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John O’Sullivan

John O’Sullivan chats with Adam about how overbearing parents are affecting the culture of youth sports. Bald Bryan also talks about his first weekend home with Tessa, and Gina reads news stories about the Washington Mall Shooter and Corey Feldman’s bizarre Today Show performance.

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Jeff Abraham

Jeff Abraham joins for a round of Tales From The Cheap. The guys also talk about a pop up In’N’Out in London, Garry Shandling’s donation to Sean Penn’s charity, and assault by pie.

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Clifton Collins Jr. and Vinnie Tortorich

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking with Vinnie Tortorich about what kind of food to eat at a BBQ. He also discusses his corporate gig on the opposite side of town, and having to confront his fear of the teleprompter. Up next, Adam takes a fan phone call about how to sell youth football to worried moms. The gang …

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The Liberal Rednecks

The Liberal Rednecks chat with Adam about southern culture, Guys Gone Wild, and the most authentic way to drink moonshine. Plus, the gang plays a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Mike Farah and Eddie Braun

Mike Farah, CEO of Funny or Die, talks about the success of the site and the importance of servicing the creative freedom of their talent. Plus, Eddie Braun calls in to talk about his Snake River Canyon jump, and Bald Bryan announces his daughter’s name.

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