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Chris Jericho joins Adam and the gang right from the top of the show. Chris talks about going through withdrawals after his run on Dancing with the Stars, and describes how it compares to his career in professional wrestling. Adam asks him about his run-ins with the Yakuza, and the wrestling matches that went awry.

In the news, the group discusses Melissa Gilbert’s injury on Dancing with the Stars. The guys also joke about being blind in the 1800s, and a new bizarre flavor of vodka. Adam then tells some stories about Celebrity Apprentice, and Lisa Lampanelli’s off-screen comments about one of the other contestants.

After the break, the guys play a round of Hobo Power, where they hear and rank your worst stink stories. Alison also chimes in with one of her own. The show then wraps up with news stories about adult diaper commercials, Tucker Max, and books written by unfunny comedians.


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Depends Diapers

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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Jezza

    Great show. Chris is great on the podcast!

    • FM Bradley
      FM Bradley04-17-2012

      I agree whole heartily! Chris rolled!

  2. JJ

    The mention of hobo power here reminds me of the old KLSX days
    Does any one remember/know what happened to tha t kid Christian the comedian? He used to appear every week. Heard him on this best of of the old show, I wonder if he ever made it lol http://www.thisyearcollection.org/2011/08/14-adam-carolla-show-april-2006.html

  3. Oppalocka

    I was never a wrestling fan but I always thought Jericho was a cool guy, and turns out he’s a great guest. Very good show today.

  4. Moe

    Great guest, very entertaining pod.
    I don’t care about wrestling now, it’s just a joke, but back in the day (which is the 90’s to early 2000’a for me) I loved it.
    Chris Jericho was one of my favorites in WCW, those were the days man. The “Monday night wars”, NWO/NWO Wolfpac, the whole Attitude Era, oh the good times.

    Also I busted out laughing when Bald Bryan played the macaroni and cheese drop while Carolla was doing the musiciansfriend.com spot, ha!

  5. Katie


    Not from this podcast, but stuck with me nontheless, hope it stuck with you as well

    The direction of female recording artists IS heading this way


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-16-2012

      Teasing not pleasing.

  6. Hutch

    Lisa Rinna will do anything to get her face on camera,I mean really,an adult diaper commercial lol.It’s amazing watching how low celebs will go to hang on to fame and Lisa Rinna is one of the worst,she’d show up to the opening of a corner store if told camera’s would be there.

  7. JesusJFunk

    i have an erection

  8. Dutch

    Podcast number 800, BITCHES!

  9. jg323

    love Prager…

  10. Beaver

    Bull in the ring – oh the memories, It is out lawed in Pop-Warner. not sure about high school.
    It is in the official rule book for coaches.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-16-2012

      Most high schools still practice bull-in-the-ring until a parent complains, then it stops.

  11. rich fight in all WARS
    rich fight in all WARS04-13-2012

    Wow, Corolla just admitted the rich can buy their way to the front of the line for an organ. Different rules for rich people are u f’ing crazy! No, no, all rich people do what Pat Tillman did! All rich people get convicted of murder when they pollute poor neighborhoods. The rich just get nothing but the shaft in this country.

    TAX the fing rich for their bullshit, different rules for different fools. U are a sucker if u buy their shit and u ain’t one of them assholes . SUCKER!

    Tax those fers 75% they CAN LOVE IT or LEAVE IT !!!!!!!

    whine some more about how rich life is such a bitch life! It’s a bitch to be so rich. Go to Afghanistan and pick up ur bush tax cuts, k unts!

    the fing rich make more money when the middle class and poor have more money, f off corolla tards!

    • Rob

      Great post. You don’t sound like a lunatic at all.

      • Stacey E
        Stacey E04-15-2012

        He’s just mad that they broke up his drum circle.

    • back sack& Ass crack
      back sack& Ass crack04-13-2012

      Get a job Looser!

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana04-13-2012

      The rich deserve higher priority economically because they’re rich. But morally, everyone is equal when it comes to health care. Hopefully, the Rich will contribute an amount that reconciles the conundrum. And I think that’s the case.

      Simmer down.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-16-2012

      Somebody needs to be sterilized.

    • Brandon

      You are…

  12. Ledgewood

    This show has been so awesome lately.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-16-2012


  13. Jon Tollefson
    Jon Tollefson04-13-2012

    Anyone having trouble d/l this ep? It’s not working for me….

  14. setlasmon

    he’s the best ever. eeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEver!

    when he mocked Dean Malenko’s “Man of 1000 Holds” routine and became the “Man of 1004 Holds” it was one of the most classic, hilarious wrastling moments I can remember.

    he unfurled a long scroll and started reading them off and 18 of them were “arm bar”. buaaaaaaaahahhahahaaaaa!

  15. Ledgewood

    So is a guest sitting in for the whole show the equivalent to Carson asking the comic over to the couch after his set?

    • Lazy middle class
      Lazy middle class04-14-2012

      Yea but it kinda worked..

  16. Adam

    Good pod. This wrestler dude was funner than half the comedian guests. I’m looking at you Gaffigan.

  17. Kebin

    Trump Stamp! ha ha Alison best line of the podcast and it just got passed over. A You are the best.

  18. Dan Burke
    Dan Burke04-13-2012

    Dear Alan Corrona You are my favorite radio host..sadly..I am so booked up with reading comic books and stuff I can’t find time to stalk you. Also I would need bus fare to get to where ever you are. Also I am not sure what you look like. There is potential to squeeze you into my schedule in late July (2014) and I may be able to stalk you for a few hours then. No promises, as I am really busy and I really don’t care. Sorry to leave you unwatched for so long, but I figure an apethetic stalker is better than no stalker at all. You may have seen me in the realty show “Extreme Napping”, but I had to leave the show when I pulled a muscle sleeping.

  19. Huck

    Alison and Chris had some chemistry going on. Wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up on her show ARIYNBF soon.

  20. Bob

    Great Guest!!

  21. thedecade

    Stalker and Stocker, tonight on CBS at 9pm

  22. Michael

    Chris Jericho was a surprisingly entertaining guest. Props!

  23. LFC

    Great show! Jericho was an awesome second with really fun stories. Being a wrestling fan, I would have loved him to go into more detail about some, but you need to have them appeal to everyone. I love it when a guest sits in the whole show and doesn’t suck!

  24. reb

    Finally, women who piss themselves can get their confidence back. Great cause.

  25. BenN

    Best guest ever…and I’m not even a wrestling fan. Jericho needs to be on once a week!!

  26. Cheap Seats
    Cheap Seats04-13-2012

    The problem with finding a racial epithet for white people is that you have to speak their language. It’s like guessing Rumpelstiltskin’s name, it’s not going to be as obvious as picking something that would insult you(unless you ARE Rumpelstiltskin(a.k.a. already white)..but that would nullify the precept…stop it).

    As Adam said, they are successful and that makes direct attacks useless. However, that competitive nature is also their weakness. You have to Judo them into ‘fighting’ a larger opponent. Essentially present an undeniable truth that places their nose in someone else’s ass. It can be subtle but watch closely, for the nose wrinkle.

    For example: “Nice Ferrari, not as nice as so-and-so’s….his is the special Custom Edition One of a kind blah blah blah …and so on.

    True it does not boil down to a single word, but sometimes that’s how translation works.

    Maybe call them a 50%er 🙂

  27. Dave

    “Trump-stamp” …. good one, Alison!

  28. Travis

    Great stuff, always lovin the show-best there is!

  29. rosemary

    jerico is a cutie pie. but my heart belongs to adam;)

  30. Walter

    Easily one of the best episodes ever. Defiantly a must to have Chris as a return guest. Didn’t think he would be that funny or fast on his feet. Great guest. Great show.

  31. Speedster

    I don’t know who Chris Jericho is, but man what an awesome guest! Engaging, great stories, well spoken, and cracked wise with the best of them during the news!

    GET IT ON!

  32. Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter04-13-2012

    HAHAHA Holy Shit that drop during the shaft talk by Bald Bryan was one of the best drops ever, I’m fucking dying. AWESOME show! Love Jericho and Love Aceman, Alison, Bryan and the gang! Bring Jericho back more often!

  33. Veronica

    Alison has to ease up on the ass kissing, it seems like she’s been trying way too hard. I can only image how stressful it must be to work for someone as passive aggressive as Adam but the pandering is getting to be a bit much.

  34. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll04-13-2012

    Not having a slur handy is pretty racist if you think about it, the only way it would never come up is that there was never a slurrable person nearby to use it on.

  35. jd

    Adam, Why you gotta corndog when you know you got frien?

  36. Greg Olson
    Greg Olson04-13-2012


  37. Pubicbone69

    Great Pod Aceman looking forward to bonus episode with Dr Drew on Saturday. I click through to Amazon all the time. Love doing my part to keep the pirate ship afloat. When are you coming to Texas for stand up again??

  38. Shea

    They still do “Bull in the Ring”, atleast we did in highschool in 99

  39. donewithidiots

    Good stuff. Definite have back.

  40. nAAter

    Much a douche about nothing!


  41. Horus

    When I read that a wrestler was the guest my expectations diminished but Jericho knocked it out of the park! Witty & intelligent guests are hard to come by, have this guy on as often as possible!

  42. Ras

    Chris was an awesome guest! I thought wrestlers were all mumbling idiots but Chris was funny, quick and articulate. I am sure he will be back as an guest.

  43. Ras

    Chris was an awesome guest! I thought wrestlers were all mumbling idiots but Chris was funny, quick and articulate. I am sure he will be back as an guest. Rock on!

  44. Ras

    Why does it take Alison so long to understand what Adam is taking about?

    • Scott

      Brain size my dear boy. A woman’s brain is that of the common squirrel

  45. Sy

    Can’t get enough of Sonny’s drop. Luv it! I laugh every time.

  46. Balky

    Chris Jericho? Amazing guest. Only knew him by name/profession before the show — who knew he’d be so game?

  47. Ivan

    Adam, I’m very sorry to hear about your friends deteriorating health. It clearly shows we can’t take our friends, loved ones, and health for granted. My prayers are with him and his family.

  48. T-bone

    Awesome podcast. Never heard of Chriss Jerrico, but he is very cool and very funny!

  49. Colby

    This might be my favourite episode of 2012.

  50. Dzhjon

    Never been a fan of pro wrestling, and I thought Ace would be holding back bile the whole time considering the non competetive nature of pro wrestling, but Jericho was one hell of a guest! I have a lot of respect for the guy after hearing those old-school training stories. Also I never want to go to Japan. Sounds fucking scary. Would love to see Jericho on as regularly as guys like Bruce, considering the former is 10x funnier. Damn great to hear hobo power again too. Been hearing more Rich Banks lately as well; just like the early days. Gotta say I’m loving this year.

  51. Maui

    Gualala…up the California coast….I’ve been there…gorgeous….

  52. Rachel

    Great show! Chris was very entertaining, much more than I would have thought. I love a celebrity who’s good at more than just what they’re famous for.

  53. David

    Great guest bring him back!

  54. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III04-14-2012

    Great show.

  55. Joe

    Bald Bryan, gotta get that drop of Allison going ” WE NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDUUUHHHH”.

    its got potential

  56. Tom

    Chris Jericho was awesome! Please have him on more!

  57. james

    the dairy drain story isn’t so bad…. it’s really common… the smell is a strong and sulfury, but there usually is plenty room so that the smell can ventilate. the douche who called should have had to clean it though since he made the mess over the years

  58. Scott

    More Chris Jericho, less David Wild.

  59. Elias

    I really like it when entertainment/non-comedian personality guests like Chris Jericho come onto the podcast. Be sure to ask him back onto the podcast in the future. Same thing with Kevin Pereira.

  60. Mike McCabe
    Mike McCabe04-15-2012

    I fucking hate, The Dilettantes, “Good Day”. As a man, it makes my scrotum crawl. Fucking stop this.

  61. Hammer

    Great show, funniest episode in a long time. Jericho needs to be a regular, he was fantastic.

  62. Ambrose

    Wow, seemed a little hard on Behrendt. I haven’t read that book, but I do think a lot of Ace fans would enjoy his podcast with Dave Anthony called Walking the Room. Hard to describe — consistently funny bro banter about their lives and careers. Great chemistry Check it out.

  63. Pearls of Wisdom
    Pearls of Wisdom04-15-2012

    Loved the ad-lib (but I guess what isn’t ad-lib on this show, that’s the beauty of it all) bit on setting up the pearls in the cock as a braille message. Might have been the funniest part of the episode, and Jericho kept up with the cracking wise better than some comedian guests do.

  64. RoyalDryness

    Was very surprised, Chris Jericho was a great guest, funny, some good stories, and generally added to the show. Have him back anytime!

  65. robert_r

    Who did he mention from Clash of The Titans?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-16-2012

      Harry Hamlin. His wife is doing the Depends commercial.

  66. Brian

    I listen every day, easily the best show this year so far. Chris Jericho was awesome.

  67. Blake

    Chris was a great guest! Hope he is back on soon.

  68. Yossarian

    Bring Jericho back please. You’d think he was a regular, excellent give and take.

  69. Dan Burke
    Dan Burke04-19-2012

    This was the best show of the month. Allan and Chris have a great chemistry.

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