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Greg Fitzsimmons and Kristen Carney

Greg Fitzsimmons chats with Adam about re-watching movies from your youth with your kids, getting bullied in high school, and the death of the ‘Facebook Killer’. Plus, Kristen Carney returns to fill in for Gina Grad on today’s news.

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Jay Chandrasekhar and Vinnie Tortorich

Jay Chandrasekhar returns to discuss Super Troopers 2, as well as his new memoir, and working with Mitch Hedberg. Plus, Vinnie Tortorich chats with Adam about Howie Mandel, and a new Rich Man Poor Man entry.

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Gad Elmaleh

Gad Elmaleh chats with Adam about bringing his legendary French comedy to the United States, and the ways that American’s perceive Paris vs. the reality. The guys also discuss toasted grasshoppers, a brain-invading parasite, and a new game show that asks ‘Fat or Pregnant?’

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Harland Williams

Harland Williams joins for a podcast about ‘Rattlesnake Love’, his new Disney Channel show, and falling out of a tree. Plus, the guys go through some of Adam’s Favorited Tweets, and talk more about the United Airlines controversy.

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Brad Tolinski and David Wild

Brad Tolinski chats with Adam about the history and impact of the electric guitar. Plus, David Wild returns for a round of ‘Hit or S***’, and the guys discuss social media addiction.

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