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Dana Gould

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Adam opens the show talking with Alison about a strange dream she had last night that Adam was a part of. Dana Gould is also in studio, and talks with Adam about performing in Seattle and the experience of raising his adopted daughters. In the news, the top story is about the police raid on the Occupy LA protesters. They also discuss Occupy Montreal, and an argument that Adam had with Sonny about Jay Leno’s garage.

Also in the news, Chick-fil-A is suing someone for stealing their slogan. Dana brings up the recent death of boxer Ken Norton, which may or may not be true. Later, they talk about Jesse Eisenberg suing filmmakers for putting his name and image on a movie poster for a film he’s barely in, and Adam recalls the sexy tunics of Logan’s Run. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss the ban being lifted on horsemeat inspections, and Alison shares Priceline’s most affordable days to travel.


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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Audio: Jeff Fox
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Connard

    Ken Norton is still alive. WTF kind of rumor is Gould trying to spread?

  2. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace12-01-2011

    Viva! EL BJ is back!

  3. Fred Cipriano
    Fred Cipriano12-01-2011

    Great episode as always ACEMAN! I’m thinking of taking improv classes up at the UCB east because of you, Keep it up!

  4. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town12-01-2011

    Adam, Glen Beck is listening!! He likes it!!
    Keep on gettin it on!!!! +_+

  5. dancingspanishman

    Dana should be on every single podcast, every single day.

  6. Jim

    Yes!! Dana is the #1 guest. Love the Huell skits as well as his fast, off the cuff humor. He really has the comedy gift. If I was famous, that would be a money making blurb.

  7. Dave

    Dana is so freaking funny. I don’t ever laugh so hard.

  8. Ledgewood

    According to a quick look on the internets, Ken Norton is not dead. Which is a good thing for him.

  9. Colin Devlin
    Colin Devlin12-01-2011

    Dude, you’re blowing up on Glenn Beck’s website, the blaze.

  10. Mark T.
    Mark T.12-01-2011

    Ace Man, Glenn Beck has been showering you with praise on his radio show all morning. He loved your OWS rant. Expect your phone to ring off the hook today. Please consider making a GBTV appearance!

  11. mike

    After listening to Adam on loveline for many years , and the illiterate individuals with their love affair with the word “LIKE” Brian should count the times he uses this annoying word.You are college educated are you not Brian.

    • Wow

      Learn to use fucking commas correctly. Then come back and complain about Brain. Secondly, spend years kicking ass at trivia, win big on ‘Millionaire, be talented enough to be Ace’s sidekick, deal with a brain tumor, then come back and make that little “college educated, are you not (sniff)” joke.

  12. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett12-01-2011

    Ken Norton is still alive. Ron Lyle passed away a few days ago.

  13. Blue haired protest carny
    Blue haired protest carny12-01-2011

    Dana Gould is D U M B. A few appearances ago, he called the Tea Part Palinistas. Really, Dana? Now he’s saying OWS has valid points and right wingers are just racist. First off, income is not distributed, it is earned. Second, one group is demanding hand outs for doing nothing, and the other just wants to keep the income they earn and the gov’t to stop spending us into becoming Greece.
    Just stick to your C-level routine sharing a headline at the Laff Hole.

    • James Rogers
      James Rogers12-14-2011

      He sounds like his only news source is comedy central. He knows the bullet points that the left spews daily.

  14. Kal

    Best best best best podcast in a long time. More Dana Gould!

  15. Adam

    Lol. I was frantically googling Ken Norton trying to figure out how I missed hearing of his death.

  16. Harry Seward
    Harry Seward12-01-2011

    Can we have some sort of label for shows where Adam’s going to do more than 30 minutes on how protesting is unAmerican and that the people protesting how impossible it is to get a job should just go get a job? I’m sick of being told that the system works if you work hard enough by someone who had to shoplift because he was so hungry.

    I love every other minute of every show. But if we can’t give it a rest on this stuff it’s going to block up the septic tank.

  17. rushbaby

    good one!

  18. Howard

    Ken Norton’s not dead

  19. madmonk

    You sure you dont mean Ron Lyle?

  20. James Rogers
    James Rogers12-01-2011

    Ace, you’re blowing up on the Glenn Beck show right now!

  21. Susie

    Dana is such a great guest!

  22. Angie

    Adam’s making headlines: http://www.theblaze.com/

    • stnuntrnd

      Rush Limbaugh show first hour on 12/02 did a “clean” version of Adam’s OWS rant..

  23. Bill Fulginiti
    Bill Fulginiti12-01-2011

    Ken Norton dead? Are you sure?

  24. IFB

    Ken Norton is not dead.

  25. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee12-01-2011

    With used truck sells being strong and with all the great new truck incentives, buying a new truck is actually a better idea. I know because I’ve been trying to buy a used truck in AZ and they are scarce. Probably the same situation in So Cal… just saying.

  26. Skymaster T
    Skymaster T12-01-2011

    I’m very disappointed that we didn’t hear any Huell.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle12-05-2011


  27. Mark T.
    Mark T.12-01-2011

    Aceman, I tried to post this earlier but it never showed up. Sorry if this is a repeat. Give your post moderator nudge to wake him up.

    I hope someone gets you a copy of the audio from today’s Glenn Beck radio show. He opened saying that he LOVES YOU! He heard your rant on OWS and talked about how AWESOME it was for over an hour. He even played a bleeped version on air. The guys on the show were giddy!

    And he has your rant, unedited, on his TheBlaze.com website. I hope he pushes a lot of new listeners your way. I would lay money down that your podcast jumps in the iTunes charts.

    Seriously, dude, you two have more in common than you might think. You both started your own networks so that you can say what you want whenever you want. People are responding to hearing the unvarnished truth from both of you (me included). AND you are both proving wildly successful. You guys are both internet entertainment pioneers, imho.

    He said that he wanted to get you on the air. I hope you take the opportunity. I really want you to go into his studio and tape an episode of GBTV. If he offers, PLEASE SAY YES!

    Beck & Carolla in 2012! Get it on!

  28. Jeff714

    Dana Gould had Ron Lyle mixed up with Ken Norton.

  29. Ace

    Great to hear Dana again, he is one funny MFer! Disappointed they didn’t do any Huell Howser bits though, they have to do that every time. My co-workers probably think I’m crazy, I laughed like a madman through the whole equine-bovine discussion. “They can’t achieve orgasm.”

  30. David

    I just wet your beak by buying a trickle charger and a gas can. GET IT ON!

  31. Moe

    Ha, I liked Alison’s little shot at Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope’s Man Show.
    Love ya Joe Rogan but it was funny.lol

  32. Dan

    Have Dana Gould on every day. At the very least, he should replace Larry Miller.

    • Sean

      No. Dana Gould is great. But Larry Miller is irreplaceable. I feel like I should be incredibly angry at you and rail against you for not enjoying what I personally believe to be one of the most charming comics of all time, but that would involve starting a fight on the internet, and i’m drinking and don’t have time for that. I hope Larry is drinking and doesn’t have time to read that horrific insult.

  33. LOBO

    There IS something to that “Episode IV, A New Hope.” I remember being aware of it for years, puzzling over it.

    -Didn’t the scrolling intro start with that phrase?

  34. Marc In Seattle
    Marc In Seattle12-02-2011

    Hey Adam…you have to realize that when Glen Beck is agreeing with you, you know nothing about the subject. Read about the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, aka the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLB). Then read about the corporations as persons debate that has extended 14th amendment rights to non-human entities. Then formulate an opinion on the OWS movement that isn’t backed by ignorance. I forgot, you can’t read well, so maybe just watch a couple eps of The Colbert Report instead.

    Also tell Dana to lay off the cocaine before guesting a podcast with you, his timing is terrible.

  35. D.A.

    Dana did confuse Ron Lyle with Ken Norton. That said, Lyle/Foreman was one of the best heavyweight fights ever.

    As for Thomas Hearns with the two nicknames; he was originally “The Hitman”, but later in his career the “Motor City Cobra” nickname came a part of his legacy. At the time when Hearns was a welterweight champ, Donald Curry was “The Cobra” and going up the ladder.

  36. eric

    I am a huge corolla fan funniest guy on the planet.But when it comes to politics the guy is dumber then shh.former radio and podcast colleagues”see above”thought he should some symptoms of aspergers, some say a high functioning autism.This make him a comedic genius. But when it comes to people and politics in real life and not a joke about it. He see everything in black and white and not the? gray.Or thing or people are just good or bad. If he knew what was really going on he wouldnt feel tht way

  37. EB

    Best part of this podcast was Dana going into his Ghandi voice and Adam joining in with his Arabic accent version of Ghandi. Hilarious.

  38. Keith

    We love early onset adolescent diabetes, but we’re also pretty thick with the Lord.

  39. jim

    Dana is the best guest.

  40. greg

    Remember when Adam said Americans had a short memory? He said Audi had a shit product but turned it around? I don’t know about the new Fiat, but apparently Adam’s now willing to give them a second chance. His hypocrisy drives me nuts.

  41. greg

    not willing, I meant.

  42. MizLottie

    ADORE Dana Gould! Hysterical episode and he didn’t even do any Huell!

  43. PoopChute

    Ace. Ur one of a kind. I hate politics. Rush and gBeck lack the talent of your pinky finger.

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