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Dr. Drew BONUS EPISODE (8.26.12)


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary As the show opens up, Adam talks with Dr. Drew about leaving his keys in the fridge. The guys also chat about youth sports and self-esteem, and speak with a caller suffering from anxiety attacks after taking the Bar Exam. Later, the guys talk about Lance Armstrong, and Adam goes on a rant about why …

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Dave Hill and Susie Essman


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam takes a call from Susie Essman at the top of the show. They talk briefly about Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the experience of working with Larry David. Adam then has Susie put her husband on the line so he can quiz him on his tool knowledge. Later, Adam rants about the song ‘Harper Valley …

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Live from the Irvine Improv


  DOWNLOAD HERE   Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam comments on how nice of a city Irvine is. He then takes some audience questions, and talks about the project he would not do over again, why he hates Olive Garden commercials, and what is acceptable to do at a bachelor party. Alison starts up the news …

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Matt Atchity


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam explains why he never smells bad and discusses having Chris ‘Maxipada’ sniff his shirts in Monterey. He also talks about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the re-appearance of Lynette’s lost cell phone. Later, Adam rants about some of his workers and takes listener calls about teaching English in Japan, …

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Dana Workman and David Wild


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam talks about his very eventful weekend in Monterey. David Wild is also in studio and he and Adam exchange their songs of the week. Adam then rants about stupid ‘F You’ posters from the 70s that he sees at various mechanic shops. Next up, actress Dana Workman is …

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