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Adam opens the show talking about the plague of spiders at his house. He then welcomes David Wild and Michelle Branch to the studio, and talks to Michelle about owning a chicken coop. After ranting about his dog’s diabetes, Adam, David and Michelle all exchange great songs for the week. The gang also discusses how phases of good music come and go, much in the same way as fashion or architecture.

Colin Mochrie enters the studio next, and Adam talks to him about being born in Scotland but raised in Canada. They joke about crazy Canadian actors like Mike Meyers, and Adam also talks about lying on a $75,000 mattress. In today’s news, the guys discuss James Holmes, Penn State, and Fred Willard. As the show wraps up, the gang analyzes how less confident people can actually be more successful.


Colin Mochrie can be seen on ‘Trust Us With Your Life’, Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC. You can also follow him on Twitter @ColinMochrie.

Visit http://MichelleBranch.com, or follow her on Twitter @MichelleBranch. Also be sure to follow David on Twitter @WildAboutMusic.



DAVID WILD: Sugar – If I Can’t Change Your Mind
MICHELLE BRANCH: Jessie Baylin – I Feel That Too
ACEMAN: Freedy Johnson – Bad Reputation

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. mark

    davil wild stop name dropping. as i was workin on the cee lo book i had a spider on my phone. why say while you were workin on the book to make the spider on your phone point?. my god, stfu. name droppin is gay.

    • Sarah

      Um Mark– it was on his Macbook Pro.


    • Wavid Dild
      Wavid Dild07-24-2012

      That is all David Wild does when he comes on. “I remember when *name drop* was doing some coke with *name drop* while blowing *name drop*” Clearly he has a lot of free time because he is on the show so often. All I know is that when he is on, I wait until he starts talking then I skip through the show to the interviews. He is really annoying (to me at least).

      • Tom


        • Steve

          Wildly uninteresting

    • Saturdayadam

      Please no more David Wild. At the very least, when you have an interesting guest on like LaVar Burton, please let them actually talk a little. The bigger names are so far and few between these days, I hate to listen in and find out that 30 minutes were spent talking about ketchup packets, and then we spend 7 1/2 minutes talking to Bryan Cranston, for example.

      C’mon Aceman…. We all love you, but focus on the bigger name guests once in a while

      • perry

        i love Adam but I feel the same way.

    • Mr.FadedGlory

      I’m glad we can all agree, David Wild is tarded.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore07-25-2012

      Two names to make me automatically skip the show: Dave Dameshek and David Wild.

      One name to make me automatically listen to it: Dr. Bruce.

      • Matty


      • RJstrayer

        I agree about Sports with Dameshek is tough to listen too.

    • Spiniton13

      I like David Wild. I look forward to when he is on. I love his rock and Roll stories.

    • Spiniton13

      I like David Wild. I look forward to when he is on. I love his rock and Roll stories. Keep it real D. Wild !

  2. Nevada Jake
    Nevada Jake07-23-2012

    David wild’s music choice sounded less like Nirvana and more like the friends opening credits. When you listen to it clap your hands five times

    • Cup o'Tard
      Cup o'Tard07-24-2012

      Yeah I’m not getting how what we used to call “an adult-contemporary band” that debuted in 1992 heavily influenced Nirvana.

      • Miles L. Berman
        Miles L. Berman07-24-2012

        Husker Du influenced Nirvana…Bob Mould was their frontman/guitarist as well. God, learn your shit, people!

        • KD

          You’ve got one thing right, its shit.

    • ncgirl05

      totally agree – it sucked

    • dave

      Nevada Jake…. you said EXACTLY what I was thinking!!!! Sounds like the friends opening theme. What a shitty song.

      Sorry David Wild, you’re way off.

    • Pan kenny "onion" NJ
      Pan kenny "onion" NJ07-24-2012

      Here’s a great sea/sonal song.”Girls in their summer clothes” Springstein mid career.Gotta play it. PS i leave your pod info on product reviews saying support show go thru ace broaqdcasting and pur reminder in your Amazon password.Not a waste of my time…..

    • Mike

      I do not know if he was talking about the solo songs of Bob Mould/Sugar songs influencing Nirvana as much as Husker Du, which is a lot faster than the song he played. I used to listen to them, but I am not sure how well it stood the test of time; Maybe i’ll dig up the cds and give it another listen.

    • andrew deen
      andrew deen07-24-2012

      husker du is one is the most underrated bands of all time. they were a very active punk rock band in the eighties and didn’t make any money or get any recognition for influencing the entire shift of music in the early nineties. why dont you get a clue before you trash music that you don’t know anything about. Listen to ‘Everything Falls Apart’ and tell me it sounds like the friends theme song you retard.

    • Feetsthss

      Bob Mould and Husker Du were a huge influence on Nirvana.

      Bob Mould and Sugar? Not so much.

    • Wild about Damasheck
      Wild about Damasheck07-24-2012

      David Wild and Dave Damascheck BLOW. Why must we listen to them every day all the sudden? Fuck please make them go away they are ruining the podcast. Adam, take all the minutes you were going to give those two talentless hacks and let Allison talk.

    • Just me
      Just me07-24-2012

      Nirvana is overrated. Only held so high because Cobain got all f’ed up on H and shot himself, at their peak. Look at Pearl Jam. Absolutely revolutionary when they came out, and not much since. If Eddie did the same as Kurt, you’d speak of PJ with such reverence.

      • reb

        maybe; they were pretty evenly regarded at the outset, c. 1991

    • MC White
      MC White07-25-2012

      I’ve started skipping the music with David Wild. I hear the intro, and skip 10 or 15 mins. I NEVER like the music. It’s never my taste. I do like when Ace has music guests on, and I’ll listen to the “hit” they want to play off their new record, and I usually like it.


      Really doubting Wild’s cred as a “music expert”, beginning with him praising the song he played off the new Joe Walsh album (which sucked) and continuing up to now with the Sugar song he played. It sounds like every crappy college rock song from the 90’s and there is nothing memorable about it. He called it ONE OF THE BEST SONGS OF THE LAST 20 YEARS… I do think he has a great sense of humor and contributes to whatever topic they’re on, but I’m afraid his personal taste in music SUX by most people’s standards. Ace, feel free to call him on it sometime and Bald Bryan should cut the shitty songs off after 8 to 10 seconds. For the kind of music Adam seems to like, I think he would really like “Time Spent in Los Angeles” by Dawes. I think Wild should maybe step away from selecting songs to play on the show. Liked the song that Branch played much better. get a clue, Wild!!!

      • Macaroni and Cheese
        Macaroni and Cheese07-26-2012

        First of all, love the podcast. I’m not one of those people who says “Seriously, I will stop listening right now unless…”

        I honestly used to be a fan of David Wild coming on the show, but then they sort of expanded his role, and made it about him playing a song choice each week. That portion sucks hardcore. Both songs played today, especially David Wild’s choice, were so terrible. Also frustrating how Adam will rant to no end about songs sucking, but then say nothing about how bad the songs David Wild plays are. Maybe he actually likes them, which makes me doubt his taste in music even more. However, call me crazy, but I did like Adam’s song choice today. Maybe because it was in the Movie Kingpin and I heard it so many times.

        I’m more interested in hearing the crazy behind-the-scenes stories about famous musicians that you might not know about (not just name dropping, which I agree is getting old – just say you had a spider on your computer screen; no need to reference Cee-Lo unless it was relevant to the story).

        I may be in the minority, but I think Dave Dameshek is really funny, and I think it has to do with the unusual vocabulary choices he makes. A lot of the things he says are not something you’d hear everyday – at least the way it’s worded.

        Anyway, the reason I love the podcast is because of the comedic stuff. The other topics (politics, rants, etc.) are ok as long as there is still enough stuff to laugh about on the podcast.


          I for one agree. I don’t know why everyone busts Dameshek’s balls. I think he’s funny too and adds a hell of a lot more to the show than Wild. Did you know that the “sports” (“where’s the sports?”) section that Dave does would’ve been done by Jay Mohr till he decided to do his own podcast network? Now THAT woulda been two guys who would explode in the same room because they both have to talk constantly…

  3. who?

    More Colin in the future please.

  4. tomeboi

    A while back Adam and crew were talking about Roadhouse and Patrick Swayze. does anyone remember the guy who plays his boss in Roadhouse was in a 70’s or early 80’s show called, “Emergency?” he was an emt guy with a partner who helped save everyone.

  5. tomeboi

    Btw ray looks similar to dr. drew. if drew had an idiot savant younger brother it would look like ray.

  6. angel mercado
    angel mercado07-24-2012

    I love Michelle Branch,,David Wild great… the gang are the best.. good pod

  7. Steph

    I would like to take a poll on who really likes David Wild? I am sick of him.

    • Zapoli

      He’s a bright guy with a sense of humor and tends to keep up nicely with whatever the conversation happens to be. Not really sure what else he needs to be doing.

    • scott

      same here sorry but he needs to go

    • PassTheBubbly


    • MC White
      MC White07-25-2012

      I like David Wild, just tired of hearing name dropping, and semi interesting stories, but I do like hearing them.

    • ChicagoCarrollaFan

      I like Wild, he is normally on for only 15-20 minutes so whats the big deal.

  8. Duffinia

    Spider advice:

    There are little box-traps that work pretty well on spiders. They have no poison, they just have some attractant and glue inside. The spiders go in and get stuck to the glue.

    My spider traps fill up in about a week and I put out new ones (the box is pretty small so it fills up quickly). The brand is Victor, Poison-free Insect Magnet. I get them on Amazon.

    Safe around kids and pets because there is no poison.

  9. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    If I was going to pick one song by Sugar to play it would have been “Gee Angel” off of “File Under: Easy Listening”.

  10. Flapjack McCrackin
    Flapjack McCrackin07-24-2012

    For a guy who knows so much about music, why are David Wild’s musical choices always so shitty?! Adam picked a good song, for once.

    • Anniepatra

      I agree. Obviously musical taste is subjective but David Wild’s choices are banal, boring and in no way impressive to me. Snore fest. Also, Wild seems like an amiable dude but he really doesn’t contribute much to the podcast. How about asking Alison, (who was actually in a a band), what she thinks?

      Do love me some Freedy, however. And liked the voice of the singer on the Michelle Branch cut.

    • MC White
      MC White07-25-2012

      I think he picks non-radio hits, and we rarely have heard or know of the songs we are hearing.

  11. Nature Boy Ric Flair
    Nature Boy Ric Flair07-24-2012

    40 minutes on spiders and dog food?…Somebody went through Jerry Seinfeld’s garbage last night….Geez.

  12. anon

    David Wild’s groveling lisp for 90 minutes?

  13. Dave

    The Freedy Johnston song was featured on the Woody Harrelson classic “Kingpin”.

    • Justin

      As well as Kicking and Screaming. Not THAT Kicking and Screaming, the godawful Ferrell vehicle. No, the underrated Noah Baumbach talkie.

  14. Daniel

    Take it for what it’s worth, but as a loyal fan of the show, I’ve got to say that I can’t stand David Wild or the music segment. I literally skip right through it. In my opinion, this isn’t the platform for “deep cuts”. Also, David is NOT funny, does NOT have “chops”, and the name dropping is annoying. Again, I’m just a fan, take if for what it’s worth.

  15. Adam's Hypocrisy
    Adam's Hypocrisy07-24-2012

    I thought it was funny when Wild started his spider story, I immediate thought, how is he going to name drop a famous spider…then he worked in Cee Lo Green without a hint of irony.

  16. TipCT

    Buy a bug vacuum & literally “suck it up.”

    • BigFatBob

      My mom bought one of those. I would like to say it sucked but it didnt suck good enough.

      I prefer to use my dyson vacuum critters.

  17. Luke

    seriously guys (Ace and David) listen to 89.3 The Current out of Minneapolis. Sugar/Husker Du/Bob Mould is from Minneapolis, and we already know Ace loves the Jayhawks who are also from Minneapolis.

    trust me, 89.3 The Current if you like good old music and new undiscovered music, and no commercials


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-24-2012

      Is this a plug?

    • Mary


    • reb

      Replacements, too?

    • Sun-il

      Thank you – great station – been listening for an hour or so now.

  18. Matt

    Rosen shouldn’t have given the gun nuts who have been tweeting at her the attention. Adam did the right thing by skirting the issue of control. Commenting on it but not making any incredible claims or taking a side.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running07-24-2012

      Maybe you missed the part where Adam said that “we don’t need” a certain type of weapon. He did take a side, the wrong side, before throwing up his hands and admitting that nothing could be done.

  19. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams07-24-2012

    Why when it comes to news reports like the “George Zimmerman” case Adam has no information on the matter outside of parroting Fox New he’s watched. Either educate yourself on the subject or stop commenting on it. Stop being an uninformed American cartoon character. Read asshole, read.

    • RoyalDryness

      Actually I think Adam did a good job of not taking a side and just explaining what he thought (which was misinformed) and what he heard watching Zimmerman being so different and making the point that the news isn’t always as interested in the truth as they are in trying to present a good story. It was actually a very salient point. Also when it came to Zimmerman I get the feel that Adam believes the truth lies somewhere in between the initial impression of Zimmerman gunning down a kid minding his own business without provocation and Zimmerman trying to pretend that he was attacked for minding his own business.

      • Thomas Hickey
        Thomas Hickey07-25-2012

        So CNN didn’t report it exactly as Adam indicated? I think he did a good job illustrating the confusion and utter simplistic form that news so often takes.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running07-24-2012

      Maybe you could educate me on why the Omar Thornton massacre, which resulted in 9 deaths, fell down the memory hole while this one is getting wall to wall coverage.

      Google a picture of Mr. Thornton for the answer.

  20. Joe E Tata
    Joe E Tata07-24-2012

    David Wild? Let’s start the name-droppin’ and ass-kissin’!

    DAVID WILD BINGO (Junior Version)

    1st ROW: “The Best…” / Meeting Bob Dylan / Sucking Up To Adam
    2nd ROW: “My All-time Favorite…” / FREE SPACE / Meeting Pia Zadora
    3rd ROW: “I wrote the liner notes for…” / Meeting Tom Petty / “…is the Greatest”

    • heapoftears

      double BINGO!

  21. LiberalsRstupid

    I’m a “gun” nut because I believe in the Constitution? Your hyper-active generalizations about Gun owners make you all sound very stupid…

    • LiberalsRstupid

      Whats even dumber is calling more than half of your audience “Nuts’ then calling the other half “Crazy”…

  22. LiberalsRstupid

    But a “smart nut”? Gawd get over yourself fool…

  23. LiberalsRstupid

    You fucking idiots… Gun Nut here… It’s time to ban Gasoline. After all without Gasoline 13 illegal aliens would still be alive stealing my tax money… IDIOTS….

  24. LiberalsRstupid

    But but, that Gun looks too scary….ohhhhh….

    • reb

      Perhaps you could convince other members of your little militia to post, because you do come off as a bit of a nut. Don’t quarter any soldiers!

  25. Adrian Larson
    Adrian Larson07-24-2012

    I honestly don’t get it. We have all these anti-mosquito things and sound systems designed to repel mosquitos and stuff, but why do we not have anti-spider things?

    I don’t mind spiders in THEIR environment. But you get into my room and I will WW3 my whole house to get you dead.

  26. LiberalsRstupid

    Adam, you seem to say “But I don’t know” a lot. Yet you always have something to say even when “you don’t know”…

    • ChicagoCarrollaFan


  27. Sacto Aaron
    Sacto Aaron07-24-2012

    I think you could have done the entire show with Michelle Branch…seemed like a cool chick and I want to know more!

  28. BigFatBob

    Spider suck. The black widow spider has slowly been replaced by its
    distant cousin the Brown widow. They are just very prolific breeders and love to nest anywhere. (like on your face in the middle of the night).

  29. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent07-24-2012

    Does Dawson have throat Herpes?

  30. Thuh Hammah
    Thuh Hammah07-24-2012

    Nice t-shirt Michelle.. you weren’t even born yet. But hey, it’s probably fake so it rounds out the rest of your image?

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running07-24-2012

      Probably got it from her husband, who probably attended.

    • Thomas Hickey
      Thomas Hickey07-25-2012

      I hardly think she’s fake. After she hit it big, she’s faded away, yea. But she didn’t give up, she kept on playing live and she can play and sing like crazy.

      • breeoxd

        Exactly! And did it occur to anyone that she got married and had a child right at the time she started to leave the limelight a bit? Maybe she just had different priorities at the moment.

        Also good to note- though she was out of the limelight, Michelle actually was quite prolific in other areas. She wrote for other artists and produced and started up a new group. Why all the hate?

  31. derrick

    Adam should let the guest talk a bit more.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-24-2012

      Have you ever listened to this show before?

    • Ivan

      Yes. Ace is awesome, but he uses his guests as launch pads for rants, which gets old. He needs to have real conversations / interviews with them.

      • Thuh Hammah
        Thuh Hammah07-25-2012

        He does… I think it depends on whether he’s genuinely interested in what the guest has to say, though.

  32. Dave

    Where do you get this music? It’s all fucking horrible. Ditch this segment!

    • uh huh
      uh huh07-24-2012

      awful segment. btw, whats up with the sound on commercials and in the beginning. Haven’t you guys been doing this for a few years now? Christ Dawson

  33. Dan

    Painful interview.

  34. anon e. mouse
    anon e. mouse07-24-2012

    The “Deep Cuts” is by far the worst part of this show. Its like your dad sitting you down and making you listen to shity old man music and then explaining over top of it why it rocks.

  35. anon e. mouse
    anon e. mouse07-24-2012

    You can tell alison and bryan feel super awkward during the music segment. As well they should.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-24-2012

      They know it sucks too.

  36. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian07-24-2012

    Stop blaming the Colorado shooting on guns. Ace lost 1000 points from me. Him and Alison are both extremely one sided on this topic. They over generalize, and put words into the mouths of 2nd amendment supporters. Yes there are crazy gun nuts out there but that’s not everybody. I think you guys need a well educated 2nd amendment supporter as a guest to talk it out, and I’m not talking ted fucking nugent.

    On a side note. If you knew how many AR15’s were out in the public you would shit yourself. They are also the most common rifle used in 3 gun competition. 3 gun has been on the rise the past few years, becoming wildly popular. This is one of many reasons to own one. Look it up on youtube. AR’s are great for it and other competitions. They are one of the hottest selling rifles and have to be a billion dollar industry alone. Just because nobody inside the shitty LA bubble knows about this stuff, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    You are more likely to get hit by someone like Adam driving a little to fast in a sports car than you are to get shot by someone in a crazy man shooting spree. I say lets march on washington and demand a ban on sports cars and see how ace takes it.

    Sorry I always tend to make fun of people that post long pissy novels and now I’m one of them. DAMNIT! OH SWEET IRONY

    • Zach

      So basically an AR15 is good for shooting targets and people? Sounds useless/dangerous. I get that people enjoy shooting guns at ranges and things of that nature, but why else own an assault rifle? The bad definitely outweighs the good. There is no practical use for an assault rifle.

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running07-24-2012

        I think he meant that there are far too many AR-15’s in circulation to make confiscation anything less than impossible. I made the same point in a comment that is still “awaiting moderation.”

        The purpose of the AR-15 is not to shoot targets, nor is it to hunt or to defend yourself in your home. The purpose of the AR-15 is to enable the following:

        “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

        • ChicagoCarrollaFan

          AR-15 is for over throwing the American government?

  37. Andy90

    Is Adam kidding with his idea of what happened with Trayvon Martin? Who the hell reported that Martin was shot by Zimmerman without a confrontation?
    What happened was Zimmerman followed Martin in his (Zimmerman’s) car, confronted Martin despite the police dispatcher repeatedly telling him not to, then when he was on the wrong end of a beating he richly deserved, he used a gun to come out on top.

    • swingset

      Bullshit. Zimmerman was on his way back to meet the responding officer when Martin attacked, according to all the evidence. Even if Zimmerman was in error for following him, questioning him, even calling him a bad name, NOTHING is illegal about that. Nothing. The only thing that matters, in terms of legality is who attacked who….Martin made it physical, Zimmerman defended himself.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running07-24-2012

      Very little about this comment is true.

  38. the necromancer
    the necromancer07-24-2012

    David Wild, while wildly successful, has (at least on the Aceman’s show) an extremely tepid taste for music…nothing edgy or pushing the envelope. Sugar’s “Helpless” is the FAR superior release off of Copper Blue. Meanwhile, it it’s Nir-wannabe’s he’s after, he should expose Adam to Oleander’s “Why I’m Here” on his next go-around…great tune and well within that genre.

  39. John

    “You’re impressed but you’re incredulous.” Well done Sir.

  40. mud

    tough mudder would be way cooler if you could win one. It’s a participation only event with no winner.

  41. pete

    The David Wild segments suck.

  42. RoyalDryness

    The David Wild name dropping has to be a joke, right? Like he ramps it up for chuckles? I don’t dislike David Wild but I do want someone to bring up a song or artist and David to just call it a piece of shit. Everything is great or one of the best of (the last 20 years, 70s, England, etc), I want to hear what David DOESN’T like.

  43. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle07-24-2012

    Inspired Nirvana? WTF is David Wild talking about.

    • Jeff Douglas
      Jeff Douglas07-24-2012

      Are you fucking kidding me? Husker Du influenced Nirvana. Sugar was Bob’s band after Husker Du. Do you idiots even listen to the set up?

      This segment is one of the best things on the internet week in and week out.

      Please keep it up.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle07-25-2012

        Just because Nirvana had a punk sound like Hüsker Dü, it doesn’t mean they were influenced by them. The books I’ve read said they grew up listening to Black Sabbath, Bowie, and Aerosmith. If Wild had said Nirvana was influenced by the Melvins, Sonic Youth or even Mudhoney then I would agree.

  44. stig o hara
    stig o hara07-24-2012

    Just heard the name ‘Kevin Hench’ get dropped. Is he so busy these days that he can’t stop by once a month? He is hilarious.

  45. Adam T
    Adam T07-24-2012

    David Wild sucks!!!!!

  46. Michael P
    Michael P07-24-2012

    Adam – thanks for picking a good song on today’s episode. I could have done without the other two, especially David’s. Love your show!!

  47. Wade

    Less David Wild and more Damashek if you please.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-24-2012

      That is the only way I could tolerate more Dameshek.

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running07-24-2012


  48. Joe

    I must be a douche because I don’t even hear the name drops.

  49. Mr. Hoss
    Mr. Hoss07-24-2012

    You know when someone makes you listen to a song and all they can do is rave about how good it is but it really sucks?
    …David Wild.

    • jpg

      And ACE…

  50. john

    David Wilde needs to chill out on “best rock song of the last 20 years” on that song choice. I love listening to him talk and he seems like the nicest guy, but it’s opinions on music like his that make Rolling Stone un-readable for the last 3 years. I’m still waiting for a good song by someone I thought was supposed to know music.

  51. optagontheterminationagent

    hey how come no one talks about how zimmerman’s name is jewish but his mugshot looks like he immigrated from mexico in june of 2011. the mystery depeens! lets discuss people…

    • liberalsRstupid

      Are you kidding or just stupid? Only a racist and or a Liberal cares about the contrast of someone’s skin pigmentation. What difference does it make? Why is this the subject of any conversation?

  52. CACAHD

    I disagree with Adam’s comparison of Sandusky diddling kids and hgh or steroids not being the same. What if Paterno said to the Running back or receiver “If you don’t score and we don’t win, It’s the showers for you!”
    The RB or receiver thinks in his mind Nooooo! I think that would make me run faster.

  53. stnuntrnd

    the big picture on participation trophies, super self-esteem, etc.

  54. Dandy Dan
    Dandy Dan07-24-2012

    Alison is really on top of her game in this one!

    • reb

      just not much of a game

  55. JP

    Dude. Adam if you read the news you would already know the Trayvon Martin story. The guy chased him down. You’re just pretending that everyone else is as ignorant of this news story as you are. We are not.

    • swingset

      Zimmerman followed him, possibly confronted him. All perfectly legal. Nothing wrong with any of that, as far as the law is concerned. Martin made it physical, and attacked Zimmerman. Zimmerman defended himself. Maybe you should read a bit too…and try to understand that assault is not warranted by being followed or being argued with.

      • rays buck teeth
        rays buck teeth08-17-2012

        to “Swingset” As for your constant updates on what went down between Zimmer and Trayvon, You keep telling us the creepy guy following the young black man around his Dad’s neighborhood wasn’t illegal. Well actually, stalking someone at night and confronting them for no legal reason is assault. Assualt can be any threatening act. The battery occurred when the kid had enough of that sh!t and stood up to him.

  56. Dave Up North
    Dave Up North07-24-2012


    You conveniently forgot to mention that the first & bigger gaffe was Brain Ross at ABC going to air and blaming a guy from the Tea Party who just coincidentally happened to have the same name as the culprit. But of course you don’t have a liberal or a bias bone in your body when you read the news. Even your hero Jon Stewart king of the late night liberals called ABC to task over it. Maybe you can follow in his footsteps and prove us wrong by mentioning this story? http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/jun/14/obamas-100th-golf-round/

    • Ian T
      Ian T07-24-2012

      The Washington Times is a right-wing rag, and a Moonie paper to boot. Do not read this trash.

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running07-24-2012

        Then I guess when can discard everything Anderson Cooper has ever said. Right?

      • liberalsRstupid

        Yea, we arent headed for a Civil War… Look over there…

  57. Whitney

    Is Adam paid each time he mentions Volkswagen?

  58. ryan

    Oh God, another David Wild pod. Please, for the love of Christ, give your fans a break, Ace Man. The formulaic bit you have with him where he name drops and you both go on about dated songs that no one gives a shit about is getting old. Also, we know Wild, and Shek for that matter, are Jewish. Neither of them needs to work it into every goddamn sentence.

  59. Rob Kine
    Rob Kine07-24-2012

    Do the people that bet on all those PSU games and lost get their money?

    • Zapoli

      Yes. There’s a form you can fill out online. Just put in how much you think you lost. They’re being pretty cool about it.

  60. JD-1

    Bald B gets the line of the day….
    “You’re impressed, but you’re incredulous”……
    Comedy Gold…Go Bald!

  61. same'ol


  62. david

    I can’t believe he told the Dawson/Loeb story again.

    lol, poor Dawson

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-24-2012

      He deserves it.

  63. chris

    I will admit i have not listened yet, but I enjoy David Wild’s music stories. They guy has lived a fun life. Many days it beats the hell out of Adam acting like Rush Limbaugh Jr.

  64. Al Dorman
    Al Dorman07-24-2012

    Back to comedy! Thanks, Aceman!

  65. Danger Donkey
    Danger Donkey07-24-2012

    “It’s somewhere inbetween j!zz and sh!t,” Laughed out loud…whew.

  66. David

    “They have an unbreakable spirit, so irritating.” — LOL Alison

    • Chubby knees
      Chubby knees07-25-2012

      If anyone knows irritating, it’s her.

  67. Lor

    If you want less spiders in your house, get a cat! I didn’t have to catch one wolf spider this year and put it outside…. my cat Ruby has ate them all 🙂

  68. Matt in NH
    Matt in NH07-24-2012

    It’s like the entire new and old media are all saying in unison: “We need to outlaw guns or start moving in that direction.” They’re all on the same side. The WRONG side.

    • reb

      VERY persuasive

  69. Timothy

    It’s rude to complain about a free podcast

  70. Connard

    For a good episode, there sure seems to be a fuckload of whining. What gives?

  71. bill

    the funny thing about the gun rights people are they are just like the abortion rights people. Both side feel if there is any restriction (smaller magazine sizes vs. partial birth abortion lets say) that that will be the foot in the door to eventually restrict all guns or restrict all abortions.

    Most gun owners I think would have no restriction to keeping the magazine of a semi to 9 lets say, and most people who know what the partial birth abortion procedure is will say yes we can restrict that.

    Both sides are correct in my opinion, zealots will use any restriction to impose a complete restriction. Has happened before in Australia in respect to guns.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running07-24-2012

      But…but…I thought the slippery slope was always bullshit!! That’s what Adam says!!!

  72. Johnny Cum Shooter
    Johnny Cum Shooter07-24-2012

    Damn we are getting a lot of Dameshek and Wild recently. Loving the Dameshek but Wild is getting a little boring.

  73. Timothy

    Colin Mochrie is a hilarious sketch comedian…. but god is he boring and soft-spoken on this podcast.

  74. Paul C.
    Paul C.07-24-2012

    More Wilde! Also, it was just reported that the Aurora shooter was NOT wearing bulletproof body armor, so tell Aceman to correct his story.

  75. roc

    gettin kinda lazy with the pics huh?

  76. John


    Point about the AR-15 is kind of moot, as that gun jammed on the shooter and he had to use old fashioned handguns and shotguns, and still got the same result. So how far do you want to go?

    Most AR-15 elements are banned simply by cosmetic issues (they look nasty) and politicians making these bans have no knowledge of the weapon.

    Love ya man!

    • Craig

      That was to goofy thing about the Assult Weapons Ban of 94-04.
      People who didn’t know anything about firearms banned things that looked military. Barrel shrouds, flash surpressors, muzzle breaks are all safety features. And assult rifles are less powerful that ordinary rifles. The 223 remington used in an AR15 is a small cartridge. The army decided after Korea that 30.06 cartridges are more powerful than necessary for most combat situations.

  77. Susie-Q

    I like David Wild! Don’t listen to any of these guys complaining about the music segment, it’s only once a week people! I think his name dropping is done with a fair amount of tongue-in-cheek and he has met and worked with a lot of people in his career! He’s bringing in some great guests like Michelle Branch. I like Damechek’s segment too on sports. I miss Teresa, she was always very funny and gives Alison a run for her money in the one liner dept.

  78. Saturdayadam

    Please no more David Wild. At the very least, when you have an interesting guest on like LaVar Burton, please let them actually talk a little. The bigger names are so far and few between these days, I hate to listen in and find out that 30 minutes were spent talking about ketchup packets, and then we spend 7 1/2 minutes talking to Bryan Cranston, for example.

    C’mon Aceman…. We all love you, but focus on the bigger name guests once in a while.

  79. scott

    i love how david wild had to throw in the fact he had a mac book pro instead of just saying computer haha

    • liberalsRstupid

      Thats how you identify an idiot. The exact same hardware for 70% less but he pats himself on his back because he is using a Macbook Pro… LOL, there is a sucker born every minute.

  80. goni

    Sounds like Colin had cotton mouth

  81. Shoshana

    Saw Jessie Baylin on the John Mayer Cruise. She could probably tell you whether or not he’s a douchebag.

  82. Pot, meet Kettle
    Pot, meet Kettle07-24-2012

    Adam: “And did I not catch you peeing in the bathroom stall with the seat down?”

    Apparently Adam finds this a much more egregious offense than pissing in a sink. Amazing.

  83. Greg P
    Greg P07-24-2012

    *Freedy Johnston

  84. jpmoneypants

    God, I love the argument that the body armor would have bounced a bullet off and he would have been fine. NOT LIKELY!!! One – it has come out that his gear WAS NOT bullet proof and Two – even if it was, you get pretty fucked up by being hit with a bullet even with a bullet proof vest on. You just don’t die.

  85. Scott

    More Damesheck…less wild…

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running07-24-2012

      Strike that. Reverse it.

  86. chu

    i hope michelle branch gets some decent air time..

  87. K-Man Pilkers
    K-Man Pilkers07-24-2012

    Copper Blue is an excellent album. Good choice.

  88. Dave

    Those nuts know more than me. Therefore I don’t listen to them.

    Typical liberal response.

  89. Mike

    wild sucks please no more . he’s such a kiss ass, name dropper. he has too much time on his hands. ANNOYING

  90. Amber

    David Wild is such a “waste of my time.”

  91. Ribbit

    Dawson getting a little defensive. Keep it light Dawson, or Adam will grind you into a stain.

  92. PaulDiddy

    Bob Mould /Sugar song on the Ace Man? Forever indebted. This was the start of me listening to more than top 40. Gimme some more Sugar!

  93. guy

    Colin and Michelle are making the same face…

  94. Barack Obama
    Barack Obama07-24-2012

    Colin is a really cool guy , have him back sometime.

  95. Ross

    So what I got from Adam’s rant on assault rifles is: “Don’t listen to people who are much more educated on a subject than you are. Since they know a lot, they must be fanatics who should be shunned.”
    Assault rifles are the sports cars of firearms. Not particularly practical or even legal to *really* make use of on a day to day basis, but an absolute blast to use in a controlled environment. Like a hot rod makes car guys tumescent just to look at, so does a custom AR-15. If assault rifles should be banned because there’s “no real reason” to own one, shouldn’t also sports cars? Afterall, there’s “no real reason” for anyone to own a car capable of even just exceeding interstate speed limits, right?
    Around 33,000 people are dying in motor vehicle accidents in the US every year. But like how sports cars are only involved in a small percentage of those, a miniscule percentage of homicides are carried out with assault rifles.

    • Tom

      Right on. I don’t think Adam thought this one through very well. Which is a real shame considering how much BS he manages to cut through poignantly on a regular basis.

      Weapons exist. They exist within the law and outside of the law. Eventually, people who will use them to do harm will have access.

      If Adam and Alison want to face down someone like the Colorado shooter with a handgun or a 4 10, they’re more than welcome to, but don’t turn the rest of us into victims.

  96. Plunderfull

    Michelle’s song was haunting and lovely as is she.

  97. Aaron

    I could not agree more with David about Bob Mould. Husker Du/Sugar were bands that have street cred with many punk/rock bands out there. Love it when you guys talk music keep it up and thank you!

  98. Me

    David Wild never contributes anything. All we do is hear him name drop and try way too hard and ends up falling flat on his face. Michelle was great, Colin was great. Also, for the record, sounded the opposite of Nirvana.

  99. Horus

    way too many people on this episode.

  100. WILDly dissapointed
    WILDly dissapointed07-24-2012

    Let me tell you a story about a spider …

    [proceeds to name drop a celebrity and trendy computer manufacturer prior to mentioning anything about a spider]

  101. Aussie web guy
    Aussie web guy07-25-2012

    Hey whoever does the website, can you add captions to the light box gallery images? Sometimes it’s hard to tell what the photo is. Especially when it’s a non-celebrity.

    Also I’ve heard every episode and I’m from Australia. That makes me a hero right?

  102. Zyzz

    Yeah, but Rick Springfield.

  103. hack

    Good thing Michelle got to pick a song…finally something good on this segment! I wouldn’t mind if David Wild was never on the show again!

  104. Karen

    What a great song pick, David Wild. Thanks 🙂

  105. Andy

    Love David, but I’m not sure he gets the jist of the segment. Almost all of the songs he choses sound like the types of songs Adam is railing against.

    Bad Luck Blue Eyes by The Black Crowes would be a perfect selection!

  106. Ninja

    Loved the debate between Bryan and Adam in the beginning. While Bryan’s half-a$$ed convictions were really frustrating – you know, adamantly arguing about gardeners and then responding with “I guess” “Probably” and “Maybe,” when Adam probed his theory – I really enjoyed Ace showing him how stupid this argument was by exploiting the faults in his logic. Bryan, you are not as smart as you think you are.

  107. Craig

    The gun grabbing talk is silly.
    Banning the AR15 would not have prevented it. Shotguns and pistols would be just as effective in a movie theater.

    The DC snipers used an AR15. But that’s not the best sniper rifle. A 30.06 with a scope would have been a better rifle for that crime. So one could argue that lives were saved because the sniper had a little AR and not a real sniper rifle that you can buy in any hunting shop.

  108. Bob

    Adam please become a gun nut. Based on your description you’ll be a natural at it.

  109. rosemary

    amen on the bringing the babies and young children to the movies. yes, young kids go to kid movies at regular times. no, no children period to movies at midnight.

  110. Texas Adam
    Texas Adam07-25-2012

    Carry a concealed gun and when someone shoots at you shoot back. If Adam is in the vicinity he will thank you after.

  111. Huck

    good job with the news today Alison. You were quick with the facts and well rehearsed. Great show.

  112. vincek

    Adam, nobody cares about your liberal politics! Stick to comedy!

  113. sloozen1

    Colin is great … More Colin!!! Maybe the mattress dude gets commission and these things are flying out in trucks…Good discussion on both the Aurora and other crime stories. …. MORE COLIN! CAN YOU COME UP WITH A (sorry) another game show, I like them. And can it be sexy?? Dumb Surfer Gurls asked questions for 18 minutes!!!!! I love it!! Ask them war questions!!! Pay Me! Over confident ppl are why we lost so much industry. Pll who are scared will work at factories, more than an over confident fuck who often lives with his parents. Great show…

  114. Matt Cortese
    Matt Cortese07-25-2012

    I know Wild rubs some people the wrong way, but I tend to like him. He isn’t on too long, is able to keep up with the jokes, and has some interesting stuff to say. The name dropping and ass kissing can be a little much sometimes, however it did lead to another great Dick Banks song, so I’m not complaining. Michelle Branch was a good addition. A lot of times the “third wheel” tends to sit quietly, I liked that she jumped into the conversations. I didn’t love the music they played, but I don’t mind hearing new stuff. It was funny hearing Wild mention classic rock and Ace still going into an 80’s jag for some reason, and it was weird hearing Wild mention real rock music then playing some fluffy/puss song. Still good.

    I love(d) Colin Mocherie on Who’s Line is it anyway and now on Trust Us With Your Life. He didn’t have a ton to say as a guest, but he still was fun to have. Nothing annoying and he added some stuff to the conversation. Overall a good episode.

  115. Tom McKeary
    Tom McKeary07-25-2012

    I listen to every single second of every podcast….until David Wild started coming on. My buddy said he started fast forwarding past him but i tried to power through. This was the week that broke the camel’s back. Please no more David Wild. Get it on!!

  116. Me

    Jesus Christ Michelle Branch is hot.

  117. Nick

    Loving that Michelle Branch. seems like nice person

  118. davidtheheretic

    Regarding spiders:
    At the risk of being blasted as an ‘eco-hippie’, spiders, like snakes and bats, while disgusting/scary to many people are beneficial. Spiders and bats feed primarily on flying bugs (the reason Ace doesn’t see spiders eating kitchen roaches), and the worldwide decline of birds, and the eradication of bats (and yes, climate change) have contributed to increased numbers of said flying insects. Simply put, humans have been a major factor in increasing the main food supply of spiders. Another side-effect is increased human disease caused by the same flying bugs.

  119. Matt

    Adam, the way you feel about and enjoy cars is no different then the way firearms enthusiasts feel about their guns. The vast majority are good people who happen to enjoy the mechanics of firearms. This incident is horrible but why must a free society punish millions of others because of the acts of one insane person. Evil will find a way to do evil no matter what tools “the man” bans.

  120. KingOfTaste

    You idiots. Sugar’s 1992 album “Copper Blue” is an undisputed classic. Bob Mould is a musical giant. “if I Can’t Change Your Mind”, while not my pick as the best song on the album, predates the horrible theme to “Friends” by about 3 years. So if anything, that shitty theme song sounds like Bob. Except it doesn’t. At all. Unless you’re a pants-shitting cum-for-brains.

    Sugar’s three albums were just re-released by Merge Records, the most respected indie label in the fucking world…because they’re goddamned classics.

    I shudder to think what you consider “good” music when you call this song “terrible”. Stick to your Nickelback, you mouth-breathing, Cheez Wiz gargling troglodytes.

  121. robertb

    David Wild’s taste in music is retarded. I hate it when they come in and each play a song. I always skip now.

  122. Brian

    Did Alison really just call the NCAA “N C 2 A”?

  123. The Hoss
    The Hoss07-26-2012

    David is way to mild, and never interesting. Dameshek is REALLY annoying. Let’s improve. I remember the glory days of Larry.

  124. Aussie Carolla
    Aussie Carolla07-27-2012

    Dont not what you talking about with wild. he’s got some cool stories and adds a good dynamic to the show and dameshek is farking funny! HIT IT BALD!!

  125. Sideboob

    I personally enjoy Adam’s podcast, hence why i’m a listener. Not sure what everyone’s issue is here. This is an awful lot of complaining about something that’s free and something that no one is forcing you to listen to. Get off it folks, your opinion matters much much less than you think it does. This whole “I must be heard” mentality is not becoming.

    • Sun-il

      You’re surprised that Adam “The Complainer” Carolla’s listeners are, for the most part, themselves a bunch of whiners?!

  126. YoussefChristian

    Why does every girl look the same?!?!

  127. KingOfTaste

    Read this, you jerk-offs:


  128. atticus finch
    atticus finch07-30-2012

    i d love to finch the hell outta michelle branch

  129. Jman

    Ummm…Collin is more Mike Meyers generation than Dan Akeroyd’s??? He looks like Dan Akeroyd’s dad.

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