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Eric Idle

Show Summary Adam opens the show complaining about having to give his dog Molly her insulin shots. He also describes his frustrations with the kibble bag, and goes on a long rant about making your own pies as opposed to buying. Eric Idle then enters the studio and talks with Adam about Bobcat Goldthwait and rude Parisians. They also chat …

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Dave Attell, Live From The Pasadena Ice House

Show Summary Adam opens the show reflecting on the conversation he had with Sonny about bullies. Dave then asks Adam to explain the origins of Mangria, and Adam goes on to discuss a couple of awkward conversations he had with his mom about what to bring for Thanksgiving dessert. Later, Adam takes audience questions about his biggest regret, baseball, and …

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Kevin Pollak and David Wild

Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam talks about his incredibly long travel day from LA to DC to New York. He also talks about an obnoxious steakhouse experience, and why everything he complains about comes to fruition. Later he discusses telling his kids which TV shows to watch, and explains a Mangria mixup that bothered him going …

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Dr. Drew

Show Summary Adam opens the show with a metaphor about cherries, and how it relates to Dr. Drew’s passion. The guys also joke about bota bags, and talk about how everyone they know is hooked on Mangria. The guys then discuss how culture has shifted since the 70s, and why ‘butt funneling’ has become a trend. Later they jump to …

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Judd Apatow

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking with Judd about his amazing experience watching an early screening of ‘This Is 40’. The guys then share their love of Graham Parker’s music, and wonder why the world hasn’t embraced him. Judd also talks about directing his wife and children in the movie, and the importance of being emotionally accurate when telling …

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