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At the top of the show, the guys play a round of ‘Who The F*** Sells This S***’. The guys get on the phone and talk to people who are selling bizarre items on Craig’s List, ranging from animals to dental furniture to Crank Yankers DVDs. Adam also tells a story about his friend Daniel, and rants about uncomfortable sofa beds.

In the second half of the show, Chris D’Elia, one of the stars of the new sitcom Whitney, joins the show. Chris is a valley guy like Adam, so they catch up on places they both have in common. They also discuss the casting process for Whitney, and how ridiculous it is to audition for commercials. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about Chris’s father and brother, both of whom are industry players.

Watch ‘Whitney,’ Thursday nights at 9:30pm on NBC.

Show Credits

Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Audio: Jeff Fox
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town10-16-2011

    Hey you!! Who said that??

  2. joker

    “Your wife didn’t want an old dentist’s chair in the bedroom?”

    Subtle. Good work Alison. I get you.

  3. adamisright

    Ace is the greatest ever. Prince does suck and Haitt is the best songwriter ever. Plus Dylan sucks and The Who are better than the Stones because “Who Are You,” “Face Dances,” and “It’s Hard” are amazing albums with no bad songs on them. The Stones had more shittier songs so that makes them overrated. Adam is so right, he probably listened to “Let it Bleed” and “Sticky Fingers” and some other lame Stones albums many many times front to back and realized that Mick sucks. I wonder what Adam’s least favorite song on “Sign O the Times” is? Probably “Hot Thing” or “You Got the Look.” Although it is funny that Adam thinks Sly Stone beat on Tina. And weird he doesn’t know Nick Lowe wrote “What’s So Funny” or what album Elvis Costello’s song Clubland was released off of (Trust). Normally, Ace is so informed and knowledgable. And you can tell he actually listens to the music he’s talking about, you know not just hearing a single or two on the radio and generalizing about an entire artist’s career. No, Adam is a real music lover, he even says so in his book.

    • r

      Brand new psychiatric conditions discovered everyday on the Ace Forums.

  4. Alisons Farts
    Alisons Farts10-16-2011

    Did you miss us? We’re never gone for long.


  5. NICK

    get it on. this guy is funny as shit. thanks ace man

  6. Josh

    I haven’t heard a minute, but I’m assuming he will discuss his failed pilots. I will retract if wrong

    • Josh

      6 mins into the interview, the talking starts.
      I am complaining by making a prediction and getting it right?
      How does any Carolla fan not enjoy complaining?

  7. big jim
    big jim10-16-2011

    Good call, Josh. And by ‘discuss’ I assume you meant ‘complain’.

  8. BobC.

    “Those Bastards!” LMAO

  9. GuyDudeBro

    never thought I would say this… I fucking miss T.
    don’t get me wrong I would still fuck the lil chuby chick alison, but goddamn she’s annoying.

    • Connard

      Ya bro, I totally dig chubbies. Like that time I fucked your Mom in her mouth and blew it all over her porky face while your dad watched. It was sweet.

    TACO BELL MATERIAL10-17-2011

    Cardinals in 5

    • SaraLu

      Nice! Go Cards!!

  11. Juicemachine

    Alison was sublime awesome this podcast.. dullards will miss it because its fast and fantastic.

    Good episode! guy seems cool.

  12. HOKJP

    I love the Who but even Pete Townshend has said that the Stones were the greatest rock band in the world. From Beggers Banquet to Exile on Mainstreet, no other rock band in history can equal that run of absolute classics. Sorry, Adam, but you’re wrong about Dylan too. However, you are right about Elvis C.

  13. Big T
    Big T10-17-2011

    Lose the weight chubby.

  14. coco

    “and by the way”. “as a society…”

  15. Occupy Wallstreet
    Occupy Wallstreet10-17-2011

    The occupation movement that started in Zucotti Park continues to spread and gain traction, despite the efforts late this week to attempt to evict the encampments. It is drawing support substantially from progressive and liberal quarters as labor unions, progressive groups and even Democratic Party groups have continued to add to the numbers of those supporting the protest. But given the opposition in some more conservative circles to the bank bailouts and the Federal Reserve, one might have expected some more support from conservative circles just as upset about the lack of transparency, morality and fair play that pervades Wall Street and the banking sector at large

    • Asteroids, please hurry and end it all
      Asteroids, please hurry and end it all10-17-2011

      “given the opposition in some more conservative circles to the bank bailouts and the Federal Reserve”

      Ok, dimwit, maybe you were dreaming about a shower or getting bigger gauges in your piercings when you wrote this. Bank bailouts funds were from…government. The Reserve is a part of…government.

      But, yeah, let’s march on some CEOs house. It’s his fault.

      We don’t support you because you’re braindead, pathetic, socialist swine begging government to take care of you.

  16. Tom Arnold
    Tom Arnold10-17-2011

    Clay Aiken & George Takei will join Adam Carolla on Celebrity Apprentice. Arsenio Hall also will be on. Taping begins this week. Will debut in Jan 2012.

  17. Tony

    I love the show, but why does Marc Marhon always get such better guests? He’s got Norm McDonald today, and you’ve got that dude from the worst new show on TV.

  18. Dustin

    Marc Maron gets better guests, because they arent intimidated by him. Adam says the same shit regardless of who is on his show. I think thats why. People are afraid of what he might say.

  19. Joe

    Adam says the same shit regardless of who is on his show? Really? You think he’d be complimenting ‘Whitney’ if this dude wasn’t on the show?

  20. CS

    Yeah, seems to me Maron has a much more intimidating presence (particularly in the comedy world) than Adam. That’s a terrible excuse.

    Love both shows, but there’s no question that Maron’s the better interviewer. Hands down.

    • Rajeesh

      It’s like Greg Fitzsimmons said, Mark Maron has the “hipster street cred” in the comedy world, and that’s why people want on the show. And sure Maron is a better interviewer, but Dustin is right. People are intimidated by Adam. They’re afraid the won’t get a word in edgewise. And they’re afraid they won’t be as quick as Adam and they’ll ended up sounding less than bright. And no big star wants to be exposed like that.

      • Juan Barbosa
        Juan Barbosa10-17-2011

        Yeah, most stars are attracted to the safe, predictable and coddling environment you’re going to get on the Maron show. Adam doesn’t provide that.
        Good show today. I like this guy Chris D’elia.

  21. Chris

    Didn’t like this guy. Didn’t like Maron either. Love the Adam, Alison, and Bryan!!! Never miss a show.

  22. Connard

    Chris, I understand that you neither loved the guest or Maron. But the real question is do you still love me?

  23. OCHawkeye

    Adam is claiming that he has been enjoying this “Whitney” show. Wait?…What?

    • Juan Barbosa
      Juan Barbosa10-17-2011

      It’s conceivable. Adam is friends with Whitney.

  24. nick

    The Whitney show is a pile of shit.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-17-2011

      The shortened Car Show is getting better, still think it was better at a full hour…

    • Ryan II
      Ryan II10-17-2011

      2 broke girls is also shit. I wanted to like it because large breasted brunettes are the cat’s pajamas for me. Kat Dennings has been stress eating though and the set up/punchlines are even more telegraphed than Whitney.

  25. Alex

    I am ashamed that I ever watched 90210.

  26. JimmyK

    The Whitney Show is not good. Because it is a formulaic sitcom. I don’t like it, but 2 1/2 Men is crap but the Actors on this show never have to work again.

    No accounting for taste!

  27. Peter North
    Peter North10-17-2011


    1st Row: John Hiatt / Chickenshit Tickets / Lynette Spending Adam’s Money / Flying First Class / Heavy-set Woman of Color

    2nd Row: 26½ year-old Chick / Alison Asks Stupid Question During Live Podcast / Mayor Retardo / Nanny Problems / State Of Shock

    3rd Row: Sid And Marty Kroft / Taxes For Rich People / FREE SPACE / Larry Miller Makes Reference From 1972 / Dropping a Digit

    4th Row: “Know What I’m Saying?” / Ray Peeing On Someone / Parent’s Apathy / Dancing With The Stars / Bryan Shits On Adam’s Point

    5th Row: Hospital Gowns / Maneater / Immigrants / Adam Complains About People Who Hate The U.S., And Then Explains Why He Hates LA / Joe Jackson

    • big J
      big J10-17-2011

      Your words cut deep man

  28. nilmot

    Maron appears to do a couple podcasts a week vs. Carolla’s 5 (not counting car or house casts). Anyway, your guest pool probably thins a bunch faster when you need 2.5 times as many.

    Also, while he has Norm on Tuesday, he has Hannibal Buress on Thrusday. That’s apparently a real person.

  29. T Money
    T Money10-17-2011

    I kinda like the show, although the laugh track (that Whitney claims is a live studio audience) is awful

  30. Mike in Seattle
    Mike in Seattle10-17-2011

    Who the F sells this S might is comic gold.

  31. Agent Orange
    Agent Orange10-17-2011

    The jokes on Whitney are so bad it’s like watching her roast herself!!!

  32. big J
    big J10-17-2011

    Aceman, you might think about reeling Alison rosen in a little, she’s getting carried away with herself. She is so aggressively unfunny that I find myself longing for the Bonaduce days. But my own preferences aside, and I know this is not broadcasting but this woman needs to work on her on-air delivery. She makes too much noise and as a result your show is sounding very cluttered and amateurish. Come on Aceman you are a pro and this is the show that bears your name. You can do a little better than this “comedy workshop hour with Alison and Bryan” you’ve been offering us. These two are amateurs, bottom line is they do little besides hamper your comedic flow with their incessant chipping-in. I never liked Teresa Strasser but at least the Aceman did and believed in her. He was always talking her up, saying how “smart, quick, funny” she was, even complimenting her looks. The closest thing I’ve heard to a compliment for Alison is “oh, you’re not fat” which is very telling. I know a lot of these fans are like “Alison you are sooooo funnyyyy and gorgeous” but its pretty apparent at this that the Aceman himself is not too sweet on Alison. Also, he is not that big on Bryan and his smug attitude either, at least as it pertains to comedy. My question then is why? Why feature them so prominently on your show Aceman?

    • big J
      big J10-17-2011

      …also, I have a small peepee. The name big J is just my stab at irony.

      • Snookie

        I bet Big J is a big gal named Jamie just being a bltch. Full of c*nty baseless opinions. How do you know so much about AC? Oh wait, you know nothing. Take some Midol and go away.

    • Justin

      I understand, then, that you thought today’s show was a demonstrable improvement over the normal edition. Bald Bryan’s absence *increased* the quality of the show.


      On the Alison v. Teresa front, did it occur to you that Adam bolstered Teresa more than he does Alison because Adam sensed that Teresa needed it more than Alison does? Whatever you think of Alison as on-air talent — and I think she’s extraordinarily talented — you wouldn’t call her insecure. Don’t you think Adam recognizes that about her, in the same way he easily recognized that Teresa (also talented) was/is a psychologically fragile person?

      Finally, do you honestly believe that Adam — or anyone else in the universe — finds either Teresa or Alison better-looking than the other? If I gave you fifty unlabeled pictures of each of them and had you identify who was whom, you’d be lucky to guess 60/40. They’re both very good-looking women.

  33. Seriously, now
    Seriously, now10-17-2011

    Carolla fancies himself the arbiter of what’s good, yet he claims to enjoy “Whitney”? It’s on the short list of worst shows on television. The only bright spot is that it won’t be around very long, given the way the audience for “The Office” changes the channel in droves by 9:31.

  34. JessMan

    who the f… is a huge waste of time. please don’t take calls

  35. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper10-17-2011

    The real question is: Where the F is BB?!?

  36. Dave

    Ideas for WTFSTS, check SkyMall!

  37. The point man
    The point man10-17-2011

    solid show today. Was that so hard?

  38. Steve

    Didn’t know this guys name, but he was funnier than shit on workaholics.

  39. aly

    @big j i disagree buddy i think she is fuckin hilarious.

  40. Chuck E
    Chuck E10-17-2011

    Good show. Good guest. Bald Brian disappeared though. I guess he wasn’t really needed as Adam and Chris got into it.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-17-2011

      Brian seems to be doing this lately? Is this show ordered?

  41. Josh

    Maron is better interviewer, instead of using things the subject say to bring up old stories, Maron tries to relate or investigate things the subject says. There’s a reason Loveline worked, it was one intelligent man and one complainer with sometimes valid points. If Carolla has on Norm, then they will discuss failed shows, how much adam hates traveling, and Frank Stallone.

    • Toolbag

      Yes, Maron is awesome. Too bad Aceeman isn’t just like Maron. It would be great if both shows were exactly the same. Who needs variety. I only want to listen to people that parrot my opinions and beliefs. Sounds awesome.

      • Josh

        It would be better if I couldn’t predict what Adam was going to discuss before listening to the show. Instead of getting a history about the subject, it’s rehashing of old stories. Adam should sit down and interview himself about himself, it would be very entertaining. Maron’s show is almost fully about interviews, which is why I like that show. Adam’s show is almost fully about Adam, which is why I like this show. This Team Podcast vs. Team Podcast shit is for 14-year-old girls.

    • Isaac Hayes
      Isaac Hayes10-17-2011

      Here’s the deal: There is no one out there in the comedic universe who can do what Ace does (when he’s on). His ability to make specific references that accent stories and jokes combined with his quick witted analogies are just a few things that make this guy one of a kind.
      Some of the people on this forum can’t imagine why anyone would ever criticize the show but I think a lot of us feel like Ace really sets the bar high for this format, and yet he has really managed to dive below it on many occasions. I chime in because I feel like I owe it too him.
      How many people have heard his analogy that everyone needs a friend like Ray to stop you from heading to the party in cowboy boots?
      Come-on Ace, we know you have it in you to rescue the show. Put on the Pumas and bring back the magic.
      Cheers Bitches.

  42. Josh

    The Federal Reserve is barely a part of the government, The President appoints members, Congress vets them, and that’s all we the people get as far as a say for 14 years. Their policies are almost never held up to scrutiny, they cannot be fully audited by the GAO. One of the stated goals of the Federal Reserve is MAXIMUM EMPLOYABILITY. This goal has not been achieved, so targeting a failed institution is a fair target

  43. Chris in ATL
    Chris in ATL10-17-2011

    The Whitney Show is awful. The big fake laugh track ruins it. Live studio audience, my ass.

  44. Mark

    Kind of sell out there Adam. Great guest but the show ‘Whitney’ is horrible.

    No way you actually like that show Adam.

    No worries though, it’ll be off the air soon.

  45. Whiney Commenter Bingo
    Whiney Commenter Bingo10-17-2011

    Row 1 – complain about BB, complain about guests, complain about live show, complain about other ACN shows, complain about politics
    Row 2- complain about Larry Miller, complain about bits, complain about 1 on 1 format, complain about audio quality, complain about drops
    Row 3 – complain about AR, complain about fluffers, complain about the news, complain about music rants, complain about the absence of T
    Row 4 – complain about when T was on the show, complain about rich guy problem rants, complain about how the show isn’t as good as other shows, complain about other comments, complain about the host’s level of education
    Row 5 – complain about boots, complain about travel rants, complain about tax rants, complain about the group format shows, repetitively complain about how the show is repetitive.

  46. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-17-2011

    When my Pop got divorced he bought a cool old adobe house, fixed it up with a loft, a bar, a juke box & pinball machine plus a cool old Barber’s Chair that was stainless steel and reupholstered it was so cool.

  47. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse10-17-2011

    great show. next time lary miller is in, instead of hyp. road trip, lary should do ” stupid beyond beleif.” i was listening to an episode of the old show and lary was in. i miss that segment and that stupid music

  48. argue taste, that is the road to happiness
    argue taste, that is the road to happiness10-17-2011

    LaCanada was the rich kid HS, Crescenta Valley HS was the medium income and then Verdugo Hills HS was the more ghetto school. But CVHS football could mostly always kick the crap out of the rich asses and the ghetto. but that was 20 years ago with coach Eberheart. who knows?. LaCanada is a Korean colony nowadays. I gave up on Cali many years ago

  49. Good Gravy
    Good Gravy10-17-2011

    Am I out of it that I do not even know who this Whitney broad is? Two shows on TV? BTW, Chris was great. The show is still great. Alison is great.

  50. The Dude of Life
    The Dude of Life10-17-2011

    love the who the f sells this s………..should do it some more……..oh yeah and I totally want to bang Alison

  51. wtf123

    whats going on….no news

    podcast going down hill man

    car cast needs sandy back and old format, not this crap from last week

    car show needs salley back, get rid of fat matt

    spider and hench need to come back too

  52. Good Gravy
    Good Gravy10-17-2011

    1. Can we get a list of Upcoming weeks guests on the ACE WEB site? Even just making this a quick segment like JKL does in the beginning of the show would be great.
    2. For video show, can you please get it on your ROKU channel soon? Yes? No?

    • MC White
      MC White10-18-2011

      Good Gravy: I’ve thought about the coming up segment, but keep in mind, they pre-record it, and lots of times, don’t positively know the exact order, but a “coming up in the next few weeks ad campaign Voice Over” would be nice. On Roku: you can hook up to “YouTube” and search for the videos of Adam Carolla, on YouTube, and you’ll see the Video Segments there. I’ve done it before.

  53. yeah

    commenter bingo forgot -complain about Adam’s questionable and very provincial taste in music.

  54. SaraLu

    Adam – you are hilariously BACK in the game! Allison – you’ve finally found your stride (I finally loved you during John Doe podcast, girl, you’re good 🙂 Bryan – you’ve always had it, and you sound great and healthy.

    Poor guest, though. Seems like a nice enough guy, but he won’t be able to get the stank of “Shitney” off of him until LONG after it’s canceled. Maybe he can workshop scripts with Ian?

  55. Dano

    WTFSTS and relationship calls are awesome! I ALWAYS enjoy those segments. More please.

  56. Dano

    I kind of liked the show Chris used to be on, Glory Daze. He played a stoner frat guru.

  57. without condoning, or condeming
    without condoning, or condeming10-17-2011

    do right and get drunk…. im so drunk ,..,.,i live in norte chile in the desert… its like iraq and afganistan its deserty i like the climate

  58. Ian from Baltimore
    Ian from Baltimore10-18-2011


  59. WallyV

    @Josh yeah Marons such a better interviewer that he half as many listeners, and is often talked about by other comics as being a dick. If you want a predictable show by people that talk smart and dont say anything funny you should really check out npr its likely way more up your ally.

  60. Sammy Hagar
    Sammy Hagar10-18-2011

    Allison sure does fake laugh a lot. Does anyone else pick up on that?

  61. Blake

    Hey Josh! If you don’t like the way Adam does his podcast, DO NOT LISTEN!! It is so simple that even a stupid ass like you can understand! If Mark was so great he would have as many listeners as Adam. FU!!! Stupid ass!!

  62. Aaron

    Whitney is a horribly dated sitcom with uninteresting characters, uninspired acting, and predictable punchlines. It somehow managed to be even worse than the show it replaced. That 9:30 NBC time slot is a downward spiral of suck.

    With that said, good show Ace.

  63. Ron Blumpkin
    Ron Blumpkin10-19-2011

    I love alison, I wish she was on more instead of these shitty 1 on 1’s

  64. jwork

    I love when alison makes the ace man laugh. keep it up ms. rosen!

  65. Just Ed
    Just Ed10-20-2011

    Just started listening. How long til Carolla starts ranting about how his pilot wasn’t picked up but that cat-turd-on-a-white-hot-hibachi “Whitney” was?

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