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Adam opens the show discussing his hip problems and the MRI he had to get last week. He also talks about a classroom lecture he gave at USC, and recalls Dr. Drew’s study on narcissism. The guys then talk about Adam’s weekend at the Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach, and Adam talks about everything from visiting the children’s hospital to winning the big race. They even watch some clips of the race as Adam gives commentary.

Daniel Pyne then joins the show, and Adam talks with him about his love of the movie Fractuce, which Daniel wrote. The guys also talk about Daniel’s work with J.J. Abrams on the TV series Alcatraz, and Adam pitches a movie idea to forward to the big wigs.

Alison starts up the news with updates on the Trayvon Martin case, and the secret service agents who got busted in Columbia dealing with prostitutes. Also in the news, Mitt Romney is considering hosting SNL and the guys watch his Top 10 segment on David Letterman. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss the latest inductions into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, a 4-year-old member of MENSA, and Angelina Jolie’s creepy brother.


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Hassled at Long Beach

First Two Laps

Eddie Cibrian & Brody Jenner get tangled up

Hill Harper and Kim Coates

Victory Lap

Romney’s Top Ten

Super Chicken

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. chu


    • perry


  2. reno

    I love me some ally….. your waisting my time>

  3. Andrew

    Adrian Brodie is the #1 douche-bag. He looks like a 24/7 ad for Aqua Velvet.

  4. uncle joe
    uncle joe04-16-2012

    Could of honestly left the car talk for car cast. I’m an open minded guy, but that shit bored me to tears and I know and could feel everyone in the studio was, as well.

    • stnuntrnd

      you mean, “Could have …”, right?

    • Zach


    • LRStrat

      Adam was excited about winning and wanted to share. Uncle Joe you could have skipped the epsode instead to WHINING!! Congratulation Aceman!!!!

  5. Jon Tollefson
    Jon Tollefson04-16-2012

    Congrats, Aceman!! Very Happy for you!!

  6. Kevin Rubio
    Kevin Rubio04-16-2012

    So…. I guess this ends your loosing streak.

    • stnuntrnd

      just because he won doesn’t mean Adam has stopped loosing…

      • Balky

        Is anybody else able to spell “losing”?

    • Jeff714

      Retards confuse loosing with losing.

    • Yak

      Is Adam still loose? Someone should tighten him up.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore04-17-2012

      WTF is a “loosing streak?”

  7. Tony

    Congratulations Aceman!!!

  8. reb

    lose the “hard work” diatribes

    • lANCE

      instead of showing the shame turned inward, and the rage turned outward, shut up and go get a job

  9. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee04-16-2012

    LBGP – Get it on Adam – Will (Was) this broadcast?

  10. J ROC
    J ROC04-16-2012

    It’s concrete, not cement Adam. You know that. You’re re-enforcing the idiot masses. Cement is a component of concrete: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concrete

  11. Katie

    Beastie boys SUCK, about time ace man mentions them. Also what was up with the audio today? I could hear every breathe they sucked in through the mic. Super painful to listen to

  12. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee04-16-2012

    AWESOME PASS ADAM! Loved the in car videos. I’m glad Adam didn’t get tangled up with anyone this year and I’m guessing that the Vintage Racing had to have helped with what looked like him running good smooth lines while the other guys looked all herky jerky, almost hitting the walls and then each other, good race Adam!

  13. Ras

    Ace – when you make those lectures at USC – are they only for students or can other people attend? I would love to see you speak to a group of college students and I know USC holds public free lectures on campus as well.

  14. Patrick

    Enough with John Hiatt. Hiatt is good, whatever. He did the sound track to a Disney movie…

    Wow… that’s…. that’s great.

    Just accept that you’re taste in music is based more on lyrics than it is on ACTUAL music.

    • Snausages

      ive had this same sentiment forever…its chicks who like songs for the words.
      i could give a shit about the words myself

    • Gulia

      Couldn’t agree more! If you like music just for the lyrics, you might as well go read poetry instead. And just because music doesn’t use “real instruments” doesn’t take away from the fact that a REAL musician wrote and arranged it. I love the Aceman, and agree about some of his sentiments about music (e.g., Beasties, U2, RHCP all suck), but his anti-80s rants can be excessive

  15. The Archduke
    The Archduke04-16-2012

    I was there for the race Adam, you did great! Glad to see you win!

  16. Boych

    I love Carolla but his rants on music drive me nuts. Everyone likes different music, get over it. Just because someone likes something you don’t, does not make them a retard. Then you play some of the shittiest music(that you like) to emphasize your point. I guess since I don’t like your music, you’re a retard.

    Your the best, keep it up. Hate your music rants but that’s about it.

    • wingo

      Seconded. I would also point out that he takes lyrics a little seriously. Fine, if you’re analyzing poetry in English class, but there is much more to music.

      Adam always rants about how people that know nothing about comedy should shut up and stop telling him what is funny. So I would say chill on the all of the judgmental shit when it comes to music, because I am a musician with a degree in music and it would follow that you have no right as a comedian to tell me what is or is not ‘good’. Like what you like, but leave it at that.

      Otherwise, I dig the show.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore04-17-2012

      We need to make a Douchebag Adam template on mememaker: COMPLAINS ABOUT HOW ALL OTHER MUSIC SUCKS, PLAYS MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES AS THEME

  17. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper04-16-2012

    Adam giving speeches in business schools & giving out toys to sick children? WHAT UNIVERSE AM I IN?!?!

  18. Penelope

    For listeners! The sound issue gets much better after 44 min in. Hang in there!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-16-2012

      It comes back.

  19. DonnySac

    Great job on winning the race Ace – the videos were great.

  20. Alison Fan
    Alison Fan04-16-2012

    “He’s been the soundtrack to my life.” Perfection, thy name is Alison Rosen.

  21. nathan

    I couldn’t see the video when I listened to the podcast this morning but I get it now that I watched the video. I know that victory comes in many forms day to day, but being able to cruise around Long Beach after a win like this. I can only imagine how good a feeling it was. I can see why you said it was the greatest moment of your life. You could hear people cheering for you at every turn and not just random noise, they were saying your name, not like at a show but with something you do after the work is done. People that do not put themselves in competitive situations will never understand a win or a big win. Winning at something that you put your heart into and love makes it all the more sweetness! Artist of the track.

  22. Macaroni and Cheese
    Macaroni and Cheese04-16-2012

    Not that my opinion matters much here, but I thought I would list who I think have been the best guests of the show.

    Best of the best / the obvious choices (since they already frequent the show):

    Dana Gould
    Josh Gardner
    Greg Fitzsimmons
    Harland Williams
    David Wild
    Patrick Warburton
    Joel McHale
    Bryan Cranston
    Dr. Drew
    Natasha Leggero

    Guests who haven’t been as regular as the above (at least recently) who I think warrant regular spots:

    Ben Schwartz (great improv)
    Chris Jericho (pleasantly surprised with how quick-witted he is)
    Arsenio Hall (not much of a surprise that he’s good in this type of format)
    Chris Isaak (very good anecdotes and great attitude)
    Andy Dick (probably his personal issues are what keep him from being on more)

    I’m sure I’m missing a bunch that aren’t coming to mind right now.

    • J.D. Posey
      J.D. Posey04-17-2012

      Agreed on every single guest you listed.

      One of my favorite moments is still the “Peanut and guy in line at the post office” Stamps.com live read Adam did with DAG.

      Also, I propose a “worst guest list” to accompany this…

      I can’t think of too many off the top of my head except for the one guest I KNOW was definitely the very worst :

      Bai Ling

      …If only for momentarily exposing my ears to this auditory excrement she apparently thinks passes for “music” :

      Maybe if Bryan and Alison had also been there to make fun of her with Adam it might have been more bearable.

      Anyway, feel free to add to this whoever else you think belongs on the “worst of” guest list.

      Oh, and keep up the awesome work, Adam! The wife and I both love the show! 🙂

      • Macaroni and Cheese
        Macaroni and Cheese04-18-2012

        It’s probably harder to come up with a worst guest list cause you don’t remember them unless they’re insanely bad, lol, but I would have to agree as well. Bai Ling was pretty devoid of any interesting thoughts or stories whatsoever.

        I hate to say it, but Daniel Pyne was pretty boring. Maybe he didn’t get enough of a chance to speak, but I feel like the great guests (even just the good ones) find a way to interject with interesting thoughts.

        Darren Bousman was so-so. Robert Kiyosaki was probably not the best fit for this type of format.

        Mr. Skin was one of the weirdest / creepiest guest (not a big surprise though).

        It’s hilarious how Jill Zarin thought she’s be a great co-host on a show with Adam.

        I actually liked Lou Ferrigno as a guest on the podcast, but then I saw him on Celebrity Apprentice, and he seemed like a total tool as well as a broken record.

        I feel bad for how much Adam rips on Dr. Bruce / Dr. Spazz.

        On a positive note, Jordan Morris and Matt Zaller were pretty quick-witted. I forgot Marc Maron on the best of list. Also, I think Key and Peele were funnier on this podcast than they were on their show (I mean that as a compliment – I thought they were very funny on the podcast). Shawn Hatosy was surprisingly good. Oh yeah, and Mary Birdsong was very funny. She could totally fill in for Allison sometimes.

        Oh shit, how did I forget Patton Oswalt? He’s definitely on the best of. Also, Norm Macdonald. He is hilarious whenever he appears on anything as a guest. Kumail Nanjiani was also very good.

  23. d

    best drop 2012 might go to sonny: “ya just a-wastin mah time!!!!”

    • Greg

      I don’t think he’s saying “a-wastin my time”. I think he’s saying “a waste OF my time”

  24. Jim

    The video is just like Super Mario Kart

  25. Yancy

    Congrats Aceman. Tell Buick to suck one.

  26. Lance

    CONGRATS Aceman! It was kick ass watching your vids!

    I hope you get the audio fixed soon. The super loud breathing takes me out of the lullaby dream state your fairytale voice puts me in….

  27. Jack Silver
    Jack Silver04-16-2012

    Hey Aceman… Big Jack Silver here.
    When did the show become the nascar station?
    Your descriptive monologue on the race track sucks more than Heidi and Franks podcast.


    Bring on the yuks Ace and more traffic and weather.

  28. Jack Silver
    Jack Silver04-16-2012

    Hey Aceman…Big Jack Silver checking in again.
    Noticed you avoided the news, weather and traffic and at 10 two and ten after the hour.
    Well here’s the headline for todays show: your toyota grand prix review is blowing more smoke than Dan Weldon’s @ss.

    Two Words: Wing bOWL!!!

  29. Geoff

    solid show, we need a lot more Larry Miller though.

  30. Joker

    I picture Adam going to his closet and it’s like that TV or movie scene done numerous times–recently on the Monk series and often in cartoons–where there are dozens of the same outfit hanging neatly. “I’m going to USC today. Should I wear the orange plaid shirt, or…the orange plaid shirt?”.

  31. von spiel
    von spiel04-16-2012

    breaking!!!!! No braking! delete delete Go Tom Brady and take two draft choices!

  32. Joker

    Hey Adam,

    Remove ‘With or Without You’ from your U2 stereotype in you hollow skull.

    Listen to U2: Vertigo, Sunday Bloody Sunday, One, Desire, Numb, Mysterious Ways, I Will Follow, October, All I Want Is You, Bullet the Blue Sky, A Sorta Homecoming, and dozens of others.

    There is no ‘bugga bugga bugga’ in these songs. U2 has recorded hundreds of songs. Listen to them for fuck’s sake.

    You keep hearing these songs on satellite radio and have formed a biased opinion: Where the Streets Have no Name, Pride, I still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, and Bad.

    By the way, most of the shit you like sucks.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-17-2012

      U2 sucks.

  33. 3rd Mijo
    3rd Mijo04-16-2012

    It appears from the photo that they FINALLY got Graham Wellington on the show.
    Sanjay Kumar was going to come in but openings aren’t available, regardless of the recency in which it was printed in the paper.

  34. Mike

    not sure if the race was longer than adam’s recap of it.

  35. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle04-17-2012

    Daniel Pyne sounds just like Roland from The Opie and Anthony Show.

  36. setlasmon

    this one isnt playing for me. I blame Donny.

  37. Martin

    Way to win Ace ! Proud to be part of The Pirate Ship ….

  38. Bobby

    It’s great to hear Adam still on a victory high. Competition is good and there’s nothing like working hard, giving it your best effort, and if it’s good enough….winning!! Adam is right about the idiocy of the “participation trophy” mentality. It’s more poisonous liberal nonsense and a guaranteed path to mediocrity & decline. Let’s put a stake through suicidal left wing schemes such as multiculturalism, the idea that no culture is superior to any other..it’s obvious bs and a blatant attempt to erode and destroy OUR culture. Just take a look at the mess that is Western Europe……..On a different subject, I listened to the podcast while on a drive from Oklahoma to northern Louisiana and it sounded like Adam was hooked up to an oxygen tank. Every inhale sounded like it might be his last. What’s up with the audio???

  39. Matt S
    Matt S04-17-2012

    I’ve been a die hard listener for almost a year now. I had to turn this podcast off after about 5 minutes. Adam’s heavy sucking in air noise he kept making after almost every sentence drove me insane. What the hell was that? How could any of you stand it? I’ve never heard him do that before. Was he too close to the mic or something? If this sucking in air sound continues in future podcasts then I’m done as a listener. This is coming from someone that bought the last book and has the new one on pre-order and downloads and listens to every podcast. I even got into the old loveline tapes recently. Just sayin how big a fan I am and how impossibly annoying Adam’s breathing was.

    • Daniel

      Yeah bothered me too

  40. Troy

    You interviewed Daniel Pyne and didn’t ask him anything about the TV show Alcatraz or his book. The show is shot in Vancouver where I live and is going through some big changes. Not even a 5 minute discussion about the show?

    His book has an interesting title, but I have no idea what it means or what the book is about.

    Love you Adam, but if you have a guest on, how about a few questions about the guest?

  41. louie miller
    louie miller04-17-2012

    love the podcast adam. glorious. just wanted to bust your balls about the mics on this episode,could hear your every breath and it sounded like a fat asthmatic! Get it on!

  42. FU

    Aceman, john hiatt sucks.

    Now you know.

  43. Just a waste of my time!
    Just a waste of my time!04-17-2012

    Cutest drop ever!

  44. screwjack

    this dan pyne nerd with cottonmouth is a bore!

  45. BS

    I like how Ace was giving the hang loose sign. Classic

  46. Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice04-18-2012

    The trans- am is so clutch and the best part is the parking job. Sad to say, but our lives are vanilla yogurt by comparison.

  47. What's Up Brogan
    What's Up Brogan04-18-2012

    Aceman even made a reference to the sound being off, and somehow this was not fixed. Are there not people whose entire job is to fix said issues? Step it up, Gary, Moxaloxa and crew!

  48. Craig

    Mensa has some rather ditsy members. I wouldn’t trust their judgement on intelligence.

  49. Timothy

    What’s wrong with Adam’s mic? Is he breathing heavy into it, or something?

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