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Ben Shapiro, Glynn Washington, and Representative Richard Martin

Ben Shapiro calls in to discuss President Trump, as does Representative Richard Martin. Later, Glynn Washington of NPR’s Snap Judgment joins the show for a conversation about life changing moments, and the existence of white privilege.

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Election Night 2016

Adam, Gina and Bryan comment on the 2016 election results as the votes come flooding in. Plus, Adam relives his whirlwind weekend in Texas and New York.

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Alec Baldwin, Kenan Thompson, and Justin Long

Alec Baldwin, Kenan Thompson, and Justin Long each sit down with Adam for 1-on-1 conversations, recorded backstage at Match Game in New York.

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Jim Norton and Sam Roberts

Jim Norton and Sam Roberts talk about sexual compulsion, an old fued with Opie & Anthony, and the next big MMA fight. Plus, everyone plays a round of Tales From The Cheap.

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Romany Malco

Romany Malco sits down for a podcast about Tijuana Jackson, the ‘racket of racism’, and the future of ‘the singularity’.

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