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Jim Florentine and James ‘Babydoll’ Dixon

Jim Florentine joins for a podcast about the one finger selfie challenge, this year’s COTY Awards, and the jobs that attract the most arrogant workers. Plus, James ‘Babydoll’ Dixon drops by to comment on the famous Kimmel Christmas Card prank.

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Carolla Cruise 2016

Get It On-senada! Live from the Carnival Inspiration, Adam, Bryan, and Gina chat about cruise safety drills, Tijuana stories, and mood lighting at the Duty Free store. Plus, the gang takes audience questions, and plays a boat themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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John Hamburg

John Hamburg talks with Adam about directing Cranston and Franco, and his work with DeNiro and Stiller as well. The guys also chat about a bizarre legal battle involving Sophia Vergara’s own embryos, and Adam rants about publicists and liars.

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Gabby Reece and Neil Strauss

Show Summary Adam opens the show thanking Gina for the incredible casserole she made. He then relives a lengthy conversation he had with Mike August about his new live Spike show. The guys also chat about the upcoming screening/podcast event for the new Bryan Cranston movie ‘Why Him’, and Adam complains about his morning radio tour where no one watched …

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Joe Buck

Joe Buck sits down for a podcast about announcing the World Series, interviewing an under-the-influence Artie Lange, and how not having a filter has impacted his life.

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