Adam and DAG

Adam and DAG

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Adam announces the release of the newly improved website, as well as the official Adam Carolla Show App (now available for your Android or iPhone). DAG asks Adam about his relationship with his daughter Natalia, and Adam says that she’s maybe warming up to him a bit more. Adam also talks about young guys with beards who play video games, and what teachers molesting you can do for your confidence.

In the news, the guys watch a clip of Rick Perry acting very odd during a campaign speech in New Hampshire. The guys all joke about the similarities between Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow, and then talk about the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain. The last news story is about the Kardashian siblings.

Later in the show, Adam gives updates on his dog Molly’s health, who is still dealing with a lot of issues. The news then wraps up with stories about the Jerry Seinfeld cohosting Live with Kelly, new laws against excessive dog barking, and the latest updates on the Bank of America checking card situation.


Rick Perry

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  1. Tracy

    I really don’t mind the replays but DAG? That guy is horrible and worse than that he is the only guest that keeps me from downloading.

    • Meg

      Agreed. He’s an obnoxious manchild.

  2. Dean Harvey
    Dean Harvey12-28-2011

    I think you are thinking of a “fourragère” not an “epaulette”

  3. Matt M
    Matt M12-28-2011

    DAG makes me laugh and want to punch him in the face all at the same time.

  4. Jose

    Love me some DAG.

  5. Sig

    Those pics of Molly are so sad 🙁

  6. ted

    besides the point but some guy with no life just saved and pasted the tweets of disgruntled 16 year olds who did not get what they deserve :a white iphone and a car. Adam will love this one http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/4/2011/12/5dba69456d6bfa8e613bd24430ac8b1a.png

    • buckethead

      Wow is that simultaneously infuriating and depressing. What a fuckin world of self-entitled assholes we live in.

  7. Dave


  8. Jll M.
    Jll M.12-28-2011

    I know DAG is annoying sometimes but he’s Adam’s boyfriend. Respect that.

  9. BJ's for PJ
    BJ's for PJ12-28-2011


  10. Matthew

    DAG, baby! Woo!

  11. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana12-28-2011

    DAG’s awkward smile reminds me of “O-tay Buckwheat!”

  12. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana12-28-2011

    A “DAG” or Directed Acyclic Graph is a tree structure where a child node may have more than one parent.

    That’s a mathematical definition, not meant as a comment about African American family structure or lack-thereof. Or Yale graduates.

    (this comment is “awaiting moderation”, salvation and forgiveness)

  13. MarkVW


  14. GuyDudeBro

    I fucking hate dag…. Skipn this bullshit

    • kaman


  15. GuyDudeBro

    Dag fag is not funny

    • Cyrus

      We heard you the first time, asswipe.

      And your comment isn’t funny either.

  16. dancingspanishman

    Norm last week and DAG this week? I love it!

  17. Jon P
    Jon P12-29-2011

    Just skipped DAG and caught up on Jon & Ken. I’d rather listen to a 5 year-old try to be funny than listen to that unfunny attention whore.

  18. Cam

    Fuckin’ hate people who have to comment on guests they hate.

    If you “fucking hate” them and they’re “not funny” why the fuck are you wasting your’s and everyone else’s time writing a double post about it (not citing anyone in particular, Fagdudebro)

    I think DAG is pure gold and yeah, he’s annoying, but that’s his thing. You think he screams into the mic and plays with bottles/food wrappers and snores because he’s trying to be amicable??

    Even if you don’t like a guest, Adam can usually bring out a different side of his guests that is at least worth trying to listen to. And if you don’t like the pod’ that’s cool, but don’t shit on the guests for donating their time for free content (unless they make total assholes of themselves, in which case it’s open season).

    • Joe

      Then why should we care who you like? What an asshole!

  19. Jim

    DAG rules. I have a crush on Peanut.

  20. volkan

    DAG is annoying as shit.. one of the few times i did not download an episode of adam carrola show…. please enough of this guy.. he is annoying. thinks his funny cause adam kisses his ass… I don’t think allison likes him at all to be honest.. anyway fuck you dag.. ….still loved you in jumaji though

  21. Jon P
    Jon P12-29-2011

    Pretty simple, all they have to do is look at the downloads of the other “replays” then look at the DAG one to see what we really think about DAG. Why Adam keeps having him on is beyond me.

  22. GuyDudeBro

    @Cyrus fuck you faggot

  23. Andrew

    Love DAG!

    Never have Andrew Brietbart or Jill Zarin again. Those two are worst than a dry anal raping.

    • Joe

      I agree with you on Brietbart. He is nothing but a Palinista. I never heard of Jill Zarin and I’m confident I’ll never hear her again.

  24. GuyDudeBro

    Cyrus and cam one and the same spineless d i c k riders

  25. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah12-30-2011

    lazy adam with another repeat. get back to work u lazy good for nothing

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