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Adam opens the show discussing another hard day’s work at the studio. He rants about the guys closing the bathroom door when nobody’s using it, and complains about the sandwich with extra mayo he got even though he didn’t order it that way. Alison then opens the news, and stories include a controversial homework assignment in Georgia, an unauthorized Obama book, and Snoop Dogg’s latest drug bust. Adam also takes a couple calls, and plays the Hypothetical Road Trip game with Larry Miller.

Today’s guest is author Daniele Bolelli, who talks about his book, ’50 Things You’re Not Supposed To Know.’ The guys talk about his strong Italian accent, even though he’s been in the states for 20 years. The guys also go through some of the book’s talking points on religion, and discuss how to start your own cult. Adam then asks Daniele about his black belt, and the guys agree on the simplicity of fighting.

In the last part of the show, Alison reads a news story about the number of twins being born in the United States. Adam talks about his own family’s struggles to conceive, and that of his buddy Hench. The guys pull Daniele into the conversation to see what God may have to say about medical help for conception and ending one’s life. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about a new Chrysler vehicle based on the same engineering as the Fiat, and some interesting driving statistics.

Click through Amazon, and pick up a copy of Daniele Bolelli’s new book, ’50 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know.’

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  1. Juicemann

    Disappointing. I actually appreciate that Adam is a ‘sincere atheist’ and that is fine but the problem is a helluva lot of philosophy, theology from people who have absolutely no idea how to deal with it. This is absolutely excruciating to listen to. Adam, why are you saying ‘people know what’s right?’ how do you know? compared to what? by what standard? because people ABSOLUTELY WILL MASS MURDER other people. Alison and Adam are entrenched and raised in a Judeo-Christian Theistic culture and this is why they think ‘Murdering Jews’ is ‘Morally wrong’. And will someone tell Alison that A BASIC PREMISE in Jewish and Christian religions is that people were created with an inherent (if damaged) moral compass? You guys need to stop these ‘atheist’ things. I promise you this comes off as REALLY BAD if a person is slightly more familiar with this philosophy past YT ‘atheist videos’. Really, don’t need anymore of these anti-Christian anti-Bible podcasts or comedians anyways. Got 100000’s of them already. You guys are better than this. /Novella.

    • Fresneck Freddy
      Fresneck Freddy01-10-2012

      what u babbling bout willis?

    • Jesus

      Cool story bro.

    • BigB

      I pity Juicemann and others who feel religion is necessary in order for people to act morally. Read up “The Science of Good and Evil” by Michael Shermer and get back to us.

    • donewithidiots

      Show was ok until the religion discussion. Trying to dismiss Christianity and Judaism by saying society doesn’t really need a moral compus since society is foolish. The absence of God in our society has been to it’s detriment. Look at American society in the 50’s with higher church attendance, compared to todays Jerry Springer generation. Rest my case.
      Stick to bashing cults and hippies.

      • Pop Warner
        Pop Warner01-11-2012

        What are you people talking about? Don’t you realize how uniquely qualified Adam Carolla is to answer the questions of the universe? Everyone should know that people who never read books or attempt to have questions answered from qualified sources takes a lot of academic discipline. When a man seals himself in his own echo chamber of subjective self created opinions he is clearly much the wiser than the rest of us.
        In all seriousness, what Adam suffers from has been glorified by the likes of corporate punditocracies owned by Rupert Murdoch (Fox News). What he suffers from is plain and simple: Incuriousness.
        When you look at all of the great minds of human history including Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein. . . each of these men remained curious throughout their lives.
        When one is convinced that he is in possession of the answers, he tends to go on to do and say horrible things.

      • Sev

        The irony in this post is awesome: Dude named “donewithidiots” who can’t even spell ‘compass’ giving us their insightful review of society’s progression and its downfall because less people are attending church and losing their moral ‘compus’.

        You’re doing the lord’s work indeed…

    • r

      Just because they didn’t mention your points doesn’t mean that they don’t know them and take them as a given that everyone else does too. The arguments you just put forth have been explored ad nauseum …apparently you are new to the philosophy party.

    • r

      You don’t have much to say either on the subject. We all know that Christian (it’s redundant to say Judeo Christian at this point) theology believes man is inherently (morally/spiritually) flawed. Maybe they didn’t mention this because they take it as a given that everyone knows this premise. Christ, you are a complainer!

    • Cyrus

      Yea, because you were forced to listen to it. As someone who minors in philosophy, you sound like someone who knows nothing about it. Religion epistemologically obliterates reason by either negating it or raising it to a supernatural level i.e. ‘God’s will’. And don’t even get me started on ethics or politics. You’re barking up the wrong tree. And really, if you don’t like Adam’s views, why the fuck do you listen to the podcast? I don’t spend my time listening to PODCASTS of people I have a fundamental philosophical difference with. Perhaps you should do the same, because you did a really shitty job of arguing your point.

      • Ghost of Donny
        Ghost of Donny01-11-2012

        Yea, and it’s also really hard to troll people hear too.

    • Cyrus

      Oh and for the record, morality is something based on an individual’s experiences and VALUES. It has NOTHING to do with some book, preacher, or deity telling you what’s right and wrong, as ALL religions claim. That is the antithesis of morality and ethics, yet is what an unfortunate number of people immediately think of when they hear the word ‘morality’. Those who VALUE human life don’t engage in mass murder ffs. You really should learn how to hold a logical argument.

      • Juicemann

        Hi Cyrus, Yes, morality is most definitely based on your experience, upbringing etc. If you grew up in Mayan cultures you would decide it is absolutely ‘good’ to capture other tribes, the more ‘innocent’ the better because this will make a ‘purer’ sacrifice. If you grew up experiencing and learning Nazi ideology you would think it entirely good to give Jews a ‘final solution’. Morally right and good to gas away. If you grew up in Mao’s China you would admire the many people who were starved to death for the purpose of forcing atheistic-communism to work. Or if you were in Stalins Russia? Your experience and VALUES would be exactly why you were proud of murdering 5000 people in a day and hanging Priests from Church gates. After all, this would be ‘morally right’ to you. Just as it was to proud Stalin. IF you were raised in pre-Christian Rome (or maybe a Spartan) you would agree there was absolutely nothing wrong with Sandusky sodomizing boys in a shower. The only reason you think it’s wrong is because your Christian culture taught you that VALUE. So, do you still want to tell me how to ‘hold a logical argument’?
        *Just a reminder, the judeo-christian (and others) do actually believe humans were born with an inherent moral compass. So you can stop ‘discovering’ and ‘announcing’ how people know right and wrong without a bible. Well you CAN keep saying that but just so you know THAT IS TAUGHT IN THE BIBLE ANYWAYS. So you are not ‘challenging’ anything.
        Anyways, someone asked ‘Why listen’? Well yes, that is a good question. But you should want me hyping the Aceman and boosting and bragging up this podcast and using the Amazon link. Its good for you.

  2. Jeff mclennan
    Jeff mclennan01-10-2012

    Bald Bryan: funniest thing you ever said: “Try to get a kid to NOT drink Kool-Aid.”

  3. Adam

    I got Depp to host my labor day party as Gilbert Grape. That whole white house thing is no big deal. He was cheaper than you might think.

    • Cyrus

      You clearly missed the reason why people took issue with it (so did Adam, incidentally).

      It’s not just ‘a rich guy being rich’. It’s the fucking PRESIDENT. It pisses people off when they see him partying. Remember how much shit Bush got for golfing? And beyond that, Larry was dead on. If it was their money, then no big deal. If it wasn’t, it is a big deal. But even if it was theirs, you still have to take into account all the secret service, security, etc that all go on the taxpayers’ dime.

      Presidents don’t need to throw Halloween parties for fuck’s sake.

  4. Cyrus

    They bust guys like Snoop because he’ll have to pay a fine and it’s easy money for them.

  5. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town01-10-2012

    I don’t care for the “moderation” aspect of the comments..
    I feel I have important points that are noy getting on here..
    They are not meant to be mean, but rather observational..
    Anyway, I love the show much better now than before..

  6. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town01-10-2012

    Oh, and thanks for having Larry on, I was worried that he may have went with Donny’s camp..
    Glad to see he in!!

    • Cyrus

      He still does his podcast! It’s on Ace’s network.

  7. Jose

    All together now Ex – Ex – Ex – Ex – Ex!

  8. Jake

    Frederick would get 14 beatings in one week.

    • Frederick

      … and 28 in two weeks.

  9. Tony

    Adam’s new book. Sweet!!

  10. Chief Bullshagger
    Chief Bullshagger01-10-2012

    Taking a curved knife from a canteen of curved knives….


  11. Doug


    You know you can’t trust anyone working a counter or wearing a uniform, especially if they qualify in both categories. The “porcelain punisher” Matt’s big mistake is leaving the place of business or letting the driver leave when dropping off the food without going through the order like a CSI team looking for their screw-ups.

    You know as well as anyone that people are tards and given the opportunity they will F it up. That being said, on the next delivered order hold the driver hostage and water-board them until they can repeat “easy mayo & heavy mustard” and they understand what that means.


  12. Mark

    “I’m not a monster.” – Alison

    Alison, your wit makes me hard.

  13. rushbaby

    I like Jim Croce.

  14. Darrell

    Love this show.But Adam when it comes to your TV car shows and your views on cars in general. Your audience is mostly Americans and Canadians. Yet all you talk about is German, Japanese and Italian Bullshit and you shit on American cars like the dodge dart. Look, 1969 Dodge Dart 340 4speed, one of the ripenest revenest cars ever. You couldn’t handle it .Datsun B210 any year, piece of shit not cool not fast not fun to drive .Put lipstick on a pig, you fuck’n kiss it. And soccer is football yeah right!

    • Robert

      You pick the one model year where they made a special edition that was cool. Most of us recall the early 70’s Dart “Swinger” Not fast. Not cool.

  15. Matt H
    Matt H01-10-2012

    Ha! Didn’t know Snoop Dog had a photo with a Cardinals beanie.

  16. JessMan

    sounds like the “fire ze missiles!!!” guy

  17. Jessica

    I love Alison, but she’s really stomping all over Adam’s points today. It started when AC was talking about the story of the Halloween party at the White House and Alison went off about prison cigarettes and then downhill from there. Usually, I love what AR has to add, but today……ehhh, not so much.

  18. Connard

    It on, we must get.

  19. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee01-10-2012

    Lisa Lampaneli said some nice things about Adam on the Howard Stern (AGT Judge) show. She said that Adam and Pen Gillete were the two smartest guys on the show.

  20. Caveman73

    Good guest. I’m gonna have to get this book.

  21. Shea

    Montana used to have no daytime speed limit, but then the Fed Govt threatened to take away federal road work funding, so now its 75 mph. The high speed correlates to the higher death rate.

  22. brandon

    Dig this vibe Aceman. What if all the celebrity/ successful people have trouble conceiving because of nature. Think about history, most children were born to the poor-middle class and a lot of the rulers and historical figures either have a couple kids or very few. Perhaps nature makes an attempt to limit the elite population.. idk if this makes a lot of sence. just came to me. LOVE THE SHOW

  23. DES

    I wonder if ADAM could play a little of the new van halen song and video, comment on it and recount some old KLSX days when he and David Lee Roth were the boy wonders of FM TALK.

    • fab

      Hey Des, did they reply to your post? I’m interested to hear what Ace has to say too.

  24. Jr. Bob Dobbs
    Jr. Bob Dobbs01-10-2012


  25. Jon

    “Sandusky tried to go to Brown…but he couldn’t get in.” I think that’s what Adam was going for.

  26. Whitney

    Especially good pod today… the Koolaid guy part made me laugh out loud. “Oh No!”

  27. Julia Gillespie
    Julia Gillespie01-10-2012

    Professor!!!!! I love Daniele Bolelli, he was my history of religion professor and got me so interested in the subject I made it my major, thank you Professor!!!!!

  28. Jorm_Valadez

    Alison, interns, or whoever, why don’t you guys talk about the SOPA bill? It’s scary that it’s supposedly #1 dl’d cast in the world and they don’t know jack shit, let alone your listeners… cept for that one caller.

  29. Bobby

    I agree 100% with “Juicemann”. Enough!

    • Cyrus

      Everybody knows Adam’s an atheist and has ranted against religion for years. Either accept that or don’t listen, it’s not fucking rocket science.

  30. Fresneck Freddy
    Fresneck Freddy01-10-2012

    this is a test post to see if it sneaks past Adam’s automated moderator software……..

  31. daniel gallie
    daniel gallie01-10-2012

    is assistant Matt the same Matt who was on The Adam Carolla Project?

    • Tom B
      Tom B01-11-2012

      I’ve been wondering that for a while……cause that Matt was definitely gayer than a rainbow and Adam had a few questionable scenes with him (namely Ace wearing nothing but a bathrob and a cup of coffee in his hand)

      If Sonny is already gay, why does Adam need a gay assistant too? Unless… *gasp* do all those homo-erotic comments from Ace mean something..?!

      • Andy90

        The ‘Porcelain Punisher’ is Matt Fondelier, not the same flamboyantly gay Matt from the TLC show. Adam’s personal assistant is Jay.

  32. Scott Terror
    Scott Terror01-10-2012

    “BTW, what was I scared of? Was he going to dump another milkshake on his head?”

    That is light speed comedy. I LOL-ed for a couple minutes.

  33. Gerry Peticca
    Gerry Peticca01-10-2012


    Just to let you know the Dodge Dart is based on an Alpha Romeo vehicle called the Giulietta which is highly regarded in Europe. The engines have a technology used in the Formula One Ferrari called Mult-air. The vehicle is packed full of high-tech features as well. Its not your typical Fiat from days of old.


  34. Yortuk

    Get on!

    No choice!

    Mandate – Get On!

  35. Johnny Wilco
    Johnny Wilco01-11-2012

    That SOPA guy on the show is exactly the sort of self entitled “why shouldn’t I have whatever everyone else has got” jerk-wad that Adam has been talking about the last few shows.
    The way the pro internet piracy brigade pretend that it’s some kind of moral crusade about freedom of speech is so lame. They just think they deserve free sh*t and tie themselves in knots trying to justify it.
    Booo hooo you might have to work to pay for the movies and music you like so much. Get a job.

  36. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town01-11-2012

    Would have been nice to hear a little more about Daniele’s book…If you care to hear more he was on Joe Rogan’s podcast not to long ago..Some good conversation there
    +_+ get it on!!!

  37. mike C
    mike C01-11-2012

    Listen to this guy on Joe Rogan’s podcast. He is actually very interesting. Adam gave him 2 minutes to discuss his points and then moved on to some stupid rants.

    This pirate ship is sinking slowly – but hey they’ll have a new studio soon!

  38. Dave

    Is it too much to ask for a translator??

    Let’s say you have full control over your life. Theoretically this means you can be and have anything you want. How many times during the course of your life have you worked really hard for something but never got anywhere or didn’t reach your expected goal? Just one of many thoughts to argue atheism..

  39. Ivan

    Adam was in rare form. Hilarious!!!

  40. mnoswad1

    wtf ….am I on a shit list or something……the moderators are getting out of hand over there.

    Fiat cost less than Mini……Adam was wrong…….wow……don’t put that on the comments board.

    Or is it the use of “offensive” words like all the pedophilia talk in every podcast.?

  41. Maria Conchita Alonza Quesadilla Hernandez Luis Gonzales
    Maria Conchita Alonza Quesadilla Hernandez Luis Gonzales01-12-2012

    Guy looks like a hung over Roberto Benigni

  42. Bartenational

    Adam, Great Show as per usual. One observation, you seem to say “well I am no model” a few times. then compare the people at the post office “well there are no models at the post office” . I could be wrong but you seem to secretly want to be a model, and your whole life is based on “your not being a model”.

    also for some reason your complaining (as well as billy Cunningham here in cincinnati) has a soothing effect on me while I sit in a cubical wasting my life away one dollar per hour at a time … it takes my mind off the pathetic excuse for a life I have …. I am not thomas edision … the wright brothers … tesla … these people did something noticeable with their lives … . I am slowly watching the clock of life tick away …

    ok back to your show …

  43. peaceoutchucker

    It’s a well known fact that Adam basis his opinions on his experiences, but that’s what you signed up for. If you don’t like it, stop listening. Right or wrong, he’s an entertainer. So make up your mind, either you like him to have strong opinionated rants or you don’t. You don’t get to like his rants about LAPD and whine about his ranting on religion.

  44. Willie Marks
    Willie Marks01-12-2012

    “If you go to jail do you quit smoking or blah blah.” Dumb sentence of the day from A. sometimes i wonder where the fuck is she going.

  45. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace02-12-2012

    Liked the guest, particuarly cause he sounds likeTriumph the insult comic-dog ( … for me to poop on)

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