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Show Summary

At the top of the show, Adam talks with Bryan about the status of his brain tumor. Alison also gives her own health updates, and Adam gets emotional discussing the condition of his old friend Phillip the Juggler. Alison then opens the news with stories about the Republican race, and a controversial new television show. Later, Adam tells the story of the five mijos.

Christopher Titus joins the show next, and discusses his Sarah Palin controversy from the last time he was on the podcast. Adam and Titus also break down who makes up the core of the Carolla audience, and get into an intense conversation about the economy and job market.

Alison returns to the news in the last part of the show. The group talks about ‘passenger advocates’ in airports, rumors about Hulk Hogan, and the problems with liars and lawyers. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about tuba theft, and Adam rants about ‘Banda music’.


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Romney/Perry Bet

Banda Music

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Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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  1. jw

    This was incredible. Thank you so much.

  2. Moe

    Wow, laying in bed listening to the podcast with my headphones on.
    When Adam started to breakdown over his friend Phillip, I just felt so awful inside.
    I don’t know how he can get it together so easily and deliver another good podcast.

    • Amanda

      That was the first time I have “witnessed” Adam’s vulnerability. It made it that much harder to hear, I feel awful as well. So incredibly sad.

  3. Juiceman3002

    Okay wow. Let’s talk about who is stupid for a minute.
    This starts when the Republican Judge and Conservative Democrat Lady were shot outside a Safeway and LEFT LEANING LIBERAL MEDIA PEOPLE INCLUDING A LOT OF COMEDIANS made this new bold and quite serious tactic of actually coming out in unison to talk about how ‘Conservatives’ had blood on their hands. Amazing, they actually pointed to Sarah Palin having a ‘target graphic’ on a district they wanted to win politically.
    Titus was going on about Sarah Palin was ‘stupid’ (despite her being far smarter and more intelligent then him) and actually made a blatant comment about shooting her. And btw: It was a lot more out of hate than he is letting on or that clip showed. Okay anyways. NOW DO YOU GET IT TITUS? This was a kind of rhetorical lesson BACK at you and your people. And none of it was ‘brilliant’ but you actually think it was because you (as if you are in any place) were ‘pointing out how she was stupid’. Wow. What a delusional idiot that guy is. Too bad he was the one punching his wife in the face and not the other way around.

    • Josh

      U sir, are a word-class moron. good day

    • DefinitelyNOTaJEW

      If you are going to leave a comment about the intelligence of someone else. You should learn the difference between “Then” and “Than.” I would explain the difference if I thought it would do any good. You speak as if you were at the show. Making statements about his comment being out of hate discredits your argument unless you provide proof. You sir are the delusional idiot.

      • Juiceman3002

        I just want to be clear. You ‘canceled out’ my comments by finding a typo. ‘Then’ and ‘than’. Because you know I was submitting an official court paper on this message-board at 3 in the morning. And you can’t be bothered to explain the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’ because this is actually my problem. I don’t even understand those concepts. That’s awesome. Wow, I really regret messing with you. Are you like.. some kind of professor or something? Idiot.

        • Anthony Z
          Anthony Z12-13-2011

          When I close my eyes all I see are angry messageboard comments. Sometimes I find myself formulating hateful and carefully crafted things to say to people I don’t even know. This happens regularly and with no distinct pattern. I think part of my aggression is born of a troubled home life, a lack of meaningful personal relationships, or a concept of selfless action. It’s hard to breathe when I put all these things together. I can feel the walls closing in.

        • Poopy McDoodyhead
          Poopy McDoodyhead12-14-2011

          Ha! And he still can’t even spell the word “cancelled” correctly! We rest our case.

          • GOD

            Yet you start a sentence with ‘And’.

          • Poopy McDoodyhead
            Poopy McDoodyhead12-14-2011

            Dear “GOD,”

            You just began a sentence with the word “yet” which, is a conjunction in addition to the word “and,” “but,” and many others. Thusly, since you decry ME for beginning the sentence with “And,” you are as well subject to the same rules concerning conjunctions.

            Therfore, you fail. I fail. We all fail.

            AceMan wins.


          • Poopy McDoodyhead
            Poopy McDoodyhead12-14-2011

            PS: Accidental comma after the word “which.” Please don’t bother to point it out. I would have corrected it, but the comment forum does not allow for that.

            Additionally, eat my poo.

            Carolla forever. Amen.

        • DefinitelyNOTaJEW

          I cancelled out your argument by pointing out that you had no factual evidence for your claims. The grammar part I guess was out of line. Your ability to communicate in type intelligibly is probably irrelevant to the discussion of which you added nothing of any meaning to by stating personal opinions and trying to pass them off as fact.

    • johnhodgson1111

      “Sarah Palin was ‘stupid’ (despite her being far smarter and more intelligent then him)” Sarah Palin is a money grubbing Republicans that is selling her name, no different than a Preacher selling Salvation in a Tent. His Comments were Funny, when I heard them. Get a life. Oh by the way Sarah Palin is not that smart. she is a cheerleader without a job today.

      • Juiceman3002

        Hi John. I see you decided the way to determine who is ‘smarter’ is by employment. Well Sarah Palin has been consistently employed in some of the highest jobs in the USA and since her VP run has had monster success as an author, speaker and television celebrity. Massive monster success and is still constantly making monster cash in book deals, appearances etc. So… by YOUR own standards… WOOOOOPS!

      • CH

        Palin has a great job. Getting paid by crazy repubs to hear her spew her god-awful vomit in a red county near you.

    • Shea

      Aww suckit you big whiner

    • Brian

      Juiceman 3002 wrote: “Titus was going on about Sarah Palin was ‘stupid’ (despite her being far smarter and more intelligent then him)”.

      First, more intelligent THAN him. Second, what makes you think that Palin is smarter thanTitus? Sarah Palin attended the University of Hawaii at Hilo, then Hawaii Pacific University, then North Idaho Community College, then the University of Idaho, then Matanuska-Susitna College, then the University of Idaho AGAIN. This all happened over the course of SIX years, which yielded her exactly ONE bachelor’s degree. I have a bachelor’s degree from a state school, too (only 4 years, imagine that!) and I like to think I’m relatively intelligent, but I would never want a president who isn’t DEFINITIVELY smarter than I am.

    • donewithidiots

      First and foremost, the stories of cancer and dementia were overwhelming. Props to everyone with their health issues. Life is truly way to fragile and short.
      As far as titus being the judge of whose stupid and whose worthy of respect for their intelligence, he’s the moron for trying to patch up his naked threat to Mrs. Palin. Everyone knows what he was implying, and he knew to try and throw up the b.s. smoke screen about the grassy knoll. I’d love to see Mr. Palin celebrity box that twerp for charity. Libs are truly dangerous with their beliefs. Just take a look at the OWS movement with their child abuses on a daily basis. Not to mention the cops getting pulled off their regular beats to baby sit these idiot hippies.

    • marco

      “Okay anyways. NOW DO YOU GET IT TITUS?”

      Wow, you really showed him. How about this: I wanted to voted for McCain, until he chose his running mate. Hot or not, she’s an idiot, a quitter, and unfit for office. I know she cost him at least one vote.

  4. Don

    Wow, I had never heard Aceman this emotional before, sorry to hear about your friend Philip.

    • Alex

      Came to say this same thing word for word

  5. Steve A
    Steve A12-13-2011

    What can you say. Sometimes it becomes more real than you can imagine. Thanks for sharing both your funny, good, bad, and difficult moments.

  6. Big Frank
    Big Frank12-13-2011

    Titus and Adam always hit it out of the park. Did I hear some chatter a while back about a poscast with Jon Stewart?

  7. dancingspanishman

    Titus looks brollic

  8. Jarviswabi

    So sorry to hear about Philip. This is why your real fans love this show, because you’re just you, no editing or pretending. Thanks Adam.

    • Alex

      I came on here to say the same thing. Thanks Adam for letting us see that side of you.

  9. Adam

    Titus, say the same thing about a black liberal candidate and I won’t think you’re a racist. Until then I’ll just continue thinking you’re not funny.

    • dlodiego


  10. Al Dorman
    Al Dorman12-13-2011

    God bless you, Adam! Thank you for sharing this story.

  11. Daniel

    Hey aceman, when you got choked up about your friend the juggler honesty thought you were doing bit. You’ve numbed me to emotion, thanks Carolla! RIP Phillip the Juggler..

  12. Jason

    Adam being serious. Hard to figure out at first.

  13. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross12-13-2011

    Nice to hear the Aceman has a heart. GET IT ON!

  14. Andy

    Thanks for opening up Ace. Been listening to you for years- you are a great friend to those around you.

  15. Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler12-13-2011

    Ace Carolla? Cries? On the air? WOW. Never thought I’d see the day. Good for you Ace.

  16. E

    I’ve never commented on these boards but I’ve been listening to Ace since the late 90s. All I can say I 100% echo jw’s sentiments. Great stuff

  17. Rev


  18. Chris

    This is why we listen to you Adam. You are an open person, not a radio persona. I’m very sorry about your friend….

  19. Alex

    Wow, that was powerful. Much love to the three of you.

  20. Superman (no really)
    Superman (no really)12-13-2011

    Alison, I’ve had 2 girlfriends in my life and they both had a similar condition to you. Both doing great after a similar scare. You are the best! Take care

    Call me?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle12-13-2011

      Yeah, she’ll get right on that.

  21. mike

    What a wonderful friend you are ACEMAN! Remember you cn’t fix stupid, and love your family and friends everyday. Thank you for your kindness, intelligence and humor you share with us on this podcast.

  22. John

    *sad sniff*

  23. Baley

    Titus – Sarah Palin is not stupid. She’s not a professor but at least she knows she DOESN’T know everything and that you should make your own choices. Obama believes he can make your decisions for you. Fuck that.

    Alison – why didn’t you even mention Red Eye and your many appearances?

    • Dr. Thang
      Dr. Thang12-16-2011

      Yeah, Sarah Palin knows she doesn’t know everything, like that time she was unable to name a single newspaper but blamed the evil liberal bias media for making her look stupid, or when she made up a word that was a composite of 2 words that mean the same thing and claimed it was intentional when people noticed, or when she said something about Paul Revere warning the British that the Americans were coming and then desperately looked for some loophole to prove that the way she said it technically wasn’t wrong. She knows she doesn’t know everything, but she’ll fight her way to hell and back to avoid ever admitting a mistake.
      That arrogant Obama thinks that just because he’s the “president” he can make decisions that effect our lives, but Sarah Palin is not a power hungry media whore at all, she just wants to be president so she can sit back and let everyone make their own choices, that’s what a good politician does. She doesn’t tell people what to do like every other politician that ever lived, she’s totally different somehow. All those speeches she is always giving telling everyone what they need to do are really just loose suggestions.

  24. Vancouver Scott
    Vancouver Scott12-13-2011

    Nice job Adam….it’s good to hear that the “Mastabatron Napper 3000” really does have a heart.

  25. Nate Balcom
    Nate Balcom12-13-2011

    Compelling radio as per usual Adam. I’m sorry about your friend Phillip the Juggler. What a heart breaking story. Stay strong Aceman.

  26. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee12-13-2011

    Pic #12 is a Sousaphone, right?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee12-13-2011

      I’m crying like a little girl with a skinned knee, love you Ace Man

  27. Chris

    I’ve been listening to Adam for over 10 years now and this is the first time I’ve heard him break down like that. It was touching to hear him be so vulnerable. Hang in there, Ace.

  28. Neil

    I’m 18 minutes in and this is the best episode ever. I don’t care how hilarious it gets afterwards, this one is already the best episode.

    The thing with “radio” (which I work in, writing commercials) is that there is so much bullshit with “More Music, Less Talk!!” that the entire point of making the audience connection with host is totally lost. This show (aside from being vastlly more entertaining than anything the shitty stations I work for play) is a testament to why radio became something powerful in the first place. I know every single person who has said “Oh fuck, another Left Turn Arrow story…” is feeling the exact same thing that every other listener is… empathizing with the Aceman who turns out, in fact… to be just like everybody else.

    I know you could’ve edited it out and started again or just left it out in the first place, but thanks for having the balls to leave it in (and let us in). Ricky Gervais would never fuckin’ do that.

    Thanks, dude. You’re doing the lord’s work.
    – Neil

  29. Blaze446

    Wow. Good Show. Keep us updated Ace man.

  30. tekatomon

    This is a heavy show. I must admit I was all weepy when shit got real.

  31. Darican

    Adam emotional? And not edited? I apreciate that you guys keep things real… and not in the street cred real but in the reality type of real…

  32. Maria

    Ace, I am so sorry to hear about your friend Phillip. Thank you so much for sharing his story with your podcast audience; everyone can use a reminder from time to time that you gotta appreciate the special people in your life and just enjoy the time while you have it.

    Now to dry my eyes and get it together so I can go into the office…

  33. Jessica

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever cried listening to this show. Thanks for sharing the story about Phillip, Adam.

  34. rushbaby

    very heartwarming tribute to your friend, adam…I teared up myself…but please, Titus is not a good guest…I do not find him funny at all.

  35. Mike

    Amazing to hear Adam sentimental but awful that he had to be…

  36. Matt

    Amen Ace man! I dont understand how people can still stick up for auto unions. Your right, its not that difficult to bolt a car together on an assembly line, and seems the pay is way overcompensated. I live in Detroit, I see it first hand. Unions were a great thing years ago, now many employees just abuse it. And that’s one of the reasons it caught up with the industry.

    And please remember, just because your American car may not have been “bolted” together here, the majority of people behind the engineering, research, design, along with many suppliers, account for many more jobs in America than what it takes to assemble a vehicle!

  37. Bobby

    This was a great show. Very moving to hear Adam get choked up about his old friend. It’s no accident that the wealthy are being demonized like never before in America. Class warfare, the classic Marxist tactic, has been pushed to an entire generation by the leftists that dominate academia, big media, and Hollywood.

  38. drlara

    The moral of the story about Adam’s buddy Phillip: Life is short and unpredictable. No guarantees. So, GET IT ON! No choice but to GET IT ON! Thanks for reminding us Adam.

  39. Fefe

    Whaoo this was very emotional. Ace, sorry to hear about your friend…

  40. dlodiego

    Sorry about Phillip the Juggler. Titus isn’t funny and his joke proves it. Say something about a Liberal and get a laugh then I will buy your shitty “comedy”

  41. Erina

    Amazing show!

  42. JimmyK

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    You honored your friend with this podcast!

  43. Howard

    Gene Hackman retired a few years ago.

  44. rocktalkers

    Love Ya Ace Man. Sorry to hear about your friend.

  45. Taylor Wardwell
    Taylor Wardwell12-13-2011

    This is why we love you, Ace Man – you wear your heart on your sleeve, and this was a very powerful and unexpected instance of that. So sorry to hear about your friend.

  46. Sacto Aaron
    Sacto Aaron12-13-2011


  47. Cucumber Jones
    Cucumber Jones12-13-2011

    It was great to hear Adam speak about his friend and express an emotion other than irritation. As a 24-year-old male and emotional robot, I got teary eyed listening to Adam’s inspiring and heartfelt words. It was my favorite moment on the podcast and it affirms my belief that Adam is the definition of a good person, whether he believes it or not. I know you’ll never read this, Adam, but I do want to thank you. I take your words to heart and it really meant something to me.

  48. Bill

    Wow….this was something special



  50. Lindsay

    Adam, I get the feeling you’re not into the whole hugs-from-strangers thing, and neither am I, but I really wanted to give you a giant hug when you started talking about Phillip. There are no words for how awful it is when bad things like this happen to good people. Thanks for keeping it in the podcast- after reading the comments, it seems like just about everyone appreciated it.

    I agree that rich people should not be penalized for being rich, and I say this as a hard-working poor person. What is the incentive anymore for becoming successful and hard working? America used to be great because you could start here with no money, just dreams and HARD WORK, back when anyone could make something of him or herself. This is the government’s way of stopping people from starting and continuing to run small businesses, which would otherwise eventually have become large businesses, and in effect, pushing America to be completely run by the government. Privately-run businesses are being nipped in the bud with taxes, regulations, and laws, and this has already started to become the downfall of this once great country. Change needs to happen soon or my future kids are going to be living in a marxist society, where everyone expects handouts and no one works for anything, because there will no reason to.

    Many thanks to you and your team for consistently putting out such a great (and free!) podcast, and Merry Christmas!

    • CH

      When your small business can afford to pay Newt Gingrich $1.6 million to be it’s historian, small business will pay the same tax rates as big business. Ya know, the kind where GE profits billions and pays that top rate of 7%.

    • Alex

      My sentiments exactly!!

      • Alex

        I mean I agree with Lindsay, not this CH person.

  51. Jon P
    Jon P12-13-2011

    Wow ya Adam IS a real person. I knew it and it was nice to see it. If he reads this I just want him to know, from a person who has had a stroke, I HOPE I die of a brain issue. There was no pain. I know its different for people with anurisims(sp?) & tumors, but in my case it was just like a switch and I was lucky enough to be able to work on it and now I’m 99% better. It sounds like there isn’t much that can be done for Phillip. But I’d bet you $10,000 theres not much physical pain.
    Its great your going to be there AND CARE ENOUGH to ask, or wonder if his wife needs help. Thats the one thing I worried about most, and still do, providing for myself and the people who counted on me before my issue, so you being there for him, even though he may never know you helped, I’m sure that will be the best thing he could use right now.

    Brian. Way to stick in there. Your attitude great!!!

    Allison, When you doing Playboy?

  52. Monica

    love hearing the softer side of adam here. a peak at a quiet sad moment from someone who is so usually loud and upbeat with his emotions is a great reminder of the so-called human condition. thanks for your thoughts about his wife, and the reminder that we always have options in how to react to difficult news. her reaction shows much character and perspective on how lucky any of us are to be in a truly wonderful, loving relationship for any period of time.

  53. Lauren

    I’ve listened to the Ace Man since the 90’s and never heard him this emotional, to hear the pain in his voice, it brought me to tears.

  54. cow13

    very powerful podcast. thanks for sharing, ace. sorry about your friend.

  55. Tdogg

    Hearing Ace choke up made me choke up as well. Todays episode is why i love the Aceman

  56. Silent Running
    Silent Running12-13-2011

    Titus is one of the least funny people on the planet.

  57. Alex

    If you run a private business and you pay any corporate income tax you’re either doing it to avoid personal taxes (I don’t mean illegally, it’s not ) or you don’t know what you are doing. Rich people basically use their companies as retirement plans and end up paying a much lower tax rate than middle income people who work as employees. It’s a little complex to explain fully in this context, but if a rich person isn’t doing something like this to lower his tax burden he/she’s stupid or painfully honest.

  58. Jeff

    “All liquids out over 3.4 ounces out on the trays all gels, all computers, laptops, separated out of the bag in a separate solo tray. Now thats gel, liquids, any kind of liquids. computers, laptops, ipads, iphones, computers, seperated, in a tray”

    I just pissed myself, and its over 3.4 ounces of liquids – guess i cant fly home.

  59. DESF

    Adam is missing the point: people don’t hate Romney, Trump, whoever because they are rich, they hate them because they are assholes.

    No one seems to have a problem with rich people who aren’t dicks about it (Gates, Buffett).

    • NJ

      They would if those guys ran for office. Canidates turn into punching bags, no matter who they are.

      • Heartsonthehouse

        Uh People thought Trump was a dick BEFORE running for office.

        Smarten up

  60. Dori

    Wow. Under that gruff exterior is a really sweet guy, and great friend. Sending you a hug Adam. Love your podcast, and admire the heck out of you.

  61. CertifiedBA

    Wow, intense, listening to Adam talking about his friend right now…. figured he didn’t have a heart, and that’s why I kinda liked him.

    Great to hear a real moment Adam and I feel for you.

  62. Dustin

    It was getting to me, the emotional part, and then when the Red Dawn clip played “Turn it into something else!” I lost my shit. Great show.

  63. Chief Bullshagger
    Chief Bullshagger12-13-2011

    That fucking SHITE theme tune at the end was indistinguishable from the other Banda crap. Bosstones are fucking rubbish.

  64. Martin

    Wow Aceman, powerful stuff. Sending positive vibes from Vegas…

  65. Jared

    Thank you Bryan for that brilliant Red Dawn drop during that moment. “Let it turn to something else” perfect timing and seemed to help Adam.

  66. Robey

    Ace (and crew) –

    Today’s show was strong. Been listening to your line up for a little while, and have really taken a liking to the “Ace-man” trio of the daily shows, car cast and on the house.

    My condolences to you and your friend Phil the juggler, your tribute was very well put.

    Robey in Detroit

  67. Fan of the Ace Man
    Fan of the Ace Man12-13-2011

    I feel for Ace…it’s hard to listen to him break down.

  68. ramon

    Wow aceman, thanks for the perspective. i’ve been lamenting the end of a 8 year relationship and being able to put things into perspective today really helped out. Stitcher had originally timed out, but I went back. Glad I did.

  69. Joel

    I heard that you get extra special service at the Car Wash if you got Banda music tuned on your radio.

  70. Clipper

    thanks for letting us hear this.

  71. ben mccormick
    ben mccormick12-13-2011

    wow. i teared up. thanks for sharing.

  72. DES

    Guess Suggestions:
    Howzaboutz Famous Rock Photographer Neil Zlozower
    ( zloz.com )

  73. damien

    wow great podcast!

  74. Tom

    Great show, Aceman. Got a little dusty in my office during the Phillip update. Great pod all the way around. Hs/Ks to Bryan and Alison. I trust that BB’s Magic Biehn has another sixty years of good times in it. And I hope Alison’s gut nuts heal up quickly and nicely.

    Please burn the hat you’re wearing in that picture with Titus.

    Good day.

  75. chu

    wow ace man, nearly loosing it on air… powerful stuff …

    • stnuntrnd

      where did it start, “loosing” instead of “losing”?

  76. Shayna

    To me, this episode is exactly why this is my favorite podcast. Adam is genuine with his audience and treats us like he’s talking to a friend. Other shows feel contrived to me in comparison. I’m really sorry about your friend Adam.

  77. Slut

    touching episode…………orange couch/blue walls…cream colored dreams; fill up my root beer

  78. Cory Simmons
    Cory Simmons12-13-2011


  79. CH

    People hate greedy rich people. Get it straight. If there wasn’t a minimum wage, people here would get paid like people in China, so some assholes can take an extra vacation or buy an extra boat or plane. Then turn around and ask for a government handout when they run their companies into the ground. Look at this MF Global Corzine prick! Bet he thought he would get bailed out before the bankruptcy went through…replenish those funds. Way I hear it, these banks took TARP funds, then essentially used them to buy bonds from the government. Then sold the bonds back to the government at a profit. That’s like selling food stamps for a profit. This is the kind of shit that people get tired of hearing about. Rich people hiring lawyers to figure out how to get richer.

  80. Tim Brantley
    Tim Brantley12-13-2011

    Titus is a dick. His show sucked on Fox.

    • donewithidiots

      Agreed. Hearing how his ex put him through the wringer with the false allegations did bring a little sympathy. Until I remembered his rant about Mrs. Palin. How’s her family supposed to react to stuff like that? Jerk should have to fight Mr. Palin in a celebrity boxing match. For charity.

  81. eric-the-ded

    I’ve never heard Adam break down in the 16 years I’ve listened to him. Super impressive the way he pulled through it too. Bravo, Ace. Brav – the fuck -o.

  82. GinaG

    This was outstanding Pod!! I’ve been a long time fan of Adam and hearing him have such a real emotional moment not only made me choke up, but solidify what I already suspected…Adam you do have a heart! This entire show was a whole new level of refreshing and awesome. Great job BB, Alison, and Adam! Get it on!!

  83. Mex I CAn AMer I CAn
    Mex I CAn AMer I CAn12-13-2011

    We’ve heard a side of Adam we’ve never heard before. Man I was laughing and getting teary eyed on all on one podcast. Great show Aceman! Thoughts and prayers with your friend and his wife.

    As a Mex I Can AMer I CAn, I can say that banda music Sucks! BALLS!

  84. Tony

    Great job Adam. I use to work with Phillip and Susan. Great friends and so fun to be around. You brought tears to my eyes listening to this.

  85. edgar

    Adam has always been sincere in every fashion, this is just another moment where we are shown once again that despite all our different way of thoughts something like a loss of a loved one is a universal sentiment

  86. Matt Valentine
    Matt Valentine12-13-2011

    I’m truly sorry to hear about Adam’s friend. It stung my sinuses and watered my eyes to hear him break down.

  87. JD

    Long time listener – first time commenter:

    First (sad) emotion I’ve ever heard from Adam. Thanks for going there ACE and very sorry to hear about Phillip. You’re right…Shit happens…but it always seems to happen to the good-guys. Sounds like Phillip was one of the good ones…Bryan’s another. A 44 year-old angel-of-a-woman in my office just died of cancer…I have several relatives going through it (cancer) as well. All good people…not an A-hole in the bunch. Sad. But his (Phillip’s) wife is right. Celebrate their lives and be glad you got to share in it. Easier said, though…much easier said.



  88. Jill W
    Jill W12-13-2011

    Thank you for this wonderful tribute to Philip and Susan. I have been blessed to know Susan as a life long friend and her wonderful husband Philip. Susan has such amazing strength and is an inspiration to all of us everyday. Your stories about Philip made me laugh but also moved me to tears. He was so full of positive energy, happiness and fun. It is hard to see this disease take that away. Anyway, thank you for sharing their story.

  89. Roland3337

    Hey Aceman,

    I get your attachment to Phillip the Juggler. I’ve had similar relationships, and they’ve always been a profound blessing.

    Hard to see or even explain how we feel about such people when we lose them. But we know that our lives honor their lives. And that fact lives a long time.

  90. maxman

    Damn Ace man tearing up.

  91. jorm_valadez

    Sorry to hear about your friend Philip, Adam. It was tough.

  92. Tim Owings
    Tim Owings12-14-2011

    Very touching about Phillip the juggler. Love ya Ace!

  93. Tim Owings
    Tim Owings12-14-2011

    Sorry about Phillip the Juggler. Love ya Ace

  94. Tolley

    Ace, sorry to hear about Phillip…thanks for sharing that part of your life and his contribution to it. Brian, here’s hoping your tumor remains the size it is …..Alison, glad to hear your ok, and well wishes to you for the upcoming surgery. I know you don’t believe, but, I do….so God Bless you all and thanks for such a moving podcast.

  95. Edwin

    I’m sorry to hear about your friend Phillip. Wish only the best to Alison and Bryan. Great podcast all around Adam

  96. Martha Hannah
    Martha Hannah12-14-2011

    Loved your tribute to Phillip. Had the privilege of knowing he and his wife, Susan, in Branson. He had a theater/show with Kirby Van Burch (Magician). My favorite was their Christmas show production where he played the parts, of the bad elf and good elf. I can still see the image of him in his bright yellow duds. Phillip and Susan were lucky to find each other and she sure is there for him in this time whent he really needs her . . .

  97. Newman

    God damnit Ace. You made me tear up at work you sonofabitch!

  98. Jennye R
    Jennye R12-14-2011

    Thank you for your tribute to Philip. You’re right about Susan, “what a woman”. She posts about Philip on Facebook daily. Her love for him is an inspiration, and we should all be fortunate enough to have that love in our lives.

  99. reb

    sarah palin is dumb. joe biden is quite dumb. dan quayle and the current generation of kennedys. people whose list of dumb politicians includes only those from one party are dumb.

  100. Zeke

    Wow…. Ace you kicked me in the tear ducts with your story of Philip. I officially empathize with you buddy in a very real way.

  101. eric

    If someone told me adam was really emotional before i heard the podcast. I would off thought he went on a real tirade about being at a restaurant and they were playing the 80 sirus radio with abbra cadabra playing and they waitress didn’t right down his order and brought him passion fruit ice tea while lynch eat his food in a way adam didnt approve of. And then got so angry slap allison and called her a c…. when said i dont see what the big deal is.

  102. eric

    Phillips wife sounds the exact opposite of newt Gingrich who left two of his wives one with cancer the other with multiple sclerosis. If adam got so emotional about what she was doing he must hate newt even if they feel the same about right leaning issues

  103. Mike

    thats a sousaphone

  104. JAMIE

    Titus needs to stay away from adult subjects such as politics and economics. Really quite clueless.

  105. J.Cas

    I have been following Adam since Loveline in the 90’s and I have had approx 5 million laughs with him. Today is the first time however I shed a tear with him. I did not know Phillip other than when Adam referenced him in stories but I have never heard Adam get choked up about anything…ever. Not even when his Miura was damaged. Hearing Adam trying to hold it together put a lump in my throat and exponentially elevated my respect for him as a good, caring human being.

  106. matt

    adam, you are a wonderful person and im glad to have shared this emotional moment with you. best wishes to you and philips family.

  107. Bill Fulginiti
    Bill Fulginiti12-14-2011

    In 50 years we’ll all be emotional like chicks. Maybe not a bad thing.

    Great podcast.

  108. D Curry
    D Curry12-14-2011

    I expect Titus’ son to not understand history, being 7 and all, and having a moron father, but maybe Titus should actually understand history before he calls someone stupid?

    Anyway, for the uneducated:


    • Murdock

      I don’t like Titus either but your article just proves Palin stumbled into a half-truth, it does not prove she knew about it ahead of time.

  109. jim

    that’s it, I am done with titus. I used to love this guy and he just got more and more political. Palin material ? really ?

    Just another under educated wannabe emotional progressive.

    • jim

      and let me be clear, i am not a palin fan. She is an idiot.

      But that material is very old, maybe we can roll out some jokes about Bush or Reagan next.

    • Andy90

      The Palin material was a result of Adam bringing it up retread. You might be even dumber than her, dickhead.

  110. Julian

    25 minutes on and i just stopped crying. Whe should enjoy every bit of life.
    Cheers from France.

  111. Michael

    Poignant story about Philip…was at the gym listening to the podcast and had to stop what I was doing…

  112. Ian

    Thanks Adam for telling the story about Philip Wellford aka the juggler. Philip is my uncle on my mothers side, it was nice hearing about my uncle during the good years, it brings back alot of memories going back stage at showe’s in Branson.

  113. Chauncy Woo
    Chauncy Woo12-14-2011

    I agree with the people who think Palin is smart. She is smart… relative to the lowest common denominator which were her constituents who voted for her to become Governor.

  114. Maui

    Saw a clip Phillip’s wife put on twitter…I REMEMBER the guy….he got Ace to breakdown…has to be a superior guy…his wife seems incredibly strong too….We all truly have it made….everyday…

  115. dbgetiton

    This is the 3rd time you have made me cry Ace. You are a real person and a true American. This is what I like about you and this podcast. Thank you so much.

  116. Buddy L
    Buddy L12-15-2011

    Wow.. I thought the audio was cutting out when Adam got emotional. Great podcast as usual.

  117. Wichitaks

    Sorry to hear about your friend Aceman…. Amazing podcast considering all you’re having to deal with….Get it on!

  118. J-Breezy2324

    What was the drop Bald Bryan played during Adam’s breakdown? You got some balls BB! Bald balls but balls nonetheless…

  119. Andy90

    I’m pretty well off, but I work a hell of a lot less hard than some poor schlub having to work two jobs to try and make ends meet. I’ll bet the average roofer would love a job at Goldman Sachs, pushing buttons during the day and doing coke and hookers at night.

  120. Tim

    Believe me Adam, Phillip will know you are there if you visit, even if he cant express it.

    Great to hear your love for the guy come through so real.

    Good tidings to you and the crew for the Holidays.

  121. SkyePifer

    “Phillip the Juggler” is my uncle. Thank you, Adam, for your hearfelt tribute to him and all of the kind words about him and my aunt, Susan. I was only a kid when Uncle Flip was in LA but I was 17 when he moved to Branson near my hometown so I got to see him more then and attend his show with Andy Williams. I was (am) so proud of him and like you said…how he was always such a nice, genuine guy. He would sign autographs and take pictures all day after his show with Andy. Thanks again for letting your listeners know about him, it means so much to us.

  122. Lloyd

    Alison and Bryan how did you keep it together through this? Great drop Bryan and I thought you both were very compasionate in letting Ace talk while showing you cared with your comment.

    Great job!

  123. RickE

    Great podcast. Adam’s openness was beautiful. Can’t wait to see you here in Boston.

  124. Bob

    Powerful stuff Aceman. I’m sorry about your friend. Thanks for sharing his story.

  125. spiral

    My heart dropped when I heard Adam break down over the demise of Phillip.

    Behind the curmudgeon exterior, you are a deeply compassionate person.Thank you for being real and sharing that side of yourself.

  126. Lisa

    Sad news about The Juggler. I got all teary eyed when Adam started crying. Alison and Bryan handled it perfectly. Great show. Good luck with your girl parts, Alison. I hope the surgery goes well.

  127. mike

    Titus is a dipshit. As soon as he spewed the inaccurate fact about O’Reilly’s book not being sold at the museum (it IS, in fact, sold there), I knew he was a moron. This is the kind of shit I expected Alec Baldwin to spew on his appearance and he surprisingly was a good phone guest and kept his liberal garbage to himself.

  128. Big Ed
    Big Ed12-16-2011

    Just when I thought we’d get through a show without Adam going off about how great it is to be rich. The show just keeps getting away from the average guy. I miss the Adam who was just a regular guy.

  129. Lee

    One of the most powerful podcasts with the Aceman, thanks Adam.

  130. Toya

    Adam missed the point entirely regarding rich people. Poor eople don’t hate rich people because they have money; poor people hate rich people who act like their money makes them more important than everyone else.

    I don’t have a problem with Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or the late Steve Jobs because they were humble despite having an insane amount of money. I dislike Donald Trump because of his ever present smug attitude.

  131. Jack

    Thanks Adam for letting us all and showing emotion. I’ve been listening to Loveline since I was 12 (I’m 32 now) and when Birchum came on the scene and you started on Lovelinee, I’ve been a huge fan ever since.
    Your memories of Philip the Juggler help to let us get to know you that much better, if that was possible. I’m sure you’re a big brother to a lot of people like me and it was heart-warming to hear the raw emotion which you’ve made clear is hard for you to express.

    Thanks again for opening up and for the countless hard times your words have gotten me through.

    Get it on.

  132. Thomas

    Thanks for the life lesson Adam… your heart felt story is inspiring.

  133. Jeanette

    Sorry to hear about your friend, Adam.

  134. moses gershbein
    moses gershbein02-03-2012

    this episode illustrates one of the many reasons i love this guy. adam is a good-hearted, witty, inspirational person who’s obviously not afraid to share his emotional side. i almost crashed my fucking car when he broke down… goddamn good pod! thanks ace.

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