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Dana Gould sits down with Adam and the gang right from the top of the show. The guys joke about the ‘Most Interesting Man In The World’ commercials, and why men don’t listen to women. They also rip apart terrible Tim Burton movies, and analyze being quirky versus being funny. Later, the guys make fun of Huell Howser clips as he explores Old Pasadena.

In the news, Alison reports that Mitt Romney has received the Republican nomination, despite a major typo in his recently released app. The guys also discuss whether bullies have high or low self-esteem, and Adam recalls some of the teasing and messing around he did as a kid. Other news stories revolve around Kathie Lee Gifford’s apology to Martin Short, and a gangbang at the LA Coliseum. The show wraps up with Adam talking to a high schooler about boy scouts and robotics.


Follow Dana on Twitter @DanaJGould. Also be sure to visit his website at http://danagould.com


Huell Howser

Kathie Lee and Hoda

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Producer: Mike Lynch
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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. nothing

    OK, now the fun begins.

  2. Susie-Q

    I really hope this episode has some Huell Howser in it, I sure miss that segment when Dana is on! It’s so funny!!!

    • Susie-Q

      Oh yay!!!! I see that it does! You’ve all made my month!!! 😀

  3. Jez

    the funniest line I’ve ever heard on the podcast was Dana Gould doing Huell:
    “I can’t bury you alive if you keep throwing dirt out of the hole I’m putting it in.”

    • Wang Wrangler
      Wang Wrangler06-01-2012

      YES! I was just thinking about that

  4. Will

    Love me some Dana Gould. That’s some good pod.

  5. Adam's Hypocrisy
    Adam's Hypocrisy05-31-2012

    Have to point this out.

    Ace always complains that his wife and others do that thing where they ask, “Did you feed Molly”? And that he answers “Yes” and they ask again, “So you feed Molly”? and that they will go through a few rounds of that. (I don’t disagree, that is annoying).

    But…during the Rick Roll episode he mentioned a conversation, one he has brought up before so we all know it, where a girl has the same name as a song and he ask them if they know the song. They clearly reply that they don’t, but he keeps on with, “but wouldn’t you know it this way”, again she replies “no”, “what about that way”, “no”, “well surely your dad told you about…”, “no”, “really, never heard of it huh”, “no”. And proceeds to do a few rounds of it with them.

    He gets annoyed, when his wife does it to him, because he figures, “What the eff do you think’s going to happen? During this interrogation I am suddenly going to realize, oh wait, I didn’t feed Molly”. And he thinks she and other people who do this to him are crazy, but when he does it to the other person that person is crazy, and he expects different rules for his own behavior than he expects from others. That is a sign of a narcissist for sure.

    Like that girl was going to say, “Oh no, you’re right. I didn’t think I know a song about my name, but since you asked if my dad ever brought it up, yeah you’re right, it turns out the whole time I did know a song about my name.”

    Is it just me, or is it the same thing he complains about other people doing?

    • Ju

      Just you.

      • D.

        Eat dick. Thanks.

    • Lucio

      YES, thought the same thing. Haha.

    • MC White
      MC White06-01-2012

      Shush Ju!

      It is not just you. You are discovering the wonderful world of Adam, and how chaging up the rules to benefit his story or point of view is his game. Shoulda heard him a few shows back, when Allison and Bryan has the audacity to question his methods of “helping” a young girl who was overweight (hypothetical scenario) improve her situation, and putting aside efforts to help her feel better about herself. He was so livid anyone would disagree with him.

      I notice folks who tend to complain or overly complain about some pet peeve, tend to be guilty of it too, from time to time. I also notice, when Adam is familiar with some issue, he tends to be presumptive that it is “common knowledge” when it likely isn’t. This applies to Pop Culture, which he is an expert, but many are not. I think I notice this a lot, when he has on guests who are more technically knowledgeable, and Adam is not “enamored” by them, so gets more easily pissed when they don’t follow the “pop culture” references his is constantly making.

    • Jas Hook
      Jas Hook06-01-2012

      So your name is ‘Adam’s Hypocrisy’ and you post counter points to Adam’s thoughts on his own fucking website? You trying to start a revolution, dick wagon?

    • Meh

      Nobody likes to point out Adam’s hypocrisy more than I do but I don’t see it with that example……..Adam is merely trying to unearth how a human being can go their whole life without accidently hearing a pop culture song about their name. He’s not trying to convince them that they did hear it, and he should quickly realize that these people are the same folks who never hear the beeping smoke detecter in their bedroom. In the juxtaposed Lynette stance, Lynette is asking if Molly was fed in blind tautology. There is nothing to unearth there unless Adam has a history of forgetting to feed the dog.

  6. Stacey E
    Stacey E05-31-2012

    Without having listened to this I can answer the statement, “Why men don’t listen to women”. It’s because they’re arogant shitheads that think they’re superior intellectually because they have a dick. Because a very small percentage of men have been inventors, that means you’re all “wicked smart”? I guess I should overlook the fact that about half the men I come into contact with every day have shelf-like foreheads and knuckles that skim the ground while they walk.
    But of course I’m just a girl, what would I know?

    • ian

      aww, someone hates men… bless your little heart.

    • dolantrack

      You’re single right? You must be a joy to work with. I’m just saying……………………………………………..

      • dolantrack

        And Stacey, does it piss you off that God is a man and INVENTED you?

    • BW

      I’m sorry sweety, did you say something?

    • Robert F
      Robert F05-31-2012

      “It’s because they’re arogant shitheads that think they’re superior intellectually because they have a dick. Because a very small percentage of men have been inventors”

      “But of course I’m just a girl, what would I know?” – obviously nothing just don’t block your three holes

    • Badger

      Not much, that’s why you adopt a shitty attitude without ‘having listened to this’

      You go, girl. Another blow struck against the patriarchy


    • D.

      Poor thing. Must be rough not being able to see your snatch due to your gunt. At least you can smell it.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-01-2012

      I find myself strangely attracted to Stacey E.

    • Blake Chambers
      Blake Chambers06-01-2012

      that’s a great point… now make me a sandwich

  7. SubDude

    Dana Gould is frickin hilarious!!! I couldn’t stop laughing.

  8. Jim

    My favorite guest!

  9. Headley

    Man, there’s about nothing better than Dana Gould doing Huell Howser.

    • Susie-Q

      I agree!!! Can’t wait to listen to it!

  10. Dutchie

    Damn, the show is on a roll lately. Great guests and Adam is in such a good mood. Much better than all the bitter political rants that dominated the ending of last year. Dana Gould is by far my favourite guest on the show. He is so witty and has great chemistry with Adam and Alison. His podcast is great, too.
    GET IT ON!!

    • phil landers
      phil landers06-01-2012

      I agree wholeheartedly…on all your points. Those angry, unfunny, political rants were depressing to listen to….they were…. just a waste of my time. He has returned to being happy and hilarious again.

    • REB

      Gould and DAG are so incredibly quick and funny.

      Just realized I have listened to every single episode, all but three or four the morning they went up. If the podcast ever went away, it would be many times worse than the shock of the day they made the announcement on the radio show.

  11. GuyDudeBreaux

    “it’s funny, sometimes I close my eyes and I pretend I’m king of a land where babies are money”

    Dana Gould is so much funnier on Carolla than he is on his own podcast.

  12. Kyle

    Can’t get enough Dana Gould. I was crying at work from laughing so hard at his Huell impressions.

  13. Dave

    Dana Gould! Sweet! Is definitely on the Mount Rushmore of Guests!

  14. Norm Walker
    Norm Walker05-31-2012

    What no picture of the balls??

  15. Dirty D
    Dirty D05-31-2012

    No more Dana Gould!!! He SUCKS!!!!!!

  16. Josh A
    Josh A05-31-2012

    Love me some Dana Gould and Huell Howser, great show.

  17. Jim Turner
    Jim Turner05-31-2012

    I want to suck Adam’s cock!!

  18. MobileJoel

    Bob Newhart could’ve pulled off the Burt Lancaster at Baghdad Cafe bit.

  19. brad sherwood
    brad sherwood05-31-2012

    Dana Gould’s too good to shoehorn him into Huell Howser every time. The possibility of new stuff that can happen when Adam and Dana bounce off each other is more exciting than repeatedly ridiculing the ridiculous HH. Like Quirkity, if Dana hadn’t come in with Dark Shadows stuff, Adam would likely never have coined that term.

  20. dave

    california gold is everything seinfeld wanted to be: the show about nothing. why do we watch it? because it’s on tv!

  21. Joel P
    Joel P05-31-2012

    Always great.

  22. Blue Maverick
    Blue Maverick05-31-2012

    More Dana Gould please.

    That’s AMAZING!

  23. Russ

    I’m guessing Adan was/is an Andy Griffith Show fan. Barney Fife was famous for doing that exaggerated inhale thing.

  24. Haley Potter
    Haley Potter05-31-2012

    WOOHOO! My day is always brightened when I see a Dana Gould episode waiting for me.

  25. Matt Stutlen
    Matt Stutlen05-31-2012

    Adam –

    You can’t let the back of your book “thing” go because: deep inside, you know that it’s wrong to mock Jesus Christ.

    • gmac

      Hahaha you silly little man. Jesus is a fictional character. It’s no more wrong to mock him than it is to mock the big bad wolf, or the wicked witch of the west, or any other fairy tale creation.

      • Robin

        Here’s another joke that no one got. (Meaning Matt’s)

  26. Dustin

    I could listen to Dana’s Huell skits all day. Well done on another great show, guys!

  27. FilipinoSpoonFighting

    Dana is more shrimpier than I thought

  28. wow

    dear lord i lost it at dana’s huell suicide on the santa monica ferris wheel

    • ClubSlice

      I lost it when he came out with the devil voice telling Huell to just do it – Dana is amazingly fast witted. “You like roller coasters, M-Fer!”

  29. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams05-31-2012

    Jocks only bully other jocks and anyone who thinks differently in making it up? Just plain stupid.

  30. Tommy. A
    Tommy. A05-31-2012

    Watch the movie before ya say anything! Come one Dana & Adam! .. Bald Byran should know Better! MEL BROOKs must be a fucking HACK & the King of Quorkidy by your standards.. Look at his movies like The Producers, High Aniexty, or Young Frankenstein & so on.. How about how slapstick Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World is! But those are Classics! COME On Guys! Give me a fucking break!

  31. Tommy. A
    Tommy. A05-31-2012

    on regards to Wes Anderson. On Tim Burton the gang is Right On!!

    • reb

      in regards

  32. Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell05-31-2012

    Listening to Adam pat himself on the back for his ‘lazy as a Jamaican amputee’ quip while repeating the ‘Rasta/Bob Marley’ bit for the 3rd time in two weeks was unintentional comic genius. Senile or lazy; you make the call. I’m guessing he doesn’t see the irony. Dana Gould is fantastic, tho…

  33. the point man
    the point man05-31-2012

    freaking hilarious show. Good times.

  34. Matt Pat
    Matt Pat05-31-2012

    You know, I really enjoyed Tim Burton’s take on Batman with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. I think Burton set some fantastic groundwork for what “could have been” a great series of films. I realize Nicholson has the capability to knock a film out of the park, even if the script is shit, and Keaton has his moments, but there was certainly a lot of good things Burton did with that film.

    • bill

      My 2nd favorite batman. But I feel like Keaton and Nicholson are what make it. Good hero, good bad guy, hard to screw that up.

    • MPG

      The ’89 Batman was pure gold. The irony is at the time we all thought that Joker/Nicholson stole the show. Now, in retrospect, since Ledger blew the Joker character away, we all now regard Michael Keaton as the best movie Batman by a long shot.

  35. dolantrack

    Awesome show today guys-you too Matt. Dana and Huell-love it. You used to do a lot of huell on the radio show and it should be a regular feature. More Huell drops Bryan! You think he would come in as a guest? There is an emmy in it for you Mike.I’m just saying……………………………………………………………

  36. Jaymeson

    Another hilarious episode. Go Adam and Gang!

  37. Paul C.
    Paul C.05-31-2012

    I really miss Larry Miller on the show – I hope he’s ok.

  38. BIRDY

    Dana Gould. Probably the funniest human being alive. And hey, Dana, lookin’ good by the way!

  39. Ras

    I have been so supportive about this podcast and I keep getting censored off this website. So much for wanting to listen to the voice of the fans…

  40. MPG

    You guys lingered WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long on the “quirkity” film concept.
    Also, Bryan you missed a golden time to use Dana as Huell saying “That’s AMAZING” when he was talking about feigning interest in his wife’s stories. Instead, you went with the ever-annoying and overused

  41. Ryan II
    Ryan II05-31-2012

    Ka-fucking-blooey! I love the exploration into HH’S dark side

  42. reb

    must have been unimaginably horrible for someone to think your name is andrea when it’s actually alison

  43. Rachel

    I’m sure Adam is doing a lot of press before the book, please let us know the shows/podcasts he is going to be on. Also, I just saw that Bald Bryan was on Paul Gilmartins podcast. His with Teresa was the best podcast I have heard in a long time. Please let us know where you guys are! I always enjoy all of you in different enviroments!

  44. Lauren

    Funniest episode!!!! Third time listening – laughing like crazy. LOVE Heull’s Jewels!!!!

  45. Grace

    I thought DG was gay? He mentioned a wife.

    • Grace

      Sorry, I got him confused with Todd Glass.

  46. TS

    Dana Gould’s podcast is pretty great. My favorite episode is probably the Conspiracies one, but they’ve all been good so far.

    Also, I don’t agree with the previous commenter that Gould is “wasted” on the HH bits, but he’s super legit as a guest. And BTW, about time Carolla was on Gould’s podcast instead of the other way around.

  47. JuiceObrian

    Honestly; I ALMOST skipped this podcast only because it annoys me when Dana Gould (ordinarily great) finds the need to interject the most arrogant left-wing liberal insults and declarations,
    ..This was easily one of THE FUNNIEST DAMN podcasts I have ever heard. I don’t even know who this TV broadcaster old dude is.. but was tearing up laughing. Everyone was bang-on with zingers, quote-worthy, rapid-fire hilarious!

    Instant classic episode!

  48. JoeMoeTokyo

    Dana Gould and DAG are the only guests who actually make Adam genuinely laugh. Not the “ha-ha” he usually give Alison when she has a good one, or the big fake gaffaw he uses when a guest makes a clever remark. He actually loses control and lets out a silly sounding high-pitched nasily “he-he-he-he” cracking-up giggle.

    Dana is funny on his own podcast and elsewhere, but with Carolla, he takes it to a whole new level. These 2 have serious chemistry.

    Eff Dennis Prager, Adam and Dana should go on tour together. When they role play, it’s out of this world hilarious.

  49. Ass Craddell Dela Cheapo
    Ass Craddell Dela Cheapo06-01-2012

    If Wikipedia is to be believed…Of the 20 (not 40 as was stated) major theatrically released films that Tim Burton is connected with, he only directed 15, wrote 2 and both on only 1(last two stats came as a surprise for me). It’s hard to know where to credit him(Burton). Visually, his fingerprint is hard to miss but he wasn’t always calling the shots. Nevertheless, despite what Dana had to say, the list is not too shabby. I’m sure there would be lots of disagreement on where to make the cut between good and bad.

    I think it’s off target to think it takes balls to make a good movie. It assumes the parts are there just waiting to be assembled. If anything I think it’s probably all they got and the balls would be to pull the plug and not make a weak movie. At face value they might think it’s fine as it was being made. Hindsight is 20/20?

  50. Ass Craddell Dela Cheapo
    Ass Craddell Dela Cheapo06-01-2012

    The Bully’s Handbook says to keep it fresh! Nobody likes a boring bully. Be creative.Putting your targets in the hospital takes them out of the action and draws unwanted attention. Make ’em flinch, the occasional false crack is enough to keep the fear adrenalin flowing(the best kind of lube). Be like the wind, appear out of no where, your presence will be felt even in your absence when they are consumed with the notion that you could be anywhere. Crush them with numbers, bring friends. A wall of of intimidation can serve multiple purposes(as well as be social): develop your vertical hierarchy – train your ‘lieutenants’ as well as increase your reach. Bodily harm should be mixed with damage to property. Learn to time your moments, leverage can be applied just by delaying them at the right moment. Eventually you may achieve the ability to just look at them and have them turn over the goods. ‘Who you?’ They gave it to you, you thought it was a gift. No bullying here, move along.

    So, anyway…yes it is possible to be bullied everyday. Just by virtue of keeping the thought alive in the mind of the target.

  51. danaconda

    🙂 do me a favor…keep FUCKING me 🙂

  52. Gean

    Dana’s probably my favorite guest. That guy is goodtimes.

  53. Jamie Gillis
    Jamie Gillis06-01-2012

    I usually don’t heap praise easily, but Dana Gould is like the mailman… he always DELIVERS.

  54. Justin


  55. Brett

    Less ACE talking about how a lot of people just imagined they were being bullied and more Dana Gould!

  56. Riggz

    Dana Gould is the funniest guest ever! Man the guy is always on, always laugh out loud funny. The Huel Howser stuff is so friggin’ funny!

  57. Clive Bixby
    Clive Bixby06-01-2012

    “Every day is Halloween when have to pick up an outfit … and if you go as yourself, you won’t get any candy.” Insightful!

    Larry Miller update please!

  58. Brian

    The first 45 minutes of this episode are by far one of the best bit of comedy you will hear on any show anywhere, tv / radio / podcasts, it doesn’t matter. This is why Adam is #1, and why Dana Gould is the most underrated comedian of his generation.

    “You like roller coasters motherfucker !?!?” I nearly choked from laughing so hard.

  59. Ryan

    Love the show and listen every day, but I cringe every time he mentions an upcoming race. This inevitably leads to 25 minutes of listening to Adam watching his race footage (which we can’t see) and tons of dead air and them him saying “OK, this is where the guy makes the pass…oh wait a minute, that’s not it. Oh, yeah, here’s the part coming up right here. No…”… etc. I just grit my teeth and pound through it because you never know when he’s gonna bust out with something funny. This is one of the very few things I tune out on.

  60. Elle

    I think the bully thing is that they have a false sense of high self esteem. They think they’re great, but we all know they really aren’t great.

    And can we please have Dana on the whole show next time?!

  61. JuiceObrian

    On Jamaican Snipers (paraphrasing) ‘ and its not easy to turn those big knit rastarian hats around when you lay down on the rooftop to look through the scope”

    On oldest looking rock-loving dude as extra in Zombie movie:
    ‘wait.. i know zombies are green an all.. but come on.. lets not put our foot through a picasso’

    ‘Icabod Crane “c’mon pops how bout a powerbar’

    ‘ im gonna put a bunch of shotgun shells in my mouth, duct tape my mouth, light myself on fire and when i get hot enough.. KAblooom! and I’m gonna do it on the top of a ferris wheel AND YOU’RE GONNA DO IT TOO!’

    ‘Monday Shovelers’

    It’s not Old Towne Pasadena. Its ‘Old Pasadena’

    This episode is pure gold

  62. Blake

    Dana is always a great guest!!! Dana and Dag are my favorite guests.

  63. Shew


  64. Caveman73

    You like roller coasters motherfucker?!

  65. Mark A.
    Mark A.06-01-2012

    Good episode.

  66. Brad Lee Butcher
    Brad Lee Butcher06-02-2012

    This is the funniest show I’ve heard! Holy shit! I’ve heard everyone of your casts. This is it. MOUTHFUL OF SHOTGUN SHELLS! GOLD!

  67. Alan Corrola
    Alan Corrola06-02-2012

    The first couple of times I heard Dana Gould and Adam talking about Huell Howser, I thought Huell was a character played by Dana, and all the clips were bits he’d produced.

  68. corporations8mybaby

    Alison, I think people don’t change *much after 12. When it comes to bullying however, I think that’s where things can change the most because they are about *power balance* and that changes a lot when you are in high school and can even FLIP or Invert in College… I bet most girls who bullied us between 8-12 would NEVER bully anyone today. Boys that bullied after 13 were usually abused at home. Most of them are in jail or dead… the rest of them have totally stopped.
    I’m a guy, and I got bullied by older girls mostly in 3rd and 4th grade… and then that all stopped. By the time guys were bullying it was a whole different thing. So… I think you can talk to that girl… and she might not even remember any of it.

  69. Justin

    Starting at the 38 or 39 minute mark to about the 45 or 48 minute point when Adam and Dana were discussing the local Public Broadcaster Huell Howser, I was laughing harder then I ever had at a podcast.. Dana’s impression of Howser is some seriously funny shit.

    “You like roller coasters, motherfucker!?!”

  70. Bonzer Wolf
    Bonzer Wolf06-04-2012

    Driving cross country listening to Dana Gould doing Huell, tears rolling down my face while LMAO…can a no laughing while driving law be very far off?

  71. Ian Kavanagh
    Ian Kavanagh06-04-2012

    ‘Do you like roller coasters mother-fucker!?’ I listen to show during my morning workout. Thank dog I’m up early enough that other people can’t see me laughing. Alison needs more praise- zingers, wow. Ian

  72. A.R.d.

    Good point about changing your behaviour. It’s a two-way street: The wiring of your brain shapes your behaviour, and your behaviour can equally shape your brain’s wiring, to change a bad habit. A good way to stop a nagging\bad behaviour, is to stop thinking about it in a way that reinforces the flaw. For example, “Why do I suck at golf?” and thinking only about how you suck (and to no surprise you don’t get better); versus “Why am I so good at learning a new sport?” and then thinking about how you are good at practicing to get better, sticking to it, listening to advice… The same applies to crappy ways of thinking about your own life, and trying to improve your quality of life. If you think nothing but shitty thoughts, your actions will be nothing but…what? You guessed it.

  73. BDOGG72

    HOLY COW!!! This was a hilarious episode. Dana is so awesome. The old guy’s “Huh” sound, just great. I almost crashed on I275, I was laughing so hard, I was crying, I was laughing so hard at “Oh you just bought it, Burt Lancaster’s never been here.” I’ve heard that bit many times, yet it’s still funny. “You ever been on a hook?” “Do me a favor, keep fuckin’ with me Robert! “DO THEY STILL MAKE RAAAAAZZLES???? Love Huel’s DEVIL VOICE – YOU’RE GONNA DO IT TOO! and when he yelled out “DO YOU LIKE ROLLERCOASTERS MOTHERFUCKA!!!!????” pure gold, pure genius!!!!

  74. Kain

    God please bring back Dana more often, the H.H material had me cracking up!
    I actually saw him on TV the other day for the first time lol. He was visiting some garden in Cali was funny as hell.

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