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Taleeb Starkes

Taleeb Starkes joins for a podcast about Adam’s time off in Monterey, trying to fix the problems in the black community, and the death of Robin Williams.

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Tara Reid and Anthony Ferrante

Tara Reid and Anthony Ferrante discuss Sharknado 2, online dating profiles, and their feelings on the supernatural. The gang also plays a hilarious round of Made Up Movie.

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Dave Dameshek

Dave Dameshek joins for a podcast about jelly power rankings, gummy bear bratwurst, and why you don’t need shaving cream.

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Dr. Gad Saad

Dr. Gad Saad sits down for a podcast about evolutionary biology, hobo kibble, and why humans consume the way we do. Plus, Bald Bryan reviews a new documentary for this week’s Baldywood.

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Adam, Alison and Bryan

No guest today, just Adam cheering everyone up in a round of Mr. Brightside, and Alison reading the news.

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