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Adam opens the show excited to finally be in the new studio. He talks about his weekend of traveling, spending time with Phillip the Juggler, and having to put up with the TSA along the way. Dr. Spazz is also in studio, and opens Health Watch with a discussion about the Jet Blue pilot who had a psychological breakdown midflight. The guys also talk about the average age of kids viewing porn, and Adam yells at Dr. Spazz for getting his kid loud novelty gifts.

Documentarian Dan Lindsay comes in next, and talks about the doc he directed, ‘Undefeated.’ Adam shares his love of high school football, and jumps to the phones to talk to coach Bill Courtney, who worked with the underdog team that the documentary follows. The guys then stress the importance of fatherhood in the black community. Later, Adam’s dog Molly walks in to put the will-dogs-eat-pie controversy to rest.

In the last part of the show, Alison starts up the news. Stories include the winners of the Mega Millions, Southwest’s April Fool’s Day prank, and headlines from The Onion that people thought were real. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss P. Diddy’s involvement in an ‘Undefeated’ adaptation, and a final Germany or Florida story.


Check out http://UndefeatedMovie.com for more info.

If you want to send kind words to Phillip the Juggler, please tweet his lovely wife @RealJugglerLove


Phillip The Juggler


Molly and the Pie Test

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.04-01-2012

    Haven’t listened to the show yet, but I watched the Phillip video…. so sad, man…….. life is cruel. Best wishes to Phillip’s wife, Phillip, and anyone involved in Phillip’s life.

    On a happier note, congratulations on the new studio!

    • Jamesg


      • David

        Its terribly sad, I echo those wishes.

    • R


    • darren

      my thoughts exactly life is so crule i give my best wishes to all the people who love phlip i now now why adam was in tears when he talked about him in on his podcast.poor guy

  2. Takeda

    Ace, congrats on the new look!… the new framing, the new drywall, the new paint, the new lighting, the new seating… I know it was a headache and a financial drain, but the podcast sounds much better now! All I could hear before was you, Alison, Bryan, the sound effects and the guests. Now I can hear you, Alison, Bryan, the sound effects and the guests. Much better.

    • Whitney

      HAHAHAhahahaha, yes.

    • mnoswad1

      Whats the over/under on how long till the orange couch gets moved into the new studio?

      That couch has obvious anti echo properties.

  3. MC White
    MC White04-01-2012

    I just saw the video of Molly eating the pie. So that is it? Just as I expected, Adam was full of crap. Dogs will eat pie. End of discussion! I knew it!

    • Zapoli

      Why give pie to a diabetic dog? Why not!

    • Big T
      Big T04-02-2012

      Yep you the man White…No one saw that coming. Now get back to flipping burgers.

  4. b

    I’ve never seen a belt try harder.

  5. jw

    bringing philip out for a round of applause? jesus…so beautiful.

  6. marko

    The new studio set will take some getting used to. I loved the couch and the “idea” of the couch. It seemed like a different, cool and more laid-back atmosphere for guests when there was a giant sofa involved.
    I hope something is getting added to the walls. It looks so empty and spartan the way it is now. Also it seems unnecessarily bright in the studio.

  7. malcolm

    is Dr Bruce a Dr????
    Does he work with patients or in alone in a lab? He can’t string a sentence together or explain things smoothly or succinctly … I wouldn’t be concerned if he worked in a lab, but does this guy work and speak with patients??? He’s also slow on the uptake….I’m just confused.

    • JessMan

      are you a real doctor, or a loooooove doctor?

    • Whitney

      He works in the ER.

  8. Katie



    enjoy! the studio look great btw


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-03-2012


    • Andy90


  9. gendo1

    I saw Mr. Carolla in Kansas city. My name is Ben and I met Mike Dawson, i got pictures with both and they signed my shirt. Adam is my hero and I told him so. Thank you for everything you do.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-02-2012

      More importantly, did you smoke a spleef with Dawson?

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle04-03-2012


  10. gendo1

    Bringing Phillip on stage in kansas city…. as a long time Adam fan was not heart warming Adam, it was truly the ultimate tear jerker. You did him a golden. Even though he may have been there physically his spirit was surely warmed based on what I saw in person in Kansas City. That is why you are my hero Adam Carolla. Your comedy equals the amount of heart you have.

  11. Vincent Fletcher
    Vincent Fletcher04-02-2012

    Jesus, the video of Phillip just undid me. Sat here at my desk and teared up with a lump in my throat like a melon. The new studio looks great and the show continues to be a daily treat. Thanks and well done to all concerned.

  12. H. Bird
    H. Bird04-02-2012

    I know that this is pretty much the antithesis of “yes, and…” but does anyone else hear a slight echo in the new studio?

    • T-Money


  13. Sam

    You’re such a mench! much love for Philip. you are the man, good work mate!!!

  14. Mike in Georgia
    Mike in Georgia04-02-2012

    I’ll bet that Jeriney drives a Subaru.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-03-2012

      It would have to be a real big Subaru.

    • Chris

      hey, I drove a subaru, with a turbo. It was awesome until I traded it for a new truck. Jeriny probably drives a VW jetta

  15. jg323

    damn adam is always arguing with dr ill stick a finger up your ass spazz

  16. JessMan

    the new studio looks baller

  17. Jay

    Remember, pumpkin pie has eggs and condensed milk in it–PROTEIN! Maybe try a pure apple pie and see if Molly goes for that…you might just be able to save your point after all.

  18. kain

    lol at pie and dog video.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

      Molly ate pie and Adam ate crow.

  19. Cameron

    Hears the news: you guys bullying Dr Bruce ain’t funny. Don’t invite him on. I don’t wanna hear Bryan’s ‘Resiratrol’ drop one more godddamn time.

    • Lisa

      I agree…..love Adam, but he is mean to Dr. Bruce

      • chu

        can’t blame adam …. you would be mean to someone who still owes you 50,000 dollars too…
        besides when dr. Bruce is on… its good for the pod…

  20. Norm Walker
    Norm Walker04-02-2012

    We need some more pictures of the new studios!!

  21. Peter B
    Peter B04-02-2012

    Ahhh yes Dogs will eat Pumpkin. You feed canned Pumpkin to a dog if it has upset stomach or the shits. The texture and smell is palatable to them. I think your team might have researched that and tricked you? Is common knowledge I thought?

    Now try a Cherry pie or any acidy fruit mostly likely will not be so eager. Apple not sure but the pie crust may attract them to it.

    Also dogs like bread Ace well like maybe not but will be happy to eat.

  22. Nick Namenone
    Nick Namenone04-02-2012

    Westboro Baptist Church is just a lawsuit machine. All they want to do is rile folks up enough so they threaten or assault members so they can sue. Nothing to do with faith.
    Very sad about Phillip.

  23. Alex Birmingham
    Alex Birmingham04-02-2012

    Congrats on the new studio! Have you guys considered putting up some acoustical foam? Hearing a little reverb. But love the setup guys, and thanks for making my work days so much more pleasant!

  24. Bobby

    I understand that they are a sponsor so Adam has to tow the line but he should (and would normally) be railing against further government intrusion into the life of free American citizens. The banning of the incandescent light bulb is a classic case of overreach. Check out the youtube video : ” Government Bans Popular Light Bulbs in Favor of Fluorescent Bulbs w/Ugly Harsh Lighting”. These new bulbs in reality are horrendous and the lighting they give off is absolutely inferior…..On a different note, I was very moved by the video of Adam’s old friend Phillip.

    • marco

      Check out the videos “Hey you kids get offa my lawn” and ” I hate progress, change is bad, improvements in technology give my a headache”

  25. Justin

    The show sounds great! How about some shots of the new studio?

    My dog once ate a box of crayons.

  26. Zack

    Well I hate to say it Ace, but I think I like the acoustics of the old studio. The new space has too much distance and echo. Should I say “good content, bad frame”.

  27. DionRidesBikes

    Lou Ferrigno (“twee puhcent buddy fad”) wants you to confirm the midnight blue in the new studio.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-02-2012

      that’s way funnier than my comment 🙂

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle04-03-2012

        Doodee, yours made me laugh.

    • Blank


  28. Bobby

    It is supremely ignorant to lump together and stereotype all Christians because one church protests Adam. Three out of every four Americans are Christians and the overwhelming majority of them would die defending any American’s freedom to be a Christian, atheist, or whatever that free citizen chooses.

  29. Jago

    Is that midnight blue

  30. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams04-02-2012

    My favorite part was when just after the “coach” finished his long winded “can’t throw money at it” responsibility speech he talks about how he does business with both Communist China and Communist Vietnam for labor that could no doubt, easily be done in the United States. Exporting jobs is not only irresponsible it is what is destroying America you dumb hick!

    • marco

      Pretty sure he sells the wood to them. He’s exporting his product, not the labor.

  31. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper04-02-2012

    Sound in the new studio seems to be a bit tinny or something. There’s an echo. Sounds like it’s being recorded in a jail cell.

  32. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee04-02-2012

    Construction guy here guys, dudes, bros, I would love to see pictures of the new studio, Please! Please! Please!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-02-2012

      You know, with the new color of the studio, you won’t be able to see Arsenio in the background “again!”

      • Lisa

        Yep, midnight blue

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle04-03-2012

        If you look close, you can see Wesley Snipes in the background.

  33. JessMan

    new studio, same great taste

  34. Ras

    I don’t know why – but I was so happy for Adam that he finally had a guest that can talk lumber in a satisfying way

  35. w

    A bit of an echo in the new studio…

  36. Devon

    Love the new studio, although the sound seems like it has a very slight echo now, like you’re surrounded by plywood.

    Pre-ordering book now!

  37. Lilly

    Just wanted to say that pumpkin pie always includes some kind of milk (typically condensed), so that may be a reason that a dog who likes dairy would eat the pie. The crust also of course will have butter and sometimes even lard. Try a fruit salad 🙂

  38. John

    “eeerr vury spearchule”

    Dr. SPAZ!

  39. Lauren

    Phil the Juggler has an amazing video on You-tube. His act was amazing.

  40. Roy

    i think you might need some sound absorbing stuff on the walls. theres a little bit of an echo

    • Paul Perez
      Paul Perez04-02-2012

      I agree…odd echo sounds…but the HISS SOUND IS GONE!!!

  41. bob

    Did that white belt come with a free bowl of soup

  42. Stephan Bendall (@sbendall)
    Stephan Bendall (@sbendall)04-02-2012

    Dr. Bruce is a comedy legend.
    He should take his medical advice on a comedy tour.

  43. Erin A
    Erin A04-02-2012

    Alison – as an engineer who has had to deal with many architects I agree that the vast majority of them are assholes.

    Great show!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-02-2012

      As a Subcontractor Erin A you’re only a few asshole notches above an architect 🙂

  44. timmy

    Does anyone else notice the echoing from new studio?

  45. Bo B
    Bo B04-02-2012

    As an architect I am deeply offended by the engineers that think we are assholes. Why you gotta label us all Alison?

  46. Brother P-Touch
    Brother P-Touch04-02-2012

    Wait, so no one explained to Adam that his brilliant butler sitcom idea is basically the fake sitcom they created on Seinfeld? I have a feeling Bald Bryan was dying to say something…..

  47. back sack& Ass crack
    back sack& Ass crack04-02-2012

    I think Adam should replace Alison with Phillip.

  48. Roy

    the hard wood talk was cracking me up

  49. Alison Rosen is my new best friend
    Alison Rosen is my new best friend04-02-2012

    Dr Bruce: Uncle Carbuncle.
    Worst relative ever.

  50. Nick

    I think the new studio could use some egg-crate foam on the walls, sounds kinda echo-ey.

  51. J Pete
    J Pete04-02-2012

    Yep – new studio has an accoustics problem. Fix it ya damn boners!

  52. Jay

    how about some dan dratch?

  53. Sluggh

    Rugby team, not soccer team.

  54. Paul Perez
    Paul Perez04-02-2012

    Do you guys prefer to stand during the podcast as apposed to the couch???

  55. jc

    Darling Alison,
    I’m not an architect nor do I know any, so have no intention of defending those douchebags. But I do live in Colorado and am a bit aghast that you equate my fair state to bat-shit Florida. Are you seriously saying clean, beautiful, mountainous, (relatively) health aware Colorado is in the running as a crazy -ass state after Florida? Is this all about that Balloon boy? Sheesh – that was years ago. One fucked up family we can’t live down….

    Love ya all the same.

    Come back to Denver soon, Adam.

  56. Huck

    With as much as Adam yells on the podcast, it might be a good idea to get some sound deadening stuff on the walls. When anyone raises their voice, we get a little echo. I’m sure Adam will get it sounding perfect soon.

  57. Robey


    Again — I am sorry to hear about your friend Phillip the juggler. You did a good thing by bringing him on stage in KC.

  58. Andrea L Estrada
    Andrea L Estrada04-02-2012

    Very touching to see Phillip the Juggler and Molly w/ pie.

  59. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee04-02-2012

    C_ntfrontation – Urban Dictionary

  60. DES

    So today Leykis launches his podcast today and there is not enough streaming bandwidth to support listeners.
    what a tard.

  61. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis04-02-2012

    I want an EP version of the Dr Spaz song.

  62. eric-the-ded

    Anybody think Coach Bill sounded like a southern Hulk Hogan?
    I was waiting for someone to get him to say “well ya know, Mean Gene.” Or at least swap “yall” with “brother.”

  63. Guy McG
    Guy McG04-02-2012

    Adam is complaining about the lame-stream media like Sarah Palin? I was listening to some old loveline episodes off giovanni’s site and it’s amazing how different Adam was when he had some structure in the show. It was so good. But all of a sudden (in 2012!) starting up with the liberal media bias schtick that Rush and Hannity have been doing for 20 years. It’s kind of late to the party. The number one cable news channel is far right wing. All the top radio talk shows are far right wing. All the financial news channels are right wing. Where is this overwhelming liberal media bias? The NY Times? I know exactly one person who subscribes to the NY Times. No one let Adam in on the secret that the schtick isn’t real. It’s just a trick to troll liberals and make conservative dummies irrationally angry. But good times.

  64. Chuck

    wow ace, i got seriously choked up at bringing philip up; that was amazing. goosebumps.

  65. Doug

    Once Ace began speaking about a Mid day DJ with a fucked up name and looked dudish/girlish, I knew it had to be Jeremy or Jeriney or whatever.

  66. phil landers
    phil landers04-02-2012

    Wow, Adam you on your period today? Take some Midol. Dr. Bruce will not perform better if you are all over him for every damn little thing he does. Add a pinch of patience to your dealing with the practitioner!

  67. Jonesin44

    “Errrrrrr resveratrol.” Get’s funnier every time. Love me some Dr. Spaz.

  68. Rachel

    Hey Matt, Please when you do the show summary, please include what the pictures are. They used to say it was much better. Thanks

  69. jr1202

    i got my mangrate in feb through adamcarolla.com. for like a week or 2 i felt like i did my part to keep the pirate ship a float. felt great!!

  70. Tony in DC
    Tony in DC04-02-2012

    Thanks for sharing this follow-up on the Phillip story. It must have been tough, but you did the right thing by visiting him, them. His wife is an angel for sure. “Life” is so temporary.

    Bravo on the new studio. Get it on like Donkey Kong!

  71. Tony in DC
    Tony in DC04-02-2012

    ps. love Dr. Spaz too. Have loved him since Loveline days. I hope he endures the abuse and keeps coming back. 😀

  72. Imma Fan
    Imma Fan04-02-2012

    The way Adam speaks to Dr. Bruce is terrible. Not funny or entertaining, just rude and discomforting. Please stop the abuse, or stop having him on.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-03-2012

      It would stop as soon as Dr. Spaz pays Adam the money he owes him.

  73. dave

    Hey love the show and I support nuclear enegy, but the situation in Japan has been elevated to the same level as Chernobyl. Oh, and the two nuclear reactors at San Onofre beach have been shut down :-/

  74. dickda1

    We need a video feed.

    The show is fab as usual.

    But, bring back the VIDEO FEED!!!!!!!!!

  75. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse04-02-2012

    ace man, im so sory for you loss. the pics and vids put all of it into perspective. thank you for your courage and reality to let us see your vulnerability.your an insperation to us all. thank you for everything ace, and congrats on the new studio. btw my wife and kid are watching jack and jill as we speak. id rather look up old LL eps on youtube of you ranting on religion. my faves

  76. Cheap Seats
    Cheap Seats04-03-2012

    Talk of the airline pilot conjured images of a Capt Carolla getting himself locked out of the cabin at least once per flight.

    Capt C: That f**kin Pam! I swear she’s slipping passionfruit into all my drinks. Why do I always have to be surrounded by these c**ts with their f**king daddy issues? All I did was tell her that if she’d just move the cart to one side I could get back to doing the important stuff. I mean, f**k, I’m the Captain ain’t I?

    Co-Captain Spaz: Well, you see it’s actually-

    Capt C: Oh buh buh buh! There you go again. Shut up! F****************K! I keep this pirate ship afloat, don’t I?! SNIIIIIFFFF!

    After a couple of hours they would toss one of the many spare car parts( they kept on hand for these occasions) out of the cabin. Capt C would eagerly bound after the part. Hyper-vigilance and a love of automobiles his masters. The rest of the crew would then hide in the cabin from Capt C. Eventually, he’d turn his attention away from the cabin door which would be followed by collecting all the cell phones suspected of containing any evidence. They would be disposed of by ‘burial at sea’ via one of the commodes, but not before being ‘blessed’ by the healthiest dump Capt C. could muster.


    I don’t know what resveratrol is but reverse troll is a very nasty thing…still, not as nasty as reverse cowtroll…if you are doing it right.


    On a serious note: Alzheimer is rough(massive understatement). If there was any upside to my personal experience it was witnessing the strength of love and devotion that was displayed in dealing with the afflicted. Ultimately sad in that you are never sure just what they are aware of. That they smiled occasionally was encouraging, perhaps they were at those moments happy. One can only hope because confidence is hard to find in the face of this condition.

  77. Russ

    At various times (and often) throughout this edition, people sounded “off mic” (Adam included). You people have a great podcast but technically I think you’re going to have to replace those little portable table top mic stands with stands that can easily be adjusted (including height) Something as minor as a mic stand can really through off the sound quality.

    • Russ

      oops…make that “throw” off… sorry, I must be typing with one of those portable mic stands!

  78. Ben Dover
    Ben Dover04-03-2012

    I can’t stand it when Dr. Spaz mentions an interesting story and then Ace immediately rips him apart for something he says/does/did and then they never finish up, or sometimes even get to, the story. I think Dr. Spaz has accepted he will be beaten up on the show but why have the segment if it going to be nothing but interruptions and criticisims? Dur-Resveratrol!

    …other than that, good pod.

  79. Ryan

    Enough with the Never Gonna Give you Up drops. It was passe when Bald Brian first started doing it, not it’s excessive and lame. Please stop!

  80. Ross

    strange thing about GLAD: they never are happy

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-04-2012

      Now that is funny!

  81. Joe Santos
    Joe Santos04-03-2012

    Adam, all your flying troubles happen because YOU ARE TOO FUCKING IMPATIENT TO CHECK THE BAG WITH YOUR TOILETRIES.

    The extra time you spend in security should be made up by the time you don’t spend waiting for your bag. If not, you should just check the thing.

    Either way stop fucking whining about a situation you are creating.

  82. Chris

    I had an AIDS horse once, I had to shoot it, it tried to bite me

  83. Jane Moore
    Jane Moore04-03-2012

    Adam’s dismissal of the severity of the Fukushima nuclear disaster is jaw-dropping ignorant. Two of the reactors actually did melt down and the third was critically damaged. A 20 km radius around the plant will be uninhabitable for decades. Radiation levels in the immediate area are 10 times the lethal dose. Radioactive materials have been found in food and water sources as far away as Tokyo. The latency period for solid cancers caused by excess radiation exposure is 10 or more years so actual deaths won’t be known for at least a few more years.

    But only 31 people died as a result of the original Chernobyl explosion/fire, so it wasn’t that big of a deal either, Adam. Right? People were just overreacting to it too.

  84. Aids Racoon
    Aids Racoon04-03-2012

    I wish I could be Alisons hair pie tester

  85. B-Real

    I’m not sure the whole new studio was worth it. Sounds worse to me and I kind of miss the orange couch already. Just puttin’ it out there.

  86. Joe Santos
    Joe Santos04-03-2012

    Also, congratulations on having one of the saddest and one of the funniest videos I have ever seen in the same show. There is some serious range going on there.

  87. RoyalDryness

    Jeriney definitely looks like a chick…an ugly chick but definitely a girl.

  88. Cheechi

    The video of Phillip was so heart breaking….

  89. Brentage

    I think we need a bit more explanation on the changing seats on Southwest Rant. Was Adam asking the guy in the “A” group to switch from an isle seat to a middle seat? or simply to move back one row from his current Isle seat to the exact same seat 28′ further down the fuselage? I need to know so I can decide who the douchbag is.

  90. greg

    God bless Phillip’s wife..

  91. Chuck

    I am here to pitch in with anyone else who is sick of hearing the sound of “Resiratrol” rudely interjected every few seconds on the ACP, not just on this days’ show, but every frigging time Dr. B gets a mention and plenty of other times that just make you think “wtf?!”.
    I hate to find myself feeling this way, but I am right on the verge of unsubscribing from the ACP having been listening since day -1. Bruce seems an okay guy, but the treatment he gets on this show is just plain abusive. I once wondered if Adam was getting some revenge for that $50k laser, but it doesn’t seem his style. Adam is all about the entertainment, and he must know that there’s no fun in hearing the abuse. It’s like going to a midget wrestling match : It sounds like it’ll be amusing, but once you hear the slap of tiny malformed bodies, it just leaves you feeling sorry for everyone involved and self-hating for funding it.
    Maybe Adam does have a reason to give Bruce a hard time, but the worst of it is Bald Bryan joining in. Ace gives Carrot Top a hard time for his steamer trunk of props, but somehow BB gets a pass with his outsized Speak-and-Spell. Whatever talents BB may have (and I can enjoy him on The Film Vault), comedy isn’t his forte. His entire contribution to the first portion of this show was just to play that dumb clip a dozen times. I don’t know what the rest was, I turned it off and listened to some Kevin Pollack interviews that I never got around to (Stephen Tobolowski and Garfunkel & Oates; v. good).
    Spending on Amazon tonight will be clicking through a show I can still thoroughly enjoy : ARIYNBF. Still ABN but not ACP.

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