Dave Attell and David Alan Grier, Live from Caroline’s NYC


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Show Summary

Adam and the gang open the show with Dave Attell on stage. Adam goes through his bag of swag from a day of press and rants about the abundance of weird water bottles. Attell also rants about hotel rooms and the guys take audience questions.

David Alan Grier arrives straight from a performance of Porgy and Bess. Adam talks about watching the Tony Awards, and DAG leads the group in a discussion about pubic hair etiquette. Attell then brings up the Niagara Falls tightrope walker, and the guys recall the legacy of Evel Knievel. Later, Adam and DAG recall a wild night in Las Vegas.

Alison opens the news with a list of famous people who were once strippers. They also talk about Orpah’s interview with Kim Kardashian, which leads into a discussion about bizarre sexual fetishes. Other news stories include the KKK trying to adopt-a-highway, and David Arquette’s bar mitzvah. The show wraps up as Adam talks about Lotzi and DAG talks about an awesome Maxim party.


Visit http://DaveAttell.com for tour dates, and follow him on Twitter @Attell.

Also follow DAG @DavidAlanGrier, and check out http://DavidAlanGrier.net for more info.

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. bob

    Dag sucks

    • Beep ba beep
      Beep ba beep06-23-2012

      DAG’s hilarious. Love DAG.

    • Shwagg

      Hated Dag. I love Dave Attel. I love Adam.
      I was really looking forward to the show…then Dag shows up…party over.
      Dag ruined the show. Does he ever shut the fook up? Enough of the screaming and idiotic voices and fart sounds.
      Does Dag ever sit back, listen, and contribute appropriately? What a loser.

  2. Greg

    DAG is the guest? As much as I love Attell, I think I’ll pass on this one. I promised myself, “never again”.

  3. Suppp

    Woww DAG is so annoying! Does anyone actually think he’s funny?

  4. mike

    David Alan Grier was entertaining but should have allowed others a chance to speak.

  5. Brian in New Orleans
    Brian in New Orleans06-21-2012

    Made it about 15 mins in before I had to stop. Won’t be listening to DAG again. I was looking forward to Attell but it just wasn’t worth it. Even a screaming two year-old eventually shuts up…

  6. JK

    Awesome pod!

  7. HandsAcrossMyAsshole



    Why is Sly Stallone in the Lotzi photo?!

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-22-2012

      you mean his brother Frank?

  9. Dean

    Let me guess…DAG is going to yell out in his black lady voice things like “Estradile”? beat

  10. will

    Greatest line ever by Alison – “He has f*&k apnea!!” I love the way Alison innocently interjects.

  11. Jason

    I can’t take the bad audio. It’s lound, then it’s soft. Then it’s LOUD again. I know this is a free podcast, but why can’t this be fixed?

    • katie

      I agree. Wish the audio was consistent. I am constantly turning my speakers up and then down.

  12. Gregg

    I’m a huge fan of Adam, Attell and DAG, but I went to this taping and the show kind of sucked. DAG wouldn’t let anyone else talk so most of the show is a bunch of people trying to talk over each other. Compared to all of the other Caroline’s shows this one was extremely disappointed. To top it off I finally got my fiance to listen to Adam and she left asking me, “so that is the guy you talk about all the time?”…..

    • thedecade

      I’ve been asked that same question…’this is the person you listen to?’

    • MC White
      MC White06-22-2012

      Why does Adam insist on putting so many loud mouths on his show at once? Too many voices.

  13. dustin

    i turned this episode of by the end of the go daddy commcerial DAG is annoying as shit

  14. WaxingCrescent

    such a scattered show……..prefer the more intimate setting back in the studio

  15. Randy West
    Randy West06-21-2012

    Oh, DAG is on today’s episode? Time to learn how to fast-forward a podcast.

    Is he mildly retarded or something?

    • Whatthewhat

      Ironic comment coming from someone who doesn’t know how to FF a podcast

  16. goatfucker

    more attell, less grier. hey grier loud doesn’t mean funny.

  17. Mark

    All-star podcast.

  18. Brian

    Am I wrong or did Dave Attell not seem to thrilled to have DAG there?

    • MC White
      MC White06-22-2012

      Well, Attell wasn’t exactly leaving very quickly.

    • Shwagg

      Dag is so loud and unfunny and repetitive….such an idiot.
      I think Adam was the only one thrilled to have Dag there.

  19. Goodbye, ACE iPhone App
    Goodbye, ACE iPhone App06-21-2012

    It’s just a waste of my time.

  20. jim

    adam, you are a wordsmith
    what is true meaning of term “mealy mouth”?

    • jim

      also, what is the correct pro-nounciation of “dwyane”?


  21. james

    DAG is the best guest of all time!

  22. derrick

    Great Podcast, I wish they could have had seperate shows though. Why are people complaining about the audio. This is as good as it get when you are not in a studio.

    • MC White
      MC White06-22-2012

      Wrong! The mics are fucking up all the time, crackly, etc. I’ve seen much better.

  23. PNut

    Love DAG!!!! Great show!

  24. reb

    Interesting; never seen such negative reactions to DAG. I’ve always found him to be the best guest of all, but it sounds as if he crossed over into being annoying here.

  25. HMSBeagle

    Repeating the GoDaddy cursing bit, the vomiting bit, DAG’s nasty stripper story, and to top it off, DAG’s don’t look at me bit? I know Adam gets repetitive, but I thought the reason he has talent on the podcast (which he had in droves on that night) is to come up with NEW funny stuff.

    • jpg

      Hell yes – lot’s of rehashed shit this time. I do like DAG, but not half-ass reproduction of tired old bits. Adam as well, tired of the same old material.

  26. Starting to sound Racist Adam
    Starting to sound Racist Adam06-21-2012

    I don’t know if your just running out of material Adam but, your jokes about Black people not reading and drinking grape Kool-aid are only appealing to corny closeted racist cowards. obviously the only thing you know about black people is what you hear on the news. A joke here and there is not bad but, now your starting to go on tirade’s which leads me to believe your just speaking your true thoughts. The only black people you have probaly ever been around were the Inner City kids bussed into your high school, Middle Class black people do exist, all of my black friends and I all grew up Middle class and read books and did’t drink purple kool-aid all day and rob people. You sound like your maybe one of those guys that was never cool enough to hang out with the cool kids thus hanging out with retard Ray and dumbass Donny. Alison even asked you during the show if you were racist and you said yes. I don’t know if you were joking but, thats not a good look. All I’m saying is take a week off and regroup with some funny material, grape kool-aid jokes were never funny. One last thing, how is it you rag on people from south of the border but you employ one as nanny to your kids? ALISON IS HOT AND FUNNY!!!

    • reb

      Did you consider that his employing people from “south of the border” says more about his actual attitudes that his “ragging on” them in the context of a comedy stage performance?

      Keep wearing those little rectangular glasses and using your anti-racism polemics, and you you might very well get laid some day by a girl who takes pity on you.

    • MC White
      MC White06-22-2012

      Olga is not Mexican. Anyway, I agree with 90% of this post. Tone it down Aceman. Stop drinking 6 beers before you get to stage. You’re an alcoholic. Slow it down!

    • just because
      just because06-22-2012

      Yea im middle class black college educated and I have no issues with what Adam say u sensitive fuck one his fav guests in DAG. The man podcast daily u dont think some things may be repeated or be typical y do i waste my time ur dum fuck the only racist people left are rednecks from deep in the country where they aint seeing black people and 80 yr olds. I gaurantee if i spent 20 mins wit u I could point out something racist u did to another culture its comedy IDIOT! he doesnt hate people from below the border his culture is different and its comedy omg omg ur and idiot i think i said it already listen to his show once in a while u would see he addresses morons like u all the time guess ur too dumb to see ur in that category suck on my left nut!

      • Doug

        for “middle class black college educated” you can’t type or convey a point for shit.

    • Dogs eat pie
      Dogs eat pie06-23-2012

      Agreed. He really needs to ease up. There are a lot of defensive people on here when someone says Adam’s racist, and I understand why, they are fans. And I don’t think some of them may mind actual racism that much, based on some of the comments I see them reply. But I think everyone pointing out the racist element aren’t “haters” (stupidest term ever) or even want it cleaned up entirely. We are all fans, so obviously we can handle, and even enjoy an inappropriate, shocking, and/or racial joke. But it’s the shear amount, intensity and doggedness of how he attacks with the racial jokes that push to the racist side of racial. We are fans, and though we know he will never pull back, not even for his fans, we just express that we wish he would so that we could continue to enjoy his show. He is making it really hard to believe he is not actually racist, despite being friends with a black person and hiring a nanny from south of the boarder.

      Oh, and almost for got…agree on Alison as well.

      • jenn

        Well said.

    • atticus finch
      atticus finch06-29-2012

      i think it was grape soda, not kool aid, and it was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunyyy

  27. andy


  28. Ace

    Great show, love me some DAG!! He’s a crazy motherfucker but he always makes me laugh.

  29. tgs

    Quality, planning and fresh content aside, the real tragedy of the live shows is the lack of Bryan’s drops.

  30. michael

    I agree with many here. DAG, please shut up so others can talk. Diarrhea of the mouth is not funny.

    • reb

      Perhaps this isn’t the podcast for you and other geriatric school teachers.

  31. Scott

    You have Attell on stage with you and the podcast is shorter than one of the least funny guests ever? I’m speaking of Todd Barry. Cmon Ace.

  32. Miguel

    DAG is the Shiznit! you dushbags don’t know what you’re talking about …

    • Caliber Winfield
      Caliber Winfield06-22-2012

      what’s a dushbag?

      Or more importantly, what’s a dush?

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-22-2012

      I dushed this morning, I feel so feminine and fresh…

  33. Hand

    Awsome show. Some sweet sweet improv with DAG.

  34. LouE

    Adam may be getting caught up with being an entertainer. The more he pushes the envelope the more people perk up and listen I suppose. Perhaps it is just the live shows but that’s the near same when you see a drunk get overly truthful on you. They’re projecting what they really think of you. When he started this podcast it was always geared toward great dialogue and “just a dusting” of social politics and race. He’s got to reel it in. Booze is turning him into someone else.

    • reb

      Message received: Reel in the envelope pushing.

    • MC White
      MC White06-22-2012


  35. SaynotoCoke

    Say no to Coke DAG.

  36. Robert

    I think DAG is fucking hilarious, loved the ep!

  37. Dave

    how DARE any of you attack DAG in the comments. DAG is a god.

  38. Marty

    Hopefully the Aceman will realize DAG – as talented as he is – makes for a terrible quest. I’m also passing on this podcast.

  39. mt

    best line of the line. adam talking about wanting to talk less during sex as he’s gotten older and alison interjecting “can you be quiet during sex?” lol (rough paraphrase)

  40. Cole

    I don’t get how people don’t like DAG. I listened to this podcast twice already, and it was just as funny the second time around. And to the guy who said he made it 15 minutes into the podcast, DAG didn’t even enter until 20 minutes in.

    • Brian in New Orleans
      Brian in New Orleans06-22-2012

      Hey I’m the guy! And you’re right. I went back and it was closer to the 30 min mark, which helps make the overall point: it was literally a different show before DAG showed up. If you listen you can even tell when he walks in the room – before even speaking a word the energy totally changes. Either nobody wanted him there or the bit needed it to seem that way.

      The screaming, interruptions, gibberish, etc would be bad enough but once it sinks in that that shit was all scripted in the first place (intentionally annoying the audience *being* the schtick), makes me wonder if the target demo isn’t 13-19 and I’m in the wrong place after all.

      Still can’t really complain tho, it’s a free podcast. Adam doesn’t give a shit, he makes that clear. Advertisers love sponsoring shows that make a point of discouraging people from listening.

  41. kconan

    Attell is one of my favorite comedians. Sadly, Dag stepped all over his jokes and basically silenced the room with his “loud equals funny: style.

  42. Tom

    It’s too bad Dave Attell had to be on the same night as the dude with tourettes…. Attell and Arte Lange were the only good guests on this Caroline’s run.

    • DrAwkward


  43. cg

    Grier is almost enough to get me to skip this one …. almost ….

    I’ll just turn down the volume about six notches and keep my finger on the “skip forward” button.


  44. nathan

    Out of all the NY Live shows this one is the best. Audio on all of them SUCKS. I’ve tired of the live shows, let’s move on.

  45. Barack Obama
    Barack Obama06-21-2012

    All you haters , just stop listening and leave the message board ….nobody likes you. You bum everyone out.

    • reb

      I love the show but am not the least bit “bummed out” by “haters.”

    • Shea

      suck it pussy

  46. Vee

    I am always happy when DAG is on! He seems mildly insane, but is so funny!

    It is oo bad the show was so short, and that the Daves had to double up. Both of them can carry a 2 hour solo show, so hopefully we get more of each of them.

  47. DrAwkward

    I like DAG, but the show went downhill after he came on. Attell fit in great, funny as hell, but why was he seated so far back? I would have loved a whole episode with DA and no DAG.

    Anyway, the important thing is my love for Alison grows stronger each day. But not in a creepy way.

  48. reb

    Alison: Keep up the great work!! It’s just pitch-perfect when you say “yeah” (and sometimes “yeah, I know”) after a comment, particularly those that get much response from the live audience. Really picks up the slack, especially when you work a laugh into it as you say “yeah,” or “yeah, I know.” You are SO awesome and HOT, all the more when you say “yeah,” or “yeah, I know,” as well as being perceptive about subtext and irony!!

    • Shwagg

      Yeah, I know.

  49. Zyzz

    Less DAG, more Attell

  50. Terri

    I agree with a few others, I don’t like the live shows all the time. I much prefer getting to hear each person and the regular interviews. Get Dave Attell into the studio.

    Can we skip the news report sometimes and maybe substitute it with some of the old games you use to play or spend more time letting your guests talk.

  51. just because
    just because06-22-2012

    Awsome show!

  52. DAG's usually good
    DAG's usually good06-22-2012

    I was excited to hear this podcast when I saw the guests. Love Dave Attell and I love DAG (as a guest on TACS and on In Living Color) . I think that they’re both good comedians but Attell’s style is way calmer and Grier definitely stepped on some toes. “Tell me your opening joke” are you kidding? He obviously doesn’t have too much respect for Attell. Or maybe its because had just come from a performance so and he was a bit hyped up. Either way I think DAG overdid everything b/c of the live stage aspect. He’s great in studio though. Really talented. Dave Attell rocks! Allison’s hot and rocks! Bald Brian makes “‘drops” cool. Adam you’re kinda racist on purpose and you rock!

  53. DAG Nasty
    DAG Nasty06-22-2012

    As with any gathering, certain idiots will gain entry. Most of those seem to think DAG was funny. I suspect these creatures also think swinging from a chandelier at a party is “classy” and learned everything they know about sophistication and subtlety from someone named Booger.

    I, on the other hand, thought DAG came across like a flaming retard. He sounded like someone who’s still desperate for the attention Jim Carrey stole from him twenty-some years ago.

    Lastly, the audio on these remote podcasts is of the same quality, I suspect, as Rerun’s bootleg recording of the Doobie Brothers.

    DAG: (At the top of his lungs) “Alison why haven’t we gone out yet?!”

    Yeah, wow, DAG is a comedic genius…

    • tbirdzzzz


  54. Mike

    Go Fuck Yourself

  55. murderfan

    I don”t care what the haters say DAG was good. plus Dave Atel going to work late for this pod cast made it cool.

  56. JT

    Wait, I don’t get it. The famous family picture features “Lotzi” (sorry, probably misspelled) his step-grandfather and Adam has some painfully hilarious things to say about his parents in the picture. I always thought that is his birth father in the pic and that the p’s were about to divorce. If so, why would a step-family member be there? Is the middle-aged man his step-father?

  57. Blake

    DAG is a great guest! But I don’t really love the live shows. I prefer the shows from the studio.

  58. greg

    definitely getting sick of the live shows

  59. Beep ba beep
    Beep ba beep06-23-2012

    DAG is hilarious. GIVE US MORE DAG! Best Caroline’s show this week. Super awkward when Attell announced time to go but didn’t leave.

  60. tbirdzzzz

    I am caught off guard by all the DAG hate, he was always the best and funniest guest on both loveline and the Adam Carolla podcast. It’s clear Dave Attell was not comfortable having DAG on the podcast at the same time but Adam probably shouldn’t have had such a heavy hitter like DAG on the show with another guest. Dave Attell is great but completely different from DAG and when they are both guests on the same show at the same time, DAG’s personality takes over the show. I do think there is some weird animosity between the two and it seems like DAG is on the offensive toward Attell. I dont know why there is animosity but I do think DAG is and always has been a great guest. For loveline fans, having DAG on the show is a fucking “event” and if anyone is at fault it’s the aceman for putting another guest on the same show as DAG.

  61. tbirdzzzz

    and as for the bitching about adam being a rascist, have you ever heard the podcast? Adam is as rascist as everyone in the world. People are different, it is abundantly clear, Adam picks on every size shape and color and it’s funny and 9 times out of 10 true. He doesn’t do it to be mean spirited, he does it for a laugh. What IS rascist is to not acknowledge these differences

  62. majikmuzik

    Entitled f#%ks! Complaining about a free podcast?

    You want something else, go somewhere else.

    Don’t want DAG? Skip it and buy the audio books and Prager sessions.

  63. BW

    Is dag a cousin or brother to tracy morgan? Can’t shut up for 30 seconds & let the others have a moment

  64. HelloDexterMorgan

    I am a huge Attell fan and that sucks DAG talked all over him, can we get him in the studio for a chance to talk, he is funny onstage all 5 times ive seen him and he does great improv. Adam you rock!

    • Shwagg

      Agree, Attell is one of the legends.
      Where did this Dag idiot come from?

  65. JB

    DAG truly ruined the show !! Please never again …..
    On the other hand, Brad Williams VERY funny.

  66. Love this shit
    Love this shit06-25-2012

    Love dag he is a funny fuck…. not for everyone if u don’t like it don’t listen…
    Adam is not racist just voices his opinion….don’t like it fuck off!

  67. Cameron

    Those of you who are complaining about DAG being too loud, have you not heard him before? He is one of the best guests, loud and ridiculous.

  68. atticus finch
    atticus finch06-29-2012

    dag can be annoying, but his yelling crazy curse words over adams go daddy commercial gets me every time. funny as hell

  69. greg

    I will NEVER listen to a DAG podcast

  70. John

    Came here just to see if anyone else was annoyed by dag. Yep.

  71. Erik


    Please stop putting DAG on the show! He sucks. You have a great podcast and great guests with out him. You should just have Dave by himself, that guy is funny! JUST SAY NO TO DAG! I immediately delete any show you have with him!

  72. derp

    holy shit DAG was annoying ass fuck!!

    • Operation Dumbo Drop
      Operation Dumbo Drop07-28-2012

      DAG KYS

  73. Ram Punchington
    Ram Punchington07-22-2012

    No reason to listen when DAG is on.
    Sorry about your luck, Attell.

  74. Doug

    Just got a chance to listen to this and, as always, the show sucked because of DAG. It’s a shame because I love Dave Attell but DAG had to show up and crash the party by being a loudmouth. What an attention-seeking loser. I wish the guy could shut the fuck up for once and let other people speak. I love the podcast but it always sucks when DAG is on.

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