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David Alan Grier and Dave Dameshek

Show Summary Adam opens the show fresh off Sonny’s basketball practice, and pissed about all the insane Hollywood traffic he had to deal with. The guys then discuss female comedy writers, and why each gender is attracted to the profession. Dave Dameshek then rants about the Creep of the Week, and Adam recalls the technical difficulties of getting TiVo in …

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Ed Cunningham

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about his very busy weekend. First, a dinner with friends filled with gossip. Then, he details his weekend at the racetrack in Fontana. He also talks about a drag race he got into, and the importance of being well manicured. Bald Bryan then reviews the film World War Z, and Adam shares his …

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Kelley James and Mark Geragos

Show Summary Adam opens the show following up on his recent conversation about paperweights. He also talks about Lynette and Sonny’s visit to the Children’s Hospital, and the guys play a clip of John Popper performing live. Adam then talks with Mark Geragos about the North Hollywood bank robbery from a few years back, and Bald Bryan asks Mark about …

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Jeff Dye, Live at The Irvine Improv

Show Summary Starting with an intro with MTV’s Jeff Dye, Adam starts the show talking about his recent visit to his doctor’s office. Adam then explains how the line of doctor’s questioning makes your feel both like a chain smoker and an alcoholic. Jeff and Adam go on to talk about how girls who say they ‘feel sexy’ don’t usually …

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Steve Austin and David Wild

Show Summary Adam opens the show sharing an embarrassing story about multiple farts in front of his kids’ nanny. David Wild is also in studio, and he brings in his son to chat with Adam about the cool new Intel Ultrabook. Adam then rants about Huffington Post’s list of the best pies, and he and David exchange Tom Petty songs. …

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