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This Week in Rage – 6/29/15

This Week’s Topics: Selfie Sticks, Jeb Bush on Fallon, and High Speed Chases.

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This Week in Rage – 5/25/15

This week’s topics – Summer Beer Ads, My Plan for Less Lawyers, Revenge Porn, Cul-de-Sacs and Dead Ends, and Religion on the Decline.

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This Week in Rage – 5/5/15

This Week’s Topics: Bruce Jenner’s Shocking Revelation, the Tragedy in Baltimore and L.A.’s Rock Bottom Moment

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This Week in Rage – 4/26/15

This week’s topics – The Chicken Sound, Smoking in Bars, JFK Jr’s Funeral Outfit, HOV sticker for Tesla, Croissant Muffin and Sweaters from Earners

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This Week in Rage – 4/12/15

This Week’s Topics: People Lying on the Floor In Public, Newman vs. Sinatra, and Fuber.

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