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Mick Fleetwood


Mick Fleetwood phones in to discuss the Malibu fires, racing million dollar cars, and his new YouTube webseries. Alison and Bald Bryan also talk with Adam about the first 3D UFC fight, and dating tips from the 1930s.

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Zane Buzby


Director Zane Buzby joins the show to talk about her humanitarian efforts to help Holocaust survivors, and watching valley girls snort coke. Adam also answers email questions about his neglected childhood, and the intricacies of peeing in the sink.

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Rants and Blah Blah Blog


Adam goes on a lengthy rant about pizza, donuts, and Libya. Alison and Bryan also challenge Adam in a round of Blah Blah Blog.

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David Alan Grier


DAG is back by popular demand! Alison and Bald Bryan are also in studio, and the guys talk about Adam in NY, the animal massacre in Ohio, and when drunk chicks attack.

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Mike Judge


Mike Judge and Adam talk about the return of Beavis and Butthead, studying Physics, and being a celebrity who rarely gets recognized.

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