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Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiaasen chats about ‘Razor Girl’, his prolific writing career, and the cocaine fueled streets of Florida. Plus, the gang plays a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson and David Wild

Neil DeGrasse Tyson chats with Adam about fostering innovation, the growing field of geo-engineering, and the rise of geek culture. Plus, David Wild comments on an upcoming music festival, and the first L.A. Rams game.

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Hal Linden

Hal Linden talks about his experiences on Barney Miller, playing in the Army band, and his big Broadway debut. Plus, Bald Bryan reviews the new film ‘Sully’ for this week’s Baldywood.

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Ariana Savalas and Dr. Bruce

Ariana Savalas chats about her love of jazz music, her legendary father, and more athletes protesting the national anthem. Plus, Dr. Bruce calls in to talk about Hillary Clinton’s alleged pneumonia.

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Joel Stein

Joel Stein sits down for a podcast about internet trolls, the death of Alexis Arquette, and where everyone was on Sept 11th 2001.

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