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Dr. Drew Bonus Episode 9

Show Summary At the top of the show, Dr. Drew discusses why he doesn’t like being attacked by weed supporters. He and Adam also talk about their old days touring colleges together, and how shitty everyone is at arguing. The guys then take phone calls about STD testing and preventing fatty liver, and Adam talks about the strange artwork that’s …

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Tommy Lee

Show Summary As the show opens, Adam talks about getting the original manuscript of his book back, and what he did with the pages. He also talks about taking the kids trick or treating in another neighborhood, and the message that sends to society. The guys then jump to phone lines to talk about Lasik surgery, lack of sleep, and …

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David Alan Grier, Danny Sullivan, and Dhani Jones

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about his long drive to Vegas yesterday, and the pros and cons of waiting it out till the next morning, or just driving home the same night. Adam also discusses the ‘Wreck It Ralph’ premiere he went to with the family, and chats about ‘trunk travel’ with Chris Laxamana. Later, Adam welcomes Danny …

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Halloween Special, with Ray Oldhafer

Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam talks about Natalia being unable to make up her mind regarding her Halloween costume. He also talks with Ray about some of their more interesting, inappropriate costume ideas over the years. Later, Alison begins the news discussing the rights of Simi Valley sex offenders, who face an ordinance stopping them from …

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Freedy Johnston

Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam talks about his screening of the movie ‘Flight’ at Phil Rosenthal’s house. He also talks about going to the ‘Wreck It Ralph’ premiere later tonight, and rants about Gary Butters purchasing a Roto Hammer in the Home Depot parking lot. Later, Adam talks about the frustration of not being able to …

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