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Adam opens the show jumping straight to the phone lines. First up, he talks with a caller who thanks him for being a good role model. Later, he chats with callers about anti-depressants, and how to deal with fan interactions and criticisms.

Today’s guest is director Darren Bousman, whose wife brought gifts for the entire staff. Darren chats about his new film, ‘The Devil’s Carnival,’ and Adam talks with him about some truly bizarre movies from the 70s. The guys also talk about the frustration of getting your movie tested, and why Darren decided to fund and distribute his own film.

Alison starts up the news discussing a Jet Blue flight that had an emergency landing after the pilot was acting erratically. The guys also discuss the world’s tiniest puppy, and an Easter egg hunt being cancelled due to bad parent behavior during last year’s event. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about a new Sex and the City spinoff, ‘The Carrie Diaries’.


For more on The Devil’s Carnival, visit http://www.TheDevilsCarnival.com/

Pre-order Mother’s Day on Amazon, but click through our site first!

Also be sure to visit http://www.darrenlynnbousman.com/

Jet Blue Pilot

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. TS

    Those shoes are kinda cool. What is Matt “The Pocelain Punisher” Fondiler complaining about?

    • Jake

      Those aren’t his. Those a fan sent in.

    • JessMan

      yea those kicks are sick

  2. Katie


    Not directly related to today’s podcast, but enjoyable nonetheless!



    • Listener

      Wow. That is just how I’d pictured her.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-28-2012


    • holly


    • Blake

      Haha!! Great pic!!!

    • TS

      You are an international treasure.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running03-28-2012

      Katie officially rules.

  3. b

    Wow, between that lame poster, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to be aware that “The Devils Carnival” rolls just fucking terribly of the tongue, this dude is sure to be a Rob Zombie (hopefully not Troy Duffy) level douche.

    • poopstick

      Maybe even more of a douche than you! I don’t know… That would be pretty hard to achieve.

    • Logic

      In what universe is Rob Zombie a douche?

    • cheap seats
      cheap seats04-01-2012

      NOOOO! “The Devil’s Carnival” is a great title. I shall follow in his footsteps of the double V words(of which one is “Devil”) title.

      It shall be a called:

      “The Devil’s Ravioli” (I wanted it to be “The Devil’s Vasectomy” but it was already taken…1 guess what the ravioli’s a filled with 🙂 )

      I’m an animator – naturally.

  4. Epzey

    The guy who left a message is wrong. I live in shanghai and download the podcast everyday.

  5. JuicemanlovesAlison

    Sarah Palin used a common expression (up north) which is you say ‘You can see Alaska from your backyard’. I’ve heard this expression since I was a kid living near Alaska (in BC). As well a recent travel promo for California boasted that Californians had ‘Ocean, mountains and forests right in their own backyard’.
    As someone who has flown over the ‘backyard’ in question (and it used to all be Russia btw) but let me explain to the city people and those in the continental USA that Russia and Alaska are so close as to nearly say they touch. (I’m speaking of the ice connecting) but EVEN IF you remove the ice there are Islands (one USA and another Russia) you could not only CLEARLY SEE each other but damn near wave at someone. Mainland to mainland… I think would depend on how high you were and obviously a very clear day. The first time I was there was so perfectly clear that surely you could see Russia from any higher point.
    And get this – I could not download ACE in China.. however… I COULD download WTF!
    (to the caller – as a foreigner doing business you can get a ‘visitors pass’.. might be called VIP.. basically it allows you to bypass the PRC internet block and you can get Facebook, YT etc).
    Anyways – Sarah Palin was right. Those mocking here were demonstrating their ignorance of geography.

    • Joe

      Also missed / twisted was the point she was trying to make. Alaska’s proximity to Russia, a past and potentially future hostile country, makes it of greater interest to her and other Alaskans, likely leading to increased awareness of the country and our relationship with them.

      • JuicemanlovesAlison

        Joe, yes you are right about the context being that Palin was presenting international experience. This was guffawed and waved off as ‘stoopid palin’ but it was naive. It showed a lot of her critics are ignorant of their own country. Alaska has Russia to deal with but also Canada. Now, between those 3 countries is massive international concerns with oil and shipping. But somehow, when she mentioned that, NYC and LA pundits and comics would smirk and drop lines like “What.. with her international Moose??” and ignorant audiences would guffaw and cackle as if they somehow already knew Alaska couldn’t possibly have anything International to deal with. Oh well. Maybe one day they can go visit Alaska. They might be amazed.

    • Zapoli

      Nice try, but no. Palin was asked, “What insight into Russian actions does the proximity of Alaska give you?” So the question itself established that Alaska was next to Russia. The issue was how that proximity gave her any insight into Russian actions.

      Palin’s insight was, “You can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska.” Those mocking her were demonstrating that Sarah Palin is kind of a moron.

  6. AngelAdamFan

    I was able to download the podcast -last night & the one from this morning. Yesterday’s podcast was great! I am glad that I wasn’t at work because it was laugh out loud funny. Thank you Ace crew for all you do.

  7. Dan Carrol
    Dan Carrol03-28-2012

    Alison, I think you’re amazing! You are fantastic on the show and you’re hot as hell. Keep it up babydoll

  8. Straight Dave
    Straight Dave03-28-2012

    Alison making it big… HA!

  9. Bill Fulginiti
    Bill Fulginiti03-28-2012

    Will anyone from the upcoming Three Stooges movie be visiting the podcast?

    Bill Fulginiti

    • Mikey

      Bill, I’m not sure when anyone from the movie will come on, but I highly recommend Ten Minute Podcast, which stars Will Sasso (who plays Curly), as well as Chris D’elia (Whitney show), and Carolla podcast regular Brian Callen. It’s Very funny, and each is exactly ten minutes long.

      • Bill Fulginiti
        Bill Fulginiti03-29-2012

        Thanks for your reply and recommendation.

    • Dustin

      Why!?!?! Why would anyone want this!!!!????

  10. Cheechu

    Hey Rosen, Palin never said she could see Russia from her house. What she actually said was “you can see Russia from land here in Alaska”. The lefty quote was actually said by Tina Fey. Close enough, right?

    • Dave

      It’s still an idiotic point she (Palin) was trying to make made by an idiot.

  11. Arlo

    Allison just brought my entire day down. Woof.

  12. Dan

    Alison! Forget the haters girl…you’re funny and a good news reader and podcaster too! Your fans love you!

    • Dan

      Yay! A good NEWS READER.

  13. JuicemanlovesAlison

    or rather ‘You can see Russia from your backyard’ – a saying. an expression. (tho if you were in Russia you might say you can see Alaska from your respective backyard d’err)

  14. Riggz

    Alison Rosen, sorry you can’t take critcism. Quality gets watered down when every minor persona on the podcast gets a spin-off podcast. I’m not trying to be mean, but Alison, your podcast is simply unlistenable. Perhaps Adam should just take the news segments, (or as Alison say, “Nuiesz” segments) and create a podcast with just that, then leave the interviews, rants, and stories on Adams Podcast. Bald Bryan is way more funny and interesting than Alison in my opinion.

  15. Jayrodt

    Hmm…had no idea but that director went to my highschool.

  16. Ashland

    Alison – We all love you and what you bring to the show! I always tell my fellow listeners that I think you are so smart, clever, funny, and yes, pretty. Often the negative people will always be louder and/or more inclined to comment with their horribly insulting opinions than the positive people, probably because people who are happy with someone aren’t as emotionally driven to vent on the web. These negative people have a lot of anger in their heart, and it has WAY more to do with what’s wrong with them than what’s wrong with you. A-holes will be A-holes. But you are great. It’s hard for someone to seem funny next to Adam, and time and time again you pull it off, and way more often than his guests, which include comedians! People who use their humor make a living are more often than not, less funny, smart, clever, and beautiful as you. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    • MaceMan

      I agree! As Ebert and Roeper would say, two thumbs up!

    • Ace

      Well said sir! You are absolutely correct about the negative and positive people around here. Comment boards are the spawning ground for pissed off douchebags. Their anger at their own lives is often directed at innocent bystanders who just want to produce some free humor. The decent folks here must be the seawall to their tsunami of assholery.

  17. Cameron

    Why do chicks have to say ‘I know!’ all the goddamn time? Especially when they don’t know something. Alison and Lynette Carolla do it all the time and it drives me nuts. It’s ok to admit you don’t know something.

  18. Dan

    Like AR on this show. Hate her podcast. Sorry, sweetie.

  19. D

    I don’t love alison. What’s Gina Grad up to?

  20. nAAter

    Hmmm… Anything Darren (pronounced “are-n” cause of two ‘n’s) Bousman I pray I never see.

    • nAAter

      Pardon me… two ‘r’s

  21. Good Gravy!
    Good Gravy!03-28-2012

    Darren was great. The compelling hidden story about Darren’s wife buying all the gifts and knowing what to buy would have been fun to hear about. She must be a fan and it would have been fun to have her speak more about it. Perhaps Alison or Lynette can bring her back to talk? We should all marry such a woman!

    • Laura Bousman
      Laura Bousman03-29-2012

      Awwwwwww, thanks!!!!! – Laura Bousman

  22. Ras

    Ace Man – it wasn’t “You Decorated My Life” but “Through the Years” that made you break out in a ball of emotions with your kids. You mentioned that in an earlier podcast I believe many months ago. BTW – I for some reason get those two songs confused all the time as well – sort of melodically similar and both have that Kenny Rogers signature stamp. Great show!

    Also Alison – forget the haters – you know if they care to write or twitter in – on some level you know these guys are either momentarily thinking of you in some manner when they either have sex or masturbate.

  23. Joe


    People are starting to listen……


    ACE+DAG 2012!!

  24. Tom C
    Tom C03-28-2012

    Alison, you make me laugh more than Adam on this show.

  25. Ace

    I’m also a big Alison fan, she’s come a long way since her first days on the show and she’s an integral part of the crew now. And she’s definitely beautiful cause she looked great in that flannel shirt the other day. It’s just like what Adam says about hot chicks smoking cigars.

  26. Stan

    Please stop having open phone-lines, the first 20 minutes of the podcast was the worst 20 minutes in along time. If you want to have specific topics, etc. fine, but even that gets old. When Adam says “let’s take some calls” I get douche chills. Either squirrelly dudes or people with horrible prepared schtick.

  27. GW

    Love Me Some Alison!!!!!!

  28. Juiceman likes to smell used buttplugs
    Juiceman likes to smell used buttplugs03-28-2012

    juiceman come on dude, you are obviously borderline retarded anyways for liking Sarah Palin, but dont just make shit up. I have lived in Girdwood for 15 years and have never heard that expression. That women is beyond help and all Palins are only good for dumping loads in…….everyone (even Penn Jillette) knows that……youve been smoking too much BC bud bro, or not enough

    • JuicemanlovesAlison

      Yes, you have heard the expression or saying about Alaska “on a clear day you can see Russia” or “you can see Russia from your own backyard”. I’ve heard it from Alaskans and people who visit Alaska. All my points stand (regardless of your infatuation with fuck-porn). Alaska has massive international concerns. Not only in it’s borders but in oil and shipping. And yes you can see Russia. Not that I care about your fake posts. Just sharing with others.

  29. Silent Running
    Silent Running03-28-2012

    He he, the first thing I thought when I saw the guest was “Holy shit! The Aceman got Elvis Costello!”

    But then I saw the water bottle.

  30. greg

    Alison is terrible, she is awkward as hell.

    • Nick

      No kidding. She is so awkward that it makes me self-conscious and not want to talk out of fear I’d sound like that. Leave the joking to Adam…

    • Serena

      Alison is the worst part of nearly every episode of the podcast. I’m not trying to be mean or a hater. Listening to her complain about criticism made me realize that the reason I don’t like her is because she comes off as a weak-minded individual. I’m not saying that she is that; she may come off as more confident in her writing. Let me put it this way- I didn’t need to hear that rant of hers to know that she is insecure and I was embarrassed for her to hear her admit that she wants the approval of 10/10 people who listen. She sounds like a child and Adam did a pretty good job of telling her what she needed to hear. Everybody has things they feel insecure about and her insecurity laces nearly everything she says on the podcast. Why, then, should people listen to you and what you have to say if you don’t seem confident in anything you are saying or even seem like you’re coming from a place of authenticity? She sounds like a nice person, but nice is not necessarily entertaining. Again, not hating, but maybe the respectively shitty childhoods me and Adam suffered serve us better as adults because a tough skin is necessary to go from good to great.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle03-30-2012

        What the hell are you talking about?

    • Duck Manson
      Duck Manson04-03-2012

      I don’t mind Alison that much. She’s obviously weak and a follower. I don’t think she has disagreed with Adam once since she started. And you can tell she wants to please with her awkward fake laugh at everything Adam says. But she seems nice. No? Nice counts for something no?

  31. Charles

    Darren looks like Steven Spielberg in that picture. Anybody else notice it?

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