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Illeana Douglas

Illeana Douglas sits down for a podcast about her success in Hollywood, growing up in a hippie commune, and the movies everyone was way too young to experience when they saw them. The gang also shares their favorite holiday tunes.

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David Steinberg and Matt Atchity

David Steinberg talks about his comedic inspirations, his many appearances on Johnny Carson, and his experiences writing for Curb Your Enthusiasm (among other great shows). Plus, Matt Atchity hosts a banking-themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Jo Koy and Jeff Abraham

Jo Koy joins for a podcast about the latest Donald Trump controversy, supply problems on Amazon, and why Starbucks exploded in popularity. Plus, Jeff Abraham introduces Promescent to Bung Lu Su.

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Live from The Tower Theatre in Fresno

Adam opens the show telling the audience about the preceding legs of the trip thus far, including a story about Ace eating an almond off the ground in Sacramento. The gang then turn to the audience for some questions in a round of Q and Ace. They then get an early start on the news as our own Gina Grad takes over with the day’s stories.

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David Carmichael, Live from The Crest Theatre in Sacramento

Show Summary Radio Host David Carmichael joins Adam for today’s show recorded live at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento, California. Adam opens the show talking about the crew’s travels that morning between Napa and Sacramento. Adam then steers the show towards a holiday themed round of ‘What Can’t Adam Complain About’ including the topic of sexy holiday lingerie and more. …

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