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Show Summary

Live from the Irvine Improv, Adam opens the show complaining about the awful traffic on the way into town. Dana Gould is then brought on stage, and Adam recalls back to his days of being kept up all night by his party animal roommates. The guys also chat about what Adam would do if he was a ghost, and take an audience question from a dentist, which leads Adam on a huge rant about flavors of tooth paste and the going rate for the tooth fairy.

In the news, Whitney Houston’s cause of death has been released. They also talk about a new Bill Maher article, a kid who asked a porn star to prom, and a new vibrating tattoo. Later, the guys chat about an interesting new form of protest involving macramé, and Adam explains his new passion fruit allergy campaign. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss the ridiculousness of razor blades and spray paint cans being kept behind bars, and introduce a new form of video communication, Keek.


Check out http://DanaGould.com for more info on today’s guest.

Also be sure to follow Adam at http://Keek.com/AdamCarolla and send in your short form video questions/comments.

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Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. asdf

    who’s the whore on the projector

    • Ghandi

      Megan Piper (pornstar)

    • Beemer

      I thought it was Alison. But of course she’d never let that pic get on there.

  2. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson03-23-2012

    OK who is that girl on the left and why are there not several thousand pictures of her here?

    • b

      Holy shit, guys. Read the synopsis and then put two and two together. For the love of Christ you guys are dumb. And unashamed.

      • a

        A full synopsis was not posted at the time that I commented. Nice job going down the comments and leaving a bunch of pretentious responses… Chill out and take the stick out of your ass!

  3. b

    Get Andy Fickman back in!

  4. John

    From show credits, “Show Summary: Matt Fondiler”. Kept it short and sweet. Must have had other pressing matters (insert sound effect).

  5. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III03-23-2012

    News girl gets a little excited and thinks she’s co-host…..but maybe she is who knows. Good show despite the interruptions though.

  6. Matt

    Rich Man, Poor Man: Calling Steve Jobs, Stephen Jobs. If you’re rich he was a close personal friend so you call him Stephen. If you’re poor you have no clue who he was so you just start calling him Stephen (Not sure where Adam is at on this one, lol).

  7. MC White
    MC White03-23-2012

    Mike and Mike: OMFG: Thanks for showing that pic of Allison with a middriff, now my Libido has a new home. You are so bangin’!!! I love you A. Love your podcast too!!!

    Adam: I saw 4 (FOUR!!!) construction workers yesterday, all separate occasions, all off of a work site, wearing their helmets. I think I’ll take a pic next time. One of them was serving himself a “slurpee” type drink in a Walgreens, no I’m not lying. Right across the street from the new Train Station construction site in San Francisco. Just because you never wore your helmet proudly, doesn’t mean there aren’t other brave soldiers showing off their studly, sweaty bodies off to others in this fine City. They were not working, and I don’t think the Slurpee machine was a dangerous machine…

    Love your show.

    • b

      Not Alison. Did that possibility even cross your mind?

      • MC White
        MC White03-27-2012

        Yes, except she never wears non-black, and it wasn’t like it doesn’t look exactly like her. Sorry A Hole.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-28-2012

      Adam doesn’t read.

  8. Another Adam
    Another Adam03-23-2012

    Another (R) hating guest. I’m glad Ace isn’t like that. He’d lose this fan.

  9. LFC

    Dana Gould, top of the food chain. Always a winner with him!

    It must be a west coast thing re: hygienists. My wife and her sister (fair skin, red hair, anglo, etc.) are both hygienists.

  10. Chris Soprych
    Chris Soprych03-23-2012

    You can make a difference and save a life by joining Stop Passion Fruit Allergies Facebook page. Our cause. Our passion.


  11. HamiltonNJ

    Is Dana Gould funny and I’m just missing something? Feels like he forces his comedy too much, doesn’t let the comedy come to him.

    • Balky

      Dana Gould is definitely funny…BUT I know what you mean. Things feel very forced at times…some of the comments seemed canned, which is sometimes off-putting.

      • Frank

        Adam recycles the same guests over and over again. Dana Gould is okay, but he is not good enough to be on twice a month. Now, it looks like Rosen is just taking the same guests.Why? It’s not entertaining.

  12. thedecade

    Like Alison but in this setting louder doesn’t always equal more funny.

  13. Chuck E
    Chuck E03-23-2012

    Dana Gould thinks he’s so funny.

    • b

      Yeah, the lowest form of comedy is the kind that requires you to think and know references.

  14. john smith
    john smith03-23-2012

    who’s that chick in the picture (on the screen)?

    • duke lacrosse
      duke lacrosse03-23-2012

      he is

  15. The Nightman
    The Nightman03-23-2012

    Great show! Lots of new stories & jokes from the Aceman and plenty of room for everyone else to chime in and be funny too!

  16. roomservicetaco

    nobody better than dana gould. wish he were on once a week, if not more.

  17. Aaron

    Who’s the girl on the screen in the background?

  18. sloozen1

    McCartney also wears a toop now too…Where’s the pix?

  19. awildermode

    where is the facebook link for passion fruit?

  20. Tony

    Dana Gould just needs to go away. All he does is step on Adam and is not even slightly funny. I know Adam likes him simply because Dana’s wife is a big exec… but come on man,,, he is horrible..

    • duke lacrosse
      duke lacrosse03-23-2012

      dana gould is amazing

  21. gendo1


  22. PowerpuffGrl

    WOW, everyone needs to make sure they clear their throats before these podcasts. Dana sounds extra phlegmy!

  23. Ben Weddle
    Ben Weddle03-23-2012

    Adam and Dana Gould working the same stage is the “Ground Zero” of comedy! I can’t wait until next Friday’s show at the Uptown here in KC.

  24. cg

    No pictures? What gives?

  25. Edmond Stoops
    Edmond Stoops03-23-2012

    Great show last night. Adam was in rare form, Alison and Bryan were a riot and Dana Gould – what can you say about Mr. Gould (who crossed several lines last night) that can be said in polite company? Dana – and his teeth – added a whole other dimension of comedic disturbia to the evening.

    Come back to the OC real soon.

  26. Joe

    ACE man, saw drive last night. Cranston was Awesome! that shitty car chase cinematic where he goes super fast in reverse, so minor. Bald Bryans got it right, AWESOME MOVIE!

  27. RAs

    Nice jib with the one sentence summary Matt – you are really out doing yourself. BTW – why doesn’t anyone whip out a phone and take some photos and video at these live shows?

  28. J Pete
    J Pete03-23-2012

    Alison – do your research: “Toxicology results also showed Houston had marijuana, Xanax, the muscle relaxant Flexeril, and the allergy medication Benadryl in her system.”

  29. chuckiegorman

    I’ve never even seen passionfruit iced tea anywhere. I think Adam just eats at rich restaurants too much.

  30. Bernard Briden
    Bernard Briden03-23-2012

    What?! Spider poison is people poison?!

  31. Scott David Garven
    Scott David Garven03-23-2012

    Great show last night. Great seeing everyone since the Beer Keg party a few years ago.

    Pleasure meeting Alison and Mike.

    Keep it up all.

  32. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse03-23-2012

    great show, always better when ace and dana are together. alison is my new best friend and bryan needs to speak up at these live shows. cumon bry bry we all love you. unless you disagree.

  33. DES



    Yes dear!!!

  34. Phill

    That porn star looks like allison……….

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-28-2012

      …Alison looks like that porn star.

  35. Jeff

    Am I the only one who find this guy… dana gould… terribly unfunny and uninteresting?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-28-2012


  36. Paulie

    I’m sorry but Dana Gould is just not funny.

  37. TML

    Dana Gould sucks, shouting over people isn’t that funny. He had a couple of decent one-liners but holy shit most of his jokes were horrible. Thankfully, Bald Bryan understands he doesn’t bring a lot to the show besides the drops and keeps out of the way–Alison needs to take note. Overall, the live shows suck pretty hard.

  38. Ian

    Speaking of people who are are hyped as hilarious, but who have never made me crack a smile, how many times is Dana Gould going to be on this show? His constant interrupting make this episode painful to listen to. Bald Bryan couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-28-2012

      Bryan isn’t there to speak, he’s there to play drops.

  39. Cam

    People saying Dana Gould isn’t funny are pretty much announcing that they don’t like comedy. It’s kinda like saying you wouldn’t Kim K (As if she’d bang you anyways) would a tell that you aren’t into anal.

    Dana Go(u)ld is pure comedic genius and if you think otherwise, then you need your goddamn head examined.

    Aceman and crew also bringing the goods as usual.

    And to all the whiners who are complaining about people stepping over each other; they’re TRYING to entertain you and for free no less. Would you rather they all just sit there in silence? It’s live comedy and it’s never going to be prefect. If you don’t like it, take you and your vagina and plug into Kevin Smith’s podcast and leave us the piss alone!

    • Duck Manson
      Duck Manson03-26-2012

      “It’s kinda like saying you wouldn’t Kim K would a tell that you aren’t into anal.”

      You seriously need to go back to school and learn to write.

      And no, I wouldn’t do Kim. I wouldn’t be able to. Her midget legs and disproportionate wide ass gross me out. It’d be like banging some kind of freak.

  40. Chris

    Alison is better looking than that chick on the screen. She is funny. To you who think Dana Gould isn’t funny, whose famous and got the money? It aint you thats for sure. Its him.Whats up with passion fruit allergies and why are idiots trying to stop it? I love passion fruit tea and juice and fruit.

  41. MoneyLendingArab

    “For a ghost: porno is two sheets in a dryer”

  42. Jose

    Down boys, the girl in the pic behind Adam on stage is Megan Piper. Le the spanking commence.

  43. Patrick

    Damn this was an unfunny show. Dana Gould really sucks. Mahalo.

  44. Bob

    Can’t stand live shows, so much forced yelling.

    • Jim

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Chris

      its not the yelling, its the mics and bad sound guy

  45. Max

    Holy shit, great podcast! Dana and Alison work nicely together!

  46. MC White
    MC White03-24-2012

    I agree about the Passionfruit Ice Tea drought…where the hell is Adam eating? Sorry, I’ve NEVER been in any restaurant ordered Ice Tea, and had not standard Ice Tea brought to me. What the hell are you talking about Ace Man?

  47. Jim

    How can anyone stand these live shows? Adam turns on the gravel voice where he yells and forces jokes at a mile-a-minute, most of which are puns and comments on phrases that could mean something else (cock block could be GOOD, you guys! Get it!). It’s not funny because it’s not natural or relaxed. For a while, it seemed like this live-show persona was seeping into the regular podcast, but lately it’s been toned down. Give me a relaxed, slightly annoyed Adam any day over the Adam who’s trying to impress a few hundred people in the audience.

  48. Serena

    Dana Gould is awesome! Love him and Adam together. The only way the show would have been better is if someone muzzled Alison. That chick is just not funny.

    • donewithidiots

      I went and listened to older shows with the other woman on Allison took the place of. Much better shows, chemistry. Much more interesting even considering she was a goofy lib. Allison just isn’t flowing and natural. Don’t get Dana Goulds brand of comedy. Just not for me. Like when Adam rants against the cops for doing what their ordered to do. If they started bucking their administration, and just doing their job like Adam thinks they should, they’d be repeatedly disciplined, and eventually fired.

  49. Joe

    Bald Bryan and Alison are both fantastic. Especially Alison though. I think they have a good sense of balance when it comes to deciding on when to chime in and when to sit back and let the Ace man do his thing.

  50. Sarah's smoke detector
    Sarah's smoke detector03-24-2012

    No huell’s jewels? That bit rocked.

  51. greg

    live shows should have more bits, like made up movie or mr brightside, so ace man always has something to feed off of.

  52. funkmon

    I LOVE live shows, and I LOVE Dana Gould. Every time you guys have him on, or have a live show, I buy something on Amazon. DEAL?! Twice for Penn, btw.

  53. Katie

    Was I mishearing this.. or did Alison seriously say she interviewed Charlie Chaplin?! Uh…He died 34 years ago.

  54. Douchebagel

    Why do all of you hate Alison so much? I think she’s funny and really miss her when she’s not on. Bryan, too. If you people hate the show so much and only come up to piss and moan about something you get for FREE, why do you even listen to it?

  55. Yossarian

    Dana Gould – definitely NOT funny.

  56. Avery

    Alison > Dana Gould

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