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Adam opens the show discussing his ‘booze pet peeves’ and an experience he had at the hospital while visiting with his dad. He also complains about the LA heat and talks about his latest entry into the Urban Dictionary. Adam then rants about a recent first class flight experience, and the guys listen to a clip from this past weekend’s Prager show. Later they jump to the phones and talk about improv, peeing in the shower, and eating disorders.

Director Darren Bousman enters the studio next, talking about the delicious Mangria being served outside. Adam talks with him about the process of making and distributing your own movie, and how it can make you a more prolific filmmaker. Alison then begins the news by playing the leaked Romney audio from a private fundraiser that’s all over the internet. They also talk about a guy who paid for a traffic ticket with origami pig dollars in donut boxes. The show wraps up with the guys exchanging their most ridiculous cop experiences.


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  1. Alaistar

    Good show. Always enjoy it when Darren makes an appearance.

  2. Jack Bauer
    Jack Bauer09-18-2012

    Alison,dont let Adam get you down about not being a home owner,you have had a big life change in the last few years.Moving back from New York and starting on Adams show has not givin you a chance to make big moves .Congrats. on moving in with your boyfreind,he is a lucky guy and I love the Angoras,you have a great ear for sound and mood.

  3. Mister Lister
    Mister Lister09-18-2012

    Alison is correct, Serrano received many death threats in response to that work.

    Prager manufactured his facts to suit his racist point.

    • ubercat

      Serrano had to go into hiding from what I remember…

      • reb

        I don’t think you remember correctly. However, the Piss Christ was massively “controversial” with Christians making the same lame claims of being “offended.” All religions are equally dumb, and some are slightly dumber.

        • ian

          there’s being offended and then theres murdering innocent people, just a little difference.

    • jpmoneypants

      Moral relativism. Fing retarded. Are seriously comparing, lets say, Grundy to Serrano? Are you kidding? You missed to point completely or don’t want to think critically.

    • Shade F
      Shade F09-18-2012

      So you’re saying Prager made up facts to support his racist views? That seems very similar to the racist accusations you make to support your views of Dennis Prager. Pulling the race card every time you disagree with someone is weak. Dennis Prager didn’t say anything even remotely racist. He’s right too. Tolerance should go both ways.

      • ian

        problem is that many muslims in that part of the world will not tolerate any other faith or modern ideas

        • ross

          You could say the same about many Christians in this part of the world… They don’t go around blowing up embassies but they’re far from tolerant of other faiths (see: islam) and they reject modern ideas such as evolution and climate change.

  4. Sarah

    Adam you never cease to impress me. I couldn’t agree with you more. Government aid at times is necessary, however I am fully against being dependent upon the government. I am so sick and tired of watching adults around me, dependent on handouts, all while sporting the latest smartphones, and enjoying a laid back lifestyle, while embracing the notion that they are owed dues by society. Romney merely discussed the unspoken obvious facts, that unfortunately aren’t being reported by mainstream media. There is no way for America to prosper with another four years of Obama’s economic policy in place.

    • JRock1970

      Where does everyone get this idea that being on welfare is like some big giant party with cell phones and steak & lobster? If your on welfare, pretty much your life SUCKS! Be thankful for what you have because that shit could all disappear tomorrow.

      • Col. Duke Lacrosse
        Col. Duke Lacrosse09-22-2012

        I’ll tell you where we get the idea, “that being on welfare is like some big giant party with cell phones and steak & lobster”. I run a small business. Every now & again, I get the usual suspect “customers” approach me and ask me if I would be willing to buy their food stamps for cash. They offer me 200 dollars worth of food stamps for only 100 dollars. I get this all the time because they perceive me to be wealthy because my business is successful. And yes, they are usually sporting the newest iPhone, Android, and $100+ sneakers with ridiculous tattoos and piercings! One was even dring a BMW!!!

    • reb

      “I am fully against being dependent upon the government.”

      bold, courageous position

    • Bill

      Romney is a liar and I hate to see Adam agree with him. The bottom 47% who don’t pay federal income tax include students, elderly living on social security/savings, and RICH people who live off tax free bonds. And all workers pay the payroll tax and sales taxes too. To categorize them all as freeloaders is insulting and inaccurate.

      I listen to the podcast daily, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on Amazon clicking through this site, bought several Mangrates for gifts, recommended the podcast to friends, bought songs on iTunes that David Wild recommended but if Adam keeps agreeing with any liar (not just Romney) I won’t be able to support the pirate ship anymore.

      And I’m not in the 47% myself.

  5. Andrew'

    The tax thing is extremely misleading. You will hear the left speak out of both sides of their mouth on it. Spending is extremely high. The left will say “that’s because of the recession.” Then they’ll say that taxes are low, but that is also largely because of the recession. The question is what happens when the economy recovers and what happens is taxes go back to the Bush Tax cuts baseline and spending goes back to normal plus the Obama programs. So, using the correct baseline taxes are low due to Bush tax cuts (which Obama extended btw) and spending is high due to stimulus and new government programs. Both sides are screwing us.

  6. Jon Taie
    Jon Taie09-18-2012

    Yo Ace-

    You should get a Service Pony for the plane. Which is a real thing. They use Shetlands (sp?). http://www.guidehorse.org/

    Love the show! JT

  7. nAAter

    Darren, the gray in your perfectly manicured three day growth, doesn’t match the black on your head.
    Kinda douchey.

  8. Ray

    Hey guys, I love you a lot. But seriously, it’s been a veritable “Who’s That” lately. Step it up!

    • reb

      Never heard of this guy, but he was an excellent guest. And when the guests are so famous there’s no “get it on” and Adam has to travel to them, it’s basically a dull, deferential ass-kissing exchange.

      I could stand a few DAG episodes. And Damashek has totally grown on me.

  9. Nodz

    Lemme get this straight. Everyone is eventually going to tire of entitlements and high taxes, say “fuck it” and move to…. Europe and Canada? Did I miss something here?

    • Come on now
      Come on now09-18-2012

      That’s the kind of stuff you get when someone doesn’t have any fucking clue about politics and economics.

    • kay

      I too found that hilarious. Reminded me of people threatening to move to Canada because of Obamacare. Adam, fyi — Canada and Europe have higher tax rates and have more socialized healthcare.

      • syq

        Yes, it’s one of the FEW things I dislike about listening to Adam, which is how he forms his politics around anecdotal evidence and his issues growing up, whether with his parents or friends, and not on facts and nuanced thinking. Also, this 47% that are “dependent” on the government include much of Romney’s base, ie seniors on medicare, social security and those in the military.

  10. bb

    wtf is up with that picture, is that actually Adam or a wax museum Adam? Dude’s skin looks waxy and he has a blank stare going on. Maybe lay off the mangria for a few nights, let your liver take a breather champ…

    • ChicagoCarrollaFan

      When you finally make it into the 1% you get a free wax figure of yourself so can and always admire yourself.

  11. goatfucker

    the first class dog story is funny.
    someone should shop carolla on a mexican bus full of chickens & goats.

  12. bb

    Oh great Dennis “holier than thou” Prager is lying again on this podcast, it’s so easy to prove the guy wrong with the internet, you can pretty much google any of his statements to see he is lying within seconds. What a great Christian, a pathological liar… here’s a Reuters article just from last year, like 20+ years after this stupid thing was made…

    PARIS | Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:10pm EDT
    (Reuters) – A controversial photograph of a crucifix submerged in the urine of New York artist Andres Serrano has been vandalized during an exhibit in Avignon and the museum’s employees have received death threats.


    • L Fisch
      L Fisch09-18-2012

      Not the same thing as having major religious figures call for your death and rile up their congregants to do violence.

      • jpmoneypants

        Living in Portland, I’ve found you can’t reason with the unreasonable. Religion is religion, protests are protests, governments are governments, its all the same. Never mind civil rights, body counts or chaos. Its all the same and if anything, the white Westerner is the worst of all. These people are unintelligent but well spoken, will point the exception that proves the rule, and never accept anything other than their indoctrination. Its quite sad.

        • Late Night North
          Late Night North09-18-2012

          You are completely and utterly devoid of intelligence about the world and religion. Your a moral relativist and you disgust me,

          • jpmoneypants

            I don’t believe you got my satire. I guess it didn’t come through in print, my fault. I meant to criticize moral relativism that I see constantly in my hipster city.

    • Late Night North
      Late Night North09-18-2012

      That’s the best you got? Your trying to compare some dickhead artist who receives a couple of death threats to the countless murders the followers of Islam have reigned upon it’s own people and people in the west ? Your a moral relativist & useful idiot. Disgusting!

    • Peter

      Speaking of google, maybe you could google Dennis’ name and find that he is Jewish, not Christian…

    • DefNottaJew

      May be wrong, but isn’t Prager Jewish?

    • syq

      Yes, Prager often makes up things and I disagree with him on almost everything, but I agreed with him here, even though he based his argument on a falsehood. Also, FYI, Prager is a Jew, not a Christian.

  13. David

    Ooof, Frank Stalone AGAIN tomorrow. I wonder if he’ll still be jealous of Sly? Thank god we get that update every 6 months.

  14. idiotMan

    Nice episode, but lets not talk about the ‘1%’ but rather the 50+ percent paying in. I am by most standards just middle to low income and self employed. Obama’s policies actively keep me from hiring another programmer (nevermind that anyone in my price range tends to be retarded).

    • Chad

      Uh–what policies? His tax policies are almost exactly the same as the previous president’s?

    • reb

      I’d be really curious to know what these policies are that, precisely on the margin, cause you not to hire someone.

  15. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-18-2012

    Old, fat, yet paid to show up at parties, get drunk and fondle college chicks…who the fuck wouldn’t want to be Mr. Belding?!

  16. Alan

    While, in priniple, I agree with Praeger that the reaction by some Muslims is remarkbly extreme compared to the way the Christians react to things, to say Serrano received not one single problem is ridiculous. The “Piss Christ” was vandalized beyond repair in France and he received death threats.

    Can’t argue with Praeger Adam?

    • reb

      Of course; Praeger wants to make the argument not only that Christianity isn’t just as dumb as Islam, but that it’s actually a good thing. Religious imbeciles reacted the same way in both instances. Adam is just enchanted by Praeger because he’s not spent a lot of time around truly smart people, so a guy like Praeger who basically memorizes a bunch of 30 year-old George Will tropes is impressive.

  17. Hieronymous Jones
    Hieronymous Jones09-18-2012

    Fail to see significance of Romney’s remarks; and he rote repetition of “taxes are the lowest sinceTruman” was pathetic.

    • Ken

      Romney’s $50,000 a plate dinner fundraiser is what is significant.

      Even Adam would be considered “poor” under those plate prices?

      but it is good American business – donate $50,000 to hopefully get back $500,000 on corporate welfare deductions and the coveted CAPITAL GAINS BUSH TAX CUT.

      • reb

        Obama has fundraisers for the same minimum contribution amount; the “plate” designation doesn’t literally mean these are people who as a matter of course buy $50,000 dinners.

        • Ken


          People do not give $50,000 + with out expecting something in return.

          It buys Access.

          And laws get passed to keep the well off / connected people’s interests in the for front.

          WAKE UP !!!

  18. Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh09-18-2012

    If Adam’s reasoning for all his airline bitching is “I have a first-class ticket, I paid 5 times as much as you, I can do whatever I want, fuck off.”
    Wouldn’t the dog lady’s reasoning be “I have a first-class ticket, I paid 5 times as much as you, I can do whatever I want, fuck off.” ??????????
    If you want special treatment because you paid more, the other people in first class are entitled to the same special treatment because they paid as much as you.
    Adam’s inconsistencies in his rants show that he’s not as smart, or as right as he thinks he always is. And that he feels he’s above everyone else.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-18-2012

      Enough of this palaver!

    • JRock1970

      I see the logic in that

      • David

        Me too, but people who bring dogs on flights are still self-important jackasses.

  19. dan herron
    dan herron09-18-2012

    Ok… someone PLEASE tell Darren that they are “nunchucks”, not “numchucks”.

    • will

      It’s common slang. Everyone calls them that because when you get hit by them, that body part goes ‘numb.’

  20. Alan

    Reality Check – It’s not true that 47% don’t pay Federal income taxes. Even if they don’t pay an acutal tax on there 1040 form (i.e. they get a full refund – and this fact is disputed), they are always paying Social Securty and Medicare Taxes which are about 15% (7.5% to each) of their income and are – THIS PART IS IMPORTANT – not refundable!!! These amounts are not figured in to what you pay throughout the year. SS&Medi account for between 40 and 50% of the US Federal budget and – THIS PART IS IMPORTANT – the amount of income taxed on SS is CAPPED! So that mean that if Adam makes $2,000,000 a year (a number he likes to brag about) he only paid Social taxes on $106,800 and the rest he didn’t pay the 7.5% tax. The average income in America is about $50,000/year, so that means the average American pays 15% tax ON ALL THEIR WAGES and Adam only 7.5% on all his wages.

    I’m not saying the rich don’t pay more overall in taxes, but the notion that the average American is not burdened with Federal income tax is a COMPLETE LIE!

    • L Fisch
      L Fisch09-18-2012

      Social Security and Medicare are not classed as income tax.

      • Alan

        If it walks like a tax and talks like a tax it’s a….Republican Straw Man.

        • Silent Running
          Silent Running09-18-2012

          Just like the new Obamacare “tax” right?

      • reb

        they subtract money from your paycheck — just under different categories. they are functionally taxes

        • Zippit Kunt
          Zippit Kunt09-19-2012

          The Social Security and Medicare tax that is deducted from your check is called a “payroll tax.” The tax that you pay the IRS out of your income is called an “income tax.” It helps to know the terminology when evaluating the arguments.

    • Tony, CPA
      Tony, CPA09-18-2012

      THIS PART IS IMPORTANT – you are an idiot

      • Alan

        Constructive. I see you made no argument to my point, so clearly you see that Adam is an illiterate who doesn’t have the education and ability to realize that the subject is more complicated.

        • Tony, CPA
          Tony, CPA09-19-2012

          Ok, here’s an argument: Social Security and Medicare Tax are DIFFERENT than Federal Income Tax. The entire basis of your point, and I use that term loosely, is incorrect. You, therefore, are the one spouting a “COMPLETE LIE”.

    • Come on now
      Come on now09-18-2012

      Having to pay SS on 100% of income for everyone would render all debate about funding it unnecessary.

    • Lord

      Alan, who said the 47% were average Americans? The average American should not be or want to be on the dole. If the scale tips over 50% of the pop on the dole then we have a serious problem. It’s the proverbial point of no return.

      Stop acting like people that are on the dole are average Americans. Yes 10% to 15% have no choice but the rest need to get off their collective asses.

      • syq

        A great deal of those on the dole are military vets and/or seniors. I hope seniors realize when Romney talks about entitled victims, he’s referring to them.

  21. chuckie gorman
    chuckie gorman09-18-2012

    flying first class is the worst. it’s torture.

  22. KC

    Tony the improve guy I believe needs to find another hobby…magic 8 ball says “the future does not look good…”

  23. J

    Putting down half of America is about the dumbest thing you can do on the campaign trail. historically moronic.

    • L Fisch
      L Fisch09-18-2012

      Yet Obama won after doing the exact thing at a fundraiser in 2008.

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running09-18-2012

        And he’ll probably win again after running a campaign based ENTIRELY on class warfare and hatred of the rich.

        This has all happened before, btw. Once the people of Athens realized that they could simply vote themselves gifts from the treasury, the days of the greatest city in Greece were numbered. Athenian power was finally broken during an extremely ill-advised military adventure. Sound familiar?

      • Late Night North
        Late Night North09-18-2012

        Liberals have selective memory syndrome. Always remember Obama’s words “rural voters are bitter and cling to guns”.

  24. Carlos

    The story with the nunchucks shows why you should never volunteer any information to the police.

    1. Never consent to any searches, even if you think you have nothing to hide.

    2. If you’re arrested, never say anything even if you think it will help you, because whatever you say, the cops will use it against you.

    • reb

      good advice; sometimes hard to execute, though

  25. Ken

    Adam’s problem:

    He equates “making money” with success.

    According to him: If you make a lot of money – then you are successful.

    He has a warped upbringing about money. Money is a means to an end – it is not the end.

    Ask Adam how “successful” his Dad was in the money arena and then ask him if we should judge the amount of hospital care that his Dad receives based on his Dad’s success with money.

    Strange world we live in.

    • nick

      I was thinking this exact thing.
      His remarks about “I want the one percent running this country” is ignoring the fact that WAY more than one percent of the population are well educated. Just because you’re rich and educated doesn’t mean you’re better suited to lead the country. There are plenty of working-class people (income-wise) who are extremely qualified to hold high office. They just don’t have the seven-figure income to grease the wheels.
      Adam’s father would surely be a lot worse off were it not for Adam’s wealth. I don’t wish to sound callous regarding his dad’s condition, and my thoughts are with them. The problem is Adam loves to on one hand talk about being a carpenter, and being poor, and his upbringing where he didn’t grow up with a lot of stuff, and then on the other hand flaunt his newfound wealth.

      But hey, I love the program. Daily listener!

      • capricorn one
        capricorn one09-18-2012

        Adam should build a shrine for jimmy kimmel because if it wasn’t for him he would still be swinging a hammer…

      • reb

        “The problem is Adam loves to on one hand talk about being a carpenter, and being poor, and his upbringing where he didn’t grow up with a lot of stuff, and then on the other hand flaunt his newfound wealth.”

        In that the simplistic transformation can only be explained by being a gifted, driven person, it’s completely unsurprising that he’s far from alone in structuring his narrative this way.

      • syq

        I love the program as well, and I think it would be a lot less funny if Adam was more nuanced… perhaps not, but yeah, I get kind of sick of hearing him talk about political issues, because he says things very well, but they are lacking in facts and logic, most of the time. I kind of feel bad fro Allison and Bryan who have to listen to that day after day and have to not “Shit on” Adams point less they anger the Ace-man. Love me some Adam though, don’t get me wrong. I wish Adam would put it out there that he supports Obama more than Romney, though, if in fact he does (which I think any sane person would).

    • reb

      my parents were the rich parents he wishes he had, always blathering about who is “successful,” what the best vacation spot is, which hotels have “gone downhill.” i would have much preferred someone who loved the trumpet, as opposed to the accumulation of silly possessions. for all his independence and talent, the fixation on his parents would seem bizarre — except i know that for people who make a lot of money, making a lot of money is all they have to talk about. and he certainly finds a way to bring the conversation around to that.

      • Buick

        He doesn’t fixate on his father for being poor, he fixates on him for being such a self-centered lump on a log. You, on the other hand, seem to blame your parents apparently similar disinterest in parenting on their wealth, and extrapolate from that weath is evil, poor is virtuous.

  26. DFGRulz

    Two biggest reasons to see The Devil’s Carnival: Miss Hannah Minx

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-18-2012

      The busty, buxotic beauty…Hanna Jinx.

      • reb

        No such thing as a bad or repetitive tit joke

  27. Piss

    Bryan, you bald, motherfucker. You’re macaroni and cheese drops made me laugh. Nice work.

  28. Ken

    Adam complains about paying to much in taxes when he is currently making a good nickel off of the entertainment industry.

    What was his stance when he paid low/no taxes up until his Loveline radio contract?

    Didn’t he get into trouble by not Filing for a few years?

    How bout when he was paid under the table?

    This is why normal people resent well off people like Adam who seem to have amnesia about their past “white trash days” and fail to realize that we are all on this planet to survive to fight another day.

    Big Fan – please don’t be offended by the racial slurs in the post.

    Need to get back to work.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Adam CM
      Adam CM09-18-2012

      If present Adam were to meet past Adam, he would tell him to fuck off. Adam may be one of the great comic storytellers out there, but his lack of perspective, introspection and philosophical consistency stemming from his illiteracy and his anti-intellectualism solidified by the example of his own success have become the center of his show, and frankly it’s becoming less and less listenable….

      • Edna's Edibles
        Edna's Edibles09-18-2012

        ^This. Also, I wish Adam would let Alison or Bryan get an opposing (and often correct) point across before shutting them down immediately — engage them and (heaven forbid) possibly consider their views. Makes for good pod.

      • syq

        Agreed with Adam CM. Nice post. I really wish Adam would consider things a little more… but it would probably be less funny… Though, when he talks about politics, it’s usually the least funny part of the show. I’ve almost started doing what I do when David Wilde and Adam play their songs, and fast forward past it. I like hearing differing views than my own, but not when they are shouted over and over again and are ignorant of the facts and reality. And, yes, I’m also sure Allison and Bryan would be able to add some reality to the political discussion, even though whatever they said would likely fall on deaf ears (Adams, as well as many of his less nuanced thinking fans, as this comment section is an excellent example)

    • reb

      Pretty sure it will turn out that he was taxed on his Loveline earnings. And I suspect your other speculation will turn out to be about 12% accurate.

      • Ken

        My point was that he paid no/low taxes UP until he got a good paying job at the radio station for his syndicated show.

        This is when he started making good money and he started paying taxes on this income.

        When Adam hired his tax specialist is when I would say that he was making enough to pay someone to reduce his tax burden. It is at this time that he became a “Conservative Republican”.

        End of story.

        • Lord

          Which is what everyone should aspire to be ….. wealthy or at a minimum comfortable. If you are making minimum wage in your mid to late 20’s and you are okay with it then its too late, you’ve been wired to under achieve and will become a drag on society.

    • Dawgsrule

      Aren’t you getting this podcast for free, Shit-doush?

  29. Les

    Darren should hire Ray to go get his iPad back.

  30. Uncle Spooge
    Uncle Spooge09-18-2012

    I know Adam has views from both the left and the right but why has he hitched his wagon to Denis Prager and various far right wing places and people? Has he burned every other bridge?

    • Chad

      On the BS Report the other day, Bill Simmons referenced his friend Adam Carolla, who he said was quickly “turning into Glenn Beck”.

      The sad part is that this isn’t why I started listening to Carolla, so this is very, very disappointing. If I wanted Glenn Beck, I’d listen to Glenn Beck. And Praeger was really, really reaching for that point he made there.

      • Joker

        Well said Chad. I’m pretty close to not listening anymore. I am constantly conscious of the balance between very funny interpretation/observation humor that I love and identify with, and the out-of-touch rich guy condescension that is increasingly taking over the ‘cast. Adam: None of my relatives are as ‘successful’ as am I, from a career/income standpoint (as is the measure of success of a right-winger). Yet, my relatives all identify with the personal responsibility message that you and the people-hating right wing fucks espouse. They will vote for Mitt Robme even though he and his monsters will destroy all programs that help elderly, poor, children, vets, disabled, students, and all other lazy, worthless people.

        • Axton

          People hating right wing fucks!!!


  31. TS

    I normally don’t care about Carolla’s airplane travel anecdotes, but that was a great fucking story.

  32. Les

    I always had Estes engines left over after I lost the rocket in some back yard, so I made bottle rockets out of them.
    When the bottle started to fall over right before ignition, the rocket went across the street through the old lady neighbor’s window and burnt her antique lace drapes.
    Rocketry career over, car washing career begins.

  33. Isaac Thomas
    Isaac Thomas09-18-2012

    Great show of course. I work on a ambulance in Oakland ca. And we deal with this shit all the time. And we have to take the animal. Not a real service dog, but a rabbit or a ankle biter of some kind. In a 911 ambulance. And yes for anxiety. They call 911 we load all there shit bags,water, food for the animal, and usually some fat broad to the hospital.

    • goatfucker

      good to know what you guys are really thinking…haha!

  34. JessMan

    what are numb chucks?

  35. Tooley

    at least the dogs didn’t try to pump off on your leg.

  36. Ozy

    Carolla’s Glen Beck alter ego like Bill Simmons said lol

  37. JRock1970

    Adam Carolla – Bitches about unions negotiating fair wages for employees but, has an agent that pretty much does the same thing for him.

    • reb

      Pretty much — except for the part about it just being for Adam, not for Adam and every other entertainer or podcaster, collectively, which is pretty much what unions are all about: collective, not individual, negotiation.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee09-18-2012

      JRock wrote this while sitting on the bench at his local union hall out of work or is so entrenched in the union system that he doesn’t care about his “Union Brothers”. Our guys make double what you do on Prevailing Wage jobs because they don’t pay into your corrupt system. Wake up J, what has the union ever really done for you? Or, are you a business agent? If so, enjoy the next 4 years, at the most; and then the Obama union party will be over – Amen!

    • Dawgsrule

      Not at the expense of taxpayers cock-hold.

  38. Ron

    When it comes to the Police and them “Asking” to search your car your answer should ALWAYS be get a warrant (Even if you have nothing to hide). If anything you keep them tied up from writhing Chicken Shit tickets.

  39. Big E
    Big E09-18-2012

    When I saw Darren Bousman’s pic, I thought Elvis Costello was on the show.

  40. Rick

    WHOA! Mexican Cartels, Mormons and the Romney Family? I would like to see this guy on the podcast. He’s great when he’s on with Joe Rogan. He’s been everywhere.


  41. Paul

    46% of people don’t pay income taxes. But that doesn’t mean they don’t pay taxes. If you take into account payroll taxes, sales taxes, etc., the tax system is remarkably flat.

    • reb

      And while federal marginal tax rates are perhaps lower than any time since Truman, the overall tax burden is greater for a median household.

  42. reb

    i think the show has found it’s stride again. There seem to be less of the long, rambling political rants, and rather than just responding “yeah” or with a fake laugh, Alison has made about 100 consecutive witty, quick, subtle comments. Even the drops seem to have gotten out of the rut of rotating only about four — waste of my time, how should i know that. . ., etc — of them (though I can’t get enough of “let’s get drunk and rape”; makes me laugh every single time — all the more when you consider the brilliant context in which Adam nails Man Show critics — truly him at his best).

  43. Jorm_valadez

    Why is Adam so mesmerized by the old guy? Most of them are lies, I didn’t think Adam was so gullible. Whatever happened to that ultra hypervigilance of his? Maybe it’s his… IDIOSYNCRASY?

    • brad sherwood
      brad sherwood09-18-2012

      father figure

  44. Gina

    Can we get an update on Larry Miller and his weekly podcast?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee09-18-2012

      Try Google, works everytime…

  45. Robert

    Ha ha, what a haaaaardon.

    “Historically taxes are their lowest since Truman”
    “If you believe that”

    You could have dominated with North Hollywood high’s debate team, but that doesn’t cut it with grownups Manshow

    • bbax2000

      yeah but still

  46. DH

    Missed the show today… can someone fill me in? Assume topics included:
    1) the great bands of the early 80s not played on the 80s station — Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, Pretenders (actually heard all these bands last time I listened to Sirius)
    2) Something about Mexicans, how Tony Villar is the real name of LA’s mayor
    3) Something about how simple life was in the early 1960s (just like the carefree days Adam talks about in “Mad Men”)
    4) Something about the difficulty of car racing
    5) Dennis Praeger’s take on things

    • Dawgsrule

      There was something about DH taking a cock up the ass????

  47. kay

    Kudos to Allison for trying to bring some facts to the table about taxes. She is right, tax rates are at historical lows. Here is a chart from the NY Times:


    • tkwelge

      Also, allison’s point wasn’t that tax rates for the rich are lower than they were, but rather that “taxes are lower now.” That isn’t really accurate. Tax receipts as a percentage of GDP estimated for 2013 are commensurate with the average of the last 20 years, which is higher than it has been historically.


      So she is very wrong about “tax rates” being lower. They are especially not that different from where they were pre recession. For some groups, they are lower than they have been historically, but no, there has not been any big decrease to tax rates over the last decade or so. All of the major cutting of taxes from the post WW2 highs occurred at the end of the 70’s spread between Carter and Reagan. Unless you are gong to argue that those tax rate decreases from 30 years ago are what is pulling the economy down now, you really aren’t making much of a point here.

    • ProtonD

      Ya, and they are an unbiased source… *sigh*

    • Dawgsrule

      Stupidity is at an all time high.

  48. tkwelge

    Allison is completely wrong. Tax rates are not the lowest they’ve been in that many years. There was a period at the time when the recession was at its deepest that tax REVENUES were lower, as tax receipts fall when real estate prices and capital gains are falling.

    Again, tax rates have not fallen. Tax RECEIPTS are down. ANd now that the economy is starting to sputter along, tax receipts are going back to where they were pre recession and are already almost there.


  49. tkwelge

    Kay, learn the difference between effective taxes and nominal tax rates. Due to deductions, nobody was paying those high rates back then.

  50. Justin

    Cockpit. Good name for A’s “V”.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-20-2012

      Yeah it is.

  51. kay

    Adam’s pal Antonio Villaraigosa is called a “visionary mayor” by columnist Matt Yglesias:


  52. mike

    did anybody mention the lunatic abortion clinic bombers? praeger and adam’s points are valid but jeez it’d be nice if they’d think it through once in awhile when they’re making inflammatory proclamations, it makes them sound stupid. it seems like people are too scared of his tendency to go nuclear in the first 5 seconds to disagree with him.

    • Neal

      RIght, because there are just as many abortion clinic bombers as there are people attacking our embassies. Great story, rich and compelling.

    • Slappy

      “Lunatic abortion clinic bombers”? How many of them exist in this country in comparison to Muslim suicide bombers in foreign countries? We get about one attack (e.g., shooting, bombing) at abortion clinics in this country every 10 years, while they probably have one suicide bombing in Iraq or Afghanistan every 12-24 hours on average. How many decades do you think it would take for the death toll due to “lunatic abortion clinic bombers” in this country to match what happened on a single day on September 11, 2001? The bottom line: the prevalence of crazy people is significantly higher among Muslims than Christians. To ignore that is intellectually dishonest.

  53. Fred

    I grew up poor like Adam and he is right about poor people. They get labeled as noble and innocent. Yet, if you meet any poor person they have a very strong distrust of their fellow human being, mainly due to the fact that, as a poor person, you grow up around a lot of shysters and thieves who want to cut corners to get money with the least amount of work. You meet a scam artist at every turn, and for many of them, government hand outs are the best scams of all.

    • Dawgsrule

      Hey Fred, I dig your point. My “friends” were the one who stole from me while I was struggling. I have never had a gun nor a knife put to my head. It was always when I was asleep or “helping a buddy” OUT THAT i WAS ROBBED.

  54. mikeck

    “The mark of the entrepreneurial Jew”. Top form. Choked on my sip of water.

  55. Mark - UK
    Mark - UK09-19-2012

    Yo Ace, love the show but your ignorance of the facts sometimes really grates. If you watched The Daily Show 18/09/12 – you would see that the 47% is made up mostly of households who do pay payroll taxes but have a combined income is less than 50k, followed by individuals who earn less than 20k, The elderly and people in the armed forces. It’s actually only a very small percentage who don’t pay any form of tax. We get it your rich! you grew up poor and everybody else who works, but doesn’t have a garage full of classic cars can go fuck themselves for not making millions of dollars.

    • Wendy

      Your source is the Daily Show? They probably pulled that figure from the “non-partisan” Tax Policy Center. Not only is there welfare for the poor, there is welfare through tax credits for the wealthy and middle class.
      If this study proves anything. the tax code needs to be ovehauled.


    • tkwelge

      Adam never told poor people to go fuck themselves. And the fact that these people (people that include myself) pay payroll taxes is nothing fantastic. They will receive many times what they paid in when they retire. You are technically correct, but you’re not really making a case that part of society isnt living off of the wealthier part.

    • Dawgsrule

      You reference “The Daily Show” ? Please stay in the u.k.(notice I didn’t CAPITALIZE).

  56. SamuelJH

    -Every fanatic hides a secret doubt-
    Love hearing about the blueprint to guerrilla film making.
    Thank you.

  57. JaquesBall

    Thank god someone grew a spine on the show and called Adam out on a bullshit opinion. Or, in this case, Prager’s misleading statement. Go Alison!

  58. Elle

    I think the point is, Romney is saying that the [entitled] 47% is automatically voting for Obama. That’s a bit insulting to me: I’M NOT PART OF THE 47% AND I AM VOTING FOR OBAMA.

    • tkwelge

      He never said that. He merely said that these people were more likely to vote for obama, which is a high probability.

      • bbax2000

        Not correct. Have you ever been to the South? Poor people on entitlements vote Republican at least as much as Democratic.

        • tkwelge

          Wrong. There is no evidence that people in the South even receive more entitlement benefits. If you look at total federal funding per state, southern states do not necessarily receive more, some do, but the biggest states like Texas and Georgia where almost half of southerners live receive less money per capita from the federal government than California. Well, at least for 2005. Texas is a tax donor state, and the most populated state in the South. Also, there is no evidence that the southerners that receive the benefits are the ones voting republican. The people receiving the federal benefits are largely being outvoted come election time for the presidency.

          But nice try walking out this Dem talking point….

          Try some actual knowledge:


  59. Sarah

    I agree with a previous post that the woman in first class has a first class ticket so she can do whatever she wants too. Or is it just Adam who gets the special treatment?
    Anyway, the service dog thing drives me crazy. It is extremely easy to go online and buy a vest for your dog and say it’s a service dog. It sounds like the woman in first class had an emotional support animal which is different than a service dog. A service dog must be trained to do specific qualifying tasks to really be a service dog. The dog can’t just make you feel better, that’s not a task. I actually have a dog that I am training to be a service dog for me. I suffer from mental illness that is not completely controlled by medication. Some of the tasks my dog is trained to do is to go get emergency medication when needed and to make sure I wake up at a certain time to take medication because the medication I take can make me not wake up to an alarm. It’s frustrating to hear people say that service dogs are fake if they aren’t for physical impairments. My dog is a french bulldog and has saved my life. I am able to live a generally normal existence instead of staying in my house and not being able to work or function.

  60. Jesse

    Adam, keep it funny and stop trying to talk about anything remotely intellectual. Your lack of college education really shows its ugly face when you do.

    You are funny and have great common sense, but that doesn’t mean that you know ANYTHING about politics or socioeconomic issues. Please, stop. Thanks.

    • tkwelge

      He is 100% correct that the wealthy pay the majority of taxes. That is his main point.

  61. Beetonian

    No wonder Ace and the crew ignore these comments, it’s the same clowns spouting the same nonsense

  62. George

    Just want to say, Alison is a friggin’ riot. “the goat would have anxiety and then he would need a service pet..” LOL. I don’t know why Ace seems to make it a point to not laugh at his 2 sidekicks, but BB and Alison are hysterical. Must be a comedian thing.

  63. ETM

    Adam, Make a two square yard “Working Dog, Do Not Pet” vest and put it on a Great Dane. Then take your new dog into first class with you.

  64. SHammon

    When ever I hear Adam make retarded, superficial arguments about politics and economics, I always think of a quote the movie, Hollywood Shuffle: ” You dropped out of High School, so you don’t understand vectors or the theory of gravitivity” 🙂

    Yes. I’ve been a huge fan since The Ricky Rackman days. Adam might be the funniest guy in the 21st century. But he drives me nuts when he makes uninformed statements–and there’s no one to tell him he’s wrong. If there was not a huge outcry about Andres Serrano’s Piss Jesus, it was because not many people heard about it (in the pre tweet days) . But there was a huge outcry when John Lennon said The Beatles were bigger than Jesus. There were lots of death threats, and they cancelled shows all across the south. And Adam, it’s not a matter of opinion that taxes for wealthy Americans is lower not than it’s been in decades, it’s a fact.

    • Kevin

      How many of those death threats do you think were serious against Lennon? How many actual attacks occurred against Serrano and Lennon as compared to what happened to our embassies? Adam may make uninformed statements at time, but you are surpassing him on that account…easily.

    • tkwelge

      Actually, it depends on what you mean by “wealthy.” the top 20% is paying what they always have paid. Only the top 1% is paying a lower effective total rate (28-29% vs the 46% they were Paying in the 60s), and the poorest Americans are also paying less than they once were. The proportion of total taxes paid by the wealthy as a percent of the whole is also little changed from where it was decades ago. Adam is still correct when he points out that the wealthy pay the vast majority of the taxes.

  65. No name friend
    No name friend09-20-2012

    Adam: much love, but Dennis was WRONG about the Christians and Jews not complaining. Do you remember Passion of the Christ movieand thre threats against the theater owners? There were massive riots and threats. What about the wacko Christians who picket at the army funerals nowadays? What neo-nazis who — under the umbrella of christianity — threaten Jews and everyone else.

    I’m really on your side most of the time, but, friend, you really need to get out of LA and lead a more cosmopolitan life. Trust me — you probably think you are not provincial, but from someone who knows, you are rather provincial my friend.

    I will still listen, but I think you are really incorrect on this. This is really uninformed — it really does not make you look intelligent. It makes you look sad.

    • Dawgsrule

      You are so full of shit. Massive riots? In this country? You fool. The only time people got pissed off was went the theater was sold out. Pussy Libtard.

  66. RWS

    How about people just not park in the handicapped space? The arguement “it was late and nobody was around” means nothing. If it was so late then you could easily park in a regular parking space. You can’t make laws based on people’s judgement or “if it’s late and you feel like nobody will need one”. This goes for everything. People love to do shit they KNOW they’re not suppsed to do and then when they get called out, it’s all “hey man, relax, what’s the big deal, I think I should able to because…..” No, you can’t. Handicapped spaces are for people who are handicapped, you may not park there, ever. I have no sumpathy for people doing stupid things and getting tickets, you should get tickets.

    • HR

      Like many other similar things in this country, we’ve completely screwed up the “handicap parking” thing. Like the service dogs, people have learned how to easily concoct a way to snag a blue tag for their rearview mirror and park in the spaces. Now we’ve got handicap spaces friggin everywhere. Sure, we’re an obese, pathetically unhealthy society, but seriously…where a business once had four blue parking spots ten years ago, now they’ve got 20.

      Get on this Ace-man…it’s not tattoos and piercings that are the barometer of where our country’s heading. It’s the # of handicap spaces.

  67. DefNottaJew

    Adam’s favorite lead-in to the news is to tell the guest to “hang around and crack wise”. Not only can I not remember the last time he left enough of a gap for the guest to do so, I also can’t remember the last time Alison got more than 1 sentence into a story before he interrupts and goes on a 5-minute minimum tangent.

  68. Dawgsrule

    Dear Mr.Corolla,
    I listened to your podcast dated 09-17-12, in which you played a brief audio of the forum that you have with Mr. Prager. Mr. Prager mentioned the incident in 1989 of the artist named Serrano and the “Piss Jesus” controversy to draw a parallel to the Muslim uprisings of the past month. I believe his observation was valid but you and the mainstream media forget one fact. “Piss Jesus” was paid for by the NEA, the National Endowment for the Arts. The taxpayers of this country paid for an “artist” to pee in a glass jar and drop a crucifixion in it. A quick look on Lexus-Nexus will support my facts and will find that no one in our country threated him with death, nor that he had to go into hiding. It was only after he took “Piss Jesus” on a worldwide tour (SPONSERED BY TAXPAYERS OF THE USA) that he received death threats. I don’t care if anyone wants to watch Jesus, Allah, Muhammad, The Pope, Buddha, Yahweh, or Tom Cruise get dipped in piss. PAY FOR IT YOURSELF!!!!!!

  69. Jeff

    I call bullshit on this Darren guy, he did martial arts demonstrations and can’t even pronounce nunchucks? If he was arrested for having plastic nunchucks and held for a day, he would have an easy win in a lawsuit against the city.

  70. SHammon

    “How many of those death threats do you think were serious against Lennon?” I would think that quite a few were. We are talking about the south in the mid sixties. I suspect he was in the same amount of danger as the civil rights activists were, at that time. Remember how many of them were attacked, beaten and murdered ? The Beatles show was cancelled in Memphis, which was the same city where Martin Luther King was Assassinated a little over a year later. And who says we don’t have riots. There were massive riots after the MLK assassination. There were riots and looting after the Rodney King verdict. There were riots and looting during the ’77 blackout in NYC.

  71. kirk

    please keep Ray off your main podcast
    you’re throwing the loser a bone
    he has nothing to offer
    he is not bright, quick, or funny
    leave him on the home show
    which i won’t listen to because he is on it
    great that he is your friend
    and great that you want to help him
    but he is a loser
    and i emailed Alison that whenever he is on the podcast i will not listen
    which is bad
    because i love the show
    but he ruins it
    so….fuck Ray
    i buy stuff to help the pirate ship
    but i do not support the ship when ray is on it
    but i understand
    it’s your show
    it’s your podcast
    you are the man
    not every one likes ray
    in fact most do not
    good luck
    love the show and Alison
    as great as Teresa was
    Alison is easily twice fold
    and i’d love to bang that tight jew bitch
    i’d pull her hair
    but i digress
    please keep your friend ray in the closet
    I do not support any show or advertisers that he is on
    sorry Ray
    your a loser

    • Kirkman

      wow Kirk. nice brain puke.

  72. Doug

    I find it odd that Darren claims to be a nunchuck expert yet he can’t even pronounce the word properly. It’s not “numbchucks.”

  73. Jeff

    I’ve loved Adam for many years but he keeps saying he doesn’t lean right or left. He always states their all liars, etc. Nowadays he is very right leaning; he rants about the left all the time and appears on FOX news constantly agrees with Pragar on just abotu everything. Even drew disagreed with Pragar and Adam stuck up for him.

    I’m not saying thats a bad thing but at least admit your a Republican at this point.

    • tkwelge

      Not everyone who attacks the left is a republican. Not at all.

  74. oakland


    good thing adam cant read

  75. Yossarian

    Someone please explain the definition of “literally” to this guy!! He said “literally” about 9 times, almost all incorrectly. (David Wild does it also)

  76. greg

    I thought it was nuNchucks, not nuMchucks.

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