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Kevin Chavous

Show Summary As the show opens, Adam talks about the problems with putting an emphasis on cognitive education and talks about the lack of good teachers he had growing up. Since the show is being recorded mid-results, the guys then get the announcement that Obama is projected to be re-elected. They also talk about the swell of class warfare, and …

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Billy Vera and David Wild

Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam rants about ridiculous pop culture predictions that Entertainment Weekly made back in the late 90s. Adam also talks about the overly concerned mom who appears on all the proposition ads, and rants about the November heat in Santa Monica. David Wild is also in studio, and he and Adam exchange their …

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Harris Wittels

Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam talks about the success of the first official Mangria party in Westwood. He also talks about hanging in the park with his kids, and discusses a celebrity go-kart race that he lost a few years ago. He then rants about illegals selling kids ice cream out of a van, and talks …

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Dr. Drew Bonus Episode 9

Show Summary At the top of the show, Dr. Drew discusses why he doesn’t like being attacked by weed supporters. He and Adam also talk about their old days touring colleges together, and how shitty everyone is at arguing. The guys then take phone calls about STD testing and preventing fatty liver, and Adam talks about the strange artwork that’s …

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Tommy Lee

Show Summary As the show opens, Adam talks about getting the original manuscript of his book back, and what he did with the pages. He also talks about taking the kids trick or treating in another neighborhood, and the message that sends to society. The guys then jump to phone lines to talk about Lasik surgery, lack of sleep, and …

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