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At the top of the show, the guys discuss the unfortunate incident of Larry Miller’s head injury after leaving last night’s podcast. Adam also responds to a fan letter about parenting in the black community, and polls the entire staff for their age and number of children. Alison then jumps into the news with stories about baseball stadiums offering peanut-free seating, and a pepper-spray incident at Santa Monica City College.

Commaner Kirk Lippold, ex-commander of the USS Cole, comes in studio next and talks about Al Qaeda’s attack on his ship. He describes the hole in the side of the boat, and the moments that followed as the sailors recovered and sailed out with their heads held high.

Alison then returns to the news and talks about an airport security officer being arrested after dumping coffee on a pilot. The guys also talk about a potential Naugles comeback, weird t-shirt designs from the 70s, and the discontinuation of Canadian pennies. Later, the guys talk about how parking meters mess with our citizens. As the show wraps up, Adam talks about his friend who beat a superior officer with a shoe, and Commander Lippold discusses his rise through the naval academy.


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Santa Monica pepper spray

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  1. Zach(USArmy)

    Simply amazing. Awesome podcast. Ace, I can’t stop thinking about the holocaust…

    • 1776


      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana04-05-2012

        Who first suggested the idea of asexual reproduction? Anyone… anyone? Bueller?

        Life’s deep questions… in the Ambrosia song is it “inside of me” or “insight sodomy”?

        Stop smoking. You may go blind. And stop jerking off. That rumor is true, also.

        All rumors are true.

        Wisdom, now you have it.

    • Charlie


    • DukeLacrosse

      You forgot to say, “I am laying here and ….”

  2. R

    Hope Larry has a speedy recovery. Get well soon.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

      There are five levels of drinking.

  3. nAAter

    No comments yet? Well you’ll get none from me either!!

  4. nAAter

    To the ten staff members; “I’ve been around the world and found that ONLY stupid people are breeding…”
    If you want to save our society, intelligent,well adjusted employed folk had better get busy. Sad though it sounds, the level of those that, uhh, PRODUCE as opposed to those that receive is a ratio that only you can change.
    Our future is in your loins.

    “Babes in arms equals boots on the ground…” source unknown but surely precient

    • Bobman

      Eh, if you don’t have kids, you’ll be dead by the time society really goes to hell so who cares? 😉

    • CJ

      I concur; something weird I’ve noticed is that all my intelligent female friends are very anti-conception, either because they don’t want to contribute to overpopulation or because they’re worried about what happens to their bodies during/after pregnancy. The latter may be more justifiable, but the overpopulation argument bothers me because the intelligent people should be the ones conceiving the next generation that will at least try to fix the problems caused by stupid people over-breeding

    • boss

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. Low rates of birth sound great, until you realize that you’re cutting your own throat.

    • Elle Lowell
      Elle Lowell04-05-2012

      wow, btw. that 2nd quote reminds me of a convo I recently had, about people having babies for the sole reason that we need bodies to defend our country. might be out of context but prescient indeed.

  5. Joey

    The reason that there are so many broken black families (and white) as well, is because of welfare and other cash incentives the government provides for families that aren’t together. One of my dads employees isn’t married for that primary reason. The divorce rate was actually much higher for white families before the introduction of welfare. Simple solution: stop rewarding broken families

  6. Wil

    Wow. Carolla goes on another racist rant. This is totally different and original.

    And I know a few folks who have DIED from peanuts you fucking asshole . . .

    Go fuck yourself you fucking dick.

    • Dustin

      Ha! That is awesome.

    • KTBFFH

      No you do not know more than one person who DIED from peanuts. You are a liar.

    • reb

      they shouldn’t have eaten peanuts — or did they go to a ballgame and unwittingly ingest peanut dust?

    • back sack& Ass crack
      back sack& Ass crack04-05-2012

      I think that was AIDS…….Wil

    • Yak

      Uh, I think you mean you “knew” a few folks who have DIED from peanuts you fucking asshole . . .

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

      Adam doesn’t read.

      …you ass-hole.

    • jimjohnson

      lol this isn’t anything new. he holds hardcore fox news views. like calling students liberal pussies for protesting tuition hikes. someone should show Carolla how tuition has raised hundreds of % pts in only twenty years. You have to keep in mind he is a proud anti-intellectual so all his views are naturally ignorant.

    • Hey Wil...
      Hey Wil...04-05-2012

      U mad bro?

    • cg

      (1) Specify what was said that was racist … anything at all that has no basis in reality …

      (2) So you know not just one, but more than one “folks’ who have DIED from peanut allergies?? What are their names? Surely such rare deaths within such a close proximity would’ve resulted in at least a blurb in the newspaper, and likely a lawsuit.

      If you’re going to lie to make a point, make it something at least within the realm of possibility. “The dog ate my homework” doesn’t work here.

      And the name-calling … it’s sophomoric and further de-legitimizes any point you were trying to make in the first place.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana04-05-2012

      This is an amazing coincidence, because I know a few folks who would have been saved if only they were served peanuts.

      Like dynamite, it’s good and bad.

    • Nate

      1. It was the exact opposite of racism.
      2. No, you don’t.

    • ciga-Rhett

      Wow, another libtard troll. What are the odds?!?

    • Berk

      It isn’t a racist rant, it’s a rant discussing the differences in race. Everybody is so afraid of offending minorities they skirt around the subject of correcting the obvious issues that some minority groups are facing, hence making society worse off. No, it isn’t original or different but if you don’t like it quit listening and go fuck yourself you fucking dick.

      Carolla is right about the allergy thing too. It is very unfortunate, but it’s the individual with the allergies problem, they should know to avoid places using peanuts. He’s not saying it’s a fake allergy either, just that it’s an over-diagnosed allergy, just like ADD/ADHD is over-diagnosed is. I know people who have died from other allergic reactions as well. My brother can’t touch a strawberry without puffing up like a balloon, but he avoids eating at or going to places that use strawberries. Allergies are the individual’s problem, don’t make society pussyfoot around because of it you fucking asshole.

      Go away. If you don’t like the show or get upset by what the host of the show says/believes, stop listening.

  7. phil landers
    phil landers04-05-2012

    Yeah, Commander they are all heroes…just like all the cops right? You had two wars to fight, not enough chances to show off enough muscle and might to get respect, as you retreat blaring out American rock anthems…yeah that will show them. Just get the fuck out of these backward ass countries and let the men and women go back to their families…Adam you talked earlier about juveniles running wild with a single parent, how about let these service men/women who have done multiple tours have a chance to raise and supervise their brood at home.

  8. jg323

    holy shit Commander Kirk is a badass

  9. Connard

    Aceman love the show but your loopy logic that because someone doesn’t mind seeing some murderer/terrorist/child molester get their comeuppance somehow should equate to support for the death penalty is nonsense. If I see a guy drive like an asshole and watch him crash his car, I may be happy but it doesn’t mean that I want the police to come by and confiscate and destroy the car of everyone who drives like an asshole.

  10. Sluggh

    Ace rockin’ the Martha Stewart chambray. Lippold with the smart casual. This won’t end well.

  11. cheflarz

    Death to America

  12. JohnnyR2961

    I’ve been in South Carolina for almost 2 years and this is the only place I’ve seen billboards for http://www.fatherhood.org with pictures from The Lion King on it. All the missing dads need to check it out.

  13. Ras

    The latest issue of Los Angeles Magazine has a small article on podcasts and you are mentioned. They say your rants are as yummy as a double double

  14. MG

    Thanks for the read tonight, made my year. Anyone who thinks you are a racist is truly out of their mind. Updated my FB, public profile, in order to set the record straight on the math. Dawson, thanks for getting through my poorly written statement, wish you would’ve had Alison edit it first.

    Just heard the sign off drop by BB, I am totally over the moon! You guys are incredibly good people. Thank you very much, really means a lot to me.

    • cg

      If this is actually the same guy who got the read … I hope you’re one of many to provide a little extra volume behind the point. It’s important and legitimate, and voices with relevant experience reinforcing and giving it a little more push a little at a time can only help.

  15. Tony

    Get well soon, Larry. We’re all pulling for you. I’m doing my part by forcibly merging 2 bars of soap together, fixing our old hamper, looking for a safety razor to use for my next shave and dropping another olive into my gin martini. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    • Eris

      Hear hear! All things we should be doing to support Larry.

    • ciga-Rhett

      Well said brother. Amen.

  16. Bib

    You’ll have to discuss all of the headlines describing Larry when he’s well…”Funnyman, Nutty Prof Star, 10 Thing I Hate About…”

  17. Bobby F
    Bobby F04-05-2012

    Nobody knows why peanut allergies are on the rise. Some say it’s the use of peanut oil in vaccines combined with the change in the infant vaccine schedule. Others say it may be due to our rapidly changing food supply. The chemical make-up and manner in which we process our food has changed more in the last generation than it has since we first put seeds in the ground. Adam’s right. Eff with nature and you get screwed.

  18. Bobby F
    Bobby F04-05-2012

    Funny/ironic thing is that the girl crying about getting pepper sprayed is holding a huge bottle of crystal geyser.

  19. Mario

    My phone does not stream the show any longer. Has something changed starting two shows ago?

  20. Mario

    My phone does not stream the show any longer. Has something changed starting two shows ago?

  21. Mario

    My phone does not stream the show any longer. Has something changed as of two shows ago? The last show I listened to was the first show in the new studio. I love the show, I am in Tempe Az, my entire life. Its true, Tempe has the most beautiful girls. I am desensitized because when I travel I realize how unattractive most women are in MOST of the other States. Its ironic that AZ has a shit load of mexicans and yet we still have pound per pound the hottest women. (Even though I have a mexican name I am not mexican, I’m scottish……I hate my name)

  22. Andrew

    Awesome show. You’re right on, with the black culture, theres no personal responsibility. When we address it, the liberal media brands us racist, so now everyone is affraid to speak up. Barack Obama was the first real chance to start a conversation and get this fixed, but he is too much of a coward.

  23. black_devil

    Larry Miller down … hopefully this head trauma will make him funnier!!!!!!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

      Hopefully you suffer some head trauma.

    • cg

      Ugh. Amen. I love Larry, but “Hypothetical Road Trip” is just awful.

      Just …

      …. just awful.

  24. Blue Maverick
    Blue Maverick04-05-2012

    Larry get well soon!

    Commander Kirk,

    You are one cool dude.
    I salute you sir.

  25. 1776

    Remember USS Liberty!

  26. MikiMoo

    Ugh, fast forwarding thru another ACE race rant. SO boring

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

      Listen to some other podcast.

    • madchen vapid
      madchen vapid04-05-2012


    • cg

      That’s what he does, and he does it well. If it’s not your thing, why listen in the first place?

      What if I told you I hate modern art, because it’s just boring. Then after the 17th time in the last 3 weeks I visited the museum of modern art, I hated it and had to rush through because I found it boring …

      … if you weren’t stupid, you’d think me stupid.

      Stop drinking the nectar if you don’t appreciate its deeeeliciousness.

      And sheedep.

      • cg

        Oops, missed the “race” in “race rant” from your comment.

        In that case, I have to ask as I asked a previous post-er … which part of what he said was racist? Did he say something untrue about the black community? If so … what was it?

  27. danaconda

    Those cops got swarmed by a group of angry chanting protesters before pepper spraying them. People forget that there were guns around (on the cops belts) that easilly could have been snatched during the confusion and that threat was immediately neutralized by the Pepper Spray…Go Tom Brady!!

  28. AceFan!

    Naugles makes me think of nalgas, which means balls in Spanish.

  29. LEE

    The sound still sounds a little off in this studio, compared to warehouse studio

  30. Elle Lowell
    Elle Lowell04-05-2012

    Some of the smartest people I know have, for various reasons, CHOSEN not to have children (including myself). It is sad. Either that or they’re smart enough to know how to not get pregnant until they choose the right time to have them. It’s really not that difficult.

    • DukeLacrosse

      Elle please watch “Idiocracy” by Mike Judge and have your feelings validated, and laugh for a quick 1.5 hr comedy. The premise of the plot is exactly based on your conclusion.

  31. rosemary

    i think it is time for a new alison song. anyone else?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012


    • BW

      Yes! The news is rarely good ,not sometimes

  32. Pepijn Bruienne
    Pepijn Bruienne04-05-2012

    Aceman, after hearing your continuation this morning on the topic of race and the conundrum of not being able to find someone suitable to speak out about it because you’ll either be labeled a. racist or b. a sell-out I think you should really, *really* book Charles Murray on your show to talk about his new book, Coming Apart.

    He did a lengthy study on the unraveling of white society over the past 50 years and he has quite a few basic concepts in common with what you have been saying over the years. In this case specifically I think you’ll find that some of the things you’ve touched on can be considered what he calls “preaching what you practice”, which is to try and help others by sharing the behaviors and morals that have worked to lift up your own social and economic situation. Or as we know it, judging. Which is bad, right?


    In any case, I believe that it would make for a great show whether you choose to have him on as a regular guest or in a sit-down face to face setup.

    Get it on.

    • Katherine

      Also, Shelby Steele would be a great guest on the same topic. He had a great article in the WSJ today. And he’s just up the road

    • the Sloop
      the Sloop04-05-2012

      Do not open that link if you are on a Mac. All Mac owners should go to Software Update under the Apple menu and download Apples very recent Security Fix for Java. This link may have an untrusted Java Applet that is harmful and has spread. It is not poster PB’s fault.

    • sharon2015

      I hope you are suggesting he has this racist a-hole on the show ironically

  33. Mike

    Great pod. Best wishes for Larry on a speedy recovery.

  34. alexander

    I am apparently Adam’s 3rd black listener and I have a large family with 6 children and unfortunately it’s time to crap on Adam’s point.

    My oldest 2 daughters are from my first marriage to a girl who was of Irish descent (a.k.a hella white) and she left us 10 years ago to pursue a career in the lucrative world of adult entertainment. As a bonus, she rarely visits her daughters and heaven forbid she spend a dime to help pay for anything for them from a pair of shoes when they were little to their university fees now.

    My twin sons were adopted by me when I married my current wife. She was a single mother raising her boys because their father wanted nothing to do with them and ran when he found out she was pregnant. Now here’s the kicker, this deadbeat father was not black but…Italian!

    My wife and I also have a son and a daughter together but we both work full time, live in a large house, attend our youngest kids softball games, our twins high school football games and our oldest daughters sports events and school plays. We’re not now or ever have been on government assistance and even sponsor a child in Haiti.

    Perhaps because we’re Canadian there’s a different mentality towards raising our kids than our American cousins but let’s not paint all black people as potential candidates for the Maury Povich Show. Even when your one true black friend DAG comes on the show he never misses an opportunity to talk about his daughter.

    For the record I don’t believe that any one person can speak on behalf of a race (sorry Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton) but everyone has to look in their own mirror and be accountable to that person to be the best person they can be. Sorry if that sounds preachy but I’m tired of these idiots showing up and claiming to talk on my behalf as a black person. I already told my wife that when I die, if they show up at the funeral (as they are apparently contractually obligated to do every black person’s funeral) then to kindly show them the door and point them in the direction of some ambulance they can go chase.

    Keep up the good work with the show. It help me get through my work day. Take care.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

      Doesn’t count, you’re Canadian.

      • BW

        Counts 2x

    • Listener

      You’ve had twice as many kids as the Adam Carolla Show staff, combined, (by multiple women) so you haven’t exactly shattered the stereotype. I see retrospective excuses (i.e. first wife left for the adult industry), but are you really claiming that these things were unforeseeable and unavoidable? I’ve never had a woman run off for the adult industry… one can sense and steer clear of those types.

    • Mallrattnroll

      Sorry, Adam can only read one letter a year 🙂

    • nAAter

      Get it on Alexander!, and may you always be the strong father figure in every childs eyes.
      All cultures have dead-beat-daddism, but in America, only one has an entire industry of media and personalities championing the notion.
      Just for fun, please tell me your first wife refuses to work with black guys because their cocks are too damn big!!!

    • donny

      Adam never said all black people were fucked up.

    • BW

      Good on you from a fellow Canadian. I too had kids to raise on my own for a while.

    • sharon2015

      “My wife and I also have a son and a daughter together but we both work full time, live in a large house, attend our youngest kids softball games, our twins high school football games and our oldest daughters sports events and school plays.:”

      you are not the exception, as everyone (including you) seems to think

      one of the biggest mistakes of this whole discussion is the painting of African Americans with a broad brush.

  35. HighPlainsToker

    Carolla is not a Homophobe shirts need to be created.

    I’d buy one.

  36. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis04-05-2012

    For a second edition of the new book, Adam should add a short epilogue of all the biting comic one liners from his son. “You’re not the boss of the inside of me,” is a personal favorite of mine.

  37. CSN

    Oh, so since you blocked for black guys in high school football, you’re not racist. Great point

    • Julian

      So since you haven’t proved you’re innocent, you’re guilty ? Great point, genius.

  38. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll04-05-2012

    A lot of students graduating from high school are not able to attend 4 year state colleges and universities (the most affordable) straight out of high school because funding cuts impose incoming class size limits. These cuts some at the heels of government bailouts for big business that are supposed to be “job creators” and whose biggest complaint is that there not enough university graduates in this country which is why they “must” then offshore jobs to India. Oh yeah and the entire “do what smart countries do” in Germany and Japan they have stuff like universal healthcare and in Germany they have free university level education available. I love this show but it annoys me that of all the people there no one brings this up when Adam goes on his libertarian-lite rants, pretty sure he can handle opposing viewpoints bolstered by facts.

    • Mallrattnroll

      Agree. I went to a 2 year college then transferred to a 4yr. Much cheaper.

      On a side note…I can’t wait ’til Natalia hits 13. Oh ACE…you have NO idea. bwahaha

    • nAAter

      Aptly named I T. You are a troll.

    • Dogs eat pie
      Dogs eat pie04-09-2012

      To be fair, of all people there, Alison Rosen may be aware of it, I’m sure Teresa Strasser would have been, but regardless of wither they are or not, Adam creates an environment in which no one is able to express an alternative opinion. He crafted it in such a way as to allow just enough, to claim he does, but in the end there is a strong limit on the voice of others on his show.

      We’ve heard him go OFF on Bald Bryant about a bag chips he left open, that were even Bryant’s own chips. And that was just about chips.

  39. Sandman

    If commander Lippold is a great American, why does he drive a Nissan?

    • JessMan

      they’re made in tennessee. and are great cars

      • BW

        But where do the profits go?

    • Yak

      I don’t know what Nissan he drives but lots of them are made in the USA, clown.
      Altima, Maxima, Pathfinder, Xterra to name a few of the popular ones.

      And what does your car have to do with how great an American you are?
      I imagine plenty of American citizens that make wonderful contributions to the country like doctors, nurses, teachers and military heros drive foreign cars. That makes them unAmerican?

      Half of the “domestic” shitboxes are made in Canada and Mexico anyway.

    • Ben S.
      Ben S.04-05-2012

      Xterras are currently made in Mississippi, before that they where made in Tennessee

  40. red from pdx
    red from pdx04-05-2012

    About the epidemic Carolla rants about, even Tupac, who is typically highly revered among all parties involved with this epidemic, came out with a song stating the exact same thing as Carolla over 13 years ago (“Changes,” released in Oct. 1998). People don’t even listen to their own ‘heroes’ if it’s not convenient to them; in our society, people have become much more lazy and self-centered (not just black people) over the last several decades, this is another horrible display of it.

  41. Dave

    Get well Larry! Speedy recovery! Sending good thoughts your way!

  42. moonthirst

    you know Larry had be drunk when he fell. just saying.

  43. Dave

    I totally agree with Adam’s viewpoint on blacks, children, and family cohesion. Growing up Catholic in South Texas in the 60’s and 70’s, I recall talking to a black girl about another girl becoming pregnant. My automatic response was ‘So I guess they’re going to get married.’ The black girl looked at me as if I was from another planet and laughed. The idea that a couple would even try to commit to each other for the sake of their child was totally foreign to her.

    Unfortunately, this lack of responsibility among males in our society is growing, and not just among blacks; but their culture has been plagued with this problem much longer.

  44. Jared

    Just to emphasize Adam’s point that everyone is scared to talk about Black culture; when he went on a 2 minute rant about Occupy Wall Street it hit Google like a goddam cluster bomb and it was on every news channel. He’s also talked about Black culture on about 100 different episodes, saying things that one would think would be controversial or even incindiary, and it’s still basically un-Googleable. Nobody will touch it. You make a flippant remark about a bunch of whiny White kids and everyone gets their panties in a bunch, but try to have a serious discussion about Black culture and everyone turns into Helen Keller.

  45. Yancy Yeater
    Yancy Yeater04-05-2012

    What is the “Goodbye” drop from?

  46. JessMan

    couldn’t agree more about the parking meters. gimme my unused quarter back you thieves!

  47. Wren

    Alison: “You know what’s worse than pesticides in your food? Bugs!”

    (And apparently she’s said this before.)

    I’m a fan, Alison, but beginning to realize you are sadly mis/uninformed on a variety of topics.

    And the bigger irony here is you’re shitting on Adam’s point, and he doesn’t even realize it.

    Bugs natural. Pesticides unnatural.

    Adam, if you think anti-bacterial hand sanitizers are bad, what do you think of GM (genetically-modified) crops?

    The problem is much bigger than you seem to realize…but I know you’re a smart guy and I’m sure you’ll take the time to educate yourself on it.

    @AceFan! – “nalgas” is Spanish slang for “ass” – not “balls.”

  48. Joe Santos
    Joe Santos04-05-2012

    Good show. I like Cmdr Lippold.

  49. Bob

    Should call this guy Commander Tool.

  50. Katie

    Oh Adam I threw my fist in the air when you discussed the pepper-spray story. Higher Education is something you CHOOSE to go through, it’s not a life requirement or legal right. If prices are raised then you adapt to it. When I was in college and tuition was raised I just worked my ass even harder to pay for classes because I WANTED to be there. And everyday I had to walk by groups of chanting idiots sitting in the quad, blocking my way and crying for handouts. Then when the walkouts began I was the one that suffered because classes would be canceled, classes I paid for. These protests aren’t about addressing injustice, it’s about people who LOVE to identify themselves as victims. A price is raised for a certain service and now they are oppressed victims. Injustice exists, but this is not it.
    It is unfortunate they were sprayed however, we shouldn’t wish pain against anyone. I’m not a psycho bitch or anything.

    Well now that I’m all pepped up I can assure a fun KATIE”S DAILY PODCAST ILLUSTRATION later today!

    On your side Ace


  51. Vincent Dellay
    Vincent Dellay04-05-2012

    Hah! Hah!! Hah!! Watching those students getting pepper sprayed was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages! Fuck all of those self entitled, whiny little bitches!

  52. Vincent Dellay
    Vincent Dellay04-05-2012

    And Wil… you know a few people who have actually died of a peanut allergy? You know what that’s called? Darwinism. Your friends were weak and deserved to die. Go fuck yourself.

  53. Mark

    This guest is fucking annoying. But I’m glad he thinks we need to spend millions and millions of dollars to protect the handful of Americans that get kidnapped by pirates. Money well spent, right?

  54. Nick

    School uniforms don’t do anything.Oddly enough, the poorest public schools often use the uniforms and either taxes pay for them, or they just do the khaki pants blue shirt thing, then the poor kids have a shitty version of that. The kids always find any way to advertise and self express. Hair, socks, bracelet, whatever, they find a way.

  55. Luis F
    Luis F04-05-2012

    Commander Kirk is sort of a blowhard. Yes we get it, you ran out with your handgun ready to make those terrorists eat lead and yes we get it you were ready to die (hard). No need to repeat it Commander Rambo, you are a 100% Hacksaw Jim Duggan approved American Badass!!!!!

    As for Ace’s take on race today: Ace you made some decent points but you should not assume that you are the only one that has the courage/insight to say such things. There are some figures both black and white that have made similar points. You come off a bit ignorant.

    But I love listening to ya, ya ignorant bastard!!!

  56. Broktune

    Where the hell did all these peanut and gluten people come from? When I was a kid in the eighties, 37 now, no one had these problems…..NO ONE. Sure, there may have been one kid in the whole school that you heard was allergic to peanuts so…..they didn’t eat peanuts. You didn’t have to make special accommodations for him or her. The whole gluten thing did not exist. Now, I encounter these people all over the place. The funny thing is, these people are usually fat women. I think gluten is a way for people to be bigger pains in the ass and have something to constantly complain about and have others feel bad for them.

  57. CACAHD

    When Adam said that he would spring for Bald Bryan’s and Alison’s room in New York a day early he forgot to mention they get to share a cot in his room

  58. Eris

    WTF was up with the way they presented the Larry story? I know Adam is a social retard but he totally didn’t give an F about it. He tried to pass right over it, why? Allison later tweeted that she was suprised they just read the TMZ story bc she thought they would more discuss it, Adam just barely threw it in there like it was some tiny inconsequential story. Weird and rude.

  59. Peggy

    Is it just me, or has Bald Bryan been mixed down too low since they moved to the new studio? Someone turn his mic up!

  60. ryan k
    ryan k04-05-2012

    Wow, Alison did absolutely zero research on that Santa Monica College story, apparently. The school wants to create “Premium” classes during the summer, at $150 a unit (up from the pretty expensive $46/unit classes normally are — not $4 a unit like Adam thought).

    Community college isn’t for “Nursing students” and retards, it’s for people who aren’t able to afford regular college, people who work full time to support themselves and can’t go to a regular college full-time, and older people looking to learn random subjects.

    Way to come across as woefully uninformed, Ace-man and Rosen.

  61. madchen vapid
    madchen vapid04-05-2012

    Jingoism makes my dick hard. Hooah, Ace!

  62. Ricotastic

    Adam throws his pennies away.

    Literally a millionaire. Literally…

  63. zackdog

    I am not a racist. However I believe there is not enough whites in professional football and basketball. I only saw a couple of white players in the final four. Although no one wants to talk about it, I believe the answer is simple. Too many potential white sports stars have fathers that hang around. The black players have an advantage because they have no fathers around to inhibit their development. If more white fathers would walk away from their kids we would find more white parity in professional sports. Adam had pretty much an absent father, and so he was able make All VALLEY second team. I believe if his father had been completely absent he could’ve gone pro. I truly believe if Adam ever wants his son Sonny to be able to hit a baseball he is going to have to move to Florida and let his son develop his God-given right to be a star athlete. I know no one wants to hear this but even that Rabbi, that Adam gives talks with in Palos Verdes and San Diego would have to agree.

  64. Listener

    Oh… WTC7 was “punched in the face.” That’s what happened to it.

  65. kc278

    Here’s hoping Larry will be okay.

    That said: I used to LOVE me some Naugles! There was one down the street from the furniture store I worked at in Anaheim (on Lincoln) back in the day and, at least there, they’d take custom orders. My usual was a cheese burrito with green sauce — that is, a big-ass tortilla stuffed with melted cheese and dripping with halfway decent salsa verde — and a large milk — not one of those wussy little pint cartons but a 16-oz cup straight out of the jug for the price of soda. I also recall them always having nice, fresh sour cream.

  66. Patrick

    Great Pod. Apparently Commander Lippold grabbed his 9 and 3 clips and was about to kick ass and stack ’em 10 high. He made them stop the kid rock song american badass because it was obviously about him and wasn’t sanctioned.

  67. Gregory mccallister
    Gregory mccallister04-05-2012

    FUCK the navy, they took ONE IED in 20 years. These pussies have been hanging out on the sideline for the entire war. The AIR FORCE has been running more convoys in Iraq and afghanistan than the Us Army or Marines and have only lost SIX Airman. The Navy Shows up and no body notices.

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett04-09-2012

      Oooh convoy duty! Sooo dangerous!

  68. Sada

    OOH! Crop out Commander Lippold and submit this photo to http://menwholooklikeoldlesbians.blogspot.com/

  69. Baltazar

    Great show guys! Keep up the good work.

  70. boring, oregon
    boring, oregon04-05-2012

    Im listening to Jim Carolla as he explains about the beasts in the forest to Ray (Jim talks funny, it sounds like the Beefs in the Farces) and i realize that whats going on with Adam and his unfunny rants-

    He rants two different ways- funny and not funny. The not funny Rants (and i mean they are so willfully not funny) are his way of dealing with the Beefs in the Farces of his heart, just as Jim has advised him.

    Aceman rants are funny and riff about slightly annoying things by taking an absurd approach. Adam rants are always furiously chasing some crazy hardass agenda like a berzerk blowhard do his damndest to NOT be funny.

    Yeah its therapeutic for him i guess but jolting to those of us visiting Aceman’s Comedy Warehouse to get some comedy gold.

    Im not going to compain about anything else. Free is a very good price and some free things are the most excellent things of all. These podcasts often are. When they are not i blame the lousy guests. Still waiting for Danny B to come by so Aceman can tell him how much it sucked working with him. That would be epic.

  71. Maui

    quit going back to the news when you have a guest nailing it…shit….

  72. Rob in Africa
    Rob in Africa04-06-2012

    It sounds like Adam is doing the show in the bathroom…. too much echo in the studio.

  73. Rrrrr

    We needed to hear more from the Cammander!

  74. scott

    Hey commander, if we stopped building war ships and concentrated on what really matters, the world would be a better place. In the immortal words of John Lennon: PEACE!

  75. donewithidiots

    Just when I get discouraged at Aces anti law enforcement views, he has the Commander on. Good stuff. Also some listeners might try to not come across as nakedly stupid about military policy, globally. I’m against our sons and daughters fighting these things too. Let the drones sort it out. Name calling the Commander just shows the booger eaters IQ’s and thought process.

  76. donewithidiots

    @ Internet troll. Pretty sure it’s also COMMON knowledge that those countries also have benefitted from a strong U.S. military. That accounts for a lot of funding that others spend on their systems. Brighten up. Our Navy has assured safety of our interests and the civilized world since WWII.

  77. Hemorrhoids

    The navy has protected our interests since long before WWII. Post-American Revolution, the first notable act of the US navy was to safeguard American shipping in the 1800s in the first war against the Barbary pirates operating out of places such as Tripoli.

    Without the navy, international shipping would be under constant threat of piracy, and global trade would be severely disrupted by it. Beyond that, US territorial waters would no longer be safe as drug smugglers and other shady characters could operate in them with impunity.

    Maybe we don’t need seven aircraft carriers and all the requisite ships that accompany them, but to argue we don’t need a navy at all is ludicrous. So to whoever said build no warships and spend the money on other things is completely missing the point.

  78. Johnnhy

    Nalgas is not so much spanish for Ass, it translates more to ass cheeks!



    What about General McNamara admitting GULF OF TONKIN INCIDENT?


  80. Hallie

    I had a hispanic manager named Lambert when I worked at McDonald’s in Green Valley AZ. He called the town Green Balley, So we called him Lamvert, “Hey Lamvert drop some fries, we got a vus on the lot.”

  81. donewithidiots

    It’s the first time I’ve responded to someone named Hemorroids, but right you are sir. After WWII we were the new big kid on the block. The Barbary Pirates were a scourge back then as their modern counterparts are today. I’d say that with an every stronger China on the rise, those seven aircraft carriers are going to be a nice deterrent to the huge sub base they already have. I think mr. smart guy James Cameron moving to New Zealand is funny in that regard. Not to mention all the innovations they’re coming up with to become the big kid on the block pretty soon. That and those printing presses.

  82. Dan Burke
    Dan Burke04-08-2012

    Alison is pretty but she has to do appearances in some OTHER than those black boots. Someone please buy this poor girl some shoes!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-09-2012

      Shoes don’t cover up the big calves.

  83. sharon2015

    National Urban League
    Concerned Black Men
    100 Black Men of America
    National Negro Women’s council
    National Black Caucus
    Programs like affirmative action
    African American graduation ceremonies
    Million man/million more march
    National Panhellenic Conference of African American Sororities and Fraternities
    Thousands of diversity scholarship, pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, fellowships
    C-Span Summit on the State of Black America
    thousands of black scholars, theologians, teachers, community activists,

    We do give a shit about our community, we do value education, we do hold one another accountable (our tax dollars are the same color as yours), we’ve been dealing with these issues WITHIN our community long before you puffed your chest out and decided to ‘give us a wake up call.’

    Read a book about ANY OF THIS before you decide to prescribe your one dimensional answer to problems of race, poverty, nihilism, and social injustice that are so complex people much smarter than you are still working to resolve.

    P.S. Shari’s Berries sucked!

    • White is Bright
      White is Bright04-09-2012

      Shut the fuck up!

  84. blautens

    Huge fan, guys – but please fix the sound in the new studio, the echo sounds like the studio is in a prison cell (don’t ask) – I heard Adam say they have some “acoustic work” to do…but I’m surprised Adam would jump in the new studio when the sound issue is this obvious.

  85. Lovin The Commander
    Lovin The Commander04-10-2012

    I just listen to this wonderful podcast. After hearing the commander talk about the songs played as they left port, I found Kid Rock’s American Bad Ass. I listened to this song, and it gave me goose bumps thinking of it playing loud and proud as the USS Cole left port. Goods bumps on top of goose bumps. Wow!

  86. Dustin from BC
    Dustin from BC04-10-2012

    Nice work guys, first Sean Parnell, now Commander Lippold, love hearing the stories these guys have to tell. Great books by both men, excellent and inspirational tales that should be required reading in whatever constitutes “social studies” in school these days. Thanks for showcasing the great work of these unsung heroes.

    Great variety of guests lately, loving it!

  87. Mr.Mann

    on the black community bullshit. White guys have to do it, Black guys don’t give a shit. White guys make shit happen. There are black guys who do good, but they are out numbered. THere are plenty of white women and black women who only want to fuck black guys with giant dicks. Who has to pay for all that shit? White guys, white guys are the society and civilization. look at countries not run by white guys, people live in grass huts and shit in the street.

    every white guy I have ever met, wanted to have a family. we aren’t saints but even the skeeziest white guy has some fat chick he is trying to take care of. Women fuck it up. they want, they want they want, nothing is ever gonna satisfy them, white guys used to be able to beat black guys and women to keep them from fucking everything up, now we can’t but we still win because we are smarter than them. and they have no self discipline.

    I wish what I said wasn’t true. when I was younger I was very optimistic and idealistic. now I am divorced single dad raising my two kids, in the house I bought with the money I made, because I work my ass off every fucking day of my life. I work with another white guy who does cleaning and bullshit jobs around here, and works a second job as a waiter. he is pushing 64 and he can’t retire because he does it all to take care of his wife and kids and their kids.

    You got to have a soul and I am afraid the actions of the women and some blacks in our society don’t have that. I could not sleep at night knowing my kid got shot, or was even in danger…. much less move out and let them fend for them selves. What the fuck are these dads doing that is so important? I mean really?

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