ross
    Jeff Ross07-18-2012

    Now how can I possibly know that?

  63. john

    Love Damashek. Hate Adam’s political talk, getting worse now that he’s hanging with Prager…

    Its so obvious Bryan and Alison want to disagree with him but never really do.

    • Eric Blair
      Eric Blair07-18-2012


    • Insan

      100% agreed with you. Took the thoughts right out of my head.

    • Thomas Hickey
      Thomas Hickey07-18-2012

      Meh. Every second of Alison’s news is liberal, from her end, which is her revenge or arguing back.

  64. Tom

    John Kass, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, wrote a great article on the Obama speech that Ace brought up at the beginning of the show.


    • ChicagoCarrollaFan

      Kass and great do not go together.

  65. illy

    Love the Shek.

  66. Big B
    Big B07-18-2012

    You have been hanging out w/ that weasel w/ that type of attitude. That guy says he works about 50 weekends a year? Does he roof houses? Just keep it up w/ that line of thinking big guy. Yeah, all well off folks are hard working, who never got a break in their lives.

    Nice to see Allison and Bald take you to task for that ignorant theory. Knowing damn well they don’t feel the same. Good job sycophants. Grow some balls and stand up to Adam. Show him the error of his ways.

    • joe

      sycophant????…but bald bryan is the biggest contrarian in the world to adam! sure he agrees wholeheartedly with the bossman on anything that *really* matters…but he mildly disagrees about certain movies! and that one 80s song! he’s ALWAYS taking adam to task! i’m surprised he’s still employed!

    • Thomas Hickey
      Thomas Hickey07-18-2012

      that was part of adam’s point. He said, sure, he’s not working outside, but it’s still work. And I agree. He wasn’t putting down laborers or anything, after all he was one himself. He just said that there has to be a division between aspirations and realism. Good for the roofer or carpenter who is working his ass off 40 + hours a week doing more “difficult” work than the rich people. But they should be happy with that. The roofer will never get to that next level being a roofer, unless you put yourself out there. So, I guess Adam has a core problem with the people who are constantly complaining that they aren’t getting more money, getting on the financial level of the rich people, but they aren’t trying to break into new gigs, or don’t have the talent for it, etc. Just be happy with who you are and your financial situation. There is too much consumer greed in this world. I’m not rich by any stretch of the word, but there is definitely a great appreciation for the rich that HAVE worked hard to obtain their wealth. Not envy, but respect.

      • MondoEsteban

        The problem is hard work does not correlate with how much money you make. Its easy for a rich dude to say just be happy with where you are at.

  67. Mike D in Mpls
    Mike D in Mpls07-18-2012

    Shek is the THE best. He should be on every day.

  68. joe

    There are only so many dollars in this country. If the rich are getting richer (which they are: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2slpqcLMO1qat9xfo1_1280.png –that last upward tick DESPITE the recession being particularly perplexing) then someone’s getting hosed. Worry not, there will ALWAYS be poor people for you to order to quit their belly-aching and shutup and get to work and maybe then you’ll be rich but why does it matter it’s fun being poor you can groupon sushi and store the leftovers in your fancy refrigerator cause really no one’s REALLY poor look they’ve got a TV!

    Good luck with the show.

    • reb

      Wealth isn’t fixed and zero-sum, you pathetic imbecile

      • joe

        no of course it is not fixed or zero-sum but i think it’s quite a bit closer to “zero-sum” than many rich white guys would like to believe. http://bostonreview.net/occupy/thumbAVG-HOUSE-GAIN-LOSS.jpg

        we can’t all be at least middle class.

        • reb

          astute point; no, we can’t all be in the middle. there will be people on both sides of the middle, almost by definition.

  69. swingset

    Love Dameshek. Some of you tards need your funny adjusted.

    • Justin

      Name something he says that’s funny. Go ahead. Just one thing.

  70. trainwreck

    Guess what I do when Adam starts talking about politics – I skip ahead. Stay in your lane, be funny. I don’t care what you think about the economy or the election.

    • Thomas Hickey
      Thomas Hickey07-18-2012

      it’s his show, dude. Stop listening, then.

      • reb

        he doesn’t listen; he skips ahead. dude.

  71. Bowlsworth

    Everyone calling in because they can’t get their ideal career’s off the ground… Step 1) Eliminate all the unnecessary “likes” from your dialogue…. They “like” make you sound “like” a 12 year old valley girl, its “like” embarrassing & it “like” will hamper “like” your ability to succeed.

  72. Terri

    Love Dave and hope he comes back with his own podcast. I have asked this before and feel it is warranted in saying again…when did Adam get so angry? Seriously Adam, stick with the humor and the interesting perspective you have on life but leave the politics or commentary on the working/middle or lower income folks off air. You are really starting to sound like you feel superior to many of your own listeners. How many rich people versus middle or lower middle class listen. You do the math. I do appreciate your work and am happy to support you in any way but let’s don’t get too puffed up about your own worth.

    • Paul


  73. Brett

    ACEMAN love you but – yes class warfare has started since USA started destroying middle class since the 1960s. Stop whining about being rich. Stop taking everything personally and realize that there are a LOT of really rich people that run companies that screw with USA.

    • Wes

      Really Brett? “a LOT of really rich people” Care to share?

  74. MM

    Love Shek.
    Hate the Steelers.

    PS….Go Tom Brady!!!

  75. Princessbuttercup

    Today’s show makes me miss Teresa. She was unapologetic about her socio-political views and she actually challenged Adam when he went on these “poor rich white guy” rants. Obama’s comments weren’t inflammatory and there’s no class warfare afoot. Just say you’re not an Obama supporter and criticize his platform, but don’t create shit. Adam has a warped sense of entitlement for a person that wasn’t born wealthy. He thinks society should be kissing his ass just because he’s rich. Many of his slights and rants revolve around people not doing ENOUGH for him.

    So according to him there’s enough rich people (now that he has money) in America. People should stop striving for monetary success, be a good parent and citizen. Really Adam? This from a man who takes every opportunity to remind his audience how rich he is every chance he gets. Bullshit sir.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-18-2012

      I miss T’s V.

      • allenjones


      • Chubby knees
        Chubby knees07-18-2012

        Especially considering her replacement.

    • Thomas Hickey
      Thomas Hickey07-18-2012

      Obama was pandering, obviously.

  76. Guy McG
    Guy McG07-18-2012

    Dameshek saved the show. Started with more tired Ayn Rand-ian pseudo-philosophical BS and then Shek arrived and turned it back into a comedy show. Everyone is funnier when Dameshek is on the show. Please more Dameshek!

  77. Aaron

    I was actually excited to listen for Dameshek and got so turned off by Adam’s bullshit political rant I just had to turn it off. I’m really close to abandoning the pirate ship at this point and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  78. Kendra

    I knew it was going to be a good day when I saw Shek’s beautiful face. Mmmm, love me some Shek.

  79. Alex

    The hardest working americans are also the poorest. Adam, you can really say some dumb, anecdotal shit. This took the cake. This podcast was all sorts of dumb.

    • Wes

      Really? You mean dumb, anecdotal shit like “The hardest working americans are also the poorest”. ER doctors, oil rig workers, air traffic controllers, coal miners, accountants and thousands of other people work pretty hard. Are they all poor? No. Are they all rich? Of course not. Hard work has never been the sole factor that made someone rich or poor

  80. Kebin

    Dameshek Sucks. His voice is annoying and he is talentless. Get him the Fuck OFF!

  81. Riddler99

    With Breaking Bad out, and the Rotten Tomatoes controversy, could use some Cranston and Atchity.

  82. Howard

    I wish Adam would avoid politics. Yeah, we all hate paying taxes, but to think that the middle class angst is simply the have-nots wanting Adam’s money and his cars and his studio is just stupid. People are mad that billionaires pay 14% on capital gains (when they DO pay), hide their money overseas, and use ethically questionable tax codes to rig the system. I pay 20% tax of my regular income and 33% tax on my commission. I make $40-45k a year. How is that fair? Adam – get on with it I think you’re too simple minded to understand some things.

    Stupid speech from Obama, but still get on with comedy man. This isn’t you.

  83. Surly Captain
    Surly Captain07-18-2012

    Really, after the stories of Adam’s grandmother and parents “class warfare” is something that’s new?

  84. doaner

    Best LA-St. Louis Ram to wear this episode’s number on his jersey? Leo Goeas. Bring back the Daves.

  85. Jesus farted
    Jesus farted07-18-2012

    Adam’s right, nobody helped him along the way – he did it all himself. By the way, make sure you buy his new book , visit his sponsors and make sure you go see him at the comedy clubs. Otherwise you’ll force him to move to Cayman Islands and we’ll have literally no one else to listen to.

    I hope George Lucas sues Dave Dumb a suck

    • Thomas Hickey
      Thomas Hickey07-18-2012

      If you listen, he said he DID get help on the way, but it wasn’t government funded help. THAT’s his problem. OF COURSE it’s good when people get a gig or have friends or have a lucky break, but the lion share doesn’t look for help in that sort of way, they want a financial boost, a stimulus, a way out of working. Do you really think Adam didn’t work his ass off? He took acting classes while working in construction, carpentry, past his carpet cleaning days but still in that field. He lived in a shithole with roommates. He was lucky to meet Jimmy and start off at the lowest rung; but the lesson, here, kids, is that he MOVED UP THE LADDER. Not because someone gave him a free ride to the top, but because he worked for it.

  86. J-Roc

    All the Shek haters can go blow. Dr. Dave Dameshek is an institution and he should have his own platform away from the National Football League.

  87. Tim

    Dave Dameshek FTW

  88. reb

    does damashek only speak in that jokey voice?

  89. reb

    you don’t “get” that someone might prefer sourdough bread? pastrami isn’t “supposed to” be on sourdough? and yet you’re mystified by people who want to dictate other people’s preferences.

  90. LouE

    I liked the image of shek falling on his ass as onlookers judge him.

  91. Eric

    Everyone needs to stop hating on Shek. The man is hilarious! Him and Dr. Spaz are my favorite recurring guests!

    • reb

      Everyone needs to stop sounding like you come from Wendy Williams’ audience and saying “hating on.”

  92. drzibbs

    Somebody has to be able to do an imitation of Dave D.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-18-2012

      Just cackle like a hyena and kiss Adam’s ass.

  93. Luvmastter

    I think Adam missed one point about Obama’s speech. Road construction and teachers all fall under government union jobs. The problem in a nutshell is that the baby boomers are not reaching retirement age. Many raises during the leaner years were put off and the pensions fattened. Thus, we have a large segment of our society that will be demanding pensions they were promised and using up healthcare and resources as they get sick and die off.

    The city of San Bernardino went bankrupt. What was one of the causes? Pensions. You’ll see this spread throughout the country soon enough where non-struggling cities are going to declare bankruptcy instead of forking over far more money than they can afford for pensions.

    The class warfare message comes from the Occupy movement. Their message was a bit more simplistic “share your wealth with me.” Obama’s is a bit more refined “Share your wealth with the unions.”

    • Rapebank

      Off point completely. Road construction is paid for by State and Federal government to private contractors (I’m one) and builders. Believe me, there are NO pensions involved. The only role government has in road building is awarding and monitoring contracts and work performed by outside private businesses.

    • reb

      So we have too many roads? Or just shouldn’t have negotiated pensions as part of the contracts for building the roads?

  94. Danny V
    Danny V07-18-2012

    I grant you you are a tremendous success and you have worked hard over the years to be at the top of the pyramid. I understand what you were trying to say today, but you do not have the knowledge, education, syntax to explain or transfer the idea in your brain to your mouth. I disagee with what you are trying to say, but if I was new to the show I would think an Idiot snuck into the broadcast.

    Please take a few classes, or get someone with communications expertise to sound off on and not look or sound like a gigantic ass.

  95. Jane Moore
    Jane Moore07-18-2012

    Adam: “This country is built on pull-yourself-up.”

    Funny. Two-thirds of the signers of the Declaration of Independence owned slaves. I wouldn’t call slavery pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.

    Of course I don’t pay much attention when Adam starts spouting about politics and societal ills because he has a grossly simplistic view of both but the above statement just shows how ignorant he can be of reality. He bought the myth that was spoon-fed to him as a child and regurgitates it as an adult. Not really a sign of critical thinking.

    • reb


    • Thomas Hickey
      Thomas Hickey07-18-2012

      maybe we’re over analyzing politics? It’s refreshing to have someone that has some level of fame or recognition give simplistic views of the world. Whether he’s right or not, he’s not beating around the bush like everyone else is. He steps on people’s toes, yea; I don’t agree with him on much of anything as far as morals go. He’s honestly a libertarian at heart, but shouldn’t that make liberals happy at least half of the time?

  96. Back sack& Ass crack
    Back sack& Ass crack07-18-2012

    I love it when Ace goes political! Spread the word my friend and VOTE this time!

  97. Kristen

    Ace, please don’t make a habit of the politics rants. I only ask because we can get that on any news show. It’s refreshing to get your 1.5 hour of show free of Obama or Romney bashing.

  98. ted

    Papanicolau was Romanian and he named the cure not the disease

  99. DinaL

    I think Dameshek is excellent. Very quick and can go on tangents almost as good as Adam. However, he’s got to stop talking about Pittsburgh. Being from Cincinnati, I can’t skip those bits fast enough.

  100. mildly amused
    mildly amused07-18-2012

    LOVE the SHEK!!!!!!

  101. Blimey

    Adam is cluless when he talks about politics. Adam pays plenty of taxes. A large number of the super-rich pay zero or close to zero taxes. John Paulson made 9 billion over two years and paid zero taxes. Paulson didn’t make this money by producing an IPhone or something useful. He basically did it through fraud. Adam should be as angry about this as anyone else. When these people don’t pay taxes everyone else (including Adam) has to make up the difference. But Adam doesn’t like to clutter his brain with information. So instead he thinks its an attack on him when Obama wants people like Paulson to pay some taxes.

  102. Connard

    Lol. How boring and predictable all the venom spewed at Carolla’s rant. Instead of polluting this board with your emotional reactions, why not actually say how Carolla is wrong. Obama is right to say that the infrastructure and the Rule of Law of a country will translate into success for some people, but his pandering to that audience was nothing short of patronizing.

    I don’t agree with everything with Carolla said but his general message is to forget about what the politicians are saying and worry about your own shit. That’s the gist of it. Pretty hard to argue with that underlying message.

    • reb

      And pretty hard not to find it dull and hackneyed.

  103. Rapebank

    I know it’s impossible to get Adam off anything other than the most simplistic right-wing talking points when it comes to politics, but here it goes… The “left” is not interested in punishing people who succeed through hard work, determination, etc… They are interested in a level playing-field between those who earn income through hard work (like you Adam) and those who build wealth through passive investments. The point is not to tax people who work hard more, the point is it to make sure people who are earning wealth though no work of their own are paying the same share as YOU the hardworking literal millionaire. Why should someone (like Romney) who earns wealth through investments only pay 13% in taxes when you pay more than 30% simply because it was generated as earned income instead of capital gains? It makes no sense… regardless of political party affiliation.

    • ETM

      The number of million dollar earners that would be affected by the Buffet Rule is 7,000. That is pretty trivial considering the amount of press it gets. The real question is why, they are not cheating on their taxes, they are doing exactly what Congress is incentivizing them to do. Invest in this green industry and we’ll give you tax credits, give your employees that benefit an we’ll let you write it off, build a plant in that city and you will never pay property taxes. The better question is why does Congress give to many tax breaks? Do they really help the economy and why do so many of them seem to be given as political favors to special constituents?

      And capital gains levels do make sense. Well off people won’t take money out of the bank and invest it if they are going to be double taxed on that money. They already paid taxes on when they earned it the first time. Congress knows that they need to get that money off the sideline and into more risky investments that fuel new business.

  104. Adrian Larson
    Adrian Larson07-18-2012

    Lots of people hating on Adam and his stance on things, yet I bet most of these people have less intelligence on these matters than they think Adam has.

    Also, once you’ve read or listened to his ‘Not Taco Bell Material’, those of you against him MIGHT change your tune if you have enough intelligence.

    And thus, LOL at whoever thinks Adam didn’t get to this point on his own. Most everything he ever acheived he got by his own grit. He has sponsors NOW, he didn’t then. He has this stuff NOW, he didn’t then. So get off it. He had some help from his friends, but most of his acheivement jumps were from HIM. HE drove himself into football, into comedy, into making it. He used what he had.

    • allenjones

      We might change our tune if we have enough intelligence…?! Do you have a life outside this podcast, or its all Adam all the time.

    • reb

      You don’t appear to have a great deal of intelligence.

  105. yuk yuks
    yuk yuks07-18-2012

    Love Shek sitting in for the whole show!
    Way better than a WWHHHHOOOOOOOOO??? guest.
    In fact, he should be a co-host like on the radio show.

  106. 3rdMijo

    I love Shek, and it seems like he’s around a lot these days and they talk about movies all the time, so I’m wondering why no Basic Cable Commentaries for so long? PLEASE do more, they’re awesomely hilarious.

  107. John O'Callaghan
    John O'Callaghan07-18-2012

    My god, the first 30 min of this podcast is excruciating. Just the cliched rich white man diatribes. It reeks of right wing ignorance. I’ve been a huge fan, but this is getting to the point of being unlistenable. It sucks because he so talented and brilliant in so many ways. But then when sociopolitical/economic topics comes up and he sounds like a grade A moron.

  108. robert

    I’d bet that Harvard’s endowment starts with a “b”. As in “billion”

    • reb

      Of course; about $20 billion

  109. tony

    I’ve put up with this right winger shit getting worse and worse for a long time but now I’ve pretty much had it. This isn’t the Adam that cracked me up for years on Loveline and even this podcast. He’s gotten to be too damn political, and worse yet, totally ignorant and uninformed. I can dig listening to people who I disagree with. I like conversing with them too. But Adam’s rants aren’t backed by facts and logic they are backed by “feelings” and vitriol. And for fucks sake, Prager is not a genius. He’s a dipshit right wing religious zealot ideologue. That’s the lense he sees the worlds through. The fact that Adam holds him in such high regard is pretty telling. But hey, it’s your show Adam, do what you want.

    This is all on top of the fact that he’s been completely phoning in the show now for the last year or so. How many times do we have to hear the same shitty rants? Tampering with, Disabling or Destroying Adam, we get it. And his last book was a straight up regurgitation of every story anybody who has spent a week listening to his show has already heard.

    But you’re not supposed to complain about a “free” podcast, right? Well I’ve sat through hundreds of hours of commercials that pay the bills for the show, I’ve bought the books, and spread the word. That is how the show makes it’s money. And I’m basically done. If I wanted to listen to Rush Limbaugh I would do that. Adam basically caught fire with all the right wing blowhards semi recently and if these boards today are to be believed he is alienating long time fans to appeal to them.

    Piss off.

    • allenjones

      Well, at least he didn’t talk about lynette’s keys, or the coffe mug ring

    • GOD

      don’t let the door hit you in the ass…

      • tony

        Hey fuckstick? I guarantee Adam doesn’t want people like me to leave. Loyal listeners who spend a shitload of money on stuff Adam sells and a shit load of time listening and spreading the word. Look around the rest of these comments and you’ll see that most people agree with me. So shut the fuck up, you don’t speak for anybody, probably not even yourself.

  110. chuckie gorman
    chuckie gorman07-18-2012

    another boring lecture about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. fast forward.
    ace, just admit you owe everything to an amazing stroke of luck and leave it at that.

  111. jbauke

    Loved the show, Mr. Dameshek is easily the best guest.

  112. Martin

    Shek is The Man, Okey Dokey ?

  113. Trevor

    More Jacuzzi Thoughts

  114. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll07-18-2012

    Ace the Nation, Ace the Nation, set aside a show to go over politics. Small business owners do need roads Ace. Profit flows from capital. A business can spend it on private roads or private property but capital is not unlimited, if every business was required to build its own road to its own door there would be a lot less business but a hell of a lot more “freedom” from socialized roads. Case in point where is your “pirate” ship docked? Is it at the end of a 100% private road system? How about your house? Surely that’s all private too? Every pothole and washout is your responsibility and you laugh at all the suckers who rely on the nanny state to maintain their roads.

  115. WazzuMadBro

    When did the Adam Corrola show get picked up by FOX NEWS exactly?

    First time I have fast-forwarded a segment of the podcast (and I even made it through the live one with DAG). Listening to rich people whine about rich problems is not entertaining.

  116. Jacks

    Not much of an audience left if you tell everyone poorer than you, “fuck you and shut up” Aceman. Who do you think financed the research that led to you being able to start this podcasting empire so cheaply? How much do you think that was worth to you? Is it not fair that you put some back in? Maybe in relation to how much you make as a result? Or do you think that I should put in half my income to your fifth because you yourself in fact created computers, the internet, shipping infrastructure, credit regulations, etc that has allowed you to reap so much? Not taking anything away from your success story, but there were facilitators in there, and you do happen to have benefitted from the society you live in, even if you don’t want to acknowledge that…

    • John Henry
      John Henry07-18-2012


      since we’re on the topic of how others have helped pave the way for us, how about blacks giving a little lip service to whites–i mean, haven’t blacks benefitted from a society erected on a foundation of White Anglo Saxon Protestant ideals, beliefs, etc.? or is showing gratitude only important when you say it is?

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running07-19-2012

        Exactly right.

    • andygirlll

      Right on. I think that every time he opens his mouth to tell people to shut up. How much of an audience will be left if he continues to alienate pretty much everyone for the sake of spewing rage at his parents? Will he be a rich success and have a show without listeners? He’s cutting off his nose to spite his face and running off the audience he’s built. I don’t know any right wingers who’d be down with his sense of humor.

  117. Matt

    Dave is the worst. He needs to go. So annoying and not even a little funny.

  118. Lazy Middle class
    Lazy Middle class07-18-2012

    When’s Adam gonna have his old buddy Ralph on to plug his new tv show?

  119. Insan

    You can tell Adam’s been hanging out with Dennis Prager too much with his weak Obama rant today. I don’t think that thought was completely formed by Adam. It was more like some Republican bullshit spewing out of Prager’s mouth and Adam tried to spin it into his “working your ass off” rant but the two put together failed completely.

    We want to listen to you Adam, not you regurgitating Prager’s thoughts.

  120. Mo

    Mike – try to book Obama on the podcast. Let’s have an Aceman/Obama showdown.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-18-2012

      Mo Dameshak???

  121. james

    I agree with Adam’s top of the show rant to a degree, but he always seems to neglect one little piece of the equation; the institutionalized fraud and crime forming the bedrock partnership between the top 8 mega-banks who control the Fed and just about every other central bank, Wall Street (particularly Big Gold Sacks…I mean Goldman Sachs) and the upper echelons of government and the treasury.

    Until the tapeworm is exposed directly we’re just going to spin in circles forever or until they’ve stolen it all….and don’t think Obama or Rmoney are going to do a thing about it either.

    • John Henry
      John Henry07-18-2012

      whaddaya think, james? ron paul?

  122. Frank

    Love having Shek on the show. He should be there full time.

    More Shek, less Wild.

    • Paul

      Less Shek, Less Wild…

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle07-19-2012

        …more DFG.

  123. pete

    BRING BACK FEEEEEEEENY!!!!! I like turtles.

  124. reb

    What’s wrong with it is that it is as interesting and uninformed as my dumb aunt talking on the same topics. By contrast, Adam has a quick, original mind when responding to Loveline callers; talking about his experiences with friends in his 20s and teens; deconstructing phony celebrities; and creating brilliant satire in Man Show skits, to name just a few places where is is exceptional. It’s as if Tiger Woods decided to take up the flute; just not what he’s good at.

  125. JJ

    I completely agree with Frank above, except I’d say No Shek, More Wild.
    Wild adds an interesting element to the show. I dig his stories.

  126. Jude

    John O’Callaghan
    “It sucks because he so talented and brilliant in so many ways. But then when sociopolitical/economic topics comes up and he sounds like a grade A moron.”


  127. ETM

    Obama – “Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.” NOT. The military created the Internet so that it could keep communications flowing between military and research institutions in the event of war. They designed it for rudimentary email and file transfer. Smart entrepreneurs recognized the opportunity to create functions that the original designers never envisioned. They added web hosting (the WWW), domain servers, iTunes, created VPNs, search engines, podcasts, app stores, stock trading, online stores…

  128. Joey

    Dameshek is such a loudmouthed, unfunny, time hogging ass wipe. I just don’t get it….

  129. Dave sucks
    Dave sucks07-18-2012

    Fuck off DD do your own podcast. Also David Wild. Enough is enough.

  130. Meh

    Stealing food, sleeping on a fold out futon with Donnie, and all the other things that consisted of Adam’s shitty life prior to Jimmy has created a form of cognitive dissonance. He knows very well that he would still be swinging a hammer had he met the other guy that day, and this has created a myopic force field that fires back with the same, “oh yea, well your lucky for not being still born”.

    Truth is there are many people that are quick on their feet like Adam, he’s not one of a kind. Many talents did improv classes, many bum rushed a radio station, many people bust their ass, but many got the other guy instead of Jimmy Kimmel. I’m sure Adam’s racial humor would of gone over well with the black guy who wanted to beat up Kimmel for his very own racial humor.

    Adam will never understand this because the person who doesn’t get a lending hand from the man with the midas touch, falls into obscurity, and thus, is not a hard worker.

    Then he goes on to mention Steve Jobbs later on which put a beautiful ribbon on my thought process, because as innovative as the man was, he needed his Jimmy Kimmel in the form of Steve Wozniak.

  131. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode07-18-2012

    As Adam would say and it’s absolutely true in my case “only rich white guys have ever given me a job!” My boss stays long after all of us have gone home to our families and he doesn’t sleep at night because he’s trying to figure out ways to keep us all employed and when “his company” does well we all get to share in the profits and yes maybe my bosses share is more than ours but he deals on a daily bases with shit I am not willing or able to do, in this case; for about three times the money I make a year. That’s why when Obama, who was bought and paid for by the Unions years ago, says that “employers didn’t build their companies” that is absolutely absurd. It is our responsibility to keep this Union Puppet from being reelected!

    • Yog-Sothoth

      Great point, we need Mitt Romney in power, because only republicans can solve all the problems republicans caused.
      But don’t worry, he doesn’t need your help, Romney’s entire campaign is being funded by his billionaire friends, so clearly he will be looking out for OUR best interest!

  132. Jimbo5300

    I’m a longtime listener to the podcast, and felt it time to chime in in response to the criticism that Adam is taking here on his political comments in this episode. First….I agree with everything he said today in response to Obama’s comments. As someone who has been an entrepreneur myself, and has started a business; been rich, and have also been poor…when I lost it all, I have to say that my success and later failure didn’t have anything to do with the roads, infrastructure, and all the other nonsense that Obama’s acolytes are now trying to say is what he really meant. It was all on me. What we got was a small snapshot of what this guy (Obama) actually believes…..and yes, HE IS trying to stir up class warfare. Any other conclusion is denying the facts, and Obama’s past writings, and his general philosophy of what America should be. This President is interested basically in two things: 1. Being “Santa Claus” to all the “non-producers” in our country….the “takers”…..in order to get re-elected. 2. Transform the country from a bunch of independent people; responsible for themselves and ultimately their success or failure, to a country where its citizens are beholden and reliant on the government for everything. I get it….and Adam gets it…..but, unfortunately some of you Obama Kool-ade drinkers don’t.

    • Yog-Sothoth

      Great job proving why nobody likes rich people, you self-absorbed blowhard. So why exactly would Obama want to start a class war anyway? Which side is he on again?
      On one hand, the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer, but on the other hand, the poor are saying some very mean things about the rich. Oh yeah, let the bloodshed begin! Start placing your bets on the victor now, cause it’s anyone’s call!

      • Jimbo5300

        And you do a great job proving the failure of our public school system, because your reading comprehension is apparently sub-par. What makes you think I’m rich? I said I was, and lost it all. But that doesn’t change my thinking about “class warfare”, “fare share” and all the other nonsense that Obama wants to take advantage of just to get his ass re-elected.

  133. rg

    Howard Stern?

  134. chip

    Also, as part of the (no longer) silent majority, I agree with Adam’s political rant, even if I think he’s probably a despicable person in real life.

  135. Job creators
    Job creators07-18-2012

    Job creators are not hiring right now. Do you know why? Not because taxes are high because they are low. Not because they haven’t made profits, because like the ACE man, they have.

    The reason why the “job creators” aka RICH aren’t hiring is because there is NO CONSUMER DEMAND! The last thing Ace man wants to do is hire somebody. He will only do it if he has to, if he can’t meet the demand.

    Consumers are the middle class and poor. You don’t want to decrease their DISCRETIONARY INCOME. Let the bush tax cuts go away for the above $ 250,001. We need to pump money into the economy. Prime the pump. Private sector jobs are not hiring so Government must move in. Now is the wrong time to fire Teachers/Police/Fire dept. Wage disparity is huge.

    Tell the rich if they don’t want an increase in their taxes, they can go relieve our fighters in Afghanistan ! I think those pu$$ies would not care about the 4% tax increase.

    • Steph

      Government must move in? Good idea since they manage money and resources so well! The government cannot create “money” through jobs, they spend it wildly, and hiring more government workers would exacerbate the problem.

  136. Jon

    Here’s one listener in favor of Damashek. He’s world-class out of the bullpen.

  137. Dameshek should be on every day
    Dameshek should be on every day07-18-2012

    Dameshek should be on every day. He makes the show a lot better, and he has a really good rapport with Alison. I love her laugh when Dave cracks wise.

  138. Chris

    You’re all a bunch of pussies.

  139. Ron

    Dave is the best…………..always look forward to hearing him, the people that don’t like Dave are JEEERKS!!

  140. Spook

    Shek & FitzDog on one episode? mucho bueno

  141. paul

    Listened to the first part of the podcast again and Adam sounds even more of an ass than the first time. He misquotes Obama then proceeds to ramble semi-coherently about somethings really does not understand.

    He really would have benefited with some pushback that unfortunately brian and Alyson were not able to provide. He risks taking himself too seriously and alienating a large segment of his audience if he continues with his bitter and unreasoned attacks that stem from a sense of entitlement.

    We don’t need another Limbaugh.

  142. Ian

    Adam please shut the fuck up about politics. Just talk to shek and make with the funny. I’m so sick of hearing you rant on and on about shit you’re not educated on, and clearly biased on. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT POLITICS, BRING SHEK IN AND MAKE WITH THE FUNNY, NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR YOUR POLITICS

    • Unit

      Hahaha. Seconded.

  143. Ohio

    Kevin Tighe from Roadhouse was in Emergency, not Adam 12.

  144. Andy90

    There’s class warfare in this country, all right. And the rich have been winning for over thirty years. The average inflation-adjusted income for middle class people has been flat (it has dropped for men) over those thirty years, while the income of the wealthy has increased by 90% since 1980 – despite the 2008 downturn. Right now the top 1% take 37% of the total income of the country (highest since 1932) and they pay the lowest percent of their income in total taxes since that period.

    The following uses Census Bureau figures since 1965 to show income trends for quintiles of the population by income:


    But that doesn’t take account of tax-reduction aimed at the top earners, introduced under Bush II. From 1979 to 2008, the top 1% *after-tax* income grew 275%.


    You may hear or read assertions that the wealthy pay their ‘fair share’, since they pay the same share of Federal Income Tax as their share of total income. (37%), and the top 10% pay 70% of all Federal Income Taxes. However, Federal Income Taxes only account for 41% or so of all Federal Taxes. (The top 400 earners paid less than 20% of their total income in taxes – see chart 4 in the following link – source IRS.


  145. Norm Walker
    Norm Walker07-19-2012

    Shek is still my favorite guest that Adam has on the show.

    • Justin

      He’s not a guest. He’s a parasite.

  146. Thomas

    Shek Republic!!!

  147. Just Me
    Just Me07-19-2012

    Plus a million stars

  148. zender

    Shek, the vast majority of eponymous diseases were not named BY namesake. They were named AFTER the namesake by those who read the reports or case series and began associating the disease with the person who first described it. However, you will be happy to know that the trend for this is waning in no small part due to discoveries that some of the old docs were not exactly nice people. Look up Reiter syndrome for example.

    Adam has changed my mind. I have wealth and have always leaned a bit to the left thinking that it will in the end be better for me if the poor are not walking the streets trying to break into my house and steal my shit. I can’t vote for the reps though because their idea of spending without paying for it makes no sense to me. So, I’ll write in a vote for Ron Paul I guess.

    The system is pretty broken if you think about it. To want to be president, you have to be pretty much nuts. Then, you have to pander to a group large enough to win the election. That means promising to provide everything while at the same time telling everyone that they won’t have to pay for it all. Not possible. What we would need now is a candidate who says they’re going to raise taxes on everyone to pay off the national debt while a the same time cutting the shit out of entitlements and defense. Not going to get many votes with that platform.

  149. Matt

    I’m not a fan of Dave. He starts out alright, but he gets too sheky. He takes the squawky voice to the next level and tries to force his retarded catchphrases into the podcast.

  150. Wally

    Smarter and harder working Adam, when you were a kid and a guy drove by in a Cadilac the management to line worker pay ratio was 11:1. Now smart Adam it’s 475:1 maybe that’s where the anger comes from.

  151. Kresto

    This crap flies well with the high school dropout metal worker crowd.
    You hear a lot of bitching about only earning 15 or 20 bucks an hour while the boss man makes 50 doing “nothing, and how they should have a share of the profits.
    Ask the retard on the mill if he’s going to set aside those profits for the repairs needed when he loads up
    the wrong program and drives a two flute into a hunk of titanium.
    No, he’s getting a quad, a few bottles of jaeger, and a couple 8 balls.

    So you think the poor are paying the non-income portion of federal taxes?
    I’d like to meet all these poor people paying tariffs and corporate tax.
    Ahhhh, it includes FICA which funds all those great things from which the poor extract vastly more than they pay in. Your #1 problem is you are reading HuffPo which post all the news which is fit to distort.

    We now have the most progressive tax rates in the world and the highest corporate rate in the world.
    You’ll love it when the US is like the Denmark I knew in the late 80’s – 49.5% rate at min wage,
    median income 15-20K below the US, businesses taxed so high they just closed… much better to have 75 to 90% of nothing, than 30% of something dontcha know… Better to really stick it to the ” rich” than to have money to fund the welfare state.
    Well, at least I had a sub par state appointed doctor I could see in 6 weeks if I really needed.
    That was a much better value than the 20 buck a month major medical plan I purchased over here – nuts to seeing whatever doctor I wanted the same or next day!

  152. Voltaire

    Shek shows are the best ones since he started coming back on. He is easily the best recurring guest, even better than Dr. Drew. I didn’t really care for DOT, but wish he was on this show daily. Might go back and listen to DOT again and give it another go. He was also great on the Alison Rosen show and even the film vault. He improves lower quality shows.

    Don’t care for that music guy and his appearances BTW

  153. Mitchell

    My porn name would be either Dick Hard, or Shemp.

  154. Jenn

    Alison – glad to hear you’re watching Miss Advised. I think it’s a great show (for Bravo’s standards) and hope to hear more discussion on it on ARIYNBF!

  155. George

    The show was awesome once Dave got there. His description of that stupid sandwich is great “stamp your ticket to heaven”. I almost drove off the road when he was describing the dolphin wearing the helmet with the “M”. Love me some Shek. Adam, too much right-wing blah-blah-blah in the beginning.

  156. Vonspiel

    OK IAN, listen to another show and Andy 90 we get it, you want to go all French Revolution on the rich. If you grew up poor and have worked your a off, you may want to keep what you make. If you had to share a bedroom with 2 or more members of your family, you may want to keep what you make. Simple as that, we grew up with Marxists. lazy, lazy, but always show up for the free meals! Andy90 it is all about the big audit that is coming up.
    Love Shek, Comic Genius. You guys give the Aceman shit for his own experience? I say thanks for the all the “free” entertainment. I have bought both printed books and bald’s fundraiser. I will try to buy more stuff to support freedom of speech

  157. Mike

    Am I hearing things? Did Adam say that Road House had the guy from Adam-12? I didn’t see Martin Milner or Kent McCord in the credits. Twice he’s mentioned it. I’m thinking he’s getting Milner confused with Kevin Tighe who was on Road House but stared in Emergency, not Adam-12. They kind of look the same.

  158. Mike

    Wow, people either love, love, love Dameshek, or hate this guy with a passion. No in between.

  159. Dan Carrol
    Dan Carrol07-20-2012

    I want to like Shek, but I just don’t. Annoying voice and I hate how he tried to take over like it’s his own show. That’s the only opinion that myself and Jack SIlver share …Dave Dameshek is not funny …at all …not even a little bit. I couldn’t even listen to the old radio show when he was on. I had to wait for Bonaduce, which was torchure but still not nearly as bad as DD.

    I’ll probably just stop listening to the Shek episodes all together.

  160. JJ

    Im apparently in the minority here, but have to say I love Adam’s political rants, and self motivation rants. Its as true as it gets.

  161. sean

    Awesome Podcast Adam. I listen all the time. Keep em coming. Please check this website for your ace on the house needs. http://www.tools-n-hardware.com

    Thanks Adam

  162. B-Rad

    Love it when Adam screws up the Republican Talking Point and ends up proving the opposite. More jokes Aceman, less fellating of Prager please.

  163. jj

    I may have Stockholm Syndrome, I thought Dave was pretty good on this episode.

  164. John

    Love Damescheck need more of him… DAVES OF THUNDER was awesome

  165. RoyalDryness

    Adam is so far off with his right wing rantings. EVERYONE had help, and lots of it on the road to success. No one does it on their own. Adam protests too much about this because he is a fucking textbook example of a person who worked hard, was talented, was trying to make something of himself and got absolutely nowhere until fate smiled down on him. He dismisses the fact that meeting Jimmy was the pivot point of his entire career but without that there are pretty good odds no one outside of North Hollywood would know who Adam Carolla was. And speaking of North Hollywood, Adam, how do you think you’re career would have worked out if Pops Carolla had decided to keep the family in Philly? Or one of the other towns you all floated through during the first few years of your life?

    As for taxes, shut the fuck up. Adam if you pay even 25% in taxes that’s fine, I’d prefer you paid more but that’s about what I paid last year so I can’t really be too mad. However, you earn income through work that you do in the form of payment. So I assume a lot of your income is taxed at a pretty high rate. You also pay an accountant to ensure you don’t pay more than you have to. i doubt you have off shore accounts or tax shelters and what not but I’m pretty sure that guy earns his money but finding every legal way that you can get out of paying anything you don’t have to. That’s fine, I have an aunt that’s a CPA and does the same for me. What really makes people angry is that people like Mitt Romney would have hundreds of millions of dollars pay 14% because of their income generally being derived from capital gains, and a fucking TEAM of accountants doing everything they can to circumvent the laws so that he can avoid taxes. That’s a fucking travesty, and if you disagree you’re either blind to fairness or full of shit. Since in many other aspects of thought you seem to have a keen sense of fair play I’m going to go with the fact that you are full of shit, which points back to my first point that you actually are completely aware that your success, while the result of hard work, busting your ass, and generally making more good decisions than bad ones, isn’t really all you, that many people, and even a lot of luck and good fortune are behind all of your success.

  166. Doug

    Why does Adam insist on having Dave on so frequently now? I’m sure he’s a nice guy in real life and all but he royally sucks on the show. If her were only on the show once every month or two I could handle it but it seems like he’s on every damn week now.

  167. da.awful.truth

    Skipping episode, between Adam’s I’m rich and who cares mentally and Dave as a guest….can’t handle it.

  168. da.awful.truth

    Adam will never understand us poor people. Us poor people (I) is a hard worker working for a large corporation whom gets higher than average annual rating and for the last three years I haven’t had a raise…reason is I make too much money compared to my peers. Yes, because I bust my ass. This is what’s the problem ADAM, the RICH find ways to keep getting richer. They’ll use any excuse, find any loophole to keep as much money as possible. For example, ADAM is very talented, hard worker and very entertaining but WITHOUT US he wouldn’t be making money. What does that mean ADAM, it means that if you forget that you’ll make less money or no money. That’s what the President is saying, NO ONE Makes money without the help of others…that could be your employees or customers. Share.

  169. postalkim

    I have to forward almost every podcast to the news to not hear Adam complain about something not funny

  170. Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton07-24-2012

    Romney has paid 15% in taxes since 2010. I paid about twice that percentage in that same time period. So the rich pay more??

  171. Billy

    Great podcast. After the initial rant.

  172. Jason

    Problem with the rich getting richer:


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