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Adam opens the show talking with his employees to ensure that tonight’s pizza order is correct. He also rants about ringtones that don’t give you a chance to answer the phone, and groups of people who can’t stay quiet. Dave Dameshek then enters the studio and discusses message board reactions to his last appearance. This week’s #1 Sports focuses on LA Hockey, and Shek follows up with the Creep of the Week.

Adam has a chat with Olympian Dan O’Brien about why he needs to have kids. Dan talks about a recent visit to Disneyland and also talks about his early life with adopted siblings. Alison Rosen then starts up the news talking about Adam’s birthday. The group also discusses the death of the Lockerbie bomber, the city with the worst traffic, and a scandal involving a coach and student attending prom together. The show wraps up with a story about a guy suing a restaurant over an all you can eat buffet.


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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
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Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Mark


    I was reminded of this the other day when that crazy meth-addicted grandma rang into the old show during a Mr. Brightside segment (clip here: http://www.thisyearcollection.org/2012/04/28-adam-carolla-show-july-2007.html). While Adam was trying to help the woman Dave was laughing maniacally throughout. Dave is awesome 😀

    • Chris

      2006 of the Adam Carolla Radio Show was fantastic. Dave was so great. Especially compared to Bonaduche. I love all of Dave’s projects (Daves of Thunder, and the Dave Damesheck Football Program).

      • fanbla72

        yeah, more Dave Dameshek. his positive vibe offsets Carolla’s funny yet tragic negativity, nicely.

        makes for good pod.

  2. DukeLacrosse

    Wow, acemans your out there longer then 20 mins a period because of normal game stoppages and then even longer ones for commercials. Its a water bottle in an area of the ice is “out of bounds”, ie if a puck goes up (on top) its a whistle, so its not as if the water bottle is in the way.

    • Sean LaFavor
      Sean LaFavor05-29-2012

      Exactly. There’s nowhere else in sports where a player is on the field for (stoppages included) a half hour or more at a time. With 40 pounds of equipment on, those guys will sweat out about 10 pounds per game… the water bottle is not a promotional frivolity, it is a biological necessity.

  3. RoRo

    Love me some Shek! Too bad he didn’t get a Dieter Brock reference in.

  4. Roy

    do it dave! i forgot how fun it was to have dave in the group

  5. NicK

    Dude that voice mail rant was part of one of George Carlin’s “Complaints and Grievances.”

  6. Clem

    More Jacuzzi Thoughts!

    • Peter in Oakland
      Peter in Oakland05-31-2012

      Sadly we need Feeney
      and (more importantly) Jacuzzi Pete (or Cioffi)
      for any quality “Jacuzzi Thoughts”

  7. SubDude

    Wow, Adams lengthy rant about ring tones was incredibly stupid today. Uh, ring tones on cell phones are a $4 billion dollar per year industry and they can be set any way you like them OR turned off to vibrate OR turned off all together. The ownership of the annoying ring tone isn’t on the provider or the technology inside the cell phone. The ownership is on the idiot that can’t figure out how to use the frickin phone.

    DUH! Hey Adam! Wake up, it’s 2012. They figured this one out about ten years ago. End Rant.

  8. Ben Ciotti
    Ben Ciotti05-28-2012

    The only ringtone I ever use is the single beep. Just one short, quick isolated beep, and then the phone stays silent as you take your time to answer or ignore it at your leisure. It’s so unobtrusive that when it goes off in a theater or classroom, no one even notices, much less has time to angrily glare at you. It’s available on any $20 prepaid cellphone, so surely it would be on a smartphone. Right?

  9. Takeda

    I think the next Ace ring tone ought to be the chirp of a smoke detector in 32-second intervals.

    • mystady.com

      32 seconds? By that point they’ve hung up.

    • George

      LOL, good stuff..

    • Mrs Fuller
      Mrs Fuller05-29-2012

      Takeda – now that was funny

  10. Silent Running
    Silent Running05-28-2012

    Fitting that it’s hunched over, sort of like a goblin.

  11. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III05-28-2012

    Good show.

  12. DonnySac

    Back-to-back Creeps of the Weeks and no Barry Bonds?

    • DonnySac

      And this being the anniversary of Bonds hitting his 715th home run to pass Babe Ruth.

  13. Steven

    Per the cell phone discussion.

    Is these mostly Apple issues and you can’t customize? I have heard everyone on the show talk about having iPhones.

    On the phone I have now and the last one, both HTC, you can pretty much customize all of this when dealing with the ringing. The ringing volume will decrease by moving the phone and vibration on anything is on/off by selection. The interval between rings is pretty much same issue unless you pick and trim your own ringtone.

    Nothing replaces just turning off the phone or ringer completely for most situations which is what we should be doing.

    But we would probably go insane if we could not look at “the precious” every few seconds….

  14. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams05-28-2012

    “I was adopted…” . Love it when Ace Man is called on his inane bullshit theories.

    • cg

      What inane theory? Carolla was saying that with his genetics, wherever they came from, he should pass the genes on to some kids.

      O’Brien being adopted is just additional information about his past … it doesn’t have any real bearing on a comment that O’Brien owes it to the world to procreate and make some more super-athletes … which was a joke in the first place.

      What are you talking about?

  15. Greg Wardell
    Greg Wardell05-28-2012

    You love this subject , from Ken Burns ” When you look under the surface of American history, it’s always race.”

  16. Nick


  17. reb

    Please kiss my ass and tell me you like my movie even if you don’t. . . “Drive” is no good because you don’t “care about the characters” and there’s “no story.” Who sounds like a moronic studio executive now?

    The problem with people like that isn’t so much that they’re dumb. It’s that they think they’re smarter than they are; that they know the one best answer to everything — the same way people who make lots of money think they know the best way to not only make money but brush their teeth, watch TV, what clothes to wear, everything.

    And the “California Dreamin'” at Disneyland is lame and absurd, not least because no kids and few adults will make the association. How long before Ace proclaims he’s “offended”?

    • MC White
      MC White06-01-2012

      California Dreamin’ yet another example, where Ace takes his hypervilligiance of all things Pop Culture, applies it, and assumes everyone else around him will do the same thing. I would have NEVER made that association in a million years, and I’m super into music, big time. Also, he’s acting like the interview, was something everyone saw, like the footage of JFK being shot. EVERYONE on earth (almost) has seen this. I have no knowledge of the stupid interview he keeps referring to, and it is true for many others. I have some vague knowledge or memory of it, but it’s not JFK-esque in my memory.

      Sorry Ace, bad analogy.

  18. Cheap Seats (Tech (and Lumbar) Support Edition)
    Cheap Seats (Tech (and Lumbar) Support Edition)05-28-2012


    Ring tones are little more than recordings(everyone’s heard a song as ring tone).

    …record a ring with the spaces and repeats built in.

    You’re welcome.

  19. Connard

    About 30 mins in Ace was complaining about the dopey reporter broad who wouldn’t engage with him while she was interviewing him. Funny that the man who stares back at him in the mirror does the exact same thing.

  20. Lor

    Adam don’t talk about hockey.. you dont know what you’re talking about… just saying

    • Jo ke
      Jo ke05-29-2012

      i agree Ace dosent like/know/understand Hockey, But he is the king of inprov and rants hands down.

  21. KhorneliusPraxx

    I agree with Adam on about 95% of his rants but Bald Bryan is correct about Drive. I understand that Adam was pulled out of the movie because of the bad auto racing references but he needs to chalk that up to, “movies aren’t real”. Actually, I think the character knew what he was talking about, he was just blowing smoke up the ass of Albert Brook’s character because he knew that he was ignorant about cars and racing. I would love to call in and give two examples of movies that had a bad reference that pulled me out of the movie but most people wouldn’t know the difference. I am sure that everybody has that one subject that they know about that most people wouldn’t catch of give a shit about.

  22. Chris

    I saw “Drive.” I loved it!

  23. mark

    is bb not doin good lately?. his drops just seem way off or missing completely. anyone else catch on?. hope he is ok!

  24. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol05-28-2012

    Happy birthday Adam, did you have some good pie?

  25. Scotty T
    Scotty T05-28-2012

    Dameshek!!! Good to have you back on the Network. Haven’t laughed this hard for a while. Thanks guys!

  26. dmb

    little uncomfortable when Adam kept pressing the issue of them having kids….maybe BOTH cannot have kids and they’ve tried everything….maybe that’s why he referred to adopting just like his parents did. most adults w/no kids that are Disney freaks are unable to have kids….its been proven.

    • George

      Yes, very uncomfortable. As an adoptive father it was really annoying when people would ask “why don’t you have your own?” Uh, none of your fuckin’ business. I know ACE is there to entertain and to ask what everyone is thinking but.. Awkward..

    • MC White
      MC White06-01-2012

      In life, I have a friend who has not had kids, and another friend who was pressing him one time. I felt so uncomfortable for my friend without kids. I felt the same in this podcast. Why do people like Adam think they can ask such personal questions, and make such bold assumptions? Uncomfortable.

      On Drive, I agree with Ace, I hated that movie, and I know nothing about cars.

  27. jorm_valadez

    Alison, would you like to go to prom w/ me?

  28. Chuck

    “is bb not doin good lately?. his drops just seem way off or missing completely. anyone else catch on?. hope he is ok!”

    Yeah he does seem a bit off his game. there are times when I hear an obvious drop in my head and he won’t do it. just on this show he was talking about “messages are a waste of time” and i’m like, “hello, where’s Sonny?”

    I think Brian is fine. when he talks he’s not slurring at all. maybe he just doesn’t feel like it.

  29. Erik

    Love me some godamed Dave Damashek! More Strasser, and more Shek please!

  30. Bonzer Wolf
    Bonzer Wolf05-28-2012

    I thought Adam was way off his game today. The cell phone ring non-problem problem has been well documented already. I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the Dan O’Brien interview. IMHO that was one wheels off interview. First of all, Dan was obviously a huge Ace Man fan and regular listener to both the former radio show and the podcast. 90% of Adam’s “celebrity” guests are obviously not regular listeners. Yet Adam, seemed to go out of his way to alienate Dan and his wife, including forgetting to mention the reason O’Brien was on the show (to promote his book). The “you owe us children” went off the tracks very quickly and never recovered. If that wasn’t bad enough, Dan tells how he was inspired to athletic greatness by the LA Dodgers and can name every player of his favorite team, only to have Adam go on a rant about one of his deadbeat buddies signing up for the MLB Extra Innings package. Then we hear about how Adam hates baseball almost as much as he hates paying for his deadbeat friends, yet he continues to do it (so who really has the problem here). Don’t get me wrong, Adam is a complex guy, who is very talented and I enjoy the hell out of his podcast. I come down on Ace’s side 90% of the time and admire his common sense approach to life. My only real beef with Adam is his lack of support for the NRA and Second Amendment civil rights. I know these rights don’t exist in California but Adam is clearly aware of the many other failings of his left wing bankrupt, home state. A libertarian shouldn’t pick and choose among the Bill of Rights. Oh well, maybe I’m the only one who thought it was a really bad day for ACE MAN. I would venture a guess that Mrs. O’Brien sees it the same way!

  31. David Strathairn's Calves
    David Strathairn's Calves05-28-2012

    Dave doesn’t know how to change a ringtone so that it isn’t continuous? Then again, this is the same person that can’t switch from the 80s satellite radio station that he despises, to a John Hiatt CD while driving in his car.

  32. Randy West
    Randy West05-28-2012

    Not another rant about ‘Drive’. Can’t Adam just admit that it was a decent movie that just didn’t click with him? Nope, he has to go on for 20 minutes about how bad it is, even though plenty of SMART people liked it.


    1st ROW: John Hiatt / Chickenshit Tickets / Lynette Spending Adam’s Money / Flying First Class / Heavy-set Woman Of Color

    2nd ROW: 26½ year-old Chick / Alison Asks Stupid Question During Live Podcast / David Wilde Name-drops / Nanny Problems / Skipping Rope

    3rd ROW: Sid And Marty Kroft / Taxes For Rich People / FREE SPACE / Rant About ‘Drive’ / Dropping a Digit

    4th ROW: “Know What I’m Saying?” / Alison says “Right” or “Yesss” / Parent’s Apathy / Dancing With The Stars / Bryan Shits On Adam’s Point

    5th ROW: Mayor Villa Retardo / Maneater / Immigrants / Adam Complains About People Who Hate The U.S., And Then Explains Why He Hates LA / Joe Jackson

  33. Another Another Adam
    Another Another Adam05-28-2012

    I wasn’t built for unexpected air turbulence.

  34. Party Don
    Party Don05-28-2012

    Glad Dameshek is back, maybe now that Donny is gone how about bringing Feeney in and getting the greatest pod ever back on the network. Okey Dokey

    • Clem

      I agree!

      • Mike D in Mpls
        Mike D in Mpls05-30-2012

        +1 on Party Don & Clem… A little piece of my died when Daves of Thunder stopped loading into my itunes on a weekly basis.

        I just enjoy Shek’s laugh, he’s got one of those laughs that’s infectious and makes everything seem even more fun than it is on the podcasts.

        Love Shek and we NEED a Feeney-Shek reunion. Let it Beeegiiiiiiiiiiin!

    • JKM


  35. Meh

    Alison said that Dawson’s kid would be a champion athlete of the second world…….I think I pulled a back muscle laughing so hard!!!!

  36. big jim
    big jim05-28-2012

    Proud member of the Shek Republic reporting, sir! Last I heard, the Feenster’s Union was on strike…

  37. Rachel

    It really bothers me that you are not being responsible by saying this 40-year-old woman should be having kids when your chances of the kid having down syndrome and other disabilities grows every year after 35! You hosted Loveline and you’re giving this advice! Bring Dr. Drew back for God’s sake!

  38. chris

    Drive was really good, the first thing I think Adam and I have ever disagreed with. 🙁

    I promise that I do not have a man-crush on Ryan Gosling.

  39. Spicy Brown
    Spicy Brown05-28-2012

    What would I give to hear Feeney list Dave’s favorite mustards in order again……. OH my!

    Spicy Brown, Dijon, Whole Grain, Yellow………….

    Long live DoT!!

    • uniform monitor wanna be
      uniform monitor wanna be06-02-2012


  40. benyens

    Someone tell Dave he isn’t funny. At all.

  41. Wally Zebco
    Wally Zebco05-28-2012

    Ooooo looks like the Shek is getting his own show soon. Good i like him.

  42. Lance

    Fuck everyone in the comments section. You are all miserable pricks.

  43. JuiceObrian

    Consider the overwhelming career and fame Bruce Jenner found after winning the ‘Ultimate Olympic Athlete’ prize. For some inexplicable reason – Dan O’Brian was barely lauded and maybe a small smattering of (relatively) low-paying endorsements. Some said it was because he didn’t seem ‘Black’ but seemed like he wasn’t ‘white’ America either. Or that Olympics meant less than Basketball or what? Cheers to the Ace-man for having a real genuine superhero on the show!

  44. Antonio

    Hey, I am from São Paulo, Brazil. I’ve been listening to the show for a couple months now and I love it! I download it everyday. Love Alison Rosen, Brian and Adam. It was also my first time reading the message boards and I was surprised on how seriously people take the opinions aired on the show. For me, I think the mixture of articulated well thought and completely outrageous opinions is what makes this comedy show so great. Although I also think it would be funny if the show had someone to take the AceMan to task for some of the inanities he says.

  45. Jonathan

    Loved this episode. Dan was great, and I can never get enough of Dr. Funny Dave Dameshek. Anyone who hasn’t checked out the old Daves of Thunder episodes is missing out.

  46. Mt

    Honestly never realized ace an hated baseball. Knew he wasn’t crazy about it didn’t realize he hated it

  47. slik was a bad choice
    slik was a bad choice05-28-2012

    drive was awesome. bought it. watched it 4x’s.

  48. Zeke

    Wait no Dan Vs. Dave references? Huh? ’92 Olympics, anybody?

    • Micah

      Except for when they talked about that.

  49. rob

    Hi Dave. Big Fan.

  50. Ric

    So the Kings make it to the Finals only for the second time in 45 years and Adam complains about the team colors…and they need more purple. Outstanding.

    Hey Dave, your sports “entertainment, comedy, news, insight” isn’t really any of those things. Keep it up…or don’t.

  51. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac05-29-2012

    It is so awesome to have “the Shek” back on weekly! When he an Adam riff on those “how do like this guy?” segments; I laugh like a care free dimwit and I forget Adam’s latest inane rant (cell phone rings! Really?).
    As for Drive I had to see it after all the fuss, and I was completely unaffected. It wasn’t awful and un-watchable as Adam had me to believe (stream “Beloved’ if you want awful), and it was not amazing and award worthy like BB portrayed it. It was a solid “C” that does not deserve all the analysis paralysis!

  52. Nodz

    Theres something deeply creepy about a grown-ass man and his wife going to Disneyland.

    • Franco

      THANK YOU!… thought I was the only one who noticed that.

  53. Wilson

    Love the SHEK. Gonna eat me some shek burgers now….

  54. Kristen

    BB should turn Dameshek’s laugh into a regular drop (if he hasn’t already).

    • Mike D in Mpls
      Mike D in Mpls05-30-2012

      I agree with Bald Bryan (& Kristen)

  55. Karen

    I’m so glad Dave’s back. He’s so funny and a great addition to the show. I just wish he was on all the shows! 🙂

  56. Andy90

    Adam doesn’t seem to be aware there was a revolution in Libya. Also, in a dictatorship, every rally is state-sanctioned, if not actually state-organized (at least until the revolution happens). The hero’s welcome that the so-called Lockerbie Bomber received was organized by Gadaffi’s government.

  57. Alex

    Geez, its like you can’t get through to the Aceman unless your name is Dr. Drew or Dennis Prager. I’m a huge fan and love Adam’s rants, but if the arguments used on rants are just “you have to be clinically insane to…” or something of the sort, I’m out. I’m always down to hear Ace’s two cents but I hate the part where he just rejects any differing argument.

    He’s made one film, one more than I can claim. However, that doesn’t mean he gets to dictate everyone’s movie opinions.

    Either way, love the show. Alison has been a roll. MORE DAMESHEK! Go Aceman!

  58. Mike

    Ace knows nothing about hockey goalie. The “coozie” is secured to the top of the net to ensure the water bottle doesn’t get knocked off. Whether or not the goalie takes the time to put it in there is another story.

    Also the goalie has the bottle on top of his net because he is not allowed to go to the bench, every other position in pro sports the players can drink on the bench or sidelines. Goalies can’t and have to stay in the net. Also the temperature of the rink has no impact on how freaking hot you get wearing all of that gear.

    • Wang Wrangler
      Wang Wrangler05-29-2012

      Thank you, drove me crazy hearing all these clowns try to talk hockey. Zero hockey knowledge, just another reason why LA sucks

  59. Dan Penny
    Dan Penny05-29-2012

    Put a 66 on your back Shek… Youre the greatest….. Youre Lemieux to me kid.

  60. JessMan

    did shek just say “muzzle tuv”?

  61. Dan

    Adam, my new phone has an option to decrease the ringing phone volume by like 75% once it leaves my pocket. Pretty cool.

  62. Frank

    We need more shek! Shek! Shek! Shek!

  63. Alex

    Shek – yinz gonna have a good time! listeners like when the ace man is called out – esp things like VM – keep up the good work on the show

  64. Boring, Oregon
    Boring, Oregon05-29-2012

    Dave Dumbasshack love you man. Jamaican hockey names lol lovin it. too funny. Still dont know if your voice would rub us all raw over a 2 hour show every day but surely you understand the clutch reliever concept. Not a starter but the crazy ass knuckleballer who can cleanse the world of the bad taste David Wild leaves in our mouthes.

    And i want danny db to come back just once so Adam can beat on him.

  65. Rob Kine
    Rob Kine05-29-2012

    Dave you don’t touch the cup unless you have won it. Terrible

  66. Henley93

    Nice to see that Dan is as big of a fan of the ace man as I am…must be a Klamath Falls thing. My wife too gets bored when I compare every day situations to Adam’s thoughts and rants.

  67. Martin

    I Heart Dameshek

  68. CeeJay

    Less Mustard; More Jacuzzi Thoughts

  69. Crazy Diamond
    Crazy Diamond05-31-2012

    Love you Sheck, but “resin bag”??? come on!

  70. jimbo

    Great podcast. Loved the “if you can beat off, it isn’t a crime rule, and Bryan, the “keep the bible” line was hilarious

  71. MC White
    MC White06-01-2012

    Okay, I’m not positive if it was this show, but I’ll post here, cuz I think it was.

    I can’t believe nobody has added to this topic. I think it is so stupid when Ace over or under exagerates the price of fast food, or any type of restaurant food. He has mentioned Taco Bell, and since that is near and dear to my heart, I gotta call bullshit on the “prices” he keeps mentioning. Sorry, ACE, Tacos have not been “$0.39” in a long fucking time! Are you nuts?

    Maybe in the late 80’s or mid 90’s. I know it was cheap when you were a poor kid, etc. The fact that you keep mentioning “tacos” like it’s the only item on the menu is another clue to your behind the times comparison. My best price estimate on a crispy taco, I don’t memorize the prices every time I go in, is around $0.89. And no, don’t try to say it’s the same price, $0.50 difference. Not to mention, the menu has expanded a bit, Poindexter. Yes, its all the same shit, rehashed, but there’s plenty of other menu items.

    So SHUT THE FUCK UP about the “low pricing” of Taco Bell, and other fast food restaurants. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about!

    P.S. A soda in Marie Calendar’s is a lot higher than $0.99. Try all you can drink $2.99, at some stores. You live in LA, I know the prices are close to where I live.

    Peace out Ace!

  72. Riggz

    I can’t stand Damashek. The guy is not funny even for a sports guy.
    When he was singing to the Star Wars theme I thought he was saying, “Grape grape grape on the wig, on the wig…” That annoying fucking accent and hacky morning zoo style approach is ultra lame.

  73. Murf

    When Dameshek said he read the message boards shouldn’t he have said he spends all of his time writing about how funny he thinks he is. He comes across as the biggest suck up in the world. Rodney Rude called he wants his laugh back

  74. Yossarian

    You’re not the star Dameshek. You talk too much. Why don’t you stop talking for awhile.

  75. Jim Rome
    Jim Rome06-07-2012

    Sheck, for the love of God: please go away…your voice is fucking annoying, and you’re NOT funny!

  76. Shark

    Ace, I play a lot of hockey and there is as much if not more sweating than the brothers playing hoop.
    Lots of fluid loss. Second, the Koozie, is primarily to keep the bottle on the top of the net. Third, that jersey example is a shitty replica, lots of fakes rolling around the net these days.

  77. Nutz

    Please fix the link. This episode won’t play.

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